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Preliminary Guide to the Pai Hsien-Yung Collection
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Collection Contents


Series 1.  Writings by Pai

Scope and Content Note

More detailed notes and information on these mss drafts (in Chinese) may be found in each individual box; this information may also be found in folder 1/- with the collection finding guide (Compiled by Peter.Pang)

Subseries 1.  Mss drafts in Chinese

Scope and Content Note

More detailed notes and information on these mss drafts (in Chinese) may be found in each individual box; this information may also be found in folder 1/- with the collection finding guide (Compiled by Peter.Pang)
Box 1: 1 - 11

Taibei ren

Abstract: [drafts of chapters]
Box 2: 1 - 14

Gu hui

Abstract: [and other short stories]
Box 2: 15

You yuan jing meng

Box 3: 1 - 20

Nie zi ( Crystal Boys) and other works

Box 4: 1 - 5

Nie zi (early drafts )

Box 5: 1 - 13

Nie zi (variant/corrected chapter drafts)


Subseries 2.  Mss drafts in English

Scope and Content Note

Typewritten mss drafts with author's, translator's and editor's corrections; includes related correspondence; alternate and working titles; no ms copy of chapter entitled "A Sea of Bloodred Azaleas" in published English version; arranged in chapter order (with exception noted above) of Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream, (English version of Tabei ren)
Box 6: 1

"The Eternal Snow Beauty"

Box 6: 2

"A Touch of Green"

Box 6: 3

"New Year's Eve"

Box 6: 4

"The Final Night of Taipan Chin"

Box 6: 5

"Lamentations for Bygone Days"

Box 6: 6

"The Dirge of Liang Fu"

Box 6: 7

"A Lone Amourous Flower"

Box 6: 8

"Glory's By Blossom Bridge"

Box 6: 9

"Autumnal Reveries"

Box 6: 10

"A Sky Full of Blazing Stars"

Box 6: 11

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from the dream"

Box 6: 12

"Winter Night"

Box 6: 13

"State Funeral"


Series 2.  Materials about Pai

Scope and Content Note

Including magazine and journal articles, reviews, essays and other writings about Pai's works
Box 7: 1 - 5

Theater/film productions, 1979 - 1997

Abstract: [includes programs, reviews, magazine and press articles, some biographical, most in Chinese]
Box 8: 1 - 9: 25

Works about Pai's works

Abstract: [theses, dissertations , journal articles, movie script]
Box 8: 1

"Short Story Cycle as a Genre: Tales of Taipei Characters and Dubliners" M.A. thesis by Chang Shuei-may, 1987

Box 8: 2

"Western Influence in the Works of Pai Hsien-yung," M.A. thesis by Susan McFadden, n.d.

Box 8: 3

" 'Crowded Hours'* Revisited: the Evocation of the Past in Taipei Jen," article by Joseph S.M. Lau, n.d.

Abstract: [note on title page: "to appear in JAS" [ Journal of Asian Studies]]
Box 8: 4

"Der Schriftsteller Pai Hsien-Yung im Spiegel Seiner Kurzgeschichte 'Staatsbergräbnis,' " M.A. thesis written by Alexander Papenberg, n.d.

Box 8: 5

"On Pai Hsien-yung and His Fiction"; Dissertation (partial per note) written by Liu Jun, 1991

Box 8: 6

"Pai Hsien-yung and Yang Ch'ing-ch'u: Aspects of Taiwan Society as Reflected in the Works of Two Popular Writers," written by Thomas B. Gold, 1974

Abstract: [seminar paper/thesis?]
Box 8: 7

Ku Lien Hua, film script, adaptation of Pai title of same name; directed by Lin Ch'ing-chieh, n.d.

Box 8: 8

Miscellaneous articles, interviews, reviews (all in Chinese) relating to Pai and his works

Box 8: 9

Articles about Pai

Abstract: [mostly English, some Chinese, one translation of Pai's work into German]
Box 8: 10

Magazine/newspaper articles

Abstract: [Reviews, articles about Pai in English, French German]
Box 9: 1 - 25


Abstract: [Photocopies of magazine/newspaper articles (with some biographical information and correspondence ); one article by Pai in Chinese re. Pai Ch'ung-hsi (KP's father; see SC call# DS 777.488 P34 P35 1967 for bio of same.) and KMT war efforts vs. Japan]

Series 3.  Audio/Visual Materials


Subseries 1.  Slides

Box 10: 1 - 6

Mostly related to Pai's works in various productions, 170 slides


Subseries 2.  Photographs

Scope and Content Note

Mostly related to filmed productions; labels for various productions
Box 11: 1

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from a Dream," (play) 1982; August 7-14, Taipei Production ( You yuan jing), 1982

Abstract: [112]
Box 11: 2

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from a Dream," (play), March 1988, Guangzhou; May 1988, Shanghai; December 1988, Hong Kong; Guangzhou Production. ( You yuan jing), 1988

Abstract: [111 items; 102 photographs; 9 slides]
Box 11: 3

"The Last Aristocrats," (scenes from the film), 1989

Abstract: [ Zui hou de guzi; plural in English title; 26 items]

Subseries 3.  Videos

Physical Description: 13 videos of film, theatrical productions of Pai's works, including two documentaries

Scope and Content Note

housed in Performing Arts, cataloged as following
A/V Item V0870/VHS

(Gulian hua) Love's Lone Flower

A/V Item V0871/BM

(Hudie meng) The Butterfly's Dream

A/V Item V0872/VHS

(Jin daban de zuihou yiye) The Last Night of Taipan Chin

A/V Item V0873/VHS

(Yuqing sao) Jade Love

A/V Item V0874/VHS

(Zuihou de guizu) The Last Aristocrat

A/V Item V0880/VHS

(A) Sea of Blood-Red Azaleas

Abstract: [TV movie]
A/V Item V0878/VHS

(The) Making of 'Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream'

A/V Item V0875/VHS

Crystal Boys, 1997

Abstract: [Adams Chinese Theater Series, Harvard University]
A/V Item V0876 /VHS

Goddess in Exile

Abstract: [Hong Kong TV movie]
A/V Item V0877/VHS

Jade Love

Abstract: [Dance Drama]
A/V Item V0879/VHS

Old Homes in Shanghai Revisited, 1987

Abstract: [documentary]
A/V Item V0881/VHS

Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream , play, 1982, Taipei; 1997 copy


Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream, 1987

Abstract: [play, 1988 Guangzhou production]

Subseries 4.  Posters

Scope and Content Note

related to productions of Pai's works [oversize map folder]
Map Case 19: 11

Jin da ban de zui hou yi ye /The Last Night of Taipan Chin

Map Case 19: 11

You yuan jing meng/Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream

Map Case 19: 11

Yu qing sao/Jade Love


Series 4.  Correspondence

Scope and Content Note

Includes letter (handwritten, in Chinese) to Pai from an acquaintance, dated 11/94, letter from Henry Miller (photocopy of handwritten letter, dated 6/23/76), some miscellaneous correspondence
Box 3: 21

1 Letter to Pai, dated 11/94

Abstract: [handwritten in Chinese]
Box 8: 11

1 letter to Pai (copy of handwritten letter) from Henry Miller, 6/23/76

Box 9: 3

Copies of miscellaneous correspondence