Inventory of the George Hardy Photograph Collection No. 14

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Inventory of the George Hardy Photograph Collection No. 14

Accession number: 1991/055; 1992/027

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Title: George Hardy Photograph Collection No. 14
Accession number: 1991/055; 1992/027
Creator: Hardy, George
Extent: 10 folders, 3 albums, 1 scrapbook
Repository: San Francisco State University. Labor Archives & Research Center
San Francisco, California 94132
Shelf location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Center's online catalog.
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], George Hardy Photograph Collection No. 14, 1991/055; 1992/027, Labor Archives & Research Center, San Francisco State University.


This collection was donated to the Labor Archives and Research Center by Joan Hardy Twomey, daughter of George Hardy, President-Emeritus of the Service Employees International Union. The first collection of photographs and papers was donated in May/June 1991 (Acc. #1991/055). The visual material was combined with a second donation of photograph albums received in March 1992 (Acc. #1992/027). The textual material from the first donation was processed as the George Hardy Papers (Acc. #1991/055). This photograph collection was processed by Carol Cuenod under the direction of Karen Lewis.


A history of George Hardy's career should begin with his father, Charles "Pop" Hardy, whose work with the union began in San Francisco in 1926 as a theater janitor in Local 9 of the Building Service Employees International Union (BSEIU). "Pop" Hardy became president of his local and an International Vice President in charge of west coast organizing. His leadership in the union is recorded in a memorial album in this collection. In 1933, George Hardy also started his union career as a member of Local 9. He was soon at his father's side, organizing office building janitors into the newly-chartered Local 87.
Organizing was to become the central theme of George Hardy's life. Following a stretch in the U.S. Army during World War II, Hardy was assigned by the BSEIU president to Los Angeles to organize janitors in an area described as the anti-union bastion of the open shop. Los Angeles and BSEIU Local 399 became Hardy's home local until his death in 1990. George Hardy organized janitors and he also brought new groups of working men and women into the BSEIU--public workers and hospital workers also became members of the union. In 1950, he formed the BSEIU Western Conference to promote cooperation and communication between locals from San Diego to Seattle. Hardy was described as the hardest-working union leader in California. His rise to leadership in the union followed his accomplishments. In 1950, he was named a vice-president, and in 1971, he was elected the president of BSEIU (changed in 1972 to SEIU), and held that position until 1980 when he retired.

Scope and Content

This collection offers visual images of the career of George Hardy. It includes many union activities such as conventions and strikes. George Hardy is the central figure in most images.
There are three photo albums: the life of Charles "Pop" Hardy; 2) the Tenth Convention in Seattle when George Hardy was named a vice-president; 3) the 1972 convention which was the first convention following his rise to the presidency. This convention was held in San Francisco and among the photographed guests are many union and political leaders prominent in this area. The oversize scrapbook has panoramas of convention delegates in 1935, 1942, 1952 and 1955.
There are 204 loose photographs sorted folders of "Individuals" and "Subjects." Individuals are arranged alphabetically by the most prominent person other than George Hardy, as he is in almost all of the images. There are four subject categories: Conventions, Guards at Racetrack, Local Union Activities and Strikes. Researchers interested in the San Francisco theater janitor strike of 1951 will find images in the "Strikes" folder. There is also a good collection of leaflets, correspondence and photos in the oversized scrapbook.
Due to the diversity of arrangement and the small size of this collection, a complete box list is provided rather than a Contents summary by series.

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Title: George Hardy Papers
Identifier/Call Number: (Acc. #1991/055).

Container List

Box Box I (oversize)


Additional Note

"In Memory of Charles "Pop" Hardy, Born June 26, 1891, At Rest May 24, 1948, Compiled by Jimmy Murphy." The album consists of 11 pages of newspaper articles and photographs of Charles "Pop" Hardy and other union officers and members. Pages one to six hold the "Charles Hardy Memorial Issue" from the Building Service Employee's Union News, July-August 1948. Twenty-one photographs were detached from their pages and have been placed in two envelopes at the back of the album. All images are black and white; seventeen are 8" x 10", the rest are from 3" x 4" to 4" x 6".
Individuals identified: 17 photographs in album, 17 photographs in Envelope #1, 4 photographs in Envelope #2.
  • Alexandreyin
  • Anglin, Mark
  • Banks, Tom
  • Canavarro, Ken
  • Carrigan, Ed
  • Castro, Enid
  • Characho, Tony
  • Cheney, Jim
  • Chittenden, Marie
  • Cohn, Harry
  • DePo, Jack
  • Dyer, Russ
  • Dumas, Art
  • Eimers, Herman
  • Frank, Charles
  • Glazer, Dorothy
  • Geldert, W. Doug
  • Hardy, Charles, Jr.
  • Hardy Charles "Pop"
  • Hardy George
  • Imera, Herman
  • Isaacs, Stan
  • Kare, Arthur
  • Kelly, Art
  • Kiernan, Robert
  • Kyne, Bill
  • LaValle, Stanley
  • Levin, Dave
  • Lewis, Harry
  • Lorenzetti, Al
  • McCarty, Fran
  • McFetridge, W. L.
  • McGitino, Fred
  • McGuire, Jack
  • Natsi, Sol
  • Murphy, Jimmy
  • Murphy, Kay
  • Newman, Fred
  • O'Keefe
  • Pine, Merle
  • Priest, R.
  • Robinson, Jimmy
  • Scalino, George
  • Silvester, Tony
  • Stagnaro, Frank
  • Stevens, Charley
  • Waddell, Ed
  • Woodie, Charles

2) 10th General Convention, Seattle, WA, 1950 (album)

Additional Note

Thirty-page album presents a visual record of this convention, including delegates at the speakers' table, convention floor, formal and informal groups, social gatherings, banquets and excursions. All the photographs are black and white; four are 8" x 10" photographs, 150 are 4" x 5" photographs.
Individuals identified in photographs:
  • Cooper, Bill
  • Daniels, Luke
  • DePo, Jack
  • Dyer, Russ
  • Ellison, Ralph
  • Hardy, (Mrs.)
  • Hardy, George
  • Kelly, Tom
  • Liebes, Richard
  • McCarty, Francis
  • McFetridge, William L.
  • Murphy, Jimmy
  • Murphy, Kay
  • Woodie Charlene
Box Box II

1) Subject-14th Convention, Washington, DC, 1960

Additional Note

Seventeen, 8" x 10", black and white photographs primarily of George Hardy, at podium, speakers table, in committee, swearing-in officers.
Individuals identified:
  • Burton, Phil
  • Cranston, Alan
  • Hardy, George
  • Hardy, Joan
  • Hardy (Mrs.)
  • Sullivan, David

2) Subject-15th Convention, San Francisco, 1972 (album)

Additional Note

There are 78 8" x 10" black and white photographs and 6 8" x 10" color photographs. Almost all the images include George Hardy with delegates and/or guests.
Individuals identified:
  • Alioto, Joe
  • Bridges, Harry
  • Burton, Phil
  • Cranston, Alan
  • Crowley, John
  • Groulx, Dick
  • Hardy, George
  • Hardy, Cissy
  • Henning, John
  • Humphrey, Hubert
  • McGovern, George
  • Moscone, George
  • Selvin, Dave
  • Sullivan, David
  • Twomey, Joan Hardy
  • Twomey, Tim

3) Subject - Group Photographs

Additional Note

Eight images: SEIU delegates at AFL-CIO convention; Local 9 meeting (2); Jack Goldberger swearing-in Local 9 officers; First Western Conference of BSEIU, San Francisco, 1950, BSEIU Executive Board, 1969.

4) Subject - Guards at Racetrack

Additional Note

Eleven images: security officers at racetrack (10); young man mounted on racehorse at the track.

5) Subject - Local Union Activities

Additional Note

Ten images: swearing-in of members; balloting activities (2); meetings; rally, Carter for President, 1976; collecting food for strikers; class for new members using charts; groundbreaking ceremonies (2).

6) Strikes

Additional Note

Eighteen images: theater janitors picketing, San Francisco, 1950-1951 (2); pickets at theater (3); pickets at Park Bowl Billiards, San Francisco; pickets at "Harvey"; pickets at Pacific Telephone (2; pickets at Lucky's, Lakeshore Plaza; mass picketing.

7) Individuals - A to G (15)

Additional Note

  • Alioto, Joe
  • Boggs, Hale
  • Bridges, Harry
  • Brown, Jerry, see also: Kirkland L.
  • Burke, Tom (Chicago), see: Hardy, G.
  • Burke, Yvonne Braithwaite, see: Watson, Yvonne
  • Burton, John, see also: Moscone, G. (3)
  • Burton, Phil (4)
  • Burton, Sala, see also: Cranston, Alan
  • Carter, Jimmy (2)
  • Cheney, James (2)
  • Cranston, Senator Alan (2)
  • Crowley, Jack
  • Crown, Assemblyman Bob
  • Daniels, Luke
  • DePo, Jack, see: Watson Yvonne, Hardy, G.
  • Dubrow, Evelyn

8) Individuals

Additional Note

  • Hardy George (16)

9) Individuals - H to P (20)

Additional Note

  • Hardy Cissy, see: Hardy, G., Lindsay, J., Meany, G., Kennedy, E.
  • Hearne, Al (Canada), see: Hardy, G.
  • Humphrey, Hubert
  • Kelly, Al
  • Kennedy, Edward
  • King, Rev. Martin Luther (2)
  • Kirkland, Lane
  • Lorenzetti, Al, see: Hardy, G.
  • Lyons, Jack, see: Watson Yvonne
  • McCarty, Francis (2)
  • McCarty, Stella, see: McCarty, Francis
  • McFetridge, William
  • McGovern, George
  • Meaney, George
  • Moscone, George (3)
  • O'Neill, Thomas "Tip"
  • Pappas, Ted, see: Hardy, G.
  • Phillips, Wendell

10) Individuals - Q to Z (7)

Additional Note

  • Sullivan, Dave, see: Wagner, Mayor R.
  • Sweeney, John, see also: Carter, Jimmy
  • Truman, Pres. Harry, see: Meaney, G.
  • Twomey, Tim, see also: Crowley, J., Meaney, G.
  • Twomey, Joan, See: Meany G.
  • Unruh, Jess
  • Van Arsdale, Harry
  • Wagner, Mayor Robert F.
  • Watson, Ybonne
  • Welk, Lawrence, see: Wagner, Mayor R.


Volume Oversize Scrapbook, Page Page 4

BSEIU Local 9 Movie Theater Strike, San Francisco, 1951, Picketline.

Page Page 11

BSEIU Local 9 Movie Theater Strike, San Francisco, 1951, Negotiating Committee seated at table.

Page Page 39

Panorama of testimonial banquet for Wm. McFetridge, New York, 1952

Page Page 40

Panorama of 48th Convention, AFL, (George Hardy, front row)

Page Page 41

Panorama of Testimonial banquet for Charles McGowan, Chicago, 1951

Page Page 42

Panorama of BSEIU Convention banquet, Chicago, 1955

Page Page 43

2 8" x 10" photographs: George Hardy with Francis McCarty; George Hardy with winners of 1951 Charles Hardy scholarships

Page Page 44

Panorama of BSEIU New England Banquet and Get-Together, Boston, 1952

Page Page 45

Panorama of BSEIU Special Convention, Minneapolis, 1942


Panorama of banquet for Charles "Pop" Hardy (undated)

Page Page 46

Small panorama of BSEIU Convention, Chicago, 1935.

Page Page 47

4-8" x 10" photographs: George Hardy receiving Award of Merit; Jack Goldberger swearing-in Local 9 officers; two unidentified.

Page Page 48

Panorama, Int'l Soccer Teams, England vs Scotland, San Francisco, 1926. (Charles "Pop" Hardy (?), seventh from left.)

Page Page 49

Jockey seated on "Citation" at racetrack.

Page Page 50

3-8" x 10": 1) & 2) unidentified; 3) George Hardy at mike.

Page Page 51

Panorama of 11th BSEIU Convention delegates, Chicago, 1955