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Inventory of the California State Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee Records
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Series Description

See LP numbers below.

Series 1 Bill Files 1979-2002

Physical Description: 708 file folders


Arranged chronologically by legislative session, then numerically by bill number.

Scope and Content Note

Bill files created by the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee may include bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, editorials and newspaper clippings, correspondence, committee statements,and other information.
1979-1980 AB91-AB3454, ACA90, ACR22-ACR155 (14ff) LP208:88-101
1979-1980 AJR5-AJR92, HR30 (1ff) LP208:102
1979-1980 SB5-SB2050, SCR8, SCR28 (7ff) LP208:103-109
1983-1984 AB112-AB4012 (28ff) LP169:166-193
1983-1984 ACA29, ACA75, ACR61-ACR164, AJR12-AJR142 (1ff) LP169:194
1983-1984 SB58-SB2320, SCA16, SCR9-SCR68, SJR9-SJR52 (7ff) LP169:195-201
1985-1986 AB15-AB4383(37ff) LP247:123-159
1985-1986 ACA4, ACA16, ACR48-ACR125, AJR10-AJR70 (1ff) LP247:159
1985-1986 SB13-SB2562, SCR22-SCR92 (15ff) LP247:160-174
1987-1988 AB45-AB1671 (12ff) LP259:222-233
1987-1988 AB1675-AB4681 (23ff) LP260:1-23
1987-1988 ACA13-ACA72, ACR77-ACR153, AJR14-AJR86 (2ff) LP260:24-25
1987-1988 SB4-SB2891, SCR22-SCR88, SJR30, SJR43 (16ff) LP260:26-41
1989-1990 AB145 (1ff) LP300:3
1991-1992 AB72 (2ff) LP300:1-2
1991-1992 AB892 (1ff) LP300:4
1991-1992 AB1-AB3819, ACA21, ACR7-ACR35 (85ff) LP361:1-84
1991-1992 AJR55-AJR88, HR20, AB8X-AB48X (8ff) LP361:85-92
1991-1992 SB69-SB2070, SCA18, SCR11-SCR20 (38ff) LP361:93-130
1991-1992 SJR38, SB8X-SB12X (4ff) LP361:131-134
1993-1994 AB14-AB3838, ACA30 (20ff) LP300:123-142
1993-1994 ACR80-ACR126, AJR41-AJR90 (1ff) LP300:143
1993-1994 SB7-SB2115, SCR9-SCR17 (9ff) LP300:144-152
1995-1996 AB25-AB3446, ACR59, AJR16-AJR30 (47ff) LP361:135-181
1995-1996 HR37, AB4X (2ff) LP361:182-183
1995-1996 SB28-SB2171, SCR3-SCR51 (41ff) LP361:184-224
1995-1996 SJR45, SB11X-SB12X (2ff) LP361:225-226
1997-1998 AB2-AB2726 (46ff) LP361:227-272
1997-1998 ACA33, ACR108, AJR2-AJR62, AB3X-AB11X (2ff) LP361:273-274
1997-1998 SB2-SB2213, SB2X-SB11X (46ff) LP361:275-320
1999-2000 AB18-AB2941, AJR4-AJR70, HR50-HR89 (73ff) LP361:321-393
1999-2000 SB57-SB2149, SCR71, SJR34 (45ff) LP361:394-438
2001-2002 AB15-AB3055 (38ff) LP361:439-476
2001-2002 ACA8, ACR3, ACR188, AJR14, AJR19 (5ff) LP361:477-481
2001-2002 SB1-SB2091, SJR12 (29ff) LP361:482-510
See Appendix A for LP Numbers

Series 2 Hearing Files 1976-2000

Physical Description: 375 file folders


Arranged chronologically by hearing date.

Access Information

Access to audiovisual material requires the production of use copies.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files may include agendas, audiotapes, videotapes, transcripts, testimony, background information, and working files for regular session hearings, interim hearings, and some joint hearings. Audiotapes and videotapes have been separated to a cold-storage vault for preservation purposes. Separation sheets are placed in the hearing files to alert researchers to the existence of these audio-visual materials. Most of the tapes have not been transcribed.
For a list of hearing dates and topics, see Appendix A in Additional Series Information.

Additional Series Information


Series 3 Correspondence Files 1995-1997

Physical Description: 6 file folders


Arranged chronologically by date.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence Files contain the committee's chronological correspondence from 1995 to 1997. The files have to do with the conduct of the committee's daily business. Many letters and memoranda relate to hearings. Most of the correspondence originated in the office of the committee's chairmen, Dominic Cortese (1995-1996) and Michael Machado (1997). Frequent correspondents include members of the State Legislature and Legislative committees, the Speaker of the State Assembly, the Governor, and representatives of water and utility districts as well as city, county, state and federal agencies. Correspondence is also included in the Bill Files, Subject Files, and Hearing Files series.
See LP numbers below.

Series 4 Subject Files 1976-2000

Physical Description: 58 file folders


Arranged alphabetically by subject title.

Scope and Content Note

Subject files may include correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, reports, and other information. Material kept in subject files is closely related to material held in the committee's bill and hearing files. Legislative Summaries contain a list of bills acted on by the committee during a legislative session, subject matter of the bills, and status of each bill. The committee published The San Francisco Bay Bibliography in October 1984, not as a definitive work on the subject area but as an attempt to focus attention on the subject and provide a research resource.
Boating and Waterways, 1992-1995 (1ff) LP300:5
Bodie State Historic Park, 1990 (1ff) LP300:6
Bond Issues, 1991-1992 (1ff) LP300:7
Budget, 1995 (1ff) LP300:8
CALFED Bay-Delta Program, 1998-2000 (7ff) LP361:593-599
California Endangered Species Act, 1994 (1ff) LP300:9
California Endangered Species Act, 1986-1997 (3ff) LP361:600-602
California River Riparian Parkways, 1991 (1ff) LP300:10
California Tahoe Conservancy, 1985-1995 (1ff) LP300:11
Central Delta Water Agency, 1999-2000 (1ff) LP361:603
Colorado River, 1976-1982 (1ff) LP300:12
Delta Land Use, 1994 (1ff) LP300:13
Fish and Game Bills, 1987-1990 (1ff) LP300:14
Flood Control Subventions, 1991 (1ff) LP300:15
Geological Society Registration, 1991 (1ff) LP300:16
Geological Survey Task Force, 1991 (1ff) LP300:17
Historic Preservation, 1990-1994 (1ff) LP300:18
Imperial Irrigation District, 1982-1988 (1ff) LP300:19
Kings River Water Association, 1979 (1ff) LP300:20
Landfills, 1990-1994 (1ff) LP300:21
Legislative Summary, 1985-1986 (2ff) LP231:239-240
Legislative Summary, 1991-1992 (1ff) LP300:22
Mono Lake, 1982 (1ff) LP300:23
Mountain Lion Liability, 1995 (1ff) LP300:24
Parks, 1991-1992 (1ff) LP300:25
Preservation Conference, 1989-1992 (1ff) LP300:26
Proposition A, Los Angeles, 1992 (1ff) LP300:27
Proposition 117, 1990 (1ff) LP300:28
Proposition 149, 1990 (1ff) LP300:29
Resourceful California, 1991 (1ff) LP300:30
San Francisco Bay Bibliography, Oct. 1984 (1ff) LP231:237
Santa Monica Mountains, 1991-1995 (1ff) LP300:31
State Water Resources Control Board, 1999 (2ff) LP361:604-605
Stockton East Water District and Water Quality: State Water Resources Control Board Hearings, 1999-2000 (1ff) LP361:606
Tomato: EV Reduction, 2000 (1ff) LP361:607
Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan (VAMP) Proposals, 1999 (1ff) LP361:608
Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan (VAMP) Meeting, 02/09/1999 (1ff) LP361:609
Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan (VAMP) Meeting, 02/18/1999 (1ff) LP361:610
Vernalis Adaptive Management Plan (VAMP) Meeting, 03/02/1999 (1ff) LP361:611
Waste/Garbage, 1989-1992 (1ff) LP300:32
Water Replenishment District of Southern California, Report, Dec. 1999 (1ff) LP361:612
Water Resources Control Board, 1984 (1ff) LP300:33
Water Reuse, 1990 (1ff) LP300:34
Westlands Water District, 1984-1987 (2ff) LP300:35-36
Wild and Scenic Rivers, 1985-1987 (1ff) LP300:37
Wildlife Conservation Board-Headwaters Forest, 1996-1999 (2ff) LP361:613-614