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Register of the Yves Jean Antoine Noël Godard Papers, 1929-1974
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Series Description

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Correspondence, orders, diplomas, certificates, military newspapers, postcards, song sheets, news clippings, maps, invitations, menus, notes, memoranda, reports, and other printed matter and memorabilia, assembled in scrapbook fashion by Godard during his career in the 27th Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins (Battalion of Alpine Infantry) and the Armee Secrete de Haute-Savoie (Secret Army of Resistance Fighters of Haute-Savoie). Arranged chronologically by year with selected citations to material in which Godard figures prominently.
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Orders, messages, memoranda, reports, histories, maps, personnel records, and financial correspondence related to the activities of the Secret Army of Resistance Fighters of Haute-Savoie (French forces of the Interior) in the Alpine departments of France during the Resistance. Arranged as listed by subseries.
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Reports, orders, messages, maps, balance sheets, news clippings, aerial reconnaissance photos, and a speech and writing related to the activities of French military forces (Forces Terrestres du Laos/Groupement Mobile Nord) in Laos and Tonkin (Vietnam), 1953-1954. Arranged alphabetically by subseries.
Boxes 3-13


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Chronologies, conference papers, correspondence, orders, messages, reports, dossiers, maps, news clippings, government news journals, newsletters, writings, and miscellaneous notes ephemera, and printed matter dealing with the Algerian independence struggle with France, and in particular with the activities of French military and police forces, the F.L.N. (Front de Liberation Nationale/National Liberation Front), and the O.A.S. (Organisation Armee Secrete/Secret Army Organization), written and collected by Godard in his role as an army officer, police official, member of the O.A.S., and interested party. Arranged alphabetically by subseries.
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Box 1





















"Rapport sur les operations auxquelles le 27e B.C.A. a participe du 2 septembre 1939 a l'armistice" (Report on military operations in which the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry participated from September 2, 1939 until the Armistice), c. October 1940. Typewritten. 13 pages


Mazaud, Chef de Bataillon. "Quelques faits d'armes du 27e B.C.A. du 5 au 8 juin 1940 (Exploits of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry, June 5-8, 1940), c 1940. Typewritten. 8 pages






Proposition pour la Croix de Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur en faveur de Capitaine Godard (Yves) du 27eme B.C.A. (Recommendation for the Knight's Cross of the Legion of Honor for Captain Yves Godard of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry), submitted by Battalion Chief Mazaud, Aix-en-Province, September 20, 1941


Mazaud, Lieutenant-Colonel. Les Diables Bleus du 27me B.C.A. dans la Campagne de France 1939-1940 (The Blue Devils of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry during the Battle of France, 1939-1940). Printed. 142 pages






Piat, Phillipe. "Evasion - Mars 1944" (Escape from Poland! March 1944). Typewritten (carbon copy). 6 pages.


Koenig, Phillipe. "Recit de notre evasion d'un oflag de Pologne" (Our Escape from Prison Camp in Poland). Typewritten (carbon copy). 9 pages










Godard, Yves. "Le 27e B.C.A. Bataillon d'Annecy et de la Haute-Savoie," in Plaquette editee par le Comite des Fetes d'Annecy en honneur du retour du 27e B.C.A. (Booklet compiled by the Festivities Committee of Annecy in honor of the return of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry from occupation duty in Austria), 1948. Printed. 2 pages






Etat nominatif des officiers, sous-officiers, caporaux et chasseurs de la C.C. (List of the members of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry), c. 1945-1948


Godard, Yves. "Le 27e Bataillon de Chaseurs Alpins et la Resistance en Haute-Savoie, 1940-1944" (The 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry and the Resistance Movement in Haute-Savoie), c. 1946-1948. Typewritten (carbon copy). 7 pages



Box 1

Orders, messages, and mission reports


Organization and mobilization plans, June-July, 1944


Parachute drop operation on the Plateau de Glieres, August 1, 1944


Organizational plans and intelligence reports, August 6-13, 1944


Operation and individual mission orders of the A.S. (Armee Secrete) and the F.T.P. (Francs-Tireurs et Partisans de France), August 12, 1944


Liberation of the Departement de Haute-Savoie and surrounding areas


August 12-19, 1944


August 19-September 9, 1944

Box 2

Summary reports and notes




"Essai de synthese sur les operations des F.F.I. de Haute-Savoie en Haute-Savoie et en Savoie du 14 au 31 aout 1944" (Essay on the operations of the French Forces of the Interior of Haute-Savoie in Haute-Savoie and Savoie, August 14-31, 1944), prepared by Lieutenant Garolet on the basis of reports by unit and sector commanders, c. Setember 1944-1945. Typewritten. 18 pages with map


Godard, Yves


"Rapport succint du Chef de Bataillon Godard, commandant le 27e Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins, sur le role du Bataillon dans la resistance de Haute-Savoie" (Report on the Activities of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry in the Resistance), January 22, 1945. Typewritten. 3 pages


"Notice historique du 27e B.C.A. pendant la periode du 27 novembre 1942 au 30 novembre 1944" (Brief History of the 27th Battalion of Alpine Infantry from November 27, 1942 to November 30, 1944), March 5, 1945. Typewritten (carbon copy). 4 pages


Personnel records


Lists of members of the Armee Secrete, lost, killed, or wounded (perts - tues - blesses), 1944


Recommendations for promotions (avancement et nominations), 1944


Recommendations for awards, citations, and medals, 1944-1945


Recommendtions for medals (posthumous), 1944-1945


Letters of verification (certificats et attestations) of military service, aid to the Armee Secrete, wounds, and deaths, 1944-1946




Miscellaneous correspondence related to the finances of the Armee Secrete, 1944-1946



Box 2

Aerial reconnaissance photos (see Photo File)


Map (annotated)


News clippings, French-language press, 1954


Reports on French military operations in Laos and Tonkin (Vietnam), 1954


"Operation Dampierre," report by Lieutenant-Colonel Godard on the conduct of the 1st Bataillon Parachutistes Laotiens (Laotian Paratroop Battalion), October 15, 1953. Typewritten (carbon copy). 7 pages


"Operation Drome," report by Lieutenant-Colonel Godard on operations against enemy rebels in Laos, December 1953-February 1954. Typewritten (carbon copy). 10 pages


"Operation Condor/Albatros (8 avril-24 mai 1954): Compte rendu d'operation du Groupement Mobile Nord" (Operation "Condor/Albatros" April 8-May 24, 1954: An Account of the Activities of the North Mobile Group of the Land Forces of Laos (Forces Terrestres du Laos) in its attempt to lift the siege of Dien Bien Phu), report prepared by Lieutenant Colonel Godard, commandant of the Groupement Mobile Nord, June 1954. Typewritten (carbon copy). 31 pages. Accompanied by orders, messages, maps, and supplementary reports on communications, casualties, and provisions, arranged and numbered by Godard.


"Compte d'emploi des fonds remis au Lt-Colonel Godard commandant le Groupement Operationnel du 24-11-53 au 20-7-54" (Balance Sheet of Funds used by Godard in Operations "Ardeche," "Drome," "Chateauneuf," "Condor," "Albatros," and "Bassac," carried out from November 1953 to July 1954), July 28, 1954. Typewritten (carbon copy), 4 pages


Battle of Koung Rip, May 9, 1954, summary reports and diagrams sent to Godard, May-July, 1954


Speeches and writings of Yves Godard


Address on experiences in Indochina prepared for a conference of the Rotary Club d'Ath, Ath, Belgium, March 5, 1974. Holograph notes; 13 pages. Annotated offprint of prologue from Godard's Les Paras dans la Ville; 35 pages


Miscellaneous orders and messages



Box 3

Chronologies, 1956-1973


Conference papers on Algerian affairs prepared by the Corps des Officiers des Affaires Militaires Musulmanes, c. 1954-1955


Bretaudeau, Lieutenant. "Geographie de l'Algerie" (Geography of Algeria)


Girard-Reydet, Capitaine. "Histoire de l'Algerie jusqu'a 1830" (History of Algeria to 1830).


Reynaud, Lieutenant. "L'Algerie de 1830 a 1947" (Algeria from 1830 to 1947).


Bouras, Capitaine. "Les Genres de vie en Algeie" (The Modes of Life in Algeria).


Pruvot, Capitaine. "Les Institutions Sociales" (Social Institutions)


Ciavaldini, Capitaine. "L'Islam" (Islam)


Petit, Commandant. "La Femme Musulmane" (The Female Muslim) and "Les Confreries Religieuses" (Religious Fraternities).


Corbel, Capitaine. "Le Statut de l'Algerie" (Algerian Law)


Sigwarth, Capitaine. "Realisations dans le domaine economique" (Economic Accomplishments)


Salleras, Capitaine. "Les Realisations Sociales en Algerie (Social Accomplishments).


Guinebault, Capitaine. "La Justice" (Justice)


Lesourd, Capitaine Michel. "Immigration en Metropole" (Immigration to Metropolitan France)


Correspondence, 1954-1973


Documents and dossiers on terrorism and counterterrorism, c. 1955-1959


Reports on French military operations, 1956-1958




"Operation 962," south of Guelma, March 1956


"Operation 837," Nord-Constantinois, April 30-May 4, 1956


"Operation Djedida," Nementchas, June 9-13, 1956


"Contre-Terrorisme Alger" (Anti-terrorism campaign in Algiers), January-March 1957


"Operation Agounennda," Massif blideen, May 23-26, 1957


"Contre-Terrorisme Alger" (Anti-terrorism campaign in Algiers), July-August 1957


"Reseau Militants 'District'" (Case study of a "district" on the F.L.N. organization in Algiers), c. 1957


"Documents extraits des archives du Secteur Alger-Sahel destines a eclairer l'opinion sur le vrai visage de l'action repressive et sur les objectifs, les moyens et les methodes de la rebellion" (Documents from tne Records of the Algiers-Sahel Military Sector, selected to clarify opinion about the repression of terrorism and the objectives, the means and the methods utilized by the terrorists), prepared by Colonel Godard, adjoint au General Commandant la 10e D.P. (Paratroop Division) et Commandant le Secteur Alger-Sahel, Algiers, May 1, 1958. Mimeograph. 28 pages






Ali La Pointe (Ammar Ali)


Armee de Liberation Nationale (A.L.N.)


Audin, Maurice


Benhamida, Abderrahmane ("Salim"; "El Khiam")


Bouhired, Djamila


Front de Liberation Nationale (F.L.N.)


Tillion, Germaine

Box 4

Maps of North Africa, Algeria, Algiers, Oran, Constantine, etc. (annotated), c. 1954-1962. Schematic plan of Algiers (annotated)

(see also: Oversize Material No. 1)

Box 5

News clippings, Algerian and French newspapers, journals, and magazines, c. 1955-1974


General - Recueil des Journaux d'Algerie, 1954-1962. Collection of news clippings from Algerian newspapers reproduced in two bound volumes (annotated)

Box 6









Larteguy, Jean. "Le Chef F.L.N. Yacef Saadi avait pris pour adjoint un colonel parachutiste" (The Head of the F.L.N., Yacef Saadi, mistook a French colonel for his cohort), Paris-Press L'Intransigeant, April 8, 1958. News clip and original typewritten draft (carbon copy) signed by Larteguy.


L'Echo d'Alger, June 5, 1958. Complete edition with headline "De Gaulle aux Algerois: 'Je vous ai sompris'" (De Gaulle to the Algerians: "I have understood you")








Proces de Barricades (Barricades Week Trial)

Box 7





Susini, Jean-Jacques. "Nous l'O.A.S.," Minute, October-November, 1963. Eight installments










Proces de Jean-Jacques Susini (Trial of Susini)



Box 8

News journal (government) - Delegation General du Gouvernement en Algerie. La Semaine en Algerie: Miroir de l'Algerie Francaise (The Week in Algeria: Mirror of French Algeria), nos. 22-35, 37-40, 42-44, 46-48, 50-69, December 15, 1958-January 31, 1960

Box 9

Newsletters, privately circulated by exiles form Algeria, 1962-1963


Nouvelles d'Algerie (November 15-30, 1962)


Nouvelles d'Algerie (December 1-15, 1962)


Nouvelles d'Algerie (December 15, 1962-January 15, 1963)


Nouvelles d'Algerie (January 15-February 1, 1963)


Nouvelles d'Algerie (February 1963)


Verites sur l'Algerie (March 1963)


Verites sur l'Algerie (April 1963)


Cahiers Algeriens (May 1963)


Cahiers Algeriens (June-July 1963)


Untitled draft, possibly by Godard (c. August 1963)


Reports on the Operations of the Compagnie de Recherches et d'Exploration de Petrole au Sahara, prepared for the inspection trip of General De Gaulle, December 5, 1958


Writings and notes of Yves Godard


"'Allo Carreras, ici Godard': Reflextions sur L'Accord FLN-OAS de Fernand Carreras (1967)" ("Hello Carreras, Godard Here": Thoughts on Fernand Carreras' L'Accord FLN-OAS), c. 1976. Typewritten draft and carbon copy, each with holograph corrections; each 26 pages. Holograph notes; 46 pages. Holograph chronology for May-June 1962; 14 pages


"Barricades-24 janvier 1960," undated. Typewritten and holograph manuscript draft on Barricades Week (January 24-29, 1960) in Algiers; 201 pages in note binder

Box 10

Card indexes


Chronological file, c. 1954-1962


Events and incidents file (evenements), c. 1956-1957


Alphabetical file (collectivites), 1954-1958


Personalities file (fichier individual), c. 1954-1958

Box 11

"Fichier 1960," undated. Holograph notes on individuals and organizations involved in events in Algeria, 1954-1960; 56 pages in note binder


Notes and clippings on Algerian domestic and foreign affairs, 1964-1965. Holograph; 229 pages


Notes and clippings on French domestic affairs, 1964-1965. Holograph; 148 pages


Notes and clippings on French national defense, 1964-1965. Holograph; 195 pages


Notes and clippings on repatriation, amnesty, arrests, trials, and other subjects affecting French Algerians, and in particular former members of the O.A.S., 1964-1965. Holograph; 79 pages


Notes and documents on Barricades Week and the subsequent trial of the participants, January-November 1960. Handwritten notes and official summonses to appear as a witness

Box 12

Trois Batailles d'Alger, 1972


Outlines, notes, and chapter drafts. Typewritten


Publisher's layout sheets of documents, photos and maps uses as illustrations




Notes, documents, and ephemera


Printed matter


Algerie developpement 1959. Booklet printed for foreign distribution by the Delegation Generale du Gouvernement en Algerie


Algerie Medicale, special issue, 1957. Medical journal containing articles on the problems of criminality and terrorism in Algeria


Algerie-Sahara: Guide touristique, commercial, industriel, 1959. Guidebook; contains full-page photo of Godard


Apercu sur l'Algerie, undated. Booklet distributed to military recruits from Metropolitan France assigned to Algeria.


Connaissance de l'Algerie. Guidebook distributed by the Service Psychologique of the 10th Region Militaire.


Guide Michelin: Algeria-Sahara, 1956. Guidebook

Box 13

Indicateur d'Alge r, 1964. Guidebook and map


L'Indispensable, 1959-1960. Guidebook; contains full-page photo of Godard


Kabaili. Le Grande Kabylie et ses problemes, 1959


Pourquoi nous combattons, c. 1963. Booklet published by the Conseil National de la Revolution


15 mois d'action en Algerie, c. 1956. Booklet published by the Gouvernement General de l'Algerie


Soualah, Mohammed. Manuel Franco-Arabe a l'usage de militaires de l'Afrique du Nord. 4th edition. Algiers, 1953


Tableaux de l'economie algerienne. Booklet published by the Statistique Generale de l'Algerie, 1958


U.A.P. (Union Africaine de Presse), special issue, February 23, 1961. Photocopy of bulletin concerning Franco-Algerian negotiations, 1956-1958



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