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California Gold Rush Mining Towns Photographed by Alma Lavenson, 1930-1968
BANC PIC 1987.021--PIC  
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Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:1--PIC Allegheny [i.e. Alleghany]. 1954.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:2--PIC Prince & Garabardi [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Iron Balcony. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:3--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:4--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Altaville. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:5--PIC P & G [i.e. Prince & Garibardi] Store. Rear -- showing original stone structure. Altaville. 1957.


Amador City

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:6--PIC Mine near Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:7--PIC Gold Mine. Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:8--PIC Imperial Hotel. Amador City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:9--PIC [Imperial Hotel, from porch of unidentified building.] Amador City. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:10--PIC Amador Hotel. Amador City. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:11--PIC Amador Hotel. Amador City. 1963


Angels Camp

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:12--PIC [Street scene.] Angels Camp. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:13--PIC Church [Serbian Church]. Angels Camp. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:14--PIC Back Street II. Angels Camp. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:15--PIC Wheel [water-wheel]. Near Angels Camp. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:16--PIC Back Street I. Angels Camp. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:17--PIC Orleans Hotel. Auburn. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:18--PIC Hay & feed store. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:19--PIC Rear of fire house. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:20--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:21--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:22--PIC Fire house. Auburn. 1949.


Bear Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:23--PIC Brick and adobe wall. Bear Valley. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:24--PIC Oso House. Bear Valley. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:25--PIC Pendola Store. Bear Valley. 1940.


Butte City

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:26--PIC Butte Store. Butte City. 1956.


BANC PIC 1987.021:27--PIC [Butte Store.] Butte City. 1956.


Byrnes Ferry

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:28--PIC Covered Bridge. Byrnes Ferry. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:29--PIC Hotel Francis. Camptonville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:30--PIC Graves near Camptonville. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:31--PIC [Hotel Francis.] Camptonville. 1950.


Chinese Camp

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:32--PIC Organ in church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:33--PIC Church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:34--PIC [Church.] Chinese Camp. 1939-19? Not vintage.


BANC PIC 1987.021:35--PIC [Post office. Cf. 37, 38.] Chinese Camp. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:36--PIC Chinese Camp. Detail of brick bldg. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:37--PIC Post Office. Chinese Camp. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:38--PIC Post office. Chinese Camp, 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:39--PIC [Gravestone in churchyard.] Chinese Camp. 1939.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:40--PIC Church. Clinton. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:41--PIC [Houses along street.] Clinton. 1939.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:42--PIC Jail. Coloma. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:43--PIC [Unidentified man.] Coloma. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:44--PIC Jail. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:45--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:46--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. 1949. [Duplicate of 47.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:47--PIC Rob't [i.e. Robert] Bell's Store. Coloma. [1949. Duplicate of 46.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:48--PIC Old cabin. Coloma. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:49--PIC Beakart's [i.e. Bekeart's] Store. Coloma. 1968.


Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:50--PIC Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:51--PIC Bayley House. Near Coloma. 1968.


BANC PIC 1987.021:52--PIC Bayley House, nr. Coloma. 1968.


Robert Bell's Store. Coloma, 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:53--PIC Robert Bell's Store. Coloma. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:54--PIC Robert Bell's Store. Coloma. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:55--PIC [Street scene.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:56--PIC [Street scene.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:57--PIC Bldg. w. dried vines. Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:58--PIC Old pioneer saloon. Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:59--PIC [Storefronts.] Columbia. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:60--PIC [Side of brick building.] Columbia. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:61--PIC Iron balcony. Next to firehouse. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:62--PIC Fire house. [Columbia.] 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:63--PIC Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:64--PIC Balcony of Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:65--PIC Columbia. Wells Fargo Bldg. & Stage Driver's Retreat. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:66--PIC Church. Chinese Camp. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:67--PIC Chinese store. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:68--PIC Wells Fargo Bldg. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:69--PIC Columbia. 1940. [Gravestone.] [Duplicate of 76.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:70--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:71--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:72--PIC Graveyard. Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:73--PIC [Graveyard.] Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:74--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:75--PIC [Detail of gravestone.] Columbia. 1945.


BANC PIC 1987.021:76--PIC [Gravestone.] Columbia. 1940. [Duplicate of 69.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:77--PIC [Stage Driver's Retreat, saloon and billiard hall.] Columbia. 1936.


Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:78--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:79--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:80--PIC "Modernized" sign (ugh!). [Stage Drivers Retreat. Cf. 77-79.] Columbia. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:81--PIC Stage Driver's Retreat. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:82--PIC St. Anne's Church, Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:83--PIC St. Anne's Church. Columbia. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:84--PIC St. Anne's Church. Columbia. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:85--PIC St. Anne's [Church]. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:86--PIC "Antiques." Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:87--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:88--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:89--PIC [Post office.] Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:90--PIC Old Audy. Columbia. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:91--PIC Ruins of Brewery. Columbia. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:92--PIC Entrance to the Cemetery. Columbia. 1965.


BANC PIC 1987.021:93--PIC School house. Columbia. 1965.


BANC PIC 1987.021:94--PIC Fallon House. Columbia. 1947.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:95--PIC Hotel. Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:96--PIC [Buildings along street.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:97--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:98--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Copperopolis. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:99--PIC Odd Fellows Hall. Copperopolis. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:100--PIC [Street scene.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:101--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:102--PIC [Abandoned grocery store.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:103--PIC [Locomotive on display.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:104--PIC [Sun Sun Wo Co. store.] Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:105--PIC Coulterville Market & fire bell. Coulterville. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:106--PIC [Coulterville Market and Coulterville Lodge.] Coulterville. 1950.


Diamond Springs

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:107--PIC [Unidentified building.] Diamond Springs. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:108--PIC [Gravestone.] Diamond Springs. 1949.


Douglas Flat

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:109--PIC Gilleado Bldg. (restored). Douglas Flat. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:110--PIC Sunday School (old butcher shop). Drytown. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:111--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Drytown. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:112--PIC [Unidentified waterway. Downie River?] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:113--PIC [Unidentified waterway. Downie River?] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:114--PIC [View of town from hillside.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:115--PIC [Independent Order of Odd Fellows building.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:116--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:117--PIC Catholic Church. Downieville. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:118--PIC Replica of vault of old court house. Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:119--PIC Courthouse. Downieville. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:120--PIC Museum & street. Downieville. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:121--PIC Mountain Messenger office & bridge. [Downieville.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:122--PIC [Men outside of St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:123--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:124--PIC St. Charles Hotel. Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:125--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:126--PIC [St. Charles Hotel.] Downieville. 1934.


Dutch Flat

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:127--PIC [Unidentified Victorian residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 128.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:128--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 127.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:129--PIC [Unidentified Victorian residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 137 and 138.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:130--PIC [Main Street. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 134 and 135.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:131--PIC Hotel, Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 133.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:132--PIC [Dutch Flat Market.] Dutch Flat. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:133--PIC Hotel. Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 131.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:134--PIC [Main Street. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. 1939. [Duplicate of 130 and 135.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:135--PIC [Main Street. 1939. Independent Order of Odd Fellows building far left.] Dutch Flat. [Duplicate of 130 and 134.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:136--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Dutch Flat. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:137--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 129 and 138.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:138--PIC Dutch Flat. 1939. [Unidentified Victorian residence.] [Duplicate of 129 and 137.]


El Dorado

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:139--PIC [Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:140--PIC [Doorway. Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:141--PIC Hill Hotel. El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:142--PIC [Unidentified building.] El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:143--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] El Dorado. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:144--PIC [Ruins of bank, store and office building.] El Dorado. 1947.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:145--PIC Fiddletown. Assay Office. 1967. (Authentic?)


BANC PIC 1987.021:146--PIC Schallenhorn's [i.e. Schallhorn's] Shop. Fiddletown. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:147--PIC Schallenhorn's [i.e. Schallhorn's] Blacksmith Shop. Fiddletown. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:148--PIC Grave near Fiddletown. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:149--PIC Chinese adobe. Fiddletown. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:150--PIC Chinese adobe detail. 1957. [Fiddletown.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:151--PIC Fiddletown. Chinese adobe detail. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:152--PIC Fiddletown. Chinese adobe detail. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:153--PIC "Home Sweet Home." [Porch of unidentified residence.] Fiddletown. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:154--PIC Wooden house and children. [Fiddletown?] 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:155--PIC House & garden. Fiddletown. 1957.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:156--PIC [Store fronts.] Foresthill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:157--PIC [Store fronts from across street.] Foresthill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:158--PIC [General Store.] Foresthill. 1963.


Forest Home

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:159--PIC Hotel. Forest Home. 1949.


French Corral

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:160--PIC [Farm yard.] French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:161--PIC Farm. French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:162--PIC [Leah Stewart General Merchandise store, with gas pump.] French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:163--PIC Barn near French Corral. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:164--PIC [Unidentified building.] Near French Corral. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:165--PIC [Unidentified men outside of bar.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:166--PIC [Former Wells, Fargo & Co. Assay Office.] Folsom. 1948.


BANC PIC 1987.021:167--PIC [Former Wells, Fargo & Co. Assay Office.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:168--PIC [Unidentified men, outside White Bear Restaurant.] Folsom. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:169--PIC Hydraulics. Near Folsom. 1949.


Garden Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:170--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Garden Valley. 1949.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:171--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Georgetown. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:172--PIC [Gravestone.] Georgetown. 1949?


BANC PIC 1987.021:173--PIC Georgetown. 1963. [Street scene with girl on horse.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:174--PIC Georgetown Hotel. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:175--PIC Catholic Church. Georgetown. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:176--PIC Methodist Church. Georgetown. 1963.


Goodyear's Bar

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:177--PIC Stage Stop. Goodyear's Bar. 1954.


Grass Valley

Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:178--PIC Mine. Grass Valley. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:179--PIC Mine in town. Grass Valley. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:180--PIC Tailings from a mine. Grass Valley.


BANC PIC 1987.021:181--PIC Lola Montez's Home. Grass Valley. 1946.



Box 1

BANC PIC 1987.021:182--PIC [Picket fence, unidentified residence.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:183--PIC [Church.] Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:184--PIC Ruins of Ghirardelli Bldg. Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:185--PIC [The Plaza.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:186--PIC [Store fronts of abandoned buildings.] Hornitos. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:187--PIC [Store fronts of abandoned buildings.] Hornitos. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:188--PIC [Native Sons of the Golden West building, formerly Wells Fargo office.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:189--PIC [Native Sons of the Golden West building, formerly Wells Fargo office.] Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:190--PIC Hornitos Hotel. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:191--PIC [Water trough, with tobacco advertisements.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:192--PIC [Ruins of restaurant.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:193--PIC [Unidentified residences.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:194--PIC [Street scene.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:195--PIC N.S.G.W. Bldg. Hornitos. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:196--PIC [Doorway, ruins of unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:197--PIC [Doorway, ruins of unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:198--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Hornitos. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:199--PIC [Detail of brick wall, unidentified structure.] Hornitos. 1950.



Box 2

Ione. Old Fellows Bldg. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:200--PIC Ione. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building.] Old Fellows Bldg. [sic] Ione. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:201--PIC Ione. [Independent Order of Odd Fellows Building.] Old Fellows Bldg. [sic] Ione. 1967.


Jackass Hill

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:202--PIC Replica of Mark Twain's cabin. Jackass Hill. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:203--PIC Water wheel. Jackson. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:204--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson.


BANC PIC 1987.021:205--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson.


BANC PIC 1987.021:206--PIC St. Savo's Church. Jackson. 1967.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:207--PIC [Buildings along street.] Jamestown. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:208--PIC [Emporium building.] Jamestown. 1946.


Jenny Lind

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:209--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Jenny Lind. 1949.


BANC PIC 1987.021:210--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Jennie Lind [i.e. Jenny Lind]. 1949.


Knight's Ferry

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:211--PIC Knight's Ferry. Jail door. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:212--PIC Knight's Ferry. Jail. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:213--PIC Tulloch Mill (Grist Mill). Knight's Ferry. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:214--PIC Old homes. Knight's Ferry. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:215--PIC Covered Bridge. Knight's Ferry. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:216--PIC Knight's Ferry. Covered Bridge. 1950.


Lake City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:217--PIC Lake City. 1954. [Farm.]



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:218--PIC Store with Catalpa Tree. Lotus. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:219--PIC Lohry's store. Lotus. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:220--PIC Lohry's store. Lotus. 1949.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:221--PIC Court house. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:222--PIC Trabucco's Warehouse. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:223--PIC Trabucco Bldg. Mariposa. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:224--PIC Stone wall detail. Mariposa to Ben Hur. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:225--PIC Stone wall. Mariposa to Ben Hur. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:226--PIC Catholic Church. Mariposa. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:227--PIC Stone wall, from Mariposa to Ben Hur. Mariposa. 1950.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:228--PIC Remains of mine near Melones. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:229--PIC [Remains of mine.] Melones. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:230--PIC Mine near Melones. 1940.


Michigan Bluff

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:231--PIC Dixon home. Michigan Bluff.


Mokelumne Hill

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:232--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:233--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1957?


BANC PIC 1987.021:234--PIC Leger Hotel. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:235--PIC Church. Mokelumne Hill. 1933.


BANC PIC 1987.021:236--PIC [Store fronts.] Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:237--PIC Post office. Mokelumne Hill. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:238--PIC Old bldgs. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:239--PIC Gen'l Mdse. Store. [C.G. Nuner General Merchandise store.] Mokelumne Hill. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:240--PIC L. Mayer & Son store. Mokelumne Hill. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:241--PIC Mokelumne Hill. 1933. [C.G. Nuner General Merchandise store.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:242--PIC [Farm.] Near Mokelumne Hill. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:243--PIC Mokelumne Hill. 1940.


BANC PIC 1987.021:244--PIC Post office & adjoining bldg. Mokelumne Hill. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:245--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Mokelumne Hill. 1946.


Mt. Ophir

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:246--PIC Ruins of Trabucco store. Mt. Ophir. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:247--PIC Foundations of mint. Mt. Ophir. 1936.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:248--PIC Gravestone. Murphy's. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:249--PIC Thorpe's Bakery. Murphys. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:250--PIC [Row of porches.] Murphy's. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:251--PIC [Store front.] Murphys. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:252--PIC Side of Mitchler Hotel. [Murphys.] 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:253--PIC Mitchler Hotel. Murphys. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:254--PIC Murphy's Hotel. Formerly Mitchler Hotel. Murphy's. 1957.


Nevada City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:255--PIC [Shuttered doorway. Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:256--PIC Barn near Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:257--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:258--PIC Home built by Dr. R.M. Hunt on Nevada St. 1887. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:259--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:260--PIC Lamp post of old court house. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:261--PIC "The Castle." Nevada City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:262--PIC [Spire, unidentified building.] Nevada City. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:263--PIC [Store fronts.] Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:264--PIC Balcony next to assay office. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:265--PIC Assay office. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:266--PIC Fire house, Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:267--PIC Firehouse. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:268--PIC [Fire house.] Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:269--PIC Old Fire House, Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:270--PIC [Fire house, right.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:271--PIC Fire house. Nevada City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:272--PIC Doorway with vines. Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:273--PIC [Building fronts.] Nevada City. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:274--PIC Sing Lee Laundry. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:275--PIC [Sing Lee Laundry.] Chinese laundry. Nevada City. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:276--PIC Fire house #2 and Broad Street. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:277--PIC Firehouse #2. Nevada City. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:278--PIC Union Hotel. Nevada City. 1938.


North Bloomfield

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:279--PIC Church door. No. [i.e. North] Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:280--PIC Wooden store. No. [i.e. North] Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:281--PIC [Building formerly National Hotel and Annex.] North Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:282--PIC [Building formerly National Hotel and Annex.] North Bloomfield. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:283--PIC [From Malakoff Diggins mine.] Malakoff Mine diggings. North Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:284--PIC [From Malakoff Diggins mine.] Malakoff Mine diggings. North Bloomfield. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:285--PIC North Bloomfield. Hydrolic [sic] erosion from Malikoff [i.e. Malakoff] Mine. 1954.


North San Juan

Box 2

North San Juan. Block & Furth Store. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:286--PIC Block & Furth Store. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:287--PIC [Man with wheelbarrow.] Block & Furth Store. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:288--PIC [Farm.] North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:289--PIC [Buildings along road.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:290--PIC Simon Furth home. North San Juan. 1930.


BANC PIC 1987.021:291--PIC [Unidentified residence.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:292--PIC [Unidentified building under tree.] Autumn. North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:293--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:294--PIC Solaro's Hotel. North San Juan. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:295--PIC View from the cemetery. North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:296--PIC [Doorways, ruins of unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:297--PIC [Balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:298--PIC [Unidentified buildings.] N. [i.e. North] San Juan. 1934?


BANC PIC 1987.021:299--PIC [Balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:300--PIC [Doorway and balcony railing, unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:301--PIC [Unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:302--PIC [Corner of unidentified building.] North San Juan. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:303--PIC Hydraulic erosion. Between Nevada City & No. [i.e. North] San Juan. 1939.


Oregon Creek

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:304--PIC Covered Bridge. Oregon Creek. 1954.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:305--PIC Stone & brick bldg. Plymouth. 1947.


Red Dog

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:306--PIC Diggings. Red Dog. 1939.


Rough & Ready

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:307--PIC [Wooden wheel.] Rough & Ready. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:308--PIC Hotel. Rough & Ready. 1946.


BANC PIC 1987.021:309--PIC Fippen's [i.e. Fippin's] Blacksmith Shop. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:310--PIC [Large tree, with barn in distance.] Rough & Ready. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:311--PIC [Barn, with tools.] Rough & Ready. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:312--PIC [Barn, with tools.] Rough & Ready. 1934.


BANC PIC 1987.021:313--PIC [Side of wooden house.] Rough & Ready. 1946.


San Andreas

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:314--PIC Farm near San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:315--PIC [Unidentified residence.] San Andreas. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:316--PIC Meat Market. San Andreas. 1963.


BANC PIC 1987.021:317--PIC Meat Market. San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:318--PIC J. Banque Store. San Andreas. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:319--PIC [Bridge.] San Andreas. 1934.


Second Garotte

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:320--PIC Hangman's Tree. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:321--PIC Bret Harte Cabin. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:322--PIC Hangman's Tree. Second Garotte. 1951.


BANC PIC 1987.021:323--PIC [Unidentified stone and brick building.] Second Garotte? [Or possibly Camptonville?] 1951.


Shingle Springs

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:324--PIC [Ruins of unidentified stone building.] Shingle Springs. 1949.


Sierra City

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:325--PIC Sierra City. Busch Bldg. 1937.


BANC PIC 1987.021:326--PIC Busch Bldg. Sierra City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:327--PIC Busch Bldg. Sierra City. 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:328--PIC [Unidentified residence.] Sierra City. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:329--PIC [Ruins of stone building.] Sierra City. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:330--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:331--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:332--PIC [Church.] Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.


BANC PIC 1987.021:333--PIC Empire Ranch Barn. Near Smartville [Smartsville]. 1939.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:334--PIC St. James Church. Sonora. 1950.


BANC PIC 1987.021:335--PIC St. James Church. Sonora. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:336--PIC Second hand store. Sonora. 1940.


Sutter Creek

Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:337--PIC Church. Sutter Creek. 1947.


BANC PIC 1987.021:338--PIC Cemetery. Sutter Creek. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:339--PIC [Man painting barn.] Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:340--PIC Monteverd's [i.e. Monteverde's] Store. Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:341--PIC Main Street. Sutter Creek. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:342--PIC Main Street. Sutter Creek. 1939.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:343--PIC Stewart Bros. Store. Timbuctoo. 1932.


BANC PIC 1987.021:344--PIC Stewart Bros. Store. Timbuctoo. 1934.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:345--PIC Tuttletown Hotel. 1947.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:346--PIC Oak Tree with Miner's Bell. Vallecito. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:347--PIC Church. Vallecito. 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:348--PIC [Unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:349--PIC [Unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:350--PIC [Ruins of unidentified building.] Vallecito. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:351--PIC [Former Dinkelspiel's Store. Vallecito. McGall's Center and old Wells Fargo Bank building] 1938.


BANC PIC 1987.021:352--PIC [Former Dinkelspiel's Store. Vallecito. McGall's Center and old Wells Fargo Bank building] 1938.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:353--PIC [Doorway, unidentified building.] Volcano. 1956.


BANC PIC 1987.021:354--PIC [Unidentified building.] Volcano. n.d.


BANC PIC 1987.021:355--PIC Jail. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:356--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:357--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. & Masonic Bldg. Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:358--PIC I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. Volcano. 1936?


BANC PIC 1987.021:359--PIC Volcano. I.O.O.F. [i.e. Independent Order of Odd Fellows] Bldg. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:360--PIC Sibley's Brewery. Volcano. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:361--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1957.


BANC PIC 1987.021:362--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1957. [Entrance.]


BANC PIC 1987.021:363--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:364--PIC [Porch, St. George Hotel.] Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:365--PIC St. George Hotel. Volcano. 1967.


BANC PIC 1987.021:366--PIC Gen. Mdse. [i.e. General Merchandise] Store & Wells Fargo. [Ruins.] Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:367--PIC [Unidentified building.] Volcano. 1936.


BANC PIC 1987.021:368--PIC [Ruins of General Merchandise Store and Wells Fargo office? Cf. No. 366.] Volcano. 1957.



Box 2

BANC PIC 1987.021:369--PIC Stone Bldg. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:370--PIC Little School? Church? Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:371--PIC Stone store w. gas pump. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:372--PIC Hotel. Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.


BANC PIC 1987.021:373--PIC [Washington Hotel.] Washington [Nevada County, Calif.] 1954.