Inventory of the Alfred Einstein memorabilia, 1912-1952

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Inventory of the Alfred Einstein Memorabilia, 1912-1952

Collection number: ARCHIVES EINSTEIN COLL.2

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Alfred Einstein Memorabilia,
Date (inclusive): 1912-1952
Collection number: ARCHIVES EINSTEIN COLL.2
Creator: Einstein, Alfred, 1880-1952
Extent: Number of containers: 12 boxes
Repository: The Music Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Shelf location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the Library's online catalog.
Language: English.

Administrative Information


Hertha and Eva Einstein, the wife and daughter of Alfred Einstein.
Date of Gift:
1960, 1967, 1970.


Restricted collection: Parts I, IV, and VII are restricted. Use of the material rerquires the permission of Eva Einstein (vis the music archivist).

Publication Rights

All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of the Music Library.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Alfred Einstein memorabilia, ARCHIVES EINSTEIN COLL.2, The Music Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Biographical Sketch

Einstein, Alfred, was born in Munich on December 30, 1880. He died in El Cerrito, California on February 13, 1952.


The following inventories were compiled by music graduate students years ago, probably under the direction of Professor Vincent Duckles: item nos. 212, 214-221, 223, 229-261, and 306.

Related Collection

  • Title: Alfred Einstein papers
    Identifier/Call Number: (ARCHIVES EINSTEIN COLL.1)
Alfred Einstein papers (ARCHIVES EINSTEIN COLL.1)

Container List


Part I: Diaries of Alfred Einstein in six volumes.

Box Box 1, Folder 1.

Diary, volume 1, November 1, 1898 to August 19, 1917.

Folder 2.

Diary, volume 2, August 20, 1917 to March 2, 1925.

Folder 3.

Diary, volume 3, May 3, 1925 to July 14, 1935.

Folder 4.

Diary, volume 4, July 15, 1935 to October 20, 1946.

Folder 5.

Diary, volume 5, October 20, 1946 to February 11, 1951.

Folder 6.

Diary, volume 6, February 12, 1951 to February 12, 1952.


Part II: Offprints of published articles. For more of these offprints,

Additional Note

see the Alfred Einstein Collection no. I, Part IV, items 49 to 62.
Box Box 1, Folder 7.

folders a, b, c, & d. About 35 items.


Part III: Original typescript and hand-written articles.


Group 1: pertain to a group of articles published after Alfred Einstein's death under the title Essays on Music

Additional Note

(New York: Norton, 1856), 265 pp. These articles were written and published years earlier
Box Box 1, Folder 8.

Preface, contents, sources, etc. selected by Paul Henry Lang.

Folder 9.

Article: Fictions that have shaped musical history.

Folder 10.

Article: The mortality of opera.

Folder 11.

Article: Opus I.

Folder 12.

Article: Opus Ultimum.

Folder 13.

Article: Some musical representations of the temperments.

Folder 14.

Article: The Elizabethan madrigal and Musica transalpina.

Folder 15.

Article: Agostino Steffani.

Folder 16.

Article: Abbot Angelo Grillo's letters as source material for music history.

Folder 17.

Article: Mozart and Tarchi.

Folder 18.

Article: The first libretto of Don Giovanni.

Folder 19.

Article: The first performance of Mozart's Entführung in London.

Folder 20.

Article: Beethoven's military style.

Folder 21.

Article: .Wagner's and Ludwig II.

Folder 22.

Article: Strauss and Hofmannsthal.


Group 2: Articles pertaining to the 16th and 17th century Italian madrigal.

Box Box 2, Folder 23.

Article: Eine Allegorie in Musik.

Folder 24.

Article: Amfiparnaso.

Folder 25.

Article: Cipriano de Rore.

Folder 26.

Article: Dante in der Musik und eine Florentiner Handschrift.

Folder 27.

Article: Dante, on the way to the madrigal.

Folder 28.

Article: The development of virtuosity in the Italian madrigal.

Folder 29.

Article: Die erste 'Lettera amorosa' in Musik.

Folder 30.

Article: Florentine and other carnival songs.

Folder 31.

Article: Die Greghesca and die Giustiniana des 16. Jahrhunderts.

Folder 32.

Article: Italian madrigal verse (German version).

Folder 33.

Article: Das Madrgial.

Folder 34.

Article: Das Madrigals und die Dichtung.

Folder 35.

Article: Ein Musik-Druck des Pierpont Morgan Library.

Folder 36.

Article: Parody in the villanella.

Folder 37.

Article: Salomone Rossi as a composer of madrigals.

Folder 38.

Article: Shakespeare and Da Ponte.

Folder 39.

Article: Ein Sonett Petrarca's in der Musik.

Folder 40.

Article: Symbol and expression in the madrigal of the 16thcentury.

Folder 41.

Article: Der Tempo Wechsel im italianischen Madrigal.

Folder 42.

Article: Tizian's Venus vom Cambridge.

Folder 43.

Article: Ein unbekanntes Madrigal Palestrinas.

Folder 44.

Article: Vincenzo Ruffo's Opera nova di Musica.

Folder 45.

Article: Der zweite Maggio musicale fiorentino.


Group 3: articles pertaining to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Box Box 2, Folder 46.

Article: Bach im Wandel der Zeiten.

Folder 47.

Article: J. S. Bach e l'Italia.

Folder 48.

Article: The meaning of Bach's music through the years.

Folder 49.

Article: Die vorbachische Zeit.


Group 4: articles pertaining to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Box Box 2, Folder 50.

Article: Corsica, und Opera buffa Mozarts.

Folder 51.

Article: Die Geschichte von Mozart's Musik zu Koenig Thamos.

Folder 52.

Article: Haydn, Mozart, and English sea-heroes.

Folder 53.

Article: Mozart and Shakespeare's Tempest.

Folder 54.

Article: Der Mozart-Katalog.

Folder 55.

Article: Ein Mozart-Problem.

Folder 56.

Article: Mozart's handwriting and the creative process.

Folder 58.

Article: Mozart und der schöperferische Process.

Folder 59.

Article: Mozart und der Opera in Salzburg.

Folder 60.

Article: Die Textvorlage zu Mozart's Zaide.

Folder 61.

Article: Vier Praeludien Mozart's zu Bach'schen Fugen f. Streichtr

Folder 62.

Article: Uber einige neue ... Handschriften Mozart's.


Group 5: articles pertaining to other composers.

Box Box 2, Folder 63.

Article: [Beethoven] Ruhe und Erregung.

Folder 64.

Article: Alban Berg's Wozzeck.

Folder 65.

Article: Berg's Wozzeck in London.

Folder 66.

Article: Tschaikowsky's Eugen Onegin.

Folder 67.

Article: [Vivaldi] Foreward to the edition of the concerto (op.IV:

Folder 68.

Article: Wagner's letztes Thema.

Folder 69.

Article: [Weill] Die Dreigroschenoper.

Folder 70.

Article: Weinberger's Schwanda.


Group 6: articles pertaining to Jews and music.

Box Box 2, Folder 71.

Article: Der Jude in der Musik.

Folder 72.

Article: Juden in der deutschen Musik.

Folder 73.

Article: Ein unbekannter jüdischer Musiker in Mantua.


Group 7: articles about Germany and nationalism.

Box Box 2, Folder 74.

Article: Germany.

Folder 75.

Article: Internationale und deutsche Neue Musik.

Folder 76.

Article: Komponist, Staat, und Wirklichkeit.

Folder 77.

Article: Krieg, Nationalismus, Musik, und Toleranz.

Folder 78.

Article: Music in Germany.

Folder 79.

Article: Deutsche Oper von gestern und heute.

Folder 80.

Article: Über Münchens kulturelle Zukunft.

Folder 81.

Article: Verdi und Deutschland.

Folder 82.

Article: Vom Musik in neuen Deutschland.

Folder 83.

Article: Wilhelm Furtwängler.

Folder 84.

Article: Die deutsche Musik von Heute.


Group 8: articles pertaining to musicology, "Neue Musik", and other subjects.

Box Box 2, Folder 85.

Article: Charles Burney: The Present State of Music in Germany.

Folder 86.

Article: The character of old music.

Folder 87.

Article: A European estimate of British music.

Folder 88.

Article: Gestern und Heute.

Folder 89.

Article: Der Kritiker-Komponist: ein paar Gesichtspunkte.

Folder 90.

Article: Musikwissenschaft und schöferische Musik in Amerika.

Folder 91.

Article: Der neue Kontrapunkt.

Folder 92.

Article: Primitive Musik.

Folder 93.

Article: Polyphonie.

Folder 94.

Article: Die Steelung der Neue Musik.

Folder 95.

Article: Tempo der Kunst und Tempo der Technik.

Folder 96.

Article: Universality and modern man.

Folder 97.

Article: (title lacking, which begins): "Wer einmal eine Geschichte der Musikwissenschaft schreinben wollte ..."

Additional Note

Concerns a proposed history of music.
Folder 98.

Article: Zwei englische Orchester.

Folder 99.

Record jacket notes: "Ein harpsichord, etc."


Part IV: Reviews.

Box Box 2, Folder 100.

A folder containing 26 reviews of books. Most are autograph hand-copied originals.


Part V: Newspaper articles published mostly in German between 1912-1937

Box Box 2, Folder 101.

Müncher Neueste Nachrichten, November 8, 1912 to November 2, 1917

Additional Note

One bound scrapbook with a blue cover containing several hundred mounted newspaper clippings.
Folder 102.

Frankfürter Zeitung, February 2, 1917 to March 6, 1927.

Additional Note

One bound scrapbook bearing the cover inscription "Mylius' Sammel-Buch" containing 42 numbered pages with mounted newpaper clippings.
Box Box 3, Folder 103

a-c. Münchner Post,January 4, 1918 to August 21, 1917.

Additional Note

Three bound scrapbooks bearing the cover inscriptions "Zeitungs-Ausschnitte" containing numerous mounted newspaper clippings.
Folder 104.

Münchner Kunstschau,1919, nos. 1-7; 1020, nos. 1-50;1921, nos. 1-8. Music reviews. Loose issues in one folder.

Folder 105.

Münchner Kunstschau.

Additional Note

Duplicate music reviews.
Folder 106.

Münchner Volksbühne,1920/1921, nos. 1-12; 1921/1922, nos. 1-9. Music reviews.

Additional Note

Loose issues in one folder.
Folder 107.

Münchnerpost: Die Quelle, 1 issue, Nov. 25, 1922.

Folder 108.

Nürnberger Zeitung, 1 issue, Feb. 21, 1925.

Folder 109.

Berliner Tageblatt,September 22, 1927. to November 10, 1931.

Additional Note

One bound scrapbook with a black cover and label bearing the incription "Berliner Tageblatt" containing hundreds of mounted newspaper clippings.
Folder 110.

Berliner Tageblatt, November 12, 1931 to August 8, 1933.

Additional Note

Bound scrapbook containing mounted newspaper articles, pp. 1-132. The remainder of the scrapbook, pp. 132-183, contains articles published in Swiss, Italian, and English newspapers. These date from July 1, 1933-Feb. 16, 1937.

Part VI: Lectures.

Box Box 3, Folder 111.

Lecture on Haydn, date 1939. Place unkown. German and English versions.

Folder 112.

Madrigal seminar lectures given at Smith College. Date unknown. In English.

Folder 113.

Lecture " Die Situation der Oper," German original, English translation by Alice Parker and Mrs. Ann E. Mensel. No date or place given.

Folder 114.

Lecture "Le tendenze attuali dell'opera tedesca,"

Additional Note

German text but given before an Italian audience as it it begins "Signore, e signori." No place or date given.
Folder 115.

Lecture, no title, but probably called " Über neue Musik."

Additional Note

No place or date given. In German.

Part VII: Books written by Alfred Einstein.

Box Box 4, Folder 116.

The Italian Madrigal. German version bound in five volumes.>


volume 1: pp. 1 to 275. Typescript with corrections.


volume 2: pp. 276 to 636. Typescript with corrections.


volume 3: pp. 637 to 862. Typescript with corrections.


volume 4: pp. 863 to 1115. Typescript with corrections.


volume 5: pp. 1116 to 1327. Typescript with corrections. Appended to the end of this volume is a 28-page mimeographed "Checklist of Latin Literature published between 1500 and 1600 that would be helpful to all divisions of Renaissance studies," compiled by Leicester Bradner and D. C. Allen.

Box Box 5, Folder 117.

The Italian Madrigal. German version, hand-copied, in two very large portfolios.


volume 1: part 1.


volume 2: part 2.

Folder 118.

The Italian Madrigal. German version, typescript. Probably not complete.


volume 1: part 1.


volume 2: part 2.

Folder 119.

Das neue Musiklexikon nach dem Dictionary of Modern Music and Musicians. Hrsg. A. Eaglefield-Hull. Ubersetzt und bearbeit von Alfred Einstein. Berlin: Max Hesses Verlag, 1926. 729 pp.

Additional Note

Contains numerous corrections and additions in the hand of Alfred Einstein.
Folder 120.

Vogel, Emil. Bibliothek der gedruckten weltlichen Vocalmusik italiens, aus den Jahren 1500-1700. Berlin: Haack. 1892.

Additional Note

Contains numerous corrections, additions and inserts by Alfred Einstein.

volume 1: 530 pp.


volume 2: 597 pp.


volume 3: Bibliography of Italian Secular Vocal Music Printed between the Years 1500-1700. Revised and enlarged by Alfred Einstein. Published in the Music Library Association Notes between June, 1945 to September, 1948. This packet also includes letters, notes, etc. which were laid loose with the Bibiliography, but not interleaved.

Box Box 7, Folder 121.

[ Viola de gamba: thematic catalog of sources].

Additional Note

This item was probably associated with Alfred Einstein's thesis.

(1) Thematic catalog arranged by composer: Abaco, Abel, Ahle --- to --- Gioseppe Battista Zka (Zicka), pp. 1-224v.


(2) Inventory of viola da gamba collections, pp. 225-270v.


(3) Hubert Le Blanc, Défense de la viole (Amsterdam: Mortier, 1740). RISM B/VI/1, p. 428. Diplomatic copy. pp. 271-296.


(4) Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Traitè de la viole (Paris: Ballard, 1687). RISM B/VI/2, p. 720. pp. 297-350.

Folder 121,

part b. Positive microfilm copy of item 121. Microfilm made by U.C.B. Photographic Service.

Folder 122.

Breve storia della musica (Fierenxe: La Nuova Italia). Proof copy.

Folder 123.

Gluck, sein Leben, seine Werke (Zürich, Pan Verlag, 1954). "First" draft. Typescript, German text.

Folder 124.

Gluck, sein Leben, sein Werke (Zürich, Pan Verlag, 1954). "Second" draft. Typescript, German text.

Folder 125.

Greatness in Music = Grösse in der Musik. Excerpt. German text, hand copied.

Folder 126.

[Luca Marenzio].


(1) Typescript, German text, 28 pp.


(2) List of works, hand-copied, 7 pp.


(3) List of works, hand-copied, 21 pp.

Folder 127.

Philippe de Monte. " Alphabetischer Katalog des Madrigale."

Additional Note

Hand-copied list, 50 pp.
Folder 128.

Die Romantik in der Musik (Wien: Bergland Verlag, 1950).

Additional Note

Proof copy with corrections and indexing cues in red.
Folder 129.

Schubert, a musical portrait (New York: Oxford Univ Press, 1951)

Additional Note

German text, typescript.
Box Box 8, Folder 130.

[List of 321 madrigals, frottole, canzonette, arie, etc.].

Additional Note

Hand-copied list.
Folder 131.

Editions of music dated edited by Alfred Einstein for Ernst Eulenburg, Leipzig/Wien.


(1) Eulenburg no. 348: Corelli, Concerto grosso no. VIII.


(2) Eulenburg no. 357: Corelli, Concerto grosso no. 1.


(3) Eulenburg no. 358: Corelli, Concerto grosso no. 3.


(4) Eulenburg no. 359: Corelli, Concerto grosso no. 9.


(5) Eulenburg no. 521: J. C. Bach, Sinfonia, op. 18:4.


(6) Eulenburg no. 749: Vivaldi, Concerto grosso, op. 3:10.


(7) Eulenburg no. 750: Vivaldi, Concerto grosso, op. 3:11.


(8) Eulenburg no. 753: Vivaldi, Violinkonzert, op. 3:6.


(9) Eulenburg no. 754: Vivaldi, Violinkonzert, op. 6:1.


(10) Eulenburg no. 756: Vivaldi, Violin-Konzert, no. 22.


(11) Eulenburg no. 758: Vivaldi, Konzert für Flöte, op. 10:3.


(12) Eulenburg no. 762: Vivaldi, Concerto grosso, op. 3:8.


(13) Eulenburg no. 765: J. C. Bach, Sinfonia Concertante, A maj.


(14) Eulenburg no. 973: Pergolesi, Stabat Mater.


Part VIII: Copies of documents, hand-copied either by Alfred Einstein or his sister, Bertha Einstein.

Box Box 8, Folder 132.

A bound volume with numbered pages containing the following hand-copied documents. Probably related to Einstein's thesis.


(1) Christopher Simpson, Chelys...Division Viol (1665), pp. 1-87. Comlete diplomatic copy. Copied by Alfred Einstein.


(2) Edward F. Rimbault, copy of an unidentified article commencing "Introduction. Before the introduction of Fantasies...", dated September 4, 1843. In the hand of Alfred Einstein. pp. 91-101.


(3) John Playford, Introduction to the Skill of Music. 14th edition, 1700, pp. 103-108. Copied by Alfred Einstein.


(4) Thomas Mace, Musicks Monument, London, 1676, pp. 111-133. Copied by Alfred Einstein.

Folder 133.

Ammerbach, Elias Nikolaus, 1530-1597. Orgel oder Instrument Tabulaturbuch... from the manuscript B.M., Mus pract. 4x 130; "La Pochetina," dated Venice, April 10, 1648; "La Calva..."; "La Bernarda...", etc., Alfred's hand.

Folder 134.

[Selbstbiographie] of Carl Philipp Emanual Bach. 4 pp. Bertha's hand.

Folder 135.

Bellermann, Heinrich, "Franco of Cologne: Artis cantus mensurabilis (caput xi), Berlin, 1874. 69 pp., Alfred's hand.

Folder 136.

Chrysander, Friedrich, "Abriss einer Geschichte des Musikdrucks von 15.- zum 19. Jahrhunderts," in Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung, vol. 14 (1879), 161 ff. In Bertha's hand.

Folder 137.

Hässler, Johann Eilhelm, 1747-1822. Lebenslauf,1787.

Additional Note

Typescript copy, 171 pp.
Folder 138.

Holzbauer, Ignaz, 1711-1783. Lebenslauf,1790. 8 pp. in Bertha's hand.

Folder 139.

Brief von Johann Nepomuck Hummel as Joseph Sonnenleithner, dated Weimer, May 22, 1826.

Additional Note

Published in the Neue Zeitschrift f. Musik, vol. 9:1 (Nov. 20, 1838), pp. 164-66. In Bertha's hand.
Folder 140.

10 letters copied by Bertha Einstein:


-- Felix Mendelssohn to Goethe, Aug. 28, 1831.


-- Goethe to Zumsteeg, Sept. 6, 1797.


-- Zumsteeg to Goesthe, Sept. 13, 1797.


-- Zumsteeg to Schiller, Nov. 24, 1797.


-- Zumsteeg to Schiller, Feb. 12, 1800.


-- Schubert to Goethe, June 16, 1825.


-- Berlioz to Goethe, April 10, 1825.


-- Tasso to Gesualdo, Rome, Nov. 19, 1592.


-- Tasso to Gesualdo, Rome, Nov. 20, 1592.


-- Tasso to Gesualdo, Rome, Dec. 16, 1592.

Folder 141.

Moritz, Karl Philipp.

Additional Note

(Journey of a German into Italy, during the year s 1786 to 1788)Pub. Berlin, 1792. 21 pp. In Bertha's hand.
Folder 142.

Quantz, Johann Joachim, 1697-1773. Lebenslauf,1754. 42 pp.

Additional Note

In Bertha's hand.
Folder 143.

Reichardt, Johann Friedrich, 1752-1814. Autobiographie. 42 pp.

Additional Note

In Bertha's hand.
Folder 144.

Telemann, Georg Philipp, 1681-1787. Lebenslauf.

Additional Note

Typescript copy, 18 pp.
Folder 145.

Lebenslauf, by "G. E. M" 51 pp. in Bertha's hand.

Additional Note

The author is Gertrud Elizabeth Mara (née Schmehling), 1749-1833. This autobiography is by a "Wunderkind" violinist, see Moser, Musiklexikon, 4th edition (1955), vol. 2:738.

Part IX: Vocal and instrumental compositions of the 16th-and 17th centuries:

Additional Note

Inventories of printed and manuscript sources.
Box Box 8, Folder 146.

Small bound vol. (many back pp. have been torn out) with various items, including


(1) A list of librettos in Munich, pp. 35-47.


(2) A transcription of Alarico in Baltha (1687) by Agostino Stefani, pp. 3-32.


(3) Transciption of the title page of Dafni / Drama Pastorale / Per Musica / da rappresentarsi nel Castello di Dachau...di S.A.S.E. / di Baveria, p. 49.


(4) Notes from Frederico Flamini Il cinquecento, pp. 85-97.

Folder 147.

Transcriptions of title pages of partbooks, other front matter, and list of contents, about 60 leaves.

Folder 148.

Transcriptions of title pages of partbooks, other front matter, and lists of contents, about 60 leaves.

Folder 149.

Transcriptions of title pages of partbooks, other front matter, and list of contents, about 60 leaves.

Box Box 9, Folder 150.

Transcriptions of title pages of partbooks, other front matter, and lists of contents, about 60 leaves.

Folder 151.

Inventories of sources held by the Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale.

Additional Note

Also 3 letters from François Lesure. 48 pp.
Folder 152.

Inventories of sources in Florence libraries. About 35 leaves.

Folder 153.

Inventories of sources at the Newberry Library, Chicago, and the Sibley Library, Rochester, USA.

Folder 154.

Monte, Philippe de. List of works and dates. 12 leaves.

Folder 155.

Pesori, Stefano. List of works. 2 leaves.

Folder 156.

Razzi, Giovanni (Serafino). List of works. 7 pp.

Folder 157.

Folder containing a list of madrigals from an unidentified source, which bears the inscription "Collection [of] Madrigals." 36 leaves.

Folder 158.

Seven miscellaneous lists of sources. About 30 pp.

Folder 159.

Inventories of sources taken primarily from secondary publications published between 1890 and 1920. Authors include Adler, Sandberger, La Mara, Maldeghem, etc. About 100 leaves.

Folder 160.

Inventory of partbooks published in the Sammlung geistlicher und weltlicher Vokalkompositionen des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts in Musikhistorischen Museum von Wilhelm Heyer in Köln. vol iv (Köln, 1922). Typescript list, about 80 leaves.

Folder 161.

Copy of the historical chronicles of Modena published in the Monumenti di Storia Patria delle Provincie Modenesi. Serie delle Cronache. Tomo XVI (Modena: Ferraguti, 1911).

Additional Note

Hand-copied, 13 leaves.
Folder 162.

Eva Einstein: bibliography of compositions compiled for Alfred Einstein's article " Orlando furioso and La Gerusalemme liberata as Set to Music during the 16th and 17th Centuries," in MLA Notes, vol. 8 (1951), pp. 623-630. Typescript.


Part X: Transcriptions of vocal compositions by individual composers, arranged A through Z.

Box Box 9, Folder 163.

Folder containing separate transcriptions of anonymous compositions:


--"Vuol il ciel."


--"Pace non trovo."


--"Se a mi che l'amo."


-- "Es ist ein schnee."


-- "S'io sedo a l'ombra amor."


-- "De nò de sì de nò."


-- "L'amor, donna, ch'io te porto."


-- "L'infernoalhor più se consuma."


-- "Salve virgo Maria."


-- "O domina mundi, o clemens."


-- "Occhi, perchè piange te."

Folder 164.

Anagliati, Paolo, "O primavera gioven."

Folder 165.

Anerio, Felice, "Cantemus Domino."

Folder 166.

Antico, Andrea, "Pace non trovo," and "Io mi parto."

Folder 167.

d'Ana, Francesco, "Quest'è quel loco amor."

Folder 168.

Bellanda, Lodovico, "Occhi che vergognar fate le stelle."

Folder 169.

Bell'haver, Vincenzo "Quando sarà mai quel zonorno."

Folder 170.

Berti, Giovanni Pietro, "Filli, che di dolore."

Folder 171.

Borlasca, Bernardino, Ardori Spiritualia, op. 7 (RISM B 3758).

Folder 172.

Brunetti, Domenico, "Care gioie che le noie."

Folder 173.

Caccini, Giulio, "Udite, amanti," Gioite al canto mio," and "Nel puro ardor."

Folder 174.

Carissimi, Giacomo, Duet "Ahi non torna," "Quando fia ch'io," and "Si, lieta con serena."

Folder 175.

Colonna, Giovanni Paolo, "Jerusalem, convertere," and "Ancor che la partita"

Additional Note

Folder 176.

Corsi, Jacopo, "Non curi la mia" from Dafne.

Folder 177.

Ferabosco, Domenico, "Io mi son giovenett'e volentieri."

Folder 178.

Ferrari, Benedetto, "O pazza ed insensata."

Folder 179.

Ferretti, Giovanni, "Va rondinell'alla nemica mia."

Folder 180.

Festa, Costanzo, "Così soav'è'l foco."

Folder 181.

Fischer, Johann Casper, Lytanie Laurentanae (Augsburg, 1711), 244 p. and an offprint from an article on the Fischer piece by Einstein.

Folder 182.

Frescobaldi, G., Canzon quarta à due canti. An instrumental piece for vln 1-2, and realized bc, (filed here by error).

Folder 183.

Gabrieli, Andrea, Guistiniana "Anco non che col partire."

Folder 184.

Isaac, Heinrich, "Questo mostrarsi a dirata di fore."

Folder 185.

Kugelmann, Hans, "Ein feste Burg."

Folder 186.

Lulinus, Ioannes, "Poi che di speranza."

Folder 187.

Marenzio, Luca, "Non è dolor nel mondo" and "Io son Amore."

Folder 188.

Marenzio, Luca, "Care mie selve addio" and "La mia Chlori è brunetta."

Additional Note

Also enclosed are some notes on the sources.
Folder 189.

Monteverdi, Claudio, "Lasciate mi morire."

Folder 190.

Nola, Giovanni Domenico, da, "Corse alla morte."

Folder 191.

Pesenti, Martino, "Così Nillo cantò."

Folder 192.

Pifaro, Niccolò, "Se per mio fidel servire."

Folder 193.

Pirano, Bernardo, "Chiare fresch'e dolci acque."

Folder 194.

Prioris, Joannes, "Mon coeur et moi."

Folder 195.

Regnart, Jacob, "Venus, du und dein Kind."

Folder 196.

Sances, Giovanni Felice, "Pietosi allontanatevi."

Folder 197.

Rore, Cipriano de, "O morte eterno fin," "O sonno, o della queta" and "Crudel acerba inesorabil."

Folder 198.

Senfl, Ludwig,

Folder 199.

Sigismondo, d'India, "Tutto il di piango," and "Piange madonna ed io godo."

Folder 200.

Stefani, Agostino," Occhi miei lo miriaste," "Ruggiada no cada "Dal petto canoro."

Folder 201.

Stuck, Jean-Baptiste, Cantata à 2 " Heraclite et Democrite."

Folder 202.

Tromboncino, Bartolomeo. Four frottole: "Queste non son più lagrime," "Aqua non è l'humor," "Como havrò dunque," and "Se la lumacha."

Folder 203.

Trombocino, Bartolomeo. "Poi che volse se la mia stella," and "Che debb'io far."

Folder 204.

Vecchi, Orazio, "Non mi stormir pi el cao."

Folder 205.

Verardi, Caroli, "Viva el gran re Don Fernando."

Box Box 10, Folder 206.

Verdelot, Philippe, "Divini occhi sereni," "Queste non son più lagrime, che fuore," and "Con lagrime et sospir negando."

Folder 207.

Vincentino, Michele, "So ben che non sa."

Folder 208.

Willaert, Adrian, Motetta trium vocum, 1552. Excerpts (texts lacking) and "O dolce vita mia."


Part XI: Transcriptions of vocal compositions in collections.

Box Box 10, Folder 209.

Collection: Corteccia, Francesco, "Tant'in giovenil petto," and Gabrieli, Andrea, "Hor qui benigni ancor celesti."

Folder 210.

Collection: Anon. frottole in Florence, Conservatorio di musica "Luigi Cherubini", MS Basevi 2441: "L'arte vostra" and "In un tempo, in un momento."

Folder 211.

Collection: RISM 1622 2 Promptuarii musici concentus ecclesiaticos (Strasburg: 1622). 28 compositions.

Folder 212.

RISM 1537 5:


Canzone Villanesche alla Napolitana novamente stampate. Libro primo. Stampato in Napoli per Joanne de Colonia Alle xxiiii de Octubre, 1537

Additional Note

Music: first line of cantus and tenor parts


1. Madonna tu mi fai lo scorucciato


2. Madonna tu sei intrata in frenesia


3. Fatti li fatti tuoi Madonna perna


4. Fra quante donne sonno al mondo belle


5. Chi circa de vedere donne belle


6. Voglia me uene monacho me far'


7. Deh, quando ti veggio assa fenestra stare


8. Boccuccia d'uno perfico apertuoro


9. Dove nascesti, o, viso angelicato


10. Che sia malditta lacqua sta matina


11. Tu sai che la cornacchia ha adonato


12. Va figlia bella chamiso' adonato


13. Ianni delluorto se n'addonaria


14. Voi cognosciete donno Valentino


15. O vecchia tu che guardiste citelle


Madrigali a tre et Arie Napolitane Vogel 1537 2

Additional Note

Music: First lines of cantus and tenor parts.


1. Afflitti spirti miei: Festa?


2. Madonna io mi consumo: Festa?


3. In giustissim' Amor: Arcadelt


4. Non mi per che sia vero: Festa?


5. Madonna io mi consumo: Festa


6. Altro non e'l mio amor: Festa


7. Con lei fuoi'io: ?


8. Che giova sagittare un che si more


9. Che parlo e dove sonno e chi m'inganna: Festa?


10. Che si puo piu vedere: Festa?


11. Dolor sta sempre meco: Festa?


12. Madonna io prendo ardire: Festa?


13. Se non fusse il sperar'che conforta: Festa?


14. O faccia d'una rosa


15. O primavera mia


16. Donna ch'avanzi di splendor le belle


17. La piu ciancisoa non se vide mai


18. Che la morte di marito


19. Tu pur ti pensi de me


20. Chiusu occhi toi son latri (second copy of thext with music)


21. Aquisso munno non val il sapere


22. O quanti Turini et Mori et Saracini


23. Et volendo non te posso abandonare (seond copy of text with msuic)

Folder 213.

Collection of transcriptions of vocal music entitled " Examples for Yale and Princeton"

Additional Note

(list by Alfred Einstein). About 60 leaves

1. Caccini, Dolcissimo sospiro, 1602.


2. Rontani, Caldi sospiro, 1614.


3. d'India, Piange Madonna, 1609.


4. Cifra, Cosi m'ha fatto amor, 1619.


5. Falconieri, Ladra, ladra, d'amore, 1619.


6. Vivarino, O bone Jesu, 1620.


7. Salomone Rossi, Sinfonia, 1607.


8. Frescobaldi, Canzon quarta, 1628.


9. Marini, Sonata per V. solo, 1626.


10. Pesenti, Corrente, 1630.


11. Grandi, Columna es immobilis, 1628


12. Lasso, Rud., Ecce tu pulchra es, 1621.


13. Rossi, Luigi, Guardatevi olà, ca. 1645.


14. Praetorius, Wachet auf, 1610.


15. Kindermann, Sonat f. Violine & b.c., 1653.


16. A. Gabrieli, Ricercar secundi toni, 1595.


17. M. Cazzati, Pietà grida e mercede, 1649.


18. C. D. Cossoni, Cinto di folti orror, 1669.


19. G. Carissimi, Ahi non torna (duetto), ca. 1645.


20. Olivieri, G. La pastorella, 1620.


21. Rontani, R., Varie musiche, 1625. Two items.

Folder 214.

Collection of transcriptions:

Additional Note

Contents of Book of Manuscripts copied by Alfred Einstein, Bologna, March-April, 1902.

Vitali. op. I. 1666.


Balletto primo, p. 1


Corrente prima, p. 1


Corrente nona, p. 2


Gandani. 1655.


Balletto, p. 3


Corrente alla francese, p. 4 (fragment)


Cazzati. op.XXX. 1662.


Balleto primo, p. 4


Corrente prima, p. 4


Balletto ottavo, p. 5


Brando primo, p. 5


Aria overo Balleto, p. 6


Vitali. op.II. 1667.


Sonate, D-dur, p. 6


Sonata sesta, p. 8 (fragment)


Vitali. op.III. 1667.


Balletto primo per ballare, p. 10


La sua corrente alla Francese, p. 10


Gagliarda prima, p. 11


Canario, p. 11


Balletto primo per camera, p. 12


Sarrabanda, p. 12


Sinfonia seconda. Detta la Sadurani, p. 13


Cazzati. op.50. 1669.


Giga, detta l'Angellella p. 14


Cazzati. op.55. 1670.


Sonata prima p. 14


Bassani. op.1. 1677.


Balleto primo, p. 16


Corretne prima, p. 17


Giglia prima, p. 18


Sarrabanda prima, p. 18


Canone infinito, p. 18


Canone inf. à 4, p. 19


Canone, p. 19


Cazzati. op.4. 1659.


Corrente prima, p. 21


Corrente quarta, p. 22


Balletto secondo, p. 22


Balletto decimo, p. 23


Entrata del Balletto (à 4), 23


Galiarda seconda, p. 24 (Del Sig. Piero Nichelsol


Voltata del Autore, p. 24


Ciacona a 3, p. 26


Balletto della Ciacona, p. 28


Cazzati. op.XV. (4)


Corrente 13, p. 28


Corrente 14, p. 29


Balletto primo, p. 30


Balleto terzo, p. 31


Sonata detta la Brembata (à 3), 32


Merula. Canzone 1637.


La Gallina à 2 violini, p. 36


La Pollachina, p. 38


La Merula à 2 v. & violone, p. 41


Ruggiero à 2 v. & à 3, col Basso, p. 43


La Pedrina, à 2 v. p. 47


La Ghisa, à 2 v. p. 51


Chiacona, à 2 v. & à 3 col violone, p. 52


Cazzati. op.XV. (4).


Sonata, detta la Soarda p. 55


Cazzati. op.VIII. 1648.


Canzone prima p. 61

Folder 215:

GERLE 1532 (see film 10238)


1. ?


Eyn freylein sprach ich freundlich

Additional Note

Auerbach 1583, no. 38

2. Senfl.



Additional Note

a. Forster. Auszug. teutsche Liedlein I. CIII.
b. Ott. 1534. 121 newe lieder...Nürnberg. no. 84

3. Senfl.


Mein fleiss und müe

Additional Note

a. Forster. CV.
b. Ott. no. 39, 40

4. Senfl.


Mein selbs bin ich mit meer

Additional Note

Forster III. XXI. (1563)

5. ?


Ach herre Gott wie syndt meiner

Additional Note

(Eitner, Bibl., p. 627. Same text, for 6 voices set by Hans Heugel) feyndt so vil. Psalm. iii (2 copies)

6. ?


Das is ein fug geen all stim auss dem Discant


7. ?


Auff erdt lebt mit eyn schöner

Additional Note

a. Eitner I. 299 weyb. (2 copies)
b. Aich. Cöln, 1519

8. Holtzer.


Entlaubet ist der walde.

Additional Note

a. Liliencron, p. 194.
b. Forster., no. 61

9. Schönfelder.


Von edler art

Additional Note

a. Liliencron 288.
b. Ott. no. 28 (by Senfl, 153
c. Forster. I. no. XXXV. 1539
d. Schöffer, no. 7. 1513

10. Hoffhaymer.



Additional Note

a. 1512 Oeglin no. 8
b. 1535 Eyenoff no. 20
c. Forster 1549. T. 123
d. Eitner p. 15

11. ?


Die Gugel


12. ?


Mag ich gunst han (Für klein-Geigen)

Additional Note

a. Forster I. no. LII. no author
b. Eitner I. 334 anon.
c. Schöffer no. 57, 1513

13. Machinger.


Ein werdlein sagt mir freundlich

Additional Note

Forster T. no. XXV. no author zu (Ein Maydt die sagt mir zu)
Folder 215

GERLE 1546

Additional Note

Examples of melodic progressions and cadences embellished.

1. Title page.


2. Notes on tuning of instruments (lute and viol).


3. Holtzer.


Ich klag den tag

Additional Note

Forster. Aussbund schöner teutscher Liedlein. T. no. 33. Nürnberg 1549

4. Senfl.


Ich schwing mein Horn

Additional Note

a. 1544d. Ott. no. 57
b. 1549. Forster, no. 9
c. Eitner, p. 153

5. Sermisy (Claudin).


Vivray ie tous jous

Additional Note

a. Martii, 1531. Trente et sept chansons musicales. Fo. vii
b. Sermisy 1531
c. Attaignant fo. 7

6. Richafort.


Hors de plaisir

Additional Note

Moderne, Parangon, 2. livre, 1538/40. fo. 23

7. Moeulle, de la.



Additional Note

Paragnon des Moderne, 1538/40, fo. 19. 2 livre

8. Senfl.


O Herr ich rueff dein namen an

Additional Note

a. Ott's Liederbuch no. 27
b. Neuausg. Eitner's, p. 72

9. Richafort.


Sur tous regres

Additional Note

Ott's Liederbuch, no. 78

10. Sermisy (Claudin).


Dont vient cela belle

Additional Note

a. Martii, 1531. Trente et sept chansons musicales a quatre parties...reimprimees. Fo. iiii.
b. Attaignant, 1531, fo. 4

11. Villiers.


L'heur et malheur

Additional Note

Attaignant. 4. livre coutenantxxviii chansons nouvelles a quatre parties, 1540. fo. viii

12. Sermisy?


Ce fut amour

Additional Note

a. Attaignant. Trente et Passereau. quatre chansons musicales. S.d., p. viii
b. Moderne, livre 2, 1538/40, fo. 13 by Passereau

13. Courtois.


Si par sofrir

Additional Note

Attaignant. Trente et une chansons musicales a quatre parties...Meuse Fo. iii

14. Sermisy (Claudin).


Jay faict pour vous

Additional Note

Attaignant. Vingt et neuf chansons musicales, 1530, p. xi

15. Sermisy (Claudin).


Si jay pour vous

Additional Note

Attaignant. Trente et sept chansons musicales...Martii, 1531, fol. xi

16. ?


Amy souffrez que je vous ayme

Additional Note

Attaignant. Trente chansons musicales

17. ?


D'amour me plains

Additional Note

a. Attaignant. Trente et huyt chansons musicales a quatre parties... 1529,fo. xiiii
b. Attaignant. 6 livre cont. xvii chansons... 1539. Here by Rogier
c. Susato. Anvers 1643

18. ?


Ein gut geselle

Additional Note

a. Forster 1540h. Anon. Mein gsell wie reucht dein hauss?
b. Forster. 1549i, Nr. 35. Wohl auf gut gsel von....von Leonhard von Langenaw.

19. ?


Ich habs gewagt

Additional Note

Forster, 1539. Auszug I. 16. Anonymous

20. Senfl.


Elfslein liebes Ebelein

Additional Note

a. Ambros. II, 306ff.
b. Ott 1534, no. 37
c. Böhme. Gesch. des Tanzes II. 31
d. Forster II., no. XLIX

21. Senfl.


Ich het mir ein Endlein für

Additional Note

a. Ott's Liederbuch no. 22 genommen
b. Eitner's Neudruck, p. 63
Folder 215

End of the first part of the book for large viols

Folder 215

Two pieces for small viols


22. Reytter.


Es ligt ein Hauss im Oberlandt

Additional Note

a. Forster, 1540, no. 77, by Othmayr
b. Liliencron 131
c. Ott. 1544, no. 8
d. Eitner's Neuaussg., p. 29

23. ?


Artlich und schon gantz wol gestalt

Additional Note

Forster. Auszug teutscher Liedlein Th. T. Nürnberg 1539, no. xxiii
Folder 216:

Five part madrigals, 16th century


1. Anerio.


A te non basta solo

Additional Note

1585, p. 14 (2 copies. One, parts written separately. One written in score.)

2. Buonavita.


Tu che fai ghiaccio

Additional Note

1587, p. 17

3. Cantone.


Quand'io miro le rose

Additional Note

1591, p. 11 (2 copies. One parts written in separately. One, written in score.)

4. Fontanelli


Sei tu cor mio

Additional Note

1604, p. 5

5. Giovanelli


Amatemi ii ben mio

Additional Note

1600 (1586), p. 7

6. Giovanelli


Poiche'l camin m'è chiuso

Additional Note

1600 (1586), p. 11

7. Giovanelli


Care dolci mammelle

Additional Note

1600 (1586), p. 12

8. Rore.


Poi che m'invita amore

Additional Note

1576 (1565), p. 15

9. Ruffo.


Tra bei rubini e perle

Additional Note

1559 [1, p. 24

10. Soriano.


Quivi sospiri

Additional Note

1588 (1581), p. 17

11. Vecchi.


Ite rime dolent'al duro

Additional Note

1589, p. 20

12. Verdelot.


Ditemi o diva mia

Additional Note

1561, p. 13
Folder 216

Four part madrigals, 16th century


1. Marenzio.


Ahi dispietata morte

Additional Note

1585 f. Martini, Saggio II, p. 78

2. Palestrina.


Amor, quando fioria

Additional Note

1586 S.W. xxviii, p. 107

3. Cara.


Se non soccorri amore

Additional Note

1531 1, no. 2

4. Tromboncino.


Cantava per sfogar

Additional Note

1531 1, fo. 6b

5. Cara.


Si bella è la mia donna

Additional Note

1531 1, no. 6

6. da Hostia.


O morte che mi fuggi?

O la hay tristo vol sai? (dialogo)

Additional Note

1531 1, no. 7
Folder 217:

Collection Canzonette


Massarengo G. B.: Cercate o canzonette


1591 p.1


Ratti Bart: Di voi di me


1594 p.1


Scaletta Oratio: All'apparir dell'alba


1595 p.2


Dueto Antonio: Il magnanimo Pietro (Tansillo)


1594 (4 parti) p.3


Belli Giulio: O ch'infelice stato a 3


1593 p.7


Scozzese Agostino: Poiche madonna


1579 p.7


Scozzese Agostino: Io vissi un tempo a 4


1579 p.8


Scozzese Agostino: Che debbo far a 5


1579 p.8


Ostiano V.: Donna s'io vi domando a 3


1579 p.10


Effrem Muzio: Perche non m'ami a 3


1574 p.11


Pesentus Michael: Ahime ch'io moro a 4


1504 p.11


Ana Francesco d': Quest e quel loco amore


1504 p.12


anon: Piu volte fra me stesso


1504 p.12


Trombocino: Poiche volse la mia stella


1504 p.13


Brochus Jo: Ite caldi suspiri


1504 p.14


anon: Pace e gloria al gentil lauro


1504 p.15


Josquim d ascanio: El grillo e bon cantore


1504 p.16


anon: El colpo che me de


1505 p.17


Marcheto: S io sedo a la ombra


1505 p.18


anon: Forestieri a la ventura


1505 p.18


Tromboncino: Si e debile il filo


1507 p.20


anon: Poi che uscito m e di man


1507 p.21


Capreoli A.: Non si vedra gia mai (Bembo)


1507 p.22


Tromboncino: Che debb io far (Petr.)


1507 p.23


Luprano Fil. de: Dissimulare (Vergil)


1507 p.24


Arcadelt: Se per colpa del vostro (Sann.)


1539 p.25


Arcadelt: Quand'io pens'al martire (Bembo)


1539 p.26


Rore Cipriano: Chi con eterna legge


1548 p.27


Arcadelt: Io vo piangendo (Petr.)


1554 p.28


Ferabosco: Basciami ij vita mia


1554 p.30


Il Martoretta: O messagi del cor (Ariosto)


1554 p.31


Ruffo: Inguistissimo amor (Ariosto)


1556 (1552) p.33


Ruffo: Vita de la mia vita


1560 p.34


Ruffo: Belle gioie o donne me


1560 p.(3 parti) 35


Fiesco Giulio: Noi siam Pastori che cant.


1554 p.37


Perissone: Vaga tranquilla e lieta


1547 p.39


Perissone: Sapete amanto perche amor e c.


1547 p.39


Lupacchino B.: Amor ij che vuoi ij


1546 p.40


Willaert: Sempre mi ridesta


1545 p.42


Willaert: O dolce vita mia (Ruzante)


1545 p.43


Willaert: Madonn'io no lo so


1545 p.44


Willaert: Cingari simo


1545 p.44


Willaert: Vecchie letrose


1545 p.45


Willaert: Madonna mia famme


1545 p.46


Silvestrino Fr.: Se mille volte


1545 p.47


Silvestrino Fr.: O dio si vede chiaro


1545 p.49


Willaert: Un giorno mi prego una vedov.


1545 p.50


Silvestrino: Si come bella sei


1545 p.51


Willaert: A quand'a quand' havea


1545 p.52


Willaert: O bene mio famm'uno favore


1545 p.53


Corteccia: Madonn'io t'haggi'amat'et amo assai


1545 p.53


Corteccia or Willaert: Madonna mia io son un poverello


1545 p.54


Willaert: Sospiri miei d'oime


1545 p.55


Corteccia: Le vecchie invidia sono pazze


1545 p.56


Pallavicino: Ciechi noi siamo


1581 p.57


Willaert: A quand'a quand'havea


1545 p.58


Willaert: Dulces exuviae


1545 p.59


Zappasongo: A cas'un giorno


1576 p.62


Nola: Cors'a la morte


1570 p.62


Wert: Mi parto hai sorte ria


1589 p.63


Primavera: Dolc'amorose e leggiadrette


1570 (1565) p.65


Scozzese: Se non m'aiuti amore


1579 p.65


Ostiano: Arbori selv'e monti


1579 p.66


Ostiano: Donne leggiadr'et belle siam pastori

(pastori alle ninfe)


1579 p.66



Ostiano: Gradit'e cari a noi

(risposta delle ninfe ai pastori)


1579 p.67



Ostiano: Mamma mia voglio marito

(figlia alla madre)


1579 p.67



Ostiano: Figlia mia gia m'hai udito

(risposta della madre)


1579 p.67



Antiquis: Donne noi siamo


1574 p.68


Baldi: Guerra, guerra (see RISM 1574 6)


Baldi: Non ti maravigliar (see RISM 1574 5)


Capuano: Io son ferito hai lasso


1574 p.70


Pallavioino: Io son bella e delicata


1581 p.71

Folder 218:



Il primo libro de canzoni/Francese à Due Voci, Insieme alcume de altri Autori/In Venetia appresso di Antonio Gardano 1564, Hof. und Staatsb., München Mus. Pr. 40134 p. 29 Amy souffres que je vous.........Gardano

Folder 218:



Second livre contenany xxvii chansons/NOUVELLES A QUATRE PARTIES, EN UNG VOLUME/& en deux, Imprimées par Pierre Attaignant & Hubert lullet... 1540


fo. iiii Doulce Memoire...Sandrin

Folder 218:



1. Amy souffrez que je vous ayme (Eitner, p. 302. 1529 c. Att. fo. 10)?


2. Another version of above on back of page.


3. Third version (On back of page Italian song: Si par sofr)

Folder 218:

Mus. Ms. 1516. Munich State Library.


no. 16. Amy souffre.......anonymous


no. 20. Dont vient cela belle.....Sermisy


no. 32. Ce fut amours.......anonymous

Folder 219:



Mazzaferrata: Altro non e il mio amore


1668 (1675) p.1


Franchi G. P.: Mie pupille




Legrenzi: Dimmi amor


1678 p.9


Grossi Carlo: No no non ti fidar


1675 p.11


Albini F.: Chi ben haver desia


1626 p.13


Berti G. B.: Morir lieto


1624 p.14


Frescobaldi: Deh vien da me (Fragment)


1630 1p.5


Bonaffino: Il sguardo tuo crudel


1623 p.16


Natali P.: Piangete (Fragment)


1662 p.17


Pasquali F.: Ecco ritorna


1627 p.18


Radesca da Foggia: Parlo misero


1605 p.19


Busca L.: Lotananza crudel


1688 p.20


anon: Violette palidette




anon: Prend' amor




Melani I.: Stringete - Ferite (Oper)




Cifra Antonio: Fugge il verno


1619 p.24


Caccini: Undite amanti


1601 p.26


Caccini: Non piu guerra


1601 p.26


Berardi A.: In amor che stravaganza


1689 p.28


Rontani R.: S'io miro


1618 p.30


Rontani R.: Fermate omai


1618 p.31


Brunetti D.: Se tu mio cor


1606 p.32

Folder 220:

Collection Monodies


Diruta Agostino: O sacrum convivium


1617 p.1


Diruta Agostino: Haec est virgo


1617 p.1


Dognazzi Franc.: Apparuerunt


1618 p.2


Ghivizzanni Al.: Domine secundum actum


1618 p.3


Miseroca Bastiano: Veni Domine


1618 p.3


Miseroca Bastiano: Paratum cor meum


1618 p.4


Ceresini Gio.: Christus resurgens


1617 p.5


Ceresini Gio.: Quemadmodum


1617 p.5


Giuliani Franc.: O Jesu mi


1619 p.6


Giuliani Franc.: Sancta et immaculata


1619 p.7


Diruta: Exaudi Domine


1617 p.8


Holzner Anton: Amen dico vobis


1621 p.8


Holzner Anton: In toto corde meo


1621 p.9


Dognazzi Franc.: Apparuerunt


1618 p.10


Sacchi G. B.: O Domine Jesu Christe


1618 p.10


Miseroca B.: Quae est ista


1618 p.11


Miseroca B.: Sicut cervus


1618 p.12


Giuliani: O Christe Salvator


1619 p.12


Cardi Giulio: Audite coeli


1618 p.13


Giuliani: Congratulamini


1619 p.14


Sansei Lor.: Amo Christum


1618 p.15

Folder 221.



Crecquillon: Onques amour


(1543) 4 p.1


Archadelt: Ancidetemi our


(1558) 4 p.2


Janequin: Or vien ca


1540 4 p.3


Claudin: Il est a vous


1542 3 p.4


Benedictus: Arousez vos violier


1544 5 p.5


Gabrieli A.: Cantate Domino


1565 5 p.7


Rore: Amor ben mi credevo


(1569) 4 p.8


Coclico: Elegantia...


1552 2 p.9


Coclico: Aliud Exemplum


1552 2 p.10


Jacotin: Qui veult aimer


1542 3 p.10


Crecquillon: Petite fleur coincte


1549 4 p.11


Certon: Je ne fus jamais


1542 3 p.12


Ponte G.: de Con lei fuss'io


(1583) 4 p.13


Passereau: Pourquoy donc


1538 4 p.14


Janequin: Il estoit une fillettel


1540 4 p.15


Rore: Ancor che col partire


(1583) 4 p.16


Bassani Or.: Poiche ne prieg'ancor


1591 5 p.17


Willaert: A la fontaine


1545 6 p.18


Willaert: Ioyassance vous donneray


1545 5 p.21


Janequin: Martin menoit


1534 4 p.25


Passereau: Il est bel et bon


1534 4 p.27


Crecquillon: Pour ung plaisir


1543 4 p.29


Crecquillon: Orsus a cop


1545 4 p.30


Baston: C'est a grand tort


1549 4 p.31


Josquin: Mille regrets


1549 4 p.32


Clemens non P.: Frais et gaillard


1545 4 p.33


Crecquillon: Un gay bergier


1543 4 p.35


Sandrin: Puisque vivre


1548 4 p.36


Josquin: Faulte d'argent


1545 5 p.37


Willaert: Faulte d'argent


1544 6 p.39


Berchem: Le donne i cavaglier


1561 4 p.41


Berchem: Dirò d'Orlando


1561 4 p.41

Folder 222.

De la fortuna, libro primo (1535 1). See Vogel, vol. 2, p. 627.

Additional Note

This is a transcription of 20 pieces contained in a single altus partbook.
Folder 223.

Il primo libro de canzone francese, a due voci (Venice: Gardane, 1552). RISM 1552 16. 52 pp. of transcriptions. Contents:


TAVOLA Delle Canzoni Numero 29


Amour partes 1


Ayez pitie 8


A moy tout seul 10


Amy souffres 29


Auppres de vous 26


Ces facheux sotz 3


Content desir 5


Damour ie suis 2


De mon amy 4


Disant hellas 7


De iour en iour 21


Entre vous 20


Grace vertu 25


Il me convient 15


Iouyssance 23


Le cueur de vous 9


Lasfortune 12


Las voules vous 17


Mon petit cueur 16


Nauray ie ianais [!] 19


O vray dieu 22


Qui la vouldra 24


Robin robin 18


Si iay eu du mal 11


Si mon malheur 27


Souvent amour 28


Ta bone grace 14


Vivre ne puis 6


Vne sans plus 13

Folder 224.

Bicinia, siye cantiones (Antwerp: Phalese & Bellero, 1590). (RISM 1590 15).

Additional Note

29 pp. of transcriptions. Contents:

1. Verdonch, C., "O com'è gran mertire" (pp. 1-5).


2. Asola, G. M., "Hor che la terra" (5-9).


3. Asola, G. M., "Cantan fra rami" (10-13).


4. Verdonch, C., "Dissi à l'amata mia" (13-16).


5. Gero, G., "Non si vedrai giamai,"(17-20).


6. Peuernage, André, "La vita fugge" (21-24).


7. Verdonch, C. "Lungi da voi" (24-29).

Folder 225.

Chansons choisies (London: Cazin, 1783).

Additional Note

Probably RISM B/II/p. 127 Edited by Alfred Michaelis as Chansons d'amour (Dix-huitième siècle). 30 pp. of transcriptions. Contents:

1. Avis.


2. La feinte colère.


3. Jean et Nina.


4. Les tendres souhaits.


5. Le prisonnier de Hollande.


6. La belle Françoise.


7. La première leçon d'amour.


8. Il faut aimer.


9. Le temps passé et le temps présent.


10. Ma pinte et ma mie.


11. La récompense.


12. La défense inutile.


13. Reproches à Catherine.


14. Le bal.


15. La femme contrariante.

Folder 226.

Scelta di canzonette italiane de più autori (London: Godbid & Playford, 1679). RISM 1679 6.

Additional Note

8 transcriptions from the edition made by Alfred Einstein on January 13, 1909. Contents:

1. Carissimi, G., Crudo amore, il mio core.


2. Carissimi, G., La mia fede altrui.


3. Rossi, L., Chi sa fingere goder.


4. Rossi, L., Non m'affligete più.


5. Albric, B., Di cupido chi fugge.


6. Lunati, C. A., Tu partisti idol amato.


7. Stradella, A., Non sa mai amor.


8. Stradella, A., Care labbri che d'amore.

Folder 227.

Four transcriptions of religious pieces from various sources.


1. Riccio, G. B., Ave regina (1620)


2. Anon., O salutaris hostia (1620).


3. Vivarino, I., Benedicam Dominum (1620).


4. Bernardi, S., Osculetur me (1623).

Folder 228.

Probably a chamber cantata) (? cantatas).

Additional Note

Name of composer (composers) lacking. Transcription with a realized b.c., but the text is lacking. Titles in the transcription:

1. Non, non voglio se devo amare.


2. Io non parto (1700).


3. Ah che l'hò sempre detto.


4. In due luci.


5. Begl'occhi, oh Dio, non più.


Part XII: Transcriptions of instrumental music.

Group 1: Transcriptions of 17th-and 18th-century Gamba music, arranged by individual composers.

Box Box 10, Folder 229.

New Ayres and Dialogues 1678 p. 161ff.

Additional Note

Sondertitel: New Lessons for VIOLS or VIOLINS/By sundry composers of MUSICK. Cons. Brussel (aus Prof. Wagener's bib.)

1. Mr. Tho. Farmer


2. A dance


3. Mr. Tho. Farmer


4. (John Bannister)


5. Mr. Tho. Farmer


6. Mr. Thomas Beedom's in C faut


7. Mr. Thomas Beedom's in C faut


8. Mr. Theoph. Hawney. Sarabande


9. Mr. Theoph. Hawney's suite in F faut. Gavott


10. Mr. T. Hawney. A jigg


11. Mr. John Bannister's Second Tune in C faut. His first tune is on pp. 166 & 167


12. W. L.


13. Mr. Thomas Lowe


14. Mr. Thomas Lowe


15. Mr. Thomas Lowe's First Suite in A re


16. Mr. Thomas Lowe


17. Mr. Thomas Lowe


18. Mr. Thomas Lowe's in D sol re


19. Mr. Thomas Farmer's in Gamut flat


20. Mr. Thomas Farmer's in Gamut flat


21. Mr. John Jenkins. For atreble amd Bass. Voc. 2


22. Mr. John Jenkins


23. Mr. John Jenkins


24. Mr. John Jenkins


25. Mr. John jenkins


26. Mr. John Jenkins


27. W. L.

Folder 230.

C. F. Abel. Sonata I. Wingenberg

Additional Note

(Note by Einstein: Von C. F. Abel kann die Sonate doch wohl nocht sein!)





Tempo di Minuetto

Folder 230b.

C.F. Abel.

Additional Note

Sonata composed for the Lady Pembroke from original Mss. Viola da gamba solo senza Basso








Folder 231.

G. P. Telemann.

Sonata à 3 B. München. Mss. Music 3498. Flauto traverso, Basso. Keyboard part realized.









Folder 232.

C. F. Abel.

Additional Note

4 Sonaten für Gambe und Cello Berlin Kg. Hansbibl.

1. Sonata à Viola di Gamba Solo et Basso M. 25b (fol.)








2. Sonata: solo à Viola di Gamba e Basso M. 25a






Allegro ma non presto


3. Sonata per il Violoncello in G dur M. 24 (qu. fol.)


Allegro moderato






4. Sonata per il Violoncello


Allegro moderato




Tempo di minuetto

Folder 233.

Johann Gottfried Mente. Suite für die Gambe und General-Bass

Additional Note

Leipzig, bey Johann Gottlelib Immaneel Breikopf, 1759

Lamento: adagio àla francese Scherzando

Folder 234.

J. P. Krieger. Surgite cum gaudio Darmstadt, 1779

Additional Note

For soprano with violin and viola da gamba
Folder 235.

Johann Fachelbel. Partita fur Violine, Gambe 1, Gambe 2

Additional Note

Kgl. Ak. Inst. für Kirchenmusik, Charlottenburg
Folder 236.

F. H. Erlebach. Sonata Seconda à doi, Violino e Viola da Gamba

Additional Note

Bib. Upsala, Caps. 58. 1, 2














Folder 237.

J. A. Strunck. Sonata a 3. 2 Violini e Viola da gamba

Additional Note

Univ. Bibl. Upsala, Caps 8:25


Folder 238.

Johann Georg Ahlen. Unstruchtische Euterpe oder Musicalischer Maeyenlust Vierter und letzter Theil. Müshlhausen, 1678

Additional Note

Kgl. B. Berlin A 140
Folder 239.

Grobe. Partita à 3. Viola d'amour, Gamba und Bc. B. Upsala











Folder 240.

G. F. Handel. Sonata a cembalo obligato, viola di gamba

Additional Note

Christopher Graupner, 1739 Grossherzoglich Hessische Hofbibliothek








Folder 241.

Roland Marais. Sonata per la Viola di Gamba

Additional Note

B. B. Angebunden an Forqueray P.d. Viole

Allemande en Musette (pp. 1-7)


Rondeau tendre et gracieux


La Lisette




Rondeau: le Vanterol


Rondeau, gaillard


Allemande, la boissière (pp. 8-15)




Gavotte, la victoire


Rondeau, champetre, le goiffon


Le fantasque


Rondeau, tendrement, tombeau de M II Colette, le Monclot


La singuliere. Allemande, vivement, la vanderenisse


Solo per la viola di gamba (pp. 16-23)






Allegro non molto

Folder 242.

G. P. Telemann. 2 Gambensoli mit beziffertem Bass aus "Esercizii Musici"

Additional Note

Abschrift des Hrn. K. Wingenberg

Solos 3 and 9

Folder 243.

Roland Marais. Premier Livre de Pieces de Viole, 1735

Additional Note

Kgl. H. B. B. M2865

Première Suite:


Prélude, Le D'Auteuil


Allemande, la Goiffon


Gavotte, la Bournoville


Le vanterol (Schluss)


Ier menuet


IIe menuet


IIe Suite:


Prélude, lent


Allemande, la d'auteuil


Rondeau champetre, le goiffon (Schluss)


Rondeau allemand, la boissière

Folder 244.

Georg Neumark. Fortgepflantzter Musikalisch-Poetischer Lustwald (Jehna, 1657) p. 437, f. LXXXIII Unverhoffte doch gewünschte Liebesgeschicht zwischen Filidor und Julienen




For 2 violins and basso continuo

Additional Note

p. 441. Lied (LXXXIII)

For tenor viol da gamba, tenor voice and basso continuo

I. Morgenlied, p. 9-15


For 2 violins and basso continuo




For violin, soprano and basso continuo


IV. Trostlied. Vorspiel


For 2 violins and basso continuo, soprano. p. 94-99.


XVII. Loblied des heiligen Abendmahls...


For two middle voices (strings), one vocal part and basso continuo


XVIII. Erinnerungslied....


For three middle voices (strings), one voice part and basso continuo


LXXIX. Tantzlied


For soprano and basso continuo


LXXX. Trippel


For voice and basso continuo


LXXXIV. Tantzlied (p. 459-468)


For two sopranos and basso continuo


Sechsstimmiger Brauttantz


Trippel - for six voices


LXXXV. Siebenstimmiger Tantz....


For 3 trumpets (violin); one alto (posaune); 2 tenors (posuane)

Folder 245.

Joachim Eimag. Lamento. Aria a 2 voce: Cant: et Alt.


2 lutes Upsala 19:18.


2 viola d'amore


2 viola di gamba



Folder 246.

Daniel Eberlin. Sinfonia à 10 Upsala 54:4

Folder 247.

Samuele Capricorni. Organo: Sonata ab 8 Instrument. Autore


Upsala. Caps. 1:13

Folder 248.

Joh. Hector Beck. Continuatio Exercitii musici secunda 1670


LXI 1Allemande à 4 violen


LXII Courante à 4 Viola


LXIII Sarabande

Folder 249.

Gluck. De profundis clamavi


SATB. With orchestra:oboe, bassoon, horn, 2 trombones, viola, 2 cellos, organ or Klavier

Folder 250.

E. C. Hesse. Sinfonia from Apollo in Tempe, divertimento à 4 voci da camera, written for the birth day of Altezza Serenissima


Darmstadt Hofbibliothek. From the manuscript of Klingenberg Composed and performed between 1720-30, probably 1725, November 15


Instrumentation: 2 oboes, bassoon, 2 violins, alto violetta, bass

Folder 251.

F. Gassmann. Six quartets, number one, adagio

Folder 252.

V. Galilei. Contrapunti a due voci, 1584

Additional Note

Unicum der Bibliothek H. de Landau, Firenze, La Pietra
Folder 253.

Kühnel. Solo in d minor

Additional Note

Bibliothek Augsburg












Folder 254.

Ebner. Sonatina Cassel. Mus. fol. 60. v. XXVIII

Additional Note

Violin 1 and 2, viola da gamba, organ
Folder 255.

Nubie (Neubauer?). Sonata a 3 Cassel. Mus. fol. 60

Additional Note

Violin 1 and 2, viola, organ
Folder 256.

C. Hacquart. Chelys, op. III: suite 2, Haag, 1686

Additional Note

Landesbibliothek, Cassel. Mus. fol. 61, eB11. 7 ff.








Folder 257.

G. G. Fux Canon a 2 viole di gamba e continuo

Additional Note

Gr. H. Hofb. Darmstadt. From the manuscript of Klingenberg
Folder 258.

Kuhnl. Concerto in B flat major

Additional Note

Bibliothek Rostock. Musica Saec. XVII. 18-21 2
Folder 259.

Hertel. Sonata a traversiere, viola di gamba, cembalo

Additional Note

Musicalicusammlung des Meckl. Schweriner Fürstenhauses. From manuscript of Klingenberg.







Minuets 1 and 2

Folder 260.

P. Rasi. 12 Sonaten für Viola da gamba and basso continuo

Additional Note

Schwerin. 2 Stimmen in quer-fol. Titel fehlt. From manuscript of Klingenberg
Folder 261.

T. Schwartzkopf.


Partie à viola da gamba solo con cembalo. U. B. Rostock. Musica Saec. XVIII. 58 17










Partie a 2 viole da gamba con cembalo U. B. Rostock. Musica Saec. XVIII. 58 18








Sarabande with variatons


Aria, rondeau


Part XIII: Transcriptions of instrumental music. Group 2: transcriptions of assorted compositions of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.

Additional Note

Arranged alphabetically by composer A-Z.
Box Box 10, Folder 262.

Anon. Ripresa taken from the Chorearum molliorum collectanea (Lyon: Phalèse, 1583) (Sartori 1583 c, p. 40-41.)

Folder 263.

Abel, Charles F., Six simphonies, opus VII; 3 only.

Folder 264.

Albrechtsberger, J. G., Six quatuors, op. 21.

Folder 265.

Bach, J. C., Duet for cembalo and violin.

Box Box 11, Folder 266.

Buonamente, G. B., a) " La monteverde," and b) Sonata sopra ruggiero (1626).

Folder 267.

Corelli, A., Sonatas for 2 violins: op. II, 1; op. IV, 1; and op III, 4.

Folder 268.

Gabrieli, A., Canzoni francesi et ricerari ariosi, Libro V (Venice, 1605). Transcription of "Canzon francese detta 'Pour un plaisir.'"

Folder 269.

Gluck, C. W., Six sonatas for two violins & a thorough bass (London, 1746).

Folder 270.

Gluck, C. W., Alceste: solemn march.

Folder 271.

Handel, F., Concerto grosso no IX (Op. 6:9) Verzeichnis, 327.

Folder 272.

Hassler, H. L., Balleto, Proportio, and a piece without title.

Folder 273.

Haydn, J., Six sonates pour violin avec accompagnamento d'alto (Hob. VI:1-6).

Folder 274.

Haydn, J. Symphony no, 53, "L'impériale.

Folder 275.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 65.

Folder 276.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 66.

Folder 277.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 67.

Folder 278.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 68.

Folder 279.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 69.

Folder 280.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 71.

Folder 281.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 74.

Folder 282.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 75.

Folder 283.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 77.

Folder 284.

Haydn, J., Symphony no. 87.

Folder 285.

Legrenzi, G., Sonata à 2 violini (1671) and Sonate, lib. III, op. 8:2 (1671).

Folder 286.

Lully, J. -B., Atys (air), Amadis(menuet), Prosperine (premier air

Folder 287.

Lully, J. -B., Thesée, overture and march.

Folder 288.

Marini, B., Capriccio per violino (1626), Sonate (1617). Sinfonia breve (1617).

Folder 289.

Merulo, C., Canzon 'La cortese," (1569, 1592).

Folder 290.

Merula, T., Canzone à 2 violini 'La polacchina' (1637).

Folder 291.

Purcell, H., Sonata I for two violins (1683).

Folder 292.

Ravenscroft, J., Sonate à tre, op. 1 (Rome, 1695).

Folder 293.

Riccio, G. B., Canzon ad un Flautin ov. cornetto (1620).

Folder 294.

Rossi, S., Sonata detta 'La moderna' (1613) and Sinfonia (1607).

Folder 295.

Usper, F., Sinfonia prima (1619).

Folder 296.

Vitali, G. B. Balletta (1667), Sonata à 2 violini Op. II) (1667) Sonata à 2 violini (op. III) (1667).

Folder 297.

Vivaldi, A., Ryom 324: Concerto (op. 6:1).

Folder 298.

Vivaldi, A., Ryom 443: Concerto (op. 10:3).

Folder 299.

Vivaldi, A., Ryom 522: Concerto grosso (op. III:8).

Folder 300.

Vivaldi, A., Ryom 540: Concerto for 2 various instruments orchestra, and bc.

Folder 301.

Vivaldi, A., Ryom 565: L'estro armonico, op. III, no. 11.

Folder 302.

Vivarino, I., Sonate per violino e b.c.(1620).

Folder 303.

Kassel, Landesbibliothek, MS Mus. fol. 61 and MS Mus. Anhang fol 30. A bound notebook with a brown cover containing 27 leaves of instrumental transcriptions.

Folder 304.

Instrumental transcriptions:

Additional Note

Titles of pieces lacking, names of composers lacking, and source of transcriptions lacking. A bound spiral music notebook with a brown cover containing 27 leaves
Folder 305.

Einstein, Alfred.

Additional Note

An instrumental composition with a figured bass. Probably a transcription done as a student exercise. Corrections added by Adolf Sandberger, his teacher. 1 leaf, recto side only.

Part XIV: Photographic facsimiles of various original sources, both printed and manuscript, collected by Alfred Einstein.

Box Box 11, Folder 306.

Photographic facsimilies of various original sources. 75 items listed below.




1. Attaignant.


?...Ung gay bergiere prioit

Additional Note

Superius, contratenor parts

2. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragon. Cantata 56

Additional Note

Title page

3a. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Ich libe den Höchen von ganzem Cemüte. Cantata 174

Additional Note

Tenor oboe part of sinfonia concerto

3b. Brahms, Johannes.


String Quartet in B flat major, op. 67

Additional Note

Score, opening of first movement

4. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Eighteen chorale preludes, 1749. Von Himmel hoch (Canonic variations), S. 769

Additional Note


5. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Fantasia per il cembalo, c minor, S. 906


6. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Well Tempered Clavier, Part I. Prelude in C major.


7. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Well Tempered Clavier, Part II. Fugue in A flat major.

Additional Note


8. Bach, Johann Sebastian.


Well Tempered Clavier, Part II. Prelude in E flat major

Additional Note


9a-d. Baseo, Franceso Antonio.


Primo Libro de madrigali a 5, 1573. Venice, Gardano, 1573

Additional Note

a. Title page of bass part
b. Dedication page
c. Table of contents
d. Page 1 of bass part: La nel felice monte

10a-c. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Arietta: In questa tomba oscura, Wo o 133

Additional Note


11. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Bagatellen, op. 33

Additional Note

1782 pp. 1, 3, 21, 28

12a-b. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Sonata for piano, op. 111. Berlin, State Library

Additional Note

a. First movt.: pp. 5 & 8
b. Second movt.: last 4 pp.

13. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Symphony no. 6 (Pastoral)

Additional Note

Sketch of part, from the beginning of one of Beethoven's Sketchbooks, dated 1808

14. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Symphony no. 9 Second movt., beginning of presto section

Additional Note

2 copies

15a-b. Beethoven, Ludwig van.


Sketch, entitled Marcia


16. Beethoven, Ludwig van.




17. Boni, Guilleaume.


Sonate de Pierre de Ronard: Lors que mon oeil pour t'oeil-Paris, 1593 lader s'amuse

Additional Note

Tenor part, p. 12 Kat. Frkft., Frankreich Bib. Nationale, Paris

18a-c. Bossinensis, Francisci.


Songs with lute for 3 voices, Book II. Petrucci

Additional Note

a. Title page
b. Colophon, Petrucci
c. Table of contents

Brahms. (See 3b.)


19. Compère, Louis (Loyset).


E gran desir

Additional Note

Petrucci, 1502 Tenor, contra parts Kat. Frkft. Frks. Nr. 3

20a-d. Cornetti, Severino.


Madrigals a 5, 6, 7 & 8. Anversa, Plantino, 1581

Additional Note

a. Title page of bass part
b. Dedication page
c. Table of Contents
d. Page 4 of bass part: Ne Marte ne Bellona

21. Deprès, Josquin.


Madrigal a 5 Cueur langoreulx qui

Additional Note

Sustato, 1545, 7th book Superius part Kat. Frkft. Frkr. Nr. 9

22a-b. Dich frau von hymel.


a. Soprano, alto, bass parts


b. Tenor part


Fallersleben. Das Lied der Deutschen. (See Haydn.)


23. Feldmann, Fritz.


Zwei weltliche Stücke

Additional Note

ZfMW X11/8

24a-d. Fiesco, Giulio.


Madrigals a 4, 5 & 6; Dialogues a. 7 & 8. Vinegia, Scotto, 1563

Additional Note

a. Title page of bass part
b. Dedication page
c. Table of contents
d. Page 1 of bass part: Raddoppiandosi in me quel vivo focc

25a-c. Gesualdo, Carlo, principe di Venosa.


Madrigals a 5. pp. 173-5.

Additional Note

Score, 1613
Tu m'uccidi ò crudele. Deh coprire il bel seno. 2 copies of 25a.

26a-b. Gluck, Christoph Willibald. Two fragments from Echo et Narcisse,1779


Two fragments from Echo et Narcisse,1779


27a-c. Gluck, Christoph Willibald.


Libretto of L'innocenza giustificata. Libretto entitled La Vestale.

Additional Note

Vienna, Ghelen, 1768 National bibliothek, Wien.

28. Grandville.


Komische Notengemälde von Grandville.

Additional Note

From Flögel-Ebeling Geschichte der Grotes Komischen, Leipzig, Ms. in Flower Collection

29a-b. Händel, Georg Friedrich. Poichè donna ti piaci.


Aria per Cembalo e Canto:

Additional Note

a. Dedication page
b. Page 1 of music

30. Händel, Georg Friedrich.


Messiah Title page London, printed for I. Walsh, 1742. Selection of best song.


31. Händel, Georg Friedrich.


Messiah. Sketches. Germ of trio of "He was despised", and of "Amen" chorus

Additional Note

Dated August 30, 1751

32. Händel, Georg Friedrich.


Flavio. Overture

Additional Note

Beginning. Ms., 1738

33. Haydn, Franz Joseph.


Das Lied der Deutschen.Melodie nach Joseph Haydn's "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser"

Additional Note

Hamburg, Hoffman und Campe. Stuttgart, Neff. September, 1841

34. Kremberg, Jacob.


Arias. Title page

Additional Note

Dresden, In Verlegugng des Authors, no date

35a-b. Marenzio, Luca. Madrigali a 5, 4th book.


Venice, Vincenci & Amadino, 1584

Additional Note

a. Title page of bass part
b. Dedication page

36a-b. Marenzio, Luca. Madrigali a 5, 5th book.


Vinegia, L'Herede di Girolamo Scotto, 1585. 2 copies

Additional Note

a. Title page of quinto
b. Dedication page

37a-b. Marenzio, Luca. Madrigali a 5, 6th book.


Venice, Gardano, 1594. 2 copies

Additional Note

a. Title page of quinto
b. Dedication page

38a-b. Marenzio, Luca.


Thesauri harmonici, 3rd book

Additional Note

a. P. 52 Male per me

P. 53 Villanellae trium vocum. Fuggirò ij ij tant'amore.
b. P. 54 Voi siete la mia stella

P. 55 Dolce mia vit'e amata morte

39a-b. Maria zart.


Unidentified ms.

Additional Note

a. Soprano part
b. Tenor and bass parts

40. Monteverdi, Claudio.


Part of letter, to Marchese Enzo Bentvoglio Parma, re: wedding music for Farnese-Medici wedding.

Additional Note

Dated Venice, 1627. 2 copies

41. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.


Don Giovanni. Orchestral score Act I, finale. "Presto, presto". 3 copies


42. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.


Don Giovanni. Act I, finale. Leporello: "...prove farà d'amor"; Don Ottavio, Donna Anna: "Protegga il giusto"

Additional Note

Orchestral score. 2 copies

43a-b. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.


Piano trio, no. 11(K. 542) in E major. First movt.

Additional Note

2 complete copies plus

2 extra copies of p. 2

1 extra of pp. 3-4

3 extra of p. 4

44. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus.


Piano trio, no. 11 (K. 542) in E major. Third movt., last 2 pages

Additional Note

3 copies

45. Pachelbel, Johannes.


Hexachordum Apollinis.

Additional Note

Title page. Nürnberg, 1699

46. Padov, Annibali.


Madrigal: Lasso me ch'ad un tempo

Additional Note

First and second part of canto and alto 1564

47. Paganini, Nicolò.


Cantabile e valtz, for violin.

Additional Note

Ti le pago and music

48. Paganini, Nicolo.


Suonata con variazioni, E major.

Additional Note

Principal violin part

49. Passereau.


Hellas ma dae faictes luy

Additional Note

Attaignant, 1536

50. Peri, Jacopo.


Uccidimi dolore

Additional Note

Baudnitzer Handschrift II. La 2

51. Petrucci, Ottavio dei.


Krie, La Spagna mass

Additional Note

No date, Kat. Frkft, Frler Nr. 2

52. Praetorius, Michael.


Examples of branles and 4-part chorales

Additional Note

Subskriptionseinladung zu einer Gesmtausgabe der musikalischen Werke von Michael Praetorius Creuzburgensis

53. Radom, Nicolai de.


Patrem omnipotentem

Additional Note

Fr. Kat Polen. O. 231

54. Rore, Cipriano de.


Madrigals, 4th book a 5

Additional Note

Title page of bass part. Venice, Gardano, 1557

55a-e. Ruffo, Vincentio.


Madrigals, 4th book a 5. Venice, Gardano, 1558

Additional Note

a. Title page of bass part
b. Enlargement of printer's mark (Gardano)-2 copies
c-ae. Music of bass part

56. Rutini, Gian Marco.


Six sonatas for harpsichord dedicated to Pizzini Opera Ima.


57. Schubert, Franz.


Die Erscheinung (called Erinerung). Ich lag auf grünen...Op. 108, no. 3

Additional Note

July, 1815

58. Schubert, Franz.


Grenzen der Menschheit. Wenn der uralte Heilage Vater... Deutsch 716

Additional Note

March, 1821

59. Schubert, Franz. April, 1816


a. Pflicht und Liebe. Du, der ewig um mich trauert...Deutsch 467. August, 1816


b. Stimme der Liebe. Abendgewölke schweben hell...Deutsch 418.


60. Schubert, Franz.


Von Ide. Der Morgen blüht... Deutsch 228

Additional Note

July, 1810

61. Schumann, Robert.


Album Für die Jugend. Sketches From Facsimile Ausgabe, B. Schott's Söhne.


62. Schumann, Robert.


Festouverture. May, 1853, first performance

Additional Note

a. Title page
b. First page of the "Beilage"

63. Schwind, Moritz von.


Letter to Madame Hönig

Additional Note

2 copies

64. Settimia.


Già sperai non spero

Additional Note

Baudnitzer IILa 2 copies

65. Susato, Tylman.


Premier livre des chansons a 3. De mon malheur...

Additional Note

Antwerp, 1544. Nationalbiobliothek, Wien. S.77.D.27

66. Tritonino, Peter.


Melopoiae. Prima Facifs

Additional Note

Augsburg, 1507. Discant and tenor parts Kat. Frkft. S.97.M.35

67a-d. Vegio, Giovanni Agostino.


Madrigals a 4, book I. Parma, Viotto, 1575

Additional Note

a. Title page
b. Dedication page
c. Table of contents
d. First page of bass part

Venosa. (See Gesualdo, Carlo, principe di Venosa.)


68. Vincentino, Nicola.


L'antica musica ridotta alla moderna prattica

Additional Note

Title page. Rome, Barre, 1555. Berlin, Stoatsbibl.

69. Wagner, Richard. Flying Duthcman. Act II, Spinning chorus.


Flying Duthcman. Act II, Spinning chorus.


70. Wagner, Richard. Das Liebesmahl der Apostel. Upper part of page 5


Das Liebesmahl der Apostel. Upper part of page 5


71. Wagner, Richard.


Parsifal. Act III. End of opening orchestral prelude to Act III, and beginning of Klingsor's solo.

Additional Note

4 copies

72. Wagner, Richard.


Parsifal. Act III. End of Parsifal's last solo. Beginning of orchestral passage which leads to final chorus.

Additional Note

5 copies

73. Wagner, Richard.


Siegfried Idyll. First 8 pages of music

Additional Note

1 extra copy of pp. 4-5

73a. Wagner, Richard.


Siegfried Idyll. Title page and first page of music

Additional Note

2 copies

73b. Wagner, Richard. Siegfried Idyll. Title page


Siegfried Idyll. Title page


74. Wagner, Richard.


a. Walküre. Act I. End of Siegmund's solo in Lenz song, with concert ending


b. Sketches for Flying Dutchman and miscellaneous sketches


75. Weber, Carl Maria von.


Grand Pottpourii pour le violonzelle a Grad Orchestra

Additional Note

a. Title page
b. Last page of music



Strambotto. Se ami tanto


Modena, Bibl. Est., Ms. & F 9.9. tanto...


Part XV: Bibliography of music.

Box Box 12, Folder 307.

Card file containing over 800 references to musical compositions dating from the 15th-through 17th-centuries.

Additional Note

These citations are taken from published and well as MSS sources. Arranged alphabetically by composer A-Z.

Part XVI: Miscellaneous research notes of Alfred Einstein.

Box Box 12, Folder 308.

"Notes relating to an article on Phillipe de Monte published in 1930.

Additional Note

These are unpublished comments on various madrigals," (observations by Brian Mann).
Folder 309.

Pp. 60-85 of a work bearing the inscription "Entwicklung vollzieht sich."

Folder 310.

A folder of unusable notes which were used for Einstein's collection of essays, Words and Music.

Folder 311.

A small notebook with a black cover containing 33 pp. of notes.

Folder 312.

Notes by Alfred Einstein which were removed from books in his library by Hertha and Eva Einstein. 33 sets of notes.

Folder 313.

Collection of miscellaneous notes, ca. 60 leaves.

Folder 314.

Collection of miscellaneous notes, ca. 100 leaves.


Part XVII: Programs, notices, announcements, etc. pertaining to international musicological congresses attended by Alfred Einstein. (Excellent for exhibitions).

Box Box 12, Folder 315.

This folder contains materials pertaining to congresses held in the following years:




















Part XVIII: Miscellaneous.

Box Box 12, Folder 316.

Programs. A collection of ca. 50 musical programs dating from 1904 to 1935.

Additional Note

(Potential exhibition material).
Folder 317-318.

Two folders containing advertisements and other announcements for forthcoming important musicological books, for example: (Potential exhibition material)


-- Richard Wagner-Jahrbuch (vol. 1, 1906).


-- Hugo Riemann, Musikgeschichte in Beispielen (1911).


-- Johannes Wolf, Jacob Obrects Werke (1908).