Guide to the Hopkins Transportation Collection Photographs M0234

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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Hopkins Transportation Collection photographs
Identifier/Call Number: M0234
Physical Description: 3 Linear Feet (6 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1870-1964 (inclusive), 1877-1943 (bulk)
Date (bulk): bulk
Abstract: Images depicting transportation from various sources.

Scope and Content

Miscellaneous photograph collection containing accessions of original and copy prints depicting railroads, street cars, airplanes, automobiles, ships and other forms of transportation. Material was formerly part of Stanford's Hopkins Transportation Library. Images are in a variety of formats - mounted and unmounted, paper prints (possibly contacts or reprints), copy prints & negatives, etc. Collection is not limited to photographs (see Box 1 especially). Likewise, other HTL collections may also contain photos.
Of note are several albumen prints attributed to Alfred Hart's Central Pacific series (many of which appear to be variously cropped versions of negatives) as well as large photographs of a Ladies Driving Club in England. There is also a memoir about Lawrence Hargrave by A.E. Beriman, material relating to the Royal Aeronautical Society and The Early Birds of Aviation, and a piece of original fabric from the Wright Brothers plane at Kitty Hawk. Also includes railroad stock certificates, the aviation papers of Stanley H. Page, and other miscellaneous materials relating to transportation.

Preferred Citation:

[Identification of item] Hopkins Transportation Collection Photographs, M0234, Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Received from various sources.

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While Special Collections is the owner of the physical and digital items, permission to examine collection materials is not an authorization to publish. These materials are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Any transmission or reproduction beyond that allowed by fair use requires permission from the owners of rights, heir(s) or assigns.

Conditions Governing Access

Open for research. Note that material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Railroads -- History
Aeronautics -- History.
Automobiles -- History
Ships -- History


Series 1. Railroads & street cars

box 1, folder 14

Advertisement, Eades: Patent Differential Pulley Blocks, Sacramento, California. Huntington, Hopkins & Company September 1880

box 1, folder 16

Gould-Huntington Contract Nov 26, 1881

Scope and Contents

El Paso, Texas (West) Track Agreement. Source: Hammon.
box 1, folder 15

Pennsylvania Railroad: Ticket offices and depots of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Philadelphia. circa 1870

Physical Description: 2 page pamphlet.

Scope and Contents note

(Source: Hammon)
box 1, folder 17

Pacific Coast Steamship & Central Pacific Railroad Co. & Southern Pacific Railroad Co. & South Pacific Company contract 1 Feb 1877, 1 Feb 1885

Scope and Contents

Pacific Coast Steamship & Central Pacific Railroad Co. & Southern Pacific Railroad Co. & South Pacific Company: Pool Agreement - original contract, and modifications. Source: Hammon.
box 2, folder 1

Early train stations in California

box 1, folder 13

Stock certificates: railroad, shipping, etc. 1877-1943

Scope and Contents note

Transfers and various sources. Includes Crocker, Huntington, other signatures.

1901 Oil Company (1901 Oil Company (1901)


Capay Valley Land Company (1918)


Central New York and Western Railroad Co. (1943)


Coal and products Co. (1909)


Colorado Steam Navigation Co. (1893)


El Verano Improvement Assoc. (1914, 1918)


El Verano Villa Assoc. (1920)


Fresno Land and Improvement Co. (1893)


Gravey Bar Dredging Co. (1910)


Ione Coal and Iron Co. (1890, 1893)


Oakland, Brooklyn and Fruitvale Rai-road Co. (1896)


Portland and Dambill Railroad Co. (1893)


Portland and Willamette Valley Railway Co. (1887)


San Lorenzo Flume and Transportation Co. (1877)


San Pedro Harbor, Dock, and Land Assoc. (1897)


Simmons Bar Dredging Co. (1911


Sonoma Valley Improvement Co. (1888, 1889, 1891)


Union Fuel Co. (1904, 1906)

box 2, folder 2

Southern Pacific locomotives, gift of Mrs. Delmar Green 1948

box 2, folder 3

Central Pacific Railroad - Alfred Hart paper prints + later negatives

Related Materials

While there is no original documentation, these photographs (approx. 36 4x3/4" thin paper prints) have been identified as the work of Alfred Hart, staff photographer for the Central Pacific from 1864-1868. Some images match published stereoviews by him. The majority depict trains, trestles, tracks, and mountain scenery. Several document the interiors of Pullman cars. A few have writing on their verso. Many prints appear to be variously cropped versions of single negatives.
Stanford University Archives holds the Alfred A. Hart photographs, 1862-1869 (PC0002):
box 2, folder 4

Central Pacific snow removal album by I.W. Taber copy negatives

Related Materials

The photo album itself is MSS PHOTO 407 "Central Pacific trans-Sierra line in winter : photograph album, 1890" (
box 2, folder 5

Central Pacific Construction Deeth, Utah (Mt. Hallock in distance) Prospect Hill cut.

box 2, folder 6

Central Pacific 3 Copy prints

box 2, folder 7

Central Pacific 5 photos 1922

box 2, folder 8

Union Pacific and Central Pacific copyprints

box 2, folder 9

Western Pacific - locomotives

box 2, folder 10

Baltimore, Ohio postcards

box 2, folder 11

24 Postcard photos - mainly Baltimore, Ohio RR

box 2, folder 12

Leona Line, RPT

box 2, folder 13

Railroad - Molino, Monte Vista

box 2, folder 14

California - Northern Electric Railway Co. 27 photos 1912

box 2, folder 15

Panama RR

box 2, folder 16

Rhode Island Locomotive Works 6 photos of engines 1881

box 2, folder 17

Sutro Heights locomotives, later

box 2, folder 18

Locomotives Colorado 6 color pictures

box 2, folder 19

Locomotives. Great Britain postcards

box 2, folder 20

Locomotives Japan

box 2, folder 21

Street Cars - California

box 2, folder 22

Street Cars, San Francisco

box 2, folder 23

Railroads - Los Angeles, 32 line car. Los Angeles. 33 Santa Monica Los Angeles. 34 Los Angeles, San Pedro 1890

box 2, folder 24

Glass slides - copy negatives + prints

Box 2, Folder 25

Eastern Bound Train Leaving Oakland Point - Houseworth [copy print] 1870s

Box 7, Folder 1

Horsedrawn streetcars/buggies

Box 7, Folder 7


Scope and Contents

Copy prints from Loomis collection: Display of American Flag Across the Cut, Awaiting Approach of Presidential Train ; Colon- Gang on Sewer Construction. ; crowd of people in front of train tunnel, unidentifed location

Series 2. Aereonautical

box 1, folder 1

Airplane photos

Scope and Contents

See also nitrate negative file and James Deitrick Papers - 140/1/14.

1. Stanford alumni: Floyd Merritt, J.E. Brick Elliott, Pat Ferris Jan, 1929


2. Stanford alumni, geologists, May, 1929


3. [Stanford alumni?]: Baker, Brandt, Schilder by a Douglas 0-32 May-30


4. [Stanford alumni?] for Stanford Illustrated Review, May-30


5. Six magazine clippings

Scope and Contents

[National Geographic?], reproducing 12 photos including Lindergh and his monoplane and Byrd and his plane America.

6. Roger's aereoplane photo 1910

Scope and Contents

Part of the Roger's aeroplane (a photo of); the first to fly across the U.S., (and descriptive letter).
box 1, folder 2

CAA photos 1926-1946

Scope and Contents

Twenty 8 × 10 black and white photos; gift of the Civil Aeronautics Administration. Information is on the back of each photo.
box 1, folder 3

French aviation postcards

Scope and Contents

Gift of Hermann Knoche.

Sports-aviation series:


6. Wright, Wilbur and plane


21. Warflinger and single wing Antoinette IV (see 93)


23. Dumont, Santos and plane


25. Farman, Henri and plane


30. Aeroplane Vuia (See 101) (May 1907)


33. Koecklin and plane


43. Guilleband and plane in Rouen.


51. Bonnet-LabrancheII


54. Zens


54. Colonel Coddy's plane (See 103)


60. Bleriot-&-Voisin and plane


63. Equevilley's multiwing plane


64. Glider of M. Belin fils.


66. Gilbert and plane


72. M. Santos-Dumont and plane


76. M. Bleriot and plane La Libellule


90. M. Henri Farman and triplane


91. Delagrange airplane


93. Single wing Antoinette IV (see 21)


97. Auffin-Ordt


97. Single wing Esnault-Pelterce


99. June Bug


101. Vuia (see 30)


102. Esnault-Pelterie


103. English military plane of Colonel Cody (See 54)


104. Flying machine of Laurence Lesh at Morris Park, New York.


Different series:


12. Wilbur Wright airplane


13. Wilbur Wright airplane


15. Delagrange airplane


16. Delagrange airplane


72. Sommer airplane


80. Curtiss airplane


81. Bleriot airplane


83. Farman airplane


84. Voisin airplane


85. La Demoiselle de Santos Dumont (See #23 first series).


Fetes de l'aviation


[1] M. Latham dans le prix d'altitude


[2] Bleriot's last flight one minute before burning


Parked planes


60. Bi-plane


64. Voisin airplane




3. Clement-Bayard


Italian post card: Ala Littoria

box 1, folder 4

Early Birds of Aviation 1952-1964

Scope and Contents

Papers of the Early Birds of Aviation, Inc. Includes newsclippings, correspondence, photographs, membership lists, & pamphlets. Gift of Stanley Page.
box 1, folder 5

The Aero Manual First edition, Temple Press, Ltd., London 1909

Scope and Contents

Gift of Stanley H. Page.
box 1, folder 6



1. Flight to the North Pole, 24 August 1949, by Francis P. Farquhar and Garfield Merner. San Francisco, CA 1950,


2. Two magazine clippings


3. Aircraft Magazine, (frag.) Dec, 1911


4. Flying Magazine, Vol. III, No. 2. Mar, 1914


5. Army and Navy News Vol. V. No. 7. Jul, 1917

box 1, folder 7

Aeronautical notebook

Scope and Contents

Red letter days of aviation, (2 1/4 pp), and, Some well-known aeroplanes, ms. specifications accompanied by numerous ink line-drawings. By William Lockwood Marsh.
box 1, folder 8

Original fabric from Kitty Hawk Wright Flyer

Scope and Contents

Gift of Lester D. Gardner. Accompanied by 2 pages of information.
box 1, folder 9

Musee de l'Aeronautique photo postcards

Scope and Contents

Gift of Col. W.Lockwood Marsh.

1. The Breguet of Henri Bregi


2. Ader's third plane


3. Ader's third plane


4. H. & A. Dufaux's helicopter


5. The Antoinette


6. Angers' plane Rene GAsnier


7. Henri Farman plane, built by the Voisin brothers.


8. The gyroplane Louis Breguet


9. The plane in which Bleriot crossed the Channel, pictured in the Conservatoire national des arts & metiers, Paris.


10. Deperdussin


11. The Paul Schmitt plane.


12. Works of Colonel Ch. Renard in the musee de l'aeronautique, Meudon.


13. Models of observation balloons in the musee de l'aeronautique.


14. Airplane models, and Fabre's hydroplane, and Breguet & Caudron's planes, together in the musee de l'aeronautique, Meudon.


15. Model of the dirigeable Zodiac.


16. Model of the first balloon to make a successful voyage. (Made by Pilatre of Rozier and Arlandes, 21 Nov 1783


17. Twin-winged Nieuport plane.


18. Model of the Voisin twin-wing.


19. Model of the Santos-Dumont.


20. Vapor helicopter of Ponton of Amecourt.


21. The Wright motor


22. The Lorraine-Dietrich motor.


23. The Renault motor.

box 1, folder 10

Lawrence Hargrave biography December 1923

Scope and Contents

Memoir by A.E. Berriman, 11 typed pages inc. bibliography. Hargrave invented the box kite as well as experimenting with flight machines in general. Gift of Col. Marsh.
box 1, folder 11

Incoming correspondence to Colonel W. Lockwood Marsh 1921-1930

Scope and Contents note

Incoming correspondence to Colonel W. Lockwood Marsh from collectors and dealers in aeronautical materials. Gift of Col. W.L. Marsh.
Includes a typewritten description of the G. Michelmore & Co. aeronautical collection, Aeronautica, the history of travel by balloon, told in books, autographs, pictures, and engravings, 1670-1894. (19pp)
Also includes an excerpt sent by Roger Goodland of the Peabody Museum, An account of Nimrod's ascent towards the azure sky.
box 1, folder 12

Miscellany from Col. W. Lockwood Marsh, Royal Aeronautical Society


1. Programme to the garden party of the Royal Aeronautical Society, 8-May-38

Physical Description: (72 pp inc. many pictures)

2. A History of British aeronautical periodicals, by C.G. Grey, in Aeronautics, (pp 28-36) Apr, 1944


3. One flyer and one ad from the Publishers' Circular for Marsh's book, Aeronautical prints and drawings.


4. Dealer's list for aeronautical material from Librairie Paul Ritti, Paris, undated

Physical Description: 4 pp.
box 3, folder 13

Airplane Photographs - Aeronca Aircraft Corporation

box 3, folder 14

American Airlines - Airglobe Magazine 1945

box 3, folder 15

Airplane Photographs - Barnhart - Twin

box 3, folder 16

Bell Aircraft Corporation Photographs

box 3, folder 17

U.S. Army Air Corps Beechcraft Photographs

box 3, folder 18-20

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation and Public Relations

box 4, folder 1-6

Pictorial History of the Boeing Aircraft Company

box 4, folder 7

Airplane Photographs - The Capital Airline

box 4, folder 8

U.S. Navy Parachutes

box 4, folder 9

U.S. Navy Blimp Photographs

box 4, folder 10

Capitol Hill from the Army Air Corps Bombardment Planes photograph

box 4, folder 11

U.S. Army Aircraft Photographs - United Aircraft Corporation

box 4, folder 12

United Airlines School + College Service images etc.

box 4, folder 13

Sikorsky Clipper 1928-1930

box 4, folder 14

Sikorsky Clipper 1931-1936

box 4, folder 15

Boeing Clipper 1939-1946

box 4, folder 16

Douglas Clipper 1937-1945

box 4, folder 17

Consolidated Clipper 1930-1947

box 4, folder 18

Lockhead Clipper 1934-1946

box 4, folder 19

Martin Clipper 1935

box 4, folder 20

Republican Clipper 1947

box 5, folder 1

Palo Alto School of Aviation pamphlet

box 5, folder 2

Navy photographs

box 5, folder 3

Army Photographs - Kellet Aircraft

box 5, folder 4

Aircraft Photographs - U.S. Military

box 5, folder 5

Douglas Airplanes

box 5, folder 6

Airplane Photographs - Delta Airlines


Series 3. Automotive

box 3, folder 1-3

Spooner + Wells Photos - Andy Albrecht Collection

box 3, folder 4

Miscellaneous Photos

box 3, folder 5-6

Ladies Motor Club photographs

box 3, folder 7-8

Mounted prints, J.W. Debenham

box 3, folder 9


box 3, folder 10

2 Negatives (Safety Film)

box 3, folder 11

Gas Station Photograph 1925

box 3, folder 12

Autos, Horses, and Harnessings - Ed Degner collection

box 6, folder 1

Reproduction - Charles Sykes illustration of Rolls-Royce

box 6, folder 2

Photograph - 3 Automobiles; "Mrs. J. O'Hara" Written on verso

box 6, folder 3

Carriages Illustrations (Original)

Box 7, Folder 6

Container shipping. Workers loading boxes circa 1940s-1950s


Series 4. Ships

box 6, folder 4

Ship Photograph

box 7, folder 3


Scope and Contents

Photographs and postcards depicting ships such as the Lyman Truman, Amelia, Robert Fulton, Commonwealth, City of Lowell, Priscilla, Island Queen, Creole State, Empire State Ferry San Jose, and Lord Shaftesbury/Golden Gate as well as an unidentified shipwreck and the San Francisco waterfront 1863, 1865, 1902. Photos from RJ Waters & Co., Behrman Collection, etc.
box 7, folder 4

Shipping Lines Advertising Posters

Box 7, Folder 5

Berkeley Harbor, etc. circa late 30s-early 40s

Scope and Contents

"VM341 2pi PhotoFile" and some identifications written on back. Includes shots of Martindale, New St. Joseph, Exposition King, Fishermen's Grotto.

Series 5. Miscellaneous

Box 7, Folder 8

unidentified portrait of young man in uniform [stamped Hopkins Transportation Library]

Box 7, Folder 2

Horses - Riding gear