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Guide to the Harwood Family Papers, 1722-1962
Special Collections M0206  
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Box 1, Folder 1

1. 1967, June,Bill of Benedict Arnold due from Samuel Huntington, debtor.


2. 1769, July 9,Benjamin Franklin to [William Bartram] with notes on the verso by Bartram. ALS


3. 1769, July 9,Pos. photo of No. 2 above

Physical Description: 2 copies of letter and 1 of notes.

4. 1769, July 9,Typescript of letter in No. 2 above.


5. 1769, July 9,Negative photo of No. 2


6. 1776, Feb. 5,Elizabeth Franklin to Mrs. Bache.

Physical Description: copy of letter. and photocopy

7. 1778, Feb. 14,Richard Bache to Benjamin Franklin (facs.)

Box 1, Folder 2

8. 1782, Sept. 8,B. Franklin to David Hartley ALS


9. 1785, May 14,Alexander Hamilton to Wm. Duer ALS


10. 1785, May 16,Facs. ALS Geo. Washington to Fran. Hopkinson. N.B. by unknown.


11. 1786, Sept.7, A. Burr to []


12. 1805, Sept. 17,D[olley] P[ayne] Madison to Mrs. Harwood. ALS


13. [1805], Sept. 17,AL neg. photo (2 copies) of front side only of letter in No. 12.


14. [18]08, Mar. 3,T. J[efferson] to Mr. Smith ANS

Box 1, Folder 3a

15. 1812 - 1855Notes - mostly naval or from ship cruises.


A. Correspondence of Brit. Naval Chronicle [notes]


1. Naval transactions for the year 1823


2. Corresp. Br. Naval Chronicle, Dec. 1, 1812; Nov. 1, 1812; Oct. 18, 1812;from report of [Capt. Whingate] to [Adm. Weaver].


3. Capt. Gordon's report 25. Oct. 25, 1812.


4. Corresp. Jan. 16, 1813; Jan. 28, 1813.


B. 1824Notes: 1st page ink crossed out. pencil corrections and revisions throughout. On board Constitution etc. a diary Oct. 1824 - July 26, 1825. Plan of Ancient Syracuse set in (hand done Map 20 Sicilian Caves. some ink revisions done in another hand.

Box 1, Folder 3b

C. 1827 April[diary?]


D. [1832] July 20,log or diary - incomplete


E. 1832, Aug. 23-25(incomplete) log or diary


F. U.S. Schr Shark, March 1855


1. Log - March 18-31


2. Abstract kept on board the Shark, April 1836


3. Remarks, April 1836


4. Remarks relative to Salutes, April 1836


5. April 1836,Donna Maria II's wedding


6. April 1836,Anchored in the Tagas, etc.

Box 1, Folder 4

16. 1812, Nov[] Memo. Isaac Hull and C[harles] Morris


17. 1813, Jan. 2,Aunt Louise [] to [] - in French ALS


18. 1813, Aug. 3,Jesse D. Elliott to Cox ALS


19. 1814, Feb. 25,Jesse D. Elliott to Cox ALS


20. 1816, May 4,James Monroe to [] ALS


21. 1819, Mar. 20,Wm. Bainbridge to A.A. Harwood ALS


22. 1820, Feb. 22,Samuel L. Brown to A.A. Harwood ALS


23. 1820, Mar. 28,J. Chauncey to commanding officer of the Hornet ALS

Box 1, Folder 5

24. 1822, May 29,Wm. Bainbridge to A.A. Harwood ALS


25. 1823, Aug. 14,David Porter to Allen Harwood ALS


26. 1823, Aug. 14,Ralph Voorhees to Harwood ALS


27. 1824, July 26,Samuel Southard to Harwood ALS


28. 1825, April 16,John U. Farnham to Burnett -and enclosures.

Physical Description: Photostats.

29. 1826, Sept. 3,Allen [Harwood] to Mrs. Sophia Bache ALS

Box 1, Folder 6

30. 1827, Jan. 9,[] to Dear Aunt and Uncle-last part missing.


31. 1928, Jan. 5,J. Chauncey, et. al. to Harwood ALS


32. 1831, April 11,Certificate signed by J.B. Gilpin DS


33. 1831, Aug. 11,Allen [Harwood] to Mrs. Bache ALS


34. 1833, June 18,August Davezac to Harwood (American lawyer and diplomat) ALS


35. 1833, July 3,Lt. Gen [Simon] [Bernas or Bernard] to Harwood ALS


36. 1834, Mar. 12,Andrew A. Harwood to Mrs. Bache ALS


37. 1834, July 14,Andrew A. Harwood to Mrs. Bache ALS


38. 1835, June 5,Andrew A. Harwood to Mrs. Bache ALS


39. 1835, Aug. 20,[A.A. Harwood] intended for Capt. Ingraham

Physical Description: contemporary copy
Box 1, Folder 7

40. [1836], July 14,Andrew A. and Mrs. Harwood to Mrs. Bache ALS


41. [1836],Charles Babbage to Sr. John Hershel ALS


42. 1838, July 13,F. Arago to Lavalleé -in French ALS


43. 1839, Mar. 7,J. W. Dorr to Harwood ALS


44. 1839, April 1,E. Leslie to Harwood ALS


45. 1840, May 9,M.C. Perry to Harwood ALS


46. 1843, Mar. 11,A. P. Upshur to Harwood ALS

Box 1, Folder 8

47. 1844, Mar. 30,Oath of Office of John C. Calhoun [Facs.?]


48. 1844, June 26,J. Y. Mason to Powell et. al. LS


49. 1844, June 27,Passport of Harwood signed by J. C. Calhoun


50. 1844, Sept. 11,Baron de Mackau to Harwood -in French ALS (French Admiral).


51. 1845, July. 5,J. C. Calhoun in 3rd person to W. Walker AL


Missing as of 1985 Nov.

52. 1845, Mar. 11,D. Webster to Walker ALS


53. [1845] June 17,Nathaniel Parker Willis to J. Fenimore Cooper ALS


54. 1846, Oct. 30,J. Barron to L. M. Powell ALS


55. 1846, Nov. 7,D[avid] G. Farragut to Capt. L. Powell, together with a diagram of fixtures on the Decatur. ALS

Box 1, Folder 9

56. 1847, June 9,William Duane to A. A. Harwood ALS


57. 1849, Feb. 12,J. Y. Mason to Harwood LS


58. 1850, June 8,Louis Warrington to Harwood LS


59. 1850, Nov. 6-7,D. G. Farragut to Harwood ALS


60. 1851, June 16,Henry W. Longfellow to Harwood (with part of envelope) ALS


61. 1852, Aug. 29,Andrew Harwood to Frank Harwood ALS


62. 1852, Oct. 18,John P. Kennedy to Harwood LS


63. 1852, Oct. 30,D. G. Farragut to Harwood ALS


64. 1852, Dec. 16,Napoleon III -in French ALS

Box 1, Folder 10

65. 1853, Jan. 14,Charles Morris to Mrs. M. B. Harwood ALS


66. 1853, April 18,Andrew Harwood to Frank Harwood ALS


67. 1853, May 19 (May 31),Clip -in French - copy of a letter from Chancellor Count Nesselrode to Rechid-Pacha, minister of foreign affairs of La Porte, dated from St. Petersburg.


68. 1853, June 27,I. H. Hill to Harwood ALS


69. [1853], Oct. 30,John Graham to Harwood ALS


70. 1854, July 19,Franklin Harwood to Dear Sally ALS


71. 1854, Sept. 29,S. H. Stringham to A. A. Harwood LS


72. 1854, Nov. 22,M. Van Buren to Harwood ALS

Box 1, Folder 11

73. 1855, Jan. 20,Charles Morris to Harwood ALS


74. 1855, March 30,John C. Long to Cmdr. Harwood ALS


75. 1855, June 30,Phineas Stowe - printed Welcome Hymn dedicated to A.A. Harwood, officers and crew of Cumberland.


76. 1855, Oct. 8,James C. Dobbin to Harwood LS


77. 1856, Aug. 19,Navy Dept. to A. A. Harwood - Appointment as Captain. s. C. F. Welsh


78. 1857, Mar. 1,Franklin Harwood to Dear Sally ALS


79. 1860, July 21,W. J. Duane to Harwood ALS


80. 1860, July 23, The Leaflet, political-literary sheet

Box 1, Folder 12

81. 1861, Jan. 10,John A. Dalgren to President Lincoln. ALS - with comments of Lincoln, Jan. 10, 1861.ANS. [June?]


82. 1861, July 23,G. S. Wilson to his brother ALS


83. 1861, Nov. 17,Spencer F. Baird to Harwood ALS


84. 1861, Nov. 17,Nathaniel Parker Willis to Harwood ALS


85. 1862, Feb. 7,John A. McClernard to Harwood

Physical Description: (copy)

86. 1862, May 23,N. P. Banks to E. M. Stanton ALS


87. 1862, June 11,A. Lincoln to [Baird] ALS


88. 1862, Oct. 10,A[lbert] Haenel to [] French jurist -in French ALS


89. 1862, Oct. 23,John G. Nicolay to G. V. Fox, endorsed by Fox ALS

Box 1, Folder 13

90. 1863, Jan. 10,S. F. Dupont to Harwood ALS


91. 1863, Feb. 24,Voucher: Survey of Military Defense - 1863 DS


92. 1863, Mar. 14,A. H. Foote to Harwood ALS


93. 1863, Mar. 17,John J. Cisco - treasury receipt


94. 1863, Mar. 27,Navy Dept. to A. A. Harwood, apptmt. as Commodore, s. Wm. Faxen


95. 1863, Mar. 28,Voucher: Survey of Military Defense, 1863, DS


96. 1863, April 4,William Luce, Memorandum DS

Physical Description: (2 copie)

97. 1863, May 7,Fd. d'Orleans ALS (Prince de Joinville)

Box 1, Folder 14

98. 1863, June 1,Joseph Smith to Harwood ALS


99. 1863, July 13,Commission of Geo. S. Wilson s. O.P. Morton DS


100. 1863, Aug. 6,Richard B. Duane to Harwood ALS


101. 1863, Nov.[16],Joseph G. Totten to Harwood ALS


102. 1863, Nov. 20,A. Lincoln to Sec. of War endorsed by E. M. Stanton ALS


103. 1863, Nov. 21,Gideon Welles to Harwood ALS


104. 1863, Nov. 27,Edward Bates to Harwood ALS


105. 1863, Dec. 3,Edward Bates to Harwood ALS


106. 1863, Dec. 4,Edward Bates to Harwood ALS


107. [n.d.-after 1946]Frank Freidel, Red Tape in 1863: Bates and Lincoln ptd. art. frag. publ. in THE HISTORIAN; ptd. correspondence (Harwood) - #102, 103 104.

Box 1, Folder 15

108. 1864, Feb. 17,Confederate States Note s. A. Cooke, and M. Allen


109. 1864, May 6,Discharge of Geo. S. Wilson s. Wm. Michael DS


110. 1864, May [16],Muster Roll - Geo. S. Wilson s. Henry


111. 1864, May 20,Discharge of Geo. S. Wilson, [J]ordan or Gordon-signed. DS


112. 1864, Aug. 6,Muster-out roll, Geo. S. Wilson (as 2nd Lieut.)


113. 1864, Aug. 6,Muster-in roll, Geo. S. Wilson (as 1st Lieut.)


114. 1864, Nov. 17,S. H. Stringham to Harwood LS


115. 1864,[], Memorandum on a courtmartial under Gen. Meade, unsigned


116, 1865, Aug. 8,Discharge of Geo. S. Wilson (1st lieut) s. J. G. Vaid DS


117. 1865,W. E. Doyle, History of the Seventeenth Indian Macon, Ga. copy belonging to Geo. S. Wilson

Box 1, Folder 16

118. 1866, June 13,D. G. Farragut to Harwood ALS


119. 1866, June 28,D. G. Farragut to Harwood ALS


120. 1867, Feb. 7,Wilhelm Von Tegetthoff to Harwood ALS


121. 1967, April 3,T[homas] P. Rossiter to Harwood - artist ALS


122. 1867, July 2,Edwin M. Stanton to Geo. S. Wilson LS


123. 1867, Dec. 10,G. Garibaldi (facsimile?) ALS


124. 1868, Feb. 4,Charles Dickens to Harwood -with cvr. ALS


125. 1868, Feb. 7,ticket stub to Dickens Reading and photo of Dickens - verso photo T.R. Rossiter


126. 1868, April 30,ticket to Impeachment of the President


127. 1868, Dec. 27,[Thomas] H. Stevens to Harwood ALS


128. 1867-68,frag. of Confederate States Bond s.E. Bailey

Box 1, Folder 17

129. 1869, Mar. 4,Ticket to the inauguration reception of Pres. Grant.


130. 1869, April 16,Wilhelm Von Tegetthoff to Harwood (with cvr) ALS


131. 1869, June 26,Oliver W. Holmes to Dr. Gould ALS


132. 1870, Jan. 22,Charles [] to [] PS. of ALS


133. 1870, April 29,Charles Leahr to [Mr. Rice] ALS


134. 1871, Sept. 23,J[acob] Zeilin to Harwood ALS


135. 1871, Dec. 16,Geo. [Wilson] to Dear Mother ALS from Ft. Hall, Idaho.


136. 1872, Jan. 1,Jere [Burnett] to [Sam Burnett] on U.S.S. California (from Hawaii) ALS


137. 1872, Oct. 30,Geo. William Curtis to C. W. Willard ALS


138. 1872,Joseph Henry, ptd. Eulogy on Prof. Alexander Dallas Bache Wn. GPO


139. 1872,ptd. art. The Ancient Vessel Found in the Parish of Tume, Norway, ANS S[teven] B. L[uce] to A. A. Harwood, author and translator unknown.

Box 1, Folder 18

140. 1876, June 19,Pass to the Vatican issued to Harwood, stamped but unsigned


141. 1879, Feb. 25,Pres. and Mrs. [R. B.] Hayes to [A.A.] Harwood - Ptd. invitation to meet members of the Diplomatic Corps


142. 1879, Dec. 4,William Duane to Harwood ALS


143. 1880, Nov. 2,Geo. [S. Wilson] to Mrs. Geo. S. Wilson ALS


144. 1881, Mar. 23,ALS Geo. [S. Wilson] to wife [fiancee being relieved of duty with the Indians, transfers, death of Gen. Upton, a Forster murder.


145. 1881, Sept. 23,ptd. ticket Obsequies of the Late President James A. Garfield in Rotunda of Capitol.


146. 1881, Oct. 22,J. C. Kelton to Geo. S. Wilson LS and ANS re: camp Huachuca, Arizona Terr. - with typescript copy and typescript copy of Nov. 12 enclosure.


147. 1884, June 30,ALS Geo [S. Wilson] to [Sarah?]


148. 1884, July 24,ptd. concert program complimentary t Miss Margaret Spencer Wilson.


149. 1884, Sept. 3,General Orders announcing death of Rear Admiral Harwood - ptd.

Box 1, Folder 19

150. 1885, Feb. 6,Ptd. Senate Report No. 1174 pension for Margaret B. Harwood


151. 1886, Mar. 2,ptd. HR Report No. 817, Margaret B. Harwood Pension


152. 1886,W. E. Doyle, History of the Seventeenth Indian - original edition - 1865.


153. 1887, June 27,G. A. R. LaFayette Post No. 140, Dept of NY, ptd. announcement - G.S. Wilson a recruit.


154. 1888, Mar. 2,W. O. Gresham to Geo. S. Wilson ALS


155. 1889, Feb. 10,Francis F. Cleveland to Bessie Harwood ALS


156. 1890, Aug. 13,ALS Wm. James to Dear Katherine.


157. 1891, Nov. 4,Geo. S. Wilson Wilder's Brigade of Mounted Infantry in Tullahama: Chicamauga Campaigns ptd. paper for Kansas Commandery of the M.O.L.L.U.S.


158. 1891, Nov. 22,ALS Wm. M. [Wherry]? to [Geo. S.] Wilson re: forming an Infantry Association.


159. 1891,Dec. Geo. S. Wilson, ptd. art. The Enlisted Men of the United States Army, Journal of the U: S. Cavalry Assoc., extra from an address re: Wm. H. Jones, d.k.t.

Box 1, Folder 20

160. 1892, Jan. 15,R. W. Gilder to Miss E. F. Harwood AL


161. 1892, Jan. 15,Edwin Booth to Miss E. F. Harwood AL


162. 1892, May 13,J. C. Bechinridge to Geo. S. Wilson AL


163. 1892, June 10,ALS John G. Bourke to Geo. S. Wilson


164. 1893, Mar. 23,James H. Wilson to Geo S.Wilson, copy, s. C. W. Abbot, Jr.


165. 1893, Mar. 29,J. T. Wilder to Sec. of War, copy s. C. W. Abbot, Jr.


166. 1893, April 6,Geo. L. Shoup to Geo. S. Wilson copy


167. 1893, April 9,J. G. Fisher to Sec. of War copy


168. 1893, April 19,U.S. Infantry Society ptd. brochure G. S. Wilson, founder, Corresp. Sec.


169. 1893, May 3,E. F. Townsend to Adj. Gen. U.S. Army copy


170. 1893, May 4,Harry C. Egbert to Sec. of War, copy


171. 1893, May 31,A. O. Miller to Sec. of War, copy

Box 1, Folder 21

172. 1893, June 12,Thos. T. Dill to Daniel S. Lamont copy re: GSW applic.


173. 1893, June 17,DS Geo. S. Wilson Summary of Military History of Capt. Geo. Spencer Wilson.


174. 1893, June 19,ALS Geo. S. Wilson to Judge [], application for appt. in A. G. Dept. as Major.


175. 1893, June,LS Geo. S. Wilson to Adj. Gen. U.S.A. application. list of recommendations.


176. 1893, Nov. 6,W. O. Gresham to Geo.S.Wilson-telegram


177. 1893, Nov. 6,Appointment of Wilson as Asst. to Adj. s. Daniel S. Lamont.


178. 1893, Nov. 6,Henry C. Corbin to Geo. S. Wilson -tel


179. 1893, Nov. 7,Hugh G. Brown to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


180. 1893, Nov. 7,J.C. Burnett to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


181. 1893, Nov. 7,Fred A. Smith to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


182. 1893, Nov. 7,Theodore Masher to Geo. S. Wilson -tel


183. 1893, Nov. 7,G. F. Cooke to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


184. 1893, Nov. 7,C.E. Tayman to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


185. 1893, Nov. 7,W. H. Gordon to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


186. 1893, Nov. 7,J. M. Nuckles to Geo. S. Wilson -tel.


187. 1893, Nov. 7,ALS [Wothirspooh] to GSWilson


188. 1893, Nov. 8,ALS U. L. Pitcher to G. S. Wilson


189. 1893, Dec. 12,Adj. Gen. Off. to G. S. Wilson - copy tel. s. J.C. Gilmore. apptmt as AAG and Maj.


190. [1893],O. B. Willcox - cert. of service of G. S. Wilson copy

Box 1, Folder 22

191. 1894, Jan. 10,J. T. Wilder to G. S. Wilson ALS


192. 1894, Jan. 22,W. Q. Gresham to G. S. Wilson LS


193. 1895, Aug. 7,U.S. Inf. Soc. ptd circ. letter -re: essay prize and medal


194. 1896,G. S. Wilson - The Army; Its Employment During Time of Peace, and the Necessity for its Increase. Monographs of the U.S. Inf. Soc. - No. 1 Prize essay for 1896

Physical Description: (3 copies)

195. 1896, Mar. 9,ALS Nat P. Phister to G. S. Wilson - prize money for essay.


196. Mar. 30,Theodore Roosevelt to G. S. Wilson LS

Box 1, Folder 23

197. 1896, May 3,Two New York Sun clips re: Wilson's essay.


198. 1896, May 14,ALS A. [McClune] to G. S. Wilson


199. 1896, July 7,Oswald Garrison Villard to GSW ALS


200. 1896, July 14,[GSW] to Maj. Gen. Curdg - the army carbon


201. 1896, July 27,Oswald Garrison Villard to GSW ALS


202. 1896, Oct. 17,Portland, Oregon. Commercial Club ptd. program - 3rd annual dinner.


203. 1896, Oct. 17,GSW typed copy of his toast at Commercial Club Dinner


204. [1896, Nov. 21], Weekly Outlook, [Davenport, Iowa] clip


205. 1896, Dec. 4,[GSW] to Andrew H. Russell I copy, typescript

Box 2, Folder 24

206. [1897]clip re: Late Maj. Wilson


207. 1897, Jan. 13,ALS Wm. M. Wherry to Mrs. Wilson


208. 1897, Jan. 13,J. M. Marshall to R. Douglass Burnet tel. re: taking body of GSW to San Francisco, Cal.


209. 1897, Jan. 13,Portland Oregonian - clip obit. GSW

Physical Description: 2 copies

210. 1897, Jan. 15,San Francisco Bulletin, clip obit. GSW


211. 1897, Jan. 18,War Dept. AGO ptd. announcement of death of GSW


212. 1897, Jan. 18,ALS A.A. DeLaffre to Mrs. Wilson


213. [1897, Jan. 23] The Army and Navy Journal. clip obit. of GSW

Physical Description: 2 copies

214. 1897, Feb.M.O.L.L.U.S. ptd. memorial to GSW

Box 2, Folder 25

215. 1900, Jan. 28,[Emil] Fischer ANS note and clip in German, Nobel Prize Winner.


216. 1902, May 23,Hamlin School, San Francisco, ptd. Commencement invitation and program - Margaret Spencer Wilson.


217. 1903, April 21,R. W. Gilder to Sally ALS


218. 1905, Dec. 11,W. D. Howells to William James ALS and cvr. re: Confessions of an Ambitious Mother.


219. 1908-09,)Panama Railroad Co. Pass to Jeromel Fee s. Geo. W. Goethals, D. J. Fee


220. 1910, Dec. 20,Booker T. Washington to Huntington ALS


221. 1912, May 15,Geo. W. Cable to Dr. Rice ALS


222. 1913, Oct. 18,R. W. Gilder, two stanzas of a poem, (undated)AS, and printed copy of The Old House with signed notes of Gilder.


223. 1920, Sept. 2,J. P. Tumulty to Wilson Franklin Harwood LS


224. 1922, March 6,Anna Pavlova to Geo. P. McNear LS


225. 1922, Sept. 12,Warring G. Harding to Sarah W. Harwood LS with cvr.


226. 1924, July 1,W. Lee Lewis to David Star Jordan carbon - Science and Sciosophy


227. 1924, July 14,David Star Jordan to W. Lee Lewis TLS reply to #226, re; Lewisite, wars.


228. 1925, Nov. 18,Franklin D. Roosevelt to Sarah W. Harwood LS and cvr.

Box 2, Folder 26

229. 1928, Aug. 11,Ray Lyman Wilbur to Mrs. F. B. Harwood -declines an invitation to speak.


230. 1928, Nov. 15,Herbert Hoover to Sally Franklin Harwood LS


231. 1936, Sept 18,Ray Lyman Wilbur to Winifred Lee Lewis TLS


232. 1937, March 26,Oswald Garrison Villard to Wilson F. Harwood LS


233. 1938, June 14,Vilhjalmur Stefansson to W. Lee Lewis TLS


234. 1938, June 30,W. Lee Lewis to Vilhjalmur Steffansson carbon


235. 1939, July 23, Chicago Sunday Herold clip - W. Lee Lewis re: use of war gas.


236. 1939, Oct. 12,Vilhjalmur Stefansson to W. Lee Lewis TLS re: salt


237. 1939, Nov. 13, Colonel Lewis on Lewisite ptd. responses from radio broadcast #Adventures in Science.


238. 1940, March 27,Carl Sandburg to Mrs. F. B. Harwood TNS


239. 1940, April 29,Carl Sandburg to Mrs. F. B. Harwood RLS re: a Lincoln letter


240. 1940, May 13,Carl Sandburg to Mr. Harwood TLS re: thanks for sending Lincoln and Bates letters


241. 1940, May 20,Max Farrand to Wilson F. Harwood and note on the Franklin Papers


242. 1940, Sept. 26,Carl Sandburg to Mr. Harwood TLS re: Lincoln letters.


243. 1940, Dec. 9,Herbert Hoover to W. Lee Lewis TLS re: Stanford Refunders Club to raise money


244. 1940, Dec. 16,Ray Lyman Wilbur to W. Lee Lewis TLS


245. [ca. 1940]Beniamino [Bufano] to Bob ALS - Helen Gahagan, state NYA project, Aubrey

Box 2, Folder 27

246. 1941, Jan. 2,Herbert Hoover to W. Lee Lewis TLS


247. 1941, May 12,Clarence Street to Mr. Scott ALS Federal Union- U.S. and six Brit. Democracies


248. 1941, July 14,Harry E. Fosdick to Mrs. Margaret B. Harwood TNS pacifist and non-interventionist


249. 1941, July 15,Herbert Hoover to Mrs. F. B. Harwood TNS


250. 1941, July 18,Robert M. Hutchins to Mrs. F. B. Harwood TNS


251. 1941, Nov. 27,Nelson A. Rockefeller to Wilson F. Harwood TLS re: a position for F. B. Harwood - Inter-American Affairs.


252. 1942, March 17,Pearl S. Buck to Mrs. F. B. Harwood TNS


253. 1946, Oct. 17,Henry A. Wallace to Mrs. F. B. Harwood TLS


254. 1947, July 21,William Rose Benét to Mrs. Harwood ALS


255. 1949, Mar. 31,Winston Churchill - ticket to Boston Address


256. 1950, May 16,Harry Truman to Dael Wolfle TLS re: recommends for membership on Nat. Science Board.


257. 1953, Nov. 11,Adlai E. Stevenson to Mrs. Harwood TNS


258. 1953, Dec. 1,Pres. and Mrs. Eisenhower ptd. invitation to White House reception and gate pass in cvr.


259. 1956, Jan. 21,Detlev W. Bronk, to Wilson F. Harwood TLS


260. 1962, Mar. 1,Sargent Shriver to Mrs. Lee Harwood TNS

Box 2, Folder 28

1898 - 1906 F. B. Harwood Orders [FRANKLIN Bache Harwood 1876 -]


1. 1898, May 18,Navy Dept. Bur. of Navigation to Franklin B. Harwood stp. A.S. Crowninshield copy present self for line officer exams. Dkt May 23, 1898 TNS H.L.H.[ouison]; May 26, 1898 ANS Allan D. Brown


2. 1898, June 2,Navy Dept. Bur. of Nav. to F. B. Harwood s. [F.W.] Dickins: apptmt as ensign


3. 1898, June 7,Navy Dept. to F. B. Harwood s. Chas. H.Allen (Acting Sec.): orders to report to Scipio Dkt: June 9, 1898 TNS F. M. Bunce, ANS Jno P. Merrell


4. 1898, July 6,John D. Long to Franklin B. Harwood L


5. 1898, Sept 18,J.C. Watson to F.B. Harwood TDS orders to temp. duty on Vulcan. Dkt: Sept, 18 ANS Jno P. Merrell, Sept, [17]? ANS Ira Harris, Sept. 20, ANS Jno P. Merrell.


6. 1899, March 29,Treas. Dept. Aud. for Navy Dept. to F.B. Harwood s. F.H. Morris


7. 1899, Aug. 1,Treas. Dept. to F. B. Harwood TDS s. C.F. Shoemaker: apptmt as cadet, Revenue Cutter Service


8. 1899, Aug. 7,Treas. Dept. to F. B. Harwood s. Asst Sec. O.L. Spaulding TDS report to Chase Dkt. 8/14 ANS E. C. Ch[], ANS O.C. Hamlet


9. 1899, Aug. 7,Lyman Gage to Franklin B. Harwood LS


10. 1900, Oct. 19,Rev. Cutter Service Report of Averages Cadet Exam


11. 1901, Aprl 23,Treas. Dept. To F.B. Harwood s.Asst. Sec. O.L. Spaulding report to Onondaga 4/30 ANS David [F.] Hall Dkt. 5/1 ANS W.C. DeHart


12. 1901, Aug. 6,C.F. Shoemaker to F.B. Harwood, TDS apptmt as 3rd lieut.


13. 190., Sept. 13,C.F. Shoemaker to F. B. Harwood, TNS and ANS 9/14 W.C.DeHart


14. 1901, Sept 26,Treas. Dept. to F. B. Harwood s. O.L. Spaulding, Act. Sec. 9/27 ANS W.C. DeHart; temp. leave.


15. 1902, April 17,Treas Dept to FBH s. Act. Sec - O.I Spaulding, 4/18 ANS W.C. DeHart, 4/25 ANS W.D. Roath: report to Hamilton


16. 1902, April 18,H.A. Taylor (Asst. Sec) to FBH-telre: leave; with AN [Harwood] on verso


17. 1902, May 15,Treas, Dept To FBH


18. 1902, May 24,C.F. Shoemaker to FBH TNS


19. 1902, June 2,Treas. Dept. to FBH


20. 1902, July 12,C.F. Shoemaker to FBH TNS


21. 1902, July 29,Treas. Dept. Act. Sec. (O.L. Spaulding to FBH TNS 7/31 ANS W.D.Roath


22. 1902, Aug. 18,Treas. Dept. to FBH s. H.A. Taylor


23. 1902, Oct. 17,Treas. Dept. O.L. Spaulding - Act. Sec. - to FBH DS; ANS 10/19 W.D.Roath: assigned to Forward Dkt: 10/31 ANS F.S. Van BosKerk, Jr.


24. 1902, Oct. 23,Treas. Dept. ptd. Circ. 1tr. No. 3 to Officers of Revenue Cutter Service


25. 1902, Oct. 29,W.D. Roath to FBH TNS


26. 1902, Dec. 3,Treas. Dept. to FBH s. O.L.Spaulding report to Boutwell for temp. duty; 12/05 ANS W.S. Howland, Dkt. 12/8 ANS J. A. Sla[?]


27. 1903, Jan. 6.Treas. Dept to F. B. Harwood s. O.L. Spaulding temp. duty Onondaga Dkt. 1/11 ANS J.A. Sla[?], 1/22 ANS Worth[G.] Ross


28. 1903, Jan. 8,Treas. Dept. to F.B. Harwood s. O.L. Spaulding


29. 1903, Jan. 12,O.L. Spaulding to F.B. Harwood tel.


30. 1903, Jan. 15,[H].A. or B. A. Tayler to F.B. Harwood tel.


31. 1903, Jan. 19,H. A. Tayler to F.B. Harwood tel.


32. 1903, Feb. 7,C.F. Shoemaker to F. B. Harwood TNS


33. 1903, Feb. 24,Treas. Dept. to F.B. Harwood s.O.L. Spaulding report to Bear 2/25 ANS Worth G. Ross, 3/23 ANS F. Tuttle


34. 1903, May 28,C.F. Shoemaker to F. B. Harwood TNS


35. 1904, Mar. 12,J.F.Wild to F.B. Harwood TNS to report for exam for 2nd 1t.


36. 1904, Mar. 15,F. Tuttle to F.B. Harwood carbon signed


37. 1904, April 30,C. F. Shoemaker to F.B. Harwood TLS promotion to 2nd 1t., exam marks


38. 1904, May 4,C.F. Shoemaker to F.B. Harwood TLS


39. 1904, July 12,Treas. Dept to F.B. Harwood s.R.B. Armstrong report to Manning 7/21 ANS F. Tuttle; ANS O.D. [Wyrick] on verso


40. 1904, Dec. 8,Treas. Dept. to F.B. Harwood s. R.B. Armstrong


41. 1904, Dec. 20,C.F. Shoemaker to F.B. Harwood TNS transmits 2nd 1t. cmmn.


42. 1905, Oct. 3,Worth G. Ross to F.B. Harwood TNS


43. 1905, Nov. 4,HA Tayler to F.B. Harwood tel. ANS F. tuttle


44. 1905, Nov. 5,F. Tuttle to F. B. Harwood TNS temp. duty McCulloch ANS J.C. Cantwell


45. 1905, Nov. 9,Treas. Dept. to F.B. Harwood s. H.A. Tayler


46. 1905, Dec. 22,Treas. Dept to F.B. Harwood s. H.A. Tayler


47. 1906, Jan. 4,Worth G. Ross to F. B. Harwood TNS


48. 1906, June 8,Treas. Dept. to F.B. Harwood s. H.A. Tayler

Box 2, Folder 29



1. Poem by John Edmund Harwood - W. Whitesides


2. Augustin Pyrame A[ustin] P[yramus] de Candolle to Bache -in French ALS


3. Von Humbolt to [] -in French? ALS


4. Theodore Parker to [] ALS


5. Aug. 30,James C. Dobbin to Edward ALS


6. James C. Dobbin to Edward ALS


7. Nov. 4,H. Guy C. Corbin to Geo. S. Wilson ALS


8. L. Murel(?) to Harwood ALS


9. Christmas day, Frank Taylor to Harwood ALS


10. Cyrus Wakeham to [] ALS


11. Charles Lion to [] ALS


12. Commander Casy to Harwood in 3rd person


13, [Geo. S. Wilson] Adf. of speech or paper re: Kansas Commandery of the Loyal Legion


14. The Ladder of St. Augustine, poem by Henry W. Longfellow ADS


15. (James Brander) Brandes Matthews to Dear Madame LS


16. envelope of recipes of my Grandmother's [?] d. 1901

Box 2, Folder 30

Engravings, etc.


1. The High Priest of Tahiti Ceding the District of Matavai to Capt. Wilson, for the Missionaries; Fisher, Son and Co. London 1829.Engr. by H. Robinson, Painted by R. Smirke A. R. A.


2. Andw. A. Harwood photo with signature


3. Benjamin Franklin Engraved by T. B. Welch from the portrait by Martin in possession of the Amer, Phil. Soc. Facs. Signature James H. Lamb Co.


4. Basso rilievo del Muses di Siracusa engraving


5. Adml. Van Troup engraving J. Chapman [sculp.] Published as the Act directs April 2, 1798.


6. Lt. Gen. Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin, K.C.B. and G.C. H w facs. sign. Engv. W. Holl, Painter - H. Mayer Fisher, Son and Co. London 1831.


7. Maj. Gen. Wm. Moultrie engraving (proof)? some pencil lines


8. Horatio, Viscount Nelson, Engagement off Cape St. Vincent 1797. Painter - Hoppner, Engvr. J. Rogers, J.&F. Tallis, London and Glasgow


9. John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent, OB. 1823.Engvr. H. Robinson from the original of Hoppner, in His Majesty's Collection. London, Published Aug. 1, 1830by Harding and Lepard. Pall Mall East.


10. Sir Thomas Munro Bart. K.C.B. Painted by M. A. Shee P.R.A., Engvr. H. Meyer facs. sig. Fisher, Son and Co. London 1830


11. General Oglethorpe - engraving, Ravenet sculp.


12. Maj. Gen. Sullivan - engraving, facs. sig. (proof?) some pencil work.


13. Capt. James Newman Newman, R.N. Engraved by E. Scriven, Historical Engraver to the Prince Regent & the princess of Wales. From a painting by A.J. Olive A.R.A., Published Oct. 30th, 1813by Joyce Gold, Nava Chronicle Office 103 Shoe Lane London


14. Nelson. Engrvd by E. Scriven from a miniature for which Lord Nelson Set to Mr. Bowyer. Pub. 9th Dec. 1805by R. Bowyer PallMall


15. Capt. Sir John Ross R.N. Knt. K.S. etc.etc. facs. sig. Drawn by Thomas H. Shepherd. Engrvd by W.Watkins London: Geo. Virtue


16. Sr. Edward Hawke Knight of the Most Honble Order of the Bath, and Rear Admiral of the White Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet. For the Lond: Mag. Printed for R. Baldwin in Pater Noster Row.


17. Charles II. engraving


18. Lord Viscount Howe, Argus sculp. European Mag. Publ Nov. 1, 1782by I. Fielding, Pater-Noster Row, I. Sewell, Cornhill, & I. Debrett. Piccadilly.


19. The Rt. Honble Alexander Hood, Viscount Bridport, K.B. facs. signature. Painted by L.F. Abbott, Engrvd by S. Freeman. Fisher, Son & Co., London, 1832.


20. Capt. James Cook. F.R.S. The Most Striking Likeness of the Late --- engraving. He was Born at Marton in the North Riding of Yorkshire Nov. 3, 1728,and unfortunately Killed by the Savages of the Island OWhyhee, Feb. 14, 1779.


21. William-Carr Beresford, D.C.L. Viscount Beresford. facs. sig. Sir Wm. Beechey, R.A., P.W.Tomkins, Esq. Fisher, Son & Co. London 1830


22. John Jervis, Earl of St. Vincent. K.B. facs. sig. I(or J) Keenan J. Cochran, Fisher, son & Co. London 1929


23. Sir Edward Cadrington, G.C.B. etc. etc. Vice Admira of the White Squadron of His Majesty's Fleet. facs. sig. Painted by Sir Thos. Lawrence P.R.A. Engrvd by J. Cochran Fisher, Son & Co. London 1830


24. The Late lieut. Gen. Alexander MacKenzie Frazer engraving


25. Louis Philippe I. King of the French. Born in Paris Oct. 6, 1773.engraving F. Gerard, Pinxt. Delivered Grates to the Purchasers of the Bell's New Weekly Messenger Jan. 14th & 15th 1837


26. Sr. Geo. Rooke engraving Benoist sculp.


27. James Biddle Esqr. Of the United States Navy. Wood del. Gunbrede sculpt. Engraved for the Analectic Mag. Publ. by M. Thomas.


28. Sir Thomas Picton. G.C.B. facs. sig. Painted by Sir Wm. Beechey, R.A. Engraved by P.W. Tomkins Fisher, Son & Co. London, 1830


29. Major Gen. David Stewart of Garth. J. Watson Gordon J.B. Shaw. Publ. by Blackie & Son, Glasgow


30. Nelson. facs. sig. W. Read sculpt. London Publ. by Richard Bentley 1836


31. Earl Howe engraving


32. Admiral Vernon Benoist sculp.


33. Edward, Duke of Kent & Strathearn, K.G. - K.T. - K. St. P. etc. facs. sig. Painted by Sir Wm. Beeche R.A. Engraved by E.Scriven Fisher, Son & Co. London 1830pencilled notes, biog. & descriptive


34. Lord Nelson-engraving


35. Sir John Franklin Capt. R.N. facs. sig. Derby Thomson Fisher, Son & Co. London 1830


36. Gen. Abercrombie European Mag. Ridley sc., Pub. by J. Sewell 32 Cornhill July 1, 1801.


37. Lord Cochrane R. Cooper sc.


38. The Rt. Honble Lord Collingwood. Engrvd by Ridley by permission of Messrs. Clay & Scriven European Mag. Publ. by J. Asperne at the Bible, Crown & Constitution, Cornhill, June 1, 1810.


39. Henry William Paget. Marquess of Anglessey. K.G. etc., Lord Lieut.-Gen. and Gen-Governor of Ireland, etc. facs. sig. Painted by Sir Thos. Lawrence,Engraved by S. Freeman Fisher, Son & Co. London 1831.


40. The Rt. Hon. Lieut. Gen. Sir Geo. Murray.G.C.B. F.R.S. etc. facs. sig. Painted by Sir Thos. Lawrence P.R.A. Engraved by H. Meyer,Fisher, Son & Co. London 1831


41. Il Fonte Crane la Pisma?engraving proof


42. Il Fonte Aretresa G.P.? engraving proof


43. Benjamin Franklin photo of oil by Duplessis


44. John Hancock facs. sig. Engraved by I.B. Forrest, Painted by J. Herring from the orig. by J.S.Copley in Faneuil Hall.


signed out - no location listed

45. John Caldwell Calhoun facs. sig. Engraved by T.B. Welch from a Drawing by J.B. Longacre


46. [Duke of Cumberland, Bro. of Geo. III] engraving


47. Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham OB 1624 Engrvd by J. Jenkins From the orig. in the collection of the Rt. Honble the Earl of Verulam. Publ. by Harding, Triphock & Lepard, Finsburg Square London April 1, 1825.


48. William the Fourth engraving?proof


49. Lieut. Gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby K.B. facs. sig. Painted by J. Hoppner, R.A. Engrvd by H.D.Cook Fisher, Son & Co. London 1831


50. Cuthbert Collingwood. Baron Collingwood facs. sig. Painted by F. Howard Esqr. Engrved by W. Finden Fisher, Son & Co. London 1832.


51. Capt. Jos. Huddart. F.R.S. Painted by John Hoppner, Esqr, RA Engrvd by James Stow From a picture in the Possession of Chas. Turner Esqr. (4×4×3×4ft.). London; publ. 2nd Nov. 1801by Lauris & Whittle, Fleet Street & Charles Turner of Limehouse Ptd. by J. Collins []


52. James Abram Garfield Pres. of the United States 1881,John A. Lowell Bank Note Co. Boston USA Copyright 1910


53. Amerigo Vespucci, pencil drawing for (or from) an etching [Teschiero] L'originale existe [UNK] [UNK] Reale di Firenze


54. _____ photo Civil War officer (navy)


55. _____ 3 mounted photos Civil War period (navy offr. cntr.)


56. _____ photo pre-Civil War officer


57. _____ photo pre-Civil War officer -army (Brady photo)


58. [F.B. Harwood?] photo pre-Civil War officer -navy (ensign?)


59. Sophia Dallas Bache photo


60. [Burke?] photo -navy


61. _____ photo of painting of woman


62. H. P. Babcock photo -navy Asst. Surg.


63. _____ photo -mounted man and woman


64. [Stringham -lft.; Van Brunt -rt.?] photo -mounted


65. [Stringham?] photo -mounted


66. [? -top; Winfield Scott -bottom?] photo -mounted


67. _____ photo -mounted -navy


68. _____ photo -mounted -navy


69. _____ photo -mounted - woman


70. W. Gould Turkish Bath Smyrna 1954 Dozing Crisis water color photo [of Gould?]


71. _____ photo -navy


72. Monument erected at the Navy Yard Washington. Engrvd. for the Analectic Magazine and Naval Chronicle. Published by M. Thomas


73. David Porter Esqr. of the United States Navy. Wood. Pinxt. Edwin sc. Engraved for Analectic Magazine Published by M. Thomas.


74. Commodore Barney Wood. Pinxt. Childs & Gunber sc.


75. Oliver H. Perry Esq. of the United States Navy Waldo pinxit. Edwin sc. Engraved for Analectic Magazine - Entered according to Act of Congress 18__.


76. Lewis Washington Esqr. of the United States Navy Jarvis Pinxt. Gambrede Sculpt. Engraved for the Analectic Mag. - Published by M. Thomas. Copy Right Secured According to Act of Congress Oct. 2, 1815.Printed by Rogers & F._____


77. James Lawrence Esqr. Late of the United States Navy Stuart pinxt. Rollinson sct. Engraved for the Analectic Mag.


78. [Martha Washington] Engraved by J.B. Longacre from an original miniature by Robertson -in possession of G.W.P. Custis.


signed out - no location given

79. Young woman Engraved by J. Cheney & J.G. Kellogg


80. James Madison Aged 82 facs. sig. Engraved by T.B. Welch from a drawing by J.B. Longacre taken from life at Montpelier Va. July, 1833.


81. _____ Painted by J.W. Jarvis Engraved by T. Woolnoth.


82. Margaret Wilson and Marian Huntington (d. of C.P.) ca. 1905.Chutes San Francisco Souvenie Tin Type.



83. [U.S.Grant] Daguerreotype by M.B. Brady Engraved by R. Whitechurch.


84. Nathaniel Parker Willis photo & typed biog. note


85. _____ photo


86. George Polhill engraved portrait & ptd. calling card.


87. [A.A. Harwood] photo


88. Franklin D. Roosevelt engraved portrait


89. [James Monroe?] Engrvd by A.B. Durand from the painting by J. Vanderlyn in the City Hall New York


90. Col. Wm. Duane engraved portrait


91. [Alexander Hamilton] Engrvd by E. Prud'homme from the original miniature by Arch. Robertson.


signed out - no location listed
Box 3, Folder 31

Autographs, etc.


1. John A. Barney autograph with engraved portrait


2. Benjamin Franklin engraved portrait on verso of #1


3. Charles Cotesworth Pinkney, Autograph and engraved portrait


4. H[enry] Knox autograph and engraved portrait


5. Thomas Pinckney autograph and engraved portrait and typed biog. sketch


6. Thomas Pinkney verso Timothy Pickering 2 autographs engraved portrait & typed biog. sketch.


7. Thomas Truxton autograph salutation & sig. & engrvd. pic. of medal.


8. Edward Preble Autograph, engraved portrait & pic. of medal


9. Stephen Decatur auto. engrvd portrait, & sig. of James [Barron]


10. David Porter auto. & salutation, engrvd portrait


11. James Lawrence auto, engrvd portrait, typed biog. sketch verso ptd. map Battle of Lake Erie 9/10, 1813


12. O.H. Perry auto. Aug. 11, 1815 &engraved portrait


13. Thomas Macdonough sal. A. & engraved portrait


14. Joseph Story sal. A. & engraved portrait


15. Henry Middleton A & typed biog. sketch


16. Daniel D. Tompkins A & sal. & sig.


17. J. J. Nicholson A. 2 Aug. 1824


18. Andrew A. Harwood sig. & photo & sig. & sal. of E.A. DeVallette


19. Basil Hall sig.


20. Edward Livingston sal., sig., engraved portrait, typed biog.


21. William John Duane A. sentiment S.


22. George Cruikshank 1837autograph on a title page & an illus. by G.C. of Robinson Crusoe


23. R.B. Hayes sig. on card 18__


24. D. Duane sig. [sister of E.F. Bache]


25. Gertrude Atherton ALS n.d.to _____? #84


26. Nancy Astor sig. (Vicountess) & clip


27. Archibald MacLeish sig. on title page of ptd. addre


28. cvr. for A. Lincoln doc.


29. Robert A. Millikan - A.


30. Gertrude Atherton - A.


31. Joseph H. Choate ALS to E. Denman McNear 11Jan, 1916 re: Alpha Delta Phi


32. Wm. S. Sims A. Newport, R.I. June, 1923


33. Richard Halliburton A. & sentiment to Wilson Harwood


34. Gertrude Atherton 1931A. on Hamlin School p.c.


35. J. _____ Esq. (32) A.


36. Frances Hodgson Burnett A. 1/92


37. Chs. C. Turner A.


38. Fedrika Bremer Auto.


39. _____lina de Murskc_____ A.


40. C.W. Cadman A.


41. Louis Adamic A. 1940


42. Chas. Gordon A.


43. Geo. W. _____ A. (27)


44. T. Vaughan SR A. on Regent's Park admission ticket.


45. Algernon S. Sullivan to Margaret ANS


46. J.A. Garfield autograph


47. Calvin Coolidge A. on White House card


48. Fanny Janauschek A. San Francisco June, 1865


49. B. M. Boyer M.C. A. & photo


50. Alexander V. Griswold A. & facs., engraved portrai


51. Frances Hodgson Burnett [facs.?] AQS from Little Lord Fauntleroy n.d.


52. Franklin Harwood calling card sig.


53. Woodrow Wilson Autograph


54. Napoleon III, imperial cover to Murat


55. _____Exec. Mansion cvr. to Miss Harwood (28)


56. A.D_____ sig. to Lt. Andrew A. Harwood Legation at Naples


57. Lt. Gen. Bernard ptd. calling card


58. G.B_____ Autograph San Francisco June 10, 1878


59. Vivian Burnett A. & quote


60. Dept. of State cvr. 1894to G.S. Wilson


61. Henry M. Stanley A. -?facs.


62. Horatio Alger, Jr. A.


63. E. Sothern (actor) A.


64. H. J. Montague A. & typed biog. note


65. W. M. Crane A. & photo (naval officer)


66. Dion Boncica[net] or [relt]? Irish actor A. & typed biog. note


67. [David] KalaKaua A. & typed biog. note


68. T. Adolphus _____ A. & sal.


69. U.S. Grant A.


70. Grover Cleveland A. Feb. 21, 1887 &Frances Folsom Cleveland A. Feb. 15, 1887.


71. Mahlon Dickerson A.


72. L. L. Lomax A. & typed biog. note


73. Louis M. Goldsborough A. & photo & typed biog.note


74. A. H. Foote 2 A. photo


75. S. F. DuPont 2 autographs A.date 1/1/1863photo


76. W.T. Sherman autograph, typed biog. note, engrvd portrait


77. Hugh McCulloch autograph, typed biog. note


78. R.W. Gilder Auto. (check Endorsement)


79. E. Everett A. typed biog. note, engrvd portrait


80. A.D. Bache A., typed biog. note


81. M.C. Perry A. etc.


82. C.G. [Perry] A.


83. [Catalyna?] [Totten?] A.


84. Major Sabine [A.]?


85. Charles Danberry A., typed biog. note


86. Tho. Sergeant 2 A. & typed biog. note


87. [John] Phillips AN frag., typed biog. note.


88. John G. Whittier A. & addressed to Grosvenor M. Robinson Apr. 1, 1882


89. I. H. Hill A., typed biog. note


90. R.W. Emerson A. & mag. photo


91. R. J. Walker A. (frank) mag. photo, verso unidentified engraved portrait


92. H. Clay A., engraved portrait, verso - engraved portrait of Calhoun


93. H. M. Kilgore ANS n.d.


94. V. B[ush] ANS n.d.


95. [C. Lion; or C. Iren; or Cyrus W_____]? cvr. addressed to Harwood & _____


96. _____ cvr. addressed to Harwood


97. Marie Carie, photograph


98. Casper Nista engraved portrait and photograph


99. Thomas Jefferson, on engrave

Box 3, Folder 32

Letter Book, May 24, 1803.Copies of letters sent by John E. Harwood and poems by John E. Harwood.

Physical Description: 1 vol.
Box 3, Folder 33

Inspection Book, Ordnance. Book maintained by Powell at the Washington Navy Yard, 1846-.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

Scope and Content Note

Some tipped in letters.
Box 3, Folder 34

General-Orders. General orders inscribed in long hand, probably by Stephen B. Luce.

Physical Description: 1 vol.
Box 3, Folder 35

A.A. Harwood's log on the U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1826,1 vol. (Vol. 2nd)


Framed Items and Oversize

Box 3, Folder 36

1. 1722, May 8,Land Patent George I of Eng. to John Depuy land in Orange Co. N.Y. (2000 acres) s. [W.] Babin, SEC On verso 2 ads repts s. Arch d. Kennedy to John Depuy, 7/19, 1727, and Sept. 15, 1736,Rept. ADS [?] deputy recr. gen. to Mrs. Anne Depuy June 28, 1746,to Thomas Preston Sept. 11, 1756.Sig. of Gilliland and This belongs to Joseph M. _____ 1795/.

Box 3, Folder 37

2. 1758, May 8.Endenture - land in Orange Co. N.Y. Francis Many and wife Margaret of Philadelphia, to Thomas Preston of Philadelphia. s. Francis Many, Margaret Many, John David, Jno. Reily, John Kirke.

Box 3, Folder 38

3. 1764, Jan. 7.Indenture for land in Orange Co. N.Y. John Peter [Tetard] and wife Frances and William Gilliland s. J.S. Tetard, Fr. Tetard, Robert [Pillson], and W. Cunningham, William Smith

Oversize 26

4. [Boston Newspaper] 1 sheet ptd. by Green and Russell July 1766

Oversize 1

5. Society of the Cincinnati Membership Cert. for Samuel Snow Esqr. Jan. 1, 1784s. Geo. Washington same as above for Benjamin Franklin July 1789s. & Washington

Oversize 2


Oversize 3

6. Newport Marine Soc. cert. membership of Peleg Wood Jan. 7, 1794s. Benjamin Sayer and Jenkin G. Warner 7/25/73

Oversize 24

7. General Advertiser (Philadelphia) Mon. Dec. 22, 1794 Pub.by Benjamin Franklin Bache

Oversize 28

8. The Newport (Rhode Island) Mercury Publisher- Henry Barber Tues. April 26, 1796

Oversize 29

9. The Newport Mercury Tues. May 2, 1797

Oversize 30

10. The Newport Mercury Tues. Aug. 29, 1797

Oversize 31

11. Michigan Essays; or The Impartial Observer (Detroit) Vol. 1, No. 1 Thurs. Aug. 31, 1809.Ptd. and Pub. by James M. Miller

Oversize 4

12. A.A. Harwood Appointment as midshipman Jan. 1, 1818s. James Monroe, Wm. Blagrove, P.W. [Crowninshield] framed - on top

Oversize 5

A.A. Harwood appointment Lieutenant Feb. 21, 1828s. J.Q. Adams, Saml. L. Southard, R.B. [Maury]

Oversize 34

13. Paris - ptd. map 1837Leclere

Oversize 6

Rhode Island Historical Society member certificate A.A. Harwood, July 5, 1841John Howland, [W.R.?] Staples.

Oversize 7

14. A.A. Harwood appointment Commander Oct. 4, 1848s. James K. Polk, J. Y. Mason, L.B. Hardin

Oversize 8

15. Andrew A Harwood appointment Commander Feb. 9, 1849s. James K. Polk, J.Y. Mason, L.B. Hardin

Oversize 9

Alfred Wheeler appointment U.S. Attorney General for Southern California Feb. 10, 1852

Oversize 10

16. A.A. Harwood, appointment. Captain Oct. 2, 1855s. Franklin Pierce, J.C. Dobbin, L.B. Hardin

Oversize 11

17. Andrew A. Harwood apptmt. Captain July 24, 1856S. [Franklin Pierce], J.C. Dobbin, L.B. Hardin

Oversize 12

18. A. A. Harwood Apptmt Chief of Bur. of Ordinance and Hydrography in the Dept. of the Navy Aug. 9, 1861s. Abraham Lincoln, Gideon Welles., Wm. Pelloran oversize

Oversize 13

19. A. A. Harwood apptmt Commodore Feb. 21, 1863s. Abraham Lincoln, Gideon Welles. Wm. P. Moran

Oversize 14

20. George S. Wilson 1st Lt. Cmmn. 17th Indiana Vols. Apr. 26, 1864s. O.P. Marten, Laz. Noble. glued to mat

Oversize 15

21. Henry W. Harwood apptmt 3rd Lt. Revenue Service Mar. 7, 1865s. Abraham Lincoln, Geo. Harrington

Oversize 16

22. Henry W. Harwood apptmt 2nd Lt. Revenue Service June 4, 1866s. Andrew Johnson, Hugh McCulloch

Oversize 17

23. George S. Wilson apptmt 2nd Lt. 12th Regt. Inf. June 10, 1868s. Andrew Johnson J. M. Schofield, E.D. Townsend

Oversize 18

24. Andrew A. Harwood apptmt Rear Adm. Returned Feb. 16, 1869s. Andrew Johnson, Gideon Welles, Wm. P. Moran

Oversize 19

25. Henry W. Harwood apptmt 1st Lt. Revenue Service Apr. 10, 1871s. U.S. Grant, Geo. S.Boutwell

Oversize 20

26. George S. Wilson apptmt 1st Lt. 12th Inf. Jan. 12, 1877s. U.S. Grant, J.D. Cameron, E. D. Townsend

Oversize 21

27. Military Order of the Loyal Legion memb. cert. of Geo. S. Wilson Mar. 1, 1885s. [W. S.] Hancock, W.R. Smedberg, John P. Nicholson

Oversize 22

28. George S. Wilson apptmt Capt. 12th Inf. Aug. 9, 1886,s. Grover Cleveland Wm. C. Endicott, R.C. Drum.

Oversize 23

29. Geo. S. Wilson apptmt AAG., Major Dec. 12, 1893s. Grover Cleveland, Daniel S. Lamont, Geo. Hughes

Oversize 35

30. Atlas (26) 1894Pt. XXVI

Oversize 36

31. Atlas (34) to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies Wh. G.P.O. 1895Pt. XXIV

Oversize 24

32. Franklin B. Harwood apptmt 3rd Lt. RCS Aug. 2, 1901s. William McKinley, L.J. Gage

Oversize 25

33. Franklin B. Harwood apptmt 2nd Lt. Revenue Cutter Service May 3, 1904s. Theodore Roosevelt, L.M. Shaw

Oversize 32

34. Oakland Tribune Extra Apr. 18, 1906Earthquake

Oversize 33

35. San Francisco Examiner Nov. 11, 1918(16pp) Germany Surrenders


37. Thomas Jefferson engr. portrait and autograph. Engraved by H.B. Hall from an original portrait by G. Stuart. BOX 4 - FRAMED ITEMS


Transferred to box 3 / folder 31