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Register of the Allan E. Goodman Papers, 1947-1975

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Title: Allan E. Goodman Papers,
Date (inclusive): 1947-1975
Collection number: 75001
Creator: Goodman, Allan E., 1944-
Collection Size: 133 manuscript boxes, 2 card file boxes, 3 binders, 16 notebooks, 7 envelopes. (58 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Writings, reports, correspondence, clippings, notes, interviews, and printed matter, relating to the Vietnamese War, the Paris peace talks of 1968-1973, elections in South Vietnam from 1967 to 1971, the South Vietnamese legislature, migration to Saigon, urbanization and political and demographic change in Southeast Asia, counterinsurgency, and Soviet-American detente.
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Biographical Note

1944 Born, New York City
1966 B.S., Northwestern University
1967-1971 Consultant on Vietnamese Affairs, U.S. Department of State and RAND Corporation
1968 M.P.A., John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
1970-1974 Professor of Government and International Relations and Department Chairman, Clark University
1971 Ph.D., Harvard University
1972 Editor, Indochina in Conflict: A Political Assessment (D.C., Heath, Lexington, Massachusetts)
1973 Author, Politics in War: The Bases of Political Community in South Vietnam (Harvard University Press, Cambridge)
1974-1975 National Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
1975-Present Office of Political Research, Central Intelligence Agency

Access Points

Rand corporation.
United States. Dept. of State.
Guerrilla warfare.
Legislative bodies--Vietnam.
Rural-urban migration--Asia, Southeastern.
Rural-urban migration--Vietnam.
Urbanization--Asia, Southeastern.
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975.
Asia, Southeastern.
Asia, Southeastern--Politics and government.
Saigon (Vietnam)
Soviet Union.
Russia (Federation)
Soviet Union--Foreign relations--United States.
United States--Foreign relations.
United States--Armed Forces.
United States--Foreign relations--Soviet Union.
Vietnam--Politics and government.

Series Description


Box Boxes 1-25

SUBJECT FILE, 1954-1975.

Scope and Content Note

Memoranda, reports, notes, correspondence, and clippings, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box Boxes 25-26


Scope and Content Note

Reports, notes, and transcripts, arranged alphabetically by conference or seminar title.
Box Boxes 26-37


Scope and Content Note

Drafts, notes, data, and printed copies of speeches and writings, arranged alphabetically by author.
Box: 37


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.


Physical Description: 2 binders on shelf

Scope and Content Note

Computer printout of data used for a study, entitled "The Dynamics of Migration to Saigon, 1964-1972," by Allan E. Goodman and Lawrence M. Franks.

Addendum, September 1975

Box Boxes 38-51


Scope and Content Note

Drafts, notes, correspondence, and printed copies of speeches and writings, arranged alphabetically by author and under author by title.
Box Boxes 52-96

SUBJECT FILE, 1956-1974.

Scope and Content Note

Unpublished writings, correspondence, notes, clippings and printed matter, arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box Boxes 96-101

DEBRIEFINGS, 1965-1969.

Scope and Content Note

Printed copies of debriefings conducted by the U.S. Agency for International Development Asia Training Center, University of Hawaii, Honolulu.
Box Boxes 101-102


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
Box Boxes 103-104


Scope and Content Note

Printed matter in Vietnamese.


Physical Description: 2 card file boxes

Scope and Content Note

Index card notes arranged by subject.


Physical Description: 4 notebooks

Scope and Content Note

Biographic data sheets, notes, and clippings arranged by subject.


Physical Description: 1 binder

Scope and Content Note

Computer printout of tabulation of responses to questionnaires used in study of migration to Saigon, South Vietnam, entitled, "The Dynamics of Migration to Saigon, 1964-1972," by Allan E. Goodman and Lawrence M. Franks.


Additional Note

See photo card catalog.

Container List



SUBJECT FILE, 1954-1975

Box 1

Cambodian invasion


Cao Dai


Cap Tien


Chau, Tran Nguoc, case


Chieu Hoi (Open Arms) Program


Chinh, Truong


Civil Operations and Rural Developent Support (CORDS) Program


Dai Viet Revolutionary Party




Doan Ket (National Reconciliation) Program


Ho Chi Minh


Hoa Hao Social Democratic Party


Hoover Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government


International interactional analysis


Kissinger, Henry A.


Laotian invasion


Minh, General Duong Van ("Big") Minh






Nixon, Richard M.

Box 2

Paris Agreement, January 1973


Allegations of Communist violations


Allegations of U.S. and South Vietnamese violations


















Follow-up meetings, February to December 1973




North Vietnamese troop withdrawal


U.S. expectations


Paris peace talks






June to October 1972


October 1972 to January 1973

Box 3

Draft agreement, October 1972


NLF views


North Vietnamese views


South Vietnamese views


U.S. views


Effects of military developments upon negotiations






North Vietnamese views


South Vietnamese views

Box 4

Transcripts of NLF statements, January 25, 1969 to January 18, 1973


Transcripts of North Vietnamese statements, May 13 to October 30, 1968


Transcripts of North Vietnamese statements, January 25, 1969 to January 18, 1973

Box 5

Transcripts of South Vietnamese statements, January 25, 1969 to January 18, 1973


Transcripts of U.S. statements, May 13, 1968 to January 18, 1973


Parliamentary systems


Pham Viet Tung


Philippines, agriculture

Box 6

Press summaries


North Vietnamese, January 10 to October 31, 1969


South Vietnamese, August 12 to October 28, 1969

Box 7

South Vietnamese, November 6, 1969 to March 15, 1971

Box 8

RAND Corporation




Chamber of Commerce




Southeast Asia, effects of conflict on migration


Soviet-American detente, interactional analysis


Stilwell, General Joseph W.


Tan Dai Viet Party


Thieu, Nguyen Van




Aid to South Vietnam, 1974-1975


Anti-war movement


Defense budget


Development Mission

Box 9

Legality of involvement in Vietnam


Marine Corps


Policy in the Far East, chronology


Policy in Vietnam










North Vietnamese assessment


Relations with South Vietnam


Supplemental assistance for South Vietnam, 1975


Treaties with South Vietnam

Box 10

Viet Cong






Political infrastructure











Box 11


Box 12







Expatriates in France


Geneva settlement, 1954




International Commission of Control and Supervision





Box 13





Perception of problem



Box 14





Vietnam, North




Diary of a soldier


Domestic conditions




Foreign policy




Relations with NLF




Vietnam, South




Alliance for National, Democratic, and Peace Forces

Box 15

Areas under government control






Child Welfare


Chinese community


Civil service




Domestic conditions


Due process


Due process and repression

Box 16




Box 17



Farmers' association and labor


Foreign policy


Free world assistance



Box 18



Khmer minority statute


Labor movement


Land reform


Law relating to protection of prisoners of war and civilians

Box 19





Biographical data on legislators


Internal rules of the Lower House


Local government

Box 20

Local government


Negotiations with NLF


Political fronts


Political groups


Political opposition


Political party law


Political prisoners






Press code

Box 21

Proposals for accommodation with NLF


Provincial files




An Giang


Coastal I Corps


Coastal II Corps




Da Nang


Dinh Tuong


Gia Dinh




Khanh Hoa


Kien Hoa

Box 22

Long An


Mekong Delta


Communal group areas


Rural Buddhists


Phu Yen


Quang Ngai


Vinh Binh


Vinh Long


War zone areas in III Corps


Public works


Revolutionary Development Cadre


Social welfare


Special civil institutions








Long An Province



Box 23

Third Force


Universities and professors


Veterans and ARVN




Vietnam Popular Forces


Vietnam Quoc Dan Dang


Vietnam War




Developments, 1965-1969


Developments in 1973


Developments in 1974


Developments in 1975

Box 24

Easter offensive, April 1972


Infiltration into South Vietnam


Khe Sanh battle, 1968


Mining of Haiphong Harbor




Peace proposals


Phoenix operation


Tet offensive, January 1968


Tet II offensive, August 1968

Box 25

U.S. bombing campaign


U.S. casualties


U.S. prisoners of war





Box 25

"Communist Movements and Regimes in Indochina," ad hoc seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, New York, New York, September 30 to October 2, 1974


Conference on the Military Lessons of Vietnam, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, Mass., May 3 to 4, 1974


"Educational Development in Vietnam," Education and Manpower Development Seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, San Francisco, California, March 5 to 6, 1968


"Peasants, Land Reform, and Revolutionary Movements," Rural Development Panel Seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, Savannah, Georgia, June 4 to 6, 1974


"Rural Local Government and Development Administration in Southeast Asia," Development Administration Panel Seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, April 4 to 6, 1974

Box 26

"Social Development Planning in Vietnam, Laos, and the Khmer Republic: An Assessment of Experiences," Vietnam, Laos, Khmer Panel Seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, Hong Kong, January 2 to 4, 1975


"Strengthening of the Planning Apparatus," Indonesia Panel Seminar, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, September 13 to 16, 1974


"Vietnam: A Contemporary Reassessment," National War College, Washington, D.C., September 26, 1974


"Whatever Happened to the Super Powers?" 29th annual conference, World Affairs Council of Northern California, Asilomar, California, May 2 to 4, 1975



Box 26

Atkyns, Glenn Chadwick, "Secondary Education: Nation Building in Vietnam," 1968


Aydelotte, William O., "The Disintegration of the Conservative Party in the Eighteen-Forties: A Study of Political Attitudes," 1969


Beaumont, Jacques, and Martin Sandberg, "Programme Notes from a Visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN) on 30 June - 7 July 1973," n.d.


Beck, Carl, "Biography and the Analysis of Leadership in Communist Political Systems," 1969


Brickman, Philip, Phillip Shaver, and Peter Archibald, "American Tactics and American Goals in Vietnam as Perceived by Social Scientists," 1968


Brown, MacAlister, and Joseph J. Zasloff, "The Pathet Lao and the Politics of Reconciliation in Laos," 1974


Chau, Phan Thien, "Political Development in the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam: The Politics of Survival and Nation-Building through Mass Mobilization," 1973


Chau, Phan Thien, "Vietnamese Communism: A Bibliographic Essay," 1974


Chen, Pi-chao, "The 'Planned Birth' Program of the People's Republic of China, with a Brief Analysis of Its Transferability," 1974


Cua, Van Van, "Effects of the Western Civilization on the Vietnamese Society," n.d.


Dean, John G., "Current French Policy toward Vietnam," 1970


Donnell, John C., Guy J. Pauker and Joseph J. Zasloff, "Viet Cong Motivation and Morale in 1964: A Preliminary Report," 1965


Dunn, Lewis A., "The Limits of Foreign Policy: Fear, Trembling and the Idealistic Impulse," 1973


Elliott, David W. P., "Political Integration in North Vietnam: The Cooperativization Period," 1974


Elliott, David W. P. and W. A. Stewart, "Pacification and the Viet Cong System in Dinh Tuong: 1966-1967," 1968

Box 27

Ellsberg, Daniel, "Impact of the VC Winter-Spring Offensive," 1968


Ellsberg, Daniel, "Some Lessons from Failure in Vietnam," 1968


Frizzell, Lieutenant Colonel Donaldson D., "Air Power Vietnam: 1972", 1974


Gallucci, Robert L., "United States Military Policy in Vietnam: A View from the Bureaucratic Perspective," Ph.D. dissertation, Brandeis University, 1973


Giau, Tran Van, "South Vietnam Keeps Firm the Copper Wall," translated from the Vietnamese by Tran Van Dinh, 1967


Goodman, Allan E.


"America's Failure in Indochina," n.d.


"Bases of Conflict and Accommodation within a Legislative Elite in South Vietnam," 1971


"Beyond the New Isolationism," n.d.


"The Causes and Consequences of Détente, 1949-1973," n.d.


"Choosing Future Vice-Presidents," 1974


"Costs of Shuttle Diplomacy," n.d.

Box 28

"Demographic Aspects of Insurgency: The Case of Thailand," 1967


"Détente: The Road Ahead," n.d.


"Diplomatic and Strategic Outcomes of the Conflict," 1968


"End of the War as a Setting for Post-War Development in South Vietnam," 1970


"End of the War as a Setting for the Future Development of South Vietnam," 1971


"Ethnopolitics in South Vietnam," 1967


"Fighting While Negotiating: The View from Hanoi," n.d.

Box 29

"Leaving the Future Up for Grabs: The Political Consequences of the Vietnam Cease-fire," 1973


"The Legacy of Resignation," 1974


"The Lost Peace: Negotiating While Fighting in Vietnam, 1964-1974," 1974


Grant applications


Research travel








Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3


Chapter 4

Box 30

Chapter 5


Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8








Biographical appendix


"Notes on the Administration of Elections in South Vietnam," 1967


"Redeeming the American Pledge of Postwar Assistance for Vietnam," n.d.


"Remember Vietnam?" n.d.


Review of Jay Taylor, China and Southeast Asia: Peking's Relations with Revolutionary Movements, n.d.


"Secret Search for Peace," n.d.


"South Vietnam: War without End?" 1974


"South Vietnam's Military Politics: A Basis for Government?" 1969


Speech at Boalt Hall Law School Forum, University of California, Berkeley, April 23, 1975


Speech to civic clubs, n.d.


"Towards a Political Settlement in Vietnam," 1974

Box 31

"U.S. Withdrawal: Its Effect on South Vietnamese Politics," 1970


"Vietnam and the Limits of Scholarly Intervention," 1973


"Villagism and Communalism in South Vietnam," n.d.


"What's Happening in Paris?" n.d.


"Why Post-War Aid?" n.d.


"Will the Vietnam War End?" n.d.


Goodman, Allan E., and Lawrence M. Franks, "The Dynamics of Migration to Saigon, 1964-1972," 1975


Drafts and notes




Data format code

Box 32

Goodman, Allan E., and Lawrence M. Franks, "Neither War nor Peace: The Causes and Consequences of Migration to Saigon, Vietnam," 1973




Manuscript draft


Preliminary thesis




Research plans and design


Chapter on methodology


Chapter on problems and issues


Chapter on causes of migration


Chapter on consequences of migration



Box 33





Goure, Leon, "Some Thoughts on Infiltration and the Vietnam Settlement," 1969


Gourou, Pierre, "The Future of Indochina," 1947


Grant, James P., statement before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, March 26, 1968


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Introduction and outline


Chapter 2, "Politics within a New Constitutional Framework."


Chapter 3, "Impact of American Development Mission on Political Change."


Chapter 4, "Events and Developments."

Box 34

Notes and drafts




Hutabarat, Panangaran, "An Estimation of Gross Value Added of Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply and of Ownership of Dwelling in the Province of South Sumatra in 1970," 1972


Hutabarat, Panangaran, "The Estimation of Value Added in Finance Sector of South Sumatra, Indonesia, 1970," 1972


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Box 35

"Military Lessons from Vietnam: Vietnam Strategy, 1964-1968," n.d.


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Box 36

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Box 37

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Box 37



Bell, David V. J.


Bolton, Robert


Boyle, Monica


Brown, Fred


Bunker, Ambassador Ellsworth


Carter, Audra


Cochran, Samuel W.


Colby, Ambassador William


D'Arc, Christine


De, Congressman Dinh Van


Engle, James


Firfer, Alexander


Fishel, Wesley


Ginsburg, Norton


Green, Lia


Hartz, Louis


Herber, Robert C.


Herz, Martin


Hickey, Gerald


Hien, Nguyen Van


Hoeber, Francis P.


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binder 2 binders

Data used for a study, entitled "The Dynamics of Migration to Saigon, 1964-1972," by Allen E. Goodman and Lawrence M. Franks




Box 38

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Box 39

"The Causes and Consequences of Migration to Saigon, Vietnam," 1973


"A Chance to End the War?" n.d.


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Box 40

"Every Detente Ends," n.d.


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Box 41

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Box 80

Foreign policy in Southeast Asia




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Box 81

Scott, Douglas, "America in Vietnam: A Personal View," 1968






Legal aid to the poor


Military aid


Military aid to South Vietnam


Military intelligence


Military interventions




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Mutual security treaties


National development planning




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National Security Council


Political campaign reform




Relations with Cambodia


Relations with China




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Relations with Indonesia


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Relations with the U.S.S.R.


Secrecy in government






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Vice Presidency


Volunteer army

Box 82

Volunteers in Service to America




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U.S.S. Pueblo incident






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National development planning






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Relations with India


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Urban development planning


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Korea, South




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Box 83







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Great Britain








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Latin America






Social science research



Box 84

Shindler, Attlee E., "Urbanizing the University: A Preliminary Report of a Survey of Urban Studies Programs," 1969


Questionnaire forms


Southeast Asia




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Vietnam, South




Urbanization and law




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Korea, South


Latin America








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Urbanization and power structures


Urbanization and the environment

Box 85

Venezuela, Insurgency


Vien, General Cao Van


Viet Cong






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History. "Experiences of the South Vietnam Revolutionary Movement during the Past Several Years," 1963






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Colonial period


Communism. Viet-Nam Documents and Research Notes # 1-7, 10-19, 21-27, 41, 43-44, 46-49, 54, 56-59, 63, 65-66, 68-69, 73, 81, 89, 95-96

Box 86

#97, 99-109, and index to #1-100


Geneva settlement, 1954


Nationalism. Lam, Truong Buu, "Vietnamese Nationalism from 1900 to 1918," 1966






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Box 87

Vietnam, North


Defense policy


Foreign policy


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Relations with Thailand


Vietnam, South







Box 88

Cabinet ministers




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Coup, November 1963




Diem (Ngo Dinh) regime






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1956, Legislative


1959, Legislative


1966, Legislative

Box 89





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Lower House


Upper House






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Legislative, Upper House



Box 90





Legislative, Lower House






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Social science research






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Land reform




Legislative-executive relations










Internal organization

Box 91



Biographic data


Tabulation of characteristics


Lower House










Independence Parliamentary Bloc


Internal organization










Tabulation of characteristics



Box 92

Responsiveness to constituents




Upper House






Biographic data


Tabulation of characteristics


Local government




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Box 93

Plenary Meeting, Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group, Washington, D.C., October 6-7, 1967


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Political community


Political elite


Political prisoners






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Box 94

Rural development




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Research proposals


Social science research




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Supreme Court


Vietnam Studies Coordinating Group


Vietnam War






Incursion, May 1970


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Civilian casualties

Box 95

Computer simulations




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Contingency plans


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Developments in 1970


Developments in 1972


Effects on U.S. society






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Box 96

"The Combined Action Platoon," 1968


"The Enclave," 1968


"The Strike Teams," 1968


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U.S. bombing campaign


U.S. prisoners of war


U.S. strategy




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North Vietnamese assessment


Voluntary associations


Watergate, effects on international relations


Yemen, insurgency


Yemen, South, insurgency


Zanzibar, insurgency


DEBRIEFINGS, 1965-1969

Box 96

AID education advisor, Region II, Vietnam, 1967-1968


AID educational advisor, Region II, Vietnam, 1966


AID officer, Region III, Vietnam, 1966-1967


AID official, Vietnam, 1966


AID provincial representative, Kien Tuong, Vietnam, 1965-1966


AID refugee advisor, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, 1967

Box 97

AID representative, Vietnam and Laos, 1963-1967


AID secretary in Saigon, and IVS teacher in Hue, Vietnam, 1961-1967 (Marybeth Clark)


AID sociologist, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Agriculture advisor, Vietnam, 1966-1968


American businessman, Saigon, Vietnam, 1962-1968


American nurse advisor, Dalat, Tuyen Doc Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968


American nurse advisor, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam, 1965-1967 (Miss Helene Mac Neill)


Assistant land reform advisor, Vietnam, 1965-1967


Assistant provincial representative, Chau Doc and Gia Dinh Provinces, Vietnam, 1965-1968


Assistant provincial representative, Chau Doc Province, Vietnam, 1964-1965


CORDS deputy district advisor, Dat Do District, Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968


CORDS deputy province senior advisor, Thua Thien and An Xuyen Provinces, Vietnam, 1967-1968


CORDS management consultant (administration), Saigon, Vietnam, 1967-1968


CORDS psychological operations officer, Region III, Vietnam, 1967-1968


CORDS representative, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, 1966-1967


CORDS sanitarian, Vietnam, 1968-1969

Box 98

District representative, Binh Thuan, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Education advisor, Region II, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Education advisor, Saigon, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Education advisor, Vietnam, 1966-1968


Forestry advisor (agriculture), Vietnam, 1966-1967


Former senior AID official, Saigon, Vietnam, 1957-1967


Former senior AID official, Vietnam, 1962-1967 (Albert S. Fraleigh)


General services officer (administration), Region I, Vietnam, 1967-1968


Land reform advisor (training), Vung Tau, Vietnam, 1967-1968


Logistics coordinator, Saigon, Vietnam, 1963-1966


Military information specialist, Dinh Tuong Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968


Military sub-sector advisor, Ben Cat, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, 1966-1967


New Life Development advisor, Kontum, Vietnam, 1968-1969


New Life Development officer, Phong Dinh Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968 (Jaime Concepcion)


Prison advisor (public safety), Phuoc Tuy, Thua Thien, and Gia Dinh, Vietnam, 1960-1967


Province representative, An Giang Province, Vietnam, 1965-1967


Province representative, Go Cong and Kien Hoa, Vietnam, 1965-1966

Box 99

Province representative, Kien Phong, An Giang, Binh Long, Vietnam, 1963-1967


Province representative, Kien Phong and Dinh Tuong Provinces, Vietnam, 1965-1967


Province representative, Quang Tin Province, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Provincial agriculture advisor, USAID, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Provincial refugee advisor, Binh Dinh, Vietnam, 1967-1969


Provincial representative, Kien Hoa, Vietnam, 1966


Provincial representative, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam, 1967-1968


Provincial representative, Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam, 1964-1966


Provincial representative, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, 1965-1966


Public administration advisor, Saigon, Vietnam, 1963-1967


Public administration advisor, Saigon, Vietnam, 1966


Public administrator, Saigon, Gia Dinh Province, Vietnam, 1964-1967


Rural development officer, Vietnam, 1967-1969


Senior AID official (agriculture), Saigon, Vietnam, 1965-1967 (Reuben Simmons)

Box 100

Senior AID official, Region I, Vietnam, 1966


Senior AID official, Saigon, Vietnam, 1964-1966


Senior AID official, Vietnam, 1966


Senior district advisor, Di An District, Bien Hoa Province, Vietnam, 1966-1968 (Peter D. Orr)


Senior district advisor, Ninh Hoa, Vietnam, 1966-1968 (Henry T. Gallagher)


Senior nurse advisor, Saigon, Vietnam, 1966-1968


Senior nursing advisor, Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Senior nursing advisor, Saigon, Vietnam, 1965-1967


Senior State Department consultant, Saigon, Vietnam, 1961-1968


Tax advisor (administration), Saigon, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Two AID officials, Region II, Vietnam, 1966


USAID agriculturalist, Vietnam, 1967-1968


USAID British physician, Vietnam, 1963-1967


USAID engineer, Saigon, Vietnam, 1967


USAID physician, Nha Trang, Vietnam, 1967

Box 101

USAID province representative, Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam, 1965-1966


USAID province representative, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam, 1964-1966


U.S. brigade commander, Region III, Vietnam, 1967-1968


U.S.I.S. representative, Hue, Thua Thien Province, Vietnam, 1964-1967


Vietnamese government official, Tay Ninh, Vietnam, 1967


Vietnamese government official, Vietnam, 1966-1967


Vietnamese physician, Saigon, Vietnam, 1968


Youth group advisor (education), Vietnam, 1959-1966



Box 101



Abbey, Pamela E.


Ahmadjian, V.


Anderson, Roy S.


Barnett, Robert W.


Barsky, Arthur J.


Bass, Jerome R.


Bergesen, Alf E.


Bode, Karl F.


Bolton, Robert


Bouquet, Theresa


Bowie, Robert


Bowles, Samuel


Boynton, George R.


Britton, Edward C.


Bunker, Ambassador Ellsworth


Campbell, John Creighton


Cohen, Morris H.


Cohen, Saul B.


Colbert, Vice Admiral Richard G.


Colby, Ambassador William


Cooke, Charles


Crumbley, Vivian D.


Cummings, F. Harry


Cuong, Nguyen


De, Colonel Dinh Van


Djauhari, S.


Doeppers, Daniel F.


Donnell, John C.


Dudik, G. N.


Duncanson, Dennis J.


Dung, Nguyen Quoc

Box 102

Farnsworth, Ben


Ferguson, Glenn W.


Ferrer, Elizabeth


Fishel, Wesley


Franks, Lawrence M.


Fujii, Takashi


Gee, R. Doreen


Ginsburg, Norton


Golay, Frank H.


Goodwin, Browne C.


Grant, James P.


Gurr, Ted Robert


Harris, Elaine A.


Harsch, Joseph C.


Hartman, Pierre M.


Hartz, Louis


Hien, Nguyen Van


Hopkins, H. B.


Howe, Rita


Hughes, Barry


Huntington, Samuel P.


Ikle, F. C.


Jacobini, H. B.


Kasperson, Roger E.


Ke, Congressman Khieu Thien


Kellen, Konrad


Kelly, William B.


Kintner, William R.


Knorr, Klaus


Koritzinsky, Allan R.


Laquian, Aprodicio


Leopold, Richard W.


Levitt, Jane


Loubert, J. Daniel


McVicker, Charles


Mendenhall, Joseph A.


Metzger, General Louis


Miles, Simon R.


Minh, Congressman Ho Van


Morris, Stephen


Murphy, James P.


Nhuan, Congressman Ho Ngoc


Norris, James A.


Oliver, Robert W.


Panzer, Cecile


Paulsen, Henry


Penniman, Howard R.


Phon An, Nguyen Khon


Pickering, Lawrence G.


Quinn, John J.


Rho, Yung Hee


Rice, Bill


Richards, Don


Rioch, Dr. David McK.


Rondinelli, Dennis A.


Rose, Leo E.


Saikowski, Charlotte


Satlow, Frank P.


Schuster, Alvin


Siamwalla, Ammar


Silverman, Jerry Mark


Simpson, Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Mitchell, III


Simpson, Samuel J.


Sperling, Philip


Steinberg, David I.


Strausz-Hupe, Robert


Sullivan, Ambassador William H.


Sussman, Leonard R.


Talbot, Phillips


Temmins, Peter


Thanh, Le Cong


Thayer, Carlyle A.


Tien, Josee


Tillson, General John C. F., III


Tu, Vu Duy


Tue, Congressman Pham Duy


Vorster, Walter


Washburn, Barr V.


Wehrle, Roy


Wenzel, Robert H.


Withington, W. A.


Yeung Yue Man


Young, Kenneth T.


Zasloff, Joseph J.



Box 103-104




Additional Note

On shelf

Notes relating to South Vietnam, Thailand, and counterinsurgency, 2 card boxes



notebook 1

Vietnam, South, Government, Officials, 1960-1967, Biographic data

notebook 2

Vietnam, South, Legislature, Legislators, 1956-1959, Biographic data

notebook 3

Vietnam, South, Legislature, Lower House, Legislators, "Actives", 1969-1970, Biographic data

notebook 4

Vietnam, South, Legislature, Lower House, Legislators, "Inactives", 1969-1970. Biographic data




Tabulation on responses to questionnaires used in study of migration to Saigon, South Vietnam, 1 binder