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Title: Lamar Henderson papers
Date (inclusive): 1966-1996
Date (bulk): 1986-1990
Collection Number: 2009C51
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Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 3 manuscript boxes (1.2 linear feet)
Abstract: Pamphlets, serial issues, bulletins, newsletters, clippings, other printed matter, letters, and notes relating to Ethiopia's droughts and famines, receipt of relief and development assistance, political conditions, and civil war.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Collector: Henderson, Lamar


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Biographical note

After earning his B. A. in Sociology, Lamar Henderson went to Ethiopia from 1968 to 1971 as a Peace Corps volunteer, participating in designing and building projects for the Engineering section of the Ministry of National Community Development and Social Affairs. He designed, estimated, and built several public works projects which fostered an interest in building and architecture. After he returned to the United States, Henderson attended the Design School at the California Institute of the Arts where he received an MFA in Design. He then earned his Master's degree in Architecture from the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning from UCLA and went on to teach for ten years at the School of Architecture and Planning at the Catholic University of America.
Inspired by his Peace Corps experience, Henderson remained very involved in Ethiopian support and relief groups throughout his life. He was an active member in EthioPRAG, a group concerned with raising awareness about famine in Ethiopia and supporting scholarly research of possible solutions, as well as the Bay Area Chapter of Friends of Ethiopia, where he actively tried to recruit and connect with other people who had lived in Ethiopia.

Scope and Content of Collection

Comprised of pamphlets, serial issues, bulletins, newsletters, clippings, other printed matter, letters, and notes relating to Ethiopia's droughts and famines, receipt of relief and development assistance, political conditions, and civil war. Most of the printed matter is from 1985 through 1989 and includes items such as research reports on economic conditions in Ethiopia and draft constitutions of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. The collector's original folder names have been kept as the series' names.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

International relief.

Box-folder 1 : 1

Eritrea file, 1984-1985, 1988

Scope and Content

Composed of materials about the territory of Eritrea, focused mainly on relief efforts. The Eritrean Relief Committee newsletter and newspaper reproductions make up the bulk of the contents.
Box-folder 1 : 2-3

EthioPRAG file, 1985-1991

Scope and Content

The Ethiopian Project Research and Assistance Group (EthioPRAG) was an American organization aimed at raising awareness and support for famine victims and improving the quality of life for people in Ethiopia. It took over an organization called the Ethiopian Famine Relief Organizaton of the Greater Bay Area, whose newletters are included here. EthioPRAG's members consisted of Ethiopians and Americans who wanted to get involved to support Ethiopians in Africa. The group wanted to take a more active approach in their aid to Ethiopia, as well as concentrate on scholarly research focused on long term solutions to drought and famine.
The folders contain EthioPRAG meeting minutes (mostly from 1987 and 1988), newspaper article reproductions, promotional material for EthioPRAG, and information about various conferences hosted by the organization. Brochures and descriptions of the organization are accompanied by personal notes from Henderson, the collection's creator.
Box-folder 1 : 4-5

Friends of Ethiopia file, 1988-1989

Scope and Content

Friends of Ethiopia was a national organization which formed 1985. One of the main goals of the organization was to connect people who had lived or worked in Ethiopia so they could stay in contact with each other and keep current on events.
Materials are related to the Bay Area Chapter of the Friends of Ethiopia, with some promotional materials from the national headquarters. A fairly comprehensive collection of newsletters from 1985 through 1991 were kept, along with World News reports and scholarly publications. Other materials included are newspaper reproductions, personal notes, and correspondence related to the recruitment of members to the organization.
Box-folder 1 : 6

Tigre file, 1984-1985

Scope and Content

A small group of papers related to the Tigray (ethnonym for Tigre) region of Ethiopia and the Relief Society of Tigray (REST). The bulk of the material is related to REST and promotes relief efforts for Ethiopian victims of famine. A detailed description of the organization is also included.
Box-folder 1 : 7-8

The Visit file, 1987-1988

Scope and Content

On December 17, 1987, an official Ethiopian Government Delegation visited Stanford in order to raise awareness about the threat of famine in Ethiopia. The head of the delegation was Kassa Kebede, Ambassador of Ethiopia to the U. N. in Geneva. Contents include newspaper articles and copies of the schedule and agenda for the visit. Additionally, a copy of Proclamations Issued by the National Shengo of the PDRE at Its First Session is included, which was a gift to the hosts of the visit.
Box-folder 2 : 1-2

Ethiopia/Conferences file, 1984-1985

Scope and Content

Newspaper articles, article reproductions, and handwritten conference notes about the 1984-1985 famine in Ethiopia. Additionally, an Info Pack produced by the Congressional Research Service at the Library of Congress is included.
Box-folder 2 : 3

Werner Erhard Foundation file, 1988

Scope and Content

In 1988, Werner Erhard visited Ethiopia and interviewed the President, Mengistu Haile Mariam. A transcript of the interview is provided, as well as a list of the people and the organizations they represented that Erhard met during his visit.
Box-folder 2 : 4

Newspaper Clippings file, 1981, 1989

Scope and Content

The Struggle Call and the New Era are newspapers written in Amharic from Ethiopia. The Struggle Call was published by the Tigray's People's Liberation Front, and the New Era was a national newspaper.
The Ethiopian Mirror was a monthly periodical published in Los Angeles, California to cover Ethiopian news for those living in America.
Box-folder 2 : 5

L. A. Ethiopian Church file, 1970

Scope and Content

The blue prints for an Ethiopian church are accompanied by handwritten notes and reproductions of photos and descriptions of churches. Vellum drawings and pencil sketches are included, although these materials are lacking in descriptive information.

Printed Matter, 1966-1992

Box-folder 2 : 6

The Africa File, 1987 December

Scope and Content

The Africa File is an English-language periodical published by Ethiopian Airlines to educate travel agents and travel consultants about Ethiopia and to encourage travel to the area.
Box-folder 2 : 7

Livestock Dependent (Pastoralists) Food Supply System, Food Supply Prospect, 1986 April

Scope and Content

In an effort to predict famine, the Early Warning and Planning Services Relief and Rehabilitation Commission published a system report of the food supply to identify what food stuffs might be in danger of failing. This issue outlines the food supply prospect of the livestock supply system.
Box-folder 2 : 8

Project Proposal for Children's Homes, 1985 July

Scope and Content

The 1983 to 1984 famine caused a large loss of life in Ethiopia, which left some children parentless or abandoned. The Project Proposal for Children's Homes was put together by the National Children's Commission and the Relief and Rehabilition Commission of the Provisional Military Government of Socialist Ethiopa. The report was published in Addis Ababa and detailed a possible solution to deal with children orphaned because of the famine.
Box-folder 2 : 9

Hearings Before the Subcommittees on Human Rights and International Organizations, International Economic Policy and Trade, and on Africa of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, 100th Congress, First Session. 1987

Scope and Content

This publication is a transcript of two hearings about human rights in Ethiopia. the transcript discusses what the two committees discussed in regards to human rights violations in Ethiopia during 1987 and the preceding years.
Box-folder 2 : 10

Improving Village Water Supplies in Ethiopia: A Case Study of the Socio-economic Implicationsby Hanna Kebede, 1978

Scope and Content

A reproduction that was published by the United Nation's Economic Commission for Africa.
Box-folder 2 : 11

The Draft Constitution of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (PDRE), 1986 June

Scope and Content

Two reproduction copies of a 1968 draft constitution of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia presented for discussion. This constitution is eventually what created the Communist Ethiopian government in 1987.
Box-folder 2 : 12

Problems of Communism, 1990 November-December

Scope and Content

Problems of Communism is a bimonthly publication that provides an overview of and commentary on events in the Soviet Union, China, and other politically similar states. This edition features an essay by Paul B. Henze titled "Marxist Disaster and Cultural Survival in Ethiopia," which discusses the effect of Communism in Ethiopia.
Box-folder 2 : 13

Horn of Africa: An Independent Journal, 1981

Scope and Content

A quarterly journal dedicated to the Horn of Africa geographic region. This issue has three featured articles discussing Ethiopia.
Box-folder 2 : 14

Horn of Africa: An Independent Journal, 1982

Scope and Content

A quarterly journal dedicated to the Horn of Africa geographic region. This issue critiques the revolution in Ethiopia as one of its featured articles.
Box-folder 2 : 15

Selamta, Summer 1985

Scope and Content

Selamta is an in-flight magazine provided by Ethiopian Airlines.
Box-folder 2 : 16

"Basic Information on Ethiopia's Long and Medium Term Economic Development Plans as well as Settlement and Villagization Programmes," 1987 May

Scope and Content

A reproduction of a report produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa outlining information that contributes to Ethiopia's economic prospects.
Box-folder 2 : 17

Housing in Ethiopia, 1966 January

Scope and Content

A reproduction of a report on housing in Ethiopia produced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development of the United States. This report was part of a series of reports about housing in developing countries.
Box-folder 2 : 18

People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, 1987

Scope and Content

A printed pamphlet from the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia giving a description of self-administration that was presented to the first National Congress in 1987. The pamphlet is written in Amharic.
Box-folder 2 : 19

Congressional Research Service Issue Brief, "African Famine: The Search for Solutions," 1992 February 18

Scope and Content

Information from relief efforts in 1991 and projections of relief effort needed for 1992 are detailed by region.
Box-folder 2 : 20

Congressional Research Service Issue Brief, "Africa: U. S. Foreign Assistance Issues," 1992 February 4

Scope and Content

A report detailing the amount of aid the United States had sent to sub-Saharan African countries for famine, health, and political issues. Includes the amount of assistance that was provided during 1991.
Box-folder 3 : 1

Congressional Research Service Issue Brief, "Ethiopia: War and Famine," 1991 August 5

Scope and Content

A report that details the history of Ethiopia's different politcal regimes and the effect they had on the relationship between Ethiopia and the United States. The brief starts with United States relations under the rule of emperor Haile Selassie in the post-World War II era and continues through 1991.
Box-folder 3 : 2

Ethioscope, 1996

Scope and Content

A quarterly magazine focused on Ethiopia's foreign and domestic issues. This issue features articles on Ethio-Japanese relations, the Organization of African Unity, and the United Nations.
Box-folder 3 : 3

People's Voice, 1989

Scope and Content

A quarterly magazine published by the Foreign Relations Bureau of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). This issue features articles on the fourteen year history of the TPLF and the formation of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front.
Box-folder 3 : 4

Mender, 1987 May

Scope and Content

A publication promoting villagization and resettlement in Ethiopia by the government and Comrade Mengitsu Haile-Mariam. The efforts were organized through the National Villagization Co-ordinating Committee.
Box-folder 3 : 5

"Eritrea in the Western Media," 1988 January-June

Scope and Content

A compilation of newspaper clippings about Eritrea and Ethiopian issues affecting Eritrea produced by the Western media. Compiled by Concerned Americans and Eritreans of the San Francisco Bay Area to increase understanding about Eritrean issues.
Box-folder 3 : 6

Our Popular Objective Needs, Our Co-Ordinated Effort, 1987 October 9

Scope and Content

A statement issued by the Council of State of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in order to gain support for the new government regime.
Box-folder 3 : 7

Tigray: Ethiopia's Untold Story, 1985 October

Scope and Content

A small book published by the Relief Society of Tigray UK Support Committee to bring attention to the issues facing the small province between 1983 and 1985. Ethiopian conflicts and drought affected the Tigray region on an equal or larger scale than the rest of the country, but it was not as covered in Western media.
Box-folder 3 : 8

Combatting the Effects of Cyclical Drought in Ethiopia, 1985 January

Scope and Content

A short book published by the Ethiopian Relief and Rehabilitation Commission describing the drought situation in Ethiopia from 1970 onwards. The book outlines the history of drought in the region, efforts to combat drought, and prospects for preventing drought-related famine in the future.
Box-folder 3 : 9

People's Democratic Programme of the Tigray People's Liberation Front, 1983 May

Scope and Content

A small pamphlet describing a brief history of Tigray and outling the objectives and organization of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). The program was adopted by the Second Organizational Congress in 1983.
Box-folder 3 : 10

Enriching the Constitution, 1986 August

Scope and Content

A small pamphlet that describes the process of approving the draft constitution of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia throughout the 1980s.
Box-folder 3 : 11

Tigray Document to the 39th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, 1984 September

Scope and Content

A pamphlet prepared by the Tigray People's Liberation Front to be presented to the United Nations General Assembly. The pamphlet gives a brief background on the history of the conflict between Tigray and Ethipoia, and it formally presents appeals to the United Nations to create a united front against the Ethiopian regime.
Box-folder 3 : 12

Hearing Before the Subcommittees on Human Rights and International Organizations and on Africa of the Committee of Foreign Affairs, 100th Congress, Second Session, 1988 April 21

Scope and Content

A transcript of the hearings meant to update the Committee of Foreign Affairs on the famine crisis in Ethiopia.
Box-folder 3 : 13

Ensuring the Rights of Nationalities, 1987 September

Scope and Content

Issued by the preparatory committee for the founding of the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, this pamphlet was a promotional description of the way the new regime was going to improve the lives of Ethiopians.
Box-folder 3 : 14

Mengistu Haile Mariam Replies to Questions from "Time" Magazine, 1986 July

Scope and Content

A pamphlet containing the transcript of an interview of Mengistu Haile Mariam by Time magazine. The interview was conducted in July 1986 before the People's Deomcratic Republic of Ethiopia was officially established. Excerpts from this interview were published in the August 4, 1986 issue of Time.
Box-folder 3 : 15

Facts of Eritrea, 1988 October

Scope and Content

A booklet created by the Eritrean Professionals Action Committee that contains general information and history about the country of Eritrea.
Box-folder 3 : 16

Ethiopia: A Guide to Investments, circa 1989-1992

Scope and Content

An undated booklet that gives an overview of Ethiopia's changing economy and describes policy changes that affect foreign, domestic, and joint investments.
Box-folder 3 : 17

Beyond the Famine: An Examination of the Issues behind Famine in Ethiopia, 1988 January

Scope and Content

Food for the Hungry International (FHI) compiled five research papers whose topics addressed issues related to the famine in Ethiopia. The papers are reviewed by subject specialists and cover topics such as the Ethiopian economy, survival strategies, and agriculture.
Box-folder 3 : 18

Background Notes: Ethiopia, 1985 August

Scope and Content

Background Notes is a series of pamphlets produced by the United States Department of State about countries from around the world. This issue on Ethiopia gives a description of Ethiopia's economy, government, history, and travel information.
Box-folder 3 : 19

Rural Water Supply, Operation and Maintenance Training Program, 1982

Scope and Content

A report prepared for the government of Ethiopia by the International Labour Organisation of the United Nations Development Programme on rural water supplies. A training program was implemented in order to prepare the Ethiopian water company's employees for new wells that would be drilled to supply more water to the region's inhabitants. This report evaluates the training programs and offers recommendations for improvement.
Box-folder 3 : 20

A book on traditional Ethiopian cooking, 1988

Scope and Content

The booklet is written in Amharic.