Inventory of the John F. Dunlap Papers

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Inventory of the John F. Dunlap Papers

Inventory: LP159:56-385

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Descriptive Summary

Title: John F. Dunlap Papers
Inventory: LP159:56-385
Creator: Dunlap, John F.
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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[Identification of item], John F. Dunlap Papers, LP159:56-385, California State Archives.

Biographical Sketch

John F. Dunlap was first elected to the State Assembly in 1966 to represent the 5th Assembly District, Napa and Solano Counties, and was reelected in subsequent elections. As an Assemblyman Dunlap was closely involved with the issues of tax reform, improvement of the quality of education, improved care for the mentally ill, equal opportunity programs, and environmental controls, particularly involving preservation of our coastline and protection of the public's interest in it. In 1974 Dunlap was elected to the State Senate representing the 4th Senatorial District.

Arrangement and Description


1. Legislative Files

Scope and Content Note

Bills introduced; amendments; author's and floor statements; bill analyses; correspondence, resolutions, statements and testimony in support or opposition; Legislative Counsel opinions and conflict statements; press releases; newspaper clippings; reports; roll calls; and background information and data.
Folder LP159:56-62

AB74-AB2564, HR's, RCR's 1967

Physical Description: (7 ff).
Folder LP159:63-70

AB287-AB2094, ACA 50, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's 1968

Physical Description: (8 ff).
Folder LP159:71-86

AB100-AB2317, ACA's, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's 1969

Physical Description: (16 ff).
Folder LP159:87-101

AB154-AB2421, ACA's, ACR's, RCR's 1970

Physical Description: (15 ff).
Folder LP159:102-114

AB82-AB3087, ACA 3, ACR's, AJR's, RCR's 1971

Physical Description: (13 ff).
Folder LP159:115-133

AB76-AB2394, ACA 54, ACR's, RCR's 1972

Physical Description: (19 ff).
Folder LP159:134-164

AB60-AB4393, ACA's, ACR's, AJR's, HR's, RCR's; AB3446 and SB1870-co-authored bills 1973-74

Physical Description: (31 ff).

2. Subject Files

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence received and sent from constituents, legislators, legislative advocates, special interest groups, state and local government agencies, and private citizens, regarding proposed and pending legislation, operation of state and local government, and local conditions. Subject files also include reports and analyses, press releases, newspaper clippings, speech materials, miscellaneous committee papers, and general background and information materials. Files arranged alphabetically by subject. (In most cases only samples of a given file or subject were retained. Some file entries eliminated altogether where research and/or historical values determined to be nonexistent).
Folder LP159:165-174

A, General (1967-70): abortion (1967); aging (1972-74); agricultural labor (1968, 71); agricultural poisons (1973-74); AAUW (1967-70); animals (1972-73); archaeological sites (1974); and attendent care-welfare-budget cuts (1970).

Folder LP159:175-186

B, General (1967-71); Baldwin Channel (1971); Basalt Lease (1970-72); Bay Area Pollution Control District (1970-73); Bay Conservation and Development Committee-San Francisco (1969); Benecia, City of (1967-74; Benecia State Park (1968-72); Lake Berryessa (1968-74); Bikers/Hikers (1969-74); and budget, state (1969-74).

Folder LP159:187-211

C, General (1970-71); Cadenasso bike trails (1973-74); California Maritime Academy (1969-72); Calistoga, City of (1972-73); campaign materials (1966, 70, 72, 74); Capitol Plan (1973-74); catalytic converters (1971); Child Abuse Workshop (1974); coastal access (1971-74); Code of Ethics-Legislators and Employees (1967); Commission on Curriculum Development (1972); Committee preferences (1966-74); conflict of interest (1969-70); Congressmen (1967-74); and conservation (1969-72).

Folder LP159:212-224

D, General (1970); death penalty (1973-74); Delta Levee District (1973-74); Democratic Consultants (1972); Democratic Party (1967, 70-74); dentists (1968-69); Dixon, City of (1967-74); Dunlap-Daily Diaries (1970-72); Dunlap Dinner (1967); Dunlap-Personal (1967-74); and Dunlap-Sieroty Tax Relief Measure (1969).

Folder LP159:225-231

E, General (1967-70); education (1969-74); and energy crisis (1973-74).

Folder LP159:232-238

F, General (1970-72); Fairfield, City of (1967-74); fairs (1969-71); farm labor (1969, 74); Fish and Game Department, reorganization of (1972-75); and funeral directors (1972).

Folder LP159:239-240

G, General (1971); and geothermal resources (1971-74).

Folder LP159:241-250

H, General (1970); health and welfare (1973-74); and hearings, committee (1970-72).

Folder LP159:251-253

Invitations accepted and declined (1967-74).

Folder LP159:254-256

J, General (1967-72); Jenner dredging (1970); and Jewish Chaplain-budget cut (1971).

Folder LP159:257

K, General (n.d.).

Folder LP159:258-276

L, General (1969-72); labor (1972-74); legislation-proposed, not introduced, or withdrawn (1966-74); Legislative Counsel (1967-75); and Lombard and Napa crossings (1969-70).

Folder LP159:277-291

M, General (1967-72); Majority Consultants (1973-74); M & H Winery (1973-74); Manpower Development, Assembly Select Committee on (1974); Maritime Academy, Calif. (1971-74); Medi-Cal (1973-74); mental health (1971-74); Mental Hygene, Dept. of (1967-70); Mental Retardation Center (1969-70); MAPA (1967); and mountain lion, protection of (1971-73).

Folder LP159:292-302

N, General (1969-73); Napa County (1966-74); Napa State Hospital (1966-74); newsletters (1968-74); no fault insurance (1971-74); noise pollution (1972-73); and North Bay Human Development Corporation (1972-73).

Folder LP159:303-306

Office of Economic Opportunity (1970-71); Old Bale Mill (1973, 75); and open space lands (1970-72).

Folder LP159:307-324

Parks and Recreation (1969, 72-74); pensions-Legislators' (1974); photographs (ca. 1966-74); press releases, district and Sacramento offices (1966-73); prison reform (1971-72); Propositions, Ballot (1972-74); and Public Utilities Commission (1973-74).

Folder LP159:325-335

Q, R, General (1970); Questionnaires (1968, 74); radio tapes (1969-72); reapportionment (1967, 71, 72); recommendations for appointments (1967, 69); redwoods (1971); rehabilitation (1973-74); retarded children programs (1966-67); Rio Vista, City of (1966-74); and Rules Committee (1967-72).

Folder LP159:336-352

S, General (1970); San Francisco oil spill (1971); Session excuses (1970-74); Solano County (1967-74); Solano County highways (1972-74); speeches (1967-74); State Route 29 (1967-71); St. Helena, City of (1967-74); subregional sewage (1972); Suisun City (1967, 73); and Suisun Marsh (1973-74).

Folder LP159:353-357

T, General (1967-72); tax file (1968-71); transportation (1973-74); Truman-Hobbs Act (1970); and John Tuteur (1969-71).

Folder LP159:358

UC campus, Napa County ((1966-67).

Folder LP159:359-367

Vacaville, City of (1967-74); Vallejo, City of (1966-74); Vallejo Service Center (1966-67); Veterans' Home (1969-74); and voting record (1973-74).

Folder LP159:368-383

W, General (1971-72); Warm Springs Dam (1973-74); Ways and Means Committee (1971-74); weekly reports (1967, 69-74); and Women's issues (1973-74).

Folder LP159:384-385

Yolo County (1967, 74) and Yountville, City of (1967, 73-74).