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Guide to the Photographs from the Annette Rosenshine Papers [graphic], ca. 1895-ca. 1960
BANC PIC 1964.049-.050--ALB  
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1964:049--ALB Blank

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A. Gertrude Stein in Baltimore, ca.1900


B. Another phot taken at the same time

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A. Gertrude Stein's study, Johns Hopkins period


B. Gertrude Stein and her nephew Allan Stein, 1903


C. Gertrude Stein in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1908. Phot by A. Rosenshine.

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Paintings in Stein's atelier, 1907.

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A. Gertrude Stein, 1905.


B. Gertrude Stein.


C. Leo, Gertrude and Michael Stein, 1907.

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Paintings in Stein atelier, 1907

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A. Gertrude Stein at her desk; I [A.R.] am sitting in the background


B-D. Three photographs of G.S. photographed by me [A.R.] in Luxembourg Gardens (1908) before leaving Paris

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Picasso portrait of G.S. before it was framed

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A. G.S. in atelier; Annette Rosenshine in background, 1908. Phot by Michael Stein?


B. [Picasso sculpture on table in Stein atelier]


C. [Stein atelier]


D. [G.S. in Luxembourg Gardens]

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A. Wall of Picasso paintings


B-D. [Phots of individual Picasso paintings]

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A. [Stein atelier]


B. Michael Steins, Leo, and Gertrude at villa in Fiesole


C. [Picasso sculpture]


D. [Gertrude Stein]

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Alice B. Toklas photographed by Arnold Genthe

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A. [Phot of Alice B. Toklas oil portrait]


B. A.B.T. and Harriet Levy, Fiesole, 1909


C. Alice B. Toklas


D. Painting by paternal grandfather of Alice B. Toklas [Phot]


E. [Autographed phot of Alice B. Toklas, 1895?]


F. [Alice B. Toklas and Annette Rosenshine]


G. Tintype of same phot, 1904]

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[Phot of Matisse painting]

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A. Michael in villa, Fiesole


B. Sarah Stein


C. Leo, Allan and Michael Stein


D. [Villa at Fiesole?]


E. Stein family in villa in Fiesole, 1910


F. Allan and Sarah [Stein], Fiesole, 1908.

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Sarah and Michael Stein's Matisses, 1908

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A. Sarah and Michael [Stein] atelier, 1908


B. Michael, Sarah, Matisse, Allan, Purrmann, 1908


C. Matisses at Michael Stein's atelier.


D. Writing table in Michael Stein apartment

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Sarah and Michael Stein's atelier, 1907

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A. [Michael] Stein atelier, 1908


B. Back of pension and Stein apartment, 58 rue Madame


C-D. [Michael Stein atelier]

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Sarah Stein on couch

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A-C. Matisse paintings

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A-B. [Matisse paintings]

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A-C. [Matisse paintings]

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A. Three Matisse paintings


B. Gertrude Stein in her home in Paris [Magazine illustration]


C. [Picasso sketches]


D. Annette Rosenshine, Paris, ca.1907


E. [Picasso paintings]

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[Matisse paintings--reproduction]

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[Clipping from magazine re Matisse]

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[Last work of Matisse; from magazine]

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[Clipping re Matisse funeral]

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[Clipping re death of Brancusi]


1964.050:1--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908: children on path, bare trees.]


1964.050:2--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908: trees, chairs, possibly Annette Rosenshine in coat.]


1964.050:3--AX Annette R. [Rosenshine seated on sidewalk with 2 nurses and baby carriages.]


1964.050:4--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908]


1964.050:5--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908]


1964.050:6--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908]


1964.050:7--AX Annette R. [Rosenshine - in coat among trees, Luxembourg Garden, 1908]


1964.050:8--AX Alice Toklas [with back to camera, Luxembourg Garden, 1908]


1964.050:9--AX [Luxembourg Garden, 1908: urn and small birds]


1964.050:10--AX [Pepper tree?, hammock, and bentwood chair.]


1964.050:11--AX [Wood frame building, 3 or more stories, among trees and brush on hillside]


1964.050:12--AX [Wood frame building among trees on rugged hillside]


1964.050:13--AX [1 postcard, collotype] Ary Scheffer -- St. Augustin and his mother St. Monica. [With annotation on verso, presumably by Annette Rosenshine:] "A favorite picture of my youth [&] of Gertrude [Stein] and ofmine again. Do you remember it[?]"


1964.050:14--DAG [Souvenir tintype portrait in front of backdrop of the Cliff House, San Francisco, Calif., ca. 1895-1905. Probably Annette Rosenshine at right? Woman in hat and veil at left.]