Register of the New left collection, 1963-2004

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Register of the New Left collection, 1963-2004

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Collection Summary

Title: New Left Collection
Dates: 1963-2004
Collection Number: 69001
Collection Size: 90 manuscript boxes, 5 oversize box, 1 oversize folder, 1 envelope, 1 microfilm, 3 phonorecords (38.45 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Booklets, leaflets, reports, and clippings, relating to the purposes, tactics, and activities of various New Left and right-wing groups, draft resistance, student disorders, and the anti-Vietnam War movement. Collected under the direction of Edward J. Bacciocco.
Language: English.

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1969. An increment was added in 2011.


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Indexing Terms

College students--United States.
Communism--United States.
Conscientious objectors--United States.
Draft--United States.
Radicalism--United States.
Socialism--United States.
Student movements--United States.
Subversive activities--United States.
Universities and colleges--United States.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements.
United States--Social conditions--1960-1980.
Bacciocco, Edward J.

Scope and Content of Collection

Between 1969 and 1973, the New Left collection was developed and maintained at the Hoover Institution as a curatorship under the direction of Dr. Edward J. Baccioco, author of American New Left: Reform to Revolution, 1956-1970 (Hoover Institution, 1974). The collection now is divided into two groups. Long runs of newspapers, periodicals, and other serial publications are held in the Hoover Institution Serials Department. Ephemera, such as leaflets, pamphlets, newsletters, clippings, and miscellaneous issues of newspapers and periodicals are held as a special collection in the Archives.
Subject matter is varied and extensive. The collection documents the movement against the war in Vietnam; draft resistance; activity of the Students for a Democratic Society; the marijuana initiative sponsored by the radical coalition in Berkeley, California; the efforts by the Eldridge Cleaver faction of the Black Panther Party to organize a Black Liberation Army; pronouncements of Marxist-Leninist organizations, such as the Venceremos and the Revolutionary Union, high school insurrection; radicals entering electoral politics; the organization of prison inmates for revolutionary purposes; radicals in the professions; planned disruption of the 1972 presidential conventions and election; the American Indian Movement; and radical plans to discredit the American bicentennial celebration. The collection also includes materials on Right-Wing groups.
The special collection of ephemera in the Archives is continually being enhanced by newly acquired material, including a sizeable increment of materials donated by Mr. Richard Cates in 1974. The holdings of the Serials Department on the New Left has also been increased. Issues of current titles are received on a regular basis and the Bell and Howell microfilm collection of underground newspapers recently was transferred to the Hoover Institution from the Main Library (Stanford University). A published guide to the microfilm, entitled Newspaper Microfilm Collection (PN 4827 U 55 Index 1963/74), is available in the Serials Department.

Collection Contents

Box 46

Al Fateh (Palestine Liberation Front)

Box 87

Alinsky Community Development Process

Box 46

Alternative schools

Box 38

American Civil Liberties Union


American Committee for Solidarity with the Vietnamese People


American Friends Service Committee

Box 46

American Indian Movement


American Revolutionary Movement


Amnesty for G.I. Resisters, 1973

Box 38

Anti-drug movement

Box 46

Appalachian Movement Press

Box 47

April 3rd Movement


April 6th Coalition, Berkeley, 1971


April 22, 1972, anti-war marches

Box 56

Atlanta Rebellion, September, 1966


Bay Area Poor People's Campaign


Bay Area Radical Education Project

Box 47,56

Bay Area Revolutionary Union



Box 11,47


Box 56

Anti-Draft Union

Box 47

Marijuana Initiative, Spring 1973

Box 56


Box 47

Tenant's Strike, February 1970

Box 38


Box 5,38

Black movement


Africa and U.S. blacks





Box 47

Black Liberation Army, 1972-1973

Box 5

Black Muslims

Box 5,45

Black nationalism

Box 38,45,47,56

Black Panther Party

Box 56

"Black Politics", 1968

Box 57

Black power

Box 5

Black studies




San Francisco State University


Yale University

Box 47

Black United Front at Stanford

Box 5

Carmichael, Stokely




Communist Party


Cuffee, Paul, Henry Noble Sherwood, The Journal of Negro History, April 1923


Delany, Martin R.




Du Bois, W.E.B.




Galston thesis on Delany


International Symposium on National Liberation (Soviet Union, October 1969)


Karenga, Ron


Milton, Henry, Republic of New Africa


Newton, Huey P.


"Genius of Huey P. Newton" (pamphlet)


"Essays from the Minister of Defense Huey Newton" (pamphlet)


Republic of New Africa


Rustin, Bayard


"Role of the Negro Middle Class," The Crisis, June/July 1969


"Myths of the Black Revolt," Ebony, August 1969


"Failure of Black Separatism," Harper's, January 1970



Box 6,27,61

Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)



Box 7-9,86

Mississippi - Summer 1964

Box 5

Trade unions


Trotskyists, Progressive Labor Party, etc.

Box 38

Blackguards and Guardettes


Bradley, Tom. See Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners

Box 38

Boston Draft Resistance Group Newsletters, 1968-69


Brown Berets

Box 57

Cambridge Movement for a Democratic Society


Cambridge Peace and Freedom Party

Box 47

Campus Crusade for Christ

Box 57

Canadian Party of Labour


Castro, Fidel. Speech delivered at the University of Havana, March 13, 1965


Catholic Peace Fellowship of Northern California

Box 47

Catonsville Nine (Harrisburg 8), 1971

Box 38

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Box 47

Chicago Conspiracy Trial, 1969-1970

Box 38

Chicago convention, 1968

Box 38,47,57

Chicano movement

Box 38,60


Box 38,47

Christian World Liberation Front


Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam

Box 38,53,54,55


Box 47

Collectors Exchange Newsletter, 1972

Box 57

Columbia University


Committee to Defend the Rights of Pfc. Howard Petrick


Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru

Box 47

Communes, Drug related (Entitas)

Box 57

Communique for New Politics and Left-out News, Berkeley

Box 39,47

Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA)

Box 38

Conservative societies

Box 32-35,43

Counter-culture materials

Box 39



Cultural revolution


CU News, Berkeley

Box 87

Davenport, Tim

Box 39

Delano grape strike

Box 57

Dellums, Ron

Box 47

Democratic Party Convention, Chicago, 1968

Box 57

Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


Democratic Socialists of America (formerly the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee)

Box 47


Box 24,25,39,56,57

Draft resistance

Box 47


Box 39


Box 57

Fellowship of Reconciliation


Franklin, Bruce. "The Lumpenproletariat and the Revolutionary Youth Movement," undated

Box 95

General Electric Strike, November 1969

Box 95

General Motors Strike, 1970

Box 57

Georgia Communist League and the October League

Box 47, 95

G.I. Anti-war movement, 1970

Box 47

Gay Liberation Front

Box 95

Grape boycott

Box 95

Guerrilla warfare

Box 95


Box 87

Grito del Norte, 1970 October 8

Box 39

Haight-Ashbury materials

Box 47

Harrisburg Conspiracy Trial

Box 39

Harvard University

Box 57

Hayden, Tom. "Student Social Action," 1962

Box 39

High school underground newspapers

Box 28,39,47

High school movement

Box 39

Hoover Institution, 1971-73

Box 57



Independent Socialist

Box 39,57

Independent Socialist

Box 57

Independent Socialist Clubs

Box 47

Indochina Solidarity Committee


Insurgent Sociologist

Box 39

Integration in the South


International Bolshevik Tendency


International Industrial Conference, September 1969

Box 39,57

International Liberation Front, North American Division

Box 39

International Liberation School


International Network Against New State Repression

Box 22

International Socialists

Box 57

Iranian Students Association, Berkleley


Iranian Students Association in Northern California


Israeli Socialist Organization

Box 47

Jesus movement


Jesus People

Box 57

Jewish Peace Fellowship of the Fellowship of Reconciliation

Box 87

John Reed Co-op Book Center

Box 39

Johnny Appleseed Patriotic Publications

Box 58

Labor movements


Laney College, Oakland, California


Lawton, Gary

Box 39

League for Industrial Democracy


League of Revolutionary Black Workers


Liberal religious youth

Box 58




Box 48

Liberation Party

Box 58

Liberation Support Movement

Box 39

Libertarianism (anarchism)


Literature lists

Box 87

Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners

Box 40,48

Los Siete de la Raza

Box 58

Magee, Ruchell

Box 40


Box 58

Marxist Bulletin

Box 48

May Day Collective

Box 40

McCarthy, Eugene. Campaign

Box 58

McGovern, George. Campaign

Box 48

Measure, 1971

Box 58

Merritt College, Oakland, California


Middle East

Box 40

Militant Labor Forum

Box 40,51,52,66,67


Box 40

Military-industrial complex

Box 48

Movement organizations, 1971


Movement Security Kit

Box 40

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Box 40,48

National Lawyers' Guild


National Peace Action Coalition

Box 40

National Student Association and the CIA

Box 59

National Student Labor Action Project

Box 40,48

National Welfare Rights Organization

Box 48

New American Movement


New American Views

Box 40

New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam


"New Party," 1970


New Patriot (published by Johnny Appleseed Patriotic Publications)


Newsreel, 1970

Box 49


Box 40

North American Congress on Latin America


November Moratorium, 1969




October 15, 1969 Moratorium


Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers strike

Box 26

"Our Generation Kits"

Box 49

Pacific and Asian Affairs Council

Box 40

Palo Alto, 1970


Palo Alto Tenants Union


Panther 21

Box 59

Peace and Freedom News


"Peace and Freedom Organizer"

Box 40,59

Peace and Freedom Party


Peace Movement 1970

Box 49

Peninsula New Party


People's Coalition for Peace and Justice

Box 59

People's Park, Berkeley

Box 49

People's Party


People's Peace Treaty with North Vietnam


People's Yellow Pages


Police Defense Movement


Presidential campaigns and the New Left

Box 40

Presidio 27

Box 49

Prison movement


Prison rebellions, 1971-1972

Box 59

Progressive Labor pamphlet

Box 40,49,59

Progressive Labor Party

Box 40

Puerto Rican Revolutionary Party

Box 59,60


Box 40

Radical and/or revolutionary speakers

Box 60

Radical Education Project

Box 74-86

Radicalism in the United States. Serial issues, clippings, pamphlets, leaflets, other printed ephemera and notes, 1956-1974

Box 49

Radicals in electoral politics

Box 44

Radicals in the professions

Box 49

Red Balloon Collective (New York State University, Stony Brook)

Box 41

Red Guard, Peninsula

Box 49

Red Papers (Revolutionary Union)


Religious movements



Box 72-73

Republican National Convention, Miami, 1972. Serial issues, pamphlets, leaflets, bulletins, posters, and other ephemera issued by various radical groups and distributed at the convention

Box 49

Research debate




Revolutonary People's Communications Network (RPCN)

Box 61

Revolutionary Union


Right-Wing collection

Box 29-31,41


Box 14

Americans for America


American Conservative Union


American Education Lobby


American Mercury (Houston), 1965-1966


Americans for Democratic Action


"America's Future," 1970-71


Anglican Orthodox Church


Anti-communist (miscellaneous)


Anti-communist (Christian)


Anti-Negro literature


"Armed Eagle," 1968-69


Augusta Courier (Florida), 1969-71


Biblical Missions (Philadelphia), 1970


Christian Beacon (Camden, New Jersey), 1966, 1970


Christian Business Man's League Bulletin (Minneapolis), 1967

Box 15

Christian Crusade


Christian Crusade Weekly (Tulsa, Oklahoma), 1969-1970


Christian Nationalist Crusade


Christian Patriot (Pittsburgh, PA), 1968


Christian Victory (Denver, Colorado), 1966


Citizens Council of Greater New Orleans, Incorporated


Committee of One Million


Committee to Restore the Constitution


Common Sense (Union, New Jersey), 1967-1971


Conservatives (general)


Cross and the Flag


Defender, 1964-67


Dig This Now (Philadelphia), 1969


"Fellowship News," 1971


Fulbright letters

Box 16

Good News Broadcaster (Canada), 1970


"Gospel Truth," 1971


Human Events (Washington, D.C.), 1968, 1969


International Christian Relief


Jewish Week (New York), 1970-71


John Birch Society


"Liberty Letter," 1966-1971

Box 17

"Manion Forum," 1969


"Mentor," 1971


Middle East


"Nation," 1968


National Education Program


National Renaissance Party


National Socialist White People's Party


"Pardon Me, But..."


Plain Truth (Pasadena, California), 1969


Right On (Berkeley), 1972


Success (Lansing, Michigan), 1966


"Technology Briefs"


Texas Eagle (Belton, Texas), 1970-71


Through To Victory (Ridgecrest, California), 1970-71


Truth Crusader (Harrisonburg, Virginia), 1969-71


Voice of the Federation (Irving, New Jersey), 1970-71


Woman Constitutionalist (Summit, Mississippi), 1972

Box 18


Box 49

San Diego Coalition

Box 19-21,61,68

San Francisco State University

Box 49

SANE, 1971

Box 41

Santa Barbara oil slump, 1969

Box 61

Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action (SESPA)

Box 49

Seattle Liberation Front, 1970

Box 61

Smith, Pvt. Billy Dean

Box 41

Socialist Labor Party

Box 87

Socialist Party of Washington/Northwest

Box 23,49,61

Socialist Workers Party

Box 41

Soledad Brothers

Box 49

Southern Conference Educational Fund

Box 41,49,56,61

Spartacist League


Stanford University

Box 49


Map Case

General Posters

Scope and Content Note

Includes 2 issues of Street Wall Journal, April 1970, and one anti-ROTC poster, 1970. Formerly housed in box 49. See also issues of Street Wall Journal in Poster collection, US8110.
Box 1,2

Anti-ROTC movement, 1969

Box 46

Applied Electronics Laboratory sit-in

Box 1

April 3rd movement, 1969

Box 47

Black United Front

Box 49

Encina Sit-in, May 1969

Box 47

Free Campus Movement

Box 50

Stanford Workshops on Political and Social Issues (SWOPSI)

Box 69-71

Student radicalism. Serial issues, clippings, bulletins, leaflets, and other ephemera, 1968-1972, relating to student radicalism at Stanford University. Donated by Richard F. Staar

Box 10,36-37,

68,74, 87

Student radicalism. Printed material relating to student


radicalism at Stanford University, 1968-1977

Box 41

Stanford Research Institute

Box 41,50

Student Mobilization Committee

Box 41,61,

Student protests

Box 68


Box 86

Leaflets, newsletters, conference papers, and newspapers, 1977-1979, relating to student protests at the University of New Mexico against nuclear energy and U.S. foreign policy on various issues, especially Nicaragua

Box 50

Student unrest, 1971


Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Box 12,50,61,62,63



Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) (Contd.)

Box 63

Bay Area


Conventions, 1969, 1970


Factory Leafletting Committee


Labor Committee


New Left Notes, 1972

Box 13

Radical Education Project (REP)

Box 63

Summer, 1972

Box 64


Box 88

Symbionese Liberation Army. See also Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners

Box 50

"Top Secret" (University of Nevada), 1972-1973

Box 41

Third World Liberation Front

Box 50

Trupart Monthly Reports, 1970-1971

Box 41

Underground press directories and articles

Box 50

Underground Press Syndicate

Box 64

United States imperialism

Box 41,64

University of California (Berkeley)



Box 23,65

Free Speech Movement (FSM)


Radical Student Union


Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)




Student Committee for Agricultural Labor (SCAL)


Student Labor Action Project (SLAP)


Third World Liberation Front (TWLF)

Box 61

University of California (San Diego)

Box 41

University of California (Santa Barbara)

Box 61

University of Connecticut (Hartford)

Box 41

Urban guerrilla warfare tactics, 1970


U.S. Committee to Aid the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam

Box 51

Venceremos, 1971-1973

Box 41,45,51

Venceremos Brigade, 1970

Box 41

Vietnam Moratorium Committee


Vietnam Peace Parade Committee

Box 51

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Box 3,4,24,25,38,


Vietnam War

Box 41

War Resisters League

Box 51


Box 57

W.E.B. DuBois Clubs

Box 51

White Panther Party


Women for Peace


Women's History Library

Box 51,66

Women's liberation

Box 66

Worker-Student Alliance

Box 41

Worker student strikes

Box 66

Workers Action Movement


Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)

Box 41,51,66

Young Lords

Box 41

Young People's Socialist League

Box 23,41,66

Young Socialist Alliance

Box 41

Young Workers Liberation League (CPUSA youth group)


Youth Against War and Fascism

Box 41,51

Youth International Party (Yippies)

Box 88

Zappa, Frank

Box 51

Zippies, 1972


One reel of San Francisco State University newspapers, November 1968 to April 1969

Envelope A

PHOTOGRAPHS, 1969-1974

Scope and Content Note

6 prints and contact sheets, 3 slides, and negatives and negative strips, depicting student radicalism and unrest at Stanford University.
Box: 89-94

Incremental Materials

Scope and Content Note

This addition to the collection has not yet been described. Please let the Hoover Institution Archives know if you would like to see this material described. Contact us at