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57 Club (San Francisco) February 1949


4 Star Theatre (San Francisco) 1970s




A-1 Auto Repair (San Francisco) undated


A. Ackerman & Co. (Sacramento) 1887


A. Berbert & Brother (Manufacturer of surgical instruments, San Francisco) circa 1880


A. Borella & Co. (Dealers in bottles, San Francisco) 1887-1888


A. Brisard (Century News Paper, general merchandise, Arcata) 1881, 1963


A.C. Dietz & Co. (Manufacturers of camphene, oil and fluids, San Francisco) 1861


A. Camman & Co. (Ship material, San Francisco) 1872


A. Carlisle & Co. (Printers, stationers, lithographers, San Francisco) 1930


A. Chichizola & Sons (Importer and wholesale grocer, San Francisco) 1896


A.C. Lowell & Co. (Fort Bidwell) undated


A. Crawford & Co. (Ship chandlers, San Francisco) 1887-1888


A.E. Ridley & Co. (Stencil and brass box manufacturers, San Francisco) 1889


A.E. Sabatie & Co. (French importers and dealers in groceries, San Francisco) 1857


A. Finke's Widow (Sparkling wine, San Francisco) circa 1900, 1966


A.F. Nye & Co. (Importers of gas fixtures, lamps..., San Francisco) 1882


A.G. Spalding Bros. (San Francisco) 1921


A. Gerberding & Co. (Grain brokers, San Francisco) 1898, undated


A. Hollub & Co. (Importers and jobbers of paints, oils..., San Francisco) 1867-1870


A.I. Hall & Son (Manufacturers' agents, San Francisco) 1887, undated


A. Jacobs & Co. (Importers and jobbers of hats and caps, San Francisco) 1869-1870


A.J. McNicoll & Co. (Manufacturers of elevators, San Francisco) 1891


A.J. Ranken Co. (Importers, exporters and wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1911-1913


A.J. Rich & Co. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) 1905


A.J. Rutledge and Sons (Real estate, Antelope Valley Lands, Lancaster) 1914


A.J. Plate & Co. (Importers and dealers in guns, rifles..., San Francisco) circa 1870-1880


A. Karl Martin (Insurance, San Francisco) 1953


A.L. Auradou & Co. (Wholesale and retail dealer in game, poultry, San Francisco) circa 1880-1886


A.L. Barth & Co. (Nelson Point) 1852-1854


A. Lietz Co. (Manufacturers of surveying and nautical instruments, San Francisco) 1888, undated


A.L. Hettrich Company (Importers and wholesale dealers in sea shells, coral..., San Francisco) 1908


A.M. Simpson & Bro. (Lumber dealers, San Francisco) 1872


A.O. Cook & Son, Cook & Ellis (Manufacturers of leather belting, San Francisco) 1878-1887


A. Parsons & Co. (San Francisco) 1869


A.P. Hotaling & Co. (Importers and dealers in wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1860-1882, 1964, 1994


A. Piaggio & Co. (Dealers in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1892


A.P. Raye & Co. (Carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) circa 1880


A. Roman & Co. (Wholesale books, San Francisco) 1866-1872


A. Sabella's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1967, undated


A. Schilling & Co. (Tea and spices, San Francisco) circa 1880-1910, 1947, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

A. Schlueter & Co., Inc. (Clothes irons, Oakland) circa 1890


A.S. Rosenbaum & Co. (San Francisco) 1857-1870


A. Sulka & Company circa 1951-1956


A.T. Ames Manufacturing Company (San Francisco) 1907


A.T. Farish & Co. (Wool, hides and tallow, San Francisco) circa 1870


A. Wassermann (Importers of dry goods, cigars..., San Francisco) 1858-1866


A.W. Kenison Co. (Beer distributors, Auburn) undated


A.W. Pike & Co. (Locksmiths' supplies, San Francisco) undated


A.W. Sanborn & Co. (Carriage Manufacturers and dealers, San Francisco) 1882


Aarco Company (Los Angeles) undated


Abbey Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1871


Abbey Rents (Oakland) undated


Abbotsford House (San Francisco) 1884


Abercrombie & Fitch (San Francisco) circa 1950s, 1962


Abietine Medical Company (Oroville) 1893


Abrams and Brother (San Francisco) 1857-1859


Abrams, Albert. Dr. (San Francisco) 1896


Abramsky, M.L. (Real estate and loan, San Francisco) undated


Abramson & Bacon (San Francisco) 1884


Abramson-Heunisch Glass Company (San Francisco, Los Angeles) 1899-1902


Abstract and Title Company (San Diego) 1903


Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Los Angeles) 1940-1957, undated


Ace Jewelers and Loan Co. (San Francisco) 1960


Ackerman & Kohn (San Francisco) 1900


Ackerman, Block & Co. (San Francisco) 1883


Ackerman Brothers, Importers (San Francisco) 1882, undated


Ackerson, Charles H. (Contractor and builder, San Francisco) 1880


Ackerson & Russ (San Francisco) 1867


Acme Brewing Co. (San Francisco) 1948, undated


Acme Floor Co. (San Francisco) 1950


Acme Realty Co. (San Francisco) undated


Acteen Chemical Service Co. (Berkeley) 1930, undated


Adams, Blinn & Co. Lumber Dealers (San Francisco) circa 1870


Adams-Booth Company (Sacramento) undated


Adams & Co. (Express, banking, Eakins egg substitute) undated


Adams House (Plymouth, California) undated


Adams, J.H. (Commission merchant, Marysville) 1857


Adams, O.B. (M.D., Oakland) 1885


Adams Springs (Resort, Lake County) 1899-1927, undated


Addison, Stephen (Lumber dealer, Folsom) 1884


Adelsdorfer Brothers (San Francisco) 1862-1870


Adler, Lewis (Real estate agent, Sonoma) undated


Adolph Sutro & Co. (Importers of foreign and domestic fancy goods, San Francisco) 1853-1889


Advanced Instrument Corporation (Berkeley and Richmond) 1960, 1962


Aerial Steam Navigation Company 1866


Aero Special Delivery (San Francisco) undated


Aetna (Steam tug, San Francisco) 1888


Aetna Life Insurance Company 1921


Aetna Quicksilver Mining Company (Napa) 1875


Aetna Springs Co. (Napa County) 1899, undated


Afloat Motor Company 1908


Agency Mission Woolen Mills (San Francisco) 1867


Ahern, Peter (Schooner for hire, San Francisco) 1888


Ahwanee Hotel (Yosemite National Park) 1932-1951, undated


Aigeltinger, E. (Wholesale, retail, grains, coal..., San Francisco) 1909


AirCal 1984


Air Ferries, Ltd. (Oakland, San Francisco, Vallejo) undated


Air Resorts Airlines (Carlsbad) circa 1983


Air Ship (San Francisco) undated


Airways Rent-a-Car (San Francisco) undated


Airways Traveler 1946


Alameda Daily Encinal undated


Alameda County Advocate (Haywood) 1874


Alameda County Building Trades Council 1918


Alameda County-East Bay Title Insurance Company 1934-1955, undated


Alameda Theatre (Alameda) circa 1918


Alamo Gold & Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1872


Alaska Commercial Co. (San Francisco) undated


Alaska Juneau Gold Mining Company 1944


Alaska Pacific Steamship Company undated


Alaska Packers Association 1960-1961


Alaska Steamship Company undated


Albers Brothers Milling Co. (Cereals, meals and flours, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) 1918


Albert C. Samuels Co. (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1923


Albert-Lovett Corporation (Apartments, San Francisco) undated


Albert Mau & Co. (Grocers, San Francisco) 1885-1887


Albion Hotel (Mendocino) 1896


Alda Gold Mining Company 1883


Alden's Dining Saloon (San Francisco) circa 1947


Alcazar Theater (San Francisco) circa 1885-1962, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

Alexander, A. (General merchandise, Folsom) 1888


Alexander & Baker (Importers and dealers in stoves, pumps..., Redwood City) 1872


Alexander & Company (Clothing, San Francisco) 1859


Alexander H. Todd & Co. (Produce and general commission merchants, San Francisco) 1861


Alexander Mackay & Son (Manufacturer and dealer of carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) circa 1880-1896


Alexander-Yost Co. (San Francisco) 1902


Alexandria Hotel (Los Angeles) 1917, undated


Alfred Burnett's Entertainment undated


Alhambra Bottle Shop (San Francisco) 1955


Alhambra Theater (San Francisco) 1868-1906, undated


AL. Hayman & Co., Inc. (Theatrical agents, San Francisco) 1897


Alioto & Alioto (San Francisco) 1992


Allardt, G.F. (San Francisco) 1895


Alleghany-Oriflamme Mine Co. 1909


Allen & Co. (San Francisco) 1916


Allen, Charles R. (Foreign Steam Coal Screenings, San Francisco) 1889


Allen & Lewis (San Francisco) 1891


Allen, James G. (San Francisco) 1888


Allendale Cleaners (Oakland) undated


Allendale Hardware (Oakland) 1956


Allen's Photo Supply (San Francisco) 1961


Allin, T.D. (Civil engineer-surveyor, Pasadena) circa 1895


Allingham, William (Artesian well borer, San Francisco) undated


Allis-Chalmers Co. (San Francisco) circa 1905


Allison, Gray & Co. (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1890


Allyne & White (Importers, refiners, San Francisco) 1872, circa 1880


Almaden Store (New Almaden) 1907


Almaden Vineyards (Los Gatos) 1948-circa 1961


Alouette Resaurant (San Francisco) circa 1951-1965


Alpha (Alpha Hardware, department store, Grass Valley and Nevada City) 1959, undated


Alsop & Co. (San Francisco) 1860-circa 1870


Alta California Bookstore (Berkeley) undated


Alta California Telegraph Company (Sacramento) 1854


Alta Mira Hotel (Sausalito) 1955-1960


Alvin Duskin Factory Store (San Francisco) 1970


Alvord, Haviland & Co. (Dealers in hardware, Marysville) 1855-1857


Al Williams Health System, Inc. (San Francisco) 1945


Amador County Lumber Company (Sutter Creek) 1901


Ambassador Hotel (Los Angeles) 1980, undated


Ambler's Modern Auto Court and... Exclusive Pottery Shop (Salinas) undated


Amelio Cafe (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


American Airlines, Inc. 1945-1954


American Bank (Oakland) undated


American Bank and Trust Co. (San Francisco) circa 1890


American Biscuit Co. (San Francisco) circa 1890


American Bitumals Co. (San Francisco) circa 1939


American Bridge and Building Company (San Francisco) 1888


American Can Company (San Francisco) circa 1906


American Consolidated Cigar Co. (San Francisco) circa 1900


American District Messenger Service (San Francisco) 1894


American District Telegraph Company (San Francisco) 1878-1892, undated


American Electric Company (Telegraph and telephone instruments, Stockton) 1890


American Exchange, J.M. Williamson Proprietor (Provisions, Folsom) 1884


American Exchange Hotel and Restaurant (San Francisco) 1856, circa 1900


American Exploration Company (Simi) 1955


American Express Company (San Francisco) 1958


American Foreign Insurance Association (San Francisco) 1951-1957


American Gold Dredging Company (San Francisco) 1919


American Guild (San Francisco) 1898


American Hardwood Floor Co. (San Francisco) 1913-1917


American Hotel (Auburn) 1864


American Lubricants Company (San Francisco) undated


American Milling Company (San Francisco) 1903


American Mutual Fund (Los Angeles) 1967-1976


American Neolith Works (San Francisco) undated


American Oil & Paint (San Francisco) 1884-1909


American Olive Co. (Los Angeles) 1905


American Pipe Company (San Francisco) circa 1874-1878


American Potash & Chemical Corp. (Trona) 1947-1960


American Presidents Lines (San Francisco) 1941-1985, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

American River Water and Mining Co. (Folsom) 1860-1865


American Salt Co. (San Francisco) 1888


American Siberian Trading Co. (San Francisco) undated


American Speaking Telephone Company (San Francisco) 1878


American Stone Co. (Oakland) undated


American Telephone and Telegraph Company 1969-1974


American Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1852-1858, 1907-1908, undated


American Tire Machinery Inc. (Los Angeles) 1946


American Toll-Bridge Company (San Francisco) 1924


American Trust Company (San Francisco) 1928-1960


Ames & Detrick Co. (Importers, manufacturers, burlap bags, San Francisco) 1887-1889


Ames Harris Neville Co. (Bags, twines, San Francisco) 1895-1915, 1946


Amos, F.R. (San Francisco) circa 1870


Amos & Johnston (Blacksmiths, Etna) 1879


Amthor and Company (Paint and wallpaper, San Francisco) undated


Amtrak 1973-1983, undated


An Siobin (The Irish Pub, San Francisco) 1965


Anabel's School of Ballet (San Carlos) 1969


Anaheim Lighter Co. (Commission and forwarding merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Anaheim Union Water Company (Anaheim) 1884


Analy Savings Bank (Sebastopol) 1910


Anchor Brewing Co. (San Francisco) undated


Anderson Valley Advertiser (Boonville) 1984


Anderson Valley Wine Growers Association (Philo) 1987


Andre's L'Omelette (French restaurant, Palo Alto) undated


Andrew Jackson Mining Company (Knight's Ferry) 1863


Andrew's Diamond Palace (Jewelry store, San Francisco) undated


Andrews, George N. (Pipe organ manufacturer, Oakland) circa 1899, 1948-1972, undated


Andrews T.P. (Kodak Agency, reloading, developing printing, San Francisco) undated


An-Fo Manufacturing Co. (Insecticides, Oakland) undated


Anglo California National Bank (San Francisco) 1935


Anglo California Trust Company (Bank, San Francisco) 1918-1955, undated


Anglo-American Gas Control Company (San Francisco) circa 1890-1891


Anglo-Nevada Assurance Corporation (San Francisco) undated


Angus McLeod & Co. (Wine growers and wholesale spirit merchants, San Francisco) circa 1885


Anshen and Allen (Architects, San Francisco) undated


Antelope (Steamer) 1852-1853


Anthony Podgornik, West Portal Jeweler (San Francisco) undated


Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (Northern and Southern California) 1950


Antlers Hotel (San Bernardino) 1957


Antonietti Painting Co. (San Francisco) undated


Apollo Cafe (San Francisco) 1928


Apple Computers Inc., Applefest (Cupertino) 1987


Apple's Radio (Philco Radio-Phonographs, Berkeley) undated


Ag ua Caliente Springs Hotel (Sonoma) 1891


Arata & Schaffino (Importers olive oil, dealers in hardware, twine..., San Francisco) 1899


Arbogast, Aaron Asa (Dentist, San Francisco) circa 1906


Arcade Boot and Shoe House (Oakland) circa 1885


Arcade Hotel (Sacramento) 1881


Arcadia Dancing Palace (San Francisco) 1921


Arcadia Pavilion (San Francisco) circa 1923


Arcata Mad River Railroad Company (Arcata) 1887-1902, circa 1920


Arcata Redwood Company, Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, Simpson Timber Company 1975


Architecture-Restoration and Conservation undated


Arctic Oil Works (San Francisco) 1896-1899, undated


Arden Farms Co. (Dairy products, Los Angeles) 1939-1943


Arden-Mayfair Inc. (Los Angeles) 1967


Argentum Gallery (San Francisco) 1981


Argonaut Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Argonaut Mining Company Ltd. (San Francisco) 1937


Argonaut Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) undated


Arion Halle (Henry Grimm, wine, beer and billards, San Francisco) undated


Arlie and Arlie (Hardware, kitchen utensils, ammunition, San Francisco) 1929


Arlington Square (Los Angeles) undated


Armes & Dallam (Importers and manufacturers of wood and willow ware) 1860-1887


Armes, G.W. (Wooden and willow ware, San Francisco) 1888


Armstrong Nurseries (Ontario) 1917-1939

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Armstrong, Quatman & Co. (San Francisco) 1905


Arnaudon, A.J. (Mendota) 1895


Arnett & Rivers (Agents, vulcanized rubber, machine belting..., San Francisco) 1891


Arnold Hardware Company (San Francisco) 1905


Arnold, Will H. (OPNZIT, Oakland) circa 1895


Aronson, A. (Furniture, San Francisco) 1889


Arpad Haraszthy & Co. (Producers of champagne and general wine dealers, San Francisco) circa 1881-1887


Arper, George W. (Importer of independent refiners, oils, gasolines, Oakland) circa 1885-1899


Arper Brothers, (Wholesale dealers, illuminating oils, gasolines..., Oakland) circa 1885


Arrillaga Musical College (San Francisco) undated


Arrington, N.O. (Insurance, financial, investment broker, San Francisco) undated


Arroyo Seco Water Company (Pasadena) 1887


Art Jobs Agency (San Francisco) 1961


Art Motel at Club Nine (San Francisco) 1986


Art & Sally Marquette, San Ysidro Avocados (Santa Barbara) undated


Arthur J. Sullivan & Co. (Funeral directors, San Francisco) 1952


Arthur Rubloff & Co. (Real estate, Los Angeles, San Francisco) circa 1975


Artistic License (Guild of restoration craftsmen, San Francisco) 1983


Asbury Rapid Transit System (Los Angeles) 1942


Aschow, J.N. (Violin and bow maker, Oakland) undated


Ashby Hardware Co. (Berkeley) 1911


Ashmead & Kellum (Signs, store fittings, San Francisco) 1871


Ashton & Gardiner (Real estate and insurance agents, San Francisco) undated


Ashurst Oil Land Development Company (Stockton) 1903-1909, undated


Asia Import & Export Co., Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Assay Office (Bar and restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Associated Bedding Company (San Francisco) circa 1900


Associated Oil Company (San Francisco) 1933-1936, undated


Associated Telephone Company, Ltd. (Santa Monica) 1945


Associated Transfer Co. and Associated Taxicab Co. (Oakland) undated


Association of Master Plumbers of San Francisco 1896


Association of San Francisco Distributors (Warehousemen's Union Local 1-6, San Francisco) 1937-1940


Astrology (San Francisco) circa 1878


Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad (San Francisco) 1885-1960, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Athens, The (Room and board, Oakland) 1909


Atkinson, George F., ( Manufacturer and dealer in wood novelties, San Francisco) undated


Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1946


Atlantic & Pacific Aerial Navigation Company (San Francisco) 1897


Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company (San Francisco) circa 1880


Atlas Art Studio (Los Angeles) undated


Atlas Iron Works, J.B. Jardine Prop. (San Francisco) 1883


Attorneys Printing Supply Company (San Francisco) 1951, undated


Aubert's Diamond Palace (San Francisco) undated


Auburn Iron Works (Auburn) 1982


Auburn Lumber Company (Auburn) undated


Audiffred & Jacques (Real estate, San Francisco) undated


Audio Products Corporation (Burbank) 1949


Auditorium Hotel (Los Angeles) undated


Auditorium Theatre (Los Angeles) 1917


Auditorium Theatre (Oakland) 1924, undated


Auditorium (San Francisco) 1893-1927, undated


Audograph Inc. (San Francisco) 1956


Auger, Christiansen & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


August Antonio Boot Black (Oakland) undated


August Berg & Son (Jewelers, Vallejo) circa 1880


Austin, Henry (Stoves, tin plate, wire..., San Francisco) 1855


Austin Brothers (Importers, hardware, iron, steel, Stockton) 1904


Austin Studios (Photo studios, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco) 1929


Austin, W. P. (Real estate, loans, insurance, Oakland) undated


Auto Livery Co. (San Francisco) 1906


Auto Tavern (San Francisco) undated


Auto Transit Co. (San Francisco) 1923


Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America (San Francisco) 1948


Avery, Ira (Fruit grower, Newcastle) circa 1915


Avis Rent-a-Car 1957


Azusa Irrigating Company (Azusa) 1886




B. Arnold & Company Inc. (Ingelnook wines & brandies, San Francisco) undated


B. Blumenthal & Co., Chicago Auction House (Dealer in fancy and staple dry goods, San Francisco) 1887, undated


B. Dreyfus & Co. (Wine merchants, San Francisco) 1886-1887


B.F. Barton & Company, Barton and Brother (Dealers in salt, San Francisco) 1863-1870


B.F. Hastings Bank Building (Sacramento) 1960


B.F. McDonald Company (Safety appliances, Los Angeles, San Francisco) circa 1935


B. Levy & Son (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1886


B.L. Solomon & Sons (Importers of curtain materials, San Francisco) circa 1870


B.M. Atchinson & Co., (Joseph Stalder), (Dealer in butter, cheese eggs..., San Francisco) 1872, undated


B. McMahon & Son (Wharf, bridge and trestle work, San Francisco) 1888


B. Pasquale & Sons (Manufacturers of society, military and church goods, San Francisco) 1892


B. & S. Cough & Croup Syrup (San Francisco) undated


B.W. Brown (Packers and curers, San Francisco) 1867-1868


Babcock & Sutton, (Grain dealers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Babin, Landry C. (Rent collector, San Francisco) 1886


Bach & Lux (Importers of hops & brewers' materials, San Francisco) circa 1880-1884


Bach, J.C. (Real estate, San Francisco) circa 1920


Bach, Meese & Co. (Wholesale wine and liquors dealers, San Francisco) 1883


Bachelder Manufacturing Co. (Napa) undated


Bachman Brothers (Importers and jobbers, dry goods, San Francisco) 1865


Bachrach & Company (Advertising signs, specialties, San Francisco) undated


Bacigalupi, Peter (Musical instruments, San Francisco) circa 1918


Badger Brothers (Dealers in paints, oils, glass, Stockton) 1882


Badger, William G. (Wholesale dealer in ready made clothing, San Francisco) circa 1850


Baer Collapsible Rim Corporation (San Francisco, Oakland) undated


Baer, J., Mrs. (Dressmaker, San Francisco) 1886


Baer Notion and Toy Company (San Francisco) 1915


Baglietto, G.B. (Retail wine dealer, San Francisco) undated


Bailie, Thomas (Ship cleaning, painting, San Francisco) 1872


Bailey, Frank, Mrs. (Music teacher, San Francisco) circa 1900


Bailey, Henry (Manufacturer of curled hair, San Francisco) 1875


Baird-Bailhache Company (Gas heaters, San Francisco) 1916


Baird's Opera House (San Francisco) 1889-1890


Baker & Hamilton (Importer, jobber, manufacturer of hardware, agricultural implements, Sacramento) 1872-1889, 2000, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Baker, A. & A. (Importers and manufacturers of moldings, and picture frames, San Francisco) 1895


Baker, C.H. (Shoe stores, San Francisco) 1914


Baker, Frank (Importer, wholesale and retail dealer in carpets, oil cloths..., Marysville) 1855-1857


Baker, Frank (Importer, wholesale and retail dealer in carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) 1857


Baker Printing Company (Oakland) 1902


Bakers and baking industry (San Francisco) 1972


Balatex Company (Fabrics, San Francisco) 1940s


Balboa Theatre (San Francisco) 1926


Balconades (Dancing place, San Francisco) 1924


Baldwin & Hammond (Real estate agents, San Francisco) 1892


Baldwin & Howell (Real estate, San Francisco) 1903-1915, undated


Baldwin & Read (Manufacturers, California jewelry, lapidaries, San Francisco) 1861


Baldwin Grill Works (Decorative iron, San Francisco) circa 1903


Baldwin Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Baldwin, O.D. and Son (Real estate agents, Baldwins real estate guide, San Francisco) 1887, undated


Baldwin Theatre (San Francisco) 1879, 1886, undated


Balfour, Guthrie & Co. (Insurance agents, San Francisco) undated


Ballard, Joseph H. (Ship clerk, San Francisco) 1872


Ballet Brothers Construction Corporation (San Francisco) undated


Balocco, Edward Paul (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Ballou, Addie L. (Artist, San Francisco) undated


Balmoral, The (Saloon, choice wines..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Balser House (Georgetown) 1860


Baltimore Hotel (Los Angeles) circa 1910, undated


Bamber & Companys Express (Express business and news agency, Oakland) circa 1870


Bambi Cleaners (San Francisco) 1940s


Bancal Tri-State Corporation (San Francisco) 1973-1975


Bancitaly Corporation (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1926


Bancroft Company (Railway guide, San Francisco) 1890


Bancroft-Whitney (Law book publishers, San Francisco) 1951, undated


Banister, James A. (Manufacturer of mens and boys shoes, San Francisco) 1886


Bank of Alex. Brown (Walnut Grove) undated


Bank America Realty Investors (San Francisco) 1977-1981


Bank of America (San Francisco, Los Angeles) 1910-1981, undated

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Bank of Arcata 1900


Bank of Berkeley undated


Bank of British North America (San Francisco) 1860


Bank Building (California and Liedesdorff, San Francisco) 1960


Bank of Butte County (Chico) circa 1890


Bank of California (San Francisco, Virginia City) 1865-1923, 1952-1978, undated

Physical Description: 51.0 box

Bank of Canton (San Francisco) 1943, undated


Bank Exchange (Bar and restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Bank of Folsom 1912


Bank of Italy (Fresno) 1921


Bank of Italy (San Francisco) circa 1910-1926, undated


Bank of Los Gatos 1916


Bank of Martinez 1923-1949


Bank of Newman undated


Bank of Oceanside undated


Bank of Saint Helena 1894-1895


Bank of Sonoma County (Petaluma) circa 1870


Bank of Woodland 1895


Bank Specialty Co. (Los Angeles) undated


Bankers Alliance (Los Angeles) undated


Bankers' Guarantee Loan and Investment Company (San Francisco) 1891


Banking House (Don Pedro's Bar) 1854


Banking House, Montezuma 1854


Bankitaly Life 1921


Banks and banking (San Francisco) 1977


Banks & Bull (Bankers, San Francisco) 1860


Banner Brothers (Wholesale clothiers, San Francisco) 1884


Banner Play Bureau Inc. (Entertainment publishers, San Francisco) undated


Banning & Co. (Forwarding and commission merchants, Wilmington) 1866


Banning Company (Los Angeles) 1907


Barbers (San Francisco) undated


Barclay's Bank of California (San Francisco) 1971


Barcroft, R. (Manufacturer and dealer in hardware, stoves..., Merced) circa 1890


Bare Brothers (Furniture, carpets and upholstery, San Francisco) 1911


Barnard, Frank (Coal, San Francisco) 1888


Barnard & Brothers (Business accounting, San Francisco) undated


Barney, James M. (General merchandise, San Francisco) undated


Barnum & Bailey Circus (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose) 1912, undated


Barrell House (Bar, San Francisco) 1972, undated


Barrett & Hilp (Building contractors, San Francisco) 1943-1961


Barry & Patten (Saloon, San Francisco) 1856


Barry, W. I. (Insurance, San Francisco) undated


Bartlett, Columbus (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1894


Barth, Hughes & Hinckle (Consultants in public relations, San Francisco) circa 1960


Barton & Borradaile (Wholesale dealers in groceries, dry goods ..., San Francisco) 1859


Basaw Mfg., Inc. (Prefab buildings, North Hollywood) 1964


Basch, Joseph (Auctioneer, San Francisco) circa 1910


Basford, H.R. (Heating, San Francisco) 1918


Bassett, Joseph (Dealer in flour, grain, produce, San Francisco) 1867


Bateman Children, The (Theatrical act, San Francisco) circa 1850


Bauer Brothers & Company (Manufacturers of ladies silk and lingerie, San Francisco) 1890, 1925


Bauer & Gabriel, Bauer, Gus (Harness, buggies and bicycles, Folsom) 1908-1909, undated


Baum, Benjamin J. (Wholesale manufacturer of fine candies, San Francisco) 1926


Bay Aviation Service Company (San Francisco) undated


Bay Cities Ice & Cold Storage Co. (San Francisco) 1943


Bay Cities Water Company 1905, undated


Bay City Plating Works, George M. Lederer Co. (San Francisco) undated


Bay City Soda Water Company (San Francisco) undated


Bay Counties Electric Construction Co. (San Francisco) 1913


Bay Counties Title Guaranty Company (San Francisco) undated


Bay District Horticultural Society, (San Francisco) 1872


Bay Engine and Parts Company (San Francisco) undated


Bay Point Oyster House and Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Bay Shore and Fort Point Road Company (San Francisco) 1863


Bay State Rubber Co's Boots & Shoes, Chauncey R. Winslow, Agent (San Francisco) undated


Bay Trade Oil Company (San Francisco) circa 1900


Bay View Distilling Company (San Francisco) 1884


Bay View Federal Savings (San Francisco) undated


Bay Warehouse, A.R. Van Damme Prop'r circa 1863


Bayly & Clawson (Apothecaries, San Francisco) undated


Baywood Park Company (San Mateo) undated


Beals, Edward C. (Planing Mill, San Mateo) undated


Beamish Men's Furnishings, Beamish's Shirts (San Francisco) circa 1880-1882, undated


Bear Photo Service undated


Bear River & Auburn Water & Mining Company circa 1851


Bear Valley Mutual Water Company (Redlands) 1903


Beatie's Choice Candies (San Francisco) undated


Bechtel Corporation, Bechtel Brothers McCone Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1955-1959, 1998, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Beck, D.L. & Sons (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1887, undated


Beck, H.S. (Plasterer and whitener, San Francisco) 1873


Beck & Elam (San Francisco) 1854


Bedell, William & McKay, T.D. (Railway agents, San Francisco) circa 1885


Beers & Davies (Importers of groceries, liquors..., San Francisco) 1858


Behrend, D. & Sons (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1925


Behrman, Martin (Historic photographs, Oakland) circa 1945


Behymer, L. E. (Theatrical agent, Los Angeles) undated


Bekins Van & Storage Company, Bekins-Speers Motor Company (San Francisco) circa 1956, undated


Belasco Blue-Bell Pictures (Motion picture company, San Francisco) 1922


Belcher Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1873-1888


Belcher, F.P. (Teamster, San Francisco) 1890


Belden & Palache (Insurance, San Francisco) 1902


Belkin, Irving A. (Wholesale furs, San Francisco) undated


Bell & Company (Publishers of songs and ballads, San Francisco) undated


Bell, Henry C. (General merchandise, Sawyer's Bar) 1877


Bell, James (Dealer in flour, corn meal..., Tuolumne Mill) 1878


Bell, John C. (Upholstery, carpets, curtains, San Francisco) 1863-1864


Bella Union Theatre (San Francisco) 1882, circa 1960


Bella Vista Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Bellevue Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1866


Bellevue Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1920-1921, 1950


Belloc Et Cie (San Francisco) 1881-1882


Bell-Wether Gold Mining Company (Amador County) 1896


Belmont Florist (San Francisco) undated


Belmont Fruit Market (San Francisco) 1910


Belton Hearing Service (Berkeley) 1951


Belvoir Champagne Cellars (Warm Springs) 1967


Benaderet's Pipe Shop (San Francisco) 1940s


Bender-Moss Company, Bender-Chaquette (Law book publishers) 1900-1907, undated


Bendit, Samuel (Auctioneer and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1892


Benedict & Turner (Clothing, San Francisco) circa 1892-1897


Benedict & Smith (Merchant tailors, San Francisco) 1885


Beneficial Finance Co. (Berkeley) undated


Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Company (Los Angeles) 1962, undated


Benjamin Curtaz & Son (Pianos, San Francisco) 1887-1900, undated


Benjamin Franklin Coffee House (San Mateo) circa 1955


Benjamin, J.H. (Astrology, San Francisco) undated


Bennett, J. D., Agent, Air Motor Wind Mill Co. (Shingle Springs) undated


Bennett & Volz, Bennett & Schutte (Wood mantles, San Francisco) 1898-1909


Bennetts, R.J. (Drugs, stationery and optical goods, Nevada City) undated


Bennison, Liebmann & Company (Dry goods, Oakland) circa 1882


Benson & Reichards, S. (Sewell) Benson & Company (Dealers in hay and grain, San Francisco) 1852-1856


Benton Con. Company (San Francisco) 1890


Berford & Companys (Maritime express, California) 1952


Berger-Carter Companys (Iron, steel, building supplies, San Francisco) undated


Beringer Brothers Inc. (Los Hermanos vineyards, St. Helena) circa 1952, undated


Berkeley Buick Company 1956


Berkeley Guarantee Savings and Loan Association (Berkeley) undated


Berkeley Hills Chapel undated


Berkeley Horticultural Nursery (Berkeley) 1939


Berkeley Motors (Lincoln Mercury dealership) 1953


Berlin Cleaning & Dyeing Works (San Francisco) undated


Bermingham, Hermann & Co. (Pacific naval store, San Francisco) 1875, undated


Bernard (Hair worker, cutter, San Francisco) undated


Bernard's (Baking powder, coffee, San Francisco) circa 1882


Bernstein's Fish Grotto (San Francisco) circa 1921-1966, undated


Berry & Place (Steam pumps, San Francisco) 1869


Berry U-Drive (Car rentals, San Francisco) circa 1930


Berson, G., A. Berson & Son (Importers of carpets, oil cloths, San Francisco) 1891, undated


Bertin & Lepori (Coffe, tea and spices, San Francisco) 1898, undated


Bertram Bros. (Plumbers, San Francisco) 1898-1901


Bertrand's (Cards, San Francisco) 1948-1953, undated


Bert's New Idea Theatre (San Francisco) 1865


Bessie Boston Dahlia Farm (San Mateo) undated


Best Manufacturing Co. Inc. (San Leandro) 1895-1912, undated

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Best Western Motels (Travel guide, California) undated


Bethlehem Steel Company (San Francisco) 1949-1959, undated


Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation, Ltd. (San Francisco) 1918


Beverly Hills Nurseries (Beverly Hills) undated


Beverly-Plaza Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Bew Drug Company (Alameda) 1900


Beyer, R.W. (Drayman, San Francisco) circa 1870


Bibliotheque Francaise (San Francisco) undated


Bichard, N. (Dealer in anchors, chains, San Francisco) 1859-1888


Big Shot (Photo enlargements, San Francisco) 1972


Big Sur Lodge (Big Sur) circa 1949


Bigamist Restaurant, Le (San Francisco) 1983


Bigelow, E. (Dealer in gunny bags, beans..., San Francisco) 1860-1889


Bigelow & Little, Bay City Iron Works, (San Francisco) 1889


Bigley Brothers, Bigley, C. (Dealers in groceries, provisions, San Francisco) 1860-1878


Bill & Kathy's (Cocktail lounge, Dunnigan) undated


Bill's Market, Leopold M. Fabry (Meats, San Francisco) circa 1870


Bill's Ski Shop (Mount Shasta City) 1950


Biltmore Hotel (Los Angeles) 1935-1968, undated


Bimbo's 365 Club (San Francisco) 1954-1957


Bine, S. (Importer, dealer in trimmings, laces..., San Francisco) circa 1880


Bing Kee (Wholesale dealer in Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, San Francisco) 1887


Biordi Art Imports (San Francisco) 1983


Birdsall Olive Company (Auburn) undated


Birdsall, Silas H. (Dealer in general merchandise, Sawyer's Bar) 1877


Bishop & Co. (Groceries, wine and tea merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870, undated


Bishop Oil Company (San Francisco) 1953-1960


Bishop Play House (Oakland) 1917


Bismarck Cafe (San Francisco) undated


Bit of Asia (Berkeley) 1963


Black Bear Quartz Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1883-1890


Black Hawk Livery and Feed Stable, H.W. Sullivan (Etna) 1877-1878


Blackhawk, San Francisco's Jazz Center undated


Black Oak South Extension Mining Company (San Francisco) 1900-1915, undated


Black Sheep Club (Saloon, San Francisco) circa 1960


Blair Holdings Corporation (Investment banking, San Francisco) 1952


Blair's Academy of Music (San Francisco) 1884


Blake & Co. (Hatters, army navy goods, San Francisco) 1869


Blake, Henry C. (Notary public, San Francisco) circa 1875


Blake, James, (M.D., San Francisco) 1870


Blake, Moffitt, and Towne (Printers, San Francisco) 1982


Blake, Williams, and Harrison (Law offices, San Francisco) 1892


Blanco's Cafe (San Francisco) circa 1920


Blank, G.A. (Manufacturing confectioner, Oakland) circa 1880


Blatchley, W.L. (Blacksmith, carriage and wagon maker, Randolph) 1884


Bliss, William D. (Attorney, Petaluma) 1885


Blochman & Cerf (San Francisco) 1870


Blount, Landers & Co. (Insurance agents, San Francisco) 1870


Blowers, R.B., Muscatel Raisins (Woodland) 1879


Blue Cross Hospital Service of California 1946-1947


Blue Diamond Growers (Sacramento) 2000


Blue Fountain Lunch and Cigar Store (San Francisco) 1946


Blue Gravel Mining Company (Diamondville) 1870


Blum's (Bakery, San Francisco) 1951-1969


Bluxome & Co. (Dealers in coal, iron and metals, San Francisco) circa 1870


Blyth & Co., Inc. (A. S. Olofson, investments, San Francisco) 1955-1966


Blythe & Roberson (Land dealers, Downey) 1894


Boal, Estee (Attorney, San Francisco) 1875


Board of Fire Underwriters (San Francisco) 1874-1878


Board of Port Wardens (San Francisco) 1872


Board of State Harbor Commissioners (San Francisco) 1872


Board of Trade of San Francisco 1953


Boas, J. (Banker, San Francisco) undated


Bob's (Nightclub, San Francisco) 1969


Bock Ngar Chy Co. (San Francisco) 1916, undated


Bodie Bank (Bodie) 1880


Bodie City Express (Bodie) circa 1880


Bodwell, H.H. (Wind-mill, horse power, pump and tank manufacturer, San Francisco) 1879


Body Moderne Magazine (Walt Baptiste, editor, San Francisco) 1940s


Boeing System, Division of United Aircraft and Transport Corp. (San Diego, San Francisco) 1938


Boericke & Runyon, Boericke & Schreck (Homeopathic pharmacy, San Francisco) undated


Boettecher, H. (Wine grower, Los Angeles) undated


Bohn, John (Plumber, San Francisco) 1888


Bolander & Perkins, Bolander, L.Ph. (Woodworkers, San Francisco) 1889-1899


Bolinas Bay Market undated


Bolton & Barron & Co. (San Francisco) 1855


Bomaine Corporation (Los Angeles) 1973


Bon Ton Grill (Monterey) circa 1918


Bonaiti, A. (General merchandise, Bolinas) 1898


Bonanza Airlines (Los Angeles) 1957


Bonsal Seggerman & Co. (San Francisco) 1963


Borck & Rosenberg (Military tailors, San Francisco) circa 1898


Borden Company (California) 1930, undated


Borden's Dairy Delivery Company (San Francisco) 1937


Boring and Company (Jewelers, San Francisco) undated


Boston Gymnasium (San Francisco) circa 1869


Bostwick, I. S., Bostwick & Wilhoit (Forwarding, storage, and commission merchant, Stockton) 1857-1863


Bothe's Paradise (Resort, Calistoga) circa 1940


Boucher, Eugene (Merchant tailor, San Francisco) 1870


Boudin Bakery, Boudin Bros. (San Francisco) 1916, 1977


Bourns, Inc. (Riverside) 1962, 1963


Boutmy, Theodore T. (Architect, San Francisco) undated


Bovee's Steam Coffee and Spice Mills (San Francisco) undated


Bovee, Toy & Co. (Real estate agents and general auctioneers, San Francisco) 1886-1889


Bowen, A.H. (Dry goods, notions..., San Francisco) undated


Bowen & Brother, Bowen, Bacon & Co., Bowen, C.R. (Wholesale and retail in general merchandise, Alameda, Columbia, Stockton, San Francisco) 1858-1870


Bowen & Slocum (Excelsior boarding and sale stables, San Francisco) 1868


Bowerman's Pharmacy Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Bowers, Milton J. (M.D., San Francisco) 1880


Bower's Rubber Company (Rubber and cotton hose, San Francisco) 1899


Bowen, E.J. (Wholesale dealer in seeds, San Francisco) 1874-1888


Bowman Drug Co., Inc. (Oakland) 1913


Boyd, T.C. (Publisher, designer, engraver on wood, San Francisco) 1860, undated


Boyd & Co. (Manufacturers and dealers in hats and caps, San Francisco) 1854


Boyd & Fifield (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1902


Bradford, Kimball & Co. (Bonds, San Francisco) 1922


Bradley & Johnston (Chinese and Japanese employment office, San Francisco) undated


Bradley & Rulofson (Photographers, San Francisco) circa 1874-1879


Bradley & Son (House painters, San Francisco) 1894


Bradshaw & Company (Assayers and metallurgists, San Francisco) circa 1871


Bradstreet Company (San Francisco) 1914


Bradstreet, J.R. (Rubber molding and weather strips, San Francisco) 1909


Braids, Charles (Ore crusher, Copperopolis) undated


Brand Names Research Foundation, Inc. (San Francisco) 1946


Brandhofer, M. (Merchant tailor, San Francisco) 1868


Brandt, Alois (Hide depot, San Francisco) 1870


Braunschweiger & Co. Inc. (Liquor merchants, San Francisco) circa 1900-1906, undated


Bray Brothers, Bray & Brother (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1859-1870


Brayton, J.G. (Photographer, Napa) undated


Breck, George (Simplex motion picture projector sales, San Francisco) 1914


Breen, Thomas (Machine shop and brass foundry, San Francisco) 1865


Breeze & Loughran (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870-1885


Breslauer, H., Breslauer & Morris (Importer and jobber of dry goods, San Francisco) 1857-1865


Bret Harte Boardwalk (Oakland) 1965


Breuner's Home Furnishers (Sacramento, San Ramon) 1985, undated


Brewers' Protective Association (San Francisco) 1917


Breyfogle, Wm. O. (Manufacturer and dealer in doors windows..., San Francisco) 1867


Bridge, W.E., St. Lawrence Livery and Sale Stables (San Francisco) 1876


Briggs, Fergusson & Co. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) 1888


Brignoli & Petterson (Plumbers, tinners..., San Francisco) 1892


Brink, M. (Importer and manufacturer of hats and caps, Oakland) 1878


Brinckerhoff, G.E. (Oculist and aurist, Oakland) circa 1900


Brittan, Holbrook & Co., J.W. Brittan & Co. (Importers of stoves and metals, San Francisco) 1864-1868


Britton & Rey (Lithographers and printers, San Francisco) circa 1852


Broadmoor Improvement Co. (Oakland) circa 1915


Broadway Bakery, Louis Valente (San Francisco) 1878


Broadway & Piedmont Railroad (Oakland) undated


Broadway Wool Depot (San Francisco) 1866


Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison (San Francisco) 1971


Brock & Co. (Grocers, San Francisco) 1907


Brockhurst & Hunt (Produce, San Francisco) circa 1854


Brockway Hot Springs (Lake Tahoe) 1940


Brokaw, James (Manufacturer of doors, sash..., San Francisco) 1858


Bonini's Manger (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1915


Bronson Pharmaceuticals (La Canada) 1985


Brookdale Lodge (Brookdale) circa 1929


Brooklyn Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Brooks Brothers Clothing (San Francisco) 1959


Brooks-Follis Electric Co. (San Francisco) 1897


Brooks' Homeopathic Pharmacy (San Francisco) 1896


Brooks, I. (Feather works, Oakland) undated


Brooks, J.L. (Draper and tailor, San Francisco) 1868


Brotherton J.L. (Real estate agent, San Francisco) undated


Browell, J. (Contractor and builder, San Francisco) 1875-circa 1900


Brown, Craig and Co. (Insurance agents, San Francisco) 1864-1895


Brown, Elam C., Licensed Surveyor undated


Brown, G.W., Nucleus Livery and Sale Stables (San Francisco) 1888


Brown, George S. (Importer and dealer in hardware, cutlery, Oakland) circa 1870


Brown-Gould Company (Real estate) undated


Brown & Hutchinson (Importers and dealers in custom made clothing, San Francisco) 1868-1870


Brown, J.O. (Dealer in Hardware, iron and stoves, Folsom) 1884


Browne, C. Dreden & Salaman, A.J. (Artists, San Francisco) undated


Browne & Swanwick (Agents, worcestershire sauce, San Francisco) circa 1870


Browning & Finck (Locksmiths, bell hangers and saw makers, San Francisco) 1862


Brown's Stove Shop (San Francisco) undated


Bruenn's Music Store, Bruenn's Piano House (Oakland, San Francisco) 1898, undated


Bruning, John H. (Wholesale confectioner, San Francisco) 1895


Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co., J.M. Brunswick & Balke Co. (Billiard tables and supplies, San Francisco) 1910


Brunton-Craft (Fire tongs, camping tables, Centerville) 1950


Bryan World Tours, Inc.


Bryant & Co. (Wholesale grocers, Sacramento) 1860


Bryant, C.G. (M.D., San Francisco) 1863


Buchanan Bros. (Brush manufacturers, San Francisco) 1902, undated


Buckbee Thorne & Co. (Realtors, San Francisco) 1947-1961


Buckeye Mining Company (Sonora) undated


Buckingham & Hecht (Boots, shoes and leather, San Francisco) circa 1870


Buckley, C.F. (M.D., San Francisco) 1903


Buckley, W.D. (Hatter and tailor, Stockton) 1888


Buchnam, E.T. (Dealer in cook stoves, San Francisco) 1870


Bud and Ray's Motor Co. (Packard dealership, San Leandro) 1948


Budget Finance Plan (Los Angeles) 1965


Bud's Ice Cream Bars (San Francisco) 1940s


Buena Vista Cafe (San Francisco) circa 1953


Buena Vista Ranch (Sonoma) circa 1860


Buena Vista Vinicultural Society (San Francisco) circa 1870


Buena Vista Winery (Sonoma) 1982-1984


Buffalo Brewing Company (Sacramento) 1895, undated


Bufford, G.L. (San Francisco) 1860


Builders Control Service Inc. (Los Angeles, Oakland) 1950


Builders Exchange (San Francisco) 1890


Builders Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1868


Building Material Company Inc. (San Francisco) undated


Building Owners & Managers Association (San Francisco) 1949


Bujannoff, R. (Fine jewelry, San Francisco) circa 1915, 1957


Bullock's, Bullock & Jones (Tailors, department store, San Francisco) circa 1870-1894, 1951-1964, undated


Bunker Hill and Sullivan Mining and Concentrating Company (San Francisco) 1953


Burck-Gwynn Co. (Real estate agents, Los Angeles) 1908


Burden, C. (Undertaker, Sonora) 1867


Burdick & Co. (Agents, dealers in liquor, San Francisco) circa 1870


Burgess, George H. (Artist, San Francisco) 1849


Burgess, Gilbert & Still (News paper depot, San Francisco) 1846-1852


Burkardt, Maximillion (importer and manufacturer of engravings, chromos..., San Francisco) undated


Burke & Dowling (Importers of foreign and domestic dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1870


Burke, William F. (Importer and manufacturer of boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1872


Burkham, S.B., Burkham, Bowen Co. (Mono saline solution, Bodie) 1894


Burlingame Home Baking Co. (Burlingame) undated


Burmester, Henry W. ( Coffee and tea, San Francisco) undated


Burnell & Co. (Brewers, San Francisco) 1902


Burnett, G.G. (Apothecary, San Francisco) circa 1870, undated


Burnett, Sawyer K. (Attorney, San Francisco) 1898


Burnett & Burnett (Attorneys, San Francisco) circa 1867, circa 1920


Burnham & Beck & Co. (Carpet and furniture, San Francisco) 1883


Burnham, F.P., Burnham, J.H. (Druggists, Banker, Folsom) circa 1885, 1918


Burnham & Standeford & Co. (Planing mills and lumber, Oakland) 1881


Burns, F.C. (Dahlia farm, San Rafael) undated


Burns, Crump & Vance (Real estate agents, Benicia) circa 1880


Burns, Isidore (Shipsmith, San Francisco) 1859


Burnstine Brothers (Importers and dealers in iron and steel, San Francisco) 1899


Burr Folding Bed Co. (San Francisco) undated


Burt, J. Guss (Purchasing agent, San Francisco) circa 1880


Bush, David (Sanitary engineer, San Francisco) 1889


Bush, E. C. (Upholsterer and carpet layer, San Francisco) undated


Bush & Mallett Company (Manufacturers of wood mantels, grates and tiles, San Francisco) 1899, undated


Bush & Milne (Plumbers and steam fitters, San Francisco) 1876


Bush Street Theatre, M.B. Leavitt proprietor (San Francisco) 1881-1893


Bushnell, F.H. (Photographer, San Francisco) circa 1910, undated


Bushwell, E.G. (Importer and dealer in paints, oils, glass..., Oakland) 1882


Bustles & Beaus (Saloon, San Francisco) undated


Busy Line Coffee Shop (San Francisco) undated


Buteners, Jean B. (Newspaper artist, San Francisco) undated


Butler, P.F. (Importer and dealer in millinery, San Francisco) 1886, undated


Butler-Veitch Inc. (Marmon automobile distributors, San Francisco) 1924


Butler, W.C. (Wood engraver, San Francisco) circa 1870


Butler, W.J., Mrs. (Wholesale and retail millinery, San Francisco) 1872


Butterfield & Butterfield, William Butterfield (Auctioners and appraisers, San Francisco) 1882, 1947-1987


Butterick Publishing Co. (San Francisco) 1897


Butters' Aluminum Bronze Works, Butters Electrolytic Zinc Syndicate, Butters Copala Mines, Inc. undated


Buyer, Reich & Co. (Importers and jobbers in zephyr, worsted, trimmings..., San Francisco) undated


Byrne, Edward (San Francisco) 1888


Byron Hot Springs (Byron) 1903, 1967-1987


Byron Jackson Co. (Farm machinery, Los Angeles) 1904, 1951-1953


Byron Mauzy (Piano, Victorolas and ukuleles sales) undated




C.A. Burgess & Co. (San Francisco) undated


C. Adolphe Low & Co. (San Francisco) 1872


C.A. Hawley & Co. (Importers and dealers in hardware, Marysville) 1856


C.A. Luckhardt & Co. (Assayers, San Francisco) undated


C. Anduran & Company (Wholesale wine and liquor merchants, San Francisco) 1883


C.A. Plummer & Co., Phoenix Coal and Wood Yard (San Francisco) undated


C.C. Burr & Co. (Baking powder, spices..., San Francisco) undated


C. Carnevali Marble & Mosaic Co. (San Francisco) 1908


C. Clayton & Co. (Freight and drayage, San Francisco) circa 1870


C.C. Lord & Co. (Manufacturer of burnt leather, pillows and novelties, San Francisco) undated


C.C. Morse & Co. (Seed growers and dealers, San Francisco) 1907-1922

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C.C. Pierce & Co., Inc. (Cameras, Los Angeles) 1910


C. & D. Williamson (Crockery and glassware, San Francisco) undated


C.E. Collins & Co. (Importers of watches, clocks..., San Francisco) 1867


C.F. Weber & Co. (School, office and church furniture, San Francisco) 1894-1898


C. Herrmann & Co. (Manufacturing hatter, San Francisco) circa 1880-1898


C.H. Jenkins Company (Typewriters, San Francisco) undated


C.H. Reynolds & Co. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) 1877-circa 1880


C. Hudson & Co. (Importers of boots and shoes, Marysville) 1857


C.J. Hawley & Co. (Grocers, San Francisco) 1866-1882


C.J. Hendry Company, Charles J. Hendry (Ship chandlery and naval store, San Francisco, San Pedro) 1888, circa 1940


C.J. Pidwell & Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in bottles, bags..., San Francisco) 1883


C.L. Best Tractor Company (San Leandro) untitled


C. Lagauterie & Co. (Importers of French spirits, San Francisco) 1857


C. Lagomarsino & Co. (Dealers in fresh and dry fruit, San Francisco) 1900


C. Meyer & Co. (Sewing bag factory, San Francisco) 1859-1861


C.O. and C.H. Farrer (Plastering, Berkeley, Oakland) undated


C. Richard Knapp's Cough Balsam (San Francisco) undated


C.R. Petersen & Co. (Importers, wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1883


C.R. Splivalo & Co., California Italian Paste Company (San Francisco) 1884


C.S. Capp & Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) 1893


C. Stevens & Co. (Importers and wholesale dealers in diamonds, watches, jewelry..., San Francisco) 1858


C.W. Coburn & Co. (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1886-1887


C.W. Marwedel (Tools, metals, mill supplies, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


Cabale, M. (Gardener, Oakland) undated


Cabana Motor Hotel (Palo Alto) undated


Cable Car Cafe (San Francisco) undated


Cable-Car Street Indicator Company (San Francisco) 1888


Cablevision, Television Signal Corporation (San Francisco) 1968, undated


Cadillac Dealers (San Francisco) 1958


Caesar (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1912


Cafe de Paris (Menlo Park) undated


Cafe Esprit (San Francisco) undated


Cafe Kost (Sacramento) circa 1920


Cafe Lafayette 1916


Cafe Zinkand (San Francisco) 1902-1903


Cahill, J.L. (Paints, oils , glass, San Francisco) 1887-1891


Cairns, Jason (Manufacturer and dealer in harness and saddlery, Nevada City) circa 1910


Cal-Art Frame Center (San Francisco) 1966


Calcot, Ltd. (Far West Cotton Industry) 1957


Caldwell, W.T. (Bedding supplies, San Francisco) undated


Caledonia Series Gold and Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) circa 1860


Cal-Farm Insurance Company, Cal-Farm Life Insurance Company (Berkeley) 1971


California & Arizona Land Co. (Los Angeles) 1912


California Association of Ophthalmology 1986


California Auto Parking Station (San Francisco) undated


California Auto Tours Company (San Francisco) circa 1920


California Bag, Tent and Awning Co. (San Francisco) 1891


California Bakers Association (San Francisco) 1921


California Bank (Los Angeles) undated


California Bankers Association, San Francisco Group 1933-1934


California Barrel Co. (San Francisco) 1900


California Bell and Brass Works, V. Kingwell (San Francisco) 1896


California Blanket Cleaning and Renovating Works (San Francisco) undated


California Brass Works, Gallagher, Weed & White (San Francisco) 1865


Californian "Bon Zest" circa 1900


California Bridge and Construction Co. (San Francisco) 1895


California Building and Loan Society (San Francisco) 1871


California Canning Peach Growers (San Francisco) 1922-1924


California Central Creameries 1914, 1922


California Collection Agency (Thelma Ray Osborne, San Francisco) undated


California Commercial and Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) circa 1870


California Compensation Insurance Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1949-1951


California Concrete Co. (San Francisco) circa 1896, undated


California Construction Co. (San Francisco) 1890


California Cotton Mills Company (Oakland) 1947


California Cracker Company (San Francisco) 1872-1880


California Crematorium (Oakland) circa 1920


California Decorating Co. (San Francisco) circa 1892


California, Department of State (Sacramento) 1894


California Diamond Drill Mine Exploration Company (San Francisco) 1912


California Door Co. (Oakland) undated


California Electric Light Co. (San Francisco) 1888, 1979


California Electric Power Company (Riverside) 1951-1959


California Electrical Works (San Francisco) 1884-1906


California Feather Co. (Manufacturers and jobbers of feathers, pillows and cushions, San Francisco) undated


California Fig Syrup Co. (San Francisco) 1893-1906


California Farmers' Fire Insurance Association (San Francisco) circa 1870-1882


California Fruit Canners Association (San Francisco) 1913-1916, undated


California Fruit Growers Exchange (Sacramento) 1935-1961


California Fruit and Wine-Land Co. (San Francisco) 1899


California Furniture Manufacturing Co. (San Francisco) circa 1880-1899


California Gas & Electric Fixture Co. (San Francisco) circa 1910-1913


California Gas Fixture Co. (San Francisco) 1905


California Grape Food Co. (Los Gatos, San Francisco) 1893-1894


California Grape Juice Co. (Los Angeles) undated


California-Hawaiian Sugar Refining Co. (Crockett) 1911


California Home Insurance Company undated


California Hot Springs (Tulare) undated


California Hotel (Santa Clara) 1906


California Industrial Shoe Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


California Insurance Co. (San Francisco) 1880-1925


California Interstate Telephone Company (Victorville) 1965-1968


California Iron and Steel Company 1890


California Land Title Company of Santa Clara County 1976


California Lumber Company (San Francisco) 1888


California Market (San Francisco) 1879


California Metal Trades Association (San Francisco) 1916-1917


California Mills (Manufacturer of mouldings, picture frames..., San Francisco) 1884


California Mining Company (San Francisco) 1877-1880


California Moline Plow Co. (San Francisco) undated


California Motion Picture Company 1984


California Mutual Building & Loan Association (San Francisco) circa 1926


California Mutual Life Insurance Company (San Francisco) undated


California Navigation & Improvement Co. (Stockton) 1890, undated


California Northwestern Railway Company (San Francisco) 1899-1905


California Nursery Company (Niles) 1886-1929, 1950

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California Notion & Toy Co. (San Francisco) 1895


California Oil Development Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


California Optical Co. (San Francisco) undated


California and Oregon Overland Mail Company circa 1877


California Oregon Power Company 1947-1956


California & Oregon Stage Line 1880-1884, 1935


California and Oregon U.S. Mail Line 1866-1882


California Pacific Railroad & Steamer New World (Vallejo) 1870


California Pacific Title & Trust Company (San Francisco) undated


California-Pacific Utilities Company (San Francisco) 1946


California Packing Corporation (San Francisco) 1917-1967, undated

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California Panorama Co. (San Francisco) undated


California Parlor Car Tours Incorporated (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1981, undated


California Pastoral and Agricultural Company, Limited (Merced) 1903


California Pottery Co. (San Francisco) 1885


California Promotion Committee (San Francisco) 1906-1909


California Poultry Supply Co. (San Francisco) undated


California Rattan, Reed and Wicker Works (San Francisco) undated


California Redwood Company (Eureka) 1884


California Redwood Association (San Francisco) undated


California Rug Co. (Hand made rugs, San Francisco) circa 1918


California Safe Deposit and Trust Company (San Francisco) 1893-1918, undated


California and Salt Lake Mail Line undated


California Savings & Loan Company (Oakland, San Francisco and San Leandro) undated


California Savings and Loan Society (San Francisco) 1882


California Saw Works (San Francisco) 1899


California School of Beauty Culture (San Francisco) undated


California Shirt Manufactory, J. Dreyer (San Francisco) 1869


California Silk Manufacturing Company, California Silk Company (San Francisco) 1880, undated


California Spray-Chemical Corporation (Berkeley, Richmond and Whittier) 1932, undated


California State Automobile Association (San Francisco) 1950-1955, undated


California Steam Navigation Company (Marysville, Stockton) 1861-1866


California Street Cable Railroad (San Francisco) 1890-1898, 1975-1978


California Sugar and White Pine Company (San Francisco) 1912


California Theatre (Los Angeles) 1920


California Theatre (San Francisco) 1870-1876, 1917-1924, undated


California Theatre (San Jose) 1885, undated


California Title Insurance and Trust Company (San Francisco) circa 1895-1906


California Transfer Co. (San Francisco) 1881, undated


California Transit Company (San Francisco) 1911-1927, undated


California Transportation Company (San Francisco) 1915-1930, undated


California Umbrella Works (San Francisco) circa 1920


California Vigorit Powder Co. (San Francisco) circa 1887, undated


California Water Service Company (San Jose) 1946-1955


California Water & Telephone Company (San Francisco) 1953


California Western Railroad & Navigation Co. (Fort Bragg) 1915, undated


California-Western States Life Insurance Company (Sacramento) 1956-1964


California Wine Association (San Francisco) 1911, 1959


California Wire Works (San Francisco) 1887-1889


California Zephyr (Western Pacific Railroad) 1952-1970, undated


Callahan & Bundersen (Ship painting, San Francisco) 1888


Callender, John (Undertaker, Vallejo) 1875


Cambria Candles Incorporated (San Francisco) undated


Cameo Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1918


Cameron, Rodney (Official numberer, Berkeley) circa 1890


Camille's Rotisserie & Restaurant (San Francisco) circa 1923


Camp Nelson (Tulare County) undated


Camp Yosemite, J.B. Cook, Proprietor (Yosemite Valley) circa 1890


Campbell-Thiebaud Gallery (San Francisco) 1997


Campbell, W.H. (Importer and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1888


Campbell & Wong & Associates (Interiors, San Francisco) 1968


Canadian Pacific Steamships (Railway) (San Francisco) 1895, 1931


Canal Farm Inn and Motel undated


Candid Camera Photo Service Co. (San Francisco) undated


Canfield & Wright (Watchmakers and jewelers, Marysville) 1855


Cantrell, Dell & Co. (Doors, sash, blinds..., San Francisco) 1868


Capen, W.F. (Real estate, San Francisco) undated


Capital (Steamer, Marysville) 1868


Capital Manufacturing Co. (Furniture, Sacramento) 1898


Capital Savings Bank (Sacramento) 1878


Capital Telephone Company 1905


Capitol Theatre (San Francisco) 1925-1929, undated


Capitola Hotel (Capitola) 1898


Capitola By the Sea, Frank Meline Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) circa 1925


Capp, James B. (Insurance and real estate, San Jose) circa 1900


Caprice Restaurant (Tiburon) 1962, undated


Caravan Lodge (San Francisco) 1956


Carcass, C.H. (Awnings, tents and covers, San Francisco) undated


Cardinal Room, Alexander Hamilton Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1955


Cariani Sausage Company, Molinari & Cariani (San Francisco) 1978


Carl Wilke Round House (San Francisco) 1939, 1960s


Carlisle's (Stationery, San Francisco) circa 1940


Carnival Club (San Francisco) 1940s


Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc. and Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc. (Department stores, Los Angeles) 1972-1974


Carmany, J.W. (Men's furnishing goods, San Francisco) 1882


Carmel Business Association (Carmel) 1933


Car-o-la Mfg. Co. (Plant guards and labels, Oakland) undated


Carolan & Co. (Hardware, iron and steel, San Francisco) circa 1890


Carr, Walter W. (Loans, San Francisco) undated


Carriage-Trade Publications (San Francisco) 1949


Carroll & Carroll (Liquor merchants, San Francisco) 1892-1898


Carroll, John N. (Notary public, San Francisco) 1889


Carroll, Brainard & Co. (Wholesale liquor dealers, San Francisco) circa 1870


Carroll & Tilton Co. (Mens and boys clothing, San Francisco) circa 1908


Carson Hill Gold Mining Corporation (Melones) 1937-1938


Cartan, McCarthy and Co. (San Francisco) 1886


Carter, John (Boatman, San Francisco) 1888


Carter's View Emporium 1872


Carter Hawley Hale Stores Inc. (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco) 1976


Carthay Circle Theater (Los Angeles) undated


Casa de Bandini (San Diego) circa 1950


Casa de Manana (Resort Hotel, La Jolla) circa 1920


Casa Del Rey (Santa Cruz) 1911-1912


Casa Madrid (San Francisco) 1961


Casimir Winters & Co. (Importers of corks, hops and brewers stock, San Francisco) 1869


Casino Theatre (San Francisco) 1917-1926


Cassaretto, John (Gravel and sand, San Francisco) 1910


Casserly Fruit Growers Association (Watsonville) undated


Cassidy Agency, Joseph A. Ferris (Insurance, San Francisco) 1946


Cassinelli, P.L. (General merchandise, Jackson) 1916


Castagnetto, P. (Importer-dealer in groceries, wines, liquors, San Francisco) 1885


Castle & Cooke, Inc. (San Francisco) 1965


Castle, J.G. (Saw sharpening, San Francisco) 1888


Castle Brothers (Grocers, San Francisco) 1857-1858


Castle Tract Homestead Association (San Francisco) circa 1870


Castro Theater (San Francisco) 1917-1918, 1979-1984


Catalina Motel (Los Angeles) undated


Cataract & Wide West Gravel Mining Company (San Francisco) circa 1870


Catarena Coal Mining Company (Monterey County) 1874


Caterpillar Tractor Company (Oakland, San Leandro, Stockton) 1926-1956

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Cauldwell, Paul B. (San Francisco) 1940s


Cavagnaro, F. (Wholesale wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1898-1899


Cavalier Inn Restaurant (San Simeon) 1973


Cawston Ostrich Farm (South Pasadena) 1912, undated


Cecil Hotel (San Francisco) 1922, undated


Cedar River Coal Company (San Francisco) 1888


Centennial Stables (San Francisco) 1898-1900


Cento Cedar Cinema (San Francisco) 1970s


Central Bank (Oakland) 1907, 1941


Central Bank of Vallejo 1916-1917


Central California Traction Company (Stockton, Lodi, Sacramento) 1911


Central Consolidated Mines Company (Nevada County) circa 1910


Central Credit Union of California (Oakland) 1954-1963


Central Eureka Corporation (San Jose) 1954


Central Eureka Mining Company (Sutter Creek) 1918


Central Milling Co. (Manufacturers of flour, feed..., Salinas) 1888


Central Milling Co. (San Francisco) undated


Central National Bank, Central Savings Bank (Oakland) 1909-1926


Central Pacific Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1861-1884, 1963, undated


Central Park (San Francisco) circa 1899, undated


Central Restaurant (Santa Barbara) circa 1890


Central Theatre (San Francisco) 1903-1906, undated


Century Archives (Publishers, film production and editing, Studio City) undated


Century Theatre (San Francisco) 1921-1922


Cerrito's (Restaurant, Monterey) circa 1949


Certified Cleaner (San Francisco) 1940s


Ceylon Manufacturing Co. (Nutcoa oil, San Francisco) undated


Challenge (Ship, San Francisco) undated


Chalmers, Robert (Coloma vineyards, Coloma) 1878


Chancellor Hotel (San Francisco) 1918, undated


Chandler, R.D. (Importer and dealer in coal, San Francisco) 1888


Chanquet Bros. Liquor Co. (San Francisco) circa 1906


Chantilly, The (Hotel and restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Chapel of Memories Crematorium and Columbarium (Oakland) 1953


Chapman & Co. (Sewer repair, San Francisco) 1876


Charles A. Rossier Co. (General insurance, San Francisco) 1910


Charles Bianchi, Marble Works (San Francisco) 1876


Charles Brown & Sons (Wholesale and reail dealers in ranges, tin..., San Francisco) 1898, 1931-1947, undated


Charles Dahlmann & Co. (Importers and jobbers of mens and boys clothing, San Francisco) 1866-1868


Charles Duisenberg & Co. (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1888


Charles F. Doe & Co. (Lumber dealers, San Francisco) 1888-1895


Charles F. O'Brien & Co. (Developers, San Francisco) circa 1907


Charles Frank, Real Estate and Insurance Broker (San Francisco) undated


Charles Holbrook Merril Co., Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson (Stoves and metals, San Francisco) 1884-1928, undated


Charles Krug Winery, Napa & Sonoma Wine Co. (St. Helena) circa 1880, 1954-1957, 1986, undated


Charles Meinecke & Co. (Importers, San Francisco) 1886, undated


Charles M. Plum & Co. (Carpets, furniture and upholstery, San Francisco) circa 1860, 1908, undated


Charles Oester & Son (General Blacksmithing, San Francisco) undated


Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc. (Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco) 1958


Charles Prins Co. (Draperies, curtains..., San Francisco) undated


Chase & Robbins (Main street livery stable, Antioch) circa 1870


Chateau St. Jean (Vineyard and winery, Kenwood) 1981-1982


Chateau Souverain (Winery, Geyserville) undated


Cheese Factory (Marin County) undated


Chelsea Laundry (San Francisco) 1850-1865


Chemical Laboratory (San Francisco) 1861


Cherokee Gold & Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) undated


Cherry's (Men's and women's clothing, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco) undated


Chesse, Ralph (Marionettes, San Francisco) circa 1930


Chester, Sharkey & Co., F. Chester & Co. (Silks, velvets and lace, San Francisco) 1882


Chestnut Street (San Francisco) 1969


Chestnutwood's College Bank (Santa Cruz) 1884


Chevallier & Neumann (Druggists and chemists, San Francisco) 1869


Chew Hing Lung & Co. (Importers of Chinese and Japanese fancy goods, San Francisco) undated


Chew Jan Company (Chinese fine arts, San Francisco) undated


Cheyrias & Passet (Show cards, price marks and window tickets, San Francisco) circa 1880


Chez Marguerite (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Chicago Brewery (San Francisco) 1894


Chicago Clothing Co. (San Francisco) 1889


Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad (San Francisco) undated


Chicago Grand Opera Company (San Francisco) 1913-1922


Chicago Hotel (San Francisco) 1887


Chicago Lumber Company of Washington (San Francisco) 1923


Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway (Oakland) undated


Chick, Harrison (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Chicken Delight (San Francisco) undated


Chickering & Gregory (San Francisco) 1971


Chidester, Iassac (Hackman, Stockton) 1890


Childers the Exclusive Millinery Shop (San Francisco) circa 1920


Chinese Herb Co. (San Francisco) circa 1914


Chinn, J.W. (Banker and Wells Fargo Express agent, Iowa Hill) circa 1860


Chinn-Beretta Optical Co. (San Francisco) 1914


Chipman & Anderson (Dealers in flour and grain, San Francisco) circa 1853


Chiuda & Botto (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1901


Chong Sing Co. (Wholesale and retail Chinese merchandise, San Francisco) undated


Chow Don Gee Ton & Co. (San Francisco) undated


Chris-Craft Industries Inc. (Oakland) 1964-1966


Christmas Store (San Francisco) 1981


Christofferson School of Aviation (Redwood City) 1917, undated


Christopher Milk (Dairy) 1955


Chrysopolis (Steamer, San Francisco) 1861


Chrysopolis Gold and Silver Mining Company (San Francisco) 1864


Chun Lee Co. (San Francisco) undated


Church & Clark (Agents of Liebig's extract, San Francisco) circa 1871


Church, T.R. (Wholesale dealer in men's and youths' clothing, San Francisco) circa 1870


Church St. Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1920


Chutes, The (Pleasure resort and theatre, San Francisco) 1902-1907, undated


Chy Lung & Co. (Importers of Chinese goods, San Francisco) circa 1872, undated


Cineograph Parlors (San Francisco) 1898


Circus Royal and Venetian Water Carnival (San Francisco) undated


Citizen Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1954-1964


Citizens Federal Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1955-1966, undated


Citizens National Trust & Savings Bank (Los Angeles) 1958


Citron, M. L. (Dealer in clothing, San Francisco) undated


City Abstract Company (San Francisco) 1906


City Asphaltum Roofing Co., P. Sexton & Co. (San Francisco) undated


City Clock Works (Oakland) undated


City Drug Store Co. (Sonora) 1909


City Electric Company (San Francisco) undated


City Hotel, The (San Francisco) undated


City Hotel (Stockton) 1853


City Lights (Magazine, San Francisco) undated


City Lights Book Sellers and Publishers (San Francisco) 1973


City of Paris, E. Verdier, Kaindler, Scellier & Co. (Dry goods, San Francisco) 1863-1982, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

City Pharmacy (Jackson) 1905


City Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1959


Cityguide Hotline (San Francisco) undated


Civic Manor Motel (San Francisco) 1980s


Clabrough, Golcher & Co., Clabrough & Bro. (Manufacturer and dealer in sporting goods, San Francisco) 1876-1905


Claremont (Roadhouse, San Francisco) undated


Claremont Hotel (Berkeley) 1927-1958


Clarence Bullwinkel (Ford dealership, Oakland) circa 1950


Clark, Joseph (Plumbing, San Francisco) 1903


Clark, Robert L. (Jeweler, San Francisco) undated


Clark Wise & Co. (Pianos, San Francisco) undated


Clarkodota Fig Plantations (San Francisco) circa 1921


Clarke, James L. (Watchman, San Francisco) 1872


Clarke Nursery (San Jose) undated


Clark's O.N.T. Spool Cotton (San Francisco) circa 1900


Classen & Company (Soap agents, San Francisco) circa 1891


Claude Neon Industries (Electrical Products Corporation of California) 1930


Clay, Thomas (San Francisco) 1858


Clay Street Railroad (San Francisco) circa 1873, undated


Clay Street Wool Depot (San Francisco) circa 1870


Clear Light Oil Company (San Francisco) circa 1900


Clements & Co. (Importers and dealers in general merchandise, San Francisco) 1865


Clement Bazaar (Books, stationery and notions, San Francisco) undated


Cleveland Faucet Co. (San Francisco) 1899


Cliff House (San Francisco) 1900-1947, 1978-1997, undated


Clifford Associates (Investment counselors, Los Angeles) 1970


Clift Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1915-1929, 1976-1977, undated


Cline Bros. (Real estate agents, San Francisco) undated


Clinton Cafeteria (San Francisco) circa 1918, 1940-1947


Clipper Restaurant (San Francisco) circa 1871-1884


Clos du Val Wine Co., Ltd. 1987


Club Liquor Store (San Francisco) 1949


Club Restaurant, Players Club (San Francisco) 1940s


Cluett, Peabody & Co. (Alameda) circa 1906


Cluff Brothers (Wholesale and retail grocers, San Francisco) 1899


Clunie Opera House (Sacramento) 1887-1893


Clunie Theatre (Sacramento) 1898-1907


Clute, P.A. (Wholesale and retail dealer in groceries, provisions, dry goods..., Volcano) 1898


Coarsegold Inn (Coarsegold) undated


Coast Counties Gas and Electric Company (Santa Cruz, San Francisco) 1939-1951


Coast Envelope Company (Los Angeles) undated


Coast Federal Savings (Los Angeles) undated


Cobb & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1853


Coburn, Tevis & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1899


Codding Service (Multigraphing, mimeography, stenography, San Francisco) undated


Code, Elfelt & Co. (Manufacturers of hermetically sealed goods, San Francisco) circa 1875


Coffee Dan's (San Francisco) circa 1951


Coffee Gallery (San Francisco) undated


Coffin & Henry (Ship chandlery and naval stores, San Francisco) 1877-1881


Coggins Brothers Co. (Lumber and box manufacturers, Igerna) 1905


Coghill & Kohn (Importers and wholesale grocers, San Francisco) 1894-1900


Cognet, Joseph T. (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Cohen & Co. (Commission merchants, Sacramento) circa 1853


Cohen, R. (Hides, wool and furs, San Francisco) circa 1870


Cohen, W. (Glazier, San Francisco) 1909-1913


Cohn, P.C. (General merchandise, Folsom) 1898-1904


Cohn, S. (Wholesale and retail dealer in groceries and produce, Folsom) undated


Cohn, Samuel (Teas, Healdsburg) undated


Cohnreich Bros. (Boots and shoes, San Francisco) circa 1882, undated


Colberg Supplies (Maintenance materials, San Francisco) 1940s


Cole, R.E. (Fulton livery stable,San Francisco) 1899


Coleman, D.R. (Ship blacksmith, San Francisco) 1872


Coleman, H. (Insurance agent, San Francisco) undated


Coleman Lamp & Stove Co. (Los Angeles) undated


Coliseum Theatre (San Francisco) 1919-1924


College Hill Land Association, The (San Diego) 1903, undated


College Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1874


Collins & Dean (Dealers in flour, feed and grain, San Francisco) 1866


Collins, Charles J. (Hatter, San Francisco) 1874


Collins, D.W., The New Home Sewing Machine Co. (San Francisco) undated


Collins, S. H. (Watches, diamonds and jewelry, San Francisco) 1887


Collins, T. (Boat builder, San Francisco) undated


Collins & Tiffany (Hatters, San Francisco) 1861


Colman Brothers (Importers and dealers in clothing, San Francisco) 1853-1898


Colonial Hotel (San Francisco) 1919-1920


Colman Investment Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Colonial Terrace (Carmel) undated


Colonial Theatre (San Francisco) 1906-1907


Colorado No. 2 Gold and Silver Mining Company (Monitor) 1878


Columbia-Geneva Steel (San Francisco) 1959


Columbia Gulch Fluming Company 1859


Columbia Phonograph Co. (San Francisco) circa 1930


Columbia Restaurant (Folsom) circa 1910


Columbia River Manufacturing Co. (Lumber, San Francisco) circa 1870


Columbian Banking Company (San Francisco) 1901


Columbus Buggy Co. (San Francisco) undated


Columbus Savings and Loan Society (San Francisco) undated


Colville & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1853


Comedy, The (Theatre, San Francisco) undated


Commercial Hotel (Stockton) circa 1880-1888


Commercial Mart (Importers and dealers in dry goods, San Francisco) 1884


Commercial Pacific Cable Company 1902


Commercial Pacific Co. (Importers, San Francisco) undated


Commercial & Savings Bank of San Jose 1875


Commercial Soap Co. (San Francisco) 1883, undated


Commercial Union Assurance Company of London (San Francisco) circa 1870


Commercial Union Fire Insurance Co. (San Francisco) 1906


Commercial Utility Service (San Francisco) 1940s


Commodore Aviation (Lake Tahoe, Sausalito) undated


Commonwealth Insurance Company of New York (San Francisco) 1953, undated


Commonwealth Investment Company (San Francisco) 1933-1935


Community Silver Distributors (San Francisco) undated


Compton, F.W. (Surveyor, San Francisco) 1888


Conacher Galleries (San Francisco) undated


Condy, H. Richard (Watchmaker and jeweler, Grass Valley) circa 1920


Congdon, Charles H. (Civil engineer, Tulare) 1891


Congress Hall (San Francisco) 1867


Conklin & Co., Denis Corkry (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1892


Conklin, G. W. (San Francisco) undated


Conlin & Roberts (Metal roofers, San Francisco) 1889


Conlin, John F. (Street contractor, San Francisco) 1866


Connecticut Fire Insurance. Co., Hagan & Manheim Agents (San Francisco) 1884


Connell Motor Co. (Oldsmobile dealer, Oakland) 1956


Conner, W.A.H. (Stamp dealer, Oakland) undated


Conrad, A. (Carpenter and cabinet maker, San Francisco) 1863


Conrad, John (Watchmaker, San Francisco) undated


Conroy & O'Connor (Importers in hardware, iron and steel, San Francisco) 1859-1866


Conservative Rubber Production Company (San Francisco) 1902


Consolidated Aircraft Corporation (San Diego) 1941-1944


Consolidated Amador Mining Company (Amador County) 1880


Consolidated Association (San Francisco) undated


Consolidated Chemical Industries Inc. (San Francisco) 1952-1954


Consolidated Freightways, Inc. (Menlo Park, San Francisco) 1958-1967

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Consolidated Virginia Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876-1880


Consolidated Western Steel Corporation (California) 1948, 1955


Constant J. Auger (Jeweler, San Francisco) undated


Constant, Madame (French milliner, San Francisco) 1870


Consumers Agency Representatives (Automobile financing, San Francisco) 1955


Consumers' Yeast & Vinegar Works (San Francisco) 1893-1900


Continental Airlines 1957-1970, undated


Continental Building and Loan Association (San Francisco) undated


Continental Casualty Company (San Francisco) 1951


Continental Express (Group tours, San Francisco) 1965


Continental Fire Insurance Company (San Francisco) 1917-1919


Continental Hotel undated


Continental Oil and Transportaion Co. (San Francisco) circa 1882


Continental Subdivisions Inc. (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1952


Contra Costa Laundry Association (San Francisco) 1882


Contra Costa Water Company (Oakland) 1860-1870


Coogan, T.C. (Attorney, San Francisco) 1888


Cook & Co. (Importers of crockery, glass..., San Francisco) circa 1890


Cook & Cook (Commercial photo service, Oakland) undated


Cook, H.N. (Manufacturer of leather belting, San Francisco) 1891


Cook, John (Carpenter, builder and decorator, San Francisco) 1887


Cook's Tours (Thomas Cook, Hugh B. Rice, Los Angeles) 1897, undated


Coolot, A. (Cigars and tobacco, Sacramento) 1901


Coombs & Taylor (Shipwrights, San Francisco) 1872


Cooney, Andrew (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) circa 1909


Cooney, J. (Painter and whitener, San Francisco) 1884-1885


Cooper, J. (Merchant tailor, San Francisco) 1867


Coppa's Restaurant (San Francisco) 1911-1937, undated


Coral Reef (Restaurant, Millbrae) undated


Corner Art Shop (Graphic, Oriental and decorative arts, San Francisco) undated


Coronado Beach Company (San Diego) undated


Corran, W.H.L., Langley's San Francisco Directory (Compiler, San Francisco) 1888


Correct Time Patents Co. (San Francisco) 1911


Cort Theatre (San Francisco) 1913-1923

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Cosmopolitan (Baths, Yosemite Valley) circa 1870


Cosmopolitan Hotel (San Francisco) 1870, undated


Cosmopolitan Hotel, J.C. Smith & J.R. Townsend, Proprietors (Yosemite Valley) circa 1880


Cosmopolitan Opera Company (San Francisco) 1955


Cosmos Cafe (San Francisco) 1909


Costa, Lorenzo (Importer, San Francisco) 1884-1887


Costello, James (Painter, San Francisco) 1888


Costerauste, Etienne (Importer of French and English dry goods, San Francisco) 1862


Cottage City (Lucerne) undated


Cottage Gardens Nurseries (Eureka, San Jose) 1917-1918


Coulter's Rattan Works (San Francisco) undated


Couralet, J. (Gardener, San Francisco) 1908-1912


Covert, H.M. (Agent for the California sack holder, San Francisco) undated


Coward, Herbert (Surveyor, San Francisco) 1888


Cowen & Co. (Funeral directors, San Francisco) 1890


Crabtree's Travel Office (Oakland) 1923


Craig, C.W. (Importer and commission merchant, San Francisco) 1887


Craig & Son (Undertakers, San Francisco) 1873


Craig, Cochran Co. (Funeral directors, San Francisco) 1891


Cram, Rogers & Co.'s (Yreka) circa 1850


Crandall & McKillican (Provisions and mining supplies, North Bloomfield) 1878-1892


Crane, A.M. (Attorney, San Francisco) undated


Crane & Brigham, Crowell, Crane & Brigham (Wholesale druggists, San Francisco) 1858-1867


Crane & Cording (Sulphate copper, South San Francisco) circa 1870


Crane Co. (Pumbing fixtures, Oakland) 1925


Crego & Bowley (Auctioneers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1878


Creque's American Hotel (Pilot Hill) 1866


Cresta Blanca Wine Co. (Livermore, San Francisco) circa 1909


Crichton & Lyon (Strong ale, San Francisco) 1854


Crittenden, Parker (Notary public and commissioner of deeds, San Francisco) 1870


Crockard Chevrolet Co. (Roseville) circa 1930


Crocker-Anglo National Bank (San Francisco) 1956-1957


Crocker Art Gallery (Sacramento) 1952-1979


Crocker-Citizens National Bank (San Francisco) 1964-1968


Crocker Estate Company (San Francisco) 1913


Crocker First National Bank (San Francisco, Oakland) 1915-1959


Crocker National Bank (San Francisco) circa 1980


Crocker-Woolworth National Bank (San Francisco) 1890-1900


Crosby & Mathewson (Importers and jobbers of watches, diamonds and fine jewelry, San Francisco) 1860-1861


Cross & Co. (Blacksmiths, Nelson Point) circa 1855


Crowley, F. (Carpenter and builder, San Francisco) circa 1870


Crowley, T.J. (Horse shoer, San Francisco) 1888


Crowley Maritime Corporation, Crowley's Bay Excursion (Oakland) 1915, 1992, undated


Crown Graphite Company of Mexico (San Francisco) 1913


Crown Manufacturing Co. (Grocers' supplies, San Francisco) 1899


Crown Zellerbach Corporation (San Francisco) 1949-1971, unadted

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Cruising Enterprises (Balboa, Newport Harbor, Sausalito) undated


Crum & Forster (Insurance, San Francisco) undated


Crystal Brothers (Dry goods, fancy goods..., Vacaville) 1900


Crystal Dairy Foods (Sacramento Valley) undated


Crystal Pistol (Night club, San Francisco) 1989


Crystal Valley Cellars (Modesto) circa 1987


Culley, John P. (Importer and dealer in hardware, stoves and plumbing supplies, San Francisco) 1887


Cullverwell & Harlow (Sash, blinds and doors, San Francisco) 1867


Cummings Brothers (Jewelers, San Francisco) 1869


Curby W. Catto's Saloon undated


Currier & Winter (Importers and dealers in art and art materials, San Francisco) 1868


Curtin, C. (Importer of dry goods, San Francisco) 1880s


Curtin's Jersey Dairy (Oakland, Golden Gate) 1904


Curtis & Allen (Produce commission merchants, San Francisco) 1865


Curtis, Taylor H. (Art sales, San Francisco) 1911-1914


Curtis Studio (Auctioneers, San Francisco) 1916-1924


Curtiss-Wright Flying Service (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1930


Curtition Co. (Los Angeles) circa 1950


Cusheon, J.D. (Real estate, San Francisco) undated


Cushing, John (Groceries, Oakland) circa 1880


Cushing-Wetmore Company (Concrete and artificial stone, San Francisco) 1895


Cutter Laboratories (Berkeley) 1951-1953


Cutting Fruit Packing Company, Cutting & Co. (Manufacturer of pickles, sauces and preserves, San Francisco) 1879-1899




D.A. & J. McKinley & Co., D.A. McKinley & Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in wood and coal, San Francisco) 1868-1870


D.A. MacDonald & Co. (Sawing and planing mills, San Francisco) circa 1870


D.A. Mendenhall & Co. (Dealers in dry goods, Livermore) circa 1883-1885


D. Ghirardelli Co., D. Ghirardelli & Sons (San Francisco) 1852-1888, 1956-1968, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

D. Mencarini & Co. (Modelers and sculptors, San Francisco) 1868


D.O. Mills & Co. (Bankers, Sacramento) 1855-1861


D.N. & E. Walter & Co. (Importers and jobbers of carpets, oil cloths..., San Francisco) 1865-1870, 1906


D. Orena & Co. (General commission merchants, San Francisco) 1886


D.R. Avery & Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in fruit and vegetables, San Francisco) undated


D.S. Martin & Co., Market St. Trunk Store (San Francisco) 1882


D'Audney's Delphiniums & Pansies (Oakland) undated


Daily Pacific Builder (Construction newspaper, San Francisco) 1954


Dairy Delivery Company (San Francisco) 1906


Dairy-Mens Union of California (Wholesale dealers, San Francisco) 1899


Dale & Co. (Music store, Sacramento) undated


Dale-Tallack Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Dalewood Way (Housing development, San Francisco) circa 1966


Dalton Brothers (Commission merchants and wholesale dealers in produce, San Francisco) 1890-1893


Daly City Cab Company 1940s


Daly, John C.(Shoes, Chico) 1912


Daly & Hawkins (Real estate, San Francisco) circa 1860-1870


Dalziel, Ira Barker (New and second-hand farm wagons and buggies, San Francisco) undated


Dalziel, James (Tin, copper and sheet iron wares, Oakland) 1878


Damewood, Orie (Photography, San Francisco) 1954


Damon Raike & Company (Commercial and industrial real estate, San Francisco) undated


Dana Attractions Inc. (Music producer, San Francisco) 1962


Dan Castello's Menagerie and Circus 1889


Danforth, E.E.(?) (Office superintendent R.M.S., San Francisco) 1800s


Dangerfield, W.R. (Attorney, San Francisco) 1882


Daniels, C.S. (Furniture, mattresses, shades..., Arcata) 1887


Daneri, Antonio (Importer and dealer in hardware, cutlery, plated ware..., San Francisco) 1888-1890


Darbee & Immel Oyster Co. (San Francisco) undated


Dardanell Mining Company undated


daRosa-Doherty Company (Producers and distributors of grape products, San Francisco) undated


Dashaway Hall (Theatre, San Francisco) undated


Dashiell Hammett Tour (San Francisco) 1984


Date Gardens (Coachella Valley, Indio, Thermal) 1956-1974, undated


Davega, Joseph & Labatt (Auctioneers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1865


David Stern & Sons (Auctioneers, Los Angeles) 1887


Davidson Bros. (Dealers in lumber, wood, coal..., San Francisco) 1896


Davidson, John C. (Wholesale and retail dealer in Mexican hand crafts, San Francisco) circa 1910


Davidson, M. (Manufacturer of tin, copper and sheet iron ware, San Francisco) 1859-1861


Davidson & Leigh (Real estate, San Francisco) circa 1916, undated


Davis & Co. (Wood and ivory turners, San Francisco) 1858


Davis, Charles G., Ghageda Gardens (San Leandro) undated


Davis, Percy (Dealer in general merchandise, Coulterville) 1903


Davis & Jordan (Dealers in lime and cement, San Francisco) 1858


Davis Brothers, Bergmann & Co., Davis Brothers, Golden Rule Bazaar (Toys, notions and novelties, San Francisco) 1881-1890, undated


Davis, Schonwasser & Co. (Ladies, children's and infants' wear, San Francisco) 1899


Davis Theatre (San Francisco) 1906


Davis, W. (Sailmaker, tents and awnings, San Francisco) undated


Davis, W. (Saddlery hardware, San Francisco) 1881


Davisson, Hall & Co. (Importers of notions, white goods and corsets, San Francisco) 1882


Day & Pracy, American Tool Works (San Francisco) 1889


Deady, Edward (Street and sewer construction, San Francisco) 1896


Dean Iris Gardens (Moneta) 1914-1915


Dean Witter & Co. (San Francisco) 1945-1959


Death Valley-Arcalvada Conc Mines Co. (Cima) 1907


Death Valley Hotel Company (Los Angeles) undated


Debell & Fonda (Jewelers, Marysville) 1854


DeBella, J. (Cooper, San Francisco) 1929


De Biasi's Villa Lorenzo (Nightclub, San Lorenzo) 1954


DeBlois & Co. (Produce shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1866


Decatur Club (San Francisco) 1922


Decoration and Ornamentation (San Francisco) 1977


Decorative Plant Rentals, Inc. (Hayward) undated


Decoto Weekly Star (Alameda County) 1893


Deer Lick Springs (Mineral water, Trinity County) 1910


Deer Park Villa (Restaurant, Fairfax) 1983


Deere Implement Company (San Francisco) 1896-1903


DeForest, W.F., Mrs. (Importer and dealer in millinery, silks, ribbon and lace, San Francisco) 1887-1888


Degen, L.P. (Leather belting, San Francisco) circa 1882-1899


Degener & Co. (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Deininger, J.F. (Brewing company, Vallejo) 1898


De La Montanya (Importer of stoves, tin and sheet iron, San Francisco) 1863-1883, unated


De Lalande, A. (Consul de France, San Francisco) circa 1894


Delite Finte Foods, Inc. (Packers, San Francisco) 1940s


Delmas, D.M. (Attorney, San Francisco) 1898


Delmonico's Continental Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Del Mar Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Del Mar Turf Club (Del Mar) 1964


Del Monte Art Gallery circa 1930


Del Monte Corporation (San Francisco) 1951-1979


Del Monte Milling Co. (Flour feed and meals, San Francisco) 1887-1896


DeLuxe Voyages, Limited (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1926


Del Vecchio, Charles (Importer and dealer in paints, glass and brushes, San Francisco) circa 1853


DeLong, F. (Cider, San Francisco) 1885


Deming, A.B. (Charcoal cure, San Francisco) 1887


Deming, H.A. (Decorative stamping outfit, San Francisco) 1886


Deming, Palmer Milling Co., Deming, Palmer & Co. (Flour mill, San Francisco) 1882-1888


Denckla, W.P. (Wholesale dealer in provisions, Marysville) 1856


Denicke Brothers (Cigars and tobaccos, San Francisco) undated


Denison, E.S. (Restaurant, Oakland) undated


Dennen's Heritage House (Little River) 1967, undated


Dennis & Botto (Druggists, Sutter Creek) 1891


Dennis, George, San Francisco Wire Works (San Francisco) 1957


Dennis, Jackson (Druggist, Sutter Creek) 1891


Denniston's San Francisco Plating Works (San Francisco) 1897


Denny, J.W. (House, sign and ship painting, San Francisco) 1863


Denver & Rio Grande Railroad 1895


Derby & Bassett (Dealers in groceries and provisions, Marysville) 1856


Der Wienerschnitzel (San Francisco) 1967


design for business (Business furniture, San Francisco) 1968


Desmond Park Servive Co. (Yosemite) 1916


Detjens, Herman (Dealer in general merchandise, Pleasanton) circa 1880


DeUrioste, A. (Motor cars, San Francisco) 1929


Deutsch, F. (General merchandise, San Francisco) 1899


Devine, James (Druggist, San Francisco) circa 1880


Devoto, James A. (Attorney, San Francisco) circa 1890


Dewey Opera House (Oakland) undated


DeWitt, Kittle & Co. (San Francisco) 1858


DeWitt & McCausland (Carpenters and builders, San Francisco) circa 1870


Dewlaney's Moving (San Francisco) circa 1952


Diamond Match Company (Lumber, California) 1929-1946

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Diamond Palace (San Francisco) 1940s


Diamond Rubber Co. (San Francisco) undated


Dickey, George S. (Chemist, San Francisco) circa 1874


Dick's Saloon, Richard Proquitte, Proprietor (San Francisco) circa 1890


Dickinson, J.W., Big Curio Store (Santa Cruz) undated


Dickson, DeWolf & Co. (Freight and storage, San Francisco) circa 1870


Dictating & Recording Co., Inc. (Los Angeles) undated


Dierck, Hinz & Plagemann (Grain mills, San Francisco) 1883


Diggles, H.J. (General merchandise, Fort Jones) 1878


Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation (San Francisco) 1953-1958


Dillon, Edward (Watchmaker, San Francisco) 1872


Dill's Hotel (Dutch Flat) circa 1925


Diners' Club (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Discovery Bookstore (San Francisco) 1980


Dixie Dixons DeLuxe Chocolates (San Francisco) 1940s


Dixon, Miss & Putnam, Mrs. (Milliners, San Francisco) 1869-1870


Dixon, James (General transfer business, Placerville) circa 1915


Doble Steam Motors (Automobile makers, Emeryville, San Francisco) 1917-1923


Dockweiler, Isidore B. (Attorney, Los Angeles) circa 1890


Dodge Division, Chrysler Corporation (San Leandro plant) 1953, undated


Dodge, Sweeney & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1887-1909


Dodson & Fisher, Dodson, A.E. (Insurance agent, San Diego) 1898-1902


Dodwell & Company Ltd. (San Francisco) undated


Doe, B. & J.S. (Manufacturers of windows, doors and blinds, San Francisco) 1872


Doerr's New York Bakery (Cakes, candies, ice cream, pastries, confectioneries, San Jose) undated


Dolan, William B. (Dealer in wood, coal and grain, San Francisco) 1860


Dollar Steamship Line (Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1925-1932


Dolson, William (Men's wear, San Francisco) 1852


Domaine Chandon (Winery, Yountville) 1984-1986


Domeniconi, A. (Wines and brandy, Sonoma) 1878


Domino Club (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1946


Dominion Belridge Oil Co. (San Francisco) 1912


Donahue, Booth & Co., Donahue's, Union Iron and Brass Foundry (San Francisco) 1863-1864


Donald Lindo & Co. (Importers and exporters, San Francisco) 1923


Donald McRae Furniture Co. (San Francisco) 1905


Don Lee Incorporated (Cadillac-La Salle distributor, Los Angeles) 1930


Donlon, J.M. (Insurance broker, San Francisco) circa 1895


Donnelly & Kerr's Saloon (San Francisco) 1871


Donnelly, E. (Street grading, San Francisco) 1893


Donnelly, Edward F. (M.D., San Francisco) 1898


Donner Lake Company (San Francisco, Truckee) undated


Donohoe, John (Dealer in groceries, San Francisco) 1901


Donohoe, Kelly & Co., Donohoe, Ralston & Co. (Banking house, San Francisco) 1861-1878


Donovan, James (Construction supervisor, San Francisco) 1886


Donut Bowl (San Francisco) 1940s


Doran, P. (Gardener, San Francisco) 1900


Dore, L., Madame (Cosmetics, San Francisco) undated


Dorr Paint Co. (Marine germicide paint, San Francisco) 1887


Dorrance, H.T. (Saddlery and Harness, Stockton) circa 1880


Doubleday, D.G. (Banker and broker, Oakland) 1906


Dougherty, George (Contractor, San Francisco) 1875


Douglass & Co., Diamond Store (General merchandise, Visalia) 1870


Doutrick & McVey's Cricket Songster (San Francisco) 1885


Dow Chemical Company (Pittsburg) undated


Dow, Percy A.R. (Voice studios, Oakland) circa 1915


Dow & Co. (Wholesale groceries, San Francisco) 1856


Downieville Express 1914


Downtown Center Garage (San Francisco) 1955, undated


Downtown Theatre (San Francisco) 1947


Doyle, T. (Horse shoe agent, San Francisco) 1886


Dr. Corley's Products (Health and toilet products, San Francisco) undated


Dr. Hall Electro-Vigor Company (San Francisco) undated


Dr. Mclaughlin Co. (Electrical belt, San Francisco) 1903, undated


Draghicevich, George (General insurance, San Francisco) undated


Drake-Wiltshire Hotel (San Francisco) 1950


Draper & Esquin (Wine merchants, San Francisco) 1980


Dream Theatre undated


Dreamland Auditorium (San Francisco) 1920-1931


Dreamland Rink (San Francisco) 1907-1910, undated


Drexel, Sather & Church, Bankers (San Francisco) circa 1850


Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream (Oakland) 1997


Driftwood Cafe (San Francisco) 1940s


Drossel, J. H. (Apothecary and chemist, San Francisco) circa 1880


Dubroca, Meu. (Importer of French wines and liquor, San Francisco) 1857


Dubuque Gold and Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1864, undated


Duchess Inc. Party Foods (Oakland, San Francisco) 1947


Dude Ranch for Dogs (San Bernardino mountains) undated


Duff & Company (Produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1885


Dumbarton Bridge Company (San Francisco) 1925-1931


Dunbarton Flax Spinning Co. (San Francisco) 1897


Duncan & Co. (Real estate and general auctioneers, San Francisco) 1861-1862


Dungeon, The (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1915


Dunham, Carrigan and Hayden Co., Dunham, Carrigan & Co. (Importers and dealers in hardware, iron and steel, San Francisco) 1878-1828, undated


Dunn & Kerwin, Globe Iron Works (Pattern and model makers, San Francisco) 1873


Dunn Cracker Company (Oakland) undated


Dupuis, Victor (French gardener and florist, Mayfield) 1893


Durango, Jose Herrera (Candle maker, Los Angeles) undated


Durkee Famous Foods (Berkeley) undated


Dutard, H. (Beans, grain and produce, San Francisco) 1888-1889


Dutcher, N.D. (Stoves, tinware and hardware, Livermore) 1885


Dutton, George (General merchandise, Jolon) 1888


Dwight & Jepson, Pedigo Washer Co. (Agents, San Francisco) undated


Dymo Industries Inc. (Berkeley) 1963




E.A. Guptill & Co (Medicinal remedy, San Francisco) circa 1888


E.A. Scott & Co. (Importers and dealers in fire engines, San Francisco) 1881


E.B. Stone & Son, Greenall Fertilizer (Manufacturers, Salinas) California Pest Control Co. (Distributors, San Francisco) undated


E. Backus (Advertising distributor, San Francisco) circa 1930


E. Bloch Mercantile Co. (Novelties and curios, San Francisco) undated


E. Boesch & Co. (Lamps, San Francisco) 1883-1887


E. Candevan & Co. (French laundry, San Francisco) 1909


E. Chielovich & Co. (Importer and wholesale dealer in wines, liquors..., San Francisco) 1886


E. Clemens Horst Co. (Hop picking machines, San Francisco) undated


E. Commins & Co. (San Francisco) 1897


E. Dieren and Co. (Dyeing and scouring, San Francisco) undated


E. Eisenberg & Bro (Manufacturers and dealers in cigars and tobacco, San Francisco) 1886


E.E. Morgan's Sons (Shipping and commission merchants, San Francisco) undated


E.F. Gambs' Foreign Stamp Emporium (San Francisco) undated


E.G. Bossi & Co. (Fresco painters, San Francisco) undated


E.G. Lyons & Co. (Importers, dealers and manufacturers of wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1887-1899


E. Gill Nursery Company (Berkeley) undated


E. Ginocchio & Bro. (General merchandise, Jackson) 1916


E. Goslinsky & Co. (Manufacturers of cigars, San Francisco) 1899


E. Guittard & Co. (Manufacturers of coffee, chocolate and spices, San Francisco) 1878, 1952, undated


E.H. Hatch & Co. (San Francisco) 1888


E.H. Jones & Co. (Importers and jobbers of millinery goods, San Francisco) 1868


E.J. Baldwin's Santa Anita Stud (Thoroughbred horses, San Francisco) 1897


E. Lauer & Sons (General merchandise and milling, Alturas) 1901


E.L. Vanderburg & Co. (San Francisco) undated


E. Marre & Bro. (Wholesale dealers in wines and liquors, Jackson) undated


E. Martin & Co. (Wholesale wine and liquor merchants, San Francisco) undated


E.P. Charlton & Co. (San Francisco) undated


E. Stevens & Co. (Forwarding and commission merchants, Marysville) 1857


E. Sugarman Inc. (Plumbing, heating, appliance repair, San Francisco) undated


E.T. Allen Sporting Goods (San Francisco) 1887-1888


E.T. Farmer & Co. (Dealers in dry goods, groceries..., Santa Rosa) circa 1870


E.W. Butler and Sons (Manufacturers agents, jobbers and liquidators, San Francisco) 1940s


Eagle Gold and Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1879


Eagle Grill (San Francisco) 1921


Eagle Warehouses, N.A. Lowell (San Francisco) 1872-1877


Eagleson's, Eagleson & Co. (Clothing, San Francisco) circa 1880, 1950


Earl C. Anthony, Inc. (Durant automobile distributors, Oakland) undated


Earl, D.W. (San Francisco) circa 1870


Earl N. Merguire Co. (San Francisco) undated


Earle M. Jorgensen Co. (Steel manufacturer, Los Angeles) 1975-1976


Earthquake McGoon's (Nightclub, San Francisco) undated


East Bay Municipal Utility District (Oakland) 1935-1980

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

East Bay Street Railways, Ltd. (Oakland) 1935


East Bay Water Company (Oakland) 1922


Easterday Supply Company (Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose) undated


Eastern Hardwood Floor Co. (San Francisco) 1917


Eastman, Howard W. (Display fixtures, San Francisco) undated


Easton, A. (Importer and dealer in furniture, Stockton) 1879


Easton, Eldridge & Co. (Real estate and general auctioneers, San Francisco) 1887-1901


East Village West (Massage, San Francisco) undated


Easy Sprayer and Chemical Manufacturing Co. (Berkeley, Oakland) undated


Eaton, Charles S. (Piano agent, San Francisco) undated


Eaton & Howard Incorporated (Investment funds, San Francisco) 1952, 1955


Eaton, William R. (House and sign painter, San Francisco) 1885


Eaton & Bostwick (Dealers in flour and grain, San Francisco) 1858


Ebbets, Arthur M. (Coal dealer, San Francisco) 1881, undated


Eckman, Tennent & Co. (Wholesale dealers in provisions, liquors..., Marysville) 1857


Eclectic Life Insurance Company, George Claussenius General Agent (San Francisco) circa 1871


Eclipse (Steamer, San Francisco) 1861


Economy Building and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1897


Economy Exploration and Drilling Company (Sacramento) 1957


Eddy Dairy Lunch and Bakery (San Francisco) undated


Eddy Street Bazaar (Fine candies, stationary..., San Francisco) undated


Edelmann, Joseph (Insurance surveyor, San Francisco) undated


Eden Landing Industrial Park (Hayward) undated


Edgebrook Gardens (Nursery, St. Helena) undated


Edison Electric Appliance Co., Inc. (Ontario) 1917


Edison Theatre (San Francisco) undated


Edouart and Cobb's (Photographic gallery, San Francisco) undated


Ed's Chuck Wagons (Belmont, San Francisco, San Jose) 1954, undated


Edward Brown & Sons (Insurance agents, San Francisco) 1951, undated


Edward Galpen & Co. (Manufacturers and importers of trunks and valises, San Francisco) 1865-1868


Edward J. Creely Dog and Cat Hospital (San Francisco) undated


Edward S. Spear & Co. (Auctioneers, San Francisco) 1872-1905


Edwardian (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1976


Edwards, J. Paulding (Miniature electric vehicles) undated


Edwards Wire Rope (San Francisco) undated


Edwards, Frank G. (Paper hanging and carpets, San Francisco) 1860-1890


Edwin K. Alsip & Company (Sacramento, San Francisco) undated


Edwin W. Joy Co. Incorporated (Manufacturing chemists, San Francisco) 1889


Egan William F. (Veterinary surgeon, San Francisco) 1896


Egerton, Henry C. (Merchandise broker, San Francisco) circa 1870-1884


Eggers & Co. (Wholesale dealer in groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1859-1880


Ehmann (Photographer, San Francisco) undated


Ehrenberg Brothers (Wholesale women's wear, San Francisco) undated


Ehrenpfort, William, Dr. (San Francisco) 1885


Eilers Music Company (San Francisco) 1908


Einstein Bros. & Co. (Importers of boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1859-1870


Eisen Vineyard Co. (Fresno, San Francisco) 1886-1887


Elam & Howes (Broom manufacturers, San Francisco) 1886


El Cid (Nightclub, San Francisco) 1963


El Cortez Hotel (San Francisco) 1929, 1932


El Curtola (Restaurant, Oakland) circa 1945


Elder & Dobbie (Dealers in stoves, tinware and sheet iron, San Francisco) 1888


El Dorado Brewing Company (Stockton) circa 1916


El Drisco Hotel (San Francisco) 1974


Eleanor P. Gibbons & Co. (Designing, drawing and engraving on wood, San Francisco) 1880, undated


Electric Equipment Co. (San Francisco) undated


Electric Mfg. Co. (Electric washer distributor, San Francisco) undated


Electric Theatre (San Francisco) 1915-1916


Electrical Construction and Maintenance Co. (San Francisco) 1874


Electrical Engineering Company (Manufacturers of electric dynamos, San Francisco) undated


Elite Photographic Studio (San Francisco) undated


Elite, The (Saloon, San Francisco) undated


Elite, The, Ben McCrillis, Prop. (Tulare) undated


El Jardin (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1950


Ellery Arms Company (Sporting goods, San Francisco) 1917


Elliot, H.C. (Teamster, San Francisco) 1881


Ellis & Miller (Dealers in hay, grain and feed, San Francisco) 1887-1888


Ellis Theatre (San Francisco) 1939


El Matador (Restaurant and bar, San Francisco) 1953


El Molino Mills (Alhambra) undated


Elmwood Pharmacy (Berkeley) undated


El Nido Rancho (Alameda County) 1949


El Paseo (Shopping center, Santa Barbara) 1959


El Paso de Robles Hot and Cold Sulphur Springs (Paso Robles, San Francisco) circa 1890


El Pismo Inn (Pismo Beach) 1906


El Prado at Hotel Plaza (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1936


El Rancho Rinconada (Orchids, Ojai) 1951


Elston's Book Store (Woodland) circa 1880


Elu's Basque Restaurant (San Francisco) 1963, circa 1969


Elworthy & Co. (Securities, San Francisco) 1956-1957


Emanuel, Lewis (Importers and jobbers of boots and shoes, San Francisco) 1862-1863


Emanuel, L. & E. (Furniture manufacturers, San Francisco) 1885


Embassy Theatre (San Francisco) 1927-1928


Emerson, Adaline, Mrs. (Weaver, San Francisco) undated


Emerson Manufacturing Company (Flags, pennants and banners, San Francisco) 1915


emil cellini (Imported marble table tops, San Francisco) undated


Empire Airline Travel Agency (San Francisco) 1940s


Empire Coal Yard (San Francisco) 1861


Empire Gold and Silver Mining Co. (Santa Cruz) 1863


Empire Steam Mills, Miller and Haley (Sash, blinds, doors..., San Francisco) 1867


Empire Tea Company (San Francisco) 1898


Empire Theatre (Long Beach) 1922


Empire Theatre (San Francisco) 1916


Emporium (San Francisco) 1896-1998, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Empress of China (Restaurant, San Francisco) undated


Empress Theatre (San Francisco) 1910-1914


Engblad Bros., A.F. Engblad & Co. (Portrait artists, San Francisco) circa 1912


Engel, Henry (Boat hire, San Francisco) 1888


Engels, John (Repairman, San Francisco) 1888


English Inn (Restaurant, Santa Barbara) undated


Ensign & McGuffick (Dealers in lubricating oils, San Francisco) 1900


Enterprise Brewing Co. (San Francisco) 1899, undated


Enterprise Electric Works (San Francisco) 1929


Enterprise Mill and Building Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Equitable Savings Bank (Los Angeles) undated


Erlanger's Biltmore Theatre (Los Angeles) 1925


Ernst (Men's clothing, San Francisco) undated


Esdon, Alexander (Hay broker, Livermore) circa 1880


Espenscheid, P.J. (Shoes, Marysville) 1857


Essex Paving Company (San Francisco) 1888


Essmann, E. (Dry goods, San Francisco) undated


Estabrook Gold Dredging Co. (Trinity Center) 1914-1926


Estudillo House (Restaurant, San Leandro) circa 1885


Ethel & Marion (Steamer, San Francisco) 1888


Ets-Hokin & Galvan Doble Steam Motors (Electrical service, San Francisco) circa 1952


Eugene Kelley & Co. (Importers of foreign and American dry goods, San Francisco) 1853


Eugene Thomas & Co. (Importers of French brandies, wines, olive oil..., San Francisco) 1884


Eureka District Merchants Association (San Francisco) 1925


Eureka Express Co. undated


Eureka Federal Savings and Loan Association (San Francisco) 1964


Eureka Gold Mining Company (Grass Valley) 1871-1873


Eureka Homestead Association (San Francisco) 1866


Eureka Inn (Eureka) 1958


Eureka Minstrel Hall (San Francisco) 1863-1865


Eureka Sash, Door and Molding Mills (Eureka) 1908-1912


Eureka Theatre (San Francisco) 1865


Eureka Theater Company (San Francisco) 1982-1985


European and Oregon Land Company (San Francisco) circa 1870


European Baking Company (San Francisco) undated


Evans, Elmer (Watkins dealer, Sutter Creek) 1932


Evans, Henry (Printmaker, San Francisco) 1963-1965


Evans, J.W. (Sewing machine agent, San Francisco) 1884, undated


Evans Photo Co. (San Francisco) undated


Everson, Wallace, New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. (General insurance agent, San Francisco) 1872


Ewing & Eaton (Knives, San Francisco) undated


Examiner Publishing Company (San Francisco) 1885-1897


Excelsior Laundry Co. (Oakland) 1919


Exchange Bank (Santa Rosa) 1940


Exchange Hotel (Grass Valley) 1867


Exchange National Bank (Long Beach) undated


Exhibit 3 (Jewelry and crafts, San Francisco) undated


Experimental and Cabinet Shop, William Priest (San Francisco) undated


Expert Watch Repairing (San Francisco) circa 1952


Eye (Photography gallery, San Francisco) undated




F. Argenti & Company (San Francisco) 1850


F.B. Joyce Oil Delivery (San Francisco) 1903


F. Chevalier & Comte (Importer of fine wines and brandies, San Francisco) 1876-1877


F.C. Wagner & Bro. (Packers, wholesale and retail dealers in ham, bacon..., San Francisco) 1883


F.E. Harris & Co. (San Francisco) undated


F.G. Norman & Sons (Importers of hardware, San Francisco) 1906


F. Horrell & Sons (Coal and wood dealers, Sacramento) circa 1910


F.K. Houston Cigar Co. (San Francisco) 1899


F. Korbel & Bros., Inc. (California champagne, wines and brandy, Guerneville) 1982-1985


F.M. Spaulding & Co. (Wholesale paper and twine, San Francisco) circa 1875


F. Thomas & Co. , Parisian Dyeing and Cleaning Works (San Francisco) circa 1880-1900


F. Toplitz & Co. (Importers and jobbers of hats and caps, San Francisco) 1857


F.W. Braun Company (Assayer's materials, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1904, undated


F.W. Kreling & Sons (Manufacturers of fine furniture, San Francisco) 1887-1890


F.W. Sherman & Co. (Dealers in furniture, Palo Alto) 1897


Fabian Bros. (Root beer bottlers, Sacramento, San Francisco) circa 1880-1904


Factory Store, The (Ladies and childrens apparel, Sacramento) circa 1908


Fagan, Peter, Sutter Creek Livery and Feed Stable (Sutter Creek) 1878


Fageol Motors Company (Truck manufacturers, Oakland) circa 1915


Fairbanks, Morse & Co., Fairbanks & Hutchinson (Scales and trucks, San Francisco) 1874-1910, undated


Fairchild, John (Dealer in clothing, boots, groceries..., Yocumville) 1877


Fairmont Hotel


Administrative materials 1928-1951

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Banquet and ball invitations 1908-1939, 1969, 1998

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Banquet menus and programs 1909-1915, 1939-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Billhead, cigar box label and souvenirs undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Brochures, publications, public relations materials 1923-1987, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Menus (Tonga Room, Papagayo Room, Coffee Room) undated

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Programs and playbills 1907-1971

Physical Description: 1.0 folder

Fairmont Pharmacy (San Francisco) 1940s


Fairview Land & Water Co. (Los Angeles) 1886


Falkenstein & Co. (Importers and dealers in cigars and tobacco, San Francisco) 1865-1876


Fall, Eckman, Tennent & Co., Fall, Eckman & Co., Fall & Co. (Wholesale dealers in provisions, liquor..., Marysville) 1853-1856


Fallen Angel (San Francisco) 1956


Family Shoe Factory, Goldberg & Tweedie (San Francisco) 1897


Famous Players-Lasky Corporation (Los Angeles) undated


Fancher Creek Nursery (Fresno) undated


Fanny-May Bell Studios (Dance studio, San Francisco) undated


Fantoni, Charles (Architect, San Francisco) undated


Farish & Adams (Commission merchants, Marysville) 1854


Fariss, W. W. (Contractor and builder, Los Angeles) undated


Farmer, L. Etta (M.D., Folsom) 1909


Farmers Insurance Group (Oakland) 1951


Farmers & Mechanics Bank (Healdsburg) 1888


Farmers & Mechanics Savings Bank (Sacramento) undated


Farmers & Merchants National Bank (Los Angeles) 1909, 1955


Farmers & Merchants State Bank (Mountain View) 1913-1916


Farmer's and Miner's Wareroom, Smith & Callahan (Yreka) 1855


Farmers' Store, Weilheimer Bros. (Mountain View) circa 1870


Farnsworth, E.P., Hutchinson & Mann Insurance Agency (San Francisco) undated


Farwell & Co., J.D. Farwell & Co. (Ship chandlery, San Francisco) 1868-1876


Fausta's (Scandinavian imports, San Francisco) undated


Fawcett Bros. (Painters and decorators, Oakland) circa 1885


Fay (Lemon peelers, San Francisco) 1940s


Fay, Stanley J. (Contractor, San Francisco) 1908


Fay, William (Cabinetmaker, Oakland) undated


Fay Improvement Co. (Contractors, San Francisco) circa 1930


Fecheimer, Goodkind & Co. (Manufacturers and importers of clothing, San Francisco) 1868-1870


Federal Home Bank of San Francisco 1982


Feigenbaum & Co. (Importers of toys and fancy goods, San Francisco) 1869-1887, undated


Feinberg, Edward (San Francisco) 1940s


Feldhusen's (Mail order provision house, Sacramento) 1920


Felix F. Schoenstein & Sons (Pipe organ builders, San Francisco) 1917


Felix Gross Co. (Draymen, San Francisco) circa 1920


Felix, Inc. (Coiffeurs, San Francisco) undated


Fenn, T.W. (Napa soda agents, San Francisco) circa 1870


Fenstermacher, William (Window shades, San Francisco) 1913


Fern Canyon Lodge (Santa Cruz) undated


Ferrier Theatre (San Francisco) undated


Ferris, J. A. (Savings plan, San Francisco) 1940s


Ferron Press, The (Berkeley) 1988


Ferry Coffee Co. (Wholesale and retail dealers in teas, coffee and spices, San Francisco) undated


Ferry-Morse Seed Co. (San Francisco) undated


Fertilore Co. (Pesticide, San Francisco) undated


Festival Theatre (San Anselmo) undated


Festivals Unlimited (San Francisco) circa 1972


Fetzer Vineyards (Redwood Valley) 1988


Fialer's Inc. (Sightseeing, San Francisco) undated


Fibreboard Paper Products Corporation (San Francisco) 1958-1965


Fidelity Guaranty Savings and Loan Association (Berkeley, Concord) 1953-1956


Fidelity Motors (Berkeley) 1951, undated


Fidelity Mutual Aid Association (San Francisco) 1899


Fidelity Savings and Loan Association 1978


Fidelity Title Insurance Company (Sacramento) 1942


Field & Cady (Dealers in hardware, Marysville) 1854


Field & Gole (Wholesale and retail dealers in Mexican and Indian goods, Los Angeles) 1904


Field & Walton Inc., The Opal Store (San Francisco) undated


Fielding Hotel (San Francisco) undated


Field's Biscuit and Cracker Co. (San Francisco) 1888


Figel, Joseph (Clothier and merchant tailor, San Francisco) 1881, circa 1884, undated


Filograsso, F. (Seafood dealer, San Francisco) undated


Fior d' Italia Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Fireman's Fund Indemnity Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. (San Francisco) 1871-1963

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Firstamerica Corporation (San Francisco) 1959


First and Last Chance (Oakland) 1983


First California Company (Investment bankers, Los Angeles, San Francisco) 1945-1957


First Federal Trust Company (San Francisco) undated


First National Bank (Delano) undated


First National Bank (Riverside) 1895


First National Bank (San Leandro) 1946-1954


First National Bank of Berkeley 1910


First National Bank of Cloverdale 1946


First National Bank of Coalinga undated


First National Bank of San Francisco 1884-1919


First National Bank (San Jose) circa 1900-1907, undated


First National Bank of Selma undated


First National Bank of Sonora undated


First National Bank of Yuba City circa 1920


First National Loan and Discount Co. 1924


First National Trust and Savings Bank of San Diego 1939-1944, undated


First Savings and Loan Association (Berkeley, Oakland, Walnut Creek) 1953-1955


First Western Bank and Trust Company (San Francisco) 1954-1957, undated


Fischer's Theatre (San Francisco) circa 1903-1904


Fisher & Baum (Importers and jobbers in dry goods, San Francisco) 1882


Fisher Cookbook (San Francisco) 1996


Fisher Packing Co. (Vinegar works, San Francisco) 1887


Fisher & Sellers (Repairing and whitening, San Francisco) 1869


Fisher & Taylor (Coal agents, Oakland) undated


Fisher's Blend Flour undated


Fisher's Restaurant (Sacramento) 1883


Fisherman (Restaurant, Burlingame) undated


Fishermen's Grotto (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1946-1968


Fishermen's Mutual Aid Society (San Francisco) undated


Fitzgerald, James (Boat for hire, San Francisco) 1888


Fitzgerald, L. (Contractor, San Francisco) 1892


Five-Thirty-Five Geary Apartments (San Francisco) circa 1930


Flaglor, A.P. (Photographer, San Francisco) 1888


Flamm, G. (Ladies tailor, San Francisco) 1900


Fleckenstein & Trentman (Cigars, Folsom) 1916


Fleur de Lys Restaurant Francais (San Francisco) 1956


Flinn, Sanderson & Co. (Real estate, San Francisco) undated


Flinn & Treacy (Street contractors, San Francisco) 1893-1902


Flora (Steamer, San Francisco) 1869


Flora Temple (Ship, San Francisco) 1857


Florence Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Floseal Corporation (San Francisco) 1962


Fly Trap Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Fly with Purcell (Scenic flights, San Francisco) undated


Flying Tiger Line Inc. (Burbank) 1957


Foard, L. (Ship chandler, San Francisco) 1888


Focus Gallery (San Francisco) 1973


Folsom Cash Grocery, H. Mortimer Smith (Folsom) 1893


Folsom Garage (Folsom) 1917


Folsom Water Power Company (Folsom) 1895


Fonda & Gray (Importers of groceries and provisions, San Francisco) 1861


Fonda, William T. (Dealer in watches and jewelry, Marysville) circa 1855


Foo Chow Cafe (San Francisco) circa 1922


Food Machinery and Chemical Corporation (San Jose) 1949-1963


Fook Woh & Co. (Importers of Asian arts, San Francisco) undated


Foote, Cone and Belding (San Francisco) undated


Forbes Bros. (San Francisco) 1874-1885


Ford Bros. (Plumbers, San Francisco) 1892


Foreman & Clark (Clothiers, California) circa 1925


Foremost Dairies, Inc. (San Francisco) 1963-1964


Forest House (Forest Hill) 1862


Forest Ranch-Seymore & Cornell (Horse boarding) undated


Forest Shade Hall (Forest Hill) 1864


Forest Springs Quartz Mining & Lumber Company (Nevada County) 1867


Forman Motor Company (Chrysler dealership, Berkeley) 1957


Forrest Theater (Sacramento) 1858, 1951


Fortnight (Newsmagazine, Los Angeles) circa 1950


Forum Theatre (Los Angeles) undated


Fossati, N. (Dealer in general merchandise, Smith's Flat) 1921


Foster and Kleiser Company (Outdoor advertising, San Francisco) 1941-1951, 1986


Foster & Orear (Candy store, San Francisco) undated


Foster, Stephen (Lumber dealer, Folsom) 1886


Fosters (Restaurants, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco) 1947-1948


Fouke and Wertsch (Attorneys, San Francisco) 1957


Founders' Insurance Company (Los Angeles, San Francisco) undated


Fountain House, Mrs. E. Brockliss, Proprietress 1860


Fountain Saloon, C.N. and Mrs. F.H. Kinsley (Stockton) undated


Fowzer & Co., Pacific Scenic Studio (San Francisco) unated


Fox California (Theater, San Jose) undated


Fox Hostess House (Catering, San Francisco) 1955


Fox & Melville (Importers and dealers in wine and brandy, San Francisco) 1858-1859


Fox-Oakland (Theater, Oakland) 1924


Fox Theatre (San Francisco) 1929, 1978-1982, undated


Fraenkel Gallery (San Francisco) 1980-1983


Fragrancy Peanut Store (San Francisco) 1916


Frales, F.S. (San Francisco) 1888


Franciscan Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1932


Frank Barnard & Co. (Coal yard, San Francisco) 1874


Frank Bros. (Agricultural implements, San Francisco) 1893


Frank E. Ruggles & Co. (Plumbers, San Francisco) 1909


Frank, Falkenstein & Co., J. Frank & Co. (Importers and dealers in tobacco and cigars, San Francisco) 1857-1864


Frank, M.E. (Haberdasher, San Francisco) undated


Frank Pelicano & Co. (Florists, San Francisco) undated


Frank S. Morgan Company (Mining equipment, Berkeley) 1926


Frank Skaller Women's Accessories (San Francisco) 1940s


Frank, Theodore (Carriage trimmer, Oakland) circa 1880


Frank Werner Co. (Shoes, San Francisco) 1951-1953


Frankel, Gerdts & Co. (Cigar makers, San Francisco) 1903-1907


Frankel Display Fixture Company (San Francisco) undated


Frankenberg, Joseph (Saddle and harness maker, San Francisco) circa 1870


Frankenthal & Co. (Importers of fancy goods, San Francisco) undated


Franklin Bond and Mortgage Company 1914


Frank's Army & Navy Tailor Shop (Cleaning, pressing, laundry and tailoring, San Francisco) 1940s


Frapolli, Berges & Co. (Wholesale wine and liquor merchants, San Francisco) 1887


Fraser's (Import and designer goods, Berkeley) 1952


Fratinger & Co. (Cloaks and suits, San Francisco) 1886


Frazar & Hansen Ltd. (Importers, exporters and engineers, San Francisco) circa 1930


Frazier, F.A. (Plant spray, San Francisco) undated


Fred E. Turner Co. (Institutional equipment, San Francisco) undated


Fred H. Chase Co's. (San Francisco) 1907


Fred Hinke & Co. (Wholesale produce and commission merchants, San Diego) 1876


Fred L. Lezinsky & Co. (Jeweler representative, San Francisco) circa 1920


Fred S. James & Co., Inc. (Insurance, San Francisco) undated


Fred Solari, Inc., Solari's (Restaurant, San Francisco) 1908-1944, undated


Frederick H. Rosenbaum & Co. (Importers and dealers in glass, San Francisco) 1870


Fredericksburg Brewing Co. (San Francisco) 1887-1898


Freeman & Co. Express (Marysville) 1855


Freeman & Co.'s Express Office (Sacramento, San Francisco) 1851-1861


Frei, A. (Furniture manufactory, San Francisco) 1876


Fremont Street (San Francisco) 1979


French, Frank J. (San Francisco) 1883


French Hotel and Restaurant (Tulare City) undated


French Laundry (J. Errecard, San Francisco) 1905


French Millinery Store, Madame C. Goldberg (San Francisco) undated


French & St. Clair Insurance (San Francisco) 1930


French Savings Bank (San Francisco) circa 1900


French Steamship Line (San Francisco) undated


Fresno Raisin and Fruit Products Co. undated


Fretz & Ralston, Bankers (San Francisco) 1855


Friden Calculating Machine Co., Inc. (San Leandro) 1943


Friedlander, I. (San Francisco) 1872


Friedman, Abe (Stenographer, San Francisco) circa 1894


Friend and Terry Lumber Co. (Sacramento) 1952-1954


Friesley Aircraft Corporation (San Francisco) circa 1922


Frisco Shoe Repairing Company (San Francisco) undated


Fritch, George (Importer and dealer in coal, San Francisco) 1888


Froelich, C., Jr. (Agency, San Francisco) undated


Frolic Theatre (San Francisco) undated


Front Street, Mission & Ocean Railroad Co. (San Francisco) undated


Fruit Vale Villa (Fruitvale) undated


Fry & Watson (Carriage factory, Oakland) 1909


Fryer, D.F. (Druggist, Oroville) 1977, undated


Fuchs, Adam (Inventor of hair restorative, Sacramento) 1877-1879


Fuchs & Lang undated


Fugazi Banca Popolare Operaia Italiana (Oakland, San Francisco) circa 1906


Fulda's Planing Mill, Fulda Bros. Proprietors (Cooperage, San Francisco) undated


Fulops (San Francisco) 1940s


Fuller Brush Company (Los Angeles, Oakland) undated


Fuller, George H. (Manufacturer of school, church and office furniture, San Francisco) 1883-1889


Fulton Iron Works, Hinckley, Spiers & Hayes (San Francisco) 1878, undated


Fulton Theatre, Fulton Playhouse (Oakland) 1919-1923


Fusch, Joseph (Insect killer, San Francisco)


Fyfield, J.T.P. (Dealer in general merchandise, Black Bear) 1878




G.A. Kaiser & Co. (Plastering, San Francisco) circa 1875


G.A. Lloyd & Son, Lloyd's Original Haemony (San Francisco) circa 1890


G.B. Musto & Co., Napolitan Paste Company (Dealers and manufacturers of paste, San Francisco) 1890


G. Cecchini & Co. (Produce, grocer, San Francisco) circa 1890


G. Cohen & Son (Tailors, San Francisco) 1887


G. Frediani & Co. (Blacksmiths and wagon makers, San Francisco) 1893


G.F. Walter & Co. (Importers and dealers in fine cloths, cassimeres..., San Francisco) 1864


G.G. Wickson & Co. (San Francisco) circa 1885


G.H. Batchelor & Son (Painting & decorating, San Francisco) 1956


G.H. Powell Humphrey, Inc. (Realtors, San Francisco) 1959


G.M. Josselyn & Co. (Ship chandlery and ship stores, San Francisco) 1859-1878


G.W. Beckford & Co. (Importer and dealers in carpets, oil cloths..., Marysville) 1855


G.W. Clark & Co. (Wall paper and window shades, San Francisco) circa 1880-1884


G. & W. Radio, Bernard Greene (Oakland) 1951


G.W. Slater & Son (Manufacturers of and dealers in laundry trays and sinks, Oakland) undated


Gabriel Moulin Studios (Photography, San Francisco) 1933-1966


Gaiety Theatre (San Francisco) 1913-1914, undated


Gairaud, Louis (Bitters manufacturer, San Francisco) circa 1870


Galaxy Theater (San Francisco) undated


Gallagher-Marsh Business College, Robert F. Gallagher (San Francisco) circa 1888-1912


Galleria Park Hotel (San Francisco) circa 1980


Galley, The (Santa Monica) 1941


Gallery Reese Palley (San Francisco) 1970


Gallo, E.J. Winery and Gallo Cheese 1982-1988


Gamble, W.W. (M.D., San Francisco) circa 1885


Gantner and Mattern, Co., Golden Gate Knitting Mills (San Francisco) 1946, undated


Garcin & Sons (Manufacturers of machinery, San Francisco) 1888


Garden City Homes Association (San Francisco) 1918


Garden Shop (Oakland) undated


Garden Valley Gold Mining Co. 1908


Gardiner, H., Mrs. (Saloon, San Francisco) undated


Garrett & Grant Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Co. (San Francisco) 1863


Garrett's Pharmacy (Folsom) 1927-1930


Garrick Theatre (San Francisco) 1910, undated


Garrison, Morgan, Fretz & Ralston (Bankers, San Francisco) 1856


Garst & Galloway (Marysville) 1854


Gas and Electric Appliance Co., Inc. (San Francisco) circa 1914


Gaskill, R.C. (Stock broker, Oakland) 1878


Gates Hotel (Los Angeles) 1920


Gates, V.A. (Marysville) circa 1855


Gauteraux, F. (Stone works, San Diego) 1898


Gavin J.W. Gibb & Co., Pacific Color Works (Manufacturers and importers of paints, oils..., San Francisco) 1865


Gay Shops, The (Richmond) undated


Gaylord Bros., Inc. (Library supplies, Stockton) 1949-1972, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Gearhart Oil Burner Co. (Fresno)


Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railroad Company (San Francisco) 1909


Gebler, Theodore (Dealer in stoves and tin ware, San Francisco) 1865


Geddes & Bertrand Mill and Mining Company (San Francisco) 1876


Gedge & Thayer (Shirt manufacturing, San Francisco) circa 1870


Geib & Ludorff (Foreign and American dry goods, San Francisco) undated


Geils, H.H. (Groceries, wines and liquors, San Francisco) 1868


Genazzi & Caughey (Real estate, Petaluma) undated


Gene Compton's (Restaurants, San Francisco) undated


Genella, Joseph (Importer and dealer in crockery, china..., Marysville, San Francisco) 1854


Gene's (Restaurant, San Francisco) circa 1945


General Dynamics Corporation (San Diego, Pomona) 1964-1966


General Fire Extinguisher Company (San Francisco) undated


General Insurance Publications (San Francisco) undated


General Office Systems Co. (San Francisco) undated


General Petroleum Corporation (Los Angeles) 1928


General Telephone Company 1972


Gentry's World's Greatest Trained Animal Exhibition (Sacramento) undated


George A. Oppenheimer Inc., Federated Film Distributors undated


George B. May Co. (Importers and manufacturers of furniture, San Francisco) 1868


George C. Johnson (Hardware, iron and steel, San Francisco) 1869-1872


George D. Kellogg Packing Co. (Fruit canning, Newcastle) circa 1890


George D. Shearer & Co. (Real estate agents, San Rafael) undated


George E. Dow Pumping Engine Co., Dow Steam Pump Works (San Francisco) 1905, undated


George F. Bragg & Co. (Importers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1872


George Goeppert & Co. (Beer bottling, San Francisco) 1887


George H. Croley Co. Inc. (Poultry products, San Francisco) undated


George L. Henzel Electric Company (San Francisco) circa 1895-1911


George L. Thomas & Co., City Meat Market (Jackson) circa 1910


George O. Whitney & Co. (Importers and dealers in furniture, upholstery goods..., San Francisco) 1853-1870


George S. Hoag & Co. (Wood and coal dealers, San Francisco) 1872-1873


George S. May Company (Business engineering, San Francisco) 1951-1952


George Turner & Co. (Commission merchants, San Francisco) 1858


George Walcom Co. Incorporated (Furniture, carpets, rugs..., San Francisco) 1909


George W. Stewart & Co. (Grain, produce and commission merchants, San Francisco) circa 1870


Georgetown Hotel (Georgetown) 1853-1854


Georgia-Pacific (Fort Bragg) 1979, undated


Gerhardy, Philip J. (Butcher, San Francisco) 1870


German American Savings Bank (Los Angeles) circa 1905


German American Winery (San Francisco) circa 1919


German Savings and Loan Society, The (San Francisco) 1896-1918


German Steam Dyeing and Cleaning Works (San Francisco) undated


German Savings & Building Union (San Francisco) undated


Getz Bros. & Co. (Importers and dealers in provisions, transportation, San Francisco) 1881-1887, 1954-1958


Geyser Manufacturing Co. (Paint products, San Francisco) circa 1893


Geysers, The (Spa, Sonoma County) 1884, 1915


Gibbons, Henry, Jr. (M.D., San Francisco) circa 1896


Gibraltar Investment and Home Building Company (Los Angeles) 1912


Gibson Paint Factory (Oakland) 1941


Gibson, Robert (San Francisco) 1888


Gilbert's New Idea (Theatre, San Francisco) 1863


Gilbert's Store (Jackson) circa 1920


Gilded Age (San Francisco) undated


Gillespie, C.V. (San Francisco) undated


Gillespie-Maxson Company (Hardware and appliances, San Francisco) 1908


Gilman, C. H. (Dry goods, San Francisco) circa 1870


Gillmore & Co. (Real estate and loans, San Diego) 1896-1902


Giraffe Liquor Shop (San Francisco) 1954-1955


Girard Water Wheel Co. (San Francisco) 1895


Girard's French Restaurant (San Francisco) undated


Giribone, J.G. (Artist, San Francisco) undated


Gladden Products Corporation (Glendale) 1952-1953


Gladding, McBean & Co. (San Francisco) undated


Gladwin & Whitmore (Importers, jobbers and commission merchants, San Francisco) 1852


Glasband Mortuaries (Southern California) undated


Glen C. Stater Co. (San Francisco) 1940s


Globe Mills (Los Angeles, San Francisco) circa 1920-1928


Globe Sheet Metal Works (San Francisco) undated


Globetrotter Travel Service (San Francisco) 1967


Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves (Sonoma) undated


Gloy, Henry (Cigar manufacturers, Oakland) undated


Godchaux Brothers & Co. (Importers and jobbers of dry goods, San Francisco) 1857-1869


Goddard & Co., Pacific Iron Foundry (Manufacturers of machinery, San Francisco) 1855


Goffrie, Charles, Prof. (Fine violins, San Francisco) circa 1882


Golcher Bros. (Sporting goods, San Francisco) undated


Gold (Steamer, San Francisco) 1900-1902


Gold Crown Mining and Milling Company (Los Angeles) undated


Gold Street (Saloon, San Francisco) 1962


Goldberg, Bowen & Co. (Importers of groceries, San Francisco) 1880-1936, undated


Golden Age (Steamer, San Francisco) 1867


Golden City Chemical Works (San Francisco) 1894, undated


Golden City Saloon, P. Perrine & E. Stefani, Prop's (San Francisco) circa 1885


Golden Eagle Hotel (Sacramento) 1898


Golden Eagle Hotel (San Francisco) 1882


Golden Gate Building Association (San Francisco) 1893


Golden Gate Business Association (San Francisco) 1981-1985


Golden Gate Ferries Incorporated (San Francisco) 1927-1929, undated


Golden Gate Gourmet Company (San Francisco) 1958


Golden Gate Theater (San Francisco) 1980-1985


Golden Gong Restaurant (San Francisco) 1953


Golden Hind Playbox (Berkeley) undated