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Register of the Swain Marysville & San Francisco Theatre Collection, 1857-1928
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Box 1: Swain Marysville & San Francisco Theatre Papers


Folder 1: Swain Family Corresp. & Personal Papers


-Milton J. Ferguson, State Lib'n. to WBS, 2-26-24


-Ethel Swain to Reginald R. & Grace Dell Stuart, 1-23-53 [incl. env.; brief history of theatre]


-Do., n.d.


-"The California Paris Exposition Commission of 1900" reception honoring 124th anniversary of Declaration of Independence, Paris, 1900 [W.B. Swain's invitation]


-"Lafayette Memorial Commission" inauguration of statue to General Lafayette, Paris, 1900 [W.B. Swain invitation]


-London & South Western Railway, 1899 [timetable]


Folder 2: Unsorted Marysville Theatre Papers


-4th of July celebration, 1875


-"Grand concert by the Philharmonic Society," 1878 [mutilated]


-"Soldiers' Home Benefit Entertainment," 1879[?]


-Emma Nevada, 1884 [incl. biog.]


-"New Marysville Theatre: Opening Night, Wednesday, December 22, 1886"


-Rice's Evangeline, 1890


-"Garden Party to be given by lst Marysville Boys Brigade," 1892


-"Concert program," 1894


-The Big Bonanza, 1894


-The Stowaway, 1897


-What happened to Jones w/ Harry Carson Clarke, 1898


-Mme. Modjeska, 1898 [photo]


-The Girl from Maxim's, n.d. [1890s]


-Haverley's Mastodon Minstrels, n.d. [1890s]


-Black Patti Troubadours in A Filipino Misfit, n.d. [c1900]


-The Bostonians in The New Robin Hood, 1902


-"Une soiree Francaise par les eleves de Mme. Robert W. Boyd," 1903


-"Grand Vaudeville Entertainment given by Ellis Lake Comittee of the Women's Civic Improvement Club," 1903


-Cotton & Long's Managerial Troubles, 1903


-A Wise Woman, 1904


-Frawley & Co. in The Great Unknown, 1904


-38th Annual Encampment, G.A.R., Dept. of California & Nevada, 1905


-Hough & Adams' The time, the place & the girl, 1909


-Klein's The Third Degree, 1909


-The Man of the Hour, 1909


-Pixley & Luders' King Dodo, 1909


-Seven Days w/ Mary Roberts Rinehart, 1910


-DeKoven's Robin Hood, Atkins' Theatre, 1921


-Cohan's The Song & Dance Man w/ Henry Duffy, National Theatre, 1926


Folder 3: Unsorted SF Theatre Programs


-Leslie, Raynor & Smith's Minstrels, New Temple of Music, n.d. [1850s]


-Sudermann's Magda w/ Mme. Modjeska & Otis Skinner, Baldwin (SF), 1894


-The Vienna Prater--Kaiser Franz Josef Hall, California Midwinter International Exposition, n.d. [1894?]


-Donizetti's La Favorita, Tivoli Opera House (SF), 1901


-Barbara Frietchie w/ James Neil, California (SF), 1901


-Jones' The Liars, Grand Opera House (SF), 1901


-Jones' Mrs. Dane's Defence, Columbia (SF), 1901


-Howard's The Henrietta w/ Stuart Robson, Columbia (SF), 1901


-Potter's Under Two Flags w/ Blanche Bates, Columbia (SF), 1901


-Esmond's The Wilderness w/ Henry Miller & Margaret Anglin, Columbia (SF), 1902


-SF Symphony, 1903 [SF]


-Fitch's The stubborness of Geraldine w/ Mary Mannering, California (SF), 1903


-Everyman, Lyric Hall (SF), 1903


-Mayo's Pudd'nhead Wilson, Columbia (SF), 1903


-Churchill's The Crisis w/ Isabel Irving, The Majestic (SF), 1904


-The Elleford Co. in My Friend from India, Turner Hall (SF), 1904


-Strauss' The Gipsy Baron, Tivoli Opera House (SF), 1904


-Inness & his band, Hopkins Hall (SF), 1905


-Paloma Schramm recital, no loc. n.d. [c1900]


Folder 4: SF "Figaro" Theatrical Newspaper


-13:144 (7-17-71)


-14:242 (4-19-72)


-21 (4-30-75), (5-20-75), (8-24-75), (11-19-75)


Folder 5: Unsorted Miscellany


-Little Gracie Beebe, n.d. [1890s] [photo]


-"Sybil Sanderson's debut in America," The Stand[ard?] (NY) (1-26-95)


-Kathryn Kidder, n.d. [1900s] [photo]


-Marshall's The Second in Command w/ John Drew, Clunie (Sacto.), 1902


-"Theatrical relics of early days are found by banker," Sacto Bee (2-11-24)


-"World's noted stage folk played in Marysville's early day theater," Marysville Appeal-Democrat (9-29-28)


W.B. Swain Scrapbook, 1857-1909 [items are programs unless otherwise indicated]




p.115--La Fiammina w/ Marie Duret




p.120--Celebration of the laying of the Atlantic telegraph cable!




p.118--New Orleans English Opera Troupe in Bellini's La Sonambula




p.118--The Great Star Co. in The Corsican Brothers


1863?, 1874? or 1885?:


p.114--Knowles' The Hunchback w/ Julia Dean Hayne & Junius Brutus Booth




p.119--Scott's The Bride of Lammermoor




p.121--"Grand celebration at Marysville in honor of our nation's birth"


undated, but before 1880:


p.119--Liederkranz Society of Marysville




p.124--Golden Hair & the Three Bears: A Juvenile Operetta




p. 2--Knowles' Virginius w/ Frederick Warde


Undated 1880s:


p.128--Thomas W. Keene [engraving]


p.135--Lawrence Barrett & Edwin Booth [photo]


p.136--"Mr. Louis James" [photo w/ short biog.]


p.137--"Mr. Frederick Warde" [photo w/ short biog.]




p. 4--D'Ennery's Renne de Moray w/ Clara Morris




p. 3--Palmer Co. in Thomas' Alabama [clipping]


p. 4--The Bostonians in DeKoven's Robin Hood


p. 5--Goethe's Faust w/ Lewis Morrison; Addison's The Dazzler w/ Bonnie Kate Castleton


p. 6--Jos. R. Grismer & Phoebe Davis [newspaper photos]


p. 7--Haworth's Ferncliff w/ Grismer & Davis; Kidder's Peaceful Valley w/ Solomon Smith Russell


p. 8--Hewitt's The President; Goodyear, Elitch & Schilling's Minstrels


p. 9--Shakespeare's Richard III w/ Thos. Keene; Harrison & Gour- lay's Skipped by the light of the moon


p.10--Recitations by Ludlum School of Oratory & Arts, Los Angeles


p.11--W.S. Cleveland's Consolidated Minstrels; Harrison's Honest Hearts & Willing Hands w/ John L. Sullivan




p. 1--misc. clippings [incl. info about Harry Jacobs, mgr. of Marysville Theatre from 1892]


p.12--Middaugh, Pfaff & Goodman's Minstrels; Robert Tolmie, piano


p.13--Wilber Co. in Streets of New York; Richardson's The Millionaire w/ Daniel Sully


p.14--Hooper & Davey's Inherited w/ Maude Granger; Chambers' Capt. Swift


p.15--Barber's adapt. of Haggard's She w/ Gracie Beebe & Edwin Barbour; Miss Gale [magazine photo]


p.16--Shakespeare's As you like it w/ Miss Gale; Miss Gale as "Rosalind" [magazine photo]


p.17--Thomas' The Burglar w/ Grismer & Davies; The Lion's Mouth


p.18--Leavitt's Spider & Fly; The Schumann Club in The Bells of Corneville


p.19--Gillet's All the comforts of home; Benefit for Cortez Square Fund (minstrel show)


p.20--Donnelly's Later On w/ Hallen & Hart


p.21--Young's The Cattle King w/ Jas. H. Wallick; Gunther's Little Puck w/ Frank Daniels


p.22--The Gossoon w/ Carroll Johnson; Pearson's The Midnight Alarm


p.23--The Repertoire [Marysville] 1:2 (8-3-92) [theatre news]


p.24--Daddy Nolan w/ Daniel Sully


p.25--Little Tippett; The Ensign


p.26--The Stowaway; Fitch's Frederick Lemaitre; Bisson & Carre's The Junior Partner Richard Mansfield and Primrose & West's Minstrels [n.d.; laid-in]


p.27--Forget me not w/ Jeffreys Lewis; Fowler & Warmington's Co. in Harrison & Gourlay's Skipped by the light of the moon


p.28--J.C. Duff Opera Co. in A Trip to Africa; Mrs. T. Thumb's Lilliputians in The Countess


p.29--Dolly Varden w/ Patti Rosa; Pacheco's Incog




p.30--Lederer's Comic Players in U & I w/ Geo. P. Murphy; Robert Tolmie, piano


p.31--Thompson's The Old Homestead; Calhoun Opera Co. in Stahl's Said Pasha


p.32--Our Minstrel Musicale; Uncle Hiram w/ A.H. Woodhull; The Crust of Society


p.33--Primrose & West's Minstrels; Cinderella w/ Leando & Stack (acrobats), Ida Showers (high wire), etc.


p.34--Henry Greenwall's Co. in Larry the Lord; The Mighty Dollar w/ Mrs. W.J. Florence; Fitch & Mansfield's Beau Brummell w/ Richard Mansfield


p.35--"Marysville as a show town" [interview w/ Richard Mansfield]; Sport McAllister w/ Robert Gaylor; The Girl I Left Behind


p.36--Frank Daniels Co. in Little Puck; Barlow Bros. Mammoth Minstrels;




p.36--The Corner Grocery w/ Daniel Sully


p.37--The New Jolly Surprises w/ Fanny Rice; Vincent's Miss Dixie w/ Patti Rosa; Leavitt's Spider & Fly


p.38--Monte Cristo w/ James O'Neill; The Repertoire's Russian Honeymoon


p.39--Brady's The New South w/ Grismer & Davies; Drouet's Doris w/ Effie Ellsler; Queena w/ May Nannary


p.40--Thomas' Charley's Aunt; James Ward Co. in Ranch 10; Thos. Keane's Co. in Shakespeare's Othello ["Keane ill & unable to appear"]




p.41--U. of California Glee Club 3rd Annual Tour


p.42--Stephenson & Yardley's The Passport w/ Sadie Martinot; A night at the circus w/ Nellie McHenry


p.43--The Repertoire's Russian Honeymoon; Calhoun Opera Co. in The Black Hussar; The Repertoire's Napoleon Minstrel Co.


p.44--Smith's Retaliation; Paulton's Dorcas w/ Pauline Hall




p.45--Dazey's In Old Kentucky; Mayo's Pudd'nhead Wilson




p.45--The Repertoire's The Frawley Co. in The Great Unknown [loose, laid-in]


p.107--The Frawley Co. in Christopher, Jr. [loose, laid-in]




p.46--Ryley's Mysterious Mr. Bugle w/ Joseph Holland; photo of Joseph Holland; Day's The Purser w/ Ferris Hartman


p.47--Finnigan's Ball w/ Murray & Mack; Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet w/ Janet Waldorf


p.48--Shakespeare's Twelfth Night; Horitz, Austria Passion Play "by the animated picture machine"; South before the war


p.49--Royle's Capt. Impudence w/ May Nannery; Edeson's Two married men


p.133--"William H. Davis, Governor Gage's executive secretary," SF Call (12-2-98) [son of Yuba Co. judge, E.A. Davis]


p.146--"Manager Harry Jacobs," source unident. (5-19-98)




p.49--All Aboard w/ the Ott Bros.


p.50--Arthur C. Aiston's Co. in Tennessee's Pardner; La Belle Marie; Mollie Adelia Brown, piano


p.51--Sudermann's Magda w/ Nance O'Neil; Sheridan's The School for Scandal w/ James Kidder-Ware


p.52--Belasco-Thall Co. in The Girl I left behind me; Belasco- Thall Co. in Lost for a day; Belasco-Thall Co. in Powers' The First Born; Wakefield-Andrews Opera Co. in Martha


p.53--Bisson's On & Off; Hoyt's A Midnight Bell w/ L.R. Stockwell


p.54--Addison's 1792, or, Love & War w/ Frederick Vroom & Grace Addison; Same group in The Duke's Pledge; Mary Stuart w/ Modjeska; The Banker's Daughter


p.55--Hotel Topsy Turvy w/ Dunne & Riley; Dazey's In Old Kentucky; Gorton's Famous Minstrels


P.56--Swan's Brown's in town; Goodwin & Morse's Wang; A Virginian Romance & That Precious Baby


p.126--Mme. Modjeska as Marie Antoinette [photo]


Undated, 1890s:


p.129--Sybil Sanderson [photo]


p.130-131--Sybil Sanderson [?] [photos]


p.132--Sybil Sanderson [2 photos]


p.133--Hope Ellis [photo w/ brief biog.]; Jennie Sanderson [photo w/ brief biog.]


p.134--Frederick Warde; Minnie Tittell Brune; Hugo Toland; Charles Bryant [photos]


p.138--Julia Marlowe [photo]


p.139-142--Stereo Relief Mfg. Co., NY [adv. brochure incl. interior views of New Park Theatre, Brooklyn & Hyde & Behman's New Theatre, Brooklyn


p.143--Alexander Salvini [photo]; Miss Jeffreys-Lewis [photo]


p.144--Miss Gale [2 photos]; Burr McIntosh [photo]


p.145--Jessie Millward [photo]; Sol Smith Russell [lithograph]


p.146--Louise Eissing [2 photos]; Edwin W. Hoff [photo]; Harry R. Jacobs [photo]


p.147--Geo. W. Lederer-Dickson Co. in Mrs. Romualdo Pacheco's Incog [photo]; Ethel Brandon [photo & short biog.]


p.148--Marie Tempest [photo]


p.149--Jesse Norton [photo]; W.J. Elleford [photo]; Pearl Landers [photo]; Charles Bryant [photo]




p.57--The Lion's Mouth w/ Frederick Warde; A Hot Old Time; Mozenthal's The Jewess w/ Nance O'Neil


p.58--Nashville Students w/ H.B. Thearle; Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale


p.59--Who is who; Donnelly's Darkest Russia


p.60--Have you seen Smith; Pudd'nhead Wilson; On the Suwanee River


p.61--Minstrel show w/ Wm. H. West; unident. play; Kelly's Kids; The Sheaf of Arrows


p.62--The Charity Ball; The Fatal Card; Whose baby are you?


p.63--The Royal Marine Band of Italy; Stranger in Gerfork


p.64--unident. play; Gorton's Minstrels; Sousa's El Capitan


p.65--Crescent City Quartette [minstrels]; Ruhart & Pringle's Minstrels; At the White Horse Tavern




p.66--Drummer's Minstrels; The Sorrows of Saturn; Star Boarder


p.67--Shooting the Shutes w/ Monray & Mack; Midsummer Night's Dream w/ Kidder & James; The Vilage Parson


p.68--Al G. Field's Minstrels; The Little Minister; Harroden's His Last Chance and LaLoie Fuller and An Accidental Sweetheart


p.69--A Modern Crusoe w/ Thos. Q. Seabrooke; Royal Italian Band; Female Drummer w/ Johnstone Bennett; Clarence Eddy, organ [loose, laid-in]


p.70--Tivoli Opera Co.'s The Toy Maker; In Old Kentucky; The Elleford Co.'s Secret Service


p.71--A Stranger in a strange land; Rip Van Winkle w/ Thos. Jefferson;




p.71--Steely's Hunting for Hawkins


p.72--The Irish Pawnbrokers w/ James Wesley & Wm. Murray; Mastodon Minstrels; D'Ennery's The Mountebank w/ Frederick Warde


p.73--Fitch's Barbara Frietchie; Hi Henry's Minstrels; Ouida's Under two flags


p.74--Henry VIII w/ Louis James & Modjeska; The Prisoner of Zenda


p.75--Pride of Jennico; Ruble Theatre Co. in Monte Cristo; Janice Meredith


p.76--Way down east; Emma Nevada, soprano; Al G. Field's Minstrels


p.77--Nathan Hale; Too rich to marry; Sam C. Mott's Refined Vaudevilles; Barbara Frietchie w/ Mary Eliz. Forbes


p.78--Drouet's Doris w/ Jesse Shirley; The Country Fair w/ Neil Burgess; McCarty's Mishaps w/ Barney Ferguson & John Mack


p.79--Elleford Co.'s A Lion's Heart; The Honest Blacksmith w/ Robt. Fitzsimmons


p.80--Goodhue's Hello Bill; Weber & Fields' Fiddle Dee Dee; Smith's The Liberty Belles


p.81--Emerick's Finnigan's Ball w/ Edw. Gallagher & J.J. Barrett; [loose, laid-in] Haverly's Minstrels [loose, laid-in]; The Belle of New York; Pickings from Puck


p.82--The Bostonians in The New Robin Hood




p.82--Capt. Jinks of the Horse Marines p.83--The Wrong Mr. Wright; A Stranger in New York; Miss Simplicity w/ Frank Daniels


p.84--Freeman & Lynn's Drummer Minstrels; The Man from Mexico; New York Vaudeville Road Show


p.85--Arizona; The Two Orphans w/ Kate Claxton; The Taming of the Shrew; Young Corbett


p.86--Zigzag Alley; A Texas Steer; In Old Kentucky


p.87--Ellery's Royal Italian Band [2 differing programs, one laid-in]; Rudolph & Adolph; Florodora


p.88--The Christian; The Storks


p.89--The Dairy Farm; Wm. H. West Big Jubilee Minstrels




p.90--Souvenir Program: Opening Night of the New Marysville Theatre, Monday Evening, January 20, 1908


p.91--DeKoven's Red Feather w/ Cheridah Simpson


p.92--Roberts' Parsifal


p.93--Rankin & Sloane's The Gingerbread Man


p.94--Young's Glorious Betsy w/ Mary Mannering


p.95--Miller & Manners' Zira w/ Florence Roberts


p.96--Victor Herbert's Dream City w/ Little Chip & Mary Marble


p.97--Pollard's Lilliputian Opera Co. in A Runaway Girl


p.98--Do. in La Poupee; or, The Toymaker of Nuremberg


p. 99--Marlowe's When Knights Were Bold w/ Francis Wilson


p.100--Morton's My Wife w/ John Drew; Marysville Choral Society


p.101--Collier & Stewart's Caught in the Rain w/ William Collier




p.107--viz. 1897




p.122--Ibsen's Rosmersholm w/ Mrs. Fiske [Alcazar, SF]


p.123--Bernstein's The Thief w/ Margaret Illington [SF]




p.113--Rankin & Sloan's The Gingerbread Man; Broadhurst & Hobart's Wildfire w/ Lillian Russell [2 copies both]


p.114-115--viz. 1857 & 1863?




Undated 1900-1910:


p.125--Blanche Bates [3 photos in various roles]


p.131--Salvini [3 photos in various roles]