Inventory of the Wallace Stevens Oral History Collection, 1975-1985, (bulk 1976-1978)

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Inventory of the Wallace Stevens Oral History Collection, 1975-1985, (bulk 1976-1978)

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Wallace Stevens Oral History Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1975-1985, (bulk 1976-1978)
Creator: Brazeau, Peter A.
Extent: 605 pieces, consisting of 137 tapes, 105 transcriptions, and 363 pieces of correspondence
Repository: The Huntington Library
San Marino, California 91108
Language: English.

Administrative Information


Tapes and transcriptions acquired from J. R. Harrison (executor of Peter Brazeau's estate) in June, 1989. Correspondence acquired from Harrison in July, 1990.


Collection is open to qualified researchers by prior application through the Reader Services Department. For more information please go to following URL .

Publication Rights

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Wallace Stevens Oral History Collection, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

Scope and Content

The oral history tapes and transcriptions, together with the correspondence, that make up this collection were created by Peter A. Brazeau during the course of his research for his oral history biography of Wallace Stevens: Parts of a World: Wallace Stevens Remembered (New York: Random House, 1983). Brazeau, a member of the English Department faculty of St. Joseph College, wrote to and interviewed dozens of Stevens' relatives, friends, neighbors, employees, business colleagues, and literary associates and acquaintances in order to elicit their recollections about the poet.
While Brazeau mined the material fairly thoroughly, the mass of information was too great for it all to be used in the book, and there yet remains a good deal of unused data. Therefore, this collection is an excellent research tool for Stevens scholarship.
Researchers are advised to use Brazeau's Parts of a World: Wallace Stevens Remembered as a reference source for the collection, to identify the people whose interviews and correspondence are contained in the collection.

Physical Description

There are three formats of material:
1. Tapes. Duplicate cassette tapes have been made from the master tapes (which are in both cassette and reel-to-reel formats). A fairly substantial number of the master tapes are of markedly inferior sound quality, and, while the copies are no worse in quality, it has not been possible to improve or enhance the quality of the copies. The most frequent problem is either very low volume or loud background noise, or a combination of the two.
Researchers are cautioned that there is almost certainly some duplication in the tapes for some individuals. This is often due to Brazeau's inconsistent practice of making a second master of a given interview (in either the same or a different format), whose contents may or may not exactly match those of the first master. In almost every instance, the task of exhaustively comparing the contents of two masters proved too unwieldy and time-consuming and had to be abandoned; all that could be done was to copy each master tape unless duplicate masters could be readily identified. Moreover, Brazeau would group interviews on tapes in the most economical manner possible, and these would not be grouped similarly for duplicate master tapes, e.g., groups of interviews on a reel-to-reel tape would not then be retained as a group on Brazeau's own second (cassette) master but would be dispersed to several cassette tapes. This made the identification of duplicate interviews especially difficult. A third difficulty was Brazeau's frequent habit of beginning an interview too early on the tape (with far too little leader tape) or with the volume initially too low, so that his verbal identification of the interviewee and date of the interview are unintelligible. In short, the tapes were made, not by a professional oral historian, but by a Stevens scholar who used the craft as a means to pursue his own research, so the quality of recordings is highly uneven.
2. Transcriptions. The transcriptions have been xeroxed, and the xeroxes will be used for research purposes. Both the originals and the xeroxes are difficult to read, for Brazeau wrote the transcriptions by hand, often in pencil. Moreover, his transcriptions are not complete but are selective; he omitted segments that were not of interest for his own research.
3. Correspondence. The correspondence consists of originals, most in good condition.

Arrangement of the Collection

Boxes 1-4: Cassette tapes (copies).
Boxes 5-8: Transcriptions (copies).
Boxes 9-15: Correspondence.
Boxes 16-19: Transcriptions (masters -- not to be circulated).
Boxes 20-26: Cassette and reel-to-reel tapes (masters -- not to be circulated).
The following pages of this report consists of a complete list of the people represented in the collection. Each individual's name is followed by columns in which appear call number(s) for his/her tape(s), transcription(s), and correspondence. For each individual listed, there will be one or more items in any one or two formats, or in all three. A blank in any of the columns means that there is nothing in the designated format for that individual. The specific items desired can be called out using the call numbers provided, each beginning with the prefix "HM". In no instance will the master tapes or the originals of the transcriptions be provided for research.

Container List


Adams, Leonie Fuller HM 53813HM 53759-53761HM 54239-40


Aiken, Mary Augusta (Hoover) HM 53814HM 53680HM 53917-8


Akselhjelm, [?] HM 53919


American Literature HM 53920


Anderson, Gwendolyn Gardner HM 53815HM 53773


Anderson, Hale HM 53816HM 53683, 53806, 53808


Artworks Gallery HM 53933


Avery, Mrs. Milton HM 53682


Barter, Mr. and Mrs. John HM 53817HM 53693-53694


Barzun, Jacques Martin HM 53921


Bate, Walter Jackson HM 53922


Bauer, W. Walt HM 53923


Beach, Charles HM 53818HM 53741-53742


Beecher, Mr. and Mrs. Robert HM 53819HM 53684


Berger, Arthur Asa HM 53820HM 53685HM 53924


Berkman, Florence HM 53821HM 53704


Bissell, Richard Pike HM 53703


Bissell, William HM 53822HM 53742


Blume, Peter HM 53925


Boroff, Marie HM 53926


Brazeau, Peter Alden (misc. notes) HM 54279


Brinnin, John Malcolm HM 53803HM 53927-8


Brock, Marianne HM 53823HM 53707


Brooks, Cleanth HM 53824HM 53731HM 53929


Brooks, Ernest HM 53930


Brown, Ernest Francis HM 53931


Brown, Lynn HM 53753


Buchsbaum, Betty HM 53932


Burdge, Clifford HM 53825HM 53687


Burns, Mrs. Charles HM 53686


Buttel, Robert William HM 53934-6


Buzzell, Dorothy HM 53937


Cameron, Kenneth Walter HM 53938


Carlsen, Robin Woodsworth HM 53939


Carrier, Constance V. HM 53940-6


Carruth, Hayden HM 53947


Cason, Mrs. Frederick HM 53826HM 53715


Cassian, Father HM 53810


Castro, Robert Clayton HM 53948


Causley, Charles Stanley HM 53949


Chickering, Elizabeth Ann (Halloran) HM 53827HM 53710, 53731


Chickering, Howell D. HM 53950


Cleary, John HM 53804


Cole, Thomas HM 53951-2


Cole, William Rossa HM 53828HM 53688HM 53953


Corn, Naaman HM 53829HM 53780-53781


Cowie, E. A. HM 53830HM 53743


Cowley, Malcolm HM 53954


Creeley, Robert White HM 53955


Crile, Helga Sandburg HM 54278


Crocket, John HM 53689-53690HM 53956


Cross, Richard W. HM 53831HM 53688, 53807HM 53957


Cunningham, Charles Crehore HM 53832HM 53768HM 53958


Curry, Mary HM 53778


Daugherty, Lillian (Mrs. Ivan, Jr.) HM 53795, 53798


Deutsch, Babette HM 53959


DeVore, Robert HM 53833HM 53692


DeVore, Robert & Mrs. DeVore HM 53833HM 53702


Diamond, Edwin HM 53960


Doggett, Frank and Dorothy (Emerson) HM 53834HM 53723HM 53961-74


Dow, Paul A. HM 53835HM 53705, 53742, 53743HM 53975-6


Dow, Paul A. & Mrs. Dow HM 53783


Duncan, Harry HM 53979


Earle, Sophie (Sigmans) HM 53836HM 53698, 53765, 53775


Eberhart, Betty HM 53837HM 53697


Eberhart, Richard HM 53837HM 53695-53697HM 53980-90


Engley, Donald Brown HM 53838HM 53699HM 53991


[?], Eulalia HM 54277


Faber and Faber, Inc. HM 53993-5


Fadiman, Clifton Paul HM 53992


Fenn, Francis T. HM 53839HM 53702HM 53996


Fitzgerald, Penny HM 53703


Fitzgerald, Robert Stuart HM 53997


Flaxman, Bernard HM 53843HM 53698, 53704, 53808


Fletcher, A. J. HM 53840HM 53705-53706HM 53998-54000


Flynn, Anna HM 53841HM 53749


Ford, Martha HM 54237


Ford, William T. HM 54001


Foulke, Adrienne HM 54002


Fountain, Gary HM 54003


Francis, Robert Churchill HM 54004-5


Frazier, J. HM 53842HM 53706


Gallup, Donald Clifford HM 54006


Gay, James HM 53844HM 53704


Gay, John Curry HM 53845HM 53784


Gerlach, Kathryn (Mrs. Gerhard) HM 53792, 53799HM 54007


Giamatti, Angelo Bartlett HM 54008-10


Gilmore, John HM 53846HM 53714


Gioia, Michael Dana HM 54011-22


Goldstein, Elliott HM 53847HM 53708


Goodenough, Cynthia (Goss) HM 54023


Green, Elizabeth Alden HM 53848HM 53707, 53720HM 54024-6


Gregor, Arthur HM 54027


Gregory, Horace Victor HM 54028-9


Grobe, Newton HM 54030


Gruen, Jane (Wilson) HM 53849HM 53709-53710


Gruen, John HM 53849HM 53709-53710HM 54031-3


Guild of Book Workers HM 54034


Halloran, Robert HM 53850HM 53710


Halpern, Daniel HM 54035


Hammer, Carolyn P. HM 54036


Hanley, Rev. Arthur P. HM 53851HM 53693HM 54037-9


Hanley, Frank HM 53852HM 53800, 53803-53804


Hanna, Alfred Jackson HM 54040


Harper, Robert HM 54041


Harris, Leonard HM 53853HM 53676, 53784-53785


Harvard University Library HM 54042-3


Hatch, Benton C. HM 54082


Haven, Richard HM 53752


Heard, Manning HM 53854HM 53677-53679, 53714


Heller, Alfred HM 54044


Hendrick, George HM 54045


Heringman, Bernard HM 53855HM 53761-53762HM 54046-50


Hill, Russell HM 53806


Hohmann, J. Tansley HM 53856HM 53711, 53742, 53765


Hollander, John HM 53848HM 54051


Horner, Joyce HM 53848HM 53707, 53720


Howes, Barbara HM 54052-5


Hullett, James C. HM 54056


Hullett, Mrs. James C. HM 54057


Iles, Mrs. L. D. HM 53715HM 54058


Ingalls, Jeremy HM 54059


Jarrell, Mary (von Schrader) HM 53857HM 53681HM 54060-1


Jhopin(?), Karl HM 54276


John Ryland Library HM 54161


Johnston, Coy HM 53858HM 53707-53708


Johnston, Mrs. Coy HM 53707


Johnston, Gladys HM 54169


Jones, Frank William HM 53859HM 53712, 53797HM 54062-3


Kain, Sister Mary of God HM 54064


Kearney, Frank HM 53860HM 53713, 53721


Kennure, Mary HM 53861HM 53800


Kinnell, Galway HM 54071


Knight, John HM 54065


Knopf, Alfred A. HM 54066-8


Korschgen, Sandy HM 54069


Kuhnly, Hazel HM 53862HM 43736


Kunstler, William Moses HM 54070


Ladish, John E. HM 53863HM 53711, 53714, 53738-53739, 53776


Langton, Stephen HM 53864HM 53769, 53772, 53773


Laughlin, James HM 54072-3


Lawrence, Seymour HM 53865HM 53762-53763HM 54074


Laws, Arthur HM 53866HM 53732


Ledbetter, John HM 53867HM 53708


Lee, Peter Hacksoo HM 53868HM 53715HM 54075


Lensing, George HM 54076


Levin, Harry Tuchman HM 53869HM 53716HM 54077


Lichtenstein, Stanley HM 53718


Lukens, John HM 53719


McCormick, Elva HM 53698, 53765


McGee, Alan HM 53870HM 53720


McKenna, Rollie HM 53871HM 53685


McNally, Peter HM 53787


McPhee, Josephine HM 53872HM 53721


Mack, Maynard HM 54078


Macleish, Archibald HM 54079


MacLeod, Glen HM 54080


Martz, Louis Lohr HM 53873HM 53722HM 54081


Matisse, Maria-Gaetana HM 54084


Matisse, Pierre HM 54083


Maule, Robert HM 53874HM 53686, 53725


May, Lillian M. HM 54085


May, Philip HM 53723


Mengel, Elias HM 53681-53682


Minton, Helen Church HM 53875HM 53794, 53801


Mitchell, Stephen HM 53724, 53732


Moher, James HM 53876HM 53741


Moore, Frederick W. HM 53877HM 53685, 53687, 53725,HM 54086-7


Morgan, Frederick HM 53878HM 53788-53791, 53793 53809, 53810


Morgan, Marian HM 53780


Morrison, Theodore HM 54088


Morse, Samuel French and Morse, Jane (Crowell) HM 53879HM 53726-53727, 53803HM 54089-54110


Murdock, Eleanor (Eckhart) McLaughlin HM 54111


Myers, John Bernard HM 53880HM 53771HM 54112-3


National Gallery of Ireland HM 54114


Nemerov, Howard Stanley HM 54115


The New Republic HM 54116


Newton, Louie HM 53881HM 53712, 53724


O'Brien, Gael M. HM 54117-8


O'Connor, Mary (Allen) HM 54119


O'Dowd, Charles HM 53882HM 53679, 53728-53729


O'Loughlin, John HM 53883HM 53675


Olson, Elder James HM 53884HM 53759HM 54120-2


Osborn, Robert Chesley and Osborn, Elodie (Courter) HM 54123


Pack, Robert HM 54124


Palmer, Michael HM 54125


Parini, Jay Lee HM 54126


Park, Arthur HM 53764HM 54127


Parker, T. H. HM 54128


Patke, Rajeev Shridhar HM 54129


Pearce, Roy Harvey HM 54130


Pia, Adele HM 53885HM 53729


Pieraccini, Roland HM 54194


Polley, Arthur HM 53886HM 53730-53731


Posey, Addison Cecil HM 54131-2


Powell, Esther HM 53887HM 53732HM 54133


Power, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. HM 53888HM 53732HM 54134


Powers, James C. HM 54135


Powers, Margaret (Carhart) HM 53889HM 53733HM 54136-45


Prentiss, Robert HM 54146


Radcliffe College, Office of Development and Alumnae Affairs HM 54147


Ramke, Bin HM 54148-50


Rankin, James HM 53890


Regnier, [?] HM 53802, 53805


Reik, James HM 53804, 53805


Reis, Rebecca HM 54151


Renill, James HM 54152


Reyher, Rebecca HM 53798-53799HM 54153


Richardson, Joan HM 54154


Rodman, Selden HM 54155


Rodriguez Feo, Jose HM 53891HM 53734HM 54156-7


Roesch, Kurt HM 53892HM 53735-53736HM 54158


Rogers, John HM 53893HM 53737-53738


Rueckert, Betty (Ehlers) HM 54159


Ryan, Elizabeth HM 54160


Sabersky, Jane HM 54162


Saint Mary's College, College Archivist HM 54163


Saintonge, Jane HM 54164


Saintonge, Paul & Constance HM 53894HM 53807


Salomon, Isidore Lawrence and Salomon, Frances (Slobodin) HM 53699-53701HM 54165-8, 54170-93, 54295-7


Sanders, Mrs. Leroy HM 53745


Sandy, Stephen Merrill HM 54198


Sauer, Eleanor (Stevens) HM 53895HM 53740, 53750HM 54199


Sauer, John C. HM 53896HM 53740-53741HM 54200-1


Schoen, Herbert HM 53897HM 53743, 53748-53749


Schreibman, Susan HM 54202


Schulman, Grace HM 54203


Schwartz, Anna HM 53744, 53807, 53809


Scotts, Earl K. HM 54204


Seasongood, Murray HM 54205-9


Sesnick, Anthony and Sesnick, Mary Catherine (Stevens) HM 53898HM 53750, 53751HM 54210


Sesnick, Joan M. HM 53899HM 53749, 53751HM 54211-4


Sharfman, Etta HM 53701


Shattuck, Virginia Grigsby Chandler Peabody HM 54215


Shaw, A. Park HM 53900HM 54216


Sigmans, Anthony P. HM 53836, 53901HM 53704, 53775, 53796-53797, 53811HM 54217


Snow, Charles Wilbert HM 54218-20


Snow, Elizabeth HM 54221


Soby, James Thrall HM 53902HM 53774


"Southern Folks" HM 53757-53758


Southern Illinois University, Special Coll. HM 54222


Stanford, Donald Elwin HM 53682HM 54223-5


Stevens, Anna May HM 53903HM 53745-53746


Stevens, John B. HM 54226


Sullivan, Florrie HM 53904HM 53800, 53801


Sunbury, Richard E. HM 53905HM 53678, 53711, 53766-53767, 53777HM 54229


Sweeney, James Johnson HM 53906HM 53717


Sweeney, John L. HM 54230-1


Sylvester, Milli HM 53907HM 53684, 53691


Tate, Allen John Orley HM 54232-3


Taylor, Wilson E. HM 53908HM 53747HM 54234


Thompson, Robert Harris HM 54235


Tindall, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. York HM 53748, 53763HM 54236


Trilling, Diana HM 54238


Tucker, Leslie F. HM 53687, 53770HM 54241-4


Tucker, Robert Gerland HM 53752HM 54245-6


University of Dublin HM 53977-8


Untermeyer, Louis HM 54247


Vail, Hazel HM 53909HM 53753HM 54248


Vance, Will HM 53911HM 53771


Van Doren, Dorothy HM 54249


Van Raalte, Arlene (Mullen) HM 53910HM 53786, 53787


Vazakas, Byron HM 53912HM 53778-53779HM 54250-2


Wade, Jane HM 54253


Wallace Stevens Society. Journal. HM 54227-8


Warren, Robert Penn HM 54254


Weeks, Edward Augustus HM 53913HM 53763HM 54255


Weicker, Lowell Palmer HM 54256


Weiss, Paul HM 53914HM 53754-53755HM 54257-60 54275


Weiss, Theodore Russell HM 54261-2


Wescott, Glenway HM 53713


Wheeler, Monroe HM 53713


Wilbur, Richard Purdy HM 53782HM 54263-5


Wilder, Isabel HM 53791-53792HM 54266-7


Wilkins, Richard HM 53682


Williams, Harry HM 53915HM 53705


Williams, William Eric HM 54268


Wilson, Jane (McFarland) HM 53916HM 53756HM 54269-74


Zaturenska, Marya HM 54029