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Guide to the Clarence Irving Lewis Papers , 1933-1967
Special Collections M0174  
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Box 1 A

See preceding 2 yellow sheets

Box 1 B, Folder 1



See preceding 2 yellow sheets

*1. Oct. 30, `53,from James Gutmann (exec. officer Columbia) re: position, Woodbridge lectures


*2. Nov. 5, `53from J. Gutmann


*3. Jan. 26, `54from J. Gutmann


*4. Mar. 17, `54from J. Gutmann


*5. Mar. 20, `54to J. Gutmann John Dewey Sociology


*6. Apr. 8, `54to J. Gutmann lecture


*7. Apr. 13, `54from J. Gutmann


*8. Apr. 15, `54from J. Gutmann


*9. Apr. 19, `54to J. Gutmann Stanford appointment


*10. Apr. 23, `54from J. Gutmann with his note

Physical Description: TLS

*11. Apr. 30, `54copy W.M. Leary to Com. Internal Revenue


*12. May 12, `54from J. Gutmann; with his note

Physical Description: TLS

*13. May 14, `54copt Com. Internal Revenue to W.M: Leary


*14. Sept. 22to John Hay Whitney Foundation re: Walter T. Stace


*15. Oct. 27, `54for Richard Herper (Columbia) Lewis apptd. Woodbridge lecturer for Nov.


*16.-19. [Nov.?]part of ptd. Columbia catalog; announces Woodbridge lectures; employee earnings statement, Columbia Weekly Calendar


*20. Dec. 10to Stephen..[.?] highly critical of Hempel

Box 1, Folder 2



*1. Jan. 29from John Yolton re: publishing Leewenberg vol. of essays


*2. Feb. 1from Simon Silverman of Social Science Bookstore, N. Y.; want to pub. Mind and the World Order ms. note reply by C.I.L. (should not consent to reprinting for sale at more than $5.)


*3. Feb. 14to Bollinger Foundation Re; Walter T. Stace (opposing retirement)


*4. Feb. 15from George F. Hourani; asks permission to quote from Knowledge and Valuation. C.I.L. ms. note


*5. Mar. 22to John Goheen; impressions of Arnold Isenberg


*6. Apr. 25from Newton P. Stallknecht re: Mahlen Powell lectures at Indiana


7. Apr. 30to Stallknecht - reply to above with outline of Our Social Heritage


*8. May 13from Stallknecht- topic for Powell lectures and payment


9. May 18to Stallknecht - topic and financial arrangement


*10. May 31from Stallknecht - topic and financial [UNK]


*11. June 3to Stallknecht - topic [UNK]


12. June 4to R. Braudt on Brandt's and [UNK] conceptions of the Ideal Observer


13. July 20(p.c.) from Columbia U. Press; correction in The Ground and Nature of the Right


*14. July 25from Cynthia Schuster re: her paper on C.I.L.


*15. July 26from American Philosophical Soc. Western Div. (May Brodbeck) requesting lectures


*16. July 30to Am. Phil. Soc. (May Brodbeck) accepts


*17. Aug. 5from Am. Phil. Soc.


*18. Aug. 31from Virginia Carr - Julia May Chase (a former student) left all her poems to C.I.L.


*19. Sept. 6to Stallknecht - outline of topic


*20. Sept. 7to V. Carr - reply to #18


*21. Sept. 12from Conf. Board of Associated Research Councils Com. on Internat'l Exchange of Persons (Francie A. Young[UNK] Fulbright opportunity and appointment at Kyote U.


*22. Sept. 22to F.A. Young reply


*23. Sept. 29to F.A. Young reply


*24. Oct. 7from F.A. Young reply


*25. Oct. 12from W.H. Werkmeister; first lectureship in Philosophy at U.S.C. invites C.I.L.


*26. Oct. 14to Werkmeister would like to accept, conflicts


*27. Oct. 19,from Werkmeister, visiting professorship


*28. Oct. 23to Werkmeister


*29. Nov. 17from Werkmeister


*30. Nov. 24from W.B. Gallie re: apptmt of A. Milne at Belfast


*31. Nov. 29to Gallie praise Milne


*32. Dec. 2from Morton White inviting L. to lecture on Josiah Royce at Harvard


*33. Dec. 3to F.B.I. re: (unspecified) circular


*34. Dec. 5from Charles W. Hendel Ground and Nature of Right N. Lawrence


*35. Dec. 7from Gail Kennedy retirement of S. Lamprecht Philip Rice


*36. Dec. 8from Werkmeister invites to USC for Fall `56


*37. Dec. 9to R.G. Turnbull can't go to Iowa, Sidney & Rome


38. Dec. 10to Charles W. Hendel reply to letter of 12/5 Lawrence


*39. Dec. 10to M. White debt to Royce and Perry


*40. Dec. 14to G. Kennedy Philip Rice


*41. Dec. 14to Werkmeister reply, Bayshore connects with Bay Bridge


*42. Dec. 22from W.B. Gallie re: Alan Milne


*43. Dec. 29from R.B. [UNK] re: Sidney Rome


44. 1955Final Exam Phil. [UNK] - Kant


*45. [1955-56?]biog. sketch for 50th anniv. class of [UNK]

Box 1 B, Folder 3



1. Jan. 4to W.H. Werkmeister accepts USC appointment


*2. Jan. 9from Wilhelm Pauck H.R. Holcomb


*3. Jan. 11to John R. Adams re: Arnulf Zweig


*4. Jan. 17to W. Pauck re: Harmon R. Holcomb


*5. Jan. 23to F.A. Young can't accept Kyoto apptnt


*6. Jan. 23to Hiromichi Takcola can't accept Kyoto apptnt


*7. Feb. 11to Arthur E. Murphy re: Arthur Smullyan


*8. Feb. 13from Sidney Hook asks contribution for American Philosophy at Work


*9. Feb. 24from Henry Allen Moe thanks of Guggenheim Foundation


*10. Feb. 29from J.E. Wallace Sterling thanks for work at Stanford U.


*11. Mar. 5to Raymond Hoekstra re: Chas. W. Leslie and Philip Stanley


*12. Mar. 5from David W. Bailey re: duplicate Harvard diploma


*13. Mar. 6from Charles W. Hendel N. Lawrence


*14. Mar. 7to J.E.W. Sterling Stan. U. students


*15. Mar. 10to D.W. Bailey diploma


*16. Mar. 11to Hendel N. Lawrence


*17. Apr. 7from Blair Steward?re: C. Hillis Kaiser and Donald Meiklejohn


*18. Apr. 12from Sidney Hook Am. Phil. at Work


*19. Apr. 14from Lewis E. Hahn Alan Pasch


20. Apr. 14to Adams bibliography included


*21. Apr. 14to B. Steward Hillis Kaiser


*22. Apr. 16to S. Hook sending contribution


*23. Apr. 17to L.E. Haker Alan Pasch


*24. Apr. 17to Werkmeister


*25. Apr. 18from Werkmeister USC apptmt.


*26. Apr. 24from Frederick Sontag re:speaking


*27. Apr. 25from Edward H. Litchfield - Pittsburg locking for Phil. Dept. chairman


*28. May 10from D.W. Bailey dup. diplomas


*29. May 25to D.W. Bailey dup. diplomas


*30. May 25to George Robert Bartlett re: Laueklin D MacDonald


*31. May 25to McGeorge Bundy re: Wm. V. Grimes


*32. May 25to Ralph A. Irwin L. McDonald


*33. May 25to Ralph A. Irwin J.L. Cobitz


*34. May 25to Simon Silverman, Humanities Press repub. of Mind and the World-Order


*35. May 26to Wm. V. Grimes loan


*36. May 26to E.H. Litelifield Paul Henle, Chas. A. Baylis


*37. June 3to F. Sontag


*38. June 6to C. Douglas McGee re: McGee's thesis


*39. June 10from Sydney Rome pub. project for Review of Metaphysics


*40. June 19to Sydney Rome declines


*41. June 20to Werkmeister


*42. June 28to Bernard Perry typing errors


*43. June 29from E. H. Litchfield


*44. July 7to E.H. Litchfield


*45. July 16 & 18ptd. program 26th series M. Powell lectures


*46. July 18to Werkmeister re: Clarence Howe


*47. July 24from Masumi Honke thks for book


*48. July 26from C. Douglas McGee re: thesis on C.I.L.


*49. Aug. 4to Columbia U. Admissions Clarence Howe


*50. Aug. 9from Werkmeister re: Forum lecture, Marks' home


*51. Aug. 11to Werkmeister Marks' house


51x. [UNK]


*52. Aug. 22from Morten White Whitehead Lecture, Harvard


*53. Oct. 9from V. Tlusty asks for Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation, can't buy in Czechoslovakia


*54. Dec. 12from Ralph W. Nelson new book, encloses table of contents and preface for Free Minds

Box 1 B, Folder 4



*1. Mar. 27to Harvard Veritas Com. re: J. Robert Oppenheimer apptmt. as W. James lecturer and opposition


*2. May 12from George Krzywicki anthol. of Am. phil. in Polish


3. May 15to George Krzywicki prefers Analysis...


4. May 18to A.N. Prior Prior's illustration of a defect in S 4


*5. May 23from G. Krzywicki anthology project


6. June 10to Scientific American re: brain teaser


*7. June 11from G. Krzywicki


8. June 16to G. Krzywicki re: A Pragmatic Conception of the A Priori discussion of


*9. June 16to T. Teshirogi thanks for gift, comment on Japanese art


10. June 20from W.T. Parry a proof in modal logic


*11. [June?]mimeo final exam Phil. 493 Kant


*12. Aug. 26to Open Court Co. (Eliz. Carus) corrections


*13. Sept. 24from Ralph W. Tyler dir. Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences - fellowship and list




*14. Sept. 25to Henry Holt and Co. re: Principles of Right Reason


*15. Sept. 26to R.W. Tyler accepts fellowship


*16. Oct. 1to R.W. Tyler


*17. Oct. 21from George Nakhnikian Joe Cobitz


*18. Oct. 26to George Nakhnikian Joe Cobitz etc. tenure


*19. Oct. 30from Victor L. Butterfield Krusé's retirement


*20. Nov. 4from G. Nakhnikian [UNK]


*21. Nov. 7from Henry S. Leonard Principles of Right Reason Arnold Isenberg


*22. Nov. 9to V.L. Butterfield re: candidates to replace Kruse, McLendon


*23. Nov. 12to George [Nakhnikian] Cobitz


*24. Nov. 16to H.S. Leonard Arnold


*25. Nov. 21from Ernest Hocking current writings


*26. Nov. 29to Prof. Bartlett (df.) Charles Morris


*27. Dec. 10to Curt J. Ducasse nom. Roderick Chisholm to Am. Acad. of Arts and Sciences


*28. Dec. 19from James E. Crimi Lura Shaffner Teeter


*29. Dec. 23to David Rynin Mary Mothersill

Box 1 B, Folder 5



*1. Jan. 4from Clarence Shute re: McLendon


*2. Jan. 7to J.E. Crimi Lura Teeter


*3. Jan. 7to C. Shute McLendon


*4. Jan. 27from H.S. Leonard invite C.I.L. to Mich.State U. as Distinguished Visiting Prof.


*5. Feb. 1to H.S. Leonard likes idea


*6. Feb. 7from H.S. Leonard


*7. Feb. 26from Henry H. Wiggins Columbia U. Press sales and reprint of The Ground and Nature of the Right


*8. Mar. 2to H.H. Wiggins copies for Mich. State course


*9. Mar. 20Mich. State Bd. Action Karl H. McDonel to C.L. Taylor - Lewis apptmt. approved


*10. Apr. 4from Randall Jarrell requests C.I.L. papers for Library of Congress encl. brochure


*11. Apr. 14to R. Jarrell interested


*12. Apr. 25from Encyclopedia America (Drake de Kay) requests article on Pragmatism


*13. Apr. 25from H.S. Leonard financial arrangements


14. Apr. 27to Virgil Hinshaw Jr. epistemology, philosophic exams of perception


*15. Apr. 29to D. deKay declines


*16. May 1to Rudner Lewis' to occupy his house


*17. May 5from C. Herbert Lee - C.I.L.'s monthly allowance from Carnegie Foundation


*18. May 7from D. Chakravanti Reg. U. of Calcutta request to serve on bd. for D. Litt. thesis


*19. May 20to D. Chakravanti declines


*20. June 7to Howard Cirker cat. of Dover Books


*21. July 3from Howard Cirker reprint of Symbolic Logic


*22. July 23from Lib. of Congress (David C. Mcarus) Lewis Papers


*23. Aug. 18from Lib. of Congress (Jennings Wood) Lewis Papers Euel. Instrument of Deposit and Dedication, Instr. of Gift


*24. July 30from Branford P. Millar Centennial Review re: publ. C.I.L.


*25. Aug. 18from H. Cirker


*26. Aug. 28to H. Cirker Symbolic Logic revision


27.-29. Sept. 1to L.C. - Mcarus list of preposed deposit included encl. to J. Woods


*30. Sept. 3from H. Cirker


*31. Sept. 5to H. Cirker reprint


*32. Sept. 5to Frankena Langford


*33. Sept. 23from L.C. Alton H. Keller packing directions


*34. Sept. 24to H. Cirker Symbolic Logic


*35. Sept. 24to C.H. Langford Symbolic Logic and rights


*36. Sept. 28from C.H. Langford OK


*37. Sept. 30from L.C. Robert H. Land re: bequest, evaluation of papers, etc.


*38. Oct. 1from H. Cirker Symbolic Logic


*39. Oct. 6to H. Cirker Symbolic Logic


*40. Oct. 15from H. Cirker Symbolic Logic


*41. Oct. 15to L.C. - Robert H. Land delays decision on mss.


*42. Nov. 21from H. Cirker permission with Appleton


*43. Dec. 24from Henry Leonard [UNK]

Box 1 B, Folder 6



*1. Jan. 6to Howard Cirker - publishing rights -

Physical Description: copy

2. Jan. 6to Parry


*3. Jan. 7from Lucie E.N. Dobbie U. of Chicago Press re: Symbolic Logic


*4. Jan. 11to Lucie E.N. Dobbie - re: answers Miss Dobbies questions; decides not to reprint Symbolic Logic


*5. Jan. 12from Howard Cirker


*6. Jan. 15from Lucie E.N. Dobbie


*7. Jan. 15to Cirker - sent contract to Langform for signature; clever attorney


*8. Jan. 15to Langford


*9. Jan. 17to Lucie E.N. Dobbie re: [Serviey?] and U. of Chicago Press


*10. Jan. 19from Hayward Cirker $75. from Harcourt, Brace & Co.


*11. Jan. 24to Cirker Editorial corrections


*12. Jan. 26from Cirker


*13. Jan. 26Copyright Agreement


*14. Feb. 2from Cirker


*15. Feb. 3to Institute for Advanced Studies - letter of recommendation for Prof. Henry S. Leonard


*16. Outline of immediate aims and intended research by Henry S. Leonard logician - see item 15.


*17. Feb. 20from David S. Shwayder - gift for Russel


*18. Feb. 16to Cirker - embarassed to approve reprinting Survey


*19. Feb. 21from Cirker - ms. ready for printer


*20. Feb. 21to Shwayder - gift for Russel


*21. Feb. 23to W.T. Parry - unexpected royality


*22. Feb. 26from V.L. Butterfield


*23. March 1to John M. Anderson - recommendation for Mr. Bailiff


*24. n.d.from John Bailiff requests recommendation


*25. Mar. 26from Cirker editorial procedures


*26. Mar. 29to Cirker editorial procedures


*27. March 30from Victor L. Butterfield


*28. April 4to Butterfield declines invitation to lecture - poor health


*29. April 8from Butterfield - new terms of invitation

Box 1 B, Folder 7

*1. Ap. 11to Butterfield - agrees to lectures on smaller scale


*2. Ap. 15from Butterfield - arrangement for lecture series


*3. Ap. 18to Butterfield plans for travel; titles of lectures


*4. Ap. 20lecture series


*5. Ap. 29to Cirker - good-by to Symbolic Logic additions to index


*6. May 11from Evelyn Starr renewal of copyright for Symbolic Logic


*7. May 11from Walter A. Groves to Hiram McLendon


*8. May 23to Evelyn Starr Appleton-Century, Inc. copyright laws


*9. June 3from E. Starr Lewis' status with copyright law


*10. June 3assignment of copyright form

Physical Description: 3 copies

*11. June 8to Evelyn Starr


*12. June 15from Cirker-Appleton et. al. was mistakes in writing


*13. June 15from Hiram McLendon - McLendon desires educational position in Calif.


*14. June 16from Hiram McLendon to Raymond L. Smith superintendent of schools, Alameda County re: educational position


*15. resume of Hiram McLendon

Physical Description: 3 pages

*16. June 22from Hiram J. McLendon


*17. Prospective mission to Iran - Hiram McLendon


*18. June 30from Cirker clarification of copyright laws


*19. July 2from Evelyn Starr


*20. July 2from Butterfield - lecture series


*20x. July 3[UNK]


*21. July 6to Butterfield - lecture series


*22. July 14from Butterfield - dates of lectures


*23. July 22to Prof. Reynolds - arrangements for lecture series


*24. July 22to Butterfield


*25. Aug. 5from America Illustrated - Nathan Glick Glick solicits article by Lewis for U.S.I.A. publication circulating in Russia and Poland


*26. Aug. 7from Cirker - renewal of copyright


*27. Aug. 11to America Illustrated - agreement to write short piece - ms. included Freedom and Civilization

Box 1 B, Folder 8

*1. Aug. 20Purchase order for Lewis' article for U.S. Information Agency


*2. Aug. 26to Houghton Miffilin Co.


*3. Aug. 29from Paul A. Ryenolds - lecture series


*4. Aug. 31from America Illustrated - requests autobiographical sketch


*5. Resume of Lewis' Educational career


*6. Sept. 12to Perry - red tape


*7. Sept. 17reply from Perry


*8. Oct. 6to Cirker


*9. Oct. 22from Alan Sharzin


*10. Nov. 4from Cirker - $50. for reprint of Chapter VIII of Mind and World Order


11. Nov. 14to Cirker


12. Nov. 15to Charles C. Thomas - Farber's Naturalism and Subjectivism


*13. Nov. 20from Cirker - UC. Press criticized


*14. Nov. 20to Prof. Woodward re: Alan Pasch


*15. Nov. 24to Cirker


*16. Dec. 1from Cirker


*17. Dec. 1to Lorraine A. Dickey, County Tax Collector pays tax bill


*18. Dec. 4to U.C. Press re: Survey of Symbolic Logic


*19. Dec. 6to Palo Alto Times - letter to Palo. Times


*20. Dec. 28to Schlipp


*21. Dec. 6from Open Court Publishing Company


*22. Dec. 29to Freeman - editorial corrections

Box 1 B, Folder 9



*1. Jan. 1to U.C. Press re: Symbolic Logic


*2. Jan. 16to U.C. Press - Lewis over a barrel about Symbolic Logic


*3. Jan. 26to Cirker


*4. Jan. 27from Roland Houde - reprints and pressure to republish Survey


*5. Jan. 30to Houde


*6. Feb. 2from Cirker - Dover to publish Survey


*7. Feb. 3from U.C. Press - U.C. Press disconcerted with C.I.L's action


*8. Feb. 17from Cirker - request publication of Survey in total


*9. Feb. 19to Geoffrey Clive


*10. Feb. 26to Cirker - Survey not to be printed in whole


*11. Mar. 1from Aaron Asher


*12. Mar. 4from Cirker


*13. Mar. 5to Asher


*14. Mar. 10to Cirker re: Survey


*15. Typescript copy of Preface to new edition of Survey


*16. Mar. 17from Cirker


*17. Two copies of publishing contract between Dover Publications and Lewis for publication of Survey; one signed by Lewis and Cirker


*18. Mar. 29from [UNK] E. Leland re: Robert W. Browning


*19. Biography of Robert W. Browning


*20. Mar. 31from Paul Schilpp re: Lewis' autobiog.


*21. Ap. 4to Leland re: R. Browning


*22. Ap. 7from Clarence C. Strowbridge - Dover Publications - editing of Survey


*23. two photostated pages of Survey


*24. (nd)to Strowbridge - re: Survey


*25. (nd)to Langford


*26. Ap. 13from Cirker - page sizes of Survey


*27. Ap. 14from Strowbridge, editing of Survey


*28. Ap. 19to Cirker


*29. Ap. 22from Cirker


*30. Ap. 25from Paul Schilpp re: Lewis' health problems and autobiog.


*31. May 2from Ruth B. Marcus


32. May 11Rought copy of letter to Marcus discussing Logic.


*33. May 16from Harvard Blue Cross Plan


*34. May 23to Harbert T. Brown


*35. May 27from Arthur F. Stocker - invitation to lecture at U. of Virginia Page-Barbour Lecture Series


*36. List of previous Page-Barbour Lecturers from previous years,

Physical Description: 2 pages
Box 1 B, Folder 9a

*1. June 1telegram from Victor Butterfield


*2. June 1to Arthur F. Stocker - Lewis turns down lecture invitation


*3. June 1to Prof. William S. Weedon - declines lecture offer


*4. June 2from Cirker


*5. June 7to Cirker


*6. June 24from Cirker


*7. July 13from John F. Reed re: Dr. Asher Moore


*8. July 20to Reed re: Asher Moore


*9. July 28from Cirker - anthological immortality


*10. Aug. 26from Nathan Glick (USIA)


*11. Aug. 30to N. Glick


*12. Sept. 21from Paul Schilpp re: Dr. Mothersill


*13. Nov. 16to Dean Lindsay (Brown Univ.)


*14. Nov. 18from R.M. Lumiansky Lewis gets $10,000. prize


*15. Nov. 21to Lumiansky - Lewis accepts


*16. Dec. 12from W. Harrison Carter re: Thomas E. Hill


*17. Dec. 16to Carter - re: Hill


*18. Dec. 19to American Philosophic Soc. re: Prof. McGee


*19. Dec. 20to Lindsay


*20. Dec. 23from Paulx A. Schillp Philosopher's Philosophy


*21. undatedre: Douglas McGee Guggenheim application

Box 1 B, Folder 10



*1. Jan 10from William J. Callaghan re: Henry Leonard - photostated copy of University professorships


*2. typescript copy of Notes on a Program (Henry Leonard?)


*3. Jan. 12from James Deese re: Victor A. Lowe


*4. Jan. 12to Schillp re: future plans


*5. Jan. 17from Schillp


*6. Jan. 19from Frederick Burkhardt re: prize money


*7. Jan. 20to Burkhardt - thanks for prize


*8. Jan. 21from C. Douglas McGee


*9. Jan. 24to James Deese re: Victor Lowe


*10. Jan. 24to James Deese


*11. Jan. 25to Paul Miller re: Henry Leonard


*12. Jan. 30short piece of George Nakhnikian Institute for Adv. Studies in Behavorial Sci.


*13. Jan. 31to Bollinger Foundation re: G. Nakhnikian


*14. Feb. 10from Robert E. Dewey re: John


*15. preface included with above letter by R. Dewey entitled The Philosophy of John Dewey


*16. Feb. 14for American Philosophical Society re: Robert Dewey


*17. Mar. 27from Schilpp - Lewis volume


*18. Ap. 4from A.J. Prahl re: George Nakhnikian


*19. Ap. 5from Nakhnikian re: logic


*20. Ap. 8to Dean Prahl re: George Nakhnikian


*21. Ap. 12from A.J. Prahl - another letter about Prof. Nakhnikian


*22. Ap. 18from Lloyd D. Hays is C.I. Lewis a Natural Law Philosopher? Naturally


*23. Ap. 20to Prof. Stevenson re: Lloyd Hays


*24. Ap. 24from Schilpp ten million thanks; Lewis volume

Box 1 B, Folder 11

*1. May 13from Bob Harris


2. May 26to St. Martins Press re: Sidney Hook


3. June 30from Lewis W. [?]


4. July 5from Grover Smith re: Dr. Costello


5. July 28from Grover Smith


*6. July 29to Menachem Block - translation of Mind and World Order into Hebrew


*7. (attached to above letter) July 26from Cirker


*8. Aug. 2from Cirker


*9. Sept. 6to Columbia U. Press ms. corrections


10. Sept. 15to New York U. Press Milmed's Kant And Current Philosophic Issues


*11. Sept. 18from Columbia U. Press re: The Ground and Nature of the Right


*12. Sept. 21contract for publication of Mind and World Order in Hebrew


*13. Rough draft (the draft is rough indeed) of letter of recomendation (no name attached)


*14. typescript paper by Walter Kaufmann on education

Physical Description: (2 pages)

* 15. Nov. 2from Justine T. Smith (Open Court Publishing Co. - request photo of Lewis


* 16. Nov. 8to Mrs. Smith - Lewis unclear about reprinting of An Analysis of Knowledge and Understanding


* 17. Nov. 13from Eugene Freeman (Open Court) clears up confusion


* 18. Nov. 14from Schilpp - Lewis volume


* 19. Nov. 19from Arthur Smullyan Mind and the World Order


* 20. Nov. 24to Smullyan - gives permission


* 21. Dec. 22to E.M. Adams


22. Lewis' imperatives of right - William K. Frankena

Box 1 B, Folder 12



* 1. Jan. 9from E.M. Adams - Lewis' new book, notebooks and papers - Schilpp


* 2. Jan. 29from Arthur W. Brown Great Thinkers Series


* 3. Feb. 2to Senator Kuchel - tax gripe


* 4. Feb. 20from A.M. Ghose complements


5. Ap. 20to Hays - xerox copy of Does C.I. Lewis Hold a Natural Law Theory?


* 6. May 21to John Sibler re: Douglas McGee

Box 1 B, Folder 13

1. Aug. 1from American Academy of Arts and Sciences Can NASA Achieve Optimum Human Efficiency...?


2. Aug. 12to L.A. Dexter Lewis answers question


3. Aug. 13to Pacific Telephone C. proposed dialing systems too sophisticated for public


* 4. Aug. 15from Cirker


5. Aug.information sheet from Contemporary Authors


* 6. Nov. 2from Cirker


* 7. Nov. 9from Cirker


* 8. Nov. 21to Reader's Digest - vitriolic reply to billing dept.


* 9. Nov. 21from Guggenheim Memorial Foundation - re: Arthur Smullyan; handwritten draft of reply attached


* 10. Nov. 26to G.R.I.


* 11. Dec. 17from Stanley Munsat re: Symbolic Logic


* 12. Dec. 24to S. Munsat

Box 1 B, Folder 14



* 1. Jan. 23from D. Bronstein reprinting of Experience of Meaning


* 2. Mar. 20from W. Schlaretzki re: A. Milne and R. [UNK] Angell


* 3. Mar. 25to Schlaretzki reply to above letter


* 4. May 11to Schilpp - editorial correction


* 5. May 28to Ways and Means Committee, Washington, D.C. Lewis complains of pinch on small investors


6. July 10from A T & T re: Telephone Chanty and telephone numbering problems


* 7. July 30from H. Munger, Jr. re: translation of Mind and World Order


* 8. Aug. 1to Munger: publication rights


*9. copy of contract for translation and publication of excerpt


*10. Aug. 7copy of letter from Dover Publications to Munger; consenting to publication


*11. Aug. 12from Munger re: payment


*12. Aug. 4to Ernest Hocking


*13. Sept. 4from A. Reck


*14. Sept. 20from A. Reck


*15. Oct. 3from A. Reck


*16. Oct. 18from Williams College - dept. of Philosophy


*17. (nd)re: Nathaniel Lawrence


*18. Nov. 16to Nathan M. Pusey


*19. Nov. 19from Arieli Mor Mor is to translate Mind and World Order into Hebrew


*20. Dec. 18to A. Mor


*21. typed list of books and articles published by Lewis


*22. Nov. 29from Schilpp - editorial correction


*23. Dec. 20from E.M. Adams re: Schlipp's volume

Box 1 B, Folder 15



*1. Jan. 10from Charles Baylis - permission to quote presidential address, 1934


*2. Jan. 6from N.A. Vesey permission to include Some Logical Considerations Concerning the Mental


*3. Jan. 10to Vesey Lewis grants permission

Box 1 B, Folder 16



*1. June 24from Henry Leonard to John Goheen (Stanford U) Leonard informs of letter from C.I.L. of interest to Stanford


*2. July 1from John Goheen to Leonard accpts copy of Lewis letter


*3. Aug. 3from W.J. Callaghan to Goheen - Leonard's health before death


*4. July 13copy of story from State News about Leonard's death


5. Verifax copy of letter of Nov. 14, 1961from C.I.L. to H. Leonard also with letter is short essay About Kant, Wm. James Reichenbuck and the Human Predicament


*6. Oct. 7 1958from J. Kirk to Lewis re: Filozofia Amerykanska


*Items 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 are from files of V. Lowe of John Hopkins University

7. June 9, 1966from Victor Lowe to John GOHEEN (Of Johns Hopkins U.) Lowe's most impt. letter from C.I.L. Lowe's letter in reply unanswered


8. Jan. 1, 1958 (actually '59)from C.I.L. to Lowe


9. Jan 28, 1959from Lowe to C.I.L. Lowe rails C.I.L. for refusing to commit to print...most valued metaphysical conclusions


10. May 22, 1952from Lewis to Lowe written to Lowe as comment on the typescript of his paper, The Concept of the Individual.


11. Aug. 28, 1957from C.I.L. to Lowe re: Categories


12. April 5, 1953from C.I.L. to Lowe - written to Lowe as comment on a typescript of his paper Belief in Unobserved Contemp. Reality


13. Feb. 11, 1953from C.I.L. to Lowe


14. Mar. 28, 1953from C.I.L. to Prof. Hill - Lewis clarifies thoughts on The Given



Box 2, Volume vol. 0

Papers for the Schilpp vol.

Additional Note

[SN 5*6]
Box 2, Volume vol. 1

last notebook (1963)

Additional Note

Box 2, Volume vol. 2

Ch. 1 (of Ethics) About Philosophy in General and Ethics in Particular. (1964)

Additional Note

Box 2, Volume vol. 2 x

The Good and Bad in Experience (1963)

Additional Note

Box 3, Volume vol. 2 x a

on potentiality and semantics (1963) Last Chapter. We approach the Normative Finalities (1963)

Additional Note

Box 3, Volume vol. 3

The Good and Bad in Experience: Prolegomena (1963) -on the Given

Additional Note

Box 3, Volume vol. 3 x

Experience and the Good (1962)(on semantics)

Additional Note

Box 3, Volume vol. 4

on Kant (1962)

Additional Note

Box 4, Volume vol. 5

Right Doing and the Right to Do (1962)



Additional Note

Box 4, Volume vol. 5 a

Ethics and the Logical (1962)

Additional Note

Box 4, Volume vol. 6

Semantics of Imperatives

Additional Note


The Normative (1960)

Box 5, Volume vol. 7

The Logic of Directives (1961)

Additional Note

Box 5, Volume vol. 8

Chapter 1: The Field of Ethics (1959-61)

Additional Note

Box 5, Volume vol. 8 a

The Second Question in Ethics: Ethical Theory (1960)


Ethics and the Theory of Ethics


Deliberate Acts

Additional Note

Box 5, Volume vol. 9

The Right


Semantics of the Imperative (1960)

Additional Note

Box 6, Volume vol. 10

Chapter 5 Right Doing and Right Thinking


The Good (1960)


Absolute, Objective, and Subjective Rightness

Additional Note

Box 6, Volume vol. 11

Relativism and Cynicism in Ethics (1960)

Additional Note

Box 6, Volume vol. 11 a

The Right also draft of Chapter 1


Introduction (1960)

Additional Note

Box 6, Volume vol. 12

Saved Jottings (1958-9)

Additional Note

Box 7, Volume vol. 13

Wesleyan Lectures (1958)

Additional Note

Box 7, Volume vol. 14

Various versions of Wesleyan Lectures (1959)

Additional Note

Box 7, Volume vol. 14 a

Various versions of Wesleyan Lectures (1959)

Additional Note

Box 7, Volume vol. 14 b

Various versions of Wesleyan Lectures (1959)

Additional Note

Box 8, Volume vol. 14 c

Various versions of Wesleyan Lectures (1959)

Additional Note

Box 8, Volume vol. 15

Lectures on Value Theory (at Michigan) (1958)


The Categorical Imperative

Additional Note

Box 8, Volume vol. 16

Metastudy Relation between ethics and metaethics (1958)

Box 8, Volume vol. 16 a

The Good and the Right (1958) -on various types of value

Additional Note

Box 9, Volume vol. 17

on ethical theory (1957)


Indicative and Imperative

Additional Note

Box 9, Volume vol. 18

On categorical Imperative (1956)

Additional Note

Box 9, Volume vol. 19

Final draft of OSI

Additional Note

Box 9, Volume vol. 20

lectures on Theory of Value (Stanford) (1956)

Additional Note

Box 10, Volume vol. 21

Philosophy and Science plus early draft of OSI (1955)

Additional Note

Box 10, Volume vol. 22

G and N of R - Pragmatism and the roots of the Moral (1954-1956?)

Additional Note

Box 10, Volume vol. 22x

G N R (1954)

Additional Note

Box 10, Volume vol. 23

Lectures of Ethics (Princeton) (1954)

Additional Note

Box 11, Volume vol. 24

Naturalism and Non-naturalism (1953)

Additional Note

Box 11, Volume vol. 25

Lectures on Ethics (Harvard) (1952)

Additional Note

Box 11, Volume vol. 25 a

Lectures on Ethics cont. ([UNK] and Social [UNK])

Additional Note

Box 11, Volume vol. 25 x

Ethics in the age of Science (1952)

Additional Note

Box 12, Volume vol. 26

Morals and the Social (1951)(in OSI)

Additional Note

Box 12, Volume vol. 27

Valuation and the Good (1951)

Additional Note

Box 12, Volume vol. 28

Lectures on Ethics

Additional Note

Box 12, Volume vol. 29

The Right and the Good

Additional Note

[ON21] ZZ17
Box 13, Volume vol. 30

various articles

Additional Note

[ON [UNK] -5, -6, -7, -11]
Box 13, Volume vol. 31

Turning Points in Ethics (1952)[UNK]

Additional Note

[ON 6-9]
Box 13, Volume vol. 32

Practical and Moral Imperatives (1949)

Additional Note


Values and Facts

Box 13, Volume vol. 33

The Right and the Good 1950

Additional Note


Goodness and Rightness of Beliefs

Box 13, Volume vol. 34

1950 Synthetic - Introduction

Additional Note


Chapter II - also on Kant

Box 14, Volume vol. 35

Chapter II Relativity of Values (1949)

Additional Note


Valuations and Empirical Knowledge

Box 14, Volume vol. 36

Ch. II The field of Ethics (1948)

Additional Note


The Imperative of the Normative

Box 14, Volume vol. 37

The Meaning of Liberty (1948)

Additional Note


Subjective Right and Objective Right

Box 14, Volume vol. 38

lectures on social ethics (Harvard 45-6)

Additional Note

Box 15, Volume vol. 39

Logical Positivism and Pragmatism (1941)

Additional Note

Box 15, Volume vol. 40

Notes on Ethics and Phil 10 (Harvard 41)

Additional Note

Box 15, Volume vol. 41

Notes on Phil. B (Harvard 41)

Additional Note

Box 15, Volume vol. 42

manuscripts for AKV The Moral Economy (1937-39)

Additional Note

Box 16, Volume vol. 43

The Predicament of the Philosophy of Kant (1910?)

Additional Note

Box 16, Volume vol. 44

An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation (nd)

Additional Note

Box 16, Volume vol. 45

Empirical Knowledge Book II

Additional Note



Box 17, Folder 1

1. Inherent Value and the Esthetic

Physical Description: final draft

2. Inherent Value and the Esthetic

Physical Description: rough draft

3. Judgment of Value and Judgment of Fact 1936paper given before Harvard Philosophic Club

Box 17, Folder 2

Mind and the World Order Chapter I

Box 17, Folder 3

Mind and the World Order Chapter II

Box 17, Folder 4

Mind and the World Order Chapter III

Box 17, Folder 5

Mind and the World Order Chapter IV

Box 17, Folder 6

Mind and the World Order Chapter V

Box 17, Folder 7

Mind and the World Order Chapter VI

Box 17, Folder 8

Mind and the World Order Chapter VII

Box 17, Folder 9

Mind and the World Order Chapter VIII

Box 17, Folder 10

Mind and the World Order Chapter IX

Box 17, Folder 11

Mind and the World Order Chapter X

Box 17, Folder 12

Mind and the World Order Chapter XI

Box 17, Folder 13

The Moral Sense and Active Life

Box 18, Folder 1

1. A note on Strict Implication


2. Our Active Nature and the World we Live in.

Box 18, Folder 2

1. Our Knowledge of Objective Things Ch. II


2. A Paradox of Nominalism

Box 18, Folder 3

1. Positivism, Phenomenalism, and Idealism

Box 18, Folder 4

1. Scientific Prediction and Practical Meanings


2. A Survey of Symbolic Logic Chapters V and VI


3. The Telephone Chanty

Box 18, Folder 5

1. There are two types of Judgment...

Box 18, Folder 6

1. Verification and Types of Truth

Physical Description: final draft

2. Verification and Types of Truth

Physical Description: rough draft

3. Critique of Pure Reason, The for Encyclopedia Americana 1953


4. Kant, Imanuel for Collier's [UNK]

Box 19, Folder 1

1. Notes on Logic course, by Lewis, taken in 1909

Box 19, Folder 2

1. Photostatic copy of contents of folder 1

Box 19, Folder 3

1. Lecture notes (taken by Lewis?) for course in Logic, cause, and effect

Box 19, Folder 4

1. Lecture notes, given by Lewis 1911-1920on Social Relations; also lectures on Logic

Physical Description: (notebook)
Box 19, Folder 5

1. Religious feeling and religious theory 1921notes for lecture given by Lewis. Include some remarks on the given; a long summary of Hocking's Meaning of God in Human Experience; Notes on economics, ethics, etc.

Box 19, Folder 6

1. Photostatic copy of folder #5

Box 20, Folder 1

1. Columbia Lectures on Symbolic Logic 1923


2. Photostatic copy of 1.

Box 20, Folder 2

1. Lecture notes 1923 -untitled

Box 20, Folder 3

1. Lecture notes 1927 -untitled

Box 20, Folder 4

1. William Moody Lecture 1932

Box 20, Folder 5

1. Lectures in philosophy B 1936

Box 20, Folder 6

1. Lecture notes 1934-35Philosophy B

Physical Description: (notebook)
Box 20, Folder 7

1. Various lecture notes 1935

Physical Description: (notebook)
Box 21, Folder 1

1. Misc. notes for Carus Lectures, Berkeley, Jan. 1946



Box 21, Folder 2

1. Outline of a new approach to the calculus of Propositional Functions


2. That there are no round squares...

Box 21, Folder 3

1. Metaphysics

Box 21, Folder 4

1. Aristotle

Box 21, Folder 5

1. History of Philosophy 1st book

Box 21, Folder 6

1. Untitled

Box 21, Folder 7

1. Notes for Philosophy 102; 103D, Romanticism; Fichte, The Way to a Blessed Life

Box 22, Folder 1.

Ethics - Given at Harvard

Box 22, Folder 2

Photostatic copy of Folder #11

Box 22, Folder 3

Misc. notes on logic

Box 22, Folder 4

Logische Aufbau der Welt, Summary

Box 22, Folder 5

1. A Functional Calculus of First Order based on Strict Implication by Ruth C. Barcan-Marcus.


2. Postulates for Assertion, Conjunction; Negation, and Equality by Edward V. Huntington

Box 22, Folder 6

Parry's, Henlis', Waipberg's and Huntington's letter to Lewis on Symbolic Logic


6 letters from Parry: Sept 1931; Sept 24, 1931, Oct. 16, June 9,?, Ap. 2, 1932, Jan, 1933


1 letter from Henlis (nd)


3 letters from M. Waipberg (in German); Mar. 11, 1928, Feb. 7, 1931,and one undated


1 letter from Huntington, June 12, 1934also notes and loose papers on logic and probability


1 letter from J.C. Chenoweth McKinsey, Jan. 24, 1934

Box 22, Folder 7

1. Short biog. of Ralph Barton Perry; final and rough draft


2. letter from Paul Henle to Lewis, March 18, 1967re: R.B. Perry


3. Bibliography of Ralph Barton Perry

Box 22, Folder 8

1. Logical Analysis of the concept of Probability F. Waismann

Box 22, Folder 9

Logic examples


1. permutations and combinations

Physical Description: (4 copies)

2. General observation concerning the nature and value of science


3. Philosophy 15

Box 22, Folder 10

numerous pages of hand-written logic probs. and tables

Box 23, Folder 1

Reprints of Writings of C.I. Lewis


1. Bergson and Contemporary Thought - Jan. 16, 1914


2. The Pragmatic Element in Knowledge 1926


3. Emch's Calculus and Strict Implication Sept. 1936


4. The Journal of Philosophy Dec. 5, 1940


5. Modes of Meaning Dec. 1943


6. Notes on the Logic of Intension March 1946


7. The Meaning of Liberty 1948


8. The Experimental Element in Knowledge April 1952


9. Santa ana at Harvard Jan. 21, 1954


10. A Comment - April 1954


11. Realism or Phenomenalism? Ap. 1955


12. Strict Implication - an emendation

Box 23, Folder 2

Reprints of Writings about Lewis


1. A reduction in Number of the Postulates for C.I. Lewis' System of Strict Implication. by J.C.C. McKinsey June 1934


2. On Prof. Lewis' Distinction between Ethics and Valuation - Robert W. Browning Jan. 1949


3. The Emotive Theory of Truth Oct 1955

Box 23, Folder 3

1. 1 roll book (nd)Harvard and Radcliff


2. Misc. Papers - list of students in phil. 493; reading list for phil.; Introduction to Ethics 6/27/50;nature of probability (nd)


3. copy of the OUTLOOK - Jan. 1, 1962


4. copy of the OUTLOOK - 1963

Box 23, Folder 4

box of 3 x 5 cards in alphabetical order refering by page number and date to philosophical works

Box 24, Volume vol. 1

Abbot (trans) Kant's Theorgy of Ethics contains Lewis' notes and annotations

Box 24, Volume vol. 2

G. Berkeley - Principles - contains Lewis' note & annotatio

Box 24, Volume vol. 3

J. H. Bernard - Kant's Critique of Judgment - contains Lewis' notes and annotations

Box 24, Volume vol. 4

Descartes - On Method; Meditations; contains Lewis' notes and annotations

Box 25, Volume vol. 1

Hume - Human Understanding; Principles of Morals

Box 25, Volume vol. 2

Lewis and Langford - Symbolic Logic

Box 25, Volume vol. 3

Locke - Human Understanding; contains Lewis' notes and annotations

Box 25, Volume vol. 4

Stevenson - Ethics and Language - contains Lewis' notes and annotations


Microfilm Box. This Box contains Microfilm duplicates of much of the material in boxes 1-25.

Scope and Content Note

Numbers and letters on reel boxes refer to system of classification in Robb Crist Notebook on the Lewis Papers
Box 26

A collection of Robb Crist's notes, remarks and summaries on this collection also in folder in back of the box is July 1966copy of the Journal of the History of Philosophy and Nov, 7, 1964copy of the Harvard Gazette.


Annotated Books - [UNK] [UNK] page

Box 27, Volume vol. 1.

Dewey, John- The Quest for Certainty

Box 27, Volume 2.

Dewey, [UNK] valuation (Chicago Univ. of Chicago, 1938)

Box 27, Volume vol. 3.

Ewing, A. C.- The Definition of Good

Box 27, Volume vol. 4.

Goodman, Nelson- Fact, Fiction & Forecast

Box 27, Volume vol. 5.

Hare, R. M.- The Language of Morals

Box 27, Volume vol. 6.

Kant, Immanuel- Lectures on Ethics

Box 27, Volume vol. 7.

1911 Kant, Immanuel- Critique of Pure Reason- Muller translation

Box 27, Volume vol. 8.

1927 Kant, Immanuel- Critique of Pure Reason- Smith Translation

Box 27, Volume vol. 9.

Leibniz- Discourse on Metaphysics

Box 27, Volume vol. 10.

Linksy, Leonard (editor)- Semantics on the Philosophy of Language

Box 27, Volume vol. 11.

Moore, George E.- Principia Ethica

Box 27, Volume 12

[UNK], 1939

Box 27, Volume vol. 13.

Nowell-Smith, P. H.- Ethics

Box 27, Volume vol. 14.

Prior, Arthus N.- Logic and the Bases of Ethics

Box 27, Volume vol. 15.

Ross, W. D.- The Right and the Good

Box 27, Volume vol. 16.

Schlick, Moritz- Problems of Ethics

Box 27, Volume vol. 17

Stage, W. T.- The Concept of Morals

Box 27, Volume vol. 18

Whitehead, A. N.- The Concept of Nature ([UNK] [UNK] [UNK], 1920)

Box 27, Volume vol. 19.

Whitehead, A. N.- The Principles of Natural Knowledge ([UNK] [UNK] [UNK] 1919)

Box 27, Volume vol. 20.

Whitehead, A. N.- The Principles of Relativity ([UNK] [UNK][UNK], 1922)

Box 27, Volume vol. 21.

Whitehead, A. N.- Process and Reality ([UNK] [UNK], 1929)


1980 Addenda

Box 28, Folder 1.

1. n.d.Josiah Royce (1855-1916) AN re C.I. Lewis. A note found on Royce's desk after his death.


2. 1953, May 22.Katherine (Williams), Belmont, Mass. to Mabel Lewis, wife of C.I. Lewis.


3. 1966, Dec 22.D.J. Gray, Stanford to A.K. Lewis, Concord, Mass.

Box 28, Folder 2.

Works about C.I. Lewis:


1. Harvard University Gazette, vol. LX, #8. Nov 7, 1964.Page 54 and 55. (plus two reprints).


2. Harvard University. The President's Report, 1963-1964.

Physical Description: page 21.

3. The Journal of Philosophy, vol LXI, #4. 1964.page 152.


4. The Journal of Philosophy, vol LXI, #17, 1964.Frankena, Wm. K. C. I. Lewis on the ground and nature of right.


5. The Journal of Philosophy, vol LXI, #19, 1964.Commemorative symposium on C.I. Lewis

Physical Description: (2 copies)

6. Philosophy and phenomenological research, vol XXVI, #2, Dec. 1965.Williams, Donald C. Clarence Irving Lewis, 1883-1964.

Box 28, Folder 3.

Works by C.I. Lewis:


1. n.d. Strict implication - an emendation,

Physical Description: 3 pp.

2. (1950?)2 xeroxes showing pencil sketch of C.I. Lewis.


3. 1933, Jul. The Monist. Dialogue with A. Ushenko.


4. 1934, Mar. The Philosophical Review, Experience and meaning.


5. 1936, Sep. The journal of symbolic logic, Emch's calculus and strict implication.


6. 1939, Oct. The journal of Philosophy, Symposium on John Dewey.


7. 1941, Apr. The journal of philosphy, Some logical considerations concerning the mental.


8. 1943, Dec. Philosophy and phenomenological research, A symposium on meaning and truth, part 1


9. 1948, Aug. Revue internationale de philosophie, The meaning of liberty.


10. 1948, Sep. The Journal of philosophy, Prof. Chisholm and empiricism.


11. 1951 Notes on the logic of intension, reprint from Structure, Method, and Meaning, essays in honor of Henry M. Sheffer, Liberal Arts Press, N.Y.


12. 1952, Apr. The philosophical review, The experiential element in knowledge.


13. 1952, Apr.The american philosophical society, annual general meeting program. Ethics in the age of science.


14. 1954, Jan. The journal of philosophy, Santayana at Harvard

Physical Description: 3 pp.

15. 1954, Apr. The philosophy review, A comment,

Physical Description: 4pp.

16. 1955, Apr. The philosophy review, Realism or phenomenalism?

Physical Description: (2 copies).

17. 1955The British Academy.

Physical Description: Page 12.

82-068 (Addenda to M174)

Gift of Fernando R. Molina

Five articles written by Molina about C.I. Lewis; 1964, 1980, and n.d.

Box 28, Folder Folder 4

A reconstruction of Professor C.I. Lewis' lectures on Immanuel Kant's CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON, 1964

Box 28, Folder 5

Abstract: C.I. Lewis's Notebook on Kant, 1910-11, n.d.

Box 28, Folder 6

Abstract: A reconstruction of C.I. Lewis' lectures on epistemology, n.d.

Box 28, Folder 7

Abstract: Notes by C.I. Lewis on Royce's THEORY OF CATEGORIES, n.d.

Box 28, Folder 8

Notes by C.I. Lewis on empirical knowledge, phenomenology, and related topics, 1980.