California Lettersheets, 1849-ca. 1870

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California Lettersheets, 1849-ca. 1870

BANC PIC 19xx.097--A

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Collection Title: California Lettersheets,
Date: 1849-ca. 1870
Collection Number: BANC PIC 19xx.097--A
Extent: 53 lettersheets ; various sizes 51 digital objects
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University of California, Berkeley.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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Acquisition Information

The California Lettersheets were assembled from various sources.

Scope and Content

The 53 pictorial lettersheets in this collection date from 1849 to ca. 1870. Many of the lettersheets lack dates, but were likely produced within the above period. A variety of places, events, and topics are depicted. City and landscapes and mining scenes predominate. Also included are events of the day (fires, earthquakes, etc.). Places featured include San Francisco, Marysville, Sacramento, Calaveras County, and other northern California towns. The medium of the bulk of the illustrations are wood engravings or lithographs, featuring the work of the likes of Hutchings & Rosenfield, Barber & Baker, Britton & Rey, and others.

Arrangement Note


Item number--Shelving location Title

Place of publication* : Publisher/Artist and/or Seller, Date of issue or copyright

Physical description (Process; size in cm.**)

Other information (Contents, Variations of issue, etc.)


*"[N.p.]" meaning "no place of publication" is often used in the container listing.


**Measurements followed by annotation "[overall]" refer to dimensions of entire lettersheet; otherwise, measurements refer to illustrations only.




:1--B Assassination of James King of Wm. by James P. Casey. San Francisco, May 14th, 1856.

San Francisco : Britton & Rey, 1856

4 lithographs; 12 x 17 cm. each

Four illustrations. Down left to right: Assassination, Funeral of Js. King, Surrenger of the Jail, Execution

Container Listing


:1--A Adventures of a Pike in California

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

Lithograph: 25 x 18 cm. [overall]

Includes 17 illustrations, left to right, top to bottom: Coming in from the Plains; Winter Experience; Disturbers of his Rest; Wet Diggings; Dry Diggings; buys a Quartz Claim; Daming; Making acquaintance with the natives; Visits Sacramento; Buys a horse; and Stockton; Going back to the Mines; Other parties Claim him next day; Dead broke; Sinks in a deep hole; Makes a rais; and takes the Railroad for home


:2 [Number not used]


:3--A Appearance of Morse & Heslep's Flour Mill, Hayward's, as left by the Earthquake of Oct. 21, 1868. Loss $12,000

Lithograph: 13 x 18 cm.


:4--A Articles in a Miner's Creed

[N.p.]: James M. Hutchings, 1855

Wood cut: 24 x 18 cm.


:5--A Bachelor in a Tight Place

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Wood engraving; 12 x 18 cm.


:6--B Calavaras Big Tree Grove Hotel

[N.p.]: Mdss-Eng. Co. N.Y. (?)

Lithograph; 10 x 17 cm.


:7--A California Politicians

For Sale, ... at the Noisey Carrier's

Lithograph; 24 x 16 cm.


:8--A Coining Money At The San Francisco Branch Mint San Francisco: Hutching [sic] and Rosenfield

A. Nahl, Butler, Eastman, Herrick Sc. [in various blocks]

Wood engraving; 25 x 22 cm. [overall]

Includes 7 illustrations, left to right, top to bottom: Making The Granulations; Front View Of The San Francisco Branch Mint; Cleaning the Planchets; Running The Gold Into Ingots; Rolling And Cutting Room; Adjusting Room; Stamping Into Coin


:9--A Col E. D. Baker. We mourn his loss.

illiam [William] Keith [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 13 x 10 cm.


:10--A Day & Night Of A Miner's Life

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

Lithograph; 24 x 17 cm. [overall]

Includes 3 illustrations. [2 copies]


:11--A Departure For El Dorado

San Francisco: Quirot

Lithograph; 25 x 21 cm. [overall]

Includes 9 illustrations: Corresponding Agent; Cheap and easy way of going to the mines; Delmonico; To Admirers of Music; Departure for El Dorado; Life preserver in the mines; As I am in want of patients for my Sarsparilla, and it is the only thing I have to live upon, I shall swallow it myself; Director of the X... Mining Company; A Company of prospecting miners; Gamblers


:12--A Explosion R.K. Page Nicolaus, Feather River March 21th [sic] 1853

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

4 Lithographs; 10 x 13 cm.

Wreck of Steamship Tenessee [sic] Indian Cove, March 6th, 1853;

Wreck & Burning of the Steamer Independence, Island Marcarita Feby. 16th 1853. 150 Lives Lost;

Collapse of Flue on Board Jenny Lind off San Francisquito, April 11th 1853. 50 Lives Lost;

Wreck of Propellor [sic] Steamship S.S. Lewis, Duxburg Reef April 9th 1853

Also 2 small lithographs.

[Two copies]


:13--A Downieville At The Forks Of The North Yuba River

[N.p.]: S. W. Langton

Sketched by A. W. Grippen

Justh & Quirot Lithographers

Lithograph; 17 x 26 cm.


:14--A Earthquake In San Francisco, Cal. Oct. 21st 1868

San Francisco: D. Appleton & Co.

3 Lithographs, left to right; 9 x 5 cm.; 11 x 11 cm.; 9 x 5 cm.


:15--B The Frazer River Thermometer

San Francisco: Sterett & Butler, 1858

Lithograph; 41 x 25 cm. [overall]

Includes 18 illustrations: across top: Leaves his family; Widest anticipations realized; Gold by the cart l oad; down left side: Jonathan takes the Fever; Law limit 400; Excited Speculators; $500 per day to the man; Gets a Letter from his friend; Reports confirmed; The Bulletin Board; Country Merchant; down right side: Interior view Victoria Hotel; Waits for the River to Fall; The Water Falls; A Bare prospect; Hair-breadth escape; Bone of a grizzly, not a gristly bone; down center: illustration of thermometer


:16--A Great Fire In San Francisco June 14th 1850. 500 Buildings Burned Loss $5,000,000

[N.p.]: WB Cooke & Co.

C. J. Pollard Lithograph Lithograph; 12 x 23 cm.


:17--B The great Fire in San Francisco in the morning of the 17 of September 1850

Grand incendie á San Francisco Le 17 Septembre 1850. (au matin).

El gran Incendio en la mañana del 17 de Setiembre 1850

[all 17's are blurred as if artist were not sure of date]

Lithograph; 20 x 36 cm.


:18--A Hutchings' California Scenes. The Mammoth Trees

[N.p.]: James M. Hutchings, 1854

Sun Print

Anthony & Baker Sc. [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 22 x 18 cm.

[Three copies. See also no. 35]


:19--A Hydraulic Method of Mining

W. C. Butler, Engraver [in block, l.r.]

C. Nahl. [in block, l.l.]

Wood engraving; 23 x 18 cm.


:20--A Iowa Hill

[N.p.]: Barber & Baker

G. H. Baker del. [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 11 x 19 cm.


:21--B Jose Forner, Aged 32 Years, a Native of Valencia, Spain

San Francisco: Bonestell & Williston

Published under the direction of the keepers of the County Jail

Lithograph; 21 x 18 cm.


:22--A La Porte, Sierra County

La Porte: J. C. Lester

AE S. F. [monogram in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 10 x 13 cm.


:23--A The Late Hon. David C. Broderick, United States Senator From California

Butler [in block, l.r.]

From a Photograph by Selleck, being the only one ever taken from life

Wood engraving; 11 x 10 cm.


:24--A Mammoth Grove Hotel

Sperry & De Briges, Proprietor

Calaveras County, Cal ...... 187 [1870s]

T. J. Pettit [in both blocks, l.r.]

2 Lithographs (?); 10 x 8 cm.


:25--A Mammoth Grove Hotel

Sperry & Perry, Proprietor

Calaveras County, Cal. ..... 187 [1870s]

Stockton (Cal.) Independent print

Lithograph (?); 8 x 5 cm.


:26 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Wood engraving; 9 x 11 cm.


:27--A Michigan City

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Wood engraving; 10 x 19cm.


:28--A Miner's Hotel and Bakery, Mormon Island

Dallas A. Kneas

Avery, Sc. N.Y. [under block, l.r.]

Lithograph; 11 x 17 cm.

(? "Early Woodcut by Samuel Putnam Avery, 185- ?, hand-written in pen)


:29--A Miner's Map of Frazer River And Its' Tributaries With The Gold Bearing Country

San Francisco: Towne & Co's Print

S. F. Baker, Engr.

Sold by J. W. Sullivan, News Agent, San Francisco

Wood engraving; 25 x 21 cm.


:30--A Miner's Ten Commandments

A New Verse-ion, Including A Preamble, By-Laws and Decree

by Cadez Orion

Downieville: S. W. Langton & Bro'[thers] Sierra County

Lithograph of Britton & Rey, San Francisco

3 Lithographs; across top: 7 x 8 cm. Good Years Bar; 7 x 5 cm. [untitled]; 7 x 8 cm. Downieville


:31--A [Mining Scene, untitled]

[N.p.]: Chas. P. Kimball

Noisy Carrier's Publishing Hall, San Francisco

ECR [backwards, in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving;(?) 13 x 16 cm.


:32--A Nevada City

[N.p.]: Forrest & Borden

Wood engraving; 16 x 28 cm.


:33--A The Pictorial News Letter for the Steamer Sonora, June 21, 1858. No.7.

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Charles F. Robbins, Printer.

Wood engraving; 7 x 10 cm.

Weaverville, Trinity County; in the Early Days.


:34--A Placerville

San Francisco: Quirot & Co.

Lithograph; 19 x 26 cm.


:35--A Der Riesenbaum der Welt

Die Mammoth=Bäume

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Anthony & Baker Sc. [in block lower right]

Wood engraving (?); 22 x 18 cm.

[See also no. 18]


:36--A Sacramento City, From The R Street Levee

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Barber & Baker [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 10 x 18 cm.


:37--A San Francisco in 1849

Taken from Broadway near Kearny Street

Wood engraving; 10 x 16 cm.


:38--A San Francisco Court House, Alameda Co. as left by the Earthquake of Oct. 21, 1868

Lithograph; 13 x 20 cm.


:39--A Sonora Jany. 1853

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

George H. Goddard del.

Lithograph; 18 x 25 cm.


:40--B Southern Approach to Jamestown Tuolumne County Cal.

Lithograph by Britton and Rey, San Francisco

Entered by L. Jones, 1853

G. H. Goddard del.

Lithograph; 11 x 34 cm.


:41 [Table of distances to the fork of the Thompson's River. Transferred to book collection. Cataloged as pfPM849.T3]


:42--A View of Minnesota with Orleans Flat in the distance, taken from the hill in the rear of the Spring House

Downieville: Wm. B. Monmonier, June 1st 1856

Lithograph by Britton & Rey

Lithograph; 10 x 20 cm.


:43--A View of Montgomery St. From Sacramento Wharf The Morning After The Great Fire

Lithograph by Justh & Co., San Francisco

Lithograph; 14 x 26 cm.


:44--A View Of The Conflagration Of Marysville, On The Night Of August 30th - 1851.

Three entire squares consumed - Loss estimated $ 500,000

Marysville: R. A. Eddy

Lithograph by Justh, Quirot & Co., San Francisco

Lithograph; 19 x 27 cm.


:45--A View of The Plaza Marysville Alt. California

[San Francisco: Cooke & Le Count]

Lithograph of Pollard & Perrgoy [sic] San Francisco

Lithograph; 18 x 25 cm.


:46--A View On Second Street, Sacramento City

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Barber & Baker [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 11 x 19 cm.


:47--B Winter In The Mines

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Printed by S. H. Wade, [San Francisco]

C. Nahl [in several blocks] C.N. [in one block]

A [Thomas Armstrong monogram, in three blocks]

Wood engraving; 39 x 25 cm. [overall]

Includes 7 illustrations


:48--A Established 1860. Agency of the Mission Woolen Mills

San Francisco, Feb. 11, 1851

Boyd [under block, l.r.]

Wood engraving (?); 4 x 10 cm.


:49--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.

Sacramento, 185 [1850s]

Offices Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco

Wood engraving (?); 28 x 24 cm. [overall]

Includes 4 illustrations


:50--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.

Sacramento, 185 [1850s]

Offices Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco

Wood engraving (?); 28 x 24 cm. [overall]

Includes 4 illustrations

[Variant of :49--A]


:51--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.,

San Francisco........18 [after 1850]


American Ex. Bank, New York

Duncan, Sherman & Co.

Atlantic Bank, Boston

Philadelphia Bank, Philadelphia

La State Bank, New Orleans

Page & Bacon, St. Louis

2 Wood engravings (?); 5 x 5 cm.


:52--A Office Of The Mining and Scientific Press.

Government House, San Francisco

San Francisco.....1861

Wood engraving (?); 5 x 22 cm.


:53--A Stockton Female Seminary, Stockton

18 [1866?]

D'Van Vleck, Del - Sc. [artist and engraver in block, l.l.]

Wood engraving (?); 10 x 18 cm.


:54--A "True Delta" Depot. Sacramento City ...........1851

W. Onensbury (?) del [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving (?); 10 x 12 cm.