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Inventory of the Guerra Family Papers, 1752-1955 (bulk 1806-1886)
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Table of contents What's This?
  • Descriptive Summary
  • Administrative Information
  • Biography
  • Subject matter
  • Important or interesting items
  • Correspondents represented by 5 or more pieces
  • Bibliography on the de la Guerra Family

  • Descriptive Summary

    Title: Guerra Family Papers,
    Date (inclusive): 1752-1955 (bulk 1806-1886)
    Creator: Guerra Family
    Extent: 4,179 pieces
    Repository: The Huntington Library
    San Marino, California 91108
    Language: English.

    Administrative Information


    The original collection from which these copies were made belongs to and is deposited in the archives of the Santa Barbara Mission. Xerox copies were made by permission of Father Maynard Geiger, O.F.M., Mission Library Archivist, who also supplied to the Huntington Library a copy of the descriptive calendar or list of the collection material with a brief description in English of the contents of each document. The list was given to this Library to facilitate the use of the documents by Library staff members and readers. FAC 667 (1190-1194)
    Enclosed with the paper copy of this report is a copy of an article, "History of the Santa Barbara De la Guerra Family Documents," by Maynard F. Geiger, O.F.M., published in the Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly, Vol. LIV, No. 3, Fall 1972.


    Collection is open to qualified researchers by prior application through the Reader Services Department. For more information please go to following URL .

    Publication Rights

    Copies of selected documents may be made for reference purposes only, but it is understood that the Library should notify the Archivist at Mission Santa Barbara if a reader intends to publish a book or article, or write a thesis involving the use of this collection. Permission to quote from or publish any document or part thereof should be requested directly from Santa Barbara Mission.

    Preferred Citation

    [Identification of item], Guerra Family Papers, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.


    Facsimile copies of the personal, political, land and legal papers of José Antonio de la Guerra y Noriega (1779-1858) and his descendants, who formed one of California's outstanding pioneer families. Don José Antonio went to Mexico from his native Spain in 1792. He entered military service as a cadet at an early age, later rising to the rank of captain. In 1801 he transferred to California where he was habilitado of Monterey and later of San Diego. He was comandante of the Santa Barbara Presidio from 1815 until his retirement in 1842. He also engaged in shipping, commercial and other business enterprises, acquired ranchos, and was influential in politics and government during his entire lifetime. In addition he was treasurer of the Franciscan missions in California and a close friend of the missionaries. He was married to Antonia María Juliana Carrillo, daughter of Raimundo Carrillo and Tomasa (Lugo) Carrillo. Of their 13 children, 9 survived their father. Of their sons, only Pablo became prominent in California public life.
    The collection consists of the papers of Don José Antonio de la Guerra y Noriega, of Pablo de la Guerra (1819-1875), who was active in politics and government during the early decades of the American period of California history, and of other members of the De la Guerra family. Most of the letters and documents are in Spanish.
    A separate sub-collection is formed by the Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo papers (FAC 667, folders 1126-1188, Boxes 29 and 30). In addition there is a group of 20 documents, copies of photostates belonging to Father Joseph Thompson, the originals of which, at one time, may have formed part of the Guerra Family Collection (FAC 667, folders 1105-1125).

    Subject matter

    • Accounts and business papers
    • Genealogical data
    • Hide and tallow trade, Pacific coast commerce (see list of Ships)
    • Indians: tribal, mission, presidial, uprisings
    • Land: development, grants, titles, legal matters pertaining to, ranchos
    • Legal matters: wills, probates, complaints, etc.
    • Missions and missionaries
    • Official documents: presidios, governmental, political
    • Politics and government: California, U.S., Mexico, Spain, Europe, South America
    • Miscellaneous subjects: earthquakes, droughts; epidemics--cholera; pioneer families; postal service; Russians in California; schools and education; social life and customs.

    Important or interesting items

    • Bouchard Invasion:
      • 5 letters from José Antonio de la Guerra y Noriega to missionaries.
        Date: 1818, Oct. 7,11 & Dec. 7,9.
      • Letters from Pablo Vicente de Solá to José Antonio de la Guerra y Noriega.
        Date: 1815-1819.
      • Letters from José Señán to José Antonio de la Guerra y Noriega.
        Date: 1813-1822.
    • Cañón Perdido Affair:
      • Revolt of the Californios.
        Date: 1848, Mar 11-July 4.
    • Frémont, John Charles:
      • 2 letters to Pablo de la Guerra,
        Date: 1851, Aug.15-Dec. 28.
    • Reed Family Murders:
      • 26 pieces, letters and documents dealing with (see Item 821)
    • Sherman, William Tecumseh:
      • Letters to Angustias (de la Guerra) Jimeno Ord and Pablo de la Guerra.
        Date: 1853, Nov. 6, and 1856, Feb.15 & Dec. 15.
      • 2 letters in the Cañón Perdido Affair papers.
    • Vallejo papers:
      • 5 letters from Juan Bautista Alvarado to Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.
      • 81 letters from María Amparo (Ruiz) Burton to Vallejo. Very interesting. Knew President and Mrs. Lincoln. Discusses Ranchos Ensenada and Jamul.
      • Bear Flag Revolt: Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo to R. Augustus Thompson.
        Date: 1878, Sep.
        Describes personal experience.
      • Agoston Haraszthy to Vallejo asking for the hands of Natalia and Jovita Vallejo for his sons Atila and Arpad.
        Date: 1863, Mar. 9
        [was successful]

    Correspondents represented by 5 or more pieces

    Abella, Ramón
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1838
    Abrego, José
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1847-1856
    Aguirre, José Antonio
    24 pieces,
    Date: 1834-1860
    Ahumada, Tomás de
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1818
    Alemany, Joseph Sadoc, Apb.
    28 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1879
    Altimira, José
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1822
    Alvarado, Juan Bautista
    15 pieces,
    Date: 1837-1881
    Argüello, José Darío
    19 pieces,
    Date: 1812-1825
    Argüello, Luis Antonio
    30 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1859
    Argüello, María de la Concepción
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1849
    Argüello, Santiago
    59 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1849
    Arrillaga, José Joaquín
    38 pieces,
    Date: 1801-1813
    Arroyo de la Cuesta, Felipe
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1829
    Bancroft, Hubert Howe
    12 pieces,
    Date: 1875-1879
    Bandini, José
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1819
    Bandini, Juan
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1825-1842
    Bellangé, Alejandro
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1855
    Burton, María Amparo (Ruiz)
    90 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1887
    Cabot, Juan Vicente
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1819
    Cabot, Pedro
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1836
    Carrillo, Anastasio
    42 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1860
    Carrillo, Carlos Antonio de Jesús
    25 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1848
    Carrillo, Domingo Antonio Ignacio
    19 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1835
    Carrillo, Joaquín
    23 pieces,
    Date: 1835-1861
    Carrillo, José Antonio Ezequiel
    23 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1845
    Carrillo, José Gertrudis
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1834-1861
    Carrillo, Raimumo
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1836-1861
    Castro, José
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1840-1846
    Cortina, Soledad Adalida de Gómez de la
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1874-1877
    Cot, Antonio José
    33 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1850
    Cota, Guillermo
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1817-1825
    Covarrubias, José María
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1845-1861
    Covington, Elam
    12 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1854
    Danglada, Domingo
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1843-1856
    Downey, John Gately
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1860-1861
    Durán, Narciso
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1830-1845
    Echeandía, José María de
    17 pieces,
    Date: 1825-1830
    Ercilla, Antonio María de
    16 pieces,
    Date: 1834-1843
    Estrada, José Mariano
    20 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1826
    Estudillo, José María
    44 pieces,
    Date: 1814-1827
    Fernald, Charles
    14 pieces,
    Date: 1854-1870
    Fernández de Ulibarri, Román
    13 pieces,
    Date: 1819-1821
    Gil y Taboada, Luis
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1830
    González, Pedro
    14 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1820
    González de Ibarra, Francisco
    18 pieces,
    Date: 1821-1830
    González Rubio, José María de Jesús
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1846-1860
    Guerra, Antonio María de la
    105 pieces,
    Date: 1844-1872
    Guerra, Delfina de la
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1893-1913
    Guerra, Francisco de la
    22 pieces,
    Date: 1850-1872
    Guerra, Joaquín de la
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1855-1865
    Guerra y Carrillo, José Antonio de la
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1842-1860
    Guerra, Juan José de la
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1826-1873
    Guerra, Miguel de la
    18 pieces,
    Date: 1854-1860
    Guerra, Pablo de la
    210 pieces,
    Date: 1839-1873
    Guerra y Noriega, José Antonio de la
    209 pieces,
    Date: 1806-1858
    Guerra Family documents
    22 pieces,
    Date: 1850-1860
    Guerra Estate papers
    47 pieces,
    Date: 1875-1926
    Gutiérrez, Manuel
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1822-1823
    Halleck, Henry Wager
    56 pieces,
    Date: 1849-1861
    Hartnell, William Edward Petty
    49 pieces,
    Date: 1823-1851
    Hubert, Numa
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1864
    Huse, Charles Enoch
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1859-1869
    Jaime y Guerra, Antonio
    12 pieces,
    Date: 1806-1822
    Jimeno Casarín, Antonio
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1858-1863
    Jimeno, José Antonio
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1840-1864
    Jimeno, José Joaquín
    20 pieces,
    Date: 1833-1857
    Jimeno, Porfirio J
    18 pieces,
    Date: 1861-1867
    Jimeno Casarín, Manuel
    15 pieces,
    Date: 1839-1852
    Larkin, Thomas Oliver
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1843-1855
    Lataillade, Cesáreo
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1842-1848
    Lies, Eugene
    16 pieces,
    Date: 1853-1869
    Machado, Juan Nepomuceno
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1829-1844
    Maitorena, José Joaquín
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1822
    Malagrida, Antonio
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1845-1853
    Malarín, Juan
    29 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1845
    Mancisidor, Juan Ignacio
    16 pieces,
    Date: 1822-1832
    Martiarena, Juan Bautista de
    17 pieces,
    Date: 1828-1833
    Martiarena, Juan de
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1814-1825
    Martín, Juan
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1821
    Martínez, Ignacio
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1829
    Martínez, Luis Antonio
    124 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1830
    Medina, José
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1819-1825
    Menchaca, José Ramón jnt. author with: Martiarena, María (Pintado) de and Martiarena, Rafaela (Ticó) de
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1833-1836
    Michetorena, Manuel
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1842-1844
    Moraga, Gabriel
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1819-1823
    Morán, Antonio
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1804-1820
    Moreno, Juan
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1836-1839
    Muñoz, Pedro
    30 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1818
    Narváez, José María
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1814-1831
    Noriega, José Antonio de
    13 pieces,
    Date: 1807-1810
    Nuez, Joaquín Pascual
    17 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1821
    Olbés, Ramón
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1821
    Ord, Angustias (de la Guerra) Jimeno
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1846-1880
    Ord, James L. & Ord, Angustias (etc.)
    42 pieces,
    Date: 1858-1862
    Ordaz, Blas
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1837
    Oreña, Gaspar de
    28 pieces,
    Date: 1842-1866
    Payeras, Mariano
    79 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1822
    Peachy, Archibald Cary
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1871
    Peyrí, Antonio
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1829
    Pico, Andrés
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1848-1863
    Pico, Pío
    17 pieces,
    Date: 1844-1882
    Pineda, José Miguel
    26 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1822
    Ramírez, José
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1823-1826
    Reed (William) Family
    26 pieces,
    Date: 1847-1850,
    (papers dealing with murderers of...)
    Ripoll, Antonio
    15 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1824
    Robinson, Alfred
    37 pieces,
    Date: 1834-1873
    Robinson, Ana María (de la Guerra)
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1838-1854
    Rodríguez, Antonio Catarino
    28 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1824
    Ruiz, Francisco María
    54 pieces,
    Date: 1810-1825
    Ruiz, José Manuel
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1814-1823
    Ruiz de Apodaca, Juan (Conde del Venadito)
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1817-1820
    San Luis Obispo Mission
    15 pieces,
    Date: 1831-1836,
    (re debt of Urbano Sánchez, owner of "Sta. Apolonia")
    Sánchez, Francisco de Jesús
    14 pieces,
    Date: 1849-1861
    Sánchez, José Bernardo
    18 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1829
    "Santa Apolonia" (Ship)
    12 pieces,
    Date: 1822-1827
    Santa Barbara Presidio. Comandancia Militar
    21 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1839
    Santa Barbara Presidio, Compañía de Caballería Permanente
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1840-1842
    Santa Barbara Co. (Calif.) Board of Supervisors
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1857-1863
    Sarría, Vicente Francisco de
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1816-1821
    Señán, José
    69 pieces,
    Date: 1813-1822
    Solá, Pablo Vicente de
    94 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1823
    Somellera, A. P.
    11 pieces,
    Date: 1854-1855
    Sprague, Thomas
    30 pieces,
    Date: 1866-1874
    Suñer, Francisco
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1827
    Thompson, Alpheus Basil
    5 pieces,
    Date: 1854-1859
    Torre y Enterría, José Joaquín de la
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1801-1824
    Ulloa, Gonzalo
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1817-1820
    Uría, Francisco Xavier
    99 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1825
    Urquides, Encarnación
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1824
    Valle, Antonio
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1823-1824
    Vallejo, Ignacio
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1818-1823
    Vallejo, Mariano Guadalupe
    80 pieces,
    Date: 1839-1885
    Ver Mehr, Fanny
    10 pieces,
    Date: 1859-1872
    Varela, Manuel
    9 pieces,
    Date: 1820-1829
    Virmond, Henry Edward
    6 pieces,
    Date: 1829-1839
    Vitoria, Marcos Antonio de
    24 pieces,
    Date: 1817-1835
    Whittlesey, Elisha
    8 pieces,
    Date: 1851-1855
    Yorba, Tomás Antonio
    29 pieces,
    Date: 1834-1836
    Zaldo, Ramón de
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1874
    Zalvidea, José María de
    12 pieces,
    Date: 1815-1824
    Zestaje, Juan José de
    7 pieces,
    Date: 1808-1816

    Bibliography on the de la Guerra Family

    Geiger, Maynard F., O.F.M. "History of the Santa Barbara De la Guerra Family Documents", Historical Society of Southern California Quarterly, Vol. LIV, No. 3, Fall 1972.
    Robinson, Alfred. The Letters of Alfred Robinson to the De la Guerra Family of Santa Barbara (1834-1873). Translated by Maynard F. Geiger, O.F.M., 1972.
    Thompson, Joseph. El Gran Capitán: José de la Guerra. 1961