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Inventory of the Lilly von Webern papers, [ca. 1850]-1944
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Part I: Genealogy of the Von Webern Family.

Box Box 1, Folder Folder A.

A genealogy "tree" of the Von Webern family prepared by John A. Emerson.

Scope and Content Note

This rough sketch is intended to assist the user of this collection understand the organization of this inventory.

Part II: Memorabilia of Lilly von Webern.

Box Box 1, Folder 1.

Album (broken spine) containing nosegays. Dated Nov. 20, 1895 to April, 1904.

Folder 2.

Twenty-four (24) postcards addressed to Lilly von Webern. Dated from 1904 to 1939, at least (most lack dates)

Folder 3-14.

Twelve (12) love letters from Paul (last name unknown) to Lilly von Webern. Date January, 1909-July, 1911.

Additional Note

Found tied with a ribbon and bow.
Folder 15.

Poems (in German). One poem is dated January 1, 1915.

Scope and Content Note

Four (4) sheets of paper, typescript.
Folder 16-25.

One hundred and fourteen (114) letters from Guido von Webern to Lilly (Guido was Lilly's brother).


a. Letters dated 1938 (folder 16).


b. Letters dated 1939 (folder 17).


c. Letters dated 1940 (folder 18).


d. Letters dated 1941 (folder 19).


e. Letters dated 1942 (folder 20).


f. Letters dated 1943 (folder 21).


g. Letters dated 1944 (folder 22).


h. Undated letters with the letterhead "Oxford Varnish Corporation, Dayton, Ohio" (folder 23).


i. Undated letters written on "Fairfax Bond Paper" (folder 24).


j. Undated letters written on "Eye conditioned" bond paper (folder 25).

Folder 26.

Four (4) miscellaneous letters addressed to Lilly.

Folder 27.

Miscellaneous mementos.

Folder 28.

Miscellaneous mementos and clippings.


Part III: Memorabilia of Josef Edvard von Webern (b March 5, 1852 d December 24, 1896 in Neustadt, Austria).

Additional Note

Josef Edvard, a royal forester, was Lilly's father.
Box Box 2, Folder 29.

Death notice of Josef Weber von Webern, dated December 25, 1896 Wiener-Neustadt, Austria.

Scope and Content Note

This document includes the names of his children: Lilli, Guido, and Erich, and his wife, Elsa. Josef's profession is given as "k.k. Forstinspections-Commissar."
Folder 30.

Home of Josef Edvard and Elsa von Webern, Schloglgasse Klostergebande No. 6, Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. Floor plan (1 sheet).

Folder 31.

Business card of Josef Edvard von Webern with the inscription "Imp. et roial inspecteur de Foreste."

Folder 32.

Teen-age notebook, probably compiled by Josef von Webern. Contains the date March 24, 1867 and the names of his brothers.

Scope and Content Note

Also contains high-school grades.
Folder 33.

Three postcards, dated March-August, 1877.

Folder 34.

Diary of Josef Edvard von Webern trip to Spoleto, Corfu, Naples, etc. Dated 1891

Folder 35.

Diary of Josef Edvard von Webern: trip to Rome, Florence, Undine, etc. Dated 1891.

Folder 36.

Daily diaries of Josef von Webern. Eleven (11) small notebooks dated 1892, 1893, and 1894.

Scope and Content Note

The notebooks for May are missing.
Folder 37.

Daily diaries of Josef von Webern. Twelve (12) small notebooks dated 1895 and 1896.

Scope and Content Note

The entries end on December 19, 1896, five days before his death.
Folder 38.

Diary of Josef von Webern to Cairo, 1894.

Folder 39.

Letter, probably from Josef Edvard von Webern, dated Alexandria, Egypt, Nov. 7, 1894.

Folder 40.

Ship schedules (passenger lists):


a. Mailsteamer Imperator, "leaving Trieste, Jan. 3, 1896."

Scope and Content Note

With the name of Josef von Webern.

b. Mail steamer Imperatrix, "leaving Bombay, March 1, 1896."

Scope and Content Note

With the name of Josef von Webern.
Box Box 3, Folder 41.

Diary of Josef Edvard von Webern. Trip to Colombo, Ceylon and Bombay, India, Jan 3, to March 10, 1896.

See also folder which contains the correspondence of Josef to his wife, Elsa, during the trip.

Folder 42-59.

Trip by Josef Edvard von Webern from Austria to Ceylon, January to March, 1896.

Scope and Content Note

Letters to his wife, Elsa Kleinpell von Webern in Neustadt, Austria.
Folder 60.

Seven (7) detached leaves from a notebook by Josef Edvard von Webern.

Folder 61.

Notebook of Josef Edvard von Webern which contains two parts.

Scope and Content Note

Part 1 is a diary of a trip in Europe, 1885, to Milan, Padua, Trieste, Gorze, etc. Part 2 is a collection of poetic texts by several hands (in ink).
Folder 62-63.

Professional notes by Josef Edvard von Webern concerning plants.

Folder 64.

Note to Josef Edvard dated Judenburg, 1890, apparently from one of his children.


Part IV: Memorabilia relating to Lilly von Webern's brothers (Erich and Guido), her mother (Elsa), her grandfather (Anton von Webern), and her cousin (Anton von Webern, the composer).

Box Box 3, Folder 65.

Erich von Webern: miscellaneous memorabilia

Scope and Content Note

(pictures, his car, bank check, etc.).
Folder 66.

Guido von Webern: miscellaneous memorabilia

Scope and Content Note

(postcards, notice from a club dated May 4, 1943).
Folder 67.

Elsa Kleinpell von Webern (marriage notice, calling cards).

Folder 68.

Elsa Kleinpell von Webern: book of nosegays, 1890-97.

Folder 69.

Letter to Elsa dated April 4, 1892.

Folder 70.

Four (4) postcards to Elsa von Webern from her husband, Josef Edvard, dated 1896.

Scope and Content Note

Sent from Ceylon and Egypt. See also items 42-59.
Folder 71.

Seven (7) miscellaneous postcards sent to Elsa von Webern, dated 1899-1910.

Folder 72.

Letter to Elsa von Webern dated February 7, 1912, when she was living at 145 South 9th Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Folder 73.

Religious death notice of Colestine Eigl, dated Salzburg, June 2, 1908

Additional Note

(probably a friend of Elsa von Webern).
Folder 74.

Hand-copied recipes of Elsa von Webern.

Folder 75.

Memorabilia of Elizabeth Kleinpell, mother of Elsa Kleinpell von Webern, and grandmother of Lilly von Webern.

Folder 76.

Death notice of Anton von Webern, January 15, 1889, father of Josef Edvard von Webern, and grandfather of Lilly von Webern.

Additional Note

This notice contains the names of 11 near relatives.
Folder 77.

Anton von Webern (the composer).

Scope and Content Note

Three (3) newspaper reviews of performances of his music.
Folder 78.

Miscellaneous fragments found among the Lilly von Webern memorabilia.

Folder 79.

A silk advertisement with the inscription "Ricordo dell" Esposizione a.u. Trieste, 1882, with five "panoramas."


Part V: Photographs relating to Lilly von Webern and her parents and brothers.

Box Box 4, Folder 80.

Photographs and postcards of Lilly's birthplace, Wiener-Neustadt, Austria.

Folder 81.

Photographs of Josef Edvard von Webern and his family.

Folder 82.

Photographs of Elsa Kleinpell von Webern, Lilly's mother.

Folder 83.

Photographs of Elsa von Webern and her children, Lilly, Guido and Erich.

Folder 84.

Early photographs of Lilly, Guido, and Erich von Webern.

Folder 85.

Lilly von Webern: photographs of her various homes.

Folder 86.

Lilly von Webern: early photographs in Neustadt, Austria.

Folder 87.

Lilly von Webern: photographs before she came to the USA.

Folder 88.

Group of young ladies including Lilly; perhaps in a play.

Folder 89.

Lilly von Webern: studio portrait, USA.

Folder 90.

Lilly von Webern: snapshots in USA and of her pet dogs and cats.

Folder 91.

Guido von Webern: early photographs in Neustadt, Austria.

Folder 92.

Erich von Webern: photographs, USA.

Folder 93.

Erich von Webern: early photographs in Neustadt, Austria.

Folder 94.

Erich von Webern: equestrian and tennis snapshots, USA.

Folder 95.

Lilly von Webern: family friends, USA.

Folder 96.

Ernst Diez, cousin of Lilly von Webern: two photographs.


Part VI: Photographs relating to relatives of Lilly von Webern, especially her uncles and aunts. All taken in Austria and most date before 1900.

Box Box 4, Folder 97.

A photograph of a painting entitled "Unser Urgrossvater Kleinpell."

Additional Note

Apparently this is the great grandfather of Lilly von Webern.
Folder 98.

Photographs (2) of Jacob Kleinpell, the father of Elsa Kleinpell von Webern, and the grandfather of Lilly von Webern.

Folder 99.

Photograph of Clementine (17 years), Desire (15 years), Karl (6 years), and August (4 years) Kleinpell. Dated Salzburg, September 15, 1854.

Folder 100.

The Von Webern Family, dated May 17, 1887

Additional Note

(Lilly is being held by Anton von Webern, the family patriarch) (reproduced in Moldenhauer, Anton von Webern (1978), plate 2.
Folder 101.

Photograph of "Grossvater" Anton von Webern

Additional Note

That is, Lilly von Webern's grandfather.
Folder 102.

Photograph of "Grossmutter" Louise von Webern

Additional Note

That is, Lilly von Webern's grandmother on her father's side.
Folder 103.

Photograph entitled "Tante Marie und Onkel Fritz" taken in 1929.

Additional Note

That is, Fritz von Webern, the brother of Lilly's father Josef Edvard von Webern. Marie is 84 years old.
Folder 104.

Photograph of Rosa von Webern, sister of Lilly's grandfather, Anton von Webern. Dated February 11, 1882, Klagenfurt.

Folder 105.

Two (2) photographs of Anton Alois von Webern, brother of Josef von Webern, Lilly's father.

Additional Note

Anton Alois was a Warrant Officer in the Imperial Army.
Folder 106.

Photograph entitled "Papa's Schwester Marie Diez, Onkel (Fritz) mit Cousins Ernst, Fritz, und Heinrich."

Additional Note

That is, Marie Diez, sister of Lilly's father, Josef von Webern.
Folder 107.

Rosa von Webern, sister of Anton von Webern (the composer).

Folder 108.

Karl Edvard Johan von Webern with his wife Amalie Geer von Webern and three of their children including Anton (the composer).

Folder 109.

Franz von Webern, brother of Lilly's father, Josef von Webern.

Folder 110.

Large studio photograph of an unknown family member taken in Vienna.

Folder 111.

Two partially identified family studio photographs.

Folder 112.

Nine unidentified photographs of people taken in Austria.

Folder 113.

Twenty-two (22) photographs of German friends.