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Preliminary Guide to the American Religions Collection, ca. 1840s-1990s [Bulk 1970s-1990s]
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Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


Historical Committee of the Mennonite Church


Hollywood Christian Group


Holy Spirit Retreat Center


Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews


Home Mission Board Southern Baptist Convention


Home of Onesiphorous


Hospital Christian Fellowship


House of Divine Bread, Inc.


House of Prayer


House of Prayer for All People


Human Life International


Hymn Society in the United States and Canada


Illinois Church Action on Alcohol Problems


Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society


Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion


Immanuel Mission to Shut-Ins


Immigrant Archives Library


Impact International, Inc.




In-Depth Evangelism Associates


In Store for Christ


In Touch Ministries


Independent Assemblies of God


Independents for Godly Government


India National Inland Mission


Indiana Friends Committee on Legislation


Innovations for the Church Leader


Insight for Living


Inspirational Producers Guild


Institute for American Church Growth


Institute for Biblical Research


Institute for Christian Apologetics


Institute for Creation Research


Institute for Development Training


Institute for Educational Affairs


Institute for First Amendment Studies


Institute for International Christian Communication


Institute for Justice and Human Rights


Institute for Mission in the USA


Institute for Religion and Wholeness


Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals


Institute for World Order


Institute in Basic Life Principles


Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts


Institute in Creation-Centered Spirituality


Institute in the Church in Urban Industrial Societies


Institute of Chinese Studies


Institute of Christian Financial Planning


Institute of Global Urban Studies


Institute of Holy Land Studies


Institute of Islamic Education


Institute of Islamic Information and Education


Institute of Slavic Studies


Institute of Soviet and East European Studies




Integrity Communications


Inter Church Holiness Convention


Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship


Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship of the United States


Intercessors for America


Interdenominational Theological Center for Religious Heritage of the Black World


Interest Ministries


Interfaith Forum on Religion Art and Architecture


Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston


Interfaith Publications


Interim Ministry Network


International Associates for Christians


International Bible Association


International Bible Institute


International Bible Society


International Board of Jewish Missions Inc.


International Bonhoeffer Society


International Bulletin of Missionary Research


International Children's Fund, Inc


International Christian Aid


International Christian Broadcasters


International Christian Digest


International Christian Leprosy Mission


International Christian Literature Distributors


International Christian Ministries


International Christian Youth


International Conference of Police Chaplains


International Council on Biblical Inerrancy


International Discipleship and Evangelization Associates


International Evangelical Church and Missionary Association


International Evangelism Crusade


International Fellowship of Christians


International Fellowship of Christians and Jews


International Fellowship of Evangelical Students


International Fellowship of Fundamental Baptists


International Laymens' Lutheran League


International Lutheran Renewal Center


International Ministerial Association


International Ministerial Fellowship


International Mission Radio Association


International Needs


International Outreach, Inc


International Pentecostal Press Association


International Prison Ministry


International Reform Federation


International Relief Friendship Federation


International Religious Foundation


International Religious Foundation Council for the World Religious


International Seminars


International Street and Evangelism Ministries Association


International Students, Inc.


International Teams


International Thomas Merton Society


International Tract Ministry




Intertribal Christian Communications


Intimate Publications


Invisible Ministry


Islamic Association for Palestine


Islamic Book Service


Islamic Call Organization


Islamic Circle of North America


Islamic Committee for Palestine


Islamic Council for Islamic Purity


Islamic Information Center of America


Islamic Information Foundation


Islamic Information Service


Islamic Information Service, Los Angeles


Islamic Organizations


Islamic Prison Service


Islamic Propagation Centre International


Islamic Research Foundation


Islamic Science Organization


Islamic Society of North America


Israel Ministry of Tourism


Isthmus Institute


It Is Written

cabinet-drawer 33/5

Jack Van Impe Ministries


James Robison Evangelistic Association


Jesus Christ Eternal Abundant Life


Jesus House of Prayer


Jesus Outreach Ministries


Jesus to the Communist World


Jim Kaseman Ministries


Jimmie Hale Downtown Rescue Mission


Jimmy Swaggart Ministries


John H. Osteen Evangelistic Association


John Hopkins University Press


John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation


John Milton Society for the Blind


Joint Strategy and Action Committee


Joy Unspeakable


Jubilee Ministries


Jubilee Partners


Juris, Paul


Kashmiri American Council




Kenneth Hagin Ministries


Kentucky Council of Churches


Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society




Kids Alive International


Kingdom Ministries


King's Messenger


Kirkridge Shalom Retreats


Koinania Foundation


Korea Campus Crusade for Christ


Lamb and Light Ministries


Lamb and Lion Ministries


Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society


Language Institute for Evangelism


Lasseter Cindy


Last Days Ministries


Latin America Mission


Laubach Literary Fund


Lay Renewal Ministries


Layman's Home Missionary Movement


Laymens Study Group Inc


League of Christian Laymen


League of Prayer


League of the Immaculate Heart


League to Uphold Congregational Principles


Legal Shock


Lesea Global


Leterneau Ministries


Letter Lobby: A Project of Clergy and Laity Combined


Liberty Federation


Liberty Godparent Ministry


Liebenzell Mission of USA


Life Action Ministries


Life after Assault League


Life in Jesus


Life Messengers


Life Ministries






Lifewater International


Light International


Ligonier Ministries


Ligonier Valley Study Center


Literacy and Evangelism Inc


Litergy Training Publications


Living Bibles International


Living Enrichment Center


Living Water Teaching International


Living Word Outdoor Drama


Livingstone Memorial Mission


Lockman Foundation


Logos International


Logos International Fellowship Holyland Pilgrimage


Lord's Day Alliance of the United States


Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention


Love Ministries Inc


Love Song to the Messiah


Lowell Lundstrom Ministries


Loyal Lutheran Association


Luis Palau Evangelistic Team


Lutheran Benevolent Association


Lutheran Braille Workers


Lutheran Charismatic Renewal Newsletter


Lutheran Deaconess Association


Lutheran General Hospital


Lutheran Historical Society Inc


Lutheran Human Relations Association


Lutheran Institute for Jewish Evangelism


Lutherans Alert National

cabinet-drawer 34/1

Macedonian Missionary Services


Macgregor Ministries


Mahfile Shahe Khorasan Charitable Trust


Malcolm Smith Ministries, Inc


Mantle of Praise


Map International


Maranatha Baptist Mission


Maranatha Bible Press, Inc


Maranatha Fellowship


Mariavite Franciscans Northern California


Marilyn Hickey Ministries


Mario Murillo Ministries


Mark of God


Marketplace Publications Inc


Martin Luther Home Society, Inc


Marvin H. Cave Associates


Marxist Educational Press


Mary Ann Peluso Ministries, Inc


Mary Relfe Ministries, Inc


Maryland Tract Society


Mass Media Ministries Film and Video


Master's Men of the National Association of Free Will Baptists


Maxine Matland Industries


M/E International


Mewhorter Ministries


Media Associates International


Media Spotlight Ministries


Megiddo Message


Melodyland School of Theology


Melton Book Company


Men for Missions International


Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities


Mennonite Brethren Publishing House


Mennonite Central Committee


Mennonite Hour


Mennonite Publishing House


Merck Ministries


Meriwether Publishing Ltd.


Metanoia Ministries


Methodist Federation for Social Action


Methodist Laymen of North Hollywood


Methodists for Church Renewal


Mexican Border Missions


Michael Mountain Ministries


Michigan Christian Home Association


Mid-America Sunday School Association


Middle East Social Services


Midnight Call Ministries


Midwest Career Development Services


Mike Warnke Ministries


Miletus Church, Inc


Militia Messenger


Mill Hill Missionaries


Ministries, Inc.


Ministries Life and Casualty Union




Miracle Distribution Center


Miracle Faith Inc


Miracle Ministries


Mission Agencies


Mission Aviation Fellowship


Mission for the Coming Days


Mission La Bonne Nouvelle


Mission to Catholics International Inc


Mission to the Navajos


Missionary Church


Missionary Church Association


Missionary Church Education Department


Missionary Crusader


Missionary Leasing Company


Missionary Literature Distributors Inc


Missionary Research Library


Missionary Revival Crusade


Missionary Tape and Equipment Supply


Missionary Tech Team


Missionary Vision for Special Ministries


Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center


Mjorud Evangelistic Association


Moody Bible Institute


Moral Alternatives


Moral Majority


Moral Re-Armament


Morris Cervillo World Evangelism


Moslem Iranian Students Society


Moslem Society of USA Inc, San Francisco


Mount of David Orthopedic Hospital Bethlehem


Muslim Arab Youth Association (MAYA)


Muslim Charities and Service Volunteers Association, Inc


Muslim Communities Association of the United States and Canada


Muslim Students Association of the United States and Canada


Muslim Students Association of the University of Illinois


Muslim World League


Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)


Mustard Seed Inc

cabinet-drawer 34/2

Naramore Christian Foundation


National Alternative Celebration Campaign


National and International Religion Report


National Assembly of Religious Women


National Association of Diocesan Ecumenical Officers


National Association of Evangelicals (NAE)


National Benevolent Association, Division of Social and Health Services


National Bible Knowledge Association


National Christian Association


National Citizens Action Network


National Clergymen's Advisory Council


National Coalition against Pornography


National Committee to Honor the 14th Centennial of Islam


National Convocation for Evangelizing Ethnic America


National Council for Japanese American Redress


National Council of Churches


National Council of Jewish Women


National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA


National Council on Islamic Affairs


National Council on Religion and Public Education


National Education Program


National Evangelistic Census


National Federation for Decency


National Home School Convention


National Institute for Campus Ministries


National Institute of Christian Education


National Institute of Christian Financial Planning


National Interreligious Board for Conscientious Objectors


National Interreligious Task Force on Soviet Jewry


National Laymans and Evangelistic Association


National Negro Evangelical Association


National Network of Lay Professionals in the Episcopal Church


National Presbyterian and Reformed Fellowship


National Radio Pulpit


National Religious Broadcasters


National Right to Life Committee Inc


National Union of Christian Schools


Nauvoo Christian Visitors Center


Navajo Missions Inc




Nazarene Publishing House


Neighborhood Bible Studies


New Beginnings


New College for Advanced Christian Studies


New Covenant Evangelical Ministries


New Creation


New Directions in Christian Education


New Directions Ministries


New Improved Truth


New Life


New Life and Health Ministries


New Life Centers


New Life League


New Life Treatment Centers Inc


New Tribes Mission (NTM)


New World Resource Center


North American Baptist Conference


North American Indian Mission


North American Renewal Service Committee


North Canada Evangelical Mission


North Carolina Council of Churches


Not Forsaking the Assembling (NFTA)


November 29th Committee for Palestine


Nurses Christian Fellowship


Oak Hills Bible Institute


Oak Hills Fellowship


Oakbrook Christian Fellowship




Off the Cuff


Office of Christian Concerns, NCCC USA


Office of Foreigners Guidance Center in Gassim Zone


Officers Christina Union


Old Path Tract Society


Old-Time Gospel Hour


Omega Letter


Omega Ministries


On the Go Ministries


Only Believe, Inc


Open Bible Standard Missions


Open Doors


Operation Mobilization


Operation Rescue National


Orbis Books


Oriental Missionary Society


Osborn Foundation


Osterhaus Publishing Company


Oswald Hoffman School of Christian Outreach


Other Side




Outreach for Christ Inc


Overseas Ministries Study Center


Oxfam America


Oxford Centre for Mission Studies


Pacific Garden Mission (PGM)


Pahok Evangelical Morning


Pakistan Federation of America


Palestine Human Rights Campaign


Parabe Conference


Paraclete Press


Partners International


Pastoral Bible Institute, Inc


Pastoral Care Team Ministries


Pastoral Counseling Service of Greater Chicago, Inc.


Pastoral Psychotherapy Institute


Pastor's Digest


Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association


Pax-Christi USA


Peavey, HM


Penole Hill


Pentecostal Fellowship of North America


Pentecostal Publishing House


Pentecostal World Conference


People of Destiny International


People of Praise


Peoples Gospel Hour


People's Institute of Applied Religion


Pergamum Fifth Column


Personal Christianity


Personal Freedom Outreach (PFO)


Perspectives Study


Philanthropic Assembly of the Friends of Man


Phillippian Fellowship


Phoenix Bible Students


Phoenix Hill Bruideen


Phoenix Sanctuary Committee


Pilgrim Publications


Pilgrim Tract Society, Inc.


Pinecrest Bible Training Center


Pioneer Bible Translators


Pioneer Ministries




Pocket Testament League


Pontifical Council for Culture


Port Motel


Portable Affordable Ministries


Practical Apologetics and Christian Evangelism


Prager, Dennis


Prakash Association USA


Prayer A-Gram Ministries


Praying Peoples Party


Presbyterian Lay Committee, Inc


Presbyterian Men United


Presbyterian Missionary Union


Presbyterian Outlook


Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom (PDRF)


Present Truth Publishers


Prevention, Inc


Princeton Religion Research Center


Printery House


Prison Fellowship International


Prisoners Bible Broadcast


Pro Athletes Outreach (PAO)


Pro Family Forum


Pro-Life Action League


Probe Ministries International


Probucolls Associations


Promised Land Camp


Prophetic Herald


Prophetic Light


Protestant Hour News


PTL Television Network (Praise the Lord)


Public Education Religion Studies Network


Quaker Volunteer Witness


Quarterly Review


Quest Tapes


Quixote Center

cabinet-drawer 34/3

R. D. Henton Evangelistic Foundation


R. E. New '75


Radio and Television Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention


Radio Bible Class News


Radio Gospel Fellowship


Rail Splitter Press


Reach Ministries International


Real Life Ministries


Real Peace


Reciprocal Ministries International


Reformation Freedom Center and Christian Conference


Reformation Research Press, Inc


Reformation Translation Fellowship


Reformed Fellowship


Reformed Journal


Regent Street Union


Regions Beyond Missionary Union


Religion Analysis Service, Inc.


Religion and Religiosity in America


Religion and Socialism Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America


Religion Watch


Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights


Religious Convention Managers Association


Religious Education Association


Religious Instruction Association


Religious Publishing Company


Religious Studies Program at the University of California, Berkeley


Religious Youth Service




Research and Education


Research Center for Nonviolence


Research Center for Religion and Human Rights in Closed Societies, Ltd


Resource Publications Inc (RPI)


Restoration Fellowship


Restoration Foundation


Revivaltime Media Ministries


Robert Short's Visual Programs


Roberts Liardon Ministries


Rockford Institute


Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.


Rogma International


Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, Inc.


Rossi Foundation




Rural Parish Workers of Christ the King


Russia for Christ


Russian Gospel Ministries International, Inc.


Rutherford Institute


Sacramento Religious Community for Peace


Saints Alive


Salem Kirban, Inc.


Salesian Missions


Salvation Army


Samaritan Inns


Sanctuary Church, Inc


Sanctuary's Purse


Sanders Christian Foundation


Santa Barbara Rescue Mission


Save America for Christ


Save the Family Foundation


Schaeffer V Productions


Schambach Revivals, Inc.


School for the Word


School of Livable Christianity


School of Traditional Jewish Meditation


Scriptorium: All Saints Convent


Scripture Press Publications


Scripture Research Greek Tutor


Scripture Union


Scriptures for America


Seamen's Church Institute


Search for Truth Publications, Inc.


Second Going


Seeds: Christians Concerned about Hunger


Self Help Foundation


Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education


Seraphim Publishing Group


Sermon Illustrator


Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT)


Servants of Messiah


Serving Catholic Renewal in the Church


700 Club


Shalom Education


Shechinah Outreach Ministry


Shepherd's Field Publication


Shepherd's Voice


Shiloh International Ministries


Shiloh Youth Revival Centers


Shining Star Publications


Short Term Evangelical Missions


Short Terms Abroad


Single Point Ministries


Slavic Gospel Association


Small Group Letter


Smyth, Edgar


Society for International Ministries


Society for Pentecostal Studies


Society for Scientific Study of Religion




Sojourners Neighborhood Center


Solo Ministries, Inc


Son Power Publications


Son Times




SOS Ministries


Sound Words


Source of Light Ministries International, Inc.


South American Missionary Society


Southern Baptist Alliance


Southern California Crusade


Southern California Interfaith Hunger Coalition


Southern Christian Leadership Conference


Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology (SIFAT)


Sowers of Seeds, Inc.


SP Publications


Specialized Christian Services


Spirit, Soul, Body, Salvation, Inc.


Spiritual Growth Resources


Spiritual Life Crusade


Spiritual Life Institute of America


Spiritual Life Research


Spritual Unity of Nations (SUN)


Spiritual Warfare Ministries, Inc.


Springs of Life Ministries


St. Catherine Indian School


Standard Publishing


Starcross Community


Steel Center for Study of Religion and Philosophy


Steer, Inc.


Step Up to Life Press


Stephen Ministries


Stewardship Department New Era Movement


Stonecraft Ministries


Strang Communications Company


Street Meetings, Inc.


Student Christian Movement


Studies in the Scriptures


Successful Achievement, Inc.


Summer Institute of Linguistics


Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention


Sunshine Bible Academy


Sweetwater Ministries Miracle Living Crusades


Sword of the Lord Publications

cabinet-drawer 34/4

Task Force on Christian Muslim Relations


Teen Challenge Business Office


Teen Missions International


Teen World Outreach


Tel-A-World, Inc.


Tennessee Georgia Christian Conferences


Texas Conference of Churches


Theology Forum


Theology Today




Things to Come Missions Inc


Thorncrown Chapel


Through the Bible in One Year


Times Three, Inc


Today in Bible Prophecy, Inc.


Today's Christian


Today's Christian Woman


Torch and Testimony Publications


Toward the Light


Tract Evangelistic Crusade


Tract of the Month


Traditional Values Coalition


Trans-Denominational Publications


Trinitarian Bible Society


Trinity Bible Studies


Trinity Foundation


Trinity Institute


True Report


Trumpet Publications


Truro Tape Ministry


Truth Crusader


Truth on Tape


Try, Inc


20th Century Reformation Hour


Tychonian Society


Tyndale House Publishers Inc


Union Gospel Mission


Union Life Ministries


Union Rescue Mission


Unitarian Society


United Christian Ministerial Association


United Christian Workers, Inc


United Church Board for Homeland Ministries


United Church Press


United Indian Missions, Inc


United Methodist Board of Church and Society


United Methodist Communications


United Methodist Navajo Ministry


United Methodists for Methodism


United Press International


United Synagogue of America


United World Mission


Universal Bible Institute, Inc.


Universal Christian Movement


University Language Services


University of Tennessee Press


Unlimited Potential, Inc.


Upper Room


Urban Ministries, Inc.


US Center for World Missions


USA/Canada Protestant Ministries Overseas


Utah Gospel Mission


Utah Missions, Inc.


Verdict Publications


Vicki Jamison Ministries


Victory in Jesus Ministries


Victory Tabernacle, Inc.


Video Dynamics, Inc.


Vinelife Publications


Virgil W. Hensley, Inc., Publishers




Voice in the Wilderness


Voice of Calvary Ministries


Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society Inc. (VOCA)


Voice of God Recordings


Voice of Preaching the Gospel


Voice of Prophecy


Wade Akins Street Ministry


Walk Thru the Bible Ministries


Walter Hoving Home


Washington for Jesus


Washington Religious News


Watchman Press Bethal Baptist Church


We Are One


WEC International


Wedge Publishing Foundation


Wesley Society


Wesleyan Indian Missions


Williamsburg Charter Foundation


Willie George Ministries


Wimbledon Conference


Wings of Healing


Wisdom Tree


Witness Inc. News


Wittenburg Door


Womens Aglow Fellowship International


Word, Inc.


Word of Faith


Word of God Free Tract Society


Word of Grace Communications


Word of Truth Ministry


Words for Living Ministries


Words of Life, Inc.


World Assembly of Muslim Youth


World by 2000: That All May Hear


World Christian Handbook


World Christian, Inc.


World Congress of Fundamentalists


World Connections


World Emergency Relief


World Evangelical Fellowship


World Evangelical Fellowship Missions Commission


World Gospel Crusades


World Home Bible League


World Literature Crusade


World Missionary Assistance Plan


World Missionary Evangelism


World Missionary Press, Inc.


World Outreach Ministries


World Parish


World Prayer and Share Letter


World Prophetic Ministry, Inc.


World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Inc.


World Relief


World Renewal, Inc.


World Student Christian Federation


World Vision International


World Wide Medical Missions


World Wide Pictures, Inc


World Wide Prayer and Missionary, Inc.


World Wide Prison Ministries


World Wide Tract Ministry, Inc.


Worldshakers for Christ, Inc.


Worldwide Christian Correspondence Club


Worldwide Christian Ministries, Inc.


Worldwide Missionary Crusader, Inc.


Wycliffe Bible Translators


Young Calvinist Federation


Young Life


Yours for Life Ministries, Inc.


Youth for Christ International


Youth for Christ USA


Youth Specialties Inc


Youth Specialties Ministries, Inc.


Youth with a Mission


Zondervan Publishing Company



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cabinet-drawer 34/2




cabinet-drawer 34/3



Affidavit of Dorothy Morisson


African Americans


Agentes de Informacion




Alamo, Tony


Albanese, C.


Alert Sheet




Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberties


Altmeyer, Paul


American Academy of Religion


American Conference on Religious Movements


American Family Foundation


American Holistic Church


American Research Institute for Cults


Answers in Action


Anti-Cult Legislation


Anti-Cult Movement


Anti-Cult Network


APA Task Force


A.P.R.L. (Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberty) - General


A.P.R.L. - Mathew Skowron


A.P.R.L. - Press Releases


Apologetic Research Coalition


Apologetics Resource Center


Appel, Willa


Articles about Cults


Austin, Eugene


Barker, Eileen


Berean Research Ministries


Bethel Ministries




Bibliography Resources


Bill Rudge Ministries of Living Truth


Bob Lasson Ministries


Bothered About Dungeons and Dragons (B.A.D.D.)




Bromley, David G.

cabinet-drawer 34/4



Canadians for the Protection of Religious Liberty (C.P.R.L.)








Chain Letters


Characteristics of the Cult


Christ Family Cult


Christ for the Cults


Christian Answers and Information


Christian Information Committee


Christian Information Network


Christian Ministries International


Christian Outreach


Christian Research Alliance


Christian Research Associates


Christian Research Institute


Christian Response: Con


Christian Response: Non-U.S.


Christian Response: Pro


Christian Way


Church of Our First Love


Church of Scientology


Church of the New Family


Church vs. State


Circle of Friends


Cities of Circles


Citizens Alert to Cultic Harrassment (C.A.T.C.H.)


Citizens Engaged in Freeing Minds


Citizens Freedom Foundation


Citizens Organized for Public Awareness of Cults


Clark, John




Coalition for Religious Freedom




Coercive Persuasion Conference


Committee Engaged in Free Minds


Commission on Organizations


Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Communicating with Cult Members


Concerned Christians


Concerned Christians Growth Ministries


Congress for Religious Liberty


Congress on Religious Liberty


Conway and Siegelman


Corrinth, N.Y.


Council on Mind Abuse




Cult Awareness Council


Cult Awareness Network


Cult Exodus for Christ


Cult Hot-Line and Clinic


Cult Ministries


The Cult Observer


Cult Watch Response


Cultists Anonymous


Cults and Counterculture


Cults and Occult Unification Program (C.O.U.P)


Cults and the Occult in Modern America


Cults of California


Cults Supportive


Cults: The Appeal, the Danger


Curse of the Black Lords

cabinet-drawer 34/5

Dasbach, Fernando I.


Davis, Maurice




Deprogramming - Christian Response


Deprogramming (Monty Pelto)


Deprogramming Survivors Network


Directory of Cult Research Organizations


Editorial Research Reports


Encyclopedic Handbook of Cults in America


End Time Ministries


Enroth, Ron


Evangelistic Ministries to Cultists


Evangelistic Ministries to New Religions


Evangelical Ministries to New Religions


Ex-Cult Support and Resource Network




Exposing Satan's Power


Families against Cults




Fire Escape Ministry


First Baptist Church


First Freedom


Focus on the Family


Forum for the Study of New Religions


Foster, Lawrence


Foundation for the Advancement of Christian Thought


Foundation Materials


Free Minds, Inc.


Free Union of Religious Minorities


Freedom Counseling Center


Freedom from Darkness Ministries


Freedom of Thought Foundation




Friends of Freedom


From Hegel to Punctutated Equilibrium


Frontline Ministries


Fundamentalists Anonymous


Gospel Truth Ministries


Great Among Nations


Hare Krishna


Hassan, Steven


Hearst, Patty


Hereford Mennonite Congregation


Hevan on Earth


Historical Rationalization for Genocide


Human Freedom Papers


Humphrey and McGovern




In His Grip Ministries


Individual Freedom Foundation


Institute of Contemporary Christianity


International Association for Religious Freedom


International Foundation for Individual Freedom


Jaffe, Mimi


Jehova's Witness


Jesus People


Jesus People U.S.A.


Jews and Cults


Jolly, Edna


Jones, Jim


Kansas University


Kelly, Galen


Keys of Understanding for Parents


Koresh, David


La Rouchies


LeBar, Fr. James

cabinet-drawer 35/1

Legal Documents


Legal Files


Legal Issues


Lewis, James


Lion and Lamb Ministries


Lyon, John


Maharaj, Robby


MacGregor Ministries


MacHovec, Frank J.


Manson, Charles




Media Coverage of Cult Programs


Melton on Cults


Midwest Friends for Individual Freedom


Millennial Cults


Mind Control


Minority Religious Groups in Metro Toronto


Missionary and Cult Movements




Narrow Way Ministries


New Age Groups


New Beginnings


New Religions


New Thought Education Society


Norfolk Enrichment Center


North American Religious Liberties Association




Ouija Boards

cabinet-drawer 35/2

Pastoral Issues


Patrick, Ted


People's Temple Christian Church


Personal Freedom Outreach


Philosophical Groups and Small Denominations in Southern California


A Place in the Sun


Popular Apologetics and Christian Evangelism


Popular Religion in Restoration England


Potter's House


Probe Ministries


Project Cult


Project Cult, Montreal


Project on Religion and American Culture


Psychiatric Issues




Psychological Issues


Psychological Perspectives


Religious Analysis Service, Inc.


Religious Movement Resource Center


Religious News Services


Research and Education Foundation


Return to Personal Choice, Inc.


Richardson, James




Road Medallion


Robbins, Tom


Roman Catholic Response


Rudin, James and Marcice


Salmo Lewisi


Sanctuary, Inc.




Secular Response


Seminars on Cults


Sherman, Sam


Shield of Faith Ministry



cabinet-drawer 35/3

Singer, Margaret - Articles


Smith, Carolyn


Smith, Steven




Societe Internationale de Sociologie des Religions


Sociological Response




Sociology of Failed Prophecy


Sons of God Sanctuary


Southern Baptist Response


Sorting It Out


Spiritual Counterfeits


Spiritual Counterfeits Project


Spiritual Counterfeits Project vs. Local Church


Stark, Rodney


Stoessel, Frederic


Street Meetings


Streiker, Lowell




Summer Conference on Theology and the Church


Sun Burst Community


Suskind, David


Task Force on Missionaries and Cults


Through the Maze


The Time, the Plan, and the Great Consumption


Truth Crusader


Truth Ministries Outreach


U.C. Berkeley, University Religious Council


U.C. Campuses






Understanding Cults and Spiritual Movements


Understanding Mind Control in a Vulnerable Society


Unification Church


United Campus Ministry, Colorado State University


United Lodge of Theosophists


University of Kansas


University of South Carolina


University of Texas at Arlington


University Religious Council


Ussery, Robert A.


Victory Outreach Ministries


Violence and Religious Commitment


Visions Warn America


Volunteer Parents of America


Watchman Fellowship, Inc.


The Way International


Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center


Westar Institute


Witness, Inc.


The Word among Us


Words for Living Ministries

cabinet-drawer 35/4


cabinet-drawer 35/5


cabinet-drawer 36/1



Alchemical Journal


American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists


American Council of Hypnodynamics


American Institute of Hypnosis


American Institute of Hypnotherapy


American Society of Hypnosis


Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis


Boyne, Gil


Center for Ethical Hypnosis


Center for Hypnotherapy




College of Clinical Hypnosis


Educational Hypnosis and Research Foundation


Ethical Hypnosis Training Center


Family Learning Center


Graduate School of the Suggestive Sciences


Hypnosis (General)


Hypnosis Clearing House


Hypnosis Consultation Training Center


Hypnosis (Media Articles)


Hypnosis Motivation Institute


Hypnosis Quarterly


Hypnosis Research Foundation


Hypnosis Seminars


Hypnosis Services


Hypnotherapists (Individuals)


Hypnotic Regression and Reincarnation


Hypnotism Center


Hypnotism Training Institute of L.A.


McKinnon Institute




Mid-West Hypnosis Convention


Mindskills Center


Moore, Jinny (Hypnotherapist)


National Society of Hypnotherapists


Pacific State Hypnotherapy


Popoff, Peter


Power Publishers


Quintessence Hypnotism Center


Riccardo, Martin V.


Shakerview Hypnosis Center


Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis


Southwest Hypnosis Society


Success Center


Trance-Formations Unlimited


Tree of Life Hypnosis Counseling Center


Westwood Publishing Co.


Wright Center for Hypnotic Studies



cabinet-drawer 36/2

AAHHA (Austin Area Holistic Health Association)


Academy of Health Sciences


Acoustic Brain Research, Inc.


Acres U.S.A


Acupressure Institute (Berkeley, CA)






Acu Wand




Age Reduction Corporation


Aging Process


AIDS - Seminars, etc.


Akasha Vegeatarian Cuisine


Alara Whole Foods


Alexander Technique


Alive Polarity


All Seasons Cuisine


Allied Holistic Health Centers


ALOFT (A Lesbian Opportunity for Transformation)


Alternative Health and Healing Information Center


Alternative Health Insurance Services


Alternative Medical Association


Altra Fitness Centers, Inc.


American Academy of Reflexology


American Aromatherapy Association


American Association of Artist Therapists


American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


American Biologies


American Center for the Alexander Technique


American College of Nutripathy


American College of Orgonomy


American Foundation of Religion and Psychology


American Health Education Foundation


American Herb Association


American Holistic Health Association


American Holistic Health Sciences Association


American Holistic Medical Association


American Holistic Nurses Association


American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


American Institute of Hypnotherapy


American Medical Psychic Research Association


American Natural Health Services


American Natural Hygiene Society


American Polarity Therapy Association


American Spiritual Healers Association


Applied Kinesiology 1975


Ardell Wellness Report


Arizona Lifestyle Reconditioning Center


Aroma Vera Aromatherapy




Art Therapy


Aspen Publishers


ASCA Co-Dependency Centers (Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)


Associated Professional Massage Therapists


Association of American Medical Colleges


Association for Holistic Health


Aston Patterning Therapy


Atlantis Rising Education Center


Ataraxian Healing Institute


Aubrey Organics


Avalon Center for Creative Health Options




Bach, Ellon


Bach Flower Remedies


Behavior Science Research and Education Center


Beverly Hot Springs




B.E.S.T. Technique




Biofeedback Society of America




BioHealth Enterprises, Inc.


Biokinesiology Institute


Biological Immunity Research Institute


Bio-Probe Newsletter






Blazing Star Herbal School


Body Attunements


Body, Mind, and Spirit


Bodymind Institute


Body-Mind Relationship, (General)


Body Shop, The


Body Talk


Body Therapy Institute




Bookstores, Books, Periodicals


Brain Mind Bulletin


Bragg, Patricia


Breakthru Institute of Awareness


Breath Work Therapy


Brighton Clinic


Bronson Pharmaceuticals


Brookridge Institute


Burklyn Enterprises Retreat Center




C & A Enterprises


California Acupuncture College


California Chiropractic Association


California Healing Arts College


California Health Practitioners Association


California School of Herbal Studies


Cancer Control Society


Cancer Counseling and Research Center


Cancer Support Community


Cancer Treatment


Cancer Victors and Friends




Carmel by the Sea Chiropractic Center


Cell Tech, Inc.


Center for Chinese Medicine


Center for Classical Homeopathy


Center for Creative Change


Center for Human Development


Center for Holistic Oriental Medicine


Center for Natural Living


Center for Natural Therapy


Center for Personal Enhancement


Center for Release and Integration


Center for Spiritual Development


Center for the Healing Arts


Center for Well Being


Center for Yoga


Center Point for Yoga




Challenging Cancer


Channel Light Productions


Chelation Research Foundation


Children of Alcoholics


Chinese Medicine




Chiropractic Health Center


Chula Vista Integral Medicine Group


Cinergy Entertainment


Circle of Light Institute




Clinic for Human Development


Colon Therapy


Color and Light Therapy


Color Research Institute


Colorado Herbal Institute


Colorado Institute of Herbal Work


Colorado School of Healing Arts


Columbines and Wizadry Herbs, Inc.


Community Wholistic Health Center


CompCare Publishers


Confederation of Health Organizations


Conscious Conception


Conscious Connection


Concept Therapy


Corner Stone


Cosmic Institute of Healing


Cows Pharmacopoeia Store


Crane Hill


Creating Our Life


Creation Training Institute


Creative Health Institute


Creative Teaching


Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts


Crystal Foundation


Custodian Publishing Company


Delgado Optimum Medical Care, Inc.


Dennis Adams Seminars


Dental Health Center




Devices, Gismos, and Machines for Healing


Diamond Light Esoteric Healing


Dr. Donsbach's Report and Hospital Santa Monica




East Coast Wellness Institute


East West Academy of Healing Arts


East West Center for Holistic Health


East West Clinic


East West College of the Healing Arts


East West Healing Arts Center


Eastern vs. Western Medicine




Educational Institute for Development of Well Being


Edwards, Harry


Egidio, Gene


Ehret Literature Publishing


E.L.F. and the Mood Magnifier


E.L.F. Cocoon International


Empowerments Systems


Enchanted Crystal Forest


Enerflex Therapy


Energy Balancing


Energy Refractors


Enterprises Store


Environmental Polarity Research


Esalen Institute


Evolutionary Frontiers in Health and Spirituality


Exercise, Stretching, Etc.


Expressive Therapy

cabinet-drawer 42/2



Eyesight Improvement


Faith Healers


Faith Healing


Family Health Media


Family Potential Center


Fani/Fanie International


Fasting Center


Feathered Pipe Foundation


Feldenkrais Method


Fellowship of the Great Physicians


Fellowship of the Healing Christ


First International Congress on Alternative Therapies


Fischer-Hoffman Process




Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs


Focus on the Family


Focus on Nutrition




Foot Reflexology Awareness Association


Foundation for Spiritual Understanding


Freedom Academy


Funny Business


G-Jo Institute


Gathering Place


Gem Elixirs


General Nutritrion Corporation


Gerson Institute


Glen Ivy Hot Springs


Gold Coast Health Examiner


Golden Age Journal


Golden Temple Conscious Cookery


Good Food Company


Good Health Cooperative


Good Health Water, Inc.


Grace Healing Magazine


Grad, Bernard


Gregory and Associates


Guild of Health


Guild of Spiritualist Healers


Hahnemann Health Associations, Inc.


Hakomi Chicago


Hakomi Institute


Hakomi Therapy


The Healer


Healer Within


Healers Resource Center Incorporated


Healers, Inc.


Healing and the Church


Healing Articles


Healing Center of Arizona


Healing - Chicago


Healing Correspondence


Healing for Animals


Healing Historical


Healing in Our Time


Healing Ministry Material


Healing - Non U.S.


Healing Ourselves and Others


Healing Our World


Healing - Psyche, Phillipines


Healing Research


Healing Shrines


Healing, Spiritual/Faith


Healing Tapes


Healing the Heart


Healing Touch


Healing with Sound and Music


Healing Workshops/Seminars


Healms Holistic Health


Health Alternatives Newsletter


Health and Wellness Prospect of the Christian Association


Health Center


Health Cults


Health Cults and Related Topics


Health Enhancement Center


Health and Weight Management Systems


Health Expos


Health Foods


Health for the New Age


Health Force


Health Harvest Unlimited


Health Management Systems


Health Quackery


Health Rights Convention


Health Watchers Handbook




Healthy Lifestyle Catalogue


Hearing and Tinnitus Help Association


Heart in Hand




Helioscience Institute




Herbalife International




High Point Holistic Health Institute


Hippocrates Health Institute


Holistic Animal Clinic


Holistic Center for Higher Awareness


Holistic Family Practice


Holistic Health (Media Articles)


Holistic Health (Miscellaneous)


Holistic Health Association


Holistic Health Education


Holistic Health Review


Holistic Herald


Holistic Life University


Holistic Life Seminars


Holistic Medical Centers


Holistic Medical Clinic


Holistic Mental Health Nursing Practice


Holistic Promotions


Holistic Psychotherapy and Medical Group


Holistic Resource Directory


Homeopathic Educational Services


Homeopathic Miscellany




Home Health Products, (Inc.)




Hilton Hotema


Hospital Santa Monica


Hug Therapy


Human Performance Center


Human Relations Institute


Human Research Treatment Center


Humane Street, U.S.A.


Humanistic Healing Center





cabinet-drawer 42/3



Innergy Newsletter


Inner Quest


Inner Quest Awareness Center


Inner Technologies


Inside Health


Inspirational Review


Institute for Health Improvement


Institute for Life Energy


Institute for Self Development


Institute for the Advancement of Health


Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior


Institute for the Enhancement of Life Energy and Creativity


Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge


Institute of Behavioral Kinesiology


Institute of Body Psychology and the Healing Arts


Institute of Breathing Awareness


Institute of Chinese Medicine


Institute of Energetic Medicine


Institute of Holistic Health


Institute of Natural Health Sciences


Institute of Nutritional Research




Integrated Health, Inc.


International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends


International Association of Infant Massage Instructors


International Chiropractors Association


International Health Foundation


International Health Resorts Council


International Institute of Reflexology


International Myomassethics Federation, Inc.


International Oral Health Society


International Society of Naturopathy




Jim Shin Do


Jin Shin Jyutsu, Inc.


Journal of Holistic Health


Journal of Holistic Medicine


Kensler Institute


Kern Eye Institute


Khalsa Chiropractic


Khalsa Medical Clinic




Kirlian Photography


Koch, William Frederick




Kundalini Healing Institute


L Ta Me




Legal Battles


Life Force, Inc.


Life Lines


Life Plus Institute


Life Scribes


Life Science


Light, Artificial


Light Force (Spirulina)




Littleton Chiropractic and Natural Healing Arts Center, Co.


Live Cell Therapy


'Live Foods' Support Group


Lively Stones Fellowship


Living Foods Newsletter


Livingston-Wheeler Medical Clinic


Loko-Chi Institute


Lomi Work


Los Angeles Personal Growth Center


Los Angeles Shanti Foundation


Los Angeles Women Therapy Group


Los Olivos Clinic of Alternative Medicine




Macrobiotic Association of Metropolitan New York


Macrobiotic Foundation of Florida


Macrobiotic Learning Center


Macrobiotic Learning Center of Topanga


Magnetic Power


Mandala Holistic Health


Mandala Society


Marjorie Ward Health Products




Massage Magazine


Massage Supplies


Marina Holistic Center


Marine Minerals


Matol KM


Matrix, Inc.


Maven Productions


Mayfair Reiki Associates


Med Faith Conflict


Medicine of the Future Detox Program


Meditation, (Miscellanious)


Massage Classes/Workshops


Men Sana Center, Berkeley, CA


Mercury Poisoning


Meta Publications, Inc.


Metro Detroit Holistic Health Association Newsletter


Michigan Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute


Micro Fiora Corporation


Midwest Acupressure Center


Midwest Shiatsu Association


Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine


Mind and Medicine


Mind Science Foundation


MMI (Macrobiotic Education Institute)


Movement Therapy


Murrieta Hot Springs


Myotherapy Institute of Utah




National Clearinghouse for Meditation Relaxation and Related Therapies


National College of Natropathic Medicine


National Conservatory of Wholistic Medicine


National Federation of Spiritual Healers


National Health Federation


National Holistic Institute


National Iridology Research Association


National Whole Health Symposium and Expo


Native American (Miscellaneous Healing)


Natra-Bio Medicines


Natural Alternatives


Natural Birth


Natural Childbirth Institute and Woman's Health Center


Natural Cosmetics, Soaps


Natural Energies


Natural Food Associates


Natural Foods Restaurants


Natural Gourmet Cookery School


Natural Healing


Natural Healing Center


Natural Hygiene


Natural Therapies Medical Clinic in Santa Monica


Natural Vision International


Natural Ways to Health Center


Naturalife International


Naturally Ewe


Nature's Cure




Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuromuscular Reeducation


New Approaches to Wellness


New Health Symposium


New Life Clinic


New Life Therapeutics International


New Mexico Academy of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts


New Traffic in Cures for Cancer


New York Actualism Center


New York School for Shiatsu and Reflexology


Neworld Communications Network


NLP Products and Promotions (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


Norop Corporation


Northern Lights Alternatives


Nu Skin Catalog


Nuriapathic Formulas


Nurture Nature




Nutrition and Beyond


Nutrition Action Healthletter


Nutrition News


Nutritional Counseling Service




OMango D'Press


Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


Opening the Heart Workshops


Orange County Vegetarian Workshops


Order of St. Luke


Organic Growers Association


Organic Trading Company




Oriental Healing Arts Institute


Oriental Medicine


Original Books






Ostoja Laborotories


Otherworld Tours Inc.


Pacific College of Naturopathic Medicine


Pacific Essences


Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy


Park Ridge Center for Study of Health, Faith, and Ethics


Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation


Pasteur Spiritual Healing Ministry


Patricia Hayes School


Pegasus Products, Inc.


People's Dental Association


People's Medical Society


Phoenix Rising




Polarity Therapy


Polarity Wellness Center


Porter Health Center


Porter Chiropractic Health Center


Potomac Myotherapy Institute


Prana Foundation


Pranic Healing


Prevention Magazine


Probiotic, Inc.


Process Oriented Psycholgy or Dream Body Work




Psychic Healing, (Miscellanious)


Psychosynthesis Institute


Pualani Health and Fitness Retreat


Pure Life Healthy Words


Pyramid of Light Healing Center


Quan Yin Quarterly

cabinet-drawer 42/4

Radiance Technique Association International, Inc.




Rainbow Connection, The


Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems


Raum and Zeit






Redwood Chiropractic Health Center


Referral Service




Reich, Women, and Orgonomy


Reiki Energy Healing


Rejuvenation and Prevention Group




Revelation Foods


Ridwan Diasomatics


Rivera Stretch Process


Ro-Hun Therapy


Rolf Institute International




Rosarita Beach Clinic


Royal Rife Society


Royal University


Sacramento Valley Reflexology Association


Saliva Analysis


Samata International


San Diego County Homeopathic Society


San Francisco Institute of Magical and Healing Arts


San Francisco Medical Research Foundation, Inc.


Santa Barbara Food Co-Op


Santa Barbara News and Review


Santa Barbara Nutrition Center


School of Better Eyesight


School of Fitness and Nutrition


School of T'ai Chi Chuan


School of the Chemistry of Life


Season's Herbs


Sedona Institute




Seven Hills Holistic Healing Arts Center


Shambala Charitable Trust


Sharing News


Shen Therapy Institute




Shiatsu Education Center of America


Shiatsu Massage


Shiatsu Massage School of California


Shiatsu Therapy Center


Siegel, Bernard S.


Simonton Cancer Center


Smith's Natural News


Society for the Advancement of Natural Teachings


Society for the Scientific Study of Sex


Solstice Journal for Natural Living


Somatics Society


Sophia Fellowship


Soul Therapy


Sound Health Center


Sound Vibratino Therapies, (Miscellanious)


Spiritualist Center




Spiritual Healing


Sprout Garden, The


Standard Homeopathic Company


Star and Gate Enterprises


Starborne Communications


Subliminal Tapes, (Miscellanious)


Sufi Healing Order


Summa Medical Group


Sunbeam Books


Sunshine Health News


Sunshine Products Group


Sunshine Times




Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, etc.


Survival Awareness Formulas


Survival Foundation


Syracuse East West Center


Talisman Institute


Tao Healing Arts Center


Therapeutic Services


Thie Chiropractic Clinic, Inc. (John Francis Thie)


TMJ Syndrome


To Your Health


Total Health Awareness


Total Health Journal


Total Image and Enhancement Center


Touch for Health


Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Inc.


Trager Institute, The




Tri-Sun North America


Turnabout A.S.A.P.


UAS Laboratories




United States Psychotronic Association


Universal Christian Movement, The


Universal Helping Hand Society


Unity Center for Health


Valley Cancer Institute


Vegan Street


Vegetarian Society of Southern California




Ventura Center for Healing Sciences


Vibrational Healing


Villa Vegetarian Health Spa


Viscott Center for Natural Therapy


Vision Improvement Programs


Visualization for Healing


Vital-Life Training Institute


Vitamin Villa


Vitamins and Supplements


Vitol International


Vitra-Fit Centers




Wakunga of America Co., Ltd


Wasachi Aikido Institute


Water Birthing


Water Purifiers


Weight Awareness Institute


Weleda Products


Well Being Center


Well Within




Wheel of Life Fitness Program


Whitaker Wellness Institute


Whole Health Institute


Wholistic Dental Health Center


Wholistic Health Centers, Inc.


Wholistic Health Christian Response


Wind Circle


Wolf Hybrid Times


Women's Cancer Resource Center


World Healing Crusade


World Psychic Radio Realization Center


World Research Foundation


World Synergy Festival


Worall, Olga


Yoga Center




Your Personal Best


Youthful Health Center


Zarlen Therapy



cabinet-drawer 37/1

Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine


American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena


American Association for Parapsychology


American Parapsychological Research Foundation


American Society for Psychical Research


Arche International


Association for the Scientific Study of Near-Death Phenomena




California Parapsychology Foundation Inc.


Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University


Christian Parapsychologist


Churches' Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies


Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal


Crystal Orb


Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Parapsychologie


Direct Voice


Eastern Parapsychology Conference


Ecumenical Task Force on the Church of the Psychic






Fate Magazine


Foundation for Christian Psi Research


Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man


Foundation for Research on the Nature of Man- Rhine


Fraternity of the Restored Covenant




Human Dimensions Institute


Human Nature


Illinois Center for Parapsychological Research


Inner Space


Institute for Parapsychology


Institute of Noetic Sciences


Institute of Psychic and Spiritual Research India


Institute for the Study of American Religion


Instituto Argentino de Parapsicologia


International Association for Near-Death Studies


International Association for Religion and Parapsychology


International Conference of Christian Parapsychology


International Fortean Organiszation (INFO)


International Institute for Psychic Investigation


International Journal of Paraphysics


International Kirlian Research Association


Israel Parapsychology Society


Israeli Seminars on Parapsychology


Jahn, Robert


Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research


Journal of Research in Psi Phenomena


Kirlian Phototgraphy

cabinet-drawer 37/2

Lilien, Adam


McConnell, R.A.






Near-Death Experience


New Horizons Research Foundation


Non-Christian-Occult Individual Society


Orange Coast Psynetics Foundation


Order of the Portal


Other Dimensions CataloguePagan Questionnaires- U




Parapsychological Association


Parapsychology Association of Riverside


Parapsychology Bulletin


Parapsychology Foundation


Parapsychology Foundation Inc.


Parapsychology Institute of America


Parapsychology News BureauParapsychology, Philosophy, and Religion: Postmodern Perspectives-conference


Parapsychology Research Group Inc.

cabinet-drawer 37/3

Parapsychology Symposium




Parastudy Review


Perspectives in Psychical Research


PSI Burn


Poseidia Institute


PSI News Service


Psychical and Religion


Psychical Research Foundation N.C.


Psy Research


Psychical Research Inc.




The Roots of ParapsychologyScholar's Conference


Skeptical EyeSociety for Psychical Research


Southern California Society for Psychical Research


Spiritual Healy(?) Project


Stanford Research Institute


Sun Times




Turner- "Life Reading"


Uni-Com Parapsychology


Unitarian Universalist PSI Symposium


Unitarian Universalist World


United Lodge of Theosophists


Westcott, Walker


Miscellany-articles, clippings, ads, etc.



cabinet-drawer 39/2

Abortion Issues




American Association of University Women (AAUW)


American Association of Women Ministers






Baptist Church




Boston Theological Institute - Women's Theological Coalition




Business and Careers






Center of Women's Studies


Christian Women Consultants


Christianity (General)


Church of the Brethren


Church Woman


Cluster Women's Issues Committee


Collections at Libraries


Commission on the Status and Role of Women


Daughters of Sarah




Disciples of Christ


Ecumenical Women's Centers




Encyclopedia of American Religions






Evangelical Covenant Church of America


Feminism and the Church


Feminist Concerns


Foundation for Christian Theology




Gender Issues


Gospel Herald (Serial)


G.T.U. (Graduate Theological Union)


G.T.U. Office of Women's Affairs


Harris, Barbara C.


Historical Perspectives


International Association of Women Ministers


Journey Womyn




Know, Inc.


Language Issues


League of Women Voters










Mass Media


Men Against Sexism






Historical Perspective




Status of Women






Ms. Magazine




National Assembly of Women Religious


National Association of Women's Yellowpages


National Council of Churches


New Testament Christianity



cabinet-drawer 39/3



Over Forty


Peace Issues




Priests for Equality


Programs for Women


Psychological Issues




Reformed Fellowship, Inc.


Role of Women in Society


Roman Catholics


Roman Catholic Nuns


Sanctuary House




Southern Baptists


Theological Issues




U.C.C. (United Church of Christ) Coordinating Center for Women in Society


U.C.C.L./G.C. (United Church of Christ Lesbian/Gay Concerns)


United Church of Christ


United Methodist Church


Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches


W.C.T.U. (Women's Christian Temperance Union)


Woman Church Change


Womanschool Network


Woman's Union Missionary Society


Women-Church Movement


Women Committed to Women


Women in the Church


Women of the Way


Women's Alliance


Women's Center for Theologizing


Women's Ecumenical Center


Women's Liberation Center


Women's Resource Center - U.C. Berkeley


Women's Switchboard


Women's Universal Movement, Inc.


Yale Divinity School



cabinet-drawer 32/4-32/5

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