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Preliminary Inventory to the Stefan Thomas Possony Papers, 1939-1994
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Box 1-31

Unsorted Material

Box 32-40

Lenin: The Compulsive Revolutionary

Box 41-50

South Africa's case at the International Court of Justice

Box 51

"The Polygraph and Resurrection"

Box 51


Box 51

"Dispute over the Negro Intellect"

Box 51-52

The Geography of Intellect, including files on psychology

Box 52

"Aggression and Self Defense. The legality of US action in South Vietnam"

Box 53-55

"The Nationality Question"

Box 55

"Tecos" material

Box 56-57

Waking the Giant

Box 58-59

Victims of Politics

Box 59

Testimony before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee (before Berkeley Riots 17 May 1965

Box 60-104

Miscellaneous manuscripts, articles, speeches, reviews, conference papers, and writings by others

Box 105-112


Box 113-115

Translation on USSR military Affairs - US Department of Commerce

Box 115-119

Microform of captured German documents (Foreign Office documents from the National Archives)

Box 120

Miscellaneous, including photographs of Saigon Bookstores

Box 121-122

"The Polygraph and Resurrection"

Box 122

"Transportation and focal war"

Box 122-125

Lenin: The Compulsive RevolutionaryClippings and research cards

Box 125

Die Kriegsschuldfrage (Research Cards)

Box 126

Strategie des Friedens

Box 126

Draft report on Africa, December 1959

Box 126

Notes on equality 1974

Box 126

The decay of an ideology, preliminary notes 26 March 1975

Box 126

Paper on intelligence, 12 February 1976

Box 127

Thailand's Kra Canal project (with General Edward Black)

Box 128

Space and test ban matters

Box 129

WACL Conferences 1972-1974, 1983-1984

Box 129

European Forum, Alpbach, Austria 1984

Box 130-141

Miscellaneous manuscripts, articles, speeches, reviews, conference papers

Box 141

Manuscript (partial) under alias of Peter Lawrence Riley on Soviet Affairs, with accompanying letters

Box 142-146

Writings and conference papers by others, and printed matter

Box 146

Miscellaneous lists pertaining to S. Possony's work

Box 147

Publicity clips

Box 148

Research cards: S. Possony's method of preparing for lectures and seminars

Box 148

Research cards: Listed publications and articles sent for publication

Box 149

Research cards: Selective catalog of S. Possony's private library

Box 150

Books received by S. Possony from the Stanford Library

Box 151-159

Correspondence, including manuscripts

Box 160-161

"The Politics in Mozart's Operas" Manuscript and research materials

Box 161

"Parsifal" manuscript

Box 162-164

"Tecos" manuscript and research material. Includes the original Spanish version of the book Plot against the Church: Complot contra la Iglesia US Catholic Conference materials, and WACL conferences, 1972, 1974

Box 164


Box 164

"1848" dictated circa 1970

Box 164

"The Polygraph and Resurrection"

Box 165

Die Kriegsschuldfrage research materials

Box 166

"Regionalization of the USSR"

Box 167

"Energy Requirements for Target Selection" TRW 12 July 1981

Box 167

"Disinformation on the Defense" AAAS meeting, 3-8 Jan 1981

Box 167

"The Spirit and the Ghost" Includes correspondence with the Naval Institute

Box 167

Draft for Hoover Institution's Yearbook on International Communist Affairs

Box 167

Papers for the International Strategic Studies Association "Strategy Banquet Conferences,

Box 167

"Military Space" Conference on European Problems, 8 April 1981

Box 167

Defense and Foreign Affairs Daily articles, 1979-1982, 1984

Box 167-168

Defense and Foreign Affairs Daily printed copies with articles, 1974-1984

Box 168-171

Writings, mostly 1972-1973

Box 171

Testimony before the International Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, 18 July 1972

Box 171-172

Correspondence with Hoover Institution's publications committee, 1972-1973

Box 172-177

Correspondence, including with publishers, contains some writings, 1962-1976

Box 177

Memorandum by S.T.P. to Bishop McNicholas (draft statement on Marxism) 3 May 1979

Box 177-178

Writings and speeches, 1977-1979

Box 179-181

Writings and speeches printed copies, 1939-1960

Box 181

Proceedings, "National Security: The Demands of Strategy and Economics" Center for Strategic Studies, Georgetown University, 23-25 January 1963

Box 181

Material from Father Jurguz (Mexico)

Box 181-182

South Africa's case at the International Court of Justice research material

Box 182-183

Research material: Genocide

Box 183-184

Research material: Terrorism

Box 185

Notebooks, 1967-1970

Box 186-187

Speeches and writings, 1955-1967

Box 188-189

Writings by others

Box 190

Lenin: The Compulsive Revolutionary research materials, photocopies of German documents

Box 191-192

"Bolshevik Revolution Project" Research material and manuscript sent to Life Magazine circa 1957 and later used for Lenin book. Includes plan of operation and "Stalin: Stool Pigeon or Revolutionary?"

Box 194

The Russian Revolution: Research Material by Stefan Possony (4 volumes) Sent to Life Magazine and used for Allen Moorhead's four part article "50 years of Revolution" November 1957

Box 194

"Freedom in the Wake of Hegel and Marx" 1980

Box 194

"Defense in a N-Dimensional World" published in Will There be War?

Box 194

"Health in Space" 1981

Box 194

"The Myth of Marx" Buenos Aires conference, 26-29 May 1981

Box 195

"CPSU Propaganda" 1984

Box 195

"The Suslov Dynasty" 1984

Box 195

"Technological Surprise or Technological Progress?" 1984

Box 195

"Soviet Russian Antisemitism, Part I" Published in Plural Societies 28 June 1974

Box 195

"Tsarist Antisemitism, Part II" 8 Oct 1974

Box 195

"From Gulag to Guitk" published in Ukrainian Quarterly

Box 195

"The US Heroin Market" partial manuscript

Box 195

"Maoist China and Heroin"

Box 195

"Notes on the Drug Problem"

Box 195-199

Research material on drugs

Box 200-201

Speeches, including at Velikovsky seminar, 1980

Box 200-201

Writings, including some correspondence and articles for Defense and Foreign Affairs Daily 1961-1983

Box 201-202

Papers on facts about various countries sent to Leigh Johnson (bank of Montreal researcher) articles sent to Rheinischer Merkur, Ethno-Autistic Thinking and published in Plural Societiesalong with other articles 1974-1981

Box 202

Statement on lie detectors 28 June 1974

Box 202

Press clippings on S.T.P

Box 203-207

Writings by others, including research materials, general

Box 207

Writings by others, including research materials, Ryan, Paul B

Box 207

Proceedings, "National Security: The Demands of Strategy and Economics" Center for Strategic Studies, Georgetown University, 23-25 Jan 1963

Box 207


Box 207


Box 208-209

Printed matter containing S.T.P's articles

Box 210-213

Manuscript and research material (including index cards) on the assassination of John F. Kennedy by Lee H. Oswald

Box 214-215

Research material (including index cards) on genocide for the International Court of Justice

Box 216

Proceedings of the CPSU 25th congress

Box 216

National Governors' Conference, 1964

Box 216

Alexander Sachs

Box 217

Joseph Kornfeder

Box 217

Manuscript by William M. McGovern (former intelligence officer, then professor)

Box 217

Correspondence of Kernbach with Schramm, Wellems, Pabst, includes memoirs of Arnold Rechberg on the origins of World War II

Box 217

Writings for, and correspondence with Die Welt

Box 217

White House, includes letters from Kissinger, Nixon and Rockefeller

Box 218

American Association for the Advancement of Science abstracts, includes paper for San Francisco meeting, "Space and the Longevity of Man" January 1980

Box 219-220

Various research materials and writings on space, intelligence, terrorism, and other subjects, including some correspondence

Box 221

Orbis reprints of S. Possony's articles

Box 221

A Strategy for Peace through Strength includes correspondence with John M. Fisher, with whom S. Possony collaborated on the book 1984

Box 221

"The Big Hole in Psychological Operation" (proposal_ 11 July 1982

Box 221

"The Space Program" 1982-1983

Box 221

"Italy: Has the Old Man Been Discovered?" 1981

Box 221

"Apartheid in India" 1976

Box 221

"Lenin: The Psychology of Destruction" (not published), 1980?

Box 221

"Wizardry of War Prevention" (probably published) 1980?

Box 221

"The Rediscovery of Baraka" (probably published) December 1979

Box 221

Part II of the basic material sent to Life Magazine, 1957

Box 221

"Successes and Prospects" written for Military Science and Technology 1980?

Box 221

Memo on genocide in the ancient world, includes correspondence with Cyrus H. Gordon, 1980

Box 221

"The Structure of National Problems"

Box 222

"Soviet Strategy in the Middle East" 1984-1985

Box 222

"Antisemitism in the Russian Area" Plural Societies Winter 1984

Box 222

"Trojan Horses on the Rhine"

Box 222

Waking the Giant reviews

Box 222

Senator Denton, includes S. Possony's testimony, "Historical Antecedents of Soviet Terrorism" 12 June 1981

Box 222

First Sino-American Conference, Taipei, December 1970

Box 222

Memo to be sent to Minister of Defense

Box 222

Acceptance speech at Military Academy when accepting honorary degree

Box 222

Writings, published in Die Welt, Rheinischer Merkur, etc.

Box 222

Defense and Foreign Affairs Daily articles

Box 223

Long memo to General George J. Keegan (not published) and correspondence, as well as papers on military questions 1976

Box 223

"Regionalization of the USSR" (not published) 1984-1985

Box 223

"Regionalization of the USSR" Part IV/3 "Irrationality of Nomenklatura"

Box 223

"Regionalization of the USSR" Part IV-Appendix A "Soviet Irrationality - Decline of Soviet Agriculture"

Box 223

"Regionalization of the USSR" three other appendices

Box 224

Unpublished manuscripts 1958-1976

Box 224

"Unvolkung Deutchlands"

Box 224

"Slavisierung des deutschen Volkes"

Box 224

Manuscript on ideological issue (freedom vs. coercion)

Box 224

Manuscript written in Taipei, 1970

Box 224

Statement, Congressional Record 8 Dec 1971

Box 224

Foreign Policy Research Institute, 5 papers

Box 224

Outlines for projects, 1950s?

Box 225

Writings sent to Bayern Kurier 1968-1970

Box 225-226

Lenin project research material used for Life Magazine four-part article and for Lenin: The Compulsive Revolutionary. Includes correspondence, with Julius Epstein (collaborator for the project) index and photostats of German Foreign Ministry Archives documents, 1867-1920, microfilmed at Whaddon Hall for General Library, University of California at Berkeley, 1957 (regarding, among other things, German support of communists through embassies in Bern, Stockholm, etc)

Box 226

Writings by others

Box 227-282

Unsorted Material

Box 283

Russian/Soviet book photocopies

Box 284

Vienna State Archives materials relating to the Russian Revolution Project

Box 285

Russian Revolution Project

Box 286

Photographs used for Lenin the Compulsory Revolutionary

Box 287

Materials relating to Lenin the Compulsory Revolutionary

Box 288-289

Photostats of The Brain of the Army and manuscript for Lenin book

Box 290-291

South African Trial in the Hague

Box 292-293

WW II Radio Broadcasts and clippings

Box 294-295

Correspondence 1941-1951

Box 296-297


Box 298

Correspondence L-Z, 1957

Box 299

Correspondence A-M, 1957

Box 300

Manuscripts of works including Atomtechnik

Box 301

Photocopies and manuscripts of Russian/Lenin Project and excerpts

Box 302-304

Original typed manuscript of Geography of the Intellect, co-authored by Nathainel Weyl

Box 305-307

WW II Raido Broadcasts of Stefan Possony, WW II clippings, and WW II writings by Stefan Possony

Box 308

Personal notebooks of Stefan Possony (holograph), related correspondence, manuscripts and records of writings, dictation records of the Lenin book


Card files (3)