Stereograph Cards of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906

Processed by Katherine Ruiz.
The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
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Stereograph Cards of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906

BANC PIC 1989.018--STER

The Bancroft Library

University of California

Berkeley, California 1997
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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Stereograph Cards of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire,
Date: 1906
Collection Number: BANC PIC 1989.018--STER
Extent: 60 photomechanical prints : stereograph, color ; 9 x 18 cm. 59 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The earthquake stereographs were purchased in 1989.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 60 color stereographs of the San Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. The publishers of the photomechanical prints are unknown. Includes images of earthquake and fire damage of buildings in San Francisco, such as the Fairmont Hotel, City Hall, the Post Office building, and the Masonic Temple. Also includes images of refugee camps set up in parks, bread lines, destruction of San Francisco districts and neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Market Street, and Union Square, cracks in streets and train tracks, and the destruction of buildings by dynamite in an effort to stop the fire. Printed captions below the images are reprinted in the container listing. Each stereograph has a paragraph printed on its verso recording some anecdote of the days of the earthquake and fire -these paragraphs are not included in the container listing.

Container Listing


:1 Earthquake and fire wreck of the Magnificent Huntington and Flood Palaces and Fairmont Hotel. 1001


:2 Opening the Safes of a Market Street Jewelry Store, San Francisco, after the Catastrophe. 1002


:3 Effect of Earthquake on Market Street Pavement. Ferry Bldg. Tower in distance, San Francisco. 1003


:4 Wrecking Dangeous Walls in the Shaken and Burned District of San Francisco. April 18, 1906. 1004


:5 A Government Relief Boat at Oakland loading Supplies for the Stricken City of San Francisco. 1005


:6 Showing Devastation by Earthquake an Fire, Building containing the Municipal Records. 1006


:7 Down California St, from Fairmount Hotel, the Fire Swept District of San Francisco. 1007


:8 San Francisco's Magnificent City Hall and Hall of Records, Destroyed by Fire and Earthquake. 1008


:9 Bound for the Ferry after the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Disaster of April 18, 1906. 1009


:10 San Fancisco's Six-Million-Dollar City Hall, containing the Municipal Records wrecked by Earthquake. 1010


:11 The utter Desolation of San Francisco from the Water Front, Fairmount Hotel on Nob Hill in distance. 1011


:12 A Row of Earthquake wrecked Cottages on Steiner and Busch Streets, San Francisco. 1012


:13 Bringing order out of Chaos of San Francisco's Ruins. Opening up Impassable Streets. 1013


:14 Emergency Camp and Costume of San Francisco's young ladies who lost everything in the disaster. 1014


:15 A Chinese Chef driven from Kitchen to Curb by the San Francisco Earthquake Disaster, April 18, 1906. 1015


:16 Outdoor Kitchens. Ruptured Chimneys forced San Francisco to cook on the street for several weeks. 1016


:17 Tonsorial Establishment in Temporary Quarters at Ft. Mason Refugee Camp after the Disaster. 1017


:18 Glimpse of the Fire Devastated Heart of San Francisco from the Huntington Palace on California St. 1018


:19 The Beautiful Homes on Pacific Ave, damaged by Earthquake, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1019


:20 Cracks caused by Earthquake in the walls of San Francisco's New Granite Post Office Bldg. 1020


:21 Jim Forrest's Camp, where 20 Tons of Provisions were distributed each day to the San Francisco Refugees. 1021


:22 A Glimpse of the Quiet Camp Life of Refugees in Golden Gate Park after the San Francisco Disaster. 1022


:23 Union Square, San Francisco, showing Dewey Monument, the Call and Dana Bldgs. 1023


:24 The Ruins of Streets and homes, of wrecked district at Van Ness and Vallejo Sts., San Francisco. 1024


:25 Earthquake wrecked Spires and Walls of St. Dominic's Cathedral, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1025


:26 The New Masonic Temple on Sutter Street badly wrecked by the San Francisco Earthquake. 1026


:27 Ft. Mason Refugee Campers and their belongings saved from the flames of burning San Francisco. 1027


:28 Gathering a few Home Relics at the Ruins of the Wenban Palace, Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1028


:29 A Make-Shift Camp on the Border of Desolation in the Fire scourged District of San Francisco. 1029


:30 Refugees' Snug Camp in the Shades of Columbia Park, San Francisco Fire Swept District. 1030


:31 A Family of Refugees waiting for Dinner in Camp at Ft. Mason...San Francisco Disaster. 1031


:32 The wreck of the Beautiful St. Luke's Church on Van Ness Ave., devastated by Earthqake and Fire. 1032


:33 Los Angeles Relief Camp in Golden Gate Park. 10,000 people were fed there each day. 1033


:34 The Refugee Camps and Shelters at Fort Mason after the Earthquake and Fire Disaster, San Francisco. 1034


:35 A Temporary Relief Camp, Police Headquarters and Registration Bureau on Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1035


:36 St. Mary's Cathedral Bread Line where the little Tots were not forgotten, San Francisco Disaster. 1036


:37 Light Hearts and Heavy Burdens leaving the Long Bread Line at St. Mary's Cathedral. 1037


:38 The Destruction of San Francisco, April 18, 1906, Showing Market Street and Ferry Bldg. Tower. 1038


:39 The Union Ferry Station showing Earthquake and Fire Devastated water front section of San Francisco. 1039


:40 San Francisco Refugees Camped by the Wayside and Cooking their Rations in the Gutters. 1040


:41 The Earthquake Ruptured Pavement and Fire Wrecked Mansions on Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 1041


:42 Seeking for Treasures in the Ruins of the Once Magnificent Crocker Home, California St., San Francisco. 1042


:43 Ruined Palaces on Van Ness Ave., wiped out by the Fire and Earthquake of April 18, 1906. 1043


:44 Serving out Army Supplies to Unending Bread Line of Refugees at Ft. Mason, San Francisco Disaster. 1044


:45 The Ruin of San Francisco from California and Jones St., showing Havoc by Earthquake and Fire. 1045


:46 Wreck and Ruin of Chintown District in San Francisco, destroyed by Fire and Earthquake, April 18, '06. 1046


:47 Dynamiting the Earthquake and Fire-Wrecked Buildings on Market St., San Francisco. 1047


:48 Mission Street Car Track and Pavement showing the resistless [irresistable] Power of Earthquake, April 18, 1906. 1048


:49 Jim Forrest and his Supply Camp on Laguna St., San Francisco disaster, April 18, 1906. 1049


:50 The Wreck of San Francisco Jewish Syngogue in Foreground from Sutter and Powell Sts. 1050


:51 The Fire Devastated Fairmount Hotel Crowning Nob Hill, California St., San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1051


:52 San Francisco Disaster, Victims leaving town with bag and baggage. 1052


:53 Market Street, San Francisco's Great Throughfare, showing effects of Earthquake on the Street. 1053


:54 Searching for Trinkets in front of the Once Magnificent Crocker Palace, San Francisco. 1054


:55 The Never-ending Serch for the Missing in the Earthquake and Fire Devastated Ruins of San Francisco. 1055


:56 A Millionaire's Home on Van Ness Ave., Devastated by Earthquake and Fire April 18, 1906. 1056


:57 Wrecked Masonic Temple and Jewish Synagogue on Geary Street, San Francisco, April 18, 1906. 1057


:58 The beautiful Spreckles residence destroyed by fire and earthquake, San Francisco. 1058


:59 The Wreck of San Francisco's Magnificient City Hall Building destroyed by Earthquake and Fire. 1059