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Title: Edward Finney / Tex Ritter Papers
Identifier/Call Number: 93.237
Contributing Institution: Autry National Center, Autry Library
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 3.5 Linear feet 4 boxes
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1938-1939
Date (inclusive): 1938-1939
Abstract: The collection is primarilty publicity files of Ed Finney, mostly regarding Tex Ritter. Primarily covers the early part (1938-39) of Ritter's career with Monogram and Grand National. Some material dates through the 1940's and also covers other actors Finney was handling.
creator: Finney, Edward F.

Biographical note

Edward Finney was a talent scout and producer for Grand National Studios, when he "discovered" Tex Ritter and signed him to a contract in 1936. Grand National Studios produced "B" Westerns. Between 1936 and 1938, when the studio folded, Ritter and Finney made 12 features together. They both then moved to Monogram in 1938. In 1941, Ritter signed on with Columbia studios. By the time he left Monogram's employ, he and Finney had made a total of 32 B Western movies together.


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Biographical note

Tex Ritter was born Woodward Maurice Ritter on January 12, 1905. He was an American country music singer and motion picture actor popular from mid 1930s into the 1960s. Ritter first appeared on radio, hosting and appearing in such western shows as "The Lone Star Rangers" and "Cowboy Tom's Roundup." In 1936, Ritter moved to Los Angeles. His motion picture debut was in "Song Of The Gringo" (1936) for Grand National Pictures. Ritter later made "singing cowboy" movies for Universal Pictures and Producers Releasing Corporation. January 2, 1974, Ritter passed away in Nashville, Tenn. (Source: Wikipedia)


Purchased from Suzanne Licht (Edward Finney's daughter)

Processing history

Processed by Library and Archives staff and Jeanette Berard, March 2000.


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Scope and contents

Publicity files of Ed Finney, mostly regarding Tex Ritter. Primarily covers the early part (1938-39) of Ritter's career with Monogram and Grand National. Some material dates through the 1940's and also covers other actors Finney was handling. There are some materials on Tex Ritter and the Northwesterners. The bulk of the material is press clippings, exploitation material, still photos, and movie documentation. There are two boxes of files, some loose photographs in a binder, and some additional materials.

Preferred citation

Edward Finney / Tex Ritter Papers, 1938-1939, Autry National Center, Los Angeles; 93.237; [folder number] [folder title][date].

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Grand National Pictures.
Monogram Pictures Corporation.
Northwesterners (Musical group).
Ritter, Tex
Film stills
Man from Texas (Motion picture : 1939) Motion picture actors and actresses
Pioneers (Motion picture : 1941)
Rhythm of the Rio Grande (Motion picture : 1940) Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (Motion picture : 1941) Roll Wagons Roll (Motion picture : 1940) Rollin' Westward (Motion picture : 1939)
Sheet music
Sing Cowboy Sing (Motion picture : 1937) Song of the Buckaroo (Motion picture : 1938) Song of the Gringo (Motion picture : 1936) Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (Motion picture : 1937) Trouble in Texas (Motion picture : 1937) Utah Trail (Motion picture : 1938)


Box 1

Physical Description: 21.0 folders


Folder 1:
93.237.10 Monogram PR sheet of ‘clipping’ from the LA Times, reviewing “Ridin’the Cherokee Trail” no date. 36 copies. 93.237.11 Monogram PR sheet of ‘clipping’ from the Hollywood Reporter, reviewing “Ridin’ the Cherokee Trail” no date. 5 copies. 93.237.12 PR sheet for “Song of the Buckaroo,” in Spanish.) 93.237.13 PR sheet for records from “Song of the Buckaroo,” in Spanish. 2 copies.)
Folder 2:
93.237.14 Press clipping from the “Des Moines Tribune,” Aug. 10, 1938. Northwesterners home from making Starlight over Texas. 93.237.14 Press clipping, Northwesterners, Des Moines Tribune, Dec. 13, 1938. 93.237.14 Press clipping, Des Moines Sunday Register, Aug. 29, 1937, 3/4 page color picture of Tex Ritter. Incidental image of Bill Boyd. 93.237.15 Press release by Edward F. Finney “Unsung Heroes of the Silver Screen,” printed from LAAC Mercury. About treatment of animals, especially horses, in film making. 8 copies. 93.237.16 PR for “Song of the Buckaroo,” on pink paper, 7 copies. Press clipping with note from Samuel S. Kestenbaum, Motion Picture Daily, Jan. 18, 1939, 2 copies. Clipping from Jan. 14, 1939 Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin, and Jan 9, 1939 review from The Hollywood Reporter.
Folder 3:
93.237.17 Various Spanish language press sheets for Ritter movies. 93.237.17 Exploitation catalog, Monogram Pictures, for Starlight over Texas. Lists available lobby cards, display cards, posters and merchandise. 2 copies. 93.237.17 Tex Ritter Cowboy song Folio, by Sam Fox, 1937. 93.237.17 Exploitation catalog, The Man from Texas. 93.237.17 Exploitation catalog, Rollin’ Westward. 93.237.17 Exploitation catalog, Trouble in Texas. 93.237.17 Exploitation catalog, Roll, Wagons, Roll. 93.237.18 Contract with Boots and Saddles Pictures, Edward Finney from 1938. Photostat of Tex Ritter’s letter of response, receipt for photostat.
Folder 4:
93.237.19 Dialog continuity, Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts. (93.237.19) 93.237.19 First rough, Six Gun Galahad, Dec. 6, 1940. (93.237.19)
Folder 5:
93.237.20 Mark Studio Tex Ritter 5 prints, Unidentified possibly from Utah Trail, 9 120 contact prints, 1 4x5 print “
Could I haunt a house” (possibly Ed Finney?) double exposure by Dick Palmer.
93.237.20 Three 4x5 contact prints (they don’t overlap...) from envelope developed for W. Hunter, Nov. 26, 1940. 4x5 Photo of Tex and another man (Finney?)
93.237.20 Thirty-one 4x5 prints, snow/winter scenes with elk herd. Possibly Utah Trail stills.
Note: All negatives from folder five are located in Box 3 of this collection.
Folder 6
93.237.21 Fan Letter, from club president “Texas” Jim Cooper. 93.237.21 Tex Ritter article by Jim Cooper from “Texas Parade” July 1968, Vol. XXIX, no. 2, pp. 16-19.
Folder 7
93.237.22 Two (2) 8x10 negatives numbered 3844-pub-5, 3844-pub-6 shows Group in front of Parry Lodge, smaller group with Tex Ritter at center. 93.237.22 One (1) 8x10 negative, Sing Cowboy, Sing, 606. 93.237.22 One (1) photo 8x10, The Northwesterners signing contract for Monogram Pictures. 93.237.22 Three (3) photos 8x10, one is unidentified, others are TR 4-18 Tex Ritter in Sundown on the Prairie, 607-13 Comics Horace Murphy, Snub Pollard and Tex - Riders of the Rockies. 93.237.22 Suggestions to improve Westerns. Apparently from exit polls taken at theaters across the West. 93.237.22 Letters and Contracts for Ritter’s Personal Tour—July 1939. 93.237.22 The 49er, Slim Andrews publicity book, with photos of Slim and Tex. 93.237.22 Box office receipts and tour report, 1939. 93.237.22 July 1939 Ritter Tour. Letters sent from Finney to Ritter, notice to extend the tour through Sept. Two copies of a contract purchasing rights to a story “Hi diddle-diddle” from Andrew L. Stone and Frederick Jackson by Andrew Stone Productions. The Letterhead is pasted over a Republic Pictures letterhead. March 1943.
Folder 8
93.237.23 Lyrics for songs recorded for Roll Wagons Roll (not used), O Suzanna as reworded by Tex Ritter (several copies) , Roll Wagon Wheels Roll On, AMPP temporary card assigning Roll Wagons Roll the certificate number 5706. 93.237.23 Letter from Harry Wessinger, Manager the Carolina Theater, South Carolina, Aug. 21, 1939. Requesting more popular songs for Ritter movies. 93.237.23 Scores, handwritten, for “The Renegades” by Glen Strange. 93.237.23 Box office salary report from the William Morris Agency, Jun 1937 to April 1938. 93.237.23 4x5 photos of Utah Trail and Song of the Buckaroo, dated June 1969. 93.237.23 Monogram dispatch #49, June 2, 1938, Limberlost, Jackie Cooper. Page 4 article on bringing in more money on Ritter films, says they should bring in what Autry does. 93.237.23 Campaign aids for Ritter movies. 93.237.23 Biography, the Exhibitor, pp. 33-34, Nov. 29, 1939. Has biographies on Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Tex Ritter, with pictures of each artist and best wishes from each to the magazine. 93.237.23 Telegrams (2) from Tex Ritter to Ed Finney about car wreck in Beckley, West Virginia, Aug. 14, 1959. 93.237.23 One (1) 8x10 photo of villain with Tex in stranglehold. From Rollin’ Westward, TR 5-10. 93.237.23 Script, Roll, Wagons, Roll.
Folder 9
93.237.24 Script, The Pioneers, by Charles Anderson, 3 copies. 93.237.24 Script, Song of the Gringo, by John McCarthy and Robert Emmett.
Folder 10
93.237.25 Shooting schedule, Badlands. 93.237.25 Script, The Utah Trail, by Edmund Kelso.
Folder 11
93.237.26 Script, The Utah Trail, by Edmund Kelso, signed by Ed Finney. Folder 12
93.237.27 Script, Tex and the Boy Scouts, by Edmund Kelso.
Folder 13
93.237.28 Script, cover page and title missing, by Herbert A Woodbury, from his novelette, the Land that Law Forgot.
Folder 14
93.237.29 Script, Sing Cowboy Sing, #606. Folder 15
93.237.30 Score, handwritten, “Back in ‘67" by Lange and Porter, for Rollin’ Westward. 93.237.30 SAG contracts for Rollin’ Westward, for salary of $66.00 per week. Herbert Corthell, Harry Harvey, Charles King, Hank Worden, Tom London, Rudy Sooter, Bud Osborne, Wally West, Bud Pope, Bob Terry, Tex Palmer, Chick Hannan, Horace Murphy, Dorothy Fay, Slim Whitaker, and Dave O’Brien. 93.237.30 Dialog continuity, Rollin’ Westward. 93.237.30 Call lists, preview for cast and staff. 93.237.30 Script, West of the Law, by Fred Myton (became Rollin’ Westward), 2 copies. 93.237.30 Production code certificate for Rollin’ Westward. 93.237.30 Music for Rollin’ Westward. Letter about Out in the Golden West music by Rudy Sooter from Bert Pellish. Lyrics for Rollin’ Westward by Lange and Porter. Score, photostat of Westward by Ted Choate and Bert Pellish. Lyrics for various songs for Rollin’ Westward, including handwritten copy of Out in the Golden West by Rudy Sooter. 93.237.30 AMPP code certificate 5056 and letter granting certificate for Rollin’ Westward. 93.237.30 44 8x10 photos from Rollin’ Westward. TR 5-1 to TR 5-75 (some missing).
Folder 16
93.237.31 Biography of Tex Ritter. 2 copies. Folder 17
93.237.32 Fifty-one (51) 8x10 photos, Roll Wagons, Roll, numbered 3843 to 3843-61 (some missing). 2 8x10 photos, Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (?) numbered 608-13 and 608-28. 1 4x5 photo, unidentified.
Folder 18
93.237.33 8 x10 photos, numbered TR 11-1 to TR 11-80, for Rhythm of the Rio Grande. 93.237.33 Dialog continuity, Rhythm of the Rio Grande. 93.237.33 Call list, cast and crew for Rhythm of the Rio Grande. 93.237.33 SAG contracts for Rhythm of the Rio Grand at $75.00 per week: Suzan Dale, Chick Hannan, Forrest Taylor, Martin Garralaga, Tristram Coffin, Warner Richmond, Mike Jiminez Rodriguez, James McNally, Juan Duval, Earl Douglas, Frank Mitchell. 93.237.33 SAG contracts, Day contract and extra contract for Riders of the Rancho Grande: Maxine Leslie $25.00, Marin Sais $35.00, George Fisk, stunt rider $55.00, Mantan Mouland $75.00, Hal Taliaferro $125.00, Edw. Cecil $66.00, Roy Barcroft $100.00, Jean Joyce $75.00, Merrill McCormick $66.00, John Rutherford $150.00, Olin Francis $75.00, Wally West $66.00, Nolan Willis $66.00, and Bruce Mitchell $66.00. All rates are per week. 93.237.33 Sales manual, Rhythm of the Rio Grande, 2 copies. 93.237.33 “Reward” posters for Rhythm of the Rio Grande, 2 copies. 93.237.33 Scores and lyrics. Rose of My Dreams, 10,000 Cattle, Boll Weevil Song, Rhythm of the Rio Grande, Pablo the Mexican Bandit. Folder 19
93.237.34 Zenith checks paid to Chief Thundercloud amounts of $235.50, $166.20, and 41.00, in August 1947. 93.237.34 Zenith check paid to Jay Silverheels in amount of $79.50, in 1947. 93.237.34 Zenith checks paid to Chief Yowlachie in amounts of $71.28, and $185.50 in 1947.
Folder 20
93.237.35 One 8x10 photo, Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts, TR-2. Publicity still.
Folder 21
93.237.36 Three 4x5 photos, unidentified, views of Tex on White Flash, rearing. 93.237.36 Eight 4x5 photos, bound together by a brad, unidentified movie action stills. 93.237.36 Thirty-nine (39) 4x5 photos, bound together by a brad, from TR 11, movie action stills.

Box 2

Physical Description: 10.0 folder


Folder 1
Four (4) 8x10 negatives (Eastman nitrate film base) Tex, White Flash, the Northwesterners in front of TWA plane. Print of this negative has handwritten note identifying this as a publicity shot of Tex coming from New York to make his first movie for Monogram.
Folder 2
Monogram Pictures film list for 1938-1939, in French. Monogram Ad book for 1938-1939, in Spanish. Radiograma No. 101, 1938, in Spanish.
Folder 3
Song Hits, Vol. 3, no. 4, Sept. 1939. Tex Ritter is featured on pp. 18-19, with songs, photos, and biography. 6 copies. Folder 4
Publicity file, clippings, letters, columns for trade journals for 1938 Ed Finney projects. Not all are about Tex Ritter; includes biographies for Carmen LaRoux, Horace Murphey, Salvadore Damino, Rosa Turick, Carlos Villarias, George Cheseboro, Denver Dixon, Charles King, Jr., Karl Hackett and Martin Garralaga.
Folder 5
Publicity file, reviews and clippings, most for 1938, some in Spanish. Folder 6
File, Roll Wagons Roll. Contains scores, dialog continuity, SAG contracts.
Folder 7
Publicity file, clippings, memos, correspondence about Dorothy Fay (Southworth) for 1938-1939. One is in Spanish. Folder 8
Publicity file, press clippings. Covers Tex Ritter, Northwesterners, Dorothy Short, Mary Ruth, Where the Buffalo Roam, Little Tenderfoot and Song of the Buckaroo. Folder 9
Publicity file, press clippings, mostly 1939 review notices for Ritter films.
Folder 10
Contract for Jack Smith for The Pioneers, handwritten score for Mild Galoot from Tuzigoot by Jack Smith. Cast sheet, The Pioneers. Dialog continuity Lyrics sheets, The Pioneers. Script list, The Pioneers. Credits page, The Pioneers. Trailer continuity, The Pioneers. Song list, The Pioneers. SAG contracts, The Pioneers.

Box 3: Negatives from Box 1, Folder 5

Physical Description: 3.0 folder


Folder 5, #1:
Sixteen (16) negatives, each in a separate envelope Mark Studio Tex Ritter Five (5) prints, Unidentified possibly from Utah Trail, 9 120 contact prints with 18 120 negatives (probably nitrate film base), 1 4x5 print “Could I haunt a house” (possibly Ed Finney?) double exposure by Dick Palmer.
Folder 5, #2:
Seven (7) negatives, each in a separate envelope Three (3) 4x5 contact prints and seven (7) negatives (they don’t overlap) from envelope developed for W. Hunter, Nov. 26, 1940. 4x5 Photo of Tex and another man (Finney?)
Folder 5, #3:
Thirty-two (32) negatives, each in a separate envelope Thirty-one (31) 4x5 prints, 32 4x5 Agfa Super Pan Press negatives (nitrate film base) winter scenes with elk herd. Possibly Utah Trail stills.

Box 4


Poster - Texas Dan wanted dead or alive.
Poster - Elect Tex Alden for Mayor.
Photographs in envelopes: Trouble in Texas 8 8x10 prints, # 604 (1937) Headin’ for the Rio Grande 11 8x10 prints, # 603 (1937) Arizona Days 4 8x10 prints, # 602 (1937) Sing Cowboy Sing 6 8x10 prints, # 606 (1937) Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen 6 8x10 prints, # 608 (1937) Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (?) 3 8x10 prints, # 605 (1938) Tom Emerson’s Mountaineers 7 8x10 prints
Photographs in album:
Song of the Gringo 50 8x10 prints, 1-51 (1936) Roll Wagons Roll 4 8x10 prints, 3 of posters, (1940) Unidentified miscellaneous movie PR stills, 7 8x10 prints Miscellaneous non-movie PR stills, 14 8x10 prints, includes images of Tex’s arrival in Hollywood for his first Monogram picture. Close up of Movie poster for Trouble in Texas, 1 8x10 print PR still for Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts, 1 8x10 print
Boots and Saddles logo card.