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California Lettersheets, 1849-ca. 1870
BANC PIC 19xx.097--A  
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Arrangement Note


Item number--Shelving location Title

Place of publication* : Publisher/Artist and/or Seller, Date of issue or copyright

Physical description (Process; size in cm.**)

Other information (Contents, Variations of issue, etc.)


*"[N.p.]" meaning "no place of publication" is often used in the container listing.


**Measurements followed by annotation "[overall]" refer to dimensions of entire lettersheet; otherwise, measurements refer to illustrations only.




:1--B Assassination of James King of Wm. by James P. Casey. San Francisco, May 14th, 1856.

San Francisco : Britton & Rey, 1856

4 lithographs; 12 x 17 cm. each

Four illustrations. Down left to right: Assassination, Funeral of Js. King, Surrenger of the Jail, Execution

Container Listing


:1--A Adventures of a Pike in California

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

Lithograph: 25 x 18 cm. [overall]

Includes 17 illustrations, left to right, top to bottom: Coming in from the Plains; Winter Experience; Disturbers of his Rest; Wet Diggings; Dry Diggings; buys a Quartz Claim; Daming; Making acquaintance with the natives; Visits Sacramento; Buys a horse; and Stockton; Going back to the Mines; Other parties Claim him next day; Dead broke; Sinks in a deep hole; Makes a rais; and takes the Railroad for home


:2 [Number not used]


:3--A Appearance of Morse & Heslep's Flour Mill, Hayward's, as left by the Earthquake of Oct. 21, 1868. Loss $12,000

Lithograph: 13 x 18 cm.


:4--A Articles in a Miner's Creed

[N.p.]: James M. Hutchings, 1855

Wood cut: 24 x 18 cm.


:5--A Bachelor in a Tight Place

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Wood engraving; 12 x 18 cm.


:6--B Calavaras Big Tree Grove Hotel

[N.p.]: Mdss-Eng. Co. N.Y. (?)

Lithograph; 10 x 17 cm.


:7--A California Politicians

For Sale, ... at the Noisey Carrier's

Lithograph; 24 x 16 cm.


:8--A Coining Money At The San Francisco Branch Mint San Francisco: Hutching [sic] and Rosenfield

A. Nahl, Butler, Eastman, Herrick Sc. [in various blocks]

Wood engraving; 25 x 22 cm. [overall]

Includes 7 illustrations, left to right, top to bottom: Making The Granulations; Front View Of The San Francisco Branch Mint; Cleaning the Planchets; Running The Gold Into Ingots; Rolling And Cutting Room; Adjusting Room; Stamping Into Coin


:9--A Col E. D. Baker. We mourn his loss.

illiam [William] Keith [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 13 x 10 cm.


:10--A Day & Night Of A Miner's Life

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

Lithograph; 24 x 17 cm. [overall]

Includes 3 illustrations. [2 copies]


:11--A Departure For El Dorado

San Francisco: Quirot

Lithograph; 25 x 21 cm. [overall]

Includes 9 illustrations: Corresponding Agent; Cheap and easy way of going to the mines; Delmonico; To Admirers of Music; Departure for El Dorado; Life preserver in the mines; As I am in want of patients for my Sarsparilla, and it is the only thing I have to live upon, I shall swallow it myself; Director of the X... Mining Company; A Company of prospecting miners; Gamblers


:12--A Explosion R.K. Page Nicolaus, Feather River March 21th [sic] 1853

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

4 Lithographs; 10 x 13 cm.

Wreck of Steamship Tenessee [sic] Indian Cove, March 6th, 1853;

Wreck & Burning of the Steamer Independence, Island Marcarita Feby. 16th 1853. 150 Lives Lost;

Collapse of Flue on Board Jenny Lind off San Francisquito, April 11th 1853. 50 Lives Lost;

Wreck of Propellor [sic] Steamship S.S. Lewis, Duxburg Reef April 9th 1853

Also 2 small lithographs.

[Two copies]


:13--A Downieville At The Forks Of The North Yuba River

[N.p.]: S. W. Langton

Sketched by A. W. Grippen

Justh & Quirot Lithographers

Lithograph; 17 x 26 cm.


:14--A Earthquake In San Francisco, Cal. Oct. 21st 1868

San Francisco: D. Appleton & Co.

3 Lithographs, left to right; 9 x 5 cm.; 11 x 11 cm.; 9 x 5 cm.


:15--B The Frazer River Thermometer

San Francisco: Sterett & Butler, 1858

Lithograph; 41 x 25 cm. [overall]

Includes 18 illustrations: across top: Leaves his family; Widest anticipations realized; Gold by the cart l oad; down left side: Jonathan takes the Fever; Law limit 400; Excited Speculators; $500 per day to the man; Gets a Letter from his friend; Reports confirmed; The Bulletin Board; Country Merchant; down right side: Interior view Victoria Hotel; Waits for the River to Fall; The Water Falls; A Bare prospect; Hair-breadth escape; Bone of a grizzly, not a gristly bone; down center: illustration of thermometer


:16--A Great Fire In San Francisco June 14th 1850. 500 Buildings Burned Loss $5,000,000

[N.p.]: WB Cooke & Co.

C. J. Pollard Lithograph Lithograph; 12 x 23 cm.


:17--B The great Fire in San Francisco in the morning of the 17 of September 1850

Grand incendie á San Francisco Le 17 Septembre 1850. (au matin).

El gran Incendio en la mañana del 17 de Setiembre 1850

[all 17's are blurred as if artist were not sure of date]

Lithograph; 20 x 36 cm.


:18--A Hutchings' California Scenes. The Mammoth Trees

[N.p.]: James M. Hutchings, 1854

Sun Print

Anthony & Baker Sc. [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 22 x 18 cm.

[Three copies. See also no. 35]


:19--A Hydraulic Method of Mining

W. C. Butler, Engraver [in block, l.r.]

C. Nahl. [in block, l.l.]

Wood engraving; 23 x 18 cm.


:20--A Iowa Hill

[N.p.]: Barber & Baker

G. H. Baker del. [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 11 x 19 cm.


:21--B Jose Forner, Aged 32 Years, a Native of Valencia, Spain

San Francisco: Bonestell & Williston

Published under the direction of the keepers of the County Jail

Lithograph; 21 x 18 cm.


:22--A La Porte, Sierra County

La Porte: J. C. Lester

AE S. F. [monogram in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 10 x 13 cm.


:23--A The Late Hon. David C. Broderick, United States Senator From California

Butler [in block, l.r.]

From a Photograph by Selleck, being the only one ever taken from life

Wood engraving; 11 x 10 cm.


:24--A Mammoth Grove Hotel

Sperry & De Briges, Proprietor

Calaveras County, Cal ...... 187 [1870s]

T. J. Pettit [in both blocks, l.r.]

2 Lithographs (?); 10 x 8 cm.


:25--A Mammoth Grove Hotel

Sperry & Perry, Proprietor

Calaveras County, Cal. ..... 187 [1870s]

Stockton (Cal.) Independent print

Lithograph (?); 8 x 5 cm.


:26 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Wood engraving; 9 x 11 cm.


:27--A Michigan City

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Wood engraving; 10 x 19cm.


:28--A Miner's Hotel and Bakery, Mormon Island

Dallas A. Kneas

Avery, Sc. N.Y. [under block, l.r.]

Lithograph; 11 x 17 cm.

(? "Early Woodcut by Samuel Putnam Avery, 185- ?, hand-written in pen)


:29--A Miner's Map of Frazer River And Its' Tributaries With The Gold Bearing Country

San Francisco: Towne & Co's Print

S. F. Baker, Engr.

Sold by J. W. Sullivan, News Agent, San Francisco

Wood engraving; 25 x 21 cm.


:30--A Miner's Ten Commandments

A New Verse-ion, Including A Preamble, By-Laws and Decree

by Cadez Orion

Downieville: S. W. Langton & Bro'[thers] Sierra County

Lithograph of Britton & Rey, San Francisco

3 Lithographs; across top: 7 x 8 cm. Good Years Bar; 7 x 5 cm. [untitled]; 7 x 8 cm. Downieville


:31--A [Mining Scene, untitled]

[N.p.]: Chas. P. Kimball

Noisy Carrier's Publishing Hall, San Francisco

ECR [backwards, in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving;(?) 13 x 16 cm.


:32--A Nevada City

[N.p.]: Forrest & Borden

Wood engraving; 16 x 28 cm.


:33--A The Pictorial News Letter for the Steamer Sonora, June 21, 1858. No.7.

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Charles F. Robbins, Printer.

Wood engraving; 7 x 10 cm.

Weaverville, Trinity County; in the Early Days.


:34--A Placerville

San Francisco: Quirot & Co.

Lithograph; 19 x 26 cm.


:35--A Der Riesenbaum der Welt

Die Mammoth=Bäume

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Anthony & Baker Sc. [in block lower right]

Wood engraving (?); 22 x 18 cm.

[See also no. 18]


:36--A Sacramento City, From The R Street Levee

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Barber & Baker [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 10 x 18 cm.


:37--A San Francisco in 1849

Taken from Broadway near Kearny Street

Wood engraving; 10 x 16 cm.


:38--A San Francisco Court House, Alameda Co. as left by the Earthquake of Oct. 21, 1868

Lithograph; 13 x 20 cm.


:39--A Sonora Jany. 1853

San Francisco: Britton & Rey

George H. Goddard del.

Lithograph; 18 x 25 cm.


:40--B Southern Approach to Jamestown Tuolumne County Cal.

Lithograph by Britton and Rey, San Francisco

Entered by L. Jones, 1853

G. H. Goddard del.

Lithograph; 11 x 34 cm.


:41 [Table of distances to the fork of the Thompson's River. Transferred to book collection. Cataloged as pfPM849.T3]


:42--A View of Minnesota with Orleans Flat in the distance, taken from the hill in the rear of the Spring House

Downieville: Wm. B. Monmonier, June 1st 1856

Lithograph by Britton & Rey

Lithograph; 10 x 20 cm.


:43--A View of Montgomery St. From Sacramento Wharf The Morning After The Great Fire

Lithograph by Justh & Co., San Francisco

Lithograph; 14 x 26 cm.


:44--A View Of The Conflagration Of Marysville, On The Night Of August 30th - 1851.

Three entire squares consumed - Loss estimated $ 500,000

Marysville: R. A. Eddy

Lithograph by Justh, Quirot & Co., San Francisco

Lithograph; 19 x 27 cm.


:45--A View of The Plaza Marysville Alt. California

[San Francisco: Cooke & Le Count]

Lithograph of Pollard & Perrgoy [sic] San Francisco

Lithograph; 18 x 25 cm.


:46--A View On Second Street, Sacramento City

Sacramento: Barber & Baker

Barber & Baker [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving; 11 x 19 cm.


:47--B Winter In The Mines

San Francisco: Hutchings & Rosenfield

Printed by S. H. Wade, [San Francisco]

C. Nahl [in several blocks] C.N. [in one block]

A [Thomas Armstrong monogram, in three blocks]

Wood engraving; 39 x 25 cm. [overall]

Includes 7 illustrations


:48--A Established 1860. Agency of the Mission Woolen Mills

San Francisco, Feb. 11, 1851

Boyd [under block, l.r.]

Wood engraving (?); 4 x 10 cm.


:49--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.

Sacramento, 185 [1850s]

Offices Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco

Wood engraving (?); 28 x 24 cm. [overall]

Includes 4 illustrations


:50--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.

Sacramento, 185 [1850s]

Offices Sacramento, Stockton, San Francisco

Wood engraving (?); 28 x 24 cm. [overall]

Includes 4 illustrations

[Variant of :49--A]


:51--A Banking House of Page, Bacon & Co.,

San Francisco........18 [after 1850]


American Ex. Bank, New York

Duncan, Sherman & Co.

Atlantic Bank, Boston

Philadelphia Bank, Philadelphia

La State Bank, New Orleans

Page & Bacon, St. Louis

2 Wood engravings (?); 5 x 5 cm.


:52--A Office Of The Mining and Scientific Press.

Government House, San Francisco

San Francisco.....1861

Wood engraving (?); 5 x 22 cm.


:53--A Stockton Female Seminary, Stockton

18 [1866?]

D'Van Vleck, Del - Sc. [artist and engraver in block, l.l.]

Wood engraving (?); 10 x 18 cm.


:54--A "True Delta" Depot. Sacramento City ...........1851

W. Onensbury (?) del [in block, l.r.]

Wood engraving (?); 10 x 12 cm.