Inventory of the Fletcher Bowron Collection, 1934-1970

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Inventory of the Fletcher Bowron Collection, 1934-1970

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Fletcher Bowron Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1934-1970
Creator: Bowron, Fletcher
Extent: Approximately 20,000 manuscript items, many printed reports and brochures

21 boxes of clippings
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

Administrative Information


Gift of Mrs. Fletcher Bowron, 1974 and 1976

Materials in addenda received 12/9/83, 5/31/84 and 1/10/85


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Fletcher Bowron (1887-1968), who was mayor of the city of Los Angeles from 1938 to 1953, came into office as a reform candidate in a recall election. His goal was to eradicate political corruption and establish a professional municipal government. For 15 years he was continually reelected to this important position-fifteen years of tremendous growth and unusual problems for the Los Angeles area.
Mayor Bowron had spent the years 1911 to 1917 as a newspaper reporter, followed by a return to college for a law degree, two years in private practice, then six years as Judge of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County. During his terms as mayor, World War II brought the sudden expansion of war-related industries to Los Angeles and the immediate need for laborers, public housing, mass transportation, and pollution control. As mayor he worked not only for solutions to these problems but also for the creation of long range city planning and commercial development.
After his years as mayor, Bowron was reelected to the bench as Judge of the Superior Court. In 1962 he retired and devoted himself to a Metropolitan History Project. When Judge Bowron passed away in 1968, the project continued under the supervision of Mrs. Bowron and reached its fruition in the publication of the bibliography of Los Angeles history, Los Angeles and Its Environs in the Twentieth Century, with Doyce B. Nunis, Jr., as editor.

Subject Matter

The collection is divided into three main sections. The first consists of carbon copies of Bowron's letters while he was mayor of Los Angeles, personal correspondence (1934-1965), reports, and information on the election campaigns of 1945, 1947, 1949, and 1950. The second section pertains to Bowron's Metropolitan Los Angeles History Project. The source material he gathered is filed alphabetically by subject and contains information on city planning and zoning, public housing, sanitation, transportation, water and power and many other topics. Following this are the notes, outlines, drafts, bibliographical material, card index files, etc., for the project. The third main section consists of boxes of clippings which are arranged in folders in chronological order, some with listings of subjects. There are also three photograph albums and some memorabilia.


NUNIS, Doyce Blackman, Jr. ed., Los Angeles and Its Environs in the Twentieth Century, Ward Ritchie Press, Los Angeles, 1973. (With Foreward by Mrs. Fletcher Bowron)

Arrangement of Collection


SECTION I - Correspondence and papers of Fletcher Bowron

Box 1

Carbon copies of letters from mayor's office. 1939-1946

Box 2

Carbon copies of letters from mayor's office. 1947-1948

Box 3

Carbon copies of letters from mayor's office. 1949-1953

Box 4

Personal correspondence. 1934-1938

Box 5

Personal correspondence. 1939-1942

Box 6

Personal correspondence. 1943-1965

Box 7

Commendations (Index numbers 1 - 500), Jan. 1939-June 1940

Box 8

Commendations (Index numbers 501 - 775), Jan. 1941-July 1951

Box 9

Greetings (Index numbers 1 - 200), 1939-1943

Box 10

Greetings (Index numbers 201 - 500), 1943-1948

Box 11

Greetings (Index numbers 501 - 725), 1948-1950

Box 12

Index cards to Invitations

Box 13

Index cards to Invitations (continued)

Box 14

Invitations (Index numbers 3320-4200, Dec. 1944-May 1946

Box 15

Invitations (Index numbers 4201-4500, July 1946-Feb. 1947

Box 16

Invitations (Index numbers 4501-4800, Feb. 1947-Aug. 1947

Box 17

Invitations (Index numbers 4801-5075, June-Dec. 1947

Box 18

Invitations (Index numbers 5076-5350, Nov. 1947-May 1948

Box 19

Invitations (Index numbers 5351-5650, Apr.-Aug. 1948

Box 20

Invitations (Index numbers 5651-5850, Aug.-Nov. 1948

Box 21

Invitations (Index numbers 5851-6125, Nov. 1948-Feb. 1949

Box 22

Invitations (Index numbers 6126-6325, Feb.-May 1949

Box 23

Invitations (Index numbers 6476-6750, July-Sep. 1949

Box 24

Invitations (Index numbers 6751-7025, Oct. 1949-Mar. 1950

Box 25

Invitations (Index numbers 7026-7375, Mar.-Sep. 1950

Box 26

Invitations (Index numbers 7376-7675, Aug. 1950-Jan. 1951

Box 27

Invitations (Index numbers 7676-7950, Jan.-May, 1951

Box 28

Invitations (Index numbers 7951-8150, May - Sep. 1951

Box 29

Invitations (Index numbers 8151-8400, Sep. 1951-Feb. 1952

Box 30

Invitations (Index numbers 8401-8700, Jan.-Sep. 1952

Box 31

Invitations (Index numbers 8701-8925, Sep. 1952-Jan. 1953

Box 32

Invitations (Index numbers 8926-9200, Jan.-June 1953

Box 33

Speeches and Press Statements. 1938-1941 (with index at front)

Box 34

Speeches and Press Statements. 1942-1945 & 1946

Box 35

Speeches and Press Statements. 1946-1949

Box 36

Speeches and Press Statements. 1950-1953 (and miscellaneneous speeches)

Box 37

Elections - 1945, 1947, 1949 - Correspondence, campaign literature, etc.

Box 38

Elections - 1949 - Letters of congratulation

Box 39

Election - 1949 - Letters of congratulation and acknowledgment

Box 40

Election - 1949 - Letters of congratulation and acknowledgment

Box 40a

Election Campaigns, 1938-1956

Box 41

Election - 1953 - Book of Precinct Boards

Box 42

Special reports and speeches by Los Angeles County Counsel, Harold Woodworth Kennedy. 1955-1957


SECTION II - Metropolitan Los Angeles History Project


Part 1 - Research material (including printed items)

Box 43

Master Index




Air pollution (see Pollution, also Smog)




The Arts - Music - Theatre-Radio-Motion Pictures


Automobile Club of Southern California - Minutes of Board of Directors - 1900-1924


Automotive History

Box 44



Aviation - Douglas Aircraft Co. (printed book, Flight Plan for Tomorrow


Aviation - Garrett Corporation


Aviation - Lockheed Aircraft Corporation


Aviation - Los Angeles - Department of Airports - Report


Aviation - Los Angeles Airways

Box 45

Aviation - North American Aviation, Inc.


Aviation - Northrop Corporation


Aviation - United Airlines (printed book, High Horizons by Frank J. Taylor


Beaches, Parks, Recreation


Bench & Bar (see also Legal)




Chamber of Commerce

Box 46



Charter - Claude E. Hawley


Charter - Mayor


Chronological Lists of Events


Chronological Record of City Officials


Citizens Committee - Revenue & Taxation (1948)


Citizens Committee - Zoning (1968)


City Government - Information


City News Service


City Planning (see Planning & Zoning)

Box 47

Civil Service






County Boundaries


County-City Officials (Correspondence)


Court (Early)


Court - Superior


Crime & Corruption










Financial Institutions (Banking)


Fish & Wildlife

Box 48

Flood Control


Flora - Native




Grand Juries


Griffith, Van M. (Police Union)




Haynes Foundation


Historic Preservation



Box 49

Housing (mainly Public Housing)

Box 50

Housing (including Elections on Prop. No. 10, etc.)

Box 51

Housing (City Attorney's Opinions, etc.)

Box 52







Japanese American




Legal (see also Bench & Bar)




Los Angeles (printed magazine,1964-1967)

Box 53

Los Angeles History (Misc.)


Los Angeles History (Misc. printed bulletins, etc.)


Los Angeles Bar Bulletin (printed,1960-1968)


Los Angeles High School


Los Angeles Year Book (printed,1940-1962)


Mayors of Los Angeles

Box 54

Metropolitan Government (printed material)


Metropolitan Government (miscellaneous reports)

Box 55

Metropolitan Government - A Study in Integration (printed series)

Box 56

Municipal League


Names to Contact




Oil Drilling




Petroleum (see Oil)

Box 57

Planning & Zoning (printed brochures)

Box 58

Planning & Zoning


Planning & Zoning - Problem


Planning Commission - Accomplishments (printed, 1945-1960)


Planning, Regional

Box 59

Police (see also Griffith, Van M.)


Police - Deputy Auxiliary Program


Political History






Public Housing (see Housing)

Box 60

Public Works


Publicity, Press


Real Estate




Retail Trade (see also Industry)


Rubbish Report


Sanitation & Refuse Disposal




Sewer - Hyperion Report

Box 61



Southern California Research Council - Reports 1961-1964

Box 62

Street Railways (Manuscript)

Box 63

Street Railways (Manuscript, continued)

Box 64







Towns & cities


Traffic (see also Freeways)



(see also Street Railways)
Box 65

Union Bank


Water and Power (Utilities)

Box 66

Water and Power - Metropolitan Water Department (printed brochures)


Whitnall, Gordon




Miscellaneious Information - Historical


1880 History of Los Angeles County


Part 2 - Bibliographic Section, etc.

Box 67




Box 68

Research: Needs and accomplishments (correspondence, publicity, etc.)

Box 69

Some Approaches to the Study of Urban History - Notes, Memos, historical data by Judge Bowron

Box 70


Box 71

City History: Suggestions on Methodology




Chapter Outlines


Drafts of Chapters, etc.

Box 72

Card index - Subject file

Physical Description: (3 × 5 cards)
Box 73

Card index - Subject file

Physical Description: (6 × 8 cards)

SECTION III - Clippings

Box 74

Clippings, 1943

Box 75

Clippings, Jan. - Apr. 1944

Box 76

Clippings, May - Sep. 1944

Box 77

Clippings, Oct. 1944 - Mar. 1945

Box 78

Clippings, Apr. - Aug. 1945

Box 79

Clippings, Nov. 1945 - Feb. 1946

Box 80

Clippings, Mar. - May 1946

Box 81

Clippings, June - Sep. 1946

Box 82

Clippings, Oct. - Nov. 1946

Box 83

Clippings, Dec. 1946 - Feb. 1947

Box 84

Clippings, Feb. - May 1947

Box 85

Clippings, June - Aug. 1947

Box 86

Clippings, Sep. - Nov. 1947

Box 87

Clippings, Dec. 1947 - Feb. 1948

Box 88

Clippings, Mar. - May 1948

Box 89

Clippings, June - July 1948

Box 90

Clippings, Aug. - Oct. 1948

Box 91

Clippings, Nov. - Dec. 1948

Box 92

Clippings, 1951 (filed by subject, A - C)

Box 93

Clippings, 1951 & 1950 (filed by subject, F - R)

Box 94

Clippings, 1950 (filed by subject, R - Z & Misc.) & 1965

Box 95

Clippings, Misc. clippings and printed material


SECTION IV - Photograph albums

Box 96

Trips to Argentina and Japan; Water System for Lerma, Mexico

Physical Description: 3 photograph albums



Folder of campaign placards (printed)


Map (printed) - Los Angeles Planning Commission


Roll map of Los Angeles (printed by Thomas Bros.)


Box Box 1



Recall campaign

Box Box 2

Campaigns, elections, speeches

Box Box 3

Administrative issues as mayor

Box Box 4

Awards, honors, special events

(see also Oversize Folder 2)
Box Box 5

Superior Court Matters

(see also Oversize Folder 3)

History Project



(see also Oversize Vol 50)
Box Box 6

Biographical Material (with photograph)


Invitations and programs, etc.

Box Box 7

Photographs - [Armed services?]

Box Box 8

Photographs - [Armed services?]

Box Box 9

Photographs - A - Bo (with index)

Box Box 10

Photographs - Br - D (with index)

Box Box 11

Photographs - L - P (with index)

Box Box 12

Photographs - U - Y (with index)

Box Box 13

Photographs - Miscellaneous

Volume Vol 1-40

Bound volumes of Bowron's addresses (1938-1953, with 2 index vols.)

Box Box 14

Clippings, printed material, etc.

Box Box 15

Magazines and miscellaneous printed items

Volume Vol 41

Album of phonograph records of Testimonial dinner honoring Fletcher Bowron at the Greater Los Angeles Press Club. 1951

Volume Vol 42

A Decade of Progress (letters commemorating Fletcher Bowron's 10 years as mayor of Los Angeles). 1948, Sep. 17

Volume Vol 43

Tenth Anniversary Salute (letters of tribute to Fletcher Bowron). 1948, Sep. 26

Volume Vol 44

Mayor Fletcher Bowron - 14th Anniversary. 1952

Volume Vol 45

Mayor Fletcher Bowron (letters presented by his co-workers). 1953

Volume Vol 46

Scrapbook of clippings. 1939-1940

Volume Vol 47

Scrapbook of photographs, clippings, etc., re Civilian Defense. 1942-1944

Volume Vol 48-53


Oversize OS Folder 1

Campaign cartoons

Physical Description: (6 pieces)
Oversize OS Folder 2

Citations, honors, etc.

Physical Description: (23 pieces)
Oversize OS Folder 3

Certificates and photos re Superior Court (1917-1939)

Oversize OS Folder 4


placque Plaques

2 mounted plaques

Volume OS Vol 48-49

Scrapbooks of clippings. 1950-1953

Physical Description: (2 vols.)
Volume OS Vol 50

Scrapbook - Mayor Fletcher Bowron, Around the World Trade Tour. 1951

Volume OS Vol 51-52

Memorial scrapbook containing obituaries, tributes, etc. 1968.

Physical Description: (2 vols.)
Volume OS Vol 53

Photograph album honoring Fletcher Bowron

Physical Description: 5 rolled photographs