Inventory of the Frances Power Cobbe Papers, 1855-1902

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Inventory of the Frances Power Cobbe Papers, 1855-1902

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Frances Power Cobbe Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1855-1902
Creator: Cobbe, Frances Power, 1822-1904
Extent: Number of pieces: 854
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

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Purchased in 1949 from Ifan Kyrle Fletcher


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Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904), English philanthropist and religious writer, commenced her social work at Bristol with Mary Carpenter at Red Lodge reformatory and the ragged schools. Her social work and work house philanthropy led to the writing of numerous books and articles on subjects in those fields. Through travel abroad and a widening circle of friends, she became acquainted with many of the prominent persons of her time. She lectured on the duties of women, promoted the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1878, and worked hard on the anti-vivisection movement. A number of her books were devoted to expressions of her religious feelings.
In 1884 Miss Cobbe retired from the busy life of London to live at Hengwrt, Wales. In 1894 she wrote here Life, published in two volumes, in which some of the letters in the present collection were printed.

Subject matter

I. Frances Power Cobbe's work and writings
  • A. Social work at Bristol
  • B. Women's suffrage and rights
  • C. Anti-vivisection
  • D. Miss Cobbe's moral and religious writings
  • E. Comments of friends on her books and articles

Some important or interesting items

  • Bray, Caroline (Hennell). 1895, May 21. Re: George Eliot.
  • Cobbe, Charles, Abp. of Dublin. To his son, Charles Cobbe. 1750, Mar. 17. Letter of advice on going abroad.
  • Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge. 1875, May 7. Re: vivisection.
  • Froude, James Anthony. Interesting series of letters.
  • Galton, Sir Francis. 1877, Aug. 27. Re: motives for murder.
  • Kesavachandra Sena. 1878, Apr. 26. Re: the marriage of his young daughter.
  • Montefiore, Claude G. 1882, Dec. 4. On inter-racial marriage with Jews.
  • Parker, Theodore. 1848, May 5. On religion.
  • Russell, John, styled Viscount Amberly. 1874, Nov. 10 & 25. Letter about Frances Power Cobbe's essay on Mill.
  • Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred (Balfour). 1890, Jan. 10. On premonitions, telepathy, and hallucinations.
  • Spencer, Herbert. 1872. Criticism of Miss Cobbe's Darwinism in Morals.
  • Stevenson, Robert Louis. 1884, Mar. 9. Re: his friendliness toward dogs and his views on vivisection.

Persons represented by three or more pieces


Amos, Sheldon


3 pieces, 1879-83


Bonheur, Rosa


4 pieces, 1869-98


Boyle, Eleanor Vere (Gordon)


3 pieces, c.1890?


Brown, Edward Harold, Bp. of Winchester


8 pieces, 1878-89


Butler, Frances Anne (Kemble)


5 pieces, c. 1865-90


Carpenter, Mary


23 pieces, 1858-77


Carpenter, William Benjamin


4 pieces, 1867-73


Channing, William Henry


5 pieces, 1860-83


Colenso, John William, Bp. of Natal


11 pieces, 1863-74


Collins, William Wilkie


3 pieces, 1882-83


Cooper, Anthony Ashley


7th Earl of Shaftesbury, 238 pieces, 1877-85


Darwin, Charles Robert


5 pieces, c.1870-75


Darwin, Emma (Wedgewood)


4 pieces, c.1870-90


Eastlake, Elizabeth (Rigby), Lady


3 pieces, 1885-89


Edwards, Amelia Ann Blandford


3 pieces, 1888-89


Fawcett, Millicent (Garrett)


3 pieces, c.1885-90


Froude, James Anthony


34 pieces, 1861-92


Greg, William Rathbone


3 pieces, c.1870-80


Herbert, George Robert Charles


13th Earl of Pembroke, 4 pieces, 1888


Hoare, John N


4 pieces, 1894


How, William Walsham, Bp. of Wakefield


5 pieces, 1889-94


Hutton, Richard Holt


8 pieces, 1875-92


James, Henry


3 pieces, 1893


Jowett, Benjamin


4 pieces, 1860-65


Kesavachandra Sena


14 pieces, 1863-78


Lecky, William Edward Hartpole


5 pieces, 1865-90


Lilly, William Samuel


3 pieces, 1885-86


Manning, Henry Edward, Cardinal


5 pieces, 1882-89


Martineau, James


26 pieces, 1865-97


Morley, John


1st Viscount Morley of Blackburn, 5 pieces, 1880


Morris, Sir Lewis


3 pieces, 1881-c.1887


Newman, Francis William


3 pieces, 1859-76


Paget Walpurga Ehrengarde...


4 pieces, 1891


Parker, Theodore


17 pieces, 1848-60


Pécaut, Félix


12 pieces, 1863-71


Pécaut, J Elie


5 pieces, 1898


Ponsonby, Sir Henry Frederick


4 pieces, 1884-87


Rhys, Sir John


3 pieces, 1891-93


Ritchie, Anne Isabella...


3 pieces, c.1875-82


Roberts, William Page


3 pieces, 1886-87


Spencer, Herbert


5 pieces, 1866-c.1875


Stanley, Arthur Penrhyn


10 pieces, 1871-79


Taylor, Helen


3 pieces, 1868-74


Taylor, Sir Henry


3 pieces, 1879-82


Tennyson, Hallam


2d Baron Tennyson, 4 pieces, 1882-94


Tyndall, John


4 pieces, 1865-c.1875


Upton, Charles Barnes


3 pieces, 1883-86


Ward, Mary Augusta (Arnold)


10 pieces, 1888-94


Watson, Sir William


3 pieces, c.1890-1900


Webster, Augusta


3 pieces, 1878-81


Welldon, James Edward Cowell


4 pieces, 1886-92


Wilberforce, Albert Basil Orme


7 pieces, c.1890-92