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Register of the Nikolai Nikolaevich Golovin Papers, 1912-1943
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Series Description

Box 1


Additional Note

Correspondence, arranged chronologically.
Boxes 1-11


Additional Note

Drafts and printed copies of speeches and writings, arranged alphabetically by title.
Boxes 12-16

SUBJECT FILE, 1914-1943

Additional Note

Correspondence, reports, lists, and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by title and subject.
Box 16

CLIPPINGS, 1929-1939

Scope and Content Note


Clippings arranged alphabetically by title and subject.
Boxes 17-18


Container List



Box 1




Box 1

"Ashmore Modernized" (in Russian)


"Contemporary Strategical-Political Situation in China" (in Russian)


"Contest for China"


"Cossacks Abroad" (in Russian)


"Far Eastern Problem," lecture noes (in Russian)


"Letters on Russia, 1920" / Materials on the Red Army (in Russian)


Published works of General N. Golovin, list (in Russian) / Paris, 1928


"Red Army and Navy, 1924-1926" (in Russian)

Box 2

"In Response to General Melgunov's Critical Remarks, concerning The Russian Counter-Revolution in 1917-1918 (in Russian)


"Russian Counter-Revolution, 1917-1918"


Appendices, I, II










Chapters I-IX

Box 3

Chapters X-XXVI

Box 4-5

Miscellaneous drafts (in Russian)

Box 6-9

Miscellaneous drafts

Box 10

Miscellaneous drafts


Correspondence with Helene von Damm and Elena Varneck regarding preparation of text of publication

Box 11

"Sino-Japanese Conflict," lecture notes, March 9, ?


"Sino-Japanese Conflict," lecture notes and clippings, March 15, 1932


"Sociology of War," Paris, 1938


"Strategy in Military Action" (in Russian)


"General H. D. Bulow, 1760-1806"


"Karl of Austria, 1771-1847"


"General H. Jomini, 1779-1869"

Box 12

"General Leval"


"General H. Lloyd, 1729-1783"


"General Baron N. V. Medem, 1796-1870"


"Swords and Plowshares"


SUBJECT FILE, 1914-1943

Box 12

"Account of Battles Fought in the Vicinity of Tilsit, August 28-31, 1941" (in Russian)


"Activity of XVth Army Corps in oriental Prussia in 1914" (in Russian)


Agreement between the Governments of the Don, Kuban', Terek, and Astrakhan', Crimea, 1920


Agreement signed by the Governments of the Don, Kuban', and Terek, January 1 (14), 1921 (in Russian)


Akaro, Lt. Colonel, "Cavalry Attack by the 2nd Brigade of the XIV Cavalry Divison of the Units of the XI German Army Corps, July 3 (13), 1915 near the Village of Neradovo" (in Russian)


Akulin, General I., notes on the action of the 3rd Don Cossack Division in the Battle with the Sukhodols in 1914 (in Russian).


Arkhangelsky, Colonel P. G., "Participation of the 35th Infantry Division in the Vicinity of Tarnoshin on August 14 or 15, 1914" (in Russian)


Associations of Military Science in Emigration

Box 13

Awards, certificates, congratulatory letters, etc.


Bardoux, J., excerpts from his article in Capital (in French)


Barsoff, General A. F., report on aviation presented to Czar in autumn 1916 (in Russian)


Battle action in Eastern Prussia, 1914 (in Russian)


Battle notes of the staff of the Russian 29th Infantry Division during the 1914 campaign (in Russian)


Borisov, V. E., letter of July 1931


British Government, on support given to the Russian White Armies (March-June 1919)


Buchinskii, Iu. F., notes on the battles in East Prussia (in Russian)


Bukhovskii, A. D., documents on the battle at Sukhodol (in Russian)


Burlin, P. and Stavitsky, P. P., letters regarding Sino-Japanese War in 1938 (in Russian)


Cavalry attacks on the Russian Front (in Russian)


Cheriachukin, General A., "Action of the 7th Cavalry Division in the War with Germany during the First Days of the General Mobilization Declaration in 1914" (in Russian)


Chernavin, V., "28th Artillery Brigade in the Vicinity of Gumbinen, August 6-7 (19-20), 1914" (in Russian)


Dobrogorsky, N., "Siberian Riflemen in East Prussia" (in Russian)


Dragomirov, General A. M., excerpts from his "Brief Outline of Military Action of the Composite/Subsequently 16th/Cavalry Division in 1914" (in Russian)


Dukhonin, General N., as described by his widow in 1937 (in Russian)


Egorov, Major General A. E., "Notes on Action of the IX Army Corps and 42nd Infantry Division during the Inception of Struggle for Galicia in 1914" (in Russian)


Evstaf'ev, V., letter on action of the 110th Infantry Kama Regiment in the vicinity of Gumbinen


Fock, General, description of the defenders of Port Arthur during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905-1906 (in Russian)


Galka, Lt. L. K., notes on the 58th Prague Regiment of 15th Division (in Russian)


German Headquarters on the Don, correspondence 1918


Gol'mblad, F. Fr., "To What Is Rennenkampf's Fault Attributable?" (in Russian)


Gosudarstvennaia Duma i Gosudarstvennoi Sovet (Report to Czar on measures for state defense and reply from General V. Gourko) (in Russian)


Iakovlev, Colonel, "Description of the Battle Waged by the 34th Infantry Division, October 8, 1915" (in Russian)


Income tax returns, 1925-1943

Box 14

Klepikov, F., letter to B. V. Savinkov, September 27, 1921


Krasnov, General P., "New Historical Work of Professor General N. N. Golovin" (in Russian)


Lashkevitch, A. F., diary of March 1915-May 1916 (in Russian)


Leaflet commemorating the 81st Cavalry of Catherine the Great and Prince Georgii M. Apsheronskii, Nos. 2 and 3 (in Russian)


Lukomsky, Lt. General, "Action of the 32nd Infantry Division, May 1 -September 15, 1916" (in Russian)


Lukomsky, Lt. General, telegram to A. I. Guchkov on beginning of "democratization" of the army in 1917 (in Russian)


Melgunov, S. P., "Russian Counter-Revolution," lecture delivered at the Academic Association in Paris on June 17, 1938 (in Russian)


Mileant, General G., "Reminiscences on Stay with I Army in 1914" (in Russian)


Minchin, General, memoirs on military action of the 2nd Army from August 10-18, 1914 (in Russian)


Maklakoff, V. A., paper on Russia, March 12, 1940 (in French)



Box 15

Molchanov, General "Izhev Workers in Their Struggle with the Bolsheviks" (in Russian)


Nebo, Colonel M., "General P. K. Rennenkampf as Educator of the Commanding Personnel" (in Russian)


"Nicholas," a biography of the Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevitch


Pacific and Far East, documents and papers


Personal accounts of various participants on the Russian front (in Russian)


Polunin, A., "Comments on General Golovin's Report Concerning Cavalry Organization" (in Russian)


Postovsky, General P., letters relating catastrophe of General Samsonoff's army in August 1914 (in Russian)


Preobrazhensky, Captain, notes on battle action of Russian troops in 1915 near Kieltsky, Kobrin, Piaski, and Travniki


Puchkov, F. A., "8th Kam Rifle Division in the Siberian Ice March," parts I and II, 1931" (in Russian)


Puchkov, F. A., notes on assignment to Ufa (in Russian)


von Ridel, Lieutenant Fieldmarshal, memordandum on the battles fought by the Russian Cavalry against units of the Austro-German Army in Galicia, September 1915 (in German)


Road capacity information (in Russian)


Russian Academic Association in Paris, minutes of June 5, 1939 (in Russian)


Russian Army, report on future organzation (in Russian)


Russian Army during the war, reports (in Russian)


Russian emigre military-scientific activities, letters and documents (in Russian)

Box 16

Russian Military Union, circulars (in Russian)


Shkinsky, General Ia. F., memoirs (in Russian)


Shol'p, Major General, "First Landing at Kirilovka, April 1921" (in Russian)


Shol'p, Major General "Notes on the Great War, 1915-1916-1917" (in Russian)


Society of Russian Officers of General Staff Headquarters, Central Committee, announcement (in Russian)


"Spisok chastei Rossiiskoi Armii vystypivshikh na voinu v 1914 godu, ili sformirovannykh vo vremia voiny" (list of divisions of the Russian Army in 1914)


Stremaukhov, N., letter on action of XVII Army Corps (in Russian)


Tatarinov, A., "At the Foot of the Carpathian Mountains in 1915" (in Russian)


Tatarinov, A., "Autumn Operations in the Vicinity of Rovno, 1915" (in Russian)


Timchenko-Iareshchenko, Colonel, "The Great War, 1915-1916" (in Russian)


Timchenko-Iareshchenko, Colonel, "The 204th Ardagen-Mikhail Infantry Regiment, 51st Infantry Division, 1917"


Verderevsky, M. A., report on the past and future organization of the Russian infantry (in Russian)


Voennoe Delo Zagranitsei, October 1924, Belgrade


von Waldsteten, Egon "The Battle by Turinka, August 24, 1914" in Nashata Konnitsa, February-March 1927 (in Bulgarian)


Wrangel, General P., letter to General A. I. Denikin, 15 February 1920 (in Russian)


CLIPPINGS, 1929-1939

Box 16

"Contemporary Strategical-Political Situation in China," Russkii Invalid, November, December 1922 (in Russian)


"Foch," Novoe Vremia, March 23, 1929 (in Russian)


"General Golovin's Work 'Russian Counter-Revolution in 1917-1918' and Klauzevits' Teaching," Russkii Invalid, 20 June 1939 (in Russian)


"Letters on Military Self-Education" (in Russian)


Pacific and Far East


"The Problem of Tsaritsyn," Signal, June 15, 1939


"Strategical Attack of State Historian S. P. Melgunov," Signal, July 1, 1939



Box 17

Articles in the Russian emigre press on Russia and the Soviet Union, lists of


Dni, 1927-1928


Golos Rodiny, 1936-1938


Nasha Gazeta, 1938-1939


Posledniia Novosti, 1928-1929, 1936-1939


Rul', 1927-1929


Segodnia, 1927-1929


Vozrozhdenie, 1927-1929


Various publications, 1932-1933






Poliakov, V., 1943

Box 18

Institut Izucheniia Sovremennykh Problem Voiny i Mira (Institute for the Study of Contemporary Problems of War and Peace)


"Kratkii Otchet o Deiatel'nosti Voennago Ministerstva za 1916 god" (Brief Account of the Activities of the War Ministry for 1916). From the personal archives of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich


Lists of materials received by Hoover Library, 1931-1933


Obshchestvo Druzei Natsional'noi Rossii v Zagrebe (Society of Friends of National Russian in Zagreb), 1939


Pis'ma Gen. Lukomskago k Gen. Golovinu o bol'shoi voennoi programe 1917 g. (Letters to General Golovin from General Lukomskii on the big military program of 1917), 1934


Russkaia Osvoboditel'naia Armiia (Russian Liberation Army)


Russkii Komitet po Ustroistvu Uchebnykh Zavedenii (Russian Committee for the Organization of Institutions of Learning), Paris




"Puti Vozrozhdeniia Rossii" (The Paths to Russia's Re-Birth), July 29, 1941


"Russkii Natsionalizm" (Russian Nationalism), n.d.