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Inventory of the Alfred Connor Bowman Papers
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Biographical file, 1946-1979

Scope and Contents note

Consists of diaries, correspondence, curriculum vitae, news-clippings, and printed matter relating to Bowman's life and career as a lawyer and participation with the American Bar Association. Arranged chronologically.

Diaries, 1944-1950

Box-folder 1:1

1944 September 5- 1945 September 1

Box-folder 1:2

1944 September- 1945 June

Box-folder 1:3

1945 September 4- 1946 September 4

Box-folder 1:4

1946 June-1947 June

Box-folder 1:5

1946 September 2 -1947 June 16

Box-folder 1:6

Diary excerpt, 1950 October

Box-folder 2:1

AMG biographical report, 1946

Box-folder 2:2

Press mentions, 1946, 1957

Box-folder 2:3

Curriculum vitae, circa 1961

Box-folder 2:4

Trip to England, 1966

Box-folder 2:5

General Correspondence, 1967-1978

Box-folder 2:6-7

Peace Through Law European Conferences and American Bar Association, 1971-1972

Box-folder 2:8

1974 April 25. Interview of Alfred Bowman by Victoria Billings, Daily Breeze, 1974

Box-folder 2:9

Fiftieth Law School reunion, 1979

Box-folder 2:10

Descriptions of medals received, undated


Speeches and writings, 1947-1977

Scope and Contents note

Consists of speeches, published articles, a manuscript, and related research correspondence, articles, newsclippings, and notes. Arranged by subject then chronologically.

Speeches, 1945-1957

Box-folder 3:1

Radio speeches in Venezia Giulia, 1945

Language of the Materials : Includes Slovene and English translation.
Box-folder 3:2

Farewell Radio Talk, 1947

Box-folder 3:3

Speeches by others, 1947

Box-folder 3:4

Civil Affairs and military government speeches, 1948-1952

Box-folder 3:5

Speeches made as Chief of Army Claims Division, 1955-1957

Box-folder 3:6

Speech given at the Pentagon, undated


Writings, 1948-1951, undated

Box-folder 3:7; 4:1-2

Research materials, news-clippings, articles and correspondence, 1946-1977

Box-folder 4:3

"Partisan Disarmament" in Time magazine, 1948 May 10

Box-folder 4:4

"Venezia Giulia and Trieste: An address on the unique expression in Allied Military Government, delivered before Provisional Reserve Corps G-5 Section of the Military District of Washington," Military Government Journal, 1948 June

Box-folder 5:1

"The Military Government Training Program," in The Army, Navy, Airforce Journal, 1951 April

Box-folder 5:2

manuscript, undated


Allied Military Government file, 1943-1977

Scope and Contents note

Consists of correspondence, reports, memoranda, minutes, and printed matter relating to Senior Civil Affairs Office in Venezia Giulia. Includes declassified and public reports on domestic topics of Venezia Giulia region and the Yugoslav and Italian conflict. Arranged by subject.

Correspondence, 1945-1947

Scope and Contents note

The majority of the correspondence are letters sent to Senior Civil Affairs Office (SCAO).

Acknowledgement of letters sent to SCAO

Box-folder 5:3

No. 94, 1945 June-August

Box-folder 5:4

No. 94D, 1945 November

Box-folder 5:5

No. 97A, 1945 September

Box-folder 5:6

No. 97B, 1945 September-October

Box-folder 6:1

No. 97C, 1945 October

Box-folder 6:2

No. 97F, 1947 February

Box-folder 6:3

Correspondence from Foreign Policy Advisors (POLAD), 1946

Box-folder 6:4-8

General Correspondence, 1946 December - 1947 June

Box-folder 7:1

Letters of Farewell, 1947 June


Reports, 1945-1947

Box 7

Early History of Venezia Giulia, undated

Box 7

History of AMG Venezia Giulia by Functional Subject, Volume I, Agriculture to Military, undated

Box-folder 8:1-3

History of AMG Venezia Giulia by Functional Subject, Volume II, Partisans to Transportation, undated

Box-folder 8:4

History of AMG Venezia Giulia by Functional Subject, Volume III, Miscellaneous, undated

Box-folder 9:1

History of the Allied Military Government in Venezia Giulia, undated

Box-folder 9:2

Allied Forces reports and excerpts of agreements with Yugoslav Army, circa 1945

Box-folder 9:3

Reports on reaction to the Separatist Tendency and Yugoslav Army and Organization in Zone "B," 1945

Box-folder 9:4

Reports of proceedings at SCAO weekly press conference, November 1945-July 1946

Box-folder 9:5; 10:1

Minutes of Meeting Held at Headquarters, AMG Venezia Giulia, 1946 July 8- 1947 June 9

Box-folder 10:2

"Res Futura" A Compiled Political History of Zone "A" of Venezia Giulia under Allied Military Government, 1945-1947

Box-folder 10:3

"Labor Division Report: Historical Outline of Labor Division Activities from date of Allied Occupation (12 June 1945) to "S" Day of the Italian Peace Treaty (10 February 1947)," circa 1947

Box-folder 10:4

General directives, Belgrade and Duino agreements, 1945

Box-folder 10:5

The History of Monfalcone and District Communes, part I and II, 1945-1946

Box-folder 11:1

"Prelude to Decision," report on Venezia Giulia under AMG, undated

Box-folder 11:2

"Outline Economic Information on the free territory of Trieste," unofficial report, circa 1947

Box-folder 11:3

Subject reports and notes on AMG in Venezia Giulia, 1947-1950

Box-folder 11:4

Prinicipal Personalities, 1946

Box-folder 11:5

AMG Officers master lists, circa 1947

Box-folder 11:6

Directories, undated

Box-folder 11:7

"History of Sesana," 1947

Box-folder 11:8

Venezia Giulia criminal investigation division report on the attempted murder of Major Cunder Stane Yugoslav Army, April 10, 1946

Box-folder 12:1-2

Case of Maria Pasquinelli, 1947

Box-folder 12:3

Maria Pasquinelli pardon, 1964,1977

Box-folder 12:4

Excerpt translation of "Sotto Due Bandiere," undated

Box-folder 12:5

Personal file, circa 1947

Box-folder 12:6

End of active duty in Venezia Giulia file, 1947

Box-folder 12:7

United States European Command (EUCOM), 1951


Printed matter, 1945-1947

Box 13

Military treaty booklets, programs, and ephermera, 1943-1947

Box-folder 14:1

"Amgothic Lines, and Other Outbursts of an Uncivil Affairs Officer," 1943, 1945

Box-folder 14:2

Poems, booklets, caricatures, and miscellaneous ephermera, 1943-1947

Box-folder 14:3

Italian Allied Military Occupation stamp collection, 1945-1947

Box-folder 14:4

German surrender announcements in Star and Stripes, 1945 April-May

Box-folder 14:5

The Emilia Way newsletters, 1945

Box-folder 14:6

Press releases and news-clippings, 1945-1947

Box-folder 15:1

AMG Venezia Giulia proclamations and AMG Gazette, circa 1946

Box-folder 15:2

No. 603-616 Daily Press Summaries- Pro-Yugoslav, Pro-Italian, and Independent Press, July 11-26, 1947

Box-folder 15:3

Maps, 1947


Korean War file, 1950-1953

Scope and Contents note

Consists of reports, orders, correspodence, agreements, and news-clippings relating to Bowman's participation in the United States effort to pass a resolution through the United Nation’s Security Council calling for military intervention to Korea and subsequent cease-fire in 1953. Arranged chronologically.
Box-folder 16:1

Far East Command (FECOM) diary and news-clippings, 1950

Box-folder 16:2

Orders and correspondence, 1950

Box-folder 16:3

Proclamations and printed matter, 1950

Box-folder 16:4

Souvenirs and news-clippings, 1950

Box-folder 16:5

Extract of Korean War Crimes case reports addressed to United Nations, 1953

Box-folder 16:6

United Nations Command Military Armistice Comission (UNCMAC) agreements and negiotations, 1953


Subject files, 1952-1967

Scope and Contents note

Consists of reports, correspondence, news-clippings, and ephemera relating to Bowman's Post- World War II career with the Armed Forces. Arranged by subject.
Box-folder 17:1-3

Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1952-1967

Box-folder 17:4-6

Army Staff Judge Advocate office, 1949-1970

Box-folder 18:1-2

Texas City Disaster investigation, 1955-1959


Photographs and negatives, 1945-1947

Scope and Contents note

Photographs and negatives include images of the effects of war and Bowman's duties in Emilia and Venzia Giulia. Arranged by format.
Box-folder 18:3

San Marino, photographs, 1945

Box-folder 18:4-5

Bologna, Riccione, and Emilia region Allied occupation, photographs, 1945

Box-folder 18:6

Bowman's tour in Korea and honorary dinner at Stillwell Hall, Washington, D.C., 1950

Box 19

Emilia region occupation and Bowman press conferences, scrapbook, 1945

Box 19

Bretto di Sopra, photograph album, 1946

Box 20

Reconstruction of San Daniele Del Carso, photograph album, 1946-1947

Box 20

Trieste, photograph album, circa 1947

Box 20

The Officers and Men of 13 Corps, AMG, photo album, circa 1947

Box 21

Negatives, unidentified, undated


Audiovisual Material, 1945-1947

Scope and Contents note

Consists of a sound recording and a film.

Sound recordings


Sound recording of the farewell speech of Alfred Connor Bowman, 1946 July 23

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 66015_a_0002430

Scope and Contents note

Bowman describes the images people have versus the reality of Venezia Giulia. He describes the activities of a "caretaker" occupation force before the creation of new, free government. 2 discs. BBC label reads: 1 BOWMAN, ALFRED CONNOR Farewell Speech of Colonel Alfred C. Bowman, Military Governor Venezia Giulia (in Italian) 23 Jul 1946

Motion picture film

Motion picture film 1-2

"Trieste 1945-47: large roll: Rebuilding, ETC of Baetto del soppa, small roll: police review and various other village rebuilding + openings Cine-Film Rolls," 16mm film, 650 ft.