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Register of the Jay Lovestone Papers, 1904-1989

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Register of the Jay Lovestone Papers, 1904-1989

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Jay Lovestone Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1904-1989
Collection number: 75091
Creator: Lovestone, Jay
Collection Size: 895 manuscript boxes, 4 oversize boxes, 49 envelopes, 2 phonotape reels, 1 framed map (364 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, memoranda, bulletins, clippings, serial issues, pamphlets, other printed matter, and photographs, relating to the Communist International, the communist movement in the United States and elsewhere, communist influence in American and foreign trade unions, and organized labor movements in the United States and abroad.
Physical location: Hoover Institution Archives
Language: English.

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Acquisition Information

Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1975.


Materials may have been added to the collection since this finding aid was prepared. To determine if this has occurred, find the collection in Stanford University's online catalog at http://searchworks.stanford.edu/ . Materials have been added to the collection if the number of boxes listed in the online catalog is larger than the number of boxes listed in this finding aid.

Access Points

American Federation of Labor. Free Trade Union Committee.
Communist International.
Communist Party, U.S.A. (Opposition)
Communist Party of the United States of America.
Communism--United States.
Labor movement.
Labor movement--United States.
Trade-unions--United States.
Trade-unions and communism.
United States--Politics and government.
United States--Foreign relations.

Biographical Note

1907 or 1908 Moved to the United States
1913-1915 Early teens became interested in DeLeonite Socialist Labor Party and shortly thereafter joined Socialist Party
1914-1918 Attended City College of New York and became a member of the Socialist Study Club which was affiliated with the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. In 1917, became president of the society's branch at C.C.N.Y.
1918 Graduated, City College of New York
1918-1920 Held a number of jobs and at various times attended classes at the City College of Accounting, New York University Law School, and Columbia University
1919 Helped to organize the left wing sections of the pro-Communists in New York. Later became delegate to the founding convention of the American Communist Party.* [*The American Communist Party underwent several reorganizations and name changes during the time Jay Lovestone was a member. Please see Series Description for further information]. He was elected to the Program Committee and the First Central Executive Committee
1921 Assistant Secretary, Communist Party
1922 National Secretary, Communist Party
1923 Author of The Government -Strikebreaker, a study of government intervention in the strikes of 1921-1922
1925 Organization Secretary, Communist Party
1927 General Secretary, Communist Party
1929 Ousted from Communist Party by Iosip Stalin
1929-1940 Founder and head of Communist Party Opposition known as Lovestoneites or Lovestone Group.* [*The Communist Party Opposition underwent several name changes during the time Jay Lovestone headed the group. Please see Series Description for further information].
1942-1944 Committee to Defend America -Citizens for Victory
1944-1956 Director, International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU), Political Department
  Director, International Affairs Department
  Executive Secretary, American Federation of Labor (AF of L), Free Trade Union Committee
1956-1963 Director of International Publications, American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
  Assistant Director of International Affairs Department, AFL-CIO
1963-1974 Director of International Affairs Department, AFL-CIO
1974-1990 Consultant on International Affairs, ILGWU and AFL-CIO
1990, March 7 Died, New York City


Arranged into two groups: an original accession, boxes 1-695 and an increment of additional materials, boxes 696-899. Within the two groups materials are arranged in series by physical form or topic.

Series Description

Boxes 1-191


Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by title or author
Boxes 192-194


Scope and Content Note

Material on or about Jay Lovestone, arranged alphabetically by title or subject
Boxes 195-229

COMMUNIST PARTY, U.S.A., 1919-1929

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, meeting notes, memoranda, reports, speeches, etc., on the activities and organization of the Communist Party, and relations with the Communist International. During this time the party underwent a number of name changes. In September 1919, two parties were founded, the Communist Party of America (CPA) and the Communist Labor Party (CLP). Forced to go underground in 1920, the two groups split further. In May 1920, a United Communist Party began, and another Communist Party of America was organized in May 1921. The latter split into two parties with the same name in January 1922. In December 1921, the Workers Party of America (WPA) was formed, and in February 1922, the United Toilers of America. In April 1923, a united, legal group became the Workers Party of America. Two further name changes followed in the 1920's: in 1925, the name was changed to the Workers (Communist) Party of America, and in 1929, the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA). Material in this file is from several of the aforementioned groups. In order to keep the organization as straightforward as possible, however, the papers have been arranged under the generic title of the Communist Party, U.S.A. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.* [*At various times when Jay Lovestone was in the Communist Party and the Communist Party Opposition, he used the following pseudonyms: Bacon, Beets, Birch, Gaynor (Traynor?), William B. Judd, Langley, Edmund J. Lawson, Roger B. Nelson, Powers, John Robertson, George Robin, George J. Thornton, Wheat].
Boxes 230-233


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, financial documents, meeting notes, reports, etc., related to the political group founded by Jay Lovestone after he was expelled from the Communist Party by Iosip Stalin in 1929. Initially, the group was called the Communist Party of the U.S. (Majority Group). The name was changed in 1932 to the Communist Party (Opposition). In 1937, it became the Independent Communist Labor League and in 1938, the Independent Labor League of America. In addition to the official names given to the group, it was also variously known as the Lovestone Group or the Lovestoneites. In this series, it is called the Communist Party, U.S.A. (Opposition) and material from the various groups is found herein. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically.* [*At various times when Jay Lovestone was in the Communist Party and the Communist Party Opposition, he used the following pseudonyms: Bacon, Beets, Birch, Gaynor (Traynor?), William B. Judd, Langley, Edmund J. Lawson, Roger B. Nelson, Powers, John Robertson, George Robin, George J. Thornton, Wheat].
Boxes 234-345

OFFICE FILES, 1944-1966

Scope and Content Note

Files of materials, primarily correspondence, from various trade union offices Jay Lovestone held during this period. The organization of material follows as closely as possible the arrangement established by Jay Lovestone. This is a chronological arrangement with the original folder title headings retained
Boxes 346-395


Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent
Boxes 396-589

SUBJECT FILE, 1906-1978

Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda, collected manuscripts and galleys, printed material, clippings, etc., arranged alphabetically by title or subject
Boxes 590-629


Scope and Content Note

Drafts, manuscripts, notes, research materials, reviews, printed copies of speeches and writings of Jay Lovestone. Arranged alphabetically by title or, if untitled, by primary subject matter
Boxes 630-635


Scope and Content Note

Reports, memoranda, newsletters, and newspaper clippings on trade unions, politics, especially the Communist Party Opposition (I.V.K.O.), and international relations, arranged alphabetically by subject
Boxes 636-686


Box 687


Scope and Content Note

(probably for WORKERS' AGE)
Box 688

MEMORABILIA, 1909-1976

Scope and Content Note

Scrapbook of clippings, delegate badges, plaque and certificate awarded to Jay Lovestone, etc.
Boxes 689-695


Scope and Content Note

Consists of papers removed from the collection because of fragile and poor condition. Photocopies of this material have been filed in folders throughout the collection, from which the originals were withdrawn
Art Racks No. 4


Tape cabinet

PHONOTAPES, n.d. and 1952

Scope and Content Note

Speeches by Jay Lovestone and Irving Brown
Photo file

PHOTOGRAPHS, ca. 1908-1974

Scope and Content Note

559 prints, 3 slides, 33 postcards, and 10 negatives depicting Jay Lovestone and others

Series Description: Incremental Material


(Material received after completion of register to Boxes 1-695.)

Scope and Content Note

The Hoover Institution Archives acquired the main body of its Jay Lovestone Papers in 1975. However smaller additions to the collection continued to be received throughout Lovestone's life and, via his estate, after his death in 1990. The Register to the Jay Lovestone Papers was completed in 1980 and covers all material received up to that time--Boxes 1-695 plus considerable audiovisual material. That Register remains the principal overall description of the Lovestone Papers and should first be consulted by the researcher. This Addendum covers the materials in Boxes 696-899, received after completion of the Register. As might be expected these materials date disproportionately from the later years of Lovestone's life, but they include much earlier material as well. Most of the pre-1980 material represented in the Addendum is certainly unique within the collection. However, because of multiple copies of some items or presence of both originals and photocopies of others, there are undoubtedly some instances of duplication between material in the main part of the Papers and that covered by the Addendum. It was not practicable to search systematically for possible duplication of each item in the Addendum materials, and no attempt was made to do so. The researcher is alerted accordingly.


Note: Other pseudonyms that may appear in this collection include "E. F." and "Ed Five" and "Ed Fisher," all of which are believed to be pseudonyms of Leonid Belsky, and "Y. F.," believed to be a pseudonym of I. E. Ferguson. The pseudonym "Comrade F." appears to depend on context, and may mean either Ferguson or Fraina.
Boxes 696-712


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence of Jay Lovestone, arranged alphabetically by correspondent
Boxes 712-725


Scope and Content Note

Speeches and writings by Jay Lovestone, arranged chronologically
Boxes 725-754


Scope and Content Note

Third-party correspondence, writings by others, financial records, minutes, resolutions, memoranda, reports, and organizational internal documents and issuances, arranged by organization associated with their origin when possible, or, failing that, by individual author or topic
Box 754


Box 754


Box 754


Scope and Content Note

Printed articles about Jay Lovestone arranged chronologically
Boxes 755-898


Scope and Content Note

Printed matter arranged alphabetically by topic
Box 899


Container List



Box: 1

A la lumiere du marxisme, Essais - Sciences Physico-Mathematiques, Sciences Naturelles, Sciences Humaines, 1935


AALC Reporter, a publication of the African-American Labor Center, January 1971, April 1974


The ABM and the Changed Strategic Military Balance, U.S.A. vs. U.S.S.R., Study prepared by the National Strategy Committee of the American Security Council, May 1969


ABN Correspondence, Monthly Bulletin of the Antibolshevik Bloc of Nations, July-August 1960


ACI bulletin quotidien de l'Agence Cooperative D'Information (Daily Bulletin of the Cooperative Information Agency), June 4, 1961


A.I. Labor Letter, American Income Life Insurance Company, January 1975


ASC Broadcast Briefs, a publication of the American Security Council, March 1969. See also listing under American Security Council


ASC Newsletter, a publication of the American Security Council, January 31, 1962 -January 31, 1963 (incomplete). See also listing under American Security Council


A.S.O. (Alianza Sindical Obrera de Espana), August and October 1964, January 1968


Abbott, Charles C., The International Position and Commitments of the United States, No. 449 in the series "National Economic Problems," 1953


Absolute Truth, The (photographs of World War I)


Academy of Political Science, Proceedings, April 1965. "The Soviet Union Since Khrushchev--New Trends and Old Problems"


Accord, March 1968. "The European Syndicalist Student Movement"


Acheson, Dean, Fifty Years After, 1961


Adams, James Truslow, An American Looks at the British Empire, 1940


Adams, John Clarke, A Report on the Semester in Italy, 1960


L'Adunata dei Refrattari, December 1928


Advance, The, published by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, October 1937, June 1966

Box: 2

Africa, 1968, The World Today Series


Africa League, A New American Policy Toward Africa, 1960


Africa Opinion, July 1961 -May 1962 (incomplete)


Africa South, October-December 1956


Africa Today, January-February 1959


Africa Weekly, May 1959


African-American Labor Center, publications, 1965-1970 (incomplete)


African Comment, 1963-1966 (incomplete)


African Labour News, 1963-1964 (incomplete)


African Review, 1968-1976 (incomplete)


African Survey, June 1963


Afro-Asian Institute for Labour Studies and Co-operation, n.d.


Afro-Asian Labour Bulletin, April 1966, May 1973


Air-Terre-Mer (Air, Land, Sea), May 1951

Box: 3-4

Der aktuelle Osten, Kommentare und Nachrichten aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Technik der UdSSR und der Ubrigen Lander des RGW (COMECON) (incomplete)

Box: 4

Aktuelle Probleme des Imperialismus, 1970


Alba, Victor, La America Latina y los Congresos del Partido Comunista Ruso, ca. 1959

Box: 5

Alexandrov, K., China's Independent Foreign Policy, 1960


Alexandrow, Dimitriji, Kommunismus in der Krise, n.d.


Algeria. Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Information Bulletin, May 1, 1964


Algeria, Questions and Answers, The Algerian Office, 1960


Algerian Delegation, What is Algeria? September 1955


Algerian Front of National Liberation Delegation, The Question of Algeria, Background Document, The European Minority, ca. 1957


Aliber, Robert Z., Choices for the Dollar, National Planning Association, 1969


Allen, Frederick Lewis, Only Yesterday, 2 vols., 1931


Allen, Harland H., The Businessman's Stake in American-Soviet Friendship, n.d.


Alliance for Labor Action, To Find Answers to the Urgent Problems of Our Society, 1968


Alliance for Progress, Latin American Growth Trends: Seven Years of the Alliance for Progress, 1968


Allnut, E. F. and Leibholz, Gerhard, Re-Educating Germans? 1944


Almanac, 1961


Almanach des Verlages der Kommunistischen Internationale, 1921


Alsop, Joseph and Kinter, Robert, American White Paper, 1940


Alternative, Sozialistische Zeitschrift fur Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur, June 1966


Alternative, The, March 1972, August-September 1975


Amalgamated Engineering Union, Report of the Delegation to the U.S.A., March and April 1949


Amalgamated Journal, The, Official Organ of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers, January 22, 1942


Ambassade de France, Service de Presse et d'Information, New York


France Aid and Cooperation, December 1962


France and Its Armed Forces, December 1964


France at the European Summit Conference, The Hague, December 1-2, 1969

Box: 6

America in Cifre, 1951


America United, a radio forum conducted by the American Federation of Labor on "Should America Open Its Doors to Displaced Persons of Europe?" April 6, 1947


American-African Affairs Associations, Red China in Africa, n.d.


American Assembly


Black Economic Development, April 1969


Land Use in America, April 1974


Law and a Changing Society II, June 1975


The Multinational Corporation, December 1974


The United States and Eastern Europe, April 1967


American Association for Economic Freedom


Problems of the National Labor Relations Board, n.d.


Unemployment Must Be Abolished! June 1940


American Association for the United Nations


The Economic and Political Security of the New States of Africa and Asia, February 1961


Strengthening the United Nations, 1957


We, the Peoples... A Brief History of the United Nations, October 1945


American Bar Association, Brief on Communism: Marxism-Leninism, Its Aims, Purposes, Objectives and Practices, n.d.


American Bar Association, Section on International and Comparative Law, The Rule of Law in the United States, A Statement By the Committee to Cooperate with the International Commission of Jurists, February 1958


American Bulletin, The, published by the Czechoslovak National Council of America, November 1965 -November 1976 (incomplete)


American Cause, January-February 1976


American Civil Liberties Union


Black Justice, May 1931


Justice--North Carolina Style, May 1930


American Committee for a Free Spanish Republic, Franco - War Criminal Allied with Hitler and Mussolini, n.d.


American Committee for Liberation


Communicating with the People Behind the Iron Curtain, 1957


Peaceful Co-Existence, What it Means to Khrushchev, ca. 1960


Traditional Goals of Labour Movement Obliterated by Measures of Red China, n.d.


U.S. Is Dictatorship, Constitution a Fraud, USSR Population Told, n.d.


American Committee on Africa


Portugal in Africa, December 1968


A Summary Report on the Bank Campaign, ca. 1969


American Committee on United Europe, Euratom and the Common Market, December 1956


American Council for Nationalities Service, American Abroad: Spokesman for the United States, February 1959


American Council for Public Affairs, Total Defense, June 1940


American Economic Review, The, September 1929


American Employers and the International Labor Organization, n.d.

Box: 7

American Federation of Labor


The A.F. of L. at Work: Towards Democracy in Germany, 1947


La A.F.L., La Revolucion Guatemalteca Democratica y Los Communistas, 1954


A.F.L. News-Reporter, August 22, 1952


Die A.F. of L. Und die deutsche Arbeiterbewegung, 1952


America United, a radio forum conducted by the American Federation of Labor on "More TVA'S?" 1945


American Federation of Labor Weekly News Service, September 1942 -March 1950 (incomplete)


American Labor and the World Crisis, 1952


American Labor Looks at the World


October 1947


November 1948 (No. II)


October 1949 (No. III)


September 1950 (No. IV)


September 1951 (No. V)


September 1952 (No. VI)


September 1953 (No. VII)


September 1954 (No. VIII)


December 1955 (No. IX)

Box: 8

Consumer Cooperatives, 1944


Directory of Affiliates and Constitution, 1954


For Peace and Freedom, 1953


Fur Freiheit, Arbeit und Frieden, n.d.


Great Tax Fraud, The, 1951


Here's the Answer, Fact Book on Key Legislation, 1950


Eine internationale Erklarung der Grundrechte, n.d.


Labor and Education in 1939


Labor League of Human Rights, Special Bulletin, 1946


Labor's Monthly Survey, January 1939 -December 1951


National Association of Manufacturers Exposed, Report of the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor to the Seattle, Washington, Convention, 1913


Pacific Labour Proceedings


1940 Convention


1941 Convention


1943 Convention


1947 Convention

Box: 9

1948 Convention


1949 Convention


1951 Convention


1952 Convention


Report of the Executive Council of the American Federation of Labor


Fifty-sixth Annual Convention, November 16, 1936


Sixty-first Annual Convention, October 6, 1941


Sixty-third Annual Convention, October 4, 1943


Research Report, October 1948


The Rights of Labor, Democracy vs. Totalitarianism, October 1947


Samuel Gompers Centennial Committee


The Gompers Story


Samuel Gompers' Credo


Stalin vs. Sun Yat-sen, The Truth about Life in Communist China, n.d.


Subsidized Industrial Migration, the Luring of Plants to New Locations, 1955


Toward a Reappraisal of American Foreign Policy and A Program of Action, 1954


We Saw Israel, A Report of a Visit by American Trade Unionists, n.d.


What Happened to the Trade Unions Behind the Iron Curtain, 1948


Who's Who in Communist China, by Wei Chen, 1954


Why Communist China Should Not Be Admitted to the United Nations, 1954

Box: 10

American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)


The AFL-CIO and World Affairs, 1970


AFL-CIO News, 1956-1970 (incomplete)


The AFL-CIO Platform Proposals to the Republican and Democratic Conventions, 1964, 1968


American Federationist, January 1942 -April 1976 (incomplete)


American Labor and World Affairs, n.d.


America's Health Needs, the Government's Role, n.d.

Box: 11

America's Responsibility for the Preservation of Human Freedom, 1959


Automation, n.d.


Building and Construction Trades Bulletin, May 1961


The Case for the Union Shop, n.d.


Civil Rights, in the AFL-CIO, 1961


Codes of Ethical Practices, 1958


Collective Bargaining Report, July 1959, December 1960


Constitution, 1965


Dedication of the Home of American Labor, June 4, 1956


The Disaffiliation of the UAW, 1968


Documents on Arms Control, n.d.


Economic Trends and Outlook, March, November 1958; November 1960


Education News and Views, June 1956


Fact vs. Propaganda, the Truth about "Right to Work" Laws, 1958


For World Peace and Freedom, April 1960


Foreign Aid for Peace and Freedom, 1963


Free Trade Union Committee, Slave Labor in the Soviet World, n.d.


Free Trade Union News



Box: 12


Box: 13


Box: 14


Box: 15



The Greater Danger, 1956


Handbook on Hospital Insurance for the Aged through Social Security, 1963


Handbook on the Industrial Security Program of the Department of Defense, 1955


The History of 14 (b) and What It Means, n.d.


The House of Labor, 1957


IUD Agenda, November 1965


I. U. D. Bulletin, July 1959, January 1960, November-December 1972

Box: 16

The Industrial Union Department, n.d.


International Affairs Resolutions, 1967, 1969


Labor and Medical Care, n.d.


Labor and Politics, n.d.


Labor Fights the Enemies of Democracy, 1964


Labor Looks at Congress, 1967


Labor Looks at the 85th Congress, 1958


Labor Looks at the 86th Congress, 1960


Labor Looks at the 87th Congress, 1962


Labor Looks at the Nation's Economy, 1963


Labor's Economic Review, April 1956 -August 1960 (incomplete)


Los Angeles Citizen, December 7, 1962


Memo to Congress: A Positive Program for America, 1960


The Merger of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1955




News from the AFL-CIO



Box: 17


Box: 18

News from the Industrial Union Department, 1960


The Nixon Economic Program, 1972


Noticiero Obrero Norteamericano (North American Worker News), June 15, 1965


An Open Letter from the Executive Committee of the Union of African Students in the Soviet Union (in Arabic)


Policy Resolutions, 1961, 1971


Policy Resolutions on International Affairs, 1959, 1961, 1963, 1965, 1967, 1969


Political Memo from COPE, 1959-1977 (incomplete)


Power for What? n.d.


Preguntas y Respuestas: El Movimiento Obrero Norteamericano y Los Asuntos Interamericanos, 1959




1955 Convention


1961 Convention


1963 Convention


1965 Convention


1967 Convention

Box: 19

1973 Convention


1975 Convention


Program, International Affairs Conference, March 11-12, 1965


Questions and Answers on American Labor and World Affairs, 1960


Report of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, 1957, 1961, 1963, 1967, 1975



Box: 20

Resolutions on Collective Bargaining and Related Issues, 1955


Resolutions on Foreign Policy, 1955


Samuel Gompers Centennial Committee, 1950


Security in Time of Need, 1969


Shorter Hours to Create Jobs, 1964


Speakers' Handbook, 1966


Staff Retirement Plan, 1958


Statements and Reports Adopted by the AFL-CIO Executive Council, 1970


Ten Years of Progress, A Report on Israel, 1958


Tent City...Home of the Brave, n.d.


To Meet the People's Needs, 1966


Untitled articles (possibly galleys)


Viewpoint, 1975


Voici l'A.F.L.-C.I.O. (Here is the A.F.L.-C.I.O.), n.d.


Who is the Imperialist? ca. 1951, 1971


The World's Refugees, a Challenge to America, 1959

Box: 21

The American Forum, "What Can We Accomplish by the Khrushchev Visit?" September 15, 1959; "The Khrushchev Visit," September 22, 1959; "The Effects of the Khrushchev Visit," October 6, 1959; "The Controversy Over Our Space Program," October 27, 1959


American Friends of the Captive Nations, Questions and Answers on the Berlin Crisis, July 1959


The American Heart, published by the American Heart Association, 1950


American Institute for Free Labor Development


The AIFLD Report, March 1967


The American Institute for Free Labor Development, n.d.


Industrial Training Center, Georgetown, British Guiana September 1965


Progress Report


ca. 1965


ca. 1966








Report on Activities, September 1965


Report on Examination of Financial Statements, December 31, 1964


Social Action Projects, ca. 1962


American Jewish Committee


Jews Behind the Iron Curtain, April 1950


The Middle East Ferment, May 1956


News from the Committee, October 1973


Questions People Ask about Israel and America's National Interest, July 1975


To the Counsellors of Peace, March 1945


A World Charter for Human Rights, n.d.


American Jewish Congress, Law and Social Action, May-June 1947


American Labor, December 1969


The American Labor Monthly, February 1924


American Labor News, May 1949


American Labor Services for the U.N., Press Service, October 1957


American Labor Weekly, July 1927


American Labor's Role in Less Developed Countries, October 1958


American Labour, June 1968


American-Russian Institute


The U.S.S.R. At War, 1942


The U.S.S.R. in Reconstruction, 1944


American Security Council, n.d.


American Society for Russian Relief, USA-USSR: A Story of Friendship and Aid, 1941-1946, ca. 1946


The American Tariff League, Monthly Bulletin, September-October 1940


American Tract Society, Seven Red Soldiers Go Singing to Heaven, n.d.


American Workers Look at the Soviet Union, Impressions of the American Trade Union Delegation That Visited the Soviet Union in June and July, 1951, 1951


The American Workers Party, Toward an American Revolutionary Labor Movement, 1934


Americans United for World Organization, Here Comes Your Last Chance, n.d.


Amidon, Beulah, Jobs After Forty, 1939


Amory, Cleveland, Israel in Siege, 1970


Amter, Israel, The Truth About Finland, n.d.

Box: 22

Analysis of Current Chinese Communist Problems, Institute of International Relations, Republic of China, 1962-1963 (incomplete)


L'Analytique hebdomadaire de la presse communiste, 1963-1964 (incomplete)


Anderson, Dewey, Water and Growth, New Factors - New Action, September 1960


Andrew A. Piatt, Our Prearmistice Loans, January 13, 1926


Ang Bantay, Official Organ of the Strikers, Honolulu, April 12, April 21, April 28, 1924


Anglo-Polish Review, October, November 1951


The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, November 1963, September 1972


Annals of the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo, 1969


An Annotated Guide to Modern China, April 1967


An Appeal to the Membership of the Socialist Party by the Revolutionary Policy Committee, March 1934


Arbeit und Freiheit, December 1961


Arbeiter-Zeitung, October 5, 1931


Arbeits - und Sozialrecht, July 1948


Arendt, Hannah, The Ex-Communists, March 20, 1953


Armstrong, Hamilton Fish, Neutrality: Varying Tunes, Reprinted from Foreign Affairs, October 1956


Aron, Raymond, The Meaning of Hungary, n.d.


Asher, Robert E., International Development and the U.S. National Interest, July 1967


Asian Analysis, 1972-1977 (incomplete)

Box: 23

Asian Analyst, 1959-1971 (incomplete)


Asian Labour, March 1952

Box: 24

Asian Notes, 1964-1971 (incomplete)

Box: 25

Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League, Republic of China


Charts Concerning Chinese Communists on the Mainland, 1966


Communist Tyranny and People's Resistance on the Chinese Mainland During 1954, 1955


The Current Strategy and Tactics of International Communism, 1955


Escape from Hell by Jen Shan-hsueh, 1958


A General Survey of Chinese Communist Rule, 1962


How to Combat Communism, 1955


Hunger in Communist China - An Estimate of 1961 Food Production by Cheng Hsueh-chia, 1962


Is the Chinese Communist Regime Stabilized? by Chang Ching-wen, 1966


Problem of the Second Generation and Successors of Chinese Communist Regime by Ting Chu-yuan, October 1966


The Tibet Revolution and the Free World, 1959


Asian Trade Unions, Friendly Discussion Meeting of Asian Trade Unions, Peking, May 5-8, 1954


Aspects of Peace, A Study in Soviet Tactics, October 1952


Aspects of the Algerian Revolution, The National Liberation Front, The National Army of Liberation, ca. 1957


Assembly of Captive European Nations


Albania, 1964


Bulgaria, 1964


The Captive Nations and the Freedom of Europe, 1961


Captive Nations Awards Dinner, 1964


Czechoslovakia, 1964


East-Central European Papers, 1962, 1963


East-West Trade and Industrial Trends in the Soviet Area by Aleksander Kutt, 1965


A Few Facts on the New Colonialism, 1960


Hungary Under Soviet Rule, 1957


International Agreements and Pledges Concerning East-Central Europe, 1960


Prices and the Balance Sheet in Soviet-Captive Countries Trade in 1962 by Aleksander Kutt, 1964


Report on the Assembly of Captive European Nations and the National Committees or Councils in Today's World, 1972


The Second Thaw: Hungary Under Soviet Rule, 1962


Soviet Objectives at the Geneva Conferences, 1955


A Survey of Recent Developments in Nine Captive Countries, October 1957 -March 1958

Box: 26

Assembly of Western European Union, Security in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, 1969


Associated Student Governments, The Case for Responsible Student Government, n.d.


Association of Hungarian Students in North America


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Box: 37

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Box: 38

China Topics


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Box: 39

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Box: 40

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Box: 41

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Box: 42

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Box: 45

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Box: 47

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Box: 50

Communist Quotations



Box: 51



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Box: 52

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Box: 84










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