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Series 1: Publicist Files. 1937-1965

Physical Description: 29 archival document boxes, 2 oversize archival document boxes, and 2 oversized folders in flat files

Series Description

Series I of the Arthur P. Jacobs Collection primarily contains records documenting Jacob’s life as a publicist (although there is also some material pertaining to his later producer activities and APJAC Productions). Jacob’s career was born in the publicity departments of MGM and Warner Brothers, but this series focuses on his work outside the studios, with the formation of The Arthur P. Jacobs Company in the mid-1950s, and through mergers with rival publicity firms Rogers & Cowan and Guy McElwaine Associates. Other key associates and personnel included John Springer, Rupert Allen, Patricia Newcomb, and Lois Weber. In 1963, Jacobs switched his primary focus to producing movies.
Jacobs’ publicity and public relations clients included Warren Beatty, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Rock Hudson, Gene Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Gregory Peck and James Stewart. He also managed publicity campaigns and promotion for movies and television shows, including "The Spirit of St. Louis,", "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Twelve Angry Men," "The Ed Sullivan Show," "The General Electric Theater" (with Ronald Reagan), and "Perry Mason." Corporations and other entities outside Hollywood, such as The Principality of Monaco, were also clients.
Series I consists of 16 linear feet in 29 archival boxes, 2 oversize archival boxes, and 2 oversize folders in flat files. Material includes correspondence, memorandums, telefaxes, client campaign proposals, notes (campaign suggestions and ideas), reports (status of ongoing activities), schedules (for interviews and appearances), press releases, press coverage (newspaper, trades, magazines), television appearance and promotional scripts, budgets, contracts, contact lists, photos, and promotional items (posters, press books, press kits, programs, flyers, and invitations). When a folder name (in parentheses) does not accurately represent a folder’s contents, it is noted in the folder description that follows. A few items are in French or Spanish. Some of the material is on fragile, faded or torn paper.
Box 1:1

(General Electric Theatre) Publicity campaigns, Reports, Meeting notes, Correspondence, Memorandums, Newspaper clipping, Advertisement. 1956-1959

Box 1:2

(Samuel Goldwyn) Re 80th Birthday / 50th Anniversary in Show Business: Correspondence, Notes, Memorandums, Newspaper clippings, Publicity campaign. 1962

Box 1:3

(Samuel Goldwyn) Correspondence, Press releases, "Life" magazine article, Awards list, Films list, Memorandums, Contact information, Notes, UCLA Medical School Scholarship Program press release. 1959-1961

Box 1:4

(Samuel Goldwyn) Correspondence, Memorandums, Press releases re Goldwyn Foundation Creative Writing Award and UCLA Medical School Scholarship Program, Interview, Excerpt from work of John Dos Passos "Midcentury," Legal re Goldwyn versus Fox West Coast Theatres. 1961

Box 1:5

(Samuel Goldwyn) Correspondence, Telefaxes, Publicity campaigns, Legal re Goldwyn versus Fox West Coast Theatres, Newspaper clippings, Trade articles, Contact information. See Box 1ov, Folder 1 for separated material. 1961

Box 1:6

(William Goetz) Memorandums. undated

Box 1:7

(Godson- Todman Productions) Reports, Schedule. 1958

Box 1:8

(Michael Gordon) Press releases, Notes, Biography, Trade clipping. 1959- 1960

Box 1:9

(Stewart Granger) Reports, Advertisement, Correspondence, Memoranda, Notes. 1960- 1961

Box 1:10

(Paul Gregory) Memorandums, Correspondence, Press release, Campaign re "The Naked and the Dead", Location itinerary. 1955, 1957-1958

Box 1:11

(Herbert Greene, 1962) Re representation: Memorandum, Letter. 1962

Box 1:12

("Harbourmaster") AKA Scott Island: Reports, Memorandums, Press release, Correspondence. 1957

Box 1:13

(Harkness Foundation [Rebekah Harkness Foundation], 1961) Proposal, Biography of Rebekah Harkness. 1961

Box 1:14

("The Key") Memorandums, Publicity campaign proposal. 1957-1958

Box 1:15

("The Naked and the Dead," 1957) Publicity campaign notes. 1957

Box 1:16

("The Rivalry" Feature) Press manual, Ticket order form. undated

Box 1:17

("The Spirit of St. Louis"; Correspondence, 1957) Memorandums, Publicity campaigns, Notes, Commercial script, Correspondence, Signed Jimmy Stewart postcard, Budget, Jimmy Stewart itinerary, Pamphlets, Screening programs, Ticket, Advertisements, Telegram. 1955-1957

Box 1:18

("The Monte Carlo Story") Preliminary report, Memorandum, Publicity campaign. 1956

Box 1:19

("The Wild River") Report, Memorandums. 1960

Box 2:1

("Thieves Market") Budget, Meeting notes, Correspondence, Memos, "The Pride and the Passion" publicity materials, Iberia airlines timetable, Press releases, Budget, Telegram. 1956-1957

Box 2:2

("Tightrope") Initial notes, Reports. 1959-1960

Box 2:3

("Time Limit") Correspondence, Pre-production notes, Advertisements, Memorandums, Widmark itineraries, Theatre pamphlets, Publicity campaign, Reports, "Ed Sullivan Show" script, Minutes, Press release. See Box 1ov, Folder 2 for separated material. 1957

Box 2:4

("To Kill a Mockingbird") Correspondence, Invoice, Advertisements, Magazine article re Harper Lee, Newspaper clipping. 1961

Box 2:5

("12 Angry Men"; A.J. Personal Material) Campaign book, Memorandums, Clipping, Grosses, Schedules, Correspondence, Cables, Publicity material, Reports, Campaign projections, Advertising, Promotional scripts, Budgets. 1956-1957

Box 2:6

("12 Angry Men") Advertisements, Character list, Hirschfeld caricature, Correspondence, Campaign projection, Memorandums, Schedules, Reports, Credits, Promotional script, Reginald Rose essay. 1956-1957

Box 2:7

("12 Angry Men") Reviews, Cast and Credits, Synopsis, Henry Fonda Biography. 1957

Box 2:8

("12 Angry Men") Screenings, Memorandums, Correspondence, Schedules. 1957

Box 2:9

(Walter Wanger) Correspondence, Biography, Credits, Memorandums, Magazine clipping, Articles re Hollywood and international diplomacy, Trade clipping, Notes, Campaign suggestions. 1947, 1960-1962

Box 2:10

(Walter Wanger, 1961, 1962) Press release, Memorandums, Correspondence, Biography, Contact information, Telefax. 1961-1962

Box 2:11

(Richard Widmark) Correspondence, Memorandums, Newspaper clippings, Guest list, Press releases, Notes, Tour schedules. 1960-1961

Box 2:12

("Wild River") Reports. 1960

Box 2:13

(Esther Williams, Correspondence, 1955) Re Moisture Balance beauty products: Memorandums, Tour schedule, Press releases. 1955

Box 2:14

(Roger Williams) Projected publicity campaign, Memorandums, Schedules, Notes. 1958-1960

Box 2:15

(Jane Wyman Show) Memorandums. 1957

Box 3:1

(Rex Harrison, 1962) Correspondence including signed letter from Harrison, Memorandums. 1962

Box 3:2

(Audrey Hepburn) Memorandums. 1958

Box 3:3

("The Highwaymen", 1962) Memorandums, Publicity Campaign. 1962

Box 3:4

(George Roy Hill, 1961, 1962) Biography, Memorandums, Projected publicity campaign. 1961-1962

Box 3:5

(Herbert Hirschman, 1962) Meeting notes. 1962

Box 3:6

("Hollywood: The Golden Years") Correspondence, Memorandums, Timetable, Gene Kelly photo proofs, List of featured films and stars. 1960-1961

Box 3:7

(Bob Hope) Correspondence, Cable, "Alias Jesse James" press kit. 1959-1960

Box 3:8

(Arthur Hornblow, Correspondence) Re "Oklahoma!": Memorandums, Telefaxes, Correspondence, Schedules, Reviews, Advertisement, Fact sheet, Press release, Credits, Todd-AO still, Hornblow biography. 1951-1952, 1955

Box 3:9

(Hotels) Re Mission Inn, Arrowhead Springs Hotel, Fairmont Hotel, Antlers Hotel, Tropicana Hotel: Color brochures, Correspondence, Memorandums, Newspaper clippings, Reports, Press release, Benjamin Swig affiliations, Facilities pamphlets. 1957

Box 3:10

(Rock Hudson) Correspondence, Jack Benny Show script, Telegram, "Come September" guest list, Notes, Newspaper clipping, Telefax, Contracts, Schedules, Advertisement, Press release. 1959-1962

Box 3:11

(International Swimming Pools) Memorandums re Esther Williams. Correspondence, Announcements re Swim School, List of celebrity's children. 1955

Box 3:12

("Islands in the Sun") Publicity proposal re Islands in the Sun Club. Projected campaign. 1962

Box 3:13

(Henry Jaffe Enterprises, Inc., 1962) Correspondence, Contract, Press release, Stationary, Projected campaign, Henry Jaffe biography. 1962

Box 3:14

(Jantzen, Inc.) Memorandums, Resumes. 1958

Box 3:15

(Norman Jewison, 1962) Memorandum. 1962

Box 3:16

(Van Johnson, Correspondence, 1955) Correspondence, Telefaxes, Telegrams, Cigarette advertisement, Release, Memorandums, "Celebrity" magazine article. 1954-1955

Box 3:17

(Van Johnson) Notes, Correspondence, Memorandums. 1959

Box 3:18

(Jennifer Jones, 1961) Correspondence, Biography, Memorandums, Stills, Telefaxes, Telegrams, Notes. Preview rating card. 1956, 1961-1962

Box 3:19

(Spike Jones and Helen Grayco) Memorandum. 1957

Box 3:20

(Louis Jourdan) Memorandum. 1958

Box 3:21

(Curt Jurgens) Memorandums. 1957-1958

Box 4:1

(Warner Leroy, 1962) Telefaxes, Memorandum, Biography. 1962

Box 4:2

(Shari Lewis, 1962) Memorandums, Correspondence, Telefaxes, Checklist, Contact list, Press releases, Notes. 1962

Box 4:3

(The Limeliters, 1962) Correspondence, Projected campaign, Memorandums, Bookings, Itineraries, Newsletter, Magazine articles, Telefaxes, Press releases, Ticket order form, Biographies, Souvenir program. 1961-1962

Box 4:4

(Gina Lollobrigida) Contract, Correspondence, Newspaper clippings, Telefaxes, Notes, Memorandums. 1960-1961

Box 4:5

("Lonely Hearts", Dore Schary) Report, Proposed publicity campaign, Budget. 1958

Box 4:6

(Sophia Loren) Correspondence, "Parade" feature article, Telefaxes, Memorandums, Projected publicity campaign, Newspaper clippings, Press release. 1959-1960

Box 4:7

(Sidney Lumet, 1962) Publicity campaign. 1962

Box 4:8

(Cisele [sic] MacKenzie) Re Gisele MacKenzie: Memorandums, Reports, Schedule, Budget, Projected publicity campaign. 1957-1958

Box 4:9

(Shirley MacLaine) Telefax, Memorandums. 1958-1959

Box 4:10

(Joseph Mankiewicz) British Film Institute filmography, Memorandums, Notes, Film industry mailing list. 1959-1960

Box 4:11

(Delbert Mann, 1962) Correspondence, Publicity campaign, Projected campaign, Biography. 1962-1963

Box 4:12

(Dean Martin) Memorandums. 1958

Box 4:13

(Tony Martin, Correspondence, 1957) Memorandums, Schedule. 1957-1958

Box 4:14

("Perry Mason Show", Telegrams, 1957) Reports, Correspondence, Press releases, Still, Schedules, Promotional items. 1957

Box 4:15

(Johnny Mathis) Memorandums, Gift recipient list, Correspondence. 1957-1958

Box 4:16

(Perle Mesta, Copy, 1957) Biography, Memorandums, Correspondence. 1957

Box 4:17

(Ray Milland) Memorandums, Correspondence. 1957

Box 4:18

(Harold Mirisch) Correspondence, Memorandums, Press releases, Projected publicity campaign re "Man of the West," Trade advertisements. 1958

Box 4:19

("Thriller") Press releases, Caricature of Boris Karloff, Drawing of Boris Karloff, Budget, Reports, Notes, Telefax, Correspondence. 1959-1961

Box 4:20

("Thriller") Reports, Newspaper clipping, Correspondence, Memorandums, Ratings, Caricature of Boris Karloff, Drawing of Boris Karloff, Budget, Promotional scripts, Notes, Telefaxes, Magazine article, Budget, Promotional item, Still, Cast and credits. 1960-1961

Box 5:1

(Howard Keel) Memorandums, Notes, Biography, Correspondence. 1959-1960

Box 5:2

(Gene Kelly, 1961) Press release, Memorandums, Biography, Notes, Schedules, MOMA monograph, Projected publicity campaigns, L'Opera Pas de Dieux program, Paris theatre periodical. 1958-1962

Box 5:3

(Deborah Kerr) Memorandums, Notes, Biography, Engstead photo transparencies. 1959

Box 5:4

(Alan King, Correspondence) Memorandums, Advertisement. 1957

Box 5:5

("Kings Go Forth" - Premiere Gala) Memorandums, Press release, Invitations, Photos with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, Reports, Notes, Advertisement, Press pass, Correspondence, Cables. See Box 1ov, Folder 3 and Flat File, Folder 1 for separated material. 1958-1959

Box 5:6

(Alan Ladd) Memorandum. 1958

Box 5:7

(Abbe Lane) Press releases, Schedule, Memorandums, Telefax. 1961

Box 5:8

("Laramie", Reports, 1960) Reports, Projected publicity campaign, Photo caricature. 1959-1960

Box 5:9

(Jesse L. Lasky, Correspondence, 1955) Notes, Memorandums, Correspondence, Trade article. 1955

Box 5:10

(Carol Lawrence, 1962) Memorandum. 1962

Box 5:11

(Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, 1962) Projected publicity campaign, Memorandum. 1962

Box 5:12

(Herbert B. Leonard) Memorandums. 1962

Box 5:13

(Alan J. Lerner, 1961) Correspondence, Memorandums, Advertisements, "Ed Sullivan Show" script, Newsletters, Newspaper copy, "Harry's Girls" script. 1961-1962

Box 5:14

(Mervyn LeRoy) Memorandums, "Atlantic" article, Newspaper articles. 1955-1958

Box 5:15

(Mervyn LeRoy, Correspondence, 1955) Correspondence, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Writers list, Program, Film credits, Biography, "Strange Lady in Town" reviews. 1955

Box 6:1

(Dana Wynter) Memorandums, Schedules. 1957-1958

Box 6:2

(Bud Yorkin) Memorandums, Biography, Notes, Correspondence. 1957, 1959

Box 6:3

("You Asked For It") Reports. 1957-1958

Box 6:4

(Fred Zinnemann, Correspondence, 1955, 1957) Biography, Memorandums, Telefaxes, "Oklahoma" review, Schedules, Notes, Correspondence, Press release, MOMA monograph. 1955-1958

Box 6:5

(Ziv TV Productions, Inc.) Re television series including "Dial 999," "Bat Masterson," "Sea Hunt," "Target," Ray Bradbury project. Memorandums, Press releases, Notes, Correspondence, Reports, Schedules. 1957-1958

Box 6:6

(Master List) Client contact lists, Personnel lists, Press list. 1962

Box 6:7

(James Garner, 1961) Correspondence, Publicity schedule. 1961-1962

Box 6:8

(Judy Garland, 1962) Advertisement, Correspondence, including signed Frank Sinatra letter, Reports, Memorandums, Repertoire, Mailing list, Program. 1962

Box 6:9

(General Electric Theatre) Memorandums including ideas utilizing Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Correspondence, Promotional booklets, Notes, Magazine article, Telefaxes, Season schedule, Projected publicity campaign reports. 1954, 1957-1960

Box 6:10

(General Electric Theatre) Reports, Scheduled episodes lists, Submitted properties lists, Memorandums, Correspondence, Award, Advertisement, Budgets. 1959-1960

Box 6:11

(General Electric Theatre) Correspondence, Memorandums, Stills, Scheduled episodes lists, Submitted properties lists, Newspaper clipping, Reports, Publicity value estimates, Performer lists, Proposed publicity campaign. 1957-1959

Box 6:12

(General Electric Theatre) Projected publicity campaign report, Advertisement, Promotional card, Activity reports, Contact lists, Ronald Reagan tour itinerary. 1957-1959

Box 7:1

("The Deputy") Reports, Memorandum, Henry Fonda schedule, Illustration, Caricature, Budgets, Telefax, Press release. 1959-1960

Box 7:2

("The Deputy") Correspondence, Memorandums, Budgets, Stills, Promotional letter and spot scripts, Schedules, Notes, Cast list, Henry Fonda itinerary, Reports, Projected publicity campaigns, Caricature. 1960-1961

Box 7:3

("The Girl and the Palio") Memorandums, Correspondence. 1957

Box 7:4

("The Happy Road") Gala premiere cards, Credits, Reports, Memorandums, Correspondence, Advertising costs, Trailer script, Gene Kelly schedule. 1956-1957

Box 7:5

("The Happy Road") Reports, Preliminary publicity campaign, Screening invitation, Press release, Still, Publicity art, Trailer script, Memorandums, Correspondence, Gene Kelly schedule, Gene Kelly profile. 1956-1957

Box 7:6

("The Big Country") Premiere program, Gregory Peck schedule, Premiere budget, Premiere table assignments, Reports, Advertising billing, Memorandums, Correspondence, Hirschfeld caricature, Press release, Newspaper clipping. 1957-1958

Box 7:7

("The Big Country") Correspondence, Advertisement, Memorandums, Budgets, Trailer script, Ed Sullivan segment script, Photography lists, Reports, Tour itineraries, Premiere invitation, Premiere decor illustrations and color samples, Invitees lists. 1957-1958

Box 7:8

("The Big Country") Film Bulletin supplement, Correspondence, Reports, Memorandums, Film strip, Title still. 1958

Box 7:9

(Television Electronics Fund) Reports, Correspondence, Proposed publicity campaign, Company brochure, Memorandum. 1955-1956

Box 8:1

("Garry Moore Show") Report, Press releases, Correspondence, Memorandums, Publicity campaign. 1959

Box 8:2

("Garry Moore Show") Memorandums, Guests schedule, Publicity campaign, Staff addresses, Biography, Newspaper clippings, "New Yorker" article, Correspondence, Telefax. 1958-1959

Box 8:3

(Monaco TV Festival [Monte Carlo TV Festival) Memorandums, Correspondence, Films lists, Press releases, Artwork, Telegrams, Telefaxes, Notes. 1960-1961

Box 8:4

(Monaco TV Festival [Monte Carlo TV Festival]) Procedures, Correspondence, Script, Journalist list, Awards, Telefaxes, Entries' casts and synopses, Press releases, Budgets, Artwork, Notes, Television contacts. 1960-1961

Box 8:5

(Monaco TV Festival [Monaco Festival Art] Photos. undated

Box 8:6

(Monaco TV Festival [Monte Carlo TV Festival) Telefaxes, Cables, Rules and regulations, Correspondence, Memorandums, Notes. 1960-1961

Box 8:7

(Marilyn Monroe, 1962) Notes, Press releases draft, Correspondence, Memorandums, Telefaxes, "Time" magazine article. 1956-1963

Box 8:8

(Marilyn Monroe) Correspondence, Magazine articles, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Notes. 1961-1962

Box 8:9

(Yves Montand) Telefaxes, Memorandums, Correspondence, Advertisements, "Playbill" magazine program, Invoice, Notes, Contract, Schedule, Press release, Photos. 1961

Box 8:10

(Jerome Morris, Chicago, 1962) Correspondence. 1962

Box 8:11

(Bob Mulligan) Correspondence, Accounting statement, Memorandums, "To Kill a Mockingbird" advertisements, Press release, News clipping, Notes, Biography, "The Moon and Sixpence" stills. 1959-1961

Box 8:12

(Paul Newman) Memorandums. 1958

Box 8:13

(Anthony Newley) Memorandums, Publicity campaign, "Stop the World - I Want to Get Off" recordings list, Correspondence, Cable, Notes, News clipping. 1962-1963

Box 8:14

("The Old Man and the Sea) Photos, Negatives, Notes, Correspondence, Press releases, Postcard, Memorandums. 1955-1956

Box 8:15

(Alan Pakula) Press releases, Projected publicity campaign, Biography. 1959-1960

Box 8:16

(Pakula, Alan, 1957) Memorandum, Notes. 1957

Box 9:1

(Robert Rossen, 1961) "Cocoa Beach" stationery, Synopsis, Press release draft, Biography, Career Notes, Filmography, Schedule. 1961

Box 9:2

(Rosalind Russell) Biography, Publicity suggestions. 1961

Box 9:3

(Eva Marie Saint) Notes, Memorandums, Correspondence, Telefaxes, Newspaper clipping. 1960

Box 9:4

(George Schaefer 1962 [Compass Productions]) Publicity campaign, Program idea, Correspondence. 1962

Box 9:5

(Franklin Schaffner 1962) Correspondence, Biography, Projected publicity campaign, Memorandum. 1962

Box 9:6

(Dore Schary) Reports, Memorandums, Telefax, "Sunrise at Campobello" theatre flyer, Photos, Negatives, Caricature. 1960

Box 9:7

(Maria Schell, 1961) Notes, Advertisement, Schedule. 1959-1960

Box 9:8

("Schlitz Playhouse") Activities report. 1958

Box 9:9

(Arnold Schulman) Report, Notes. 1957

Box 9:10

(Screen Producers Guild) Newsletters, Spyros Skouras speech, Memorandums, Intercollegiate Awards fact sheet, Correspondence, Awards invitation, Cable, Membership rosters, Event proposals, Agendas, Telefaxes. 1954-1958

Box 9:11

(Peter Sellers, 1961) Correspondence, Photos with John F. Kennedy, Trade clipping, Notes, Memorandums, Schedule. 1960-1963, 1965

Box 9:12

(David O. Selznick, Personal A.J. File, Hold- DO NOT TOUCH) Biography, Memorandums, Correspondence, Photos, Notes, Who's Who entries. 1954-1956

Box 9:13

(David O. Selznick, A.P.J. File, File Intact) Memorandums, Correspondence, Cables, Notes, "The Third Man" campaign, Biography. 1956

Box 9:14

("Separate Tables") Report, Correspondence, Projected publicity campaign, Correspondence, Screening invitation. 1958-1959

Box 9:15

("Race for Space") Press kit, Promotional artwork, Budget, Credits, Outline, Publicity booklet, Trade clippings. 1958-1959

Box 9:16

(Quintero, Jose, 1961) Telefax, Biography. 1961, 1963

Box 9:17

("Rifleman") Memorandum. undated

Box 9:18

(Hal Roach Studios) Memorandums, Press releases, Telegrams, Trade article, Photo. 1957-1958

Box 9:19

(Hubbell Robinson) Notes, Press releases, Trade article, Memorandums. 1959-1960

Box 9:20

(Hubbell Robinson, "87th Precinct") "Thriller" report, Memorandums, Press release, Newspaper television logs, Publicity booklet. 1961

Box 9:21

Memorandums, Schedules, Television logs, Press releases, Correspondence, Newspaper clippings, Magazine article, Proposed publicity campaign, Tear sheet breakdown, Notes. 1959-1960

Box 9:22

(Rogers, Ginger, 1957) Memorandums. 1956-1957

Box 10:1

(Jo Stafford) Correspondence, Press releases, Photo, Memorandums, Album cover art, Notes, Press kit. 1960-1961

Box 10:2

(Leslie Stevens) Press list, Trade and newspaper clippings, Press releases, Complaint for breach of contract, Biography, Status report. 1959, 1961

Box 10:3

(Jean Simmons, 1960-61) Notes, Memorandums, Projected publicity campaigns, Status report. 1957-1960

Box 10:4

(Frank Sinatra) Memorandums. 1957-1958

Box 10:5

(Slenderella) Suggested procedures, Organizational setup. 1957

Box 10:6

("Johnny Staccato") Press releases, Reports, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Correspondence, Notes, "New York Herald" clipping, Photos, Telefaxes, John Cassavetes biography, Advertisement, Publicity campaign. 1959-1960

Box 10:7

(Dick Shawn) Advertisement, Memorandums, Preliminary notes, Biography. 1959-1960

Box 10:8

(Allan Sherman, 1962) Memorandum, Correspondence from Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and Newton N. Minow, "Newsweek" article, Newspaper clippings, Biography, Press releases. 1962

Box 10:9

(Showcase Prods.) Memorandum, Press releases, Correspondence, Proposal for television show based on writings of Eric Ambler. 1957-1958

Box 10:10

(George Sidney) Memorandums, Notes. 1957

Box 10:11

(Phil Silvers, 1962) Projected publicity campaign. 1962

Box 10:12

(Silents, Please) Memorandums, Correspondence, Films broadcast schedule, Series description, Films synopses, Notes, Contract, Publicity campaign. 1960-1961

Box 10:13

(Silents, Please) Press clippings, Press releases, 38 stills, Advertisement, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Correspondence, Films broadcast schedules, Press list, Silent stars invitees, Publicity campaign. See Box 1ov, Folder 4 for separated material. 1960

Box 10:14

(Silents, Please) Memorandums, Correspondence, Publicity campaign, "Los Angeles Times" article, Press clippings. 1955,1960

Box 11:1

(Panama-Frank "The Trap") Proposed publicity campaign. 1958

Box 11:2

("Paris Holiday") Snapshots of Bob Hope in Russia, Articles re Moscow trip, Schedules, Premiere memorabilia, Exhibitor pamphlet, Advertisement, Reports, Budget, Correspondence, Promotional stills. See Box 1ov, Folder 5 for separated material. 1957-1958

Box 11:3

(Jack Paar, 1962) Memorandum, Correspondence. 1962

Box 11:4

(Joe Pasternak, 1955, Corro [sic]) Correspondence, Memorandums. 1955-1956

Box 11:5

(Pennebaker, Inc. 1955, Correspondence) Correspondence, Marlon Brando promotional booklet, Magazine article. 1955

Box 11:6

(Perkins, Anthony, 1957, Corres.) Schedule, Memorandums. 1956

Box 11:7

(Peter Pan Foundations, Inc.) Memorandum, Correspondence, Press releases, Photos, Product information, Proposed publicity campaign, Notes, Press kit. 1957-1958

Box 11:8

(Petersen Publishing Co.) Memorandums. 1957-1958

Box 11:9

(Gregory Peck) "Cape Fear" stationary, "Cape Fear" stills, Correspondence, Memorandums, Press release, "To Kill a Mockingbird" advertisement, Schedule. 1960-1961

Box 11:10

(Gregory Peck) Correspondence, Memorandums, News clippings, Cast and crew addressess, Projects outline, Proposed advertisement sketch, Advertisements, Telefaxes, Notes, Schedule. 1959-1961

Box 11:11

(Gregory Peck, "To Kill a Mockingbird") Correspondence, Newspaper clipping, Advertisement, Memorandums, Notes. 1961-1962

Box 11:12

(Gregory Peck, 1961) Projected publicity campaigns, Telefaxes, Schedule, Correspondence, Press release, Photos, Notes, Memorandums. 1958-1963

Box 11:13

(Phoenix Corporation, the - corro. [Blaustein and Taradash] 1955) Memorandum. 1955

Box 11:14

(Pond's Presents "Paris ala Mode") Proposed, publicity campaign, Reports, Invitation, Budget, Photos, Press release. 1959-1960

Box 11:15

(Robert Preston, 1962) Memorandums, Correspondence, Press releases, Public service announcement scripts, Biography, Projected publicity campaign. 1961-1963

Box 11:16

(Prince + Griffith) Telefaxes, Projected publicity campaign on Harold S. Prince, Correspondence, Newsletters. 1962-1963

Box 12:1

("Pork Chop Hill") Memorandums, Schedules, Correspondence, Tour itinerary, Reports, Promotional booklet mock-up, Advertisement, Howard Brodie publicity sketches, Projected publicity campaign, Mailing list, Notes, Budget. 1958-1959

Box 12:2

("Pork Chop Hill") Proposed publicity campaign, Howard Brodie publicity sketches, Reports, Preview responses, Correspondence, Projects outline, Budget, Notes. See Box 1ov, Folder 6 for separated material. 1958-1959

Box 12:3

("Pork Chop Hill") Correspondence, Notes, Memorandums, Reports, Projected publicity campaign, Press release, Caricature by Al Hirschfeld. 1958-1959

Box 12:4

(Prima-Smith [Oakhurst-Levin]) Correspondence, Memorandums, News clippings, Notes, Telefax. 1958-1959

Box 12:5

(Prince and the Showgirl [A. J. Personal Material]) Photo of portrait, Transparencies of artwork, News clippings, Correspondence, Budgets, Reports, Daily diaries, Publicity campaign. See Box 1ov, Folder 7 for separated material. 1956-1957

Box 12:6

(Project III) Advertisement, Press releases, Correspondence, Trade clippings. 1961-1962

Box 12:7

(Project III, 1962) Memorandum, Press release. 1961-1962

Box 12:8

(Project III Enterprises, 1961) Correspondence, Press releases, "The House of Seven" television series proposal, Telefaxes, Memorandums, Labels. 1961

Box 13:1

(Rome, Harold) Initial notes, Memorandums, Comden and Green campaign suggestions. 1960

Box 13:2

(Rosenberg-Coryell, 1962) Correspondence; Roster of writers, producers and directors. 1961

Box 13:3

(The Mirisch Company, "Man of the West") Memorandums including on Marlene Dietrich, Reports on "Man of the West" and "Some Like it Hot," Correspondence, Preliminary campaign including artwork, Press releases, Budget for "Paris Holiday," Captions. 1957-1958

Box 13:4

(The Mirisch Company, "Some Like it Hot") Reports, Memorandums. 1958

Box 13:5

(Monaco, 1961) Economic development booklet, Proposal for television special, Tourist booklet, Exhibit program. 1961

Box 13:6

(Monaco, 1961) Economic development booklet, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Projects outline, Correspondence including signed Prince of Monaco letter, Contract, Variety articles, International Television Festival booklets, Expense sheet. 1960-1961

Box 13:7

(Monaco, 1961) Telegram, Memorandums, Correspondence, "Invitation to Monte Carlo" flyer, Rules and regulations, Notes. 1959-1961

Box 13:8

(Monaco, through May 31, 1960) Booklets, Notes, Correspondence including signed Prince of Monaco and Princess Grace letters, Postcards, Princess Grace stamps, Tourist brochures, Map, Memorandums, Contract, Projected campaign. 1956-1961

Box 13:9

(Monaco) Notes, Memorandums, Correspondence, Projected campaign, Sinatra on Ed Sullivan scripts, Gala budget, Menu, Press releases, Factsheet, Photo, "Kings Go Forth" program, Rainier speech, Reports. See Flat File, Folder 2 for separated material. 1956-1958

Box 14:1

(Leslie Caron) Memorandums, Correspondence. 1957-1958

Box 14:2

(Marge and Gower Champion) Memorandums, Correspondence, Notes. 1957

Box 14:3

(Walter Chiari, 1962) Notes, Correspondence, News clipping, Memorandums. 1961-1962

Box 14:4

(Cyd Charisse, 1962) Memorandums, Schedule. 1961

Box 14:5

(Citation Films "Private Property") "Newsweek" film review, Press releases, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Notes, Correspondence, Film credits, Synopsis, Press clippings, Trade advertisements, Corey Allen biography. See Box 1ov, Folder 8 for separated material. 1959-1960

Box 14:6

(Comden and Green) Notes, Magazine photo article, "A Party With Betty Comden and Adolph Green" script, Publicity campaign suggestions, Biographies, Outline for proposed Ed Sullivan salute. 1959-1962

Box 14:7

(Yul Brynner, 1960) Press releases, Correspondence, Invitation, Portrait sketch, Photos, Commentary, Marianne Moore poem in "The New Yorker", Reference on page 5128 "Congressional Record" Vol. 107 No. 58. 1958-1961

Box 14:8

(Yul Brynner, 1960) Correspondence, "The Gladiators" trade advertisement, Memorandums, Projected procedures for "The Journey," Press release, Notes, Schedule, Report, Articles, Projected publicity campaign. 1957-1961

Box 14:9

(Compass Productions) Memorandums, Correspondence, Trade article, Notes, "The Tempest" report, "Macbeth" campaign, Press releases. 1959-1960

Box 14:10

(Consolidated Foods Corporation) Telefax, Memorandums, Notes, Stockholders report. 1956

Box 14:11

(Fielder Cook, 1962) Projected publicity campaign. 1962

Box 14:12

(The Bing Crosby Show, 1962) Correspondence, Publicity report, Trade clipping, Bob Hope publicity letter. 1961-1962

Box 14:13

(Milton Berle, Correspondence, 1956) Memorandums, Tentative publicity campaign, Promotional spot scripts. 1955

Box 15:1

(A Proposed Public Relations Campaign for the Fur Label Authority) Publicity campaign proposal, Memorandum, Correspondence. 1956

Box 15:2

(Belafonte Presentation) Publicity campaign proposal. undated

Box 15:3

(Publicity Program for The Ocho Rios) Publicity campaign proposal. undated

Box 15:4

(Publicity Program for The General Electric Theater - 1959-1960 Season) Publicity campaign proposal including photo and press releases. 1959

Box 15:5

(Publicity Program for Arrowhead Springs Hotel) Publicity campaign proposal. 1957

Box 15:6

(Publicity Program for The Warwick Film Productions Ltd.) Publicity campaign proposal. undated

Box 15:7

(Public Relations Program for the Principality of Monaco) Publicity campaign proposal. 1957

Box 15:8

(Public Relations Program for the Principality of Monaco - En Francais) Publicity campaign proposal in French. 1957

Box 15:9

(A Proposal for The Promotion and Distribution of Postage Stamps of The Principality of Monaco) Publicity campaign proposal, Articles. 1953-1957

Box 15:10

(Monaco) Television festival rules, Television festival programs and articles, Correspondence, Press releases, Telefaxes, Memorandums, Booklet cover, Clippings. 1960-1962

Box 15:11

(Monaco Papers) Re Television festival: Memorandums, Correspondence, Suggested jurors list, Award booklet mockups, Foreign television list, Golden Laurel Award booklet, Rules and regulations. See Flat File, Folder 3 for separated material. 1956,1960-1961

Box 16:1

(The Arthur P. Jacobs Company, Inc.) Publicity presentation for Arthur P. Jacobs Company including press clippings and other examples of publicity activities for television series. 1954-1957

Box 16:2

(The General Electric Theatre) Publicity and public relations campaign proposal. undated

Box 16:3

(A Specific Publicity and Program Promotion Campaign for "Alfred Hitchcock Presents") Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget, Fees. 1958-1959

Box 16:4

(A Public Relations Presentation for Ford Division of the Ford Motor Company) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal. 1958

Box 16:5

(An Integrated Program of Public Relations for the Government of Portugal in the United States) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal. undated

Box 16:6

(Publicity and Promotion Report on "The Ed Sullivan Show" June-Dec. 1959) Publicity report including television supplement covers, magazine and newspaper articles, photo placement and on-air promotion. 1959

Box 16:7

(The General Electric Theatre - A Public Relations and Publicity Program for 1955-56) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal. 1955

Box 16:8

(A Specific Public Relations Campaign for Screen Gems, Inc.) Publicity campaign proposal including fees. undated

Box 16:9

(Publicity Program for "The Tom Euell Show") Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget, Fees. undated

Box 16:10

(Tentative Publicity Schedule for Esther Williams and Ben Gage) Tour proposal, Fees, Budget. undated

Box 16:11

(Publicity Program for St. Moritz) Public relations and promotion campaign proposal. undated

Box 17:1

(The "Judy Garland Show" - Book 1) Press coverage including television supplement and newspaper articles. 1962

Box 17:2

(The "Judy Garland Show" - Book 2) Press coverage including television supplement and newspaper articles. 1962

Box 17:3

(The "Judy Garland Show" - Book 3) Press coverage including television supplement and newspaper articles. 1962

Box 17:4

(The "Judy Garland Show" - Book 4) Press coverage including television supplement and newspaper articles. "Look" magazine article. 1962

Box 17:5

(The "Judy Garland Show" - Book 5) Press coverage including newspaper articles. 1962

Box 17:6

(Background Notes - Tropicana Hotel) Notes, Correspondence. 1956

Box 17:7

(Publicity Program for Western Airlines) Publicity campaign proposal. undated

Box 17:8

(Disneyland - A Proposed Public Relations and Publicity Plan) Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed operational procedures. 1955

Box 17:9

(Publicity Program for E.I. DuPont DeNemours and Company) Publicity and public relations campaign proposal including sample press coverage. Fees. Budget. 1954-1957

Box 17:10

(Preliminary outline of the Promotion and Publicity Campaign for "Kings Go Forth") Publicity suggestions, Trailer ideas, Proposed photo layouts, Feature story ideas. 1957-1958

Box 17:11

(Publicity Program for Perry Mason) Publicity campaign proposal, Budget. 1957

Box 18:1

(Publicity Program for "The Bing Crosby Show" - Book Three) Press coverage including newspaper and television supplement clippings. 1962

Box 18:2

(Publicity Program for "The Bing Crosby Show" - Book Four) Press coverage including newspaper clippings. 1962

Box 18:3

(A Program to Promote the New Public Relations Television Series [Sept. 20, 1954]) Publicity campaign proposal for new "General Electric Theatre" series, Timetable. 1954

Box 18:4

(Publicity Program for "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre") Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget, Fees, Note. undated

Box 18:5

(Publicity Program for "Staccato") Publicity campaign proposal, Appreciation correspondence, Proposed budget. 1958-1959

Box 18:6

(Publicity Program for Falstaff Brewing Corporation and Dancer-Fitzgerald-Sample, Inc.) "The Falstaff Game of the Week" publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget. undated

Box 18:7

(Publicity Program for "Tarzan!") Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget. 1958

Box 18:8

(Publicity Program for "Meet Mr. McNuttey") Photo publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget. Separated from album. undated

Box 19:1

(Publicity Program for "Tales of Wells Fargo") Promotion and publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget. undated

Box 19:2

(A Proposed Public Relations and Sales Promotion Plan for The Pet Health Plan) Outline for proposed promotion and publicity campaign. undated

Box 19:3

(A Public Relations and Promotion Campaign for Paper Mate) Promotion and publicity campaign proposal for Paper-Mate Pen Company, Fees. undated

Box 19:4

(Publicity Program for "Thriller") Publicity campaign proposal, Proposed budget, Fees. 1958

Box 19:5

(Clipping Report on "The Road That Led Afar") Press coverage including television supplement, newspaper and trade articles. 1956

Box 19:6

(A Master Public Relations Program for The Emerson Radio and Television Company) Promotion and publicity campaign proposals, Trade article, Memorandum. 1955-1956

Box 19:7

(Publicity Program for "An American in Paris") Publicity campaign proposal for Van Johnson television series, Proposed budget, Fees. 1958

Box 19:8

(Publicity Program for Eastman Kodak Company and J. Walter Thompson Company) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal for "The Ed Sullivan Show", Proposed budget, Program Promotion presentation script. 1957-1958

Box 19:9

(Publicity Program for ZIV Television Programs Inc.) Publicity campaign proposal, Promotion report for "The Road That Led Afar" including press clippings. 1956-1957

Box 19:10

(Publicity Program for "The Ed Sullivan Show" Book One) Congressional Record tribute; Press coverage including magazine articles, television supplement covers, and newspaper clippings. 1962

Box 19:11

(Publicity Program for "The Ed Sullivan Show" Book Two) Newspaper articles and clippings. 1962

Box 20:1

(Publicity Program for David O. Selznick's "Diamond Jubilee of Light") Newspaper clippings and articles for television programs: "Diamond Jubilee of Light", "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial", "The Day Lincoln Was Shot", "General Electric Theatre". 1954-1956

Box 20:2

(Publicity Program for "The Deputy") Publicity campaign proposal including sample promotional items, Proposed budget, Fees. 1958

Box 20:3

(A Proposed Public Relations and Publicity Plan for Marilyn Monroe Productions) Publicity and public relations campaign proposal, "Fire Down Below" promotion campaign status. 1957

Box 20:4

(Publicity Program for "The Secret Ways") Exhibitor kit, including credits, synopsis, theater art, trade reviews, biographies, promotion ideas, and press releases. 1960

Box 20:5

(Personality Department) Memorandums, Procedures including working events, sending clips, attitudes, and staff job responsibilities; Client responsibility list; Publicity campaign re Alain Delon; Correspondence re "The Outrage". 1962-1963

Box 20:6

(Publicity Program for The Rebekah W. Harkness Foundation) Harkness Foundation Awards proposal re ballet, Fees. 1962

Box 20:7

(Press Manual for "The Cain Mutiny Court-Martial") Stage production press manual including press releases, feature stories, biographies, by-line stories, promotions, advertising and photos. undated

Box 20:8

(A Plan for Ford TV Production) Photo television promotion and publicity campaign proposal for Ford and GM including Ford sponsored "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". 1960

Box 20:9

(Publicity Program for Grey Advertising Agency Inc. for Revlon Specials) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal for Revlon television specials including "Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Woman" with Ingrid Bergman. Proposed budget. Fees. undated

Box 20:10

(Publicity Program for Panama and Frank) Brief public relations campaign proposal. undated

Box 21:1

(James Stewart) Signed letter from James Stewart, Biography, Notes, Schedule, Report. 1959, 1963

Box 21:2

(Susan Strasberg) Preliminary notes, Memorandums. 1957, 1961

Box 21:3

(Elaine Stritch) Memorandums, Correspondence, Telefax, Contact information, Notes, Biography, Newspaper article. 1960

Box 21:4

(Jule Styne, 1961) List published works, Projected publicity campaign, Congressional tribute. 1959-1962

Box 21:5

(Barry Sullivan) Memorandums. 1957

Box 21:6

(Ed Sullivan Show) Press release, Weekly report, "Congressional Record" tribute, Correspondence Memorandums, "A Tribute to Richard Rodgers" show outline, Publicity campaign proposal for 1962-1963 season, Proposed budget, Fees. 1962

Box 21:7

("Ed Sullivan Show") Correspondence, Telefaxes, Schedules, Memorandums, Reports, San Francisco postcard signed by Ed Sullivan, Newspaper clippings, Notes, Itinerary, "Tribute to Lerner and Loewe" pamphlet. See Box 1ov, Folder 9 for separated material. 1960-1963

Box 21:8

(Ed Sullivan Show) Reports, Correspondence including letters signed by Ed Sullivan, Memorandums, Press releases, Meeting notes, Television schedules, Proposed budget 1959-1960 season. 1957-1960

Box 21:9

(Ed Sullivan) Reports, Memorandums, Correspondence. 1957-1959

Box 21:10

(J. Lee Thompson, 1961) Biography. 1961

Box 21:11

(J. Lee Thompson, 1962) Biography, Projected publicity campaign, Schedule. 1961-1962

Box 21:12

(Shelley Winters, 1962) Projected publicity campaign, Memorandum. 1962

Box 21:13

(Yul Brynner, 1962) Telefaxes, Correspondence, Memorandums, Photos with Great Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret. 1962

Box 21:14

(Yul Brynner) Notes, Correspondence, Memorandums, News story draft re Refugee Fund, "Taras Bulba" location diary of Janet Leigh Curtis. 1960-1962

Box 21:15

(Shelley Berman) Press kits, Artwork, Advertisement, Status report, Memorandums, Schedule, Correspondence. See Box 1ov, Folder 10 for separated material. 1960

Box 22:1

(Charles Brackett) Biography, Brief notes, Feature story draft, Filmography. 1959

Box 22:2

(Rossano Brazzi) Memorandum. 1957

Box 22:3

(Teresa Brewer) Memorandums. 1958

Box 22:4

(Presentations - General) Correspondence re Actors Studio, "Show", Edmund G. Brown, Maria Bergson, Sharp Hotels, St. Moritz, Ross Hunter, Jack Cardiff, Charlton Heston [signed], Ely Landau, DFZ Productions, Kermit Bloomgarden and other potential clients. 1955-1962

Box 22:5

(Adventures of McGraw) Progress reports, Tour report, Correspondence. 1957-1958

Box 22:6

(Eddie Albert) Fees, Memorandums, Projected publicity campaign, Report, Correspondence. 1958-1961

Box 22:7

(Anna Maria Alberghetti) Advertisement, Projected publicity campaign, Memorandums, Schedules. 1957-1958

Box 22:8

(Alciona Prods., Inc.) Press clippings re Yul Brynner, Memorandums, Correspondence, Transcripts, Press releases, Advertisement re "The Gladiators", Telefaxes, Projected procedures re "The Journey", Photo. See Box 1ov, Folder 11 for separated material. 1958-1959

Box 22:9

("Alias Jessie James") Memorandums, Proposed and projected publicity campaigns, Status report, Exhibitor pamphlet, Screening invitation, Premiere invitation and program, Schedule re Bob Hope, Advertisement, Correspondence. 1958-1959

Box 22:10

(Steve Allen, 1962) Notes, Tunes list, Schedules for Steve Allen and "Sophie", Press coverage list, Projected publicity campaign for Steve Allen and "Jazz Scene, USA". 1960-1962

Box 22:11

(Allied Public Relations Associates) Re Consolidated Foods Corporation: Correspondence, Telefax, Memorandums, Public relations audit proposal and questionnaire. 1956-1957

Box 22:12

(June Allyson) Memorandums, Proposed publicity campaign. 1957

Box 22:13

(Ambassador Oil Corporation) Public relations report, Projected public relations and publicity campaign, Press release, Ambassador Oil Corporation 1961 Annual Report. 1961-1962

Box 22:14

(American Airlines [Special Promotions], Correspondence, 1956) Re celebrity advertisements including with James Cagney, Joan Fontaine, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck and Elizabeth Taylor: Memorandums, Telefax, Correspondence. 1956

Box 22:15

(American Assoc. of Apparal [sic] and Textile Importers, 1961) Re American Association of Apparel and Textile Importers: To do lists, Memorandum, Correspondence, Press release. 1962

Box 22:16

(Ashley-Steiner, 1962) Memorandums. 1962

Box 22:17

(Associated Artists) Memorandums, Announcements, Correspondence, List of Eliot Hymand and Ray Stark literary properties and co-productions, Press release. 1957

Box 22:18

(George Axelrod, 1962) Re "Paris When It Sizzles" and "The Manchurian Candidate": Correspondence, Memorandums, Projected publicity campaign. 1962-1963

Box 22:19

("Baby Doll" ) Publicity and promotion campaign, Memorandums, Preliminary campaign outline, Correspondence. 1955-1956

Box 22:20

(Carroll Baker) Memorandums including one re Robert Young, Correspondence. 1958

Box 22:21

(Bob Banner and Associates) "Sponsor" article, Memorandums, Notes, Photos. 1959-1960

Box 23:1

(TV and Movie publicity budgets) Arthur P. Jacobs Company self-promotion photo presentation, Publicity campaign proposal for "Father of the Bride" including proposed budget and fees. Undated

Box 23:2

(TV and Movie publicity budgets) Suggested and revised budgets for television and movie accounts. Other information and reports re "Kings Go Forth". 1956-1961

Box 23:3

(TV and Movie Publicity Budgets) Fall television schedule 1961-1962, Suggested and revised budgets for television and movie accounts. Proposed promotion campaign for the Ford specials. 1959-1961

Box 23:4

(Clippings) Re Arthur P. Jacobs as producer, publicist and MGM employee: Press clippings and articles, Advertisements, Film reviews, Premiere and screening invitations, Biography, Studio newsletter. See Box 1ov, Folder 12 for separated material. 1942, 1953, 1956-1958, 1962-1968, 1971

Box 23:5

(Photos) Photos of Arthur P. Jacobs including early years and possibly parents (unidentified), Judy Garland, Yves Montand, Dame Judith Anderson, Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Marlon Brando, Jane Powell, Janet Leigh, Gregory Peck. 1937, 1948, 1954, 1963, undated

Box 23:6

(Photos) Re periodical subscriptions and book orders: Correspondence, Notes, Invoices, Order forms, Magazine covers and promotional flyers. No photos. 1964-1972

Box 23:7

(Trade Ads) Re movies, television and radio: Trade advertisements, Studio booklets, Telegram, Trade articles, Mervyn Le Roy profiles, Magazine article on Claudia Cardinale, "The Inspector" pressbook. See Box 1ov, Folder 13 for separated material. 1955, 1957-1962

Box 24:1

(Eddie Fisher) Memorandums, Correspondence, Report, Notes. 1957-1958

Box 24:2

(Henry Fonda, 1962) Article for "Films in Review", Index films and television 1935-1960, Filmography and list of plays 1935-1961, Biography. 1962

Box 24:3

("Foolin' Ourselves": Correspondence, 1957) Ticket order form, Press manual with advertisements and biographies including Gene Nelson's. No correspondence. 1957

Box 24:4

(Glenn Ford) Memorandums, Correspondence, Biography, Magazine articles, Supplement cover, Telefaxes, Projected publicity campaign outline. 1958-1959

Box 24:5

(Ford Specials) Proposed promotion and publicity campaign. 1959

Box 24:6

(Anthony Franciosa) Memorandums, Projected publicity campaign outlines, Biography, Advertisements, Correspondence, Telefax, Biography, Profile, "Career" promotional flyer. 1959-1960

Box 24:7

(Arlene Francis, 1961, 1962) Memorandums, Correspondence, Notes, Press coverage list. Performances list. 1961-1962

Box 24:8

(Tony Curtis) Memorandums, Schedules including for Janet Leigh, Telefax, Telegram. See Flat File, Folder 4 for separated material. 1957-1958

Box 24:9

(Marion Davies Foundation; Correspondence, 1956) Correspondence. 1956

Box 24:10

(Bette Davis) Correspondence, Memorandums. 1959

Box 24:11

(Sammy Davis, Jr.) Memorandums, Correspondence. 1958

Box 24:12

(Olivia de Havilland) Correspondence, Telefax, Memorandums, Biography. 1961

Box 24:13

(Deebers Diamonds) Memorandums re client report, publicity policy and projected publicity campaign, Correspondence. 1958

Box 24:14

(Marlene Dietrich, 1962) Memorandum, Correspondence, Publicity campaign, MOMA monograph, Projected publicity campaign outline, Interview schedule, Paris theatre program. 1957, 1959, 1962

Box 24:15

(Brad Dillman) Memorandums, Notes, Advertisement, Schedule, Contract, Biography. 1960-1961

Box 24:16

(The Directors Co., 1962 [Franklin Schaffner & Cook - Combined Only]) Re Franklin Schaffner and Fielding Cook: Projected publicity campaign outline, Memorandums. 1962-1963

Box 24:17

(Walt Disney, "Wonderful World of Color", 1962) Reports, Projected publicity campaign, Project check list, Projected campaign outlines. 1961-1962

Box 24:18

(Distributors of America, "The Baby & the Battleship") Correspondence. 1957

Box 24:19

(Donen & Edwards, Correspondence & Copy, 1956) Re "Funny Face": Memorandums, Correspondence, Cables, Telefaxes, Roger Edens biography, Transcript filmmaking discussion, Advertisement. 1956

Box 24:20

(Dow Chemical Co., Dead File) Memorandums, Correspondence, Publicity campaign for Handi-Wrap, Remco Industries toy and water sports catalog, Newspaper clipping. 1961

Box 24:21

(Dow Chemical Co., Dow Hour of Great Mysteries) Budget, Synopses, Promotional invitations, Memorandums, Clippings, Ratings, Reports, Correspondence, Charles Adams illustrations, Program booklets, Contract, Advertisement, Projected publicity campaign. 1959-1961

Box 25:1

("The Bob Cummings Show") Publicity campaign proposal including fees and proposed budget, Company photo promotion. undated

Box 25:2

(A Plan of Public Relations and Promotional Activity of the "The Guns of Navarone") Publicity campaign proposal. undated

Box 25:3

("Meet Me in Las Vegas" at the Sand) Promotion proposal with "Milton Berle Show" tie-in, Timetable, Star list, Press list. 1956

Box 25:4

("The Night of the Hunter") Publicity and exploitation campaign report. 1954

Box 25:5

(Bergen Sings Morgan) Press coverage of Polly Bergen in Playhouse 90's "The Helen Morgan Story". 1957

Box 25:6

("The Ford Show") Publicity campaign proposal for Ernie Ford's television show, Fees, Proposed budget. 1958

Box 25:7

("Laramie") Promotional booklet for 1959-1960 season of "Laramie" television show, NBC time period analysis. 1959

Box 25:8

(Rogers & Cowan Public Relations) Company promotion response to E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company letter concerning its sponsored television shows, Sample press coverage, Personnel roster, Proposed fee and budget. 1957

Box 25:9

("The Teahouse of the August Moon") Publicity campaign plan. 1956

Box 25:10

(Suggested Publicity & Exploitation Campaign for "Storm Center") Publicity campaign proposal and timetable. 1956

Box 25:11

(Notes of Moby Dick Campaign) Notes on promoting "Moby Dick". undated

Box 25:12

("The Pride and the Passion") Publicity campaign report and timetable. 1956

Box 25:13

("Little Women" - Follow-up Promotion Campaign) Publicity campaign report for 1948 film, Hand-written notes and memorandum re 1958 television musical, Publicity photos of 1948 film's actresses. 1949, 1958

Box 26:1

(Mort Abrahams, APJ - General) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Memorandums, Biography. 1966-1968, 1971

Box 26:2

(Mort Abrahams' Biography, June 1966) Re APJAC Productions: Abrahams' biography. 1966

Box 26:3

(APJ Personal, Commonwealth United) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Memorandums, Contractual agreement proposal, Cables, Notes. 1968

Box 26:4

(Alain Bernheim) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Memorandums, Telefaxes, Notes. 1964-1966, 1970

Box 26:5

(Arthur Canton, General Correspondence) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, List of productions. 1964

Box 26:6

(Arthur Canton, Legal) Re APJAC Productions: Contractual agreement. 1964

Box 26:7

("Dodsworth") Re Jacobs as possible producer: Correspondence including signed letter from Samuel Goldwyn, Notes, Casting ideas, Sidney Howard stage play. 1962

Box 26:8

(Fox proxy fight) Correspondence, Election material. 1971

Box 26:9

(Morton L. Leavy) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence. 1964-1967

Box 26:10

(MGM - Legal) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Contract proposals, Notes, Telefax. 1964-1965

Box 26:11

(Tom Naud) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Memorandum, Press release drafts, Newspaper and trade clippings. 1968

Box 26:12

("O'Neill") Re Jacobs as possible producer: Correspondence, Contractual agreement, "New Yorker" book review, Eugene O'Neill biography, Memorandums. 1962

Box 26:13

(David Orton) Re APJAC Productions: Correspondence, Expenses and invoices. 1971

Box 26:14

("Play the Stars" - TV, General Correspondence) Re Jacobs as possible producer: Correspondence, Budget, Memorandum, Television game show proposal. 1963

Box 26:15

("Rebecca") Re Jacobs as possible producer of film remake or stage musical: Correspondence, Cable, Telefaxes. 1964

Box 26:16

(Rogers & Cowan) Re APJAC Productions: Memorandums, Correspondence, Press release draft, Contracts. 1965-1969

Box 26:17

(Story cost reports) Re APJAC Productions: Story cost reports. 1967

Box 26:18

(Ed Sullivan, Bernard Geis) Re Ed Sullivan book about New York: Correspondence, Bernard Geis Associates book catalog, Contractual agreement. 1962

Box 26:19

(Instruction books) "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" invitation, Sammy Davis, Jr. "Doctor Doolittle" advertisement, Instructional manuals, Christmas cards from Prince and Princess of Monaco and Walter Wanger. See Box 1ov, Folder 14 for separated material. 1967,1969, undated

Box 26:20

(General) List of international talent, French magazine photo spread with Scillia Gabel, French book catalogs, "Los Angeles Times" 1972 article on Claude Lelouch. 1967, 1972, undated

Box 26:21

(London) Checkbook, Cable, Film catalogs, Restaurant guide, Actress photos, Nude magazine photo spreads. 1966-1969, 1971, undated

Box 26:22

(APJAC public relations) Advertisements, Screening invitations, "Planet of the Apes" program, Memorandums, Articles. 1958, 1968-1969

Box 27:1

("The Betty Hutton Show") Publicity and promotion campaign proposal including testimonial letters, sample publicity value estimates, proposed budget and fees. 1958-1959

Box 27:2

("The Jack Benny Show" & "The George Gobel Show") Publicity and promotion campaign proposal including testimonial letter, sample artwork, sample publicity value estimates, proposed budget and fees. 1958

Box 27:3

(MacManus John & Adams and The Dow Chemical Company) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal including testimonial letters, and proposed budget and fees; Special budget for the Dow television series. 1958-1959

Box 27:4

("The Ed Sullivan Show") Publicity and promotion campaign proposal for 1962-1963 season including proposed budget and fees. 1962

Box 27:5

(A Plan for Lever House T.V. Programs) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal for Lever House sponsored television shows including "The Jack Benny Show" and "The George Gobel Show". 1958-1959

Box 27:6

("The Bing Crosby Show" Book I) Press coverage including copies of trade, television supplement, magazine and newspaper clippings. 1962

Box 27:7

("The Bing Crosby Show" Book II) Press coverage including copies of trade, television supplement and newspaper clippings. 1962

Box 27:8

(United Artists Television) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal. undated

Box 27:9

(E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Co., "The June Allyson Du Pont Theatre") Publicity and promotion campaign proposal including proposed budget and fees. undated

Box 27:10

("The Danny Kaye Show") Publicity and promotion campaign proposal including proposed budget and fees. undated

Box 28:1

(Bartell) Re Gerald Bartell, Bartell Television Productions, Marlene Dietrich, Orson Welles and "Dietrich in Paris": "Fortune" article, Memorandums, Correspondence, Telefax. 1958-1959

Box 28:2

(Warren Beatty) Initial notes, Memorandum, "Life" magazine article. 1959, 1961

Box 28:3

(Tony Bennett) Memorandums, Biography. 1958

Box 28:4

(Polly Bergen) Re "The Polly Bergen Show": Reports, Press release, Caricature, Memorandums, Contact list, Budget. 1957-1958

Box 28:5

(Alfred Productions ["Tonight: On Stage"; David Braverman]) Re "The Musical World of Lerner & Loewe", proposed television special saluting Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe: First draft script. undated

Box 28:6

(Alfred Productions) Re Lerner & Loewe and "Camelot" stage production: Programs, Newsletters, Newspaper clippings, Press releases, Photos, Notes, "Maclean's" article, Memorandums, Correspondence, Telefax. 1959-1961

Box 28:7

(Alfred Productions) See box 1ov, Folder 15 for separated material. undated

Box 28:8

(Alfred Productions) Re Lerner & Loewe, "My Fair Lady", "Gigi" and "Camelot": Projected publicity campaigns, Notes, Correspondence, Advertisements, Program, Soundtrack promotion with miniature record, Newsletters, Press releases, Photos, Memorandums. 1959-1961

Box 28:9

(Horst Buchholz) Correspondence, Contract, Memorandums, News clipping, "Fanny" advertisement, Notes, Feature article in French, Telefax, Biography, Press releases. 1960-1962

Box 28:10

(Richard Burton) Notes, Memorandums, Statement by Burton re rumors of romance with Elizabeth Taylor, Correspondence including signed letter from Burton. 1960-1962

Box 28:11

("Steve Canyon") Publicity presentation including press release, correspondence, and plot summaries. 1958

Box 28:12

(Diahann Carroll) Correspondence, Memorandums, Press releases, Notes, Advertisement, Biography. 1959-1960

Box 28:13

(Charles Dubin, 1962) Credits, Correspondence. 1962

Box 28:14

(Peter Duchin) Projected publicity campaign, Correspondence, Report. 1962-1963

Box 28:15

("Wyatt Earp") Re television series "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp": Report on Reno, Nevada as possible press junket location, Publicity progress reports. 1957-1958

Box 28:16

(Blake Edwards, 1962) Biography, Correspondence, Projected publicity campaign outline. 1962

Box 28:17

("Farewell to Arms") Budget drafts, revisions and comments, Correspondence, List of Italian trade-papers, Advertising mockups, Memorandums, Italian press clipping. 1956

Box 28:18

("Father Knows Best") Memorandums, Publicity activities reports. 1958

Box 28:19

(Mel Ferrer) Memorandums. 1958

Box 28:20

(Jose Ferrer) "Edwin Booth" theatre program, Memorandums, "Oh Captain" album recipient list, Party invitees. 1957-1958

Box 29:1

(National Telefilm Associates, Inc. A Proposed Public Relations and Publicity Plan) Proposed publicity and promotion plan overview and fees, Trade advertisement. undated, 1956

Box 29:2

("That Fabulous Redhead") Press manual for stage production starring Agnes Moorehead and directed by Charles Laughton; including press releases, supplied feature and by-line stories, biographies, promotional ideas and advertising material. 1954

Box 29:3

("Bwana Devil") Press and exploitation book; including cast and credits, Natural Vision 3-Dimension process description, synopsis, biographies, promotional ideas, news clippings, and advertising art. 1952

Box 29:4

("3 for Tonight") Press manual for stage production with Marge and Gower Champion, Harry Belafonte and "The Voices of Walter Schumann"; produced by Paul Gregory and Charles Laughton. 1955

Box 29:5

(A Proposed Publicity and Public Relations Program for "The Damon Ruynon Theater") Proposed publicity and promotion plan for television series. undated

Box 29:6

(Outline of Campaign for "The Defiant Ones") Description of successful Chicago publicity campaign. undated

Box 29:7

("The Rivalry") Press manual for stage production with Raymond Massey, Agnes Moorhead and Brian Donlevy; including press releases, supplied feature and by-line stories, biographies, and advertising material. undated

Box 29:8

(1957 Year End Lilt Public Relations Report) Grey Advertising Agency's publicity campaign report for Procter & Gamble's new Lilt squeeze-comb home permanent. 1957

Box 29:9

("Wisdom" A Proposed Public Relations and Publicity Campaign) Draft of publicity campaign proposal for "Wisdom" magazine including fees, Article re launch of new magazine. 1955

Box 29:10

(General Philosophy Regarding American Broadcasting Co. Radio Programs) Publicity and promotion campaign proposal for "The Herb Oscar Anderson Show" and other ABC radio programs. undated

Box 29:11

(City of Hope) Re the City of Hope and Suzan Ball Memorial Fund for Cancer Research: Proposed public relations and publicity proposal including tentative budget. undated

Box Flat File:1

“Kings Go Forth” poster (23.5 x 31.5 inches), French-language Frank Sinatra fundraising banner (31 x 94 inches). Removed from Box 5, Folder 5 ("Kings Go Forth" -Premiere Gala). "Kings Go Forth poster. Removed from Box 13, Folder 9 (Monaco). 1958

Box Flat File:2

French-language poster (31 x 47 inches) for Monaco Television Festival. Removed from Box 15, Folder 11 (Monaco Papers). Spanish poster (11.5 x 30 inches) for "General Electric Theater” episode “Cornada”. Removed from Box 24, Folder 8 (Tony Curtis). 1957, 1961

Box 1ov:1

"Porgy and Bess" pressbook. Removed from Box 1 Folder 5 (Samuel Goldwyn). 1961

Box 1ov:2

"Time Limit" pressbook. Removed from Box 2 Folder 3 ("Time Limit"). 1957

Box 1ov:3

"Kings Go Forth" pressbook, Window card, Photo of Frank Sinatra and Princess Grace. Removed from Box 5 Folder 5 ("Kings Go Forth" - Premiere Gala). 1958

Box 1ov:4

Re "Silents, Please": Caricature, Photo, Photo collages. Removed from Box 10 Folder 13 (Silents, Please). 1960

Box 1ov:5

"Paris Holiday" pressbook. Removed from Box 11 Folder 2 ("Paris Holiday"). 1958

Box 1ov:6

"Pork Chop Hill" pressbook, Howard Brodie publicity sketches. Removed from Box 12 Folder 2 ("Pork Chop Hill"). 1959

Box 1ov:7

"The Prince and the Showgirl" pressbook. Removed from Box 12 Folder 5 (Prince and the Showgirl [A. J. Personal Material]). 1957

Box 1ov:8

"Private Property" large newspaper articles. Removed from Box 14 Folder 5 (Citation Films "Private Property"). 1959

Box 1ov:9

"Ed Sullivan Show" small posters for "Circus Stars of the World". Removed from Box 21 Folder 7 ("Ed Sullivan Show"). 1960

Box 1ov:10

Shelley Berman advertisement. Removed from Box 21 Folder 15 (Shelley Berman). 1960

Box 1ov:11

"The Gladiators" advertisements with Yul Brynner. Removed from Box 22 Folder 8 (Alciona Prods., Inc). 1958

Box 1ov:12

Full-sheet newspaper articles re "Doctor Doolittle", "Planet of the Apes", Jacobs and Bel-Air fire. Removed from Box 23 Folder 4 (Clippings). 1961, 1966-1968, 1972

Box 1ov:13

Newspaper advertisements re films, television, stage productions and novels including "Rashomon" (stage), "La Dolce Vita", "Splendor in the Grass", "Boccaccio '70", and "Judgment at Nuremberg". Removed from Box 23 Folder 7 (Trade Ads). 1958-1959, 1961-1962

Box 1ov:14

"Women's Wear Daily" May 5, 1969 article on Jacobs and "Goodbye, Mr. Chips". Removed from Box 26 Folder 19 (Instruction books). 1969

Box 1ov:15

Re "My Fair Lady" and "Camelot" stage productions: "New York Times" advertisement supplement, Feature articles in "Star Weekly Magazine" and "The Globe Magazine". Removed from Box 28 Folder 7 (Alfred Productions). 1960

Box 2ov

Press kits for "The Big Country." probably 1958


Series 2: Motion Picture Production Files

Series size: 65 linear feet

Series Description

Series 2 contains production files; art work; photographs; sound recordings; books and other memorabilia, all from the motion pictures of Arthu P. Jacobs. The holdings for the "Planet of the Apes" series have received item level description.
Box: 1, 111

Baker Street

Box: 1

The Bear and I

Box: 2

Blood on the Sun

Box: 2

Brother Jonathan

Box: 2, 3ov, 4, 5, 6, Map Drawer

The Chairman

Box: 6

The Challengers

Box: 3ov, 6, 7, 8

Choice Cuts

Box: 8

Cluny Brown

Box: 8, 9, 111, Map Drawer


Box: 3ov, 9


Box: 10, 107

David Copperfield

Box: 3ov, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18ov, 19, 20, 22ov, 111, 123ov, 124, 129ov, 136ov, 144ov, Map Drawer

Dr. Dolittle

Box: 20, 21, 22ov


Box: 21

Fortune’s Soldier

Box: 21, 22ov


Box: 21

A Funny Movie

Box: 21

The Game as Played

Box: 21

The Girl of Fifth Summer

Box: 22ov, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29ov, 30, 31, 124, Map Drawer

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

Box: 32

The Headshrinker’s Test

Box: 32


Box: 29ov, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41,42, 110, 148ov, Map Drawer

Huckleberry Finn

Box: 29ov, 42, 43ov, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 143ov, Map Drawer

Journey of the Oceanauts

Box: 49, 137

A Killing for the Hawks

Box: 49, 50, 51, 52ov, 53, 54, Map Drawer


Box: 55

Les Victimes

Box: 55

Little Orphan Annie

Box: 55

The Madness

Box: 55

The Man Who was Thursday

Box: 55, 56

The Matador

Box: 56

The Mighty Barnum

Box: 56


Box: 56, 57


Box: 57, 58


Box: 52ov

Planet of the Apes:

3. Trade Ads 4. Reviews

5. “The Ape”—mock newspaper

6. French Reviews

7. Los Angeles Times supplement, 6/19/1966

8. Clippings

9. London Reviews

10. Ads

11. English Clippings

Box: 58

Planet of the Apes:

3. Legal

4. Estimating Production Budget

5. Reviews

6. Legal

7. Initial notes regarding production and story treatment

8. Initial notes regarding production and story treatment, 10/25/03

9. Initial notes regarding production and story treatment, 11/8/63

10. First Draft Screenplay, 5/25/64

11. Second Draft Screenplay, 12/17/64

12. Screenplay, 12/23/64 with changes 1/7/65

13. Screenplay, 3/1/65

Box: 59

Planet of the Apes:

1. Cinefantastique Magazine, Summer 1972, Special Planet of the Apes Issue

2. Promotional Brochure

3. General Correspondence

4. General Correspondence

5. General Correspondence

6. Pierre Boulle Notes, 4/29/65

7. Preliminary Production Information Guide

8. Photograph

9. Triple Release Date Ads

10. Publicity Folders

11. Japanese magazine

12. 20th Century Fox 1967 Annual Report

13. Presentation 1, 10/25/63

14. Initial notes regarding production and story treatment

15. Test Sequence

16. Test Sequence, Feb. 21, 1966

17. Screenplay by Michael Wilson

Box: 60

Planet of the Apes:

1. Screenplay

2. Second Draft by Rod Serling, Dec. 23, 1964 with changes Jan. 7, 1965

3. Screenplay, March 1, 1965

4. Revised Screenplay, Dec. 1966

5. Revised Screenplay, Jan. 17, 1967

6. Revised Screenplay, March 23, 1967

7. Final Draft Screenplay, April 3, 1967

8. Final Revised Screenplay, April 16, 1967

Box: 61

Planet of the Apes:

1. Shooting Script, May 5, 1967

2. Academy Campaign, 1968

3. Magazines

4. Publicity Campaign

5. Foreign Clips

6. English or Foreign Magazines

7. English Clippings

8. Trades

9. APJ: Personal

10. Preview Reports

11. Clipping

12. A Guide and Commentary for Teachers and Students

13. Poster

14. Award

15. Picture

16. Special Screening Invitation

Box: 135ov, 143ov, 148ov

Planet of the Apes

Map Drawer

"Planet of the Apes" poster. "Planet of the Apes" poster (in French)

Box: 52ov

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

12. “The Ape News” “The Ape”






13. Art work—faces (Larry Edmond)

14. Attendance Figures

Box: 61

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

17. Breakdown

18. Publicity Release

19. Legal

20. Publicity Campaign

21. Casting Correspondence

Box: 62

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

1. Cables and Wires

2. Music, ¼ inc Tape

3. Foreign Clippings

4. English Reviews

5. Domestic Clippings

6. 20th Century Fox 1968 and 1969 Annual Reports

7. Photographs

8. European Clippings

9. English Ads

10. Trade Ads

11. Trade Clippings

12. Domestic Reviews

13. Budget

14. Final Shooting Script

15. Attendance Figures

16. Synopsis and Biographies

Box: 63

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

1. Dialogue and Continuity

2. Publicity Releases

3. Advertisements

4. General

5. Final Shooting Script

6. Final Shooting Script--James Franciscus Version

7. Treatment

8. Treatment

9. First Draft Screenplay, Dec. 20, 1968

Box: 64ov

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

1. Advertisements

2. Grosses; Trade Ads; London and other foreign ads; Publicity

3. Ads, Preview Ads, Review

4. Weekly Production Cost Reports

5. Budget

Box: 65

Beneath the Planet of the Apes:

1. Revised Screenplay, March 19, 1969

2. Final Shooting Script

3. Final Story Boards

Map Drawer

Beneath the Planet of the Apes. 2 posters

Box: 65

Escape from the Planet of the Apes:

4. Biographies

5. Casting

6. Publicity Campaign

7. Photographs

8. Publicity Releases

9. Final Screenplay

10. Final Screenplay (Old pages)

11. Post-Production

Box: 66

Escape from the Planet of the Apes:

1. Press Kits

2. Call Sheets

3. London and Other Foreign Ads

4. Legal

5. Official Credits

6. Publicity

7. Trade Clippings

8. Ads

9. Reviews and Quotes

10. Apes no. 3

11. Previews

12. Advertising Budgets

13. Budget

14. Daily Production Reports

15. 20th Century Fox 1970 Annual Reportv 16. Correspondence

17. Treatment

Box: 67

Escape from the Planet of the Apes:

1. Production

2. Breakdown

Box: 107, 143ov

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Map Drawer

Escape from the Planet of the Apes. 7 posters


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

6. Clips; Ads

7. San Simian Sentinel

8. APJ Personal File on Post-Production

9. Ape newspapers


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

3. Clips

4. First Draft Screenplay

5. First Draft Screenplay (revisions)

6. First Draft Screenplay (with revisions)

7. Suggested Ideas for Sequel

8. Billing to Fox from Harvey Levy's Office

9. Budget no. 1

10. Publicity Release

11. Cast and Crew

12. Pictures


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

1. Photograph

2. Production costs

3. Publicity Releases

4. Rating

5. Trade Clippings

6. Budget no. 2

7. Credits

8. Music

9. Trailer and Teasers

10. Synopsis

11. General

12. Ads

13. Spanish Ads for Apes

14. Correspondence

15. June 5th Screening

16. APJ Personal File on Post-Production

17. Budget for Publicity

18. Post Production

19. Production Notes

20. APJ Work File

21. Legal


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

1. APJ Budget and Deals

2. Initial Correspondence

3. 1st Outline 3/14/71

4. Story Outline 3/19/71

5. Story Outline 3/20/71

6. Story Outline 3/31/71

7. Miscellaneous

8. Final Shooting Script 1/18/72

9. 1st Draft Screenplay

10. APJ Work Copy, 1st Draft Screenplay

11. Paul Dehn's pages

12. Paul Dehn's Revised Pages

13. Publicity Interviews


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

1. Shooting Script

2. Publicity Campaign Outline

3. APJ Personal Work Copy of Shooting Script

4. 20th Century Fox 1972 Annual Report

5. Films Incorporated Supplement 1972

107, 143ov

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes:

Map Drawer

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. 2 posters

Box: 64ov

Battle for the Planet of the Apes: 10. Clippings

Box: 70

Battle for the Planet of the Apes:

6. Treatment, APJ Work Copy

7. Clippings

8. Publicity Clippings

9. Contract

10. 1st Draft Story Outline

11. 1st Draft Outline

12. 1st Draft Screenplay, 8/23/72

13. Revised Screenplay, 12/6/72

Box: 71

Battle for the Planet of the Apes:

1. Revised Screenplay

2. Revised Screenplay 12/20/72

3. Proof Sheets

4. Shooting Schedule

5. Publicity

6. Publicity

7. Theatre Trailer Script

8. Credits

9. Legal

10. Post Production

11. 1st Draft Story Outline

12. Treatment

Box: 72

Battle for the Planet of the Apes:

1. Treatment, 7/6/72

2. Paul Dehn Treatment (Complete)

3. Reviews

4. Preview Ratings

5. Pictures

6. Dialogue and Continuity Taken from Moviola

7. Production

8. APJAC Personal Work Copy, Revised Screenplay

9. APJ Work Copy, Revised Screenplay

10. Picture

Box: 107, 134ov

Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Box: 72, 73, 74ov, 75, 76, 107, 144ov, Map Drawer

Play It Again, Sam

Box: 77

Report to the Academy

Box: 77

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

Box: 77


Box: 77, 78

The Thunder of the Giants

Box: 74ov, 78, 79, 80

A Time of Glory

Box: 74ov, 81ov, 82ov, 83 – 88, 89ov, 90 – 92, 108, 109, 124, 136ov, 144ov, Map Drawer

Tom Sawyer

Box: 92, 93

Topper Returns

Box: 93

The Tower

Box: 93

The Warrior

Box: 93 – 95, 96ov, 97, 143ov, Map Drawer

What a Way to Go (I Love Louisa)

Box: 97

When Trumpets Call

Box: 98


Box: 98

World of Comedy

Box: 98, 99, 134ov, 137

Production Notes and Correspondence

Box: 130ov, 131ov, 132ov, 133ov, 144ov

Miscellaneous Artwork andamp; Sketches

Box: 99, 100, 101, 137, 138, 142

Miscellaneous Scripts and Correspondence

Box: 96ov, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 139, 140

Miscellaneous Files

Box: 96ov, 136ov, 145, 146, 149ov, 150ov, 151ov

Miscellaneous Photographs

Box: 107, 108, 110, 111, 147

Magnetic Tapes and Cassette Cartridges

Box: 112, 113, 114, 136ov, 137, 147, 149ov

Miscellaneous Souvenir Programs

Box: 140, 141, 142, 149ov

Miscellaneous Promotional Projects

Box: 115, 116, 117, 122, 148ov, 149ov, 150ov, 151ov

Various Negatives and Films

Box: 118, 119, 148ov

Various Slides

Box: 120, 122, 135ov, 136ov, 138

Miscellaneous Clippings

Box: 96ov, 112, 113, 114, 120, 121ov, 122, 135ov, 136ov, 137, 138, 141, 147

Various Periodicals

Box: 122, 137, 138, 144ov


Box: 124, 125ov, 126ov, 127ov, 128, 143ov, 152

Awards and Trophies


Dr. Dolittle Oversized Items


Planet of the Apes Series Oversized Items


Various Movies Oversized Items

Box: 136ov, 143ov, 144ov, 149ov, 150ov, Map Drawer

Miscellaneous Posters

Box: 147

Framed 1st Edition Stamps

Box: 145, 146, 149ov, 150ov

Pictures and Photo Album

Box: 153 – 169

Phonograph Album Collection

Box: 170, 171

45 RPM Record Collection


Series 3: Bound Volumes of Motion Picture Stills and Screenplays. 1925-1974

Physical Description: 115 bound volumes

Series Description

This series consists of scripts and stills of the films of Arthur P. Jacobs, eg, "Planet of the Apes," that he had bound. There are scripts for other films not connected to Jacobs, but which he also had bound, and programs from such movies as "Citizen Kane," as well. The materials are all located in Section G, Aisle 52, Row B, Bays 1 and 2.


Volumes I - VI: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Sketches and Final Shooting Script.



Volumes I - IV: Photographs

Revised Screenplay.



Volumes I - VI: Photographs

Cutting Copy


Final Shooting Script.



Volumes I - VI: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Sketches and Final Screenplay.



Volumes I - VI: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Sketches and Final Screenplay


PLANET OF THE APES - (7 books)

Volumes I - V: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Shooting Script.



Final Screenplay

Musical Score.


TOM SAWYER - (11 books)

Volumes I - VIII: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Final Screenplay

Musical Score.


DOCTOR DOLITTLE - (13 books)

Volumes I - IX: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Musical Score (2 vol.)

Final Screenplay

Doctor Dolittle Omnibus (albums).


GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS - (11 books)

Volumes I - VIII: Photographs

Cutting Copy


Musical Score

Final Shooting Script.


WHAT A WAY TO GO! - (7 books)

Volumes I - V: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Revised Final Script


THE CHAIRMAN - (4 books)

Volumes I - II: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Shooting Script.


TOPPER RETURNS - (2 books)


Final (Pilot).


THE BEAR AND I - (2 books)


Final (Pilot).


PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM - (4 books)

Volumes I - II: Photographs

Cutting Copy

Revised Shooting Script.



Final Script.



1917 - 1935

1935 - 1956 (both contain lists of movies, casts, directors, etc.).



Photographs: possibly from a movie Jacobs did with Bob Hope in Moscow.


MOVIE MEMORIES - (6 books)

Volumes I - VI: Photographs (mostly from older films - classic film stills).



Volumes I - XI: Programs from various events and films.