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Inventory of Murphy Family Papers
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Folder 1

Martin Murphy, Jr.(1807-84): promissory notes and notes relating to loans (1850's-1880's)

Folder 2

Martin Murphy, Jr.: bills and receipts (1850's-70's)

Folder 3

Martin Murphy, Jr.:


correspondence (1850's-80's)


pencil drawing of Martin Murphy, Jr.

Folder 4

Martin Murphy, Jr.: 29 letters to Murphy and wife concerning their 50th wedding anniversary (1881)

Folder 5

Martin Murphy, Jr.:


legal papers not dealing with land issues (1850's-1870's)


Martin Murphy, Jr.'s 1855 certificate of U.S. citizenship (O Box 6)

Folder 6

Martin Murphy, Jr.: checks (1860's)

Folder 7

Martin Murphy, Jr.: checks (1870's)

Folder 8

Martin Murphy, Jr.: insurance forms (1880's)

Folder 9

Martin Murphy, Jr.: indentures between Martin and his wife, Mary Murphy, (1850's, 1884)

Folder 10

Martin Murphy, Jr.: papers dealing with Rancho Purissima Concepcion (1850's-70's), including:





Folder 11

Martin Murphy, Jr.: papers dealing with Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas (1850's-60's), including:


surveyors' findings




copies of Spanish documents


decrees of confirmation


1 map


8 pages of traced copies in scroll form of the original documents related to the transfer between Jose Estrada and Mariano Castro of the Rancho del Refugio, also known as the Rancho Pastoria de las Borregas (Box 7)

Folder 12

Martin Murphy, Jr.: papers concerning Rancho Milpitas (1860's-70's), including:


1 lease


3 deeds

Folder 13

Martin Murphy, Jr.: papers dealing with Rancho Santa Margarita, including:


mortgages (1860)


1 map (1861)

Folder 14

Martin Murphy, Jr.: papers dealing with land in Sacramento, including:


indentures (1850's)


1 indenture and 1 deed between Martin Murphy, Jr. and John Sutter, 1849

Folder 15

Martin Murphy, Jr.: mortgages held by Martin (1850's-70's)

Folder 16

Martin Murphy, Jr.: leases and indentures involving land in downtown San Jose (1840's-60's)

Folder 17

Martin Murphy, Jr.: other documents concerning isolated land dealings, including:


1852 rent agreement dealing with land in Santa Clara County


1860 deed transferring land in San Francisco


1860 indenture transferring land in Carson County, Utah Territory


1860 agreement transferring lots in Alameda County


1861 indenture transferring land in San Francisco


1864 indenture transferring Rancho Asuncion in San Luis Obispo County


1864 indenture transferring Rancho Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County


1872 indenture transferring Rancho Santa Ana


undated descriptions of land boundaries

Folder 18

Daniel Murphy (1826-82): promissory notes and notes relating to loans (1850's), 1 account book

Folder 19

Daniel Murphy: bills and receipts (1850's)

Folder 20

Daniel Murphy: bills and receipts (1850's)

Folder 21

Daniel Murphy: correspondence (1850-53)

Folder 22

Daniel Murphy: correspondence (1854-55)

Folder 23

Daniel Murphy: correspondence (1856-57)

Folder 24

Daniel Murphy: correspondence (1858-60)

Folder 25

Daniel Murphy: correspondence (either undated or date is illegible)

Folder 26

Daniel Murphy: legal papers dealing with issues other than land (1851-59), including:


contracts and articles of agreement


court decisions




sales of improvements


biographical information on Daniel Murphy from the Society of CA Pioneers

Folder 27

Daniel Murphy: legal and other papers dealing with land issues (1852-57), including:




a bill of sale


local government decision


an article of agreement


1854 translation of Spanish documents


decisions involving the property of Bernard Murphy


surveyor's notebook detailing land boundaries


notice describing land for lease

Folder 28

Daniel Murphy (and James Murphy): Papers dealing with indenture No. 25, Rancho San Francisco de las Llagas, (1853-54), including:


1854 translations and copies of Spanish documents


2 maps


court confirmation of ownership


photocopy of document with Sr. Sullivan's translation

Folder 29

Murphy papers not attributed to a specific Murphy, including:




bills and receipts


legal papers dealing with land


promissory notes


1858 map of the Rancho de la Laguna Seca (in O Box 6)

Folder 30

Bernard "Brian" Murphy (1815-53): (1850's)






promissory notes

Folder 31

Bernard "Brian" Murphy: Papers dealing with indenture No. 7, Rancho Las Uvas, (1853-54), including:


2 maps


copies and translations of Spanish documents (1850's)


decree of confirmation

Folder 32

Bernard "Brian" Murphy: papers dealing with indenture No. 52, Rancho La Polka, (1854), including:


copies of Spanish documents


decree of confirmation

Folder 33

Bernard "Brian" Murphy: papers dealing with indenture No. 95, Rancho del Ojo de Agua de la Cochi, (1846-54),including:


original document in Spanish


copy of original grant with Sr. King's translation




copy of documents in Spanish


translation of Spanish documents


decree of confirmation

Folder 34

Bernard D. Murphy (1841-1911): (1850's-70's)


bills and receipts


promissory notes


deed to land in San Jose

Folder 35

Bernard D. Murphy: checks (1870's)

Folder 36

James T. Murphy (1852-98): (1870's-90's)




bills and receipts


promissory notes


4 indentures involving Rancho Atascadero and Rancho Ascuncion


1893 indenture involving rights to Martin Murphy, Jr.'s Sunnyvale land

Folder 37

James T. Murphy: checks (1870's-90's)

Folder 38

John Murphy (1824-92): (1850's-60's)




bills and receipts


promissory notes


deed of mortgage and satisfaction of mortgage


biographical information from Society of CA Pioneers

Folder 39

Martin Murphy, Sr. (1785-1865):


bills and receipts (1850's)


promissory notes (1850's)


photocopy of 1901newspaper story on Martin, Sr.

Folder 40

Martin J. Murphy (1836-65): (1850's-60's)




bills and receipts


promissory notes




satisfaction of mortgage





Folder 41

Mary (Maria) Fisher Murphy (1836-1902) and family:


correspondence in Spanish with some English translations by Sr. King (1850's)


bill (undated)

Folder 42

Patrick W. Murphy (1938-1901): (1860's-90's)


wife's calling card




bills and receipts


promissory notes


deed of transfer of mining rights


4 deeds of special power of attorney


agreement of release of all demands on estate of Martin and Mary Murphy

Folder 43

Patrick W. Murphy: Papers dealing with indenture No. 211, Rancho Atascadero, (1850's and 60's), including:


copy of Spanish document with Sr. King's translation


indenture transfering ownership


copy of court ruling


deed of sale to Patrick Murphy

Folder 44

Patrick W. Murphy: checks (1860's-70's)

Folder 45

Murphy family:


funeral notice of Mrs. W. Murphy (1889)


promissory note belonging to William Murphy (1875)


correspondence (1880's)


photo (1910's)


taped interview with Mrs. Gerald Kennedy (AC86)

Folder 46

Archbishop Alemany: (1880's)receipts for donations made by Martin Murphy, Jr.

Folder 47

J.R. Arques: (1870's)




bills and receipts


indenture transferring land in Santa Barbara

Folder 48

J. Bidwell: note requesting olive cuttings (undated)

Folder 49

R. T. Carroll: (1870's-80's)


bills and receipts


1881 correspondence with Fr. Varsi, S.J.

Folder 50

James Crowley: 1867 agreement to process wheat crop

Folder 51

Bull and Fisher families: (1850's)




bills and receipts

Folder 52

R. P. Hammond: (1850's)




promissory notes

Folder 53

Martin Family: (1850's-70's)




promissory notes

Folder 54

Taaffe Family: (1870's-80's)




bills and receipts

Folder 55

William Tennant: (1850's)




bills and receipts

Folder 56

W. T. Wallace: (1860's)





Folder 57

Papers not yet connected to the Murphys, including:


correspondence, some from Thomas Fallon, (1843-53 and undated)


bills and receipts (1851-77 and undated)


promissory notes (1849-66 and undated)


1 check from 1850

Folder 58

Papers that deal exclusively with land issues (not yet connected to the Murphys), including:


map of Rancho San Francisquito (undated)


1853 map of Rancho de Bolsa Nueva


2 documents to support land claims (undated)


legal documents (1854-64):


3 decrees of confirmation


copy of decision of land board accompanying decree of confirmation


9 signed testimonies


copy of court decision in land claim suit


certificate of sale of Rancho Atascadero


surveyors' notes and records of lot boundaries (1858-65)


other land documents:


undated description of land


1 page record of land transactions in San Francisco from 1873 to 1875


1854 map of land in Santa Clara County purchased by Mrs. Marcelina Campbell (in O Box 6)

Folder 59

Legal agreements that deal with land transactions (not yet connected to Murphys) (1847-77), some of which involve Thomas Fallon, including:









Folder 60

Sr. Sullivan: research materials, including a partial list of Murphy family land holdings

Folder 61

Sr. Sullivan: research materials dealing with Murphy family genealogy

Folder 62

Sr. Sullivan: newspaper clippings on the Murphys

Folder 63

Sr. Sullivan: materials relating to the Murphys from the anniversary celebration in Frampton, Quebec

Folder 64

Sr. Sullivan: materials on the St. Denis Church

Folder 65

Sr. Sullivan: correspondence regarding the Murphys and her book

Folder 66

Sr. Sullivan: acknowledgments for copies of book

Folder 67

Sr. Sullivan: materials from the Sunnyvale Historical Society