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A Register of the World War II Pictorial Collection
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Envelope: A

Photographs and postcards depicting various scenes from World War II.

Envelope: B

20 unidentified photographs of American soldiers in World War II, apparently taken in the Philippines.

Envelope: C-D

Photographs of German armed forces in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Russia and North Africa, and of the German home front, 1939-1943.

Envelope: E-L

German army photographs depicting activities of the German army in North Africa, 1942-1943.

Scope and Contents note

Copies from originals held by Michael Tichy.
Envelope: N-AQ

Photographs depicting activities of American, British, German and Italian armed forces in Europe and North Africa.

Envelope: AR

Photographs taken by the U.S. Navy depicting ships and activities of the U.S. Navy, mostly in the Pacific Theater.

Envelope: AS

Photographs of British naval operations and of an inspection of naval forces by King George VI.

Envelope: AT

Photographs of Prime Minister Winston Churchill with high U.S. and British naval officers and other officials. July 1942.

Envelope: AU-AW

Photographs of U.S. armed forces in Great Britain.

Envelope: AX

Photographs of U.S. armed forces in the pacific.

Envelope: AY

Photographs of the U.S. Navy Public Relations Officers' Conference, Washington, D.C., April 26-28, 1943.

Envelope: AZ

Photographs of U.S. and British armed forces.

Envelope: BA

Aerial photographs of military facilities at Londonerry, Northern Ireland.

Envelope: BB

34 post cards of German SS troops on the Russian front.

Envelope: BC-BD

125 prints of German Seamen, submarines and other ships, and of naval engagements.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in German.
Envelope: BE

43 prints of German troops in France, Norway and elsewhere on the western front.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in German.
Envelope: BF

6 prints of German troops in North Africa.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in German.
Envelope: BG

9 prints of German troops in the Balkans.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in German.
Envelope: BH

6 prints of Benito Mussolini and of German troops who rescued him from captivity in 1943.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in German and French.
Envelope: BI

21 prints of war damage, political activity and social conditions in Vichy France and in German-occupied France.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in French.
Envelope: BJ-BK

93 prints of street scenes, buildings and war damage in Berlin.

Envelope: BL

12 prints of U.S. Army Air Corps airplanes.

Envelope: BM

12 prints of U.S. Navy airplanes.

Envelope: BN-BO

123 prints of German troops in Paris in the summer of 1940.

Envelope: BP

22 prints of Vichy youth organizations and miscellaneous scenes from Vichy France and German-occupied France.

Envelope: BQ

49 prints of the bodies of victims of German concentration camps at Buchenwald and elsewhere.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in French.
Envelope: BR

32 prints of American troops entering Liege, Belgium.

Envelope: BS

39 prints of war damage in Liege and other Belgian cities.

Envelope: BT

10 prints of President harry S. Truman in Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium, en route to the Potsdam conference, July 1945.

Envelope: BU

22 prints of the entry of allied troops into Antwerp, Belgium, September 1944.

Envelope: BV

4 post cards of the entry of allied troops into Tournai, Belgium, September 1944.

Envelope: BW

16 prints of Tournai, Belgium, including scenes of war damage, may 1940.

Envelope: BX

12 prints of war damage caused by V-1 and V-2 rockets in Antwerp, Belgium; map showing location of rocket attacks in Antwerp.

Envelope: BY

29 prints of U.S. armored amphibious personnel carriers in action, mainly in the pacific theater.

Envelope: BZ

20 prints of posters and street scenes in German-occupied France.

Envelope: mCA

12 drawings of Allied troops in Belgium 1944-1945.

Envelope: CB

15 prints of unidentified ships and zeppelins. Barrage Balloons.

Envelope: CC

Graves of American soldiers in Great Britain (3 pages from photograph album); 72 prints of miscellaneous scenes and groups of people (in Great Britain?)

Envelope: CD

2 prints of Admiral Stark with others, 1 print of Admiral Stark, Winston Churchill and others. 2 prints of Winston Churchill, Admiral Harold Stark, harry Hopkins and others.

Envelope: CE

15 prints of unidentified people and scenes.

Envelope: CF

28 prints of Japan and Pacific Islands.

Envelope: CG

13 prints of Japan and Pacific Island; 12 prints of World War II aircraft; 1 print of Lt. Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita; 1 print of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and gen. Douglas MacArthur; 1 print of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Lt. Gen. Jonathan Wainwright and Lt. Gen. A.E. Percival, 10 Miscellaneous prints.

Envelope: CH

13 prints of Japan; 4 postcards of Japan; 1 print of Kunming, China; 1 print of Hawaii.

Envelope: CI

34 prints of scenes in Europe.

Envelope: CJ

34 prints of scenes in Europe.

Envelope: CK

18 prints of scenes in Europe; 6 prints of U.S. Army, University Study Center, Florence, Italy; 1 print of Secretary of War, Henry L. Stimson, July 4, 1944; 1 print of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1944; 1 print of Pierre Laval, Benito Mussolini and others.

Envelope: CL

1 print of Gen. Geo. C. Marshall, Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Adm. Ernest J. King; 1 print of Harry S. Truman headquarters, Potsdam, Germany, 1945; 3 prints of Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Harry S. Truman, Potsdam, 1945; 3 prints of Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, Clement Attlee and staffs, Potsdam, 1945; 1 print of Harry S. Truman, Joseph Stalin, James F. Byrnes, Vyacheslav Molotov, Adm. William Dr. Leahy, Potsdam, 1945; 1 print of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, President Innonu of Turkey, Cairo, Egypt, 1943; 1 print of W.L. Mackenzie King, Earl of Athlone, Princess Alice, wife of the Earl of Athlone; Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Quebec, Canada, 1943; 1 unidentified print.

Envelope: CM

115 prints designated "Specimen of British War Literature," 1 print of Charles de Gaulle and others, 1 print of Winston Churchill and others.

Envelope: CN

72 prints designated "Specimen of British War Literature;" 1 print of Omar Bradley, George Patton, Dwight D. Eisenhower; 1 print of Dwight D. Eisenhower and others; 1 print of Nicholas Horthy, Prince Regent of Hungary with U.S. Maj. Gen. John E. Dahl; 1 print of Gen. George C. Marshall; 4 miscellaneous prints of the European theatre of war.

Envelope: fEC

521 prints in 2 albums detailing the service of an unidentified Luftwaffe bomber officer, including the Polish campaign, the channel Coast, and the Russian Campaign, 1939-1943.

Scope and Contents note

Including close-ups of aircraft and general views of Luftwaffe airfields, quarters, war damage in Poland, France and Russia, and various personal family shots.
Envelope: mCO

1 envelope/2 prints 2prints of German Soldiers.

Envelope: CP

75 prints of German and Japanese troops, 1944.

Scope and Contents note

Captions in French.
Envelope: CQ

8 prints of forced labor in Norway, Poland and elsewhere in German-Occupied Europe.

Envelope: CR

15 prints of starvation, food lines, and German regulations relating to food in Belgium, Norway, Poland and Greece.

Envelope: CS

73 prints of resistance activity in German-occupied Norway, Belgium, France, Poland, Yugoslavia and Greece, including scenes of guerilla activity, sabotage, underground presses, and passive resistance.

Envelope: CT

8 prints of German executions and concentration camps in Norway, Belgium, France, Poland and Yugoslavia.

Envelope: CU

11 prints of persecution of Jews in Poland.

Envelope: CV

12 prints of the German invasions of Poland and Norway, and of German proclamations.

Envelope: CW

9 prints of miscellaneous scenes of the German occupation of Belgium and Poland.

Envelope: mCX

8 prints of resistance activity in German-occupied Norway, Poland and Yugoslavia, including scenes of guerilla activity and passive resistance.

Envelope: mCY

13 prints and 3 cartoons of conditions in German-occupied Norway, France and Yugoslavia, including scenes of German executions, forced labor and looting.

Envelope: mCZ

2 mounted prints of German troops arresting civilians in German-occupied Europe.

Envelope: mDA

1 mounted print of a child in German-occupied Europe.

Envelope: mDB

5 prints, 5 charts and 1 cartoon from German-occupied Europe, depicting atrocities, food shortages, forced labor, and sabotage.

Envelope: DC

21 prints of refugees and resistance activities in German-occupied Europe; of an exhibit in the U.S. on resistance movements attended by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Envelope: mDD

14 prints of a wartime exhibit in the U.S. on resistance movements in Europe.

Envelope: DE

121 prints of refugees, executions and resistance activities in Poland.

Envelope: DF

83 prints of refugees, atrocities, and resistance activities in Greece, and of Greek Sailors in Exile.

Envelope: DG

5 drawings by children in France supporting French resistance activities.

Envelope: DH

31 prints of French refugees, of resistance activities in Corsica and elsewhere in France, and of the scuttling of the French fleet at Toulon.

Envelope: DI

11 prints of executions and resistance activities in Czechoslovakia.

Envelope: DJ

18 prints of resistance activities in Belgium and of martyred Belgian resistance members.

Envelope: DK

13 drawings of resistance activities in the Netherlands.

Envelope: DL

11 prints of war shortages and resistance activities in Norway.

Envelope: mDM

5 prints of resistance activities in Norway.

Envelope: DN

11 prints of executions and resistance activities in Yugoslavia.

Envelope: mDO

23 prints of executions and resistance activities in Yugoslavia.

Envelope: DP

73 French post cards, depicting Free French, British and other Allied Military, naval and aerial forces.

Envelope: DQ

40 German post cards, depicting Waffen-SS troops on the Eastern Front.

Envelope: DR

77 U.S. Army Signal Corps prints, 1945-1947, depicting scenes at the Nuremberg trials, disposal of German poison gas weapons by American occupation forces, and American troops in Europe at the end of the war.

Envelope: DS

27 color slides of Axis and Allied propaganda posters.

Envelope: DT

64 prints depicting Belgian underground resistance fighters in German-occupied Belgium during World War II, and of Allied troops entering Brussels in September 1944.

Envelope: DU

28 prints depicting polish émigré politicians, statesmen, military personnel, establishments and buildings, 1941-1945.

Envelope: DV-DZ

130 prints depicting scenes in Warsaw and other parts of Poland during World War II.

Envelope: EA-EB

138 photographs depicting various French Resistance units while under formation, during period of instruction, and in action. Some were taken after the liberation of France; they refer to German atrocities committed against members of the Resistance as well as against the civilian population, celebration of the liberation, and General De Gaulle's visit to former resistance centers.

Envelope: fEC

See description on card 20

Envelope: ED

131 prints depicting social conditions and activities of German Nazi party officials during World War II, with emphasis on Gauleiter Fritz Waechtler of Bavaria.

Envelope: EE-EJ

265 prints depicting war damage in Berlin at the end of World War II.

Envelope: EK

Photographs (1 booklet and loose prints) of the city of Braunschweig in central West Germany before and after destruction during World War II.

Scope and Contents note

Included is a map.
Envelope: fEL

1 album of prints depicting the funeral of R. Heydrich (1904-1942), Reich Protector for Bohemia and Moravia.

Envelope: EM

56 prints depicting conditions at the Breendonck concentration camp in Antwerp, Belgium, during World War II.

Envelope: EN

7 prints depicting conditions at the Buchenwald concentration camp, in Germany, ca. 1945-1946.

Envelope: EO

90 prints taken by a Hungarian soldier in a Hungarian unit of the German Army during the German invasion of Russia, 1942.

Envelope: EP

4 prints depicting General Tomobum (Tomoyuki) Yamashita upon his arrival in Manila for his trial as a war criminal, October 1945.

Envelope: EQ

53 prints depicting the Philippines during and following the Allied invasion, including 3 prints of general MacArthur and 1 print of the surrender proceedings on Luzon, 1944-1945.

Envelope: ER

12 prints depicting war damage to various buildings in Manila, in the Philippines, 1944.

Envelope: ES

117 prints depicting areas and events before, during and following the battle of Okinawa, March 26 – June 30, 1945.

Scope and Contents note

Two maps are included, depicting Japanese mine fields, roadblocks and other military installations, December 1944 and March 1945.
Envelope: ET

4 prints depicting the surrender ceremony on the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Sept. 2, 1945.

Envelope: Eu

5 prints depicting activities in the China-Burman-India Theater, 1944-1945.

Envelope: EW

16 prints depicting V-E Day in Paris, May 8, 1945.

Envelope: EX

41 prints depicting various aspects of the surrender of the German Navy under the supervision of the Allied Control Commission, in Flensburg, 1945.

Envelope: EY

52 prints depicting war damage in Coblenz, Frankfurt-am-Main, Goettingen, Hamburg, Hanover, Hochst, Kiel, Mainz, Neumuenster, Wesel, and Wiesbaden, 1945.

Envelope: EZ-FB

211 prints depicting war damage in Berlin, 1945.

Envelope: mFC

2 autographed prints of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz at the signing of the Japanese surrender on board the U.S.S. Missouri, September 2, 1945, and one photostatic copy of the signature sheet of the surrender document autographed by Admiral Nimitz.

Envelope: FD

5 prints depicting war damage in Nuremberg, Germany.

Envelope: FE

24 prints depicting the visit of E. Roosevelt (1884-1962), writer , and wife of Franklin D, Roosevelt, President of the U.S., to Great Britain, November 1942.

Envelope: FF

5 prints with negatives showing various aspects of German fortifications on Normandy Beach.

Envelope: FG

4 prints pertaining to the destruction of Caen, Normandy.

Envelope: FH

1 print depicting U.S.S. Grayback coming into midway for repairs.

Envelope: FI

7 prints of the German surrender documents (Flensburg, July 4, 1945; Reims, May 7, 1945; and Berlin, May 8, 1945.

Envelope: FJ

10 prints depicting the public hanging and burial of Benito Mussolini, 1945.

Envelope: FK

24 prints depicting Poland during World War II, and 4 negatives depicting Jews being rounded up in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Envelope: FL

6 prints depicting Yugoslavia during World War II.

Envelope: fFM

One album of prints (Box fFM) depicting an exhibition in Leningrad for a dedication to Dwight D Eisenhower during World War II. Signed by Zhukov.

Envelope: M*FN

17 prints depicting various aerial battles over Europe during World War II.

Envelope: FO

64 prints depicting Iron Cross recipients, and German air, ground and naval activities, including Bulgaria, Greece, France, and the Soviet Union.

Scope and Contents note

Also includes Jakob Stalin.
Envelope: FP

24 prints depicting German-Italian relations, the Romanian State visit to Berlin in 1940, German, Italian, French, and English leaders including Hitler, Goering, Seyss-Inquart, Mussolini, Italian Foreign Minister Count Galenzzo Ciano, petain, and Churchill.

Scope and Contents note

Also included are 3 prints of the German Western front (Siegfried Line).
Envelope: FQ

9 prints depicting the German domestic front and German war production including physical fitness for prospective troops.

Envelope: FR

7 prints depicting a variety of scenes including the British Free Masonry in Berlin, the flight of Soviet citizens, the destruction of Soviet cities, the training or Allied troops, and the Japanese occupation of Shanghai.

Envelope: FS

5 prints depicting England in German Character, illustrated in cartoon style. 1 print of the Italian Air Force also included.

Envelope: FT

42 prints, 1937-1938, depicting mainly scenes of the Sino-Japanese War and of daily life in Japan, especially War preparations by the Japanese Army and population at large. Issued for the most part by the Japan Press Illustration Service.

Envelope: FU

3 prints depicting ceremonies of surrender of the German Army at Reims and Cordon in France and Berlin, May 7 and 9, 1945; 1 print depicting Gen. Sir Bernard L. Montgomery; 1 print depicting Lt. Gen. Sir Edmond Schreiber; 1 print depicting Gen. Charles de Gaule; 1 print depicting Gen. George C. Marshall talking to American soldiers in Germany, accompanied by Major General Raymond O. Barton and Major General Leonard T. Gerow; and 1 print depicting American soldiers inspecting a German Tank destroyed by the advancing Third U.S. Army in Eastern France, Sept. 1944

Envelope: FV

23 prints depicting Allied prisoners of war in Germany and Italian prisoners of war in Egypt engaged in various sports and board games facilitated by the War Prisoners' Aid Committee of the YMCA, and employees of the Committee packing items at the Geneva Office in Switzerland.

Envelope: FW

20 prints of the ceremonial signing of the Japanese surrender on the U.S.S. Missouri, September 2, 1945.

Envelope: FX

4 prints of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini attending a military review, n.d.; and 1 print of Italian Partisans in Turin, 1945.

Envelope: FZ

15 prints of scenes of naval warfare in the Atlantic Ocean and of American naval construction, 1941-1942.

Box: 1

Prints of the Japanese Surrender at the end of World War II, 1945.

Scope and Contents note

Includes an autographed print of General Douglas MacArthur. Print of American bomber in India, 1942.