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Henry D. Cogswell Time Capsule Collection, 1847-1879, 1979 (bulk 1855-1879)
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Box 1

Materials relating to creation, entombment, and opening of the time capsule, 1979, undated

Scope and Contents

Original list of time capsule contents; two round pinned badges with drawing of Benjamin Franklin statue in Washington Square and "1849 - Cogswell Time Capsule - April 22, 1979"; and two copies of program celebrating the opening of the capsule 100 years after it was placed in statue, on April 21 and 22, 1979. Program contains 16 pages and articles on history of Benjamin Franklin statue, Cogswell, Cogswell College, Telegraph Hill, Washington Square, as well as a calendar of events for the capsule opening, listing of community cultural centers and credits.

Personal papers of Henry D. Cogswell, 1847-1879

Extent: 29.0 folders

Scope and Contents

Contains personal papers of Henry D. Cogswell included in the Cogswell time capsule.
Box 1, Folder 1

Letter written by Sackett Cornell about the future world of 1979 1879 June 3

Box 1, Folder 2

Indenture between Cogswell and the Regents of the University of California 1879

Box 1, Folder 3

Indenture between Cogswell and the Regents of the University of California for property bounded by Front and Jackson Streets 1879

Box 1, Folder 4

Indenture between Cogswell and the Regents of the University of California for property on Front Street 1879

Box 1, Folder 5

Conditions by or under which H.D. Cogswell proposes to deed by trust his Bank Building, Nos. 608, 610, 612, and 614 Front Street, to the State University for a Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 6

Cogswell Contingent Fund undated

Box 1, Folder 7

Memorandum regarding Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 8

Lease form undated

Box 1, Folder 9

Conditions on which Cogswell proposes to give his Front Street property to the Regents of State University for the Cogswell Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 10

Memorandum, University and College Clubs to be occupied as an adjunct to the Cogswell Dental College 1873? May 3

Box 1, Folder 11

Requirements for the Cogswell Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 12

Memorandum of items in reference to founding a Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 13

Cogswell's Proposition to the dentists to found a Dental College undated

Box 1, Folder 14

Correspondence undated

Scope and contents

Includes note to the San Francisco Board of Equalization regarding Cogswell's building at Front and Clark Streets; correspondence to and from attorneys Winans, Belknap & Godoy; and a list of organized and incorporated charities in San Francisco taken from the City Directory of 1876.
Box 1, Folder 15

Correspondence, notes, and legal records 1869-1878

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence to and from Cogswell; notes regarding Cogswell's visit to Dr. Horatio Stebbins regarding his bequest for the "Benefit of California"; inventory of Cogswell's property; indenture agreement; and other documents.
Box 1, Folder 16

Insurance policies 1875-1879

Scope and Contents

Contains 14 insurance policies made out to Cogswell.
Box 1, Folder 17

Rental agreements and other documents circa 1876-1879

Scope and Contents

Includes rental agreements between Cogswell and others; a subpoena issued to Cogswell; notes; signatures; and receipts.
Box 1, Folder 18

Letters regarding Cogswell's proposition to erect a "Polished Granite Drinking Fountain" circa 1879

Scope and Contents

Contains letters by Cogswell to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; and a letter from architect William F. Smith.
Box 1, Folder 19

Wills 1867-1877

Box 1, Folder 20

Construction plans, receipts, notes, and leaflets circa 1875-1878

Box 2, Folder 21

Correspondence and notes regarding Cogswell's efforts to establish a home for working women 1852-1878

Scope and Contents

Also contains miscellaneous checks, receipts, and legal documents.
Box 2, Folder 22

Correspondence 1863-1879

Box 2, Folder 23

Proposition of H.D. Cogswell to the dentists and Regents of the University of California to establish a Dental College and University Club undated

Scope and Contents

Also contains envelope and cabinet card bearing the logo of Morse's Palace of Art, 417 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.
Box 2, Folder 24

Correspondence, notes, and other documents 1853-1879

Scope and Contents

Includes a letter by Cogswell addressed to the Historical Society of 1979; and plans to erect a funerary monument in Mountain View Cemetery.
Box 2, Folder 25

Correspondence regarding time capsule and petition to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors 1879

Box 2, Folder 26

Materials donated by others to the time capsule 1879

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence; the price list of the San Francisco Laundry Association; and a "Remember me" card.
Box 2, Folder 27

Materials donated by others to the time capsule 1869-1879

Scope and Contents

Includes correspondence; and programmes and annual reports of the California Bible Society.
Box 2, Folder 28

Newspaper clippings and ephemera 1870-1879

Scope and Contents

Contains Cogswell's calling cards; reports of the Savings and Loan Society; and newspaper clippings, including an article by Cogswell titled "Dr. Cogswell's Drinking Fountain."
Box 2, Folder 29

Booklets 1847-1878

Physical Description: 6.0 volumes

Scope and Contents

Contains: two booklets commemorating the 1873 World Fair in Vienna (1873); The Gosepl According to Saint John (1878); Manual of Specific Homeopathy (1869); Christian Love: Or, Charity an Essential Element of True Christian Character (1847); and Ordinances of the Fire Department of San Francisco (1876).

General materials, 1853-1879

Extent: 147.0 folders, 2 volumes

Scope and Contents

Contains general materials collected by Cogswell for inclusion in the time capsule.
Carton 1, Folder 30-61

Newspapers 1877-1879

Physical Description: 31.0 folders
Language of Materials: Newspapers are in English, Italian, French, German, and Norwegian.

Scope and Contents

Contains a sampling of local, regional, and national newspapers published between the years 1877 and 1879.
Includes copies of: The Argonaut; The Berkeley Advocate; Daily Alta; Daily Bulletin Supplement; Daily Evening Post; The Daily Examiner; Evening Bulletin; Harper's Weekly; The Illustrated Wasp; The Monitor; The Gem: Ladies Monthly Reform Journal; Our Head Light; Pacific Coast Free-Thinker; San Francisco Chronicle; San Francisco Fashion Courier; San Francisco Real Estate Circular; Weekly Alta California; California Demokrat; La Scintilla Italiana; Le Petit Journal; San Francisco Abend Post; and Valkyrien.
Carton 1, Folder 62

Harper's Story Books: A Series of Narratives, Dialogues, Biographies, and Tales for the Instruction and Entertainment of the Young , by Jacob Abbott, New York: Harper & Brothers. 1855

Carton 1, Folder 63

Aida [libretto]. New York: Published at the Academy of Music. undated

Carton 1, Folder 64

The Alta California Alamanac and Book of Facts, edited by John S. Hittell. San Francisco: F. MacCrellish & Co. Publishers. 1879

Carton 1, Folder 65

Quarterly Architectural Review 1879 January

Carton 1, Folder 66

San Francisco Poll Tax Notice 1878

Carton 1, Folder 67

The Atlantic Monthly 1864 December

Carton 1, Folder 68

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Glasgow: W.R. M'Phun. 1855

Carton 1, Folder 69

Receipts and money orders 1876-1878

Carton 1, Folder 70

By-laws of the Boys and Girls Aid Society of San Francisco undated

Carton 1, Folder 71

Broadsides, Bridewell's Rotary Stamp Mill 1879

Carton 1, Folder 72

Bristol's Illustrated Almanac for 1879. Prepared Expressly for California. 1879

Carton 1, Folder 73

Advertisement cards 1876, undated

Carton 1, Folder 74

Business cards undated

Carton 1, Folder 75

E. Butterick & Co's Catalogue, Spring 1878

Carton 1, Folder 76

Constitution of the State of California 1879

Carton 1, Folder 77

Brochure, California Institute of Book-keeping and Penmanship undated

Carton 1, Folder 78

First Annual Report of the California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 1877

Carton 1, Folder 79

Student card, Mechanic Arts College, University of California 1870

Carton 1, Folder 80

Timetables, Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railway; and Chicago and Northwestern Railway 1876, 1878

Carton 1, Folder 81

Timetable, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad 1876

Carton 1, Folder 82

Advertisement, First Ward Workingmen's Laundry Association: "The Chinese Must Go!" undated

Carton 1, Folder 83

Choice Selections from the Poetical Works of Byron, Moore, Burns, and Other Celebrated Poets. Also, a Medical Adviser of Useful and Instructive Knowledge, Making a Complete Family Guide . Philadelphia: Desmond & Co. 1874

Carton 1, Folder 84

A Compilation of the Laws Relating to Elections, Citizenship and Naturalization Now in Force in the State of California, by Alfred Clarke. San Francisco: Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco. 1877

Carton 1, Folder 85

The Cottage Hearth: A Magazine of Home Arts and Home Culture (vol. 5, no. 10) 1878

Carton 1, Folder 86

Prospectus, The Housekeeper's Encyclopedia undated

Carton 1, Folder 87

The Dental Cosmos: A Monthly Record of Dental Science 1878 December

Carton 1, Folder 88

The Bonanza Mines of Nevada. Gross Frauds in the Management Exposed. Reply of S.P. Dewey circa 1878

Carton 1, Folder 89

Prospectus, For Our Boys: A Collection of Original Literary Offerings by Popular Writers, at Home and Abroad; Youths' Directory Free Shelter and Intelligence Bureau business card. 1878, undated

Carton 1, Folder 90

Booklets 1875, 1876, 1878, undated

Physical Description: 5.0 volumes

Scope and Contents

Includes Ordinances of the Fire Department of San Francisco (1876); and Rates Adopted by the Water Rate Commissioners and the Rules and Regulations Adopted by the Directors of the Spring Valley Water Works (1878).
Carton 1, Folder 91

Relations of the Theological Seminary and the Church. The Annual Address at the Anniversary of the Seminary, April 29, 1875, in St. John's Presbyterian Church of San Francisco, Cal . By Rev. James Eells, D.D., of Oakland, Cal. San Francisco: Occident Print. 1875

Carton 1, Folder 92

Color lithograph, Synagogue of Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, Wasp undated

Carton 1, Folder 93

Nature's Laws; New Ideas Concerning Them. A Medical Lecture delivered in Wesleyan Hall, Boston, on Friday Evening, March 30th, 1877. 1877

Carton 1, Folder 94

Praise Service on the National Birthday. First Congregational Church, Rev. A.L. Stone, D.D. Pastor. 1875 July 4

Carton 1, Folder 95

Color lithograph, New Hospital of the German Benevolent Society of San Francisco, Wasp July 28, 1877

Carton 1, Folder 96

The Great Geysers of California, and How to Reach Them, by Laura De Force Gordon. San Francisco: Bacon & Company Printers, 1877. Signed copy. May 1879

Scope and Contents

Includes the following inscription, written by the author in May 1879: "If this little book should see light after its hundred years of entombment, I would like its readers to know that the author was a lover of her own self, and devoted the best years of her life in striving for the Political equal [sic], and social and moral education of woman."
Carton 1, Folder 97

The Golden Rule 1879 May

Carton 1, Folder 98

Description of A.S. Hallidie's Patent Wire Rope Railway, for Street Railroads and Metropolitan Travel. San Francisco: Spaulding, Barto & Co. 1878

Cartons 1-2, Folder 99-111

Harper's New Monthly Magazine 1868-1869, 1872, 1877

Carton 2, Folder 112

Pamphlets (2) by C.T. Hopkins 1867, 1869

Scope and Contents

Includes: Ship Building on the Pacific Coast. A Report to the Board of Marine Underwriters of San Francisco, 1867, and Common Sense Applied to the Immigrant Question: Showing Why the "California Immigrant Union" was Founded, 1869.
Carton 2, Folder 113

Programmes, the Hutchinson Family company of singers undated

Carton 2, Folder 114-115

The Knickerbocker, or New-York Monthly Magazine (vol. 51, no. 6) 1858 June-July

Carton 2, Folder 116

American Interests in Borneo, by Wm. E.F. Krause. San Francisco: The Mercantile Gazette. 1867

Carton 2, Folder 117

Ladies' Christian Union manual and Band of Prayer membership book 1874, 1876

Carton 2, Folder 118

Ladies' Seamen's Friend Society: Annual reports and advertisement for the Seaman's Home 1877-1878

Carton 2, Folder 119

Advertisement for silver plated ware, O. Lawton & Co., San Francisco undated

Carton 2, Folder 120

Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly (vol. 6, no. 1) 1878 July

Carton 2, Folder 121

The Little Wanderer's Friend: The Quarterly Issue of the Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers, No. 40 New Bowery, New York 1869 July

Carton 2, Folder 122

The London Quarterly Review, American ed. 1859 January

Carton 2, Folder 123

A Memoir on the Water Supply of the City of San Francisco, by Wm. J. McAlpine. San Francisco: C.A. Murdock & Co. 1879

Carton 2, Folder 124

Mechanics' Institute of San Francisco: Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order, 1876; and Report of the Thirteenth Industrial Exhibition, 1878 1876, 1878

Carton 2, Folder 125

By-Laws of the Directors of the Metropolitan Railroad Company 1862

Carton 2, Folder 126

The Missouri Dental Journal (vol. 8, no. 10) 1876 October 15

Carton 2, Folder 127

Murphy, Francis. Gospel temperance advocate and reformer. Lyrics for temperance hymns. 1879

Carton 2, Folder 128

By-Laws of the North Beach & Mission Railroad Company 1864

Carton 2, Folder 129

Advertisement for the North Beach Bathing House and Swimming School undated

Carton 2, Folder 130

Thirty-Third Annual Announcement of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery 1878

Carton 2, Folder 131

Painter & Co. calendar, 1865-1866 circa 1864

Carton 2, Folder 132

Palace Hotel menu and Henry D. Cogswell's business card 1876, undated


First Annual Announcement of the Dental Department of Pennsylvania 1878-1879

Carton 2, Folder 134

Twenty-third Annual Announcement of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery 1878

Carton 2, Folder 135

Prospectus, The Contemporary Biography of California's Representative Men, by Alonzo Phelps. 1878

Carton 2, Folder 136

Sixteenth Annual Annoucement of the Philadelphia Dental College 1878

Carton 2, Folder 137

Places of interest card undated

Carton 2, Folder 138-139

Putnam's Monthly (vol. 2, no. 9; vol. 3, no. 15) 1853 September, 1854 March

Carton 2, Folder 140

Railroad Gazetteer (vol. 14, no. 3) 1876 November

Carton 2, Folder 141

Portrait of Marie Roze-Perkins, drawn and printed expressly for the Folio, Cambridge: Armstrong & Co. Riverside Press; and reward of merit for Caroline E. Richards. undated

Carton 2, Folder 142

St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco: By-laws and ephemera 1877-1879

Carton 2, Folder 143

Ordinances of the City and County of San Francisco 1861, 1863

Carton 2, Folder 144

By-Laws of the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco 1869

Carton 2, Folder 145

Report of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco 1867

Carton 2, Folder 146

Programme, Whitsunday Festival of the Children of the Church of the Advent 1879

Carton 2, Folder 147

Programme, Centennial Concert of the First Presbyterian Sunday School 1876

Carton 2, Folder 148

San Francisco Newsletter (vol. 29, no. 46) 1879 May 31

Carton 2, Folder 149

Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the Theological Seminary, San Francisco, Cal., 1871-1874 1874

Carton 2, Folder 150

Prospectus, Santa Barbara Hot Sulpher Spring Company, San Francisco 1867

Carton 2, Folder 151

Blank checks, Sather & Co., Bankers, San Francisco circa 1878

Carton 2, Folder 152

Forty-Second Semi-Annual Report of the Savings and Loan Society 1878

Carton 2, Folder 153

Advertisements, Smith's effluvia ejector for water closets and Smith's syphon jet water closet circa 1878

Carton 2, Folder 154

Why Do I Live?, by the Rev. Thomas Smyth, D.D. New York: American Tract Society undated

Carton 2, Folder 155

Souvenirs of San Francisco [viewbook] circa 1879

Scope and Contents

Contains thirteen views of San Francisco.
Carton 2, Folder 156

Tax-Payers' Union committee reports 1861, 1869

Carton 2, Folder 157

Advertisements, George H. Tay & Co., San Francisco circa 1879

Carton 2, Folder 158

Quarantine Laws for the Bay and Harbor of San Francisco, California. San Francisco: Turnbull & Smith, Book and Job Printers. 1866

Carton 2, Folder 159

"We Are Marching Through the Desert" [hymn] undated

Carton 2, Folder 160

Pamphlet, Women's Pioneer Hotel undated

Carton 2, Folder 161

Third Annual Report of the Young Women's Christian Association of Montreal 1877

Carton 2, Folder 162

Advertisement, Dr. A. Zabaldano's Syrup of Eucalyptus undated

Language of Materials: In English and Spanish.
Oversize box 1, Folder 163

Janes & Kirtland's Illustrated Catalogue of Ornamental Iron Work undated

Oversize box 1, Folder 164

Main & Winchester catalogue and newspaper clippings undated

Oversize box 1, Folder 165

Promotional calendar, 1870 circa 1869

Oversize box 1, Folder 166

Commercial Herald and Market Review 1879 June 5

Oversize box 1, Folder 167-170

The Morning Call 1879 May-June

Oversize box 1, Folder 171

The Resources of California 1879 June

Oversize box 1, Folder 172

The Mail 1877 February 22

Oversize box 1, Folder 173

Weekly Bulletin 1879 June 5

Oversize box 1, Folder 174

Weekly San Francisco Chronicle 1879 June 5

Oversize box 1, Folder 175

The Hebrew Observer 1879 May 30

Language of Materials: In German.
Oversize box 1, Folder 176

La Voce Del Popolo 1879 May 2

Language of Materials: In Italian.
Oversize box 1, Folder 177

San Francisco China News and letter from F.L. Gordan 1875 February 6, 1879 June 4

Scope and Contents

Letter from F.L. Gordon outlines the history of the San Francisco China News, "the first newspaper in the Chinese language ever published outside of the Chinese empire."
Box 4

The Teachings of the Ages, by A.C. Traveler. San Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Co. 1874

Box 4

San Francisco Municipal Reports for the Fiscal Year 1877-1878, Ending June 30, 1878. Published by Order of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. San Francisco: W.M. Hinton & Co. 1878


Fine arts materials, 1979

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Scope and Contents

Contains slides and accession sheets for artifacts separated from the Henry D. Cogswell time capsule collection and transferred to the fine arts collection.
Box 3, Folder 178

Slides 1979

Box 3, Folder 179

Accession sheets 1979