Inventory of the Dept. of Public Works. Division of Highways. District X Records

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Inventory of the Dept. of Public Works. Division of Highways. District X Records

Inventory: F3762

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Title: Dept. of Public Works. Division of Highways. District X Records
Inventory: F3762
Creator: California. Division of Highways
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Language: English.

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Agency History

The California Highway Commission on January 1, 1924, created District X from the southern half of District III. At the time of formation District X included 742 miles of road, and comprised all of Amador, Alpine, Calaveras, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Solano Counties. The southern portions of Sacramento and Yolo Counties were also included in District X.
District X maintained a division office in Sacramento, headed by a District Engineer who reported directly to the State Highway Engineer. Under the District Engineer were the Assistant Division Engineer, the Office Engineer, the Construction Engineer, Equipment Engineer and numerous Resident Engineers located throughout the district.
District X underwent major boundary changes in 1933. District III acquired the southern portion of Yolo County and all of Sacramento County above Walnut Grove. District X received Mariposa and Merced Counties from District VI. (See District III for records of Sacramento and Yolo Counties after 1933, and District VI for Mariposa and Merced Counties prior to 1933). At this time District X's division office was transferred from Sacramento to Stockton.

Arrangement and Description

Folder F3762:1-2


Physical Description: 2ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
This series comprises District X's operational manuals pertaining to the correct method for keeping track of accounting, claims, expense accounts, invoices, hiring, payrolls, and purchase orders. Procedures relating to the preparation of contracts, work orders, maps, and final construction reports are included. Also included are 8" x 11" maps (1924) of highway districts I through X showing major roads and district boundaries.
Folder F3762:3-5


Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Correspondence and memorandums from headquarters, normally signed by the State Highway Engineer, giving detailed instruction to the District Engineer concerning the use of highway equipment, road grading, testing of highway materials, weed control, issuance of construction permits, and personnel matters. (See DISTRICT ENGINEER'S FILE, series #3).
Folder F3762:6-16

3. DISTRICT ENGINEER'S FILE. 1924-34, 1938, 1944-46.

Physical Description: 11ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Copies of outgoing letters, memorandums, and reports from the District Engineer to the State Highway Engineer, District Maintenance Superintendents, Resident Engineers, foremen and laborers, pertaining to construction progress, and directives concerning accounting policies, purchase orders and personnel matters--hiring, promotions, and lay-offs. (See also HEADQUARTER'S FILE, series #2).
Folder F3762:17-19

4. EQUIPMENT FILE. 1928-32, 1939-49.

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Incoming correspondence and copies of outgoing between the State Equipment Engineer and the District Superintendent of Equipment. Includes descriptions of highway equipment; recommended repairs and upkeep; equipment rental rates; ordering of new equipment and supplies. Also included are comparison charts between districts showing monthly equipment costs. (See also HEADQUARTERS FILE, series #2, and ENGINEER'S FILE, series #3).
Folder F3762:20-28

5. CONTRACT FILE. 1922-33.

Physical Description: 9ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by county, route section, and chronologically thereunder.
Incoming correspondence, memorandums, and copies of outgoing between the District Engineer, Resident Engineers, State Highway Engineer, contractors and residents. Included are descriptions of proposed work, grading, drainage, and use of construction materials--cement, crushed rock, surface oil; extra work orders; type of labor--state day labor crews, or private construction workers; and landscaping along highway. Also included are claims from residents along right-of-way for damage to property caused by highway construction.
Routes included in this series are:

SAC-4-B (Sacramento to Elk Grove, Highway 99). 1923-29, 1932-33.

Physical Description: 5ff.

YOL-6-A,B,C (Sacramento to Davis, Highway 80, Yolo Causeway). 1922-1925, 1928-32.

Physical Description: 4ff.
Folder F3762:29-31

6. BRIDGES. 1930-44, 1948-51.

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Incoming letters and memorandums and copies of outgoing between the District Engineer, Maintenance Superintendent, Headquarters, and Bridge Department relating to bridge safety inspections, maintenance and repair costs. A complete listing of all bridges in District X describing type of structure--timber, steel, concrete, as well as width, carrying capacity, vertical clearance, and date of construction. Particular attention is given to Bridge #29-02 (SJ-4-C) over the Mokelumne River, and to Bridge #23-63 (Sol-208-A) over Sonoma Creek.
Folder F3762:32


Physical Description: 1ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Incoming and copies of outgoing letters and memorandums between District Engineer, Headquarters, and the Navy Department concerning emergency procedures, in case of enemy attack, for road blackouts, use of gas masks, and repair of roads.
Folder F3762:33


Physical Description: 1ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Incoming, and copies of outgoing correspondence and memorandums between District Engineer and the State Highway Engineer relating to post World War II highway construction. Also included are semi-monthly reports listing the district's postwar construction projects, progress of project (survey, plans, or construction stage) and amount of money budgeted.
Folder F3762:34-36

9. WORK ORDERS. 1926-34, 1947-48.

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Descriptions of work proposed for various sections of roadways. Included are the District Engineer's survey of road routes, construction plans, and estimated cost.
Folder F3762:37-39

10. GASOLINE TAX. 1933-48.

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by city, chronologically thereunder.
Incoming correspondence and copies of outgoing between District Engineer, city officials, and contractors relating to the spending of the state gasoline tax allotment. Included are the types of road building projects allowed by the gasoline tax; agreements between District X and cities outlining construction, and amount of funds available. Requests from city governments for new census for allotment of road funds.
Cities included in this series are:

Angels Camp. 1947-48.

Physical Description: 1ff.

Fairfield. 1935-47.

Physical Description: 1ff.

Vallejo. 1933-36.

Physical Description: 1ff.
Folder F3762:40


Physical Description: 1ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Descriptions and locations of houses, barns, service stations and garages acquired by District X through purchase of highway right-of-ways. Included are the amounts received by the district through bids for items, and final disposition of buildings--either torn down for salvage, or moved to a new area.
Folder F3762:41-63

12. MISCELLANEOUS FILE. 1912-32, 1934-38, 1940-44.

Physical Description: 23ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Incoming letters and memorandums, and copies of outgoing between the District Engineer, Resident Engineers, district employees, head-quarters, contractors, and various interest groups within District X concerning road surveys, preliminary construction costs, right-of-way costs, construction progress reports, maintenance, and convict labor camps. Also included are final contract reports to the State Highway Engineer summarizing right-of-ways, extra work orders, and actual road construction costs.
Folder F3762:64-66

13. PHOTOGRAPHS. 216 items. 1922, 1927, 1928, 1932, 1939, 1940, 1942.

Physical Description: 3ff.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by county, route and section.


Scope and Content Note

8 photographs (1939) of the Maisterina Ditch in Alpine County. 15 construction photographs of bridge #3113 including road equipment, grading, and materials.

Alp-23-D-E, 24-D, 34-B.

Scope and Content Note

14 photographs (1940) of existing roads before new alignment and bridge construction. Included are pictures of bridge #3103 and bridge #3114.

Alp-34-A, 23-E.

Scope and Content Note

17 photographs (1940) of road grading, and proposed location of drinking fountain (see MISCELLANEOUS FILE, series #12, 1940, for report). Included also are photographs of the highway into Markleeville and Woodfords, Alpine County.


Scope and Content Note

23 photographs (1927) of road equipment including discing, oiling, mixing machines, and a Knight Scarifier.

Cal-24-A, B.

Scope and Content Note

26 photographs (1927) of roadwork at Wallace, Willits, and San Andreas, including views of highway equipment--power broom, tank car, and spreading truck. Report on Laykold Oil Process Road is also included with pictures.


Scope and Content Note

11 photographs (1928) of canneries located in the Isleton area. Included are the Bayside, California Cooperative Canneries located to the east of Isleton, and Libby Cannery located to the west of Isleton. Various street photographs of Isleton with cars, houses, and stores in background are included.


Scope and Content Note

18 photographs (1932) of highway bridges #2412 to #2419 on the road between Sacramento and McConnell (see CONTRACT FILE, series #5, Sac-4-B for report).


Scope and Content Note

7 photographs (1942) of the Rio Vista-Lodi cutoff, showing newly completed road sections, the Mokelumne River Bridge, and Miller's Ferry Bridge. (See MISCELLANEOUS FILE, series #12, 1942, for report).


Scope and Content Note

44 photographs (1922) taken between Batavia and northern Solano County showing sections of road, construction work, grading, curbs, road equipment and workmen. (See MISCELLANEOUS FILE, series #12, 1922, for report).


Scope and Content Note

1 photograph (1927) of the state highway through Vaca-Valley.


Scope and Content Note

2 photographs (1932) of a pipe siphon near Hatch Crossing. Included with photo is report concerning the extension of the siphon pipe.


Scope and Content Note

30 items. 1926. 30 photographs taken in Oregon for a report on oil surfacing of roads. Photos include parts of the Old Oregon Trail near Barnhart, workmen, and highway equipment.
Folder F3762:67-75


Physical Description: Nine Photo Boxes.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by county, route, and section.
Consists of 4"×6" prints and negatives taken by the District or Resident Engineer of various construction projects throughout District X. Prints normally include views of actual construction work being conducted, equipment, workmen, and in the background houses, stores, garages, barns, and other miscellaneous structures along right of way.
Sections included are:
Box Box 1

Mariposa County




Amador County









Box Box 2

San Joaquin County
















S.J.-Lathrop Road


S.J.-Access Road - Rough and Ready Island


S.J.-Pollock Shipyards


S.J.-Fresno Avenue

Box Box 3

S.J.-Stockton State Hospital


S.J.-Bacon Isle


S.J.-Mosely Road




Solano County














Sol-Access Road - Benicia

Box Box 4













Sol-7, 74-F,G








Sol, Vallejo - Georgia-Tennessee Streets


Sol, Vallejo - Sacramento Street


Sol, Vallejo - Solano Ave.


Merced County

















Box Box 5

Mer-4-A, C, D


Mer-Mad-4-C, A




Mer-32-B, C





Box Box 6

Napa County




Nap-Sol-7-A, F, G, H




Tuolumne County


Tuo-13-B, C, E, F




Tuo-40-A, B


Tuo-65-A, B


Tuo-Columbia State Park


Sacramento County


Sac-4-A, B




Sac-S.J.-53-C, C



Box Box 7

Alpine County


Alp-23-C, E


Alp-23, 24-C, C, D


Alp-34-A, B


Calaveras County




Cal-24-A, B, D, E


Cal-65-A, B




Yolo County


Yol-6-A - Sacramento to Davis

Box Box 8

Stanislaus County


Sta-4-A, B


Sta-41-A, B


Sta, S.J.-4-B, A


Sta-13-A, B


Sta-110-A, B

Box Box 9

Consists of miscellaneous photographs comprising highway equipment, construction materials, sand and cement yards, and various car accidents in District X. Majority of pictures are not identified by date or location.

Folder F3762:76-78


Physical Description: Three Photo Boxes.

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by county, route, and section.
This photograph series comprises field trips in District X, attendance at highway conferences throughout the state, and personal trips made by R.E. Pierce, District X Engineer from 1926-1942. Photos are of a diverse nature, primarily dealing with highway construction and equipment. Box 1 contains negatives, while boxes 2 and 3 contain the actual print. Many photographs are undated and unidentified.
Included in this series are:
Box Box 2

Alpine County


Alp-24-A 1932


Alp-24-D 1934


Alp-34-B (Red Lake) 1937




Amador County




Ama-34-C 1928, 1934, 1935


Ama-65-B 1930-1931


Ama-65-A 1926


Ama-34-C - Courthouse at Jackson


Ama-34-H - Silver Lake, Murdoch's Gravel Plant


Calaveras County


Cal-24-E 1931-1932


Cal-65-A 1932


Cal-65-B 1931-1935


Cal-24-B 1930


Mariposa County


Mpa-18-A 1934


Merced County


Mer-32-A 1934


Mer-32-C 1934


Mer-4-City of Merced, 16th Street 1935


Mer-41-B 1935


Sacramento County


Sac-4-B 1930


Sac-4-A 1932


San Joaquin County


S.J.-4-A (Manteca)




S.J.-4-C, D, -5-B 1931


S.J.-4-E 1929


S.J.-4-C 1931


S.J.-4-C (Mokelumne River Bridge) 1930




S.J.-5-B 1928


S.J.-6-A 1929




S.J.-4-E 1931


S.J.-5-B 1930




S.J.-4-D 1930


S.J.-4-C (Lodi) 1930


S.J.-24-A, B (Lockeford) 1931-1934


S.J.-66-A 1933


S.J.-5-B (Stockton) 1935


S.J.-5-D (Mormon Slough) 1937


Solano County




Sol-7-B, -8-A 1930


Sol-7-E (Dixon) 1930


Sol-7-C 1929


Sol-7-A 1929




Sol-7-B, C 1932


Sol-53-B 1932


Sol-7-C 1936


Sol-7-Fairfield 1935


Sol-Nap-7-F, G, H, A American Canyon 1931-1936


Stanislaus County


Sta-4-B 1933


Sta-4-B 1926


Sta-110-A 1935


Sta-4-A Turlock 1934


Sta-4-B Modesto 1934


Sta-41-B 1935


Tuolumne County


Tuo-13-A, B 1928


Tuo-13-A 1929


Tuo-13-C 1929-1932




Tuo-40 1930


Tuo-65-A 1932


Tuo-13-E 1932


Yolo County


Yol-6-A, B (Causeway)

Box Box 3

Miscellaneous photographs relating to the construction of Pardee, Exchequer, and Boulder Dams, and construction of the Oakland Bay Bridge; as well as highway equipment and scenery of Lake Tahoe, Feather River, and Southern California coastline.