Guide to the Point Lobos League records, [ca. 1927-1945]

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Guide to the Point Lobos League Records, [ca. 1927-1945]

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Collection Title: Point Lobos League Records,
Date (inclusive): [ca. 1927-1945]
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-A 285
Creator: Point Lobos League
Extent: Number of containers: 5 cartons
Repository: The Bancroft Library
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Scope and Content

The papers of the Point Lobos League are temporarily stored in 5 cartons, the contents of which are as follows:

Key to Arrangement

Carton 1, folder 1.

Point Lobos Master Plan, plus various reports, notes and comments on the master plan.

folder 2.

Vegetation map of Point Lobos, 1935, plus guide, by Edward Lee.

folder 3.

Vertebrate Animals of Point Lobos Reserve, 1934-1935, by Joseph Grinnell and Jean M. Linsdale; and Point Lobos Reserve, by Newton B. Drury, 1938 (Reprint).

folder 4.

Various articles on California State Park System, and on the preservation of Point Lobos. Some maps.

folder 5.

2 letters to Mrs. Philip Van Horne Lansdale, 1933, one including balance sheet of the Point Lobos Association, Apr., 1927-Aug. 29, 1930.

folder 6.

Draft of volume on Point Lobos Reserve State Park for series "Landmarks and Monuments of Historical California" prepared by the State Division of Parks.

folder 7.

Various reports from Olmsted Brothers, Landscape Architects, Brookline, Mass.

folder 8.

Point Lobos as a Memorial.

folder 9.

Point Lobos Book; draft with quotations from various sources, and captions apparently intended for use with photographs.

folder 10.

Various chapter headings, captions, intended for use in reports of the Point Lobos Advisory Committee.

folder 11.

Copy of Vertebrate Animals..., by Grinnell and Linsdale; clippings; reprint, Further Notes on California Brown Pelicans at Point Lobos, California, by Laidlaw Williams.

folder 12.

Copies of newspaper items re sea lions, 1944.

folder 13.

North Shore Memorial

folder 14.

Report of the Point Lobos Advisory Committee to the California State Park Commission, Mar. 1, 1936 (copy); newspaper clippings.

folder 15.

Various letters re Point Lobos, 1935-1938, to and from Newton 3. Drury.

folder 16.

Point Lobos Book, notes and letters, Newton B. Drury.

folder 17.

Design for emblem for Point Lobos Association, taken from clipping which is included.

folder 18.

Comments on the Olmsted Report.

folder 19.

Misc. letters, memoranda and notes re Point Lobos and surrounding land.

folder 20.

Misc. letters of Grinnell and Linsdale

folder 21.

Point Lobos Reserve: Highlights of Scenic Beauty, by Clark Wing (copy).

folder 22.

Misc. letters, articles, clippings re Point Lobos, 1945-

folder 23.

Interpretation of a Primitive Landscape, published for the Point Lobos Advisory Committee, 1946 (copy).

folder 24.

Misc. letters of John C. Merriam, 1932-1936.

folder 25.

Misc. letters of henry S. Pritchett, 1932-1935.

folder 26.

Revisions by J. M. Linsdale of section of book on vertebrate animals.

folder 27.

Letters to and from G. Frederick Schwarz and Ida T. Z. Schwarz, 1909-1933.

folder 28.

Various maps of Point Lobos.

folder 29.

Misc. papers, including several balance sheets for Point Lobos Association, 1930-1934.

folder 30.

Misc. letters, reports, etc. re Point Lobos, 1929-1933.

folder 31.

Letters of W. L. Jepson, Aubrey Drury, C. M. Goethe re Sargent Cypresees.

folder 32.

Letters re county aid to State Parks.

Carton 2, folder 33.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, 1932?

folder 34.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, 1933.

folder 35.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1934.

folder 36.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1934.

folder 37.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1935.

folder 38.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1935?

folder 39.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1936.

folder 40.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1936.

folder 41.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1937?

folder 42.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1937.

Carton 3, folder 43.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1938.

folder 44.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1938.

folder 45.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1939.

folder 46.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1939.

folder 47.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1940.

folder 48.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1940.

folder 49.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1941.

folder 50.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1941.

folder 51.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1942.

folder 52.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1942.

folder 53.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, Jan. 1 to June 30, 1943.

folder 54.

Point Lobos Advisory Committee, July 1 to Dec. 31, 1943.

folder 55.

Minutes of the Point Lobos Association, Apr. 11, 1927 -Feb. 15, 1933.

folder 56.

Point Lobos Reserve: Report of a State Park Nature Guide, by Louis C. Wheeler.

folder 57.

Misc. letters and reports re Point Lobos (copies).

folder 58.

Corrections by McDuffie on revised Report of the Point Lobos Advisory Committee to the State Park Commission.

folder 59.

Reports on the History of Point Lobos, by V. A. Neasham and Waldo R. Wedel.

folder 60.

Aubrey Drury: Notes on the History of Point Lobos. Several Copies.

folder 61.

Reports on the Vegetation of Point Lobos, by Edward Lee and Herbert L. Mason.

folder 62.

Misc. letters, etc. re preservation of Point Lobos, many addressed to and written by Caroline Hunter (Mrs. Robert Hunter).

folder 63.

Sponsors - letters.

folder 64.

Various reports (copies) on Point Lobos by Edward Lee, E. P. Meincike, F. L. Olmsted, Ralph W. Chaney.

folder 65.

W. K. Fisher: Life between Tides. Several copies and some photographs.

folder 66.

Report of the Point Lobos Advisory Committee to the California State Park Commission; Personal Observation of Visitors in Point Lobos reserve, by R. A. Wilson; Regulation of Tourist Travel in the Cypress Grove of Point lobos, Calif., by E. P. Meinicke.

folder 67.

Botanical reports re Point Lobos; Reports of State Nature Guides, 1936-1937; and various other documents.

folder 68.

General correspondence re Point Lobos, 1943-1945.

folder 69.

Animals -- land and marine; Birds of Sea and Shore: 2 chapters of Point Lobos book (also 2 wildlife sketches).

folder 70.

Protection of the Primitive, by John C. Merriam; also misc. papers re Point Lobos.

folder 71.

Various photographs of the Point Lobos region.

folder 72.

Various papers re flora and fauna of Point Lobos Reserve.

folder 73.

Papers on esthetic value of Point Lobos.

folder 74.

The geology of Point Lobos, 2 papers.

folder 75.

Misc. papers re the cypresses of Monterey County.

folder 76.

Misc papers re preservation of Point Lobos.

folder 77.

Minutes of Board of Directors of Point Lobos Association.

folder 78.

Various letters re Sponsors

folder 79.

Misc. correspondence (A-Z)

folder 80.

Misc. memoranda, including Memorandum on the Development of the Campaign of the Point Lobos Association.

folder 81.


folder 82.

Misc. correspondence, 1933.

Carton 4, folder 83.

Misc. correspondence and notes, 1933.

folder 84.

Financial matters.

folder 85.

Letters of Duncan McDuffie.

folder 86.

Suggested procedure - Articles of Incorporation.

folder 87.

Articles about Point Lobos and environs.

folder 88.

Correspondence, Mrs. Robert Hunter, before 1931.

folder 89.

Correspondence, Mrs. Robert Hunter, 1931-1932.

folder 90.

Correspondence, Mrs. Robert Hunter, 1933.

folder 91.

Correspondence, Mrs. Robert Hunter, 1943.

folder 92.

Edward S. Harkness.

folder 93.

Reports and Surveys.

folder 94.

Misc. clippings re Point Lobos.

folder 95.

Gilbert Grosvenor.

folder 96.

Acknowledgment of contributions.

folder 97.

A. M. Allen.

folder 98.

Appraisal and Valuation.

folder 99.

Booklet - layout and photographs.

folder 100.

Advisory Board.

folder 101.

W. B. Bourn.

folder 102.

Constitution and bylaws.

folder 103.

Contribution blank and draft for contribution blank.

folder 104.

Henry W. de Forest.

folder 105.

Samuel P. Eastman.

folder 106.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gerberding.

folder 107.

Allen Griffen.

folder 108.

D. T. MacDougal.

folder 109.

Duncan McDuffie.

folder 110.

Mail lists.

folder 111.


folder 112.

Motion Pictures.

folder 113.

Perry Newberry.

folder 114.

Adolph S. Ochs.

folder 115.

F. L. Olmsted.

Carton 5, folder 116.


folder 117.

Prospective Donors.

folder 118.

Prospect Blanks.

folder 119.

Prospect lists.

folder 120.

John D. Rockefeller.

folder 121.

George B. Vaughan: article on esthetic features of Point Lobos.

folder 122.

George B. Vaughan: Misc. articles and photographs.

folder 123.

H. A. Spoehr: Scientific Work Necessary for Preservation of Point Lobos.

folder 124.

Allyn G. Smith: Land Snails of the Point Lobos Reserve.

folder 125.

Olmsted Bros. : Specific Recommendations for Preservation and Utilization.

folder 126.

F. E. Clements: Summary of Ecological Suggestions.

folder 127.

Note to accompany Grinnell reports.

folder 128.

Corrected pages for Report and Recommendations to Park Commission.

folder 129.

W. K. Fisher: Marine Invertebrates.

folder 130.

Vertebrate Animals of Point Lobos Reserve - Summary (several copies); and correspondence re this report.

folder 131.

Willis L. Jepson: The Cypresses of Monterey.

folder 132.

Emerson Knight: Aesthetic Resources of Point Lobos Reserve; Chronicle of Comments...; Report on Motor Car Parking.

folder 133.

James L. Leitch: Interests and Activities...; Species of Marine Invertebrates...; Report on the Nature Walks....

folder 134.

Thomas H. McBride: Point Lobos (1916).

folder 135.

Herbert L. Mason, and L. R. Mason: Algae of Point Lobos Reserve.

folder 136.

Herbert L. Mason: List of plants....

folder 137.

E. P. Meinecke: Comments upon Olmsted, Grinnell and Linsdale, and Lee reports; Regulation of Tourist Travel....

folder 138.

John C. Merriam: Protection of the Primitive...; Purposes served through the Preservation of Point Lobos; Primitive Appeal of Nature.

folder 139.

Vernon Aubrey Neasham: Historical Background of Point Lobos Reserve.

folder 140.

Olmsted Report on Point Lobos State Park, 1935-1936.

folder 141.

Olmsted, F. L. : Memoranda as to Ecological Investigations; Types of plant communities...; Revision of Entrance, Plate III (copies).

folder 142.

Charles B. Wing: Report re Width of trails and administration of Whaler's Cottage.

folder 143.

R. A. Wilson: Personal Observation of Visitors....

folder 144.

Louis C. Wheeler: Lichens of Point Lobos Reserve; Plant Diseases of Point Lobos Reserve.

folder 145.

Waldo R. Wedel: Archeological Reconnaissance of Point Lobos State Park, Calif.

folder 146.

Raymond B. Waldo: Report of Nature Guide.

folder 147.

Willis W. Wagener: Tree Diseases... Point Lobos State Park.

folder 148.

A. W. Dimock: Report on 1936 Cypress Canker Control Surveys..., with comment by W. W. Wagener.

folder 149.

Appendix to Master Plan.

folder 150.

George B. Vaughan: Outline of Part II Olmsted Report; Report of Visit to Point Lobos...; Summary of Part III, Olmsted Report.

folder 151.

George B. Vaughn: Part II, Olmsted Report.

folder 152.

F. L. Olmsted: Part III (copies).

folder 153.

Weather records of Point Lobos.

folder 154.

John C. Merriam, misc. letters and statements.

folder 155.

Correspondence re photographs.

folder 156.

Photographs and pictures.

folder 157.

Misc. reprints re Point Lobos.

folder 158.

Photographs (in album).

folder 159.

Rainfall and temperature records - Carmel.

folder 160.

Suggested program for raising money.

folder 161.

Extra copies of Grinnell-Linsdale report.