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Inventory of the Tibor Flórián papers
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Box: 1-12

Alphabetical file circa 1942-1990

Scope and Contents note

Contains mostly correspondence with other writers and with editors of Hungarian periodicals, writings and related materials.

Arrangement note

Arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.
Box/Folder: 1

�goston, Ede, correspondence, writings and related materials 1973-1976


Almási, Gyula, correspondence, artwork, Flórián's writings 1971-1973 and undated

Box/Folder: 1

Amerikai Magyar Kiadó and Ferenc Mérő, correspondence and clippings 1964-1970 and undated

Box/Folder: 1

Balogh, Dezső de A., autobiographical sketch undated

Box/Folder: 1

Balogh, Lajos and others 1948-1954 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, poems, financial documents, a photograph signed "Jóska"; most materials are related to József Nyírő
Box/Folder: 1

Bán, Oszkár, correspondence and writings 1967-1977 and undated

Box/Folder: 1

Béky, Zoltán, Bishop, correspondence and clippings 1973-1976 and undated

Box/Folder: 1

Bereczky, Emma, correspondence 1954-1963 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Berzy, József, Magyar Ház, Toronto, Canada, correspondence 1977-1983 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Borbándi, Gyula, correspondence 1966-1976 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Bretan, Nicolae 1971-1983

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence with Judit Bretan Le Bovit, Radio Free Europe scripts and similar materials
Box/Folder: 2

"Budapesti piarista évfordulója (400.) a kolozsvári Alma Maternak" 1979

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence and Flórián's writings
Box/Folder: 2

Carter, Hodding, III 1977-1978

Scope and Contents note

Contains Flórián's letter to President Jimmy Carter protesting the return of St. Stephen's crown to Hungary and Hodding Carter's response to the letter.
Box/Folder: 2

Chomos, Sándor, The Eighth Tribe - A Nyolcadik Törzs, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1979-1981 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Csegezi, József, correspondence and writings 1958

Box/Folder: 2

Csóka, Jenő, correspondence 1982

Box/Folder: 2

Danó, Sándor, correspondence 1964-1965 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Dékány, László, New Yorki Napló, correspondence 1976

Box/Folder: 2

Detroiti Ujság and Antal Koósa, correspondence and related materials 1968-1985

Box/Folder: 2

Dobolyi, �rpád, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1981-1982 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Enczi, Endre, Irodalmi Ujság, correspondence 1967-1970

Box/Folder: 2

Fáy, István, correspondence and articles 1980-1985 and undated

Box/Folder: 2

Fényes, Mária de Csokaly, Californiai Magyarság, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1971-1986

Box/Folder: 2

Gábor, �ron, corrrespondence, clippings and related materials 1968-1969 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Gombos, Zoltán, Liberty Publishing Co., correspondence and Flórián's writings 1966-1975 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Grósz, József, correspondence 1968-1969

Box/Folder: 3

Gyallay, Domokos, correspondence, Radio Free Europe scripts and related materials 1963-1970 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Gyimesi, Gyula, correspondence 1983-1985

Box/Folder: 3

Haraszti, Endre, correspondence 1979-1984

Box/Folder: 3

Harsona Lap- és Könyvkiadó Vállalat, Croydon, England, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1965-1983 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Határ, Győző, correspondence, promotional materials, and Flórián's speech 1970-1978

Box/Folder: 3

Heckenast, Noémi, correspondence and writings 1976-1979

Box/Folder: 3

Horváth, Sándor, writings 1961 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Hungarian Society of Boston 1977 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, Flórián's speech, biographical notes and related materials
Box/Folder: 3

Igady-Kiss, Alexander T., correspondence 1963-1964

Box/Folder: 3

Ilia, Mihály, correspondence 1983-1984

Box/Folder: 3

Illyés, Elemér, correspondence, clippings and related materials 1975-1978 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

International Broadcasters Association, correspondence and newsletters 1977-1990

Box/Folder: 3

Itt-Ott, correspondence 1971-1978

Box/Folder: 3

Izráeli Kurír, György Rezes and Margalit Gondos, correspondence, articles and related documents 1976-1978 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

József Attila Irodalmi Kör, correspondence and related materials 1985 and undated

Box/Folder: 3

Kanadai Magyar Ujság, correspondence 1958-1976

Box/Folder: 4

Kanadai Magyarság, correspondence 1970-1972

Box/Folder: 4

Karola, Béla, correspondence and an interview undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kemenes Géfin, László correspondence 1978-1979 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Képes Magyar Világhíradó, correspondence 1963-1977 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kerecsendi Kiss, László, correspondence 1960-1964

Box/Folder: 4

Kisjókai, Erzsébet, correspondence, writings and related materials 1958-1981 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kiss, Margit, correspondence and writings 1971-1972 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Klamár, Gyula, Bécsi Magyar Híradó, correspondence, clippings and Flórián's writings 1968-1978 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kocsis, Gábor, correspondence and presentation materials 1973 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kostya, Sándor, Magyar Ház, Toronto, Canada, correspondence 1980-1982

Box/Folder: 4

Kótay, Zoltán, Kárpát Publishing Co., correspondence 1963-1976

Box/Folder: 4

Kovács, Imre, correspondence, also with P.E.N., and writings 1977 and undated

Box/Folder: 4

Kriterion, Bucharest, Romania, correspondence, promotional materials and financial documents 1972-1975 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Kutasi Kovács, Lajos, correspondence, writings and related materials 1953-1964 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Lévay de Tar, Pálma, correspondence and writings 1983-1986 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Lux, András, correspondence and writings 1985

Box/Folder: 5

Magyar �let, correspondence and related materials 1967-1984 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Magyar Kulturális Szövetség and Nyugati Magyar �rók 1949

Scope and Contents note

Contains announcements, mostly on behalf of Cardinal József Mindszenty and related materials
Box/Folder: 5

Magyar Nők, Munich, Germany, correspondence 1955-1964 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Márai, Sándor, correspondence, broadcast scripts, articles 1953-1986 and undated

Box/Folder: 5

Mécs, László, print proofs of a book in Hungarian and English undated

Box/Folder: 6

Méder, Zoltán, typescript entitled Elveszett évek undated

Box/Folder: 6

Megyery, Ella de, correspondence 1959-1961

Box/Folder: 6

Méray, Tibor, Irodalmi Ujság, correspondence 1972-1985

Box/Folder: 6

Miklóssi, István, Corvin Publishing Co., correspondence 1983-1985

Box/Folder: 6

Mindszenty, József, Cardinal, émigré campaigns against his arrest, writings about him in typescript and published, related materials circa 1949-1975

Box/Folder: 6

Molnár, Ferenc, play in manuscript undated

Box/Folder: 7

Mózsi, Ferenc, correspondence and writings 1975-1984 and undated

Box/Folder: 7

Murányi, Zsóka, correspondence and writings 1964 and undated

Box/Folder: 7

Nemes Nagy, �gnes, correspondence and poetry circa 1968

Box/Folder: 7

Nyírő, József, correspondence and related documents: also Lajos Balogh, Ilona Nyírő, and others 1942-1953, 1964-1980 and undated

Box/Folder: 7

Ohlbaum, Sándor, correspondence 1964-1975

Box/Folder: 7

Orbán, �rpád, correspondence 1964

Box/Folder: 8

Orbán, Blanka and Ference, Új Világ 1975-1985

Box/Folder: 8

Ősze, András, correspondence, articles and related materials 1969-1986

Box/Folder: 8

Padányi-Gulyás, Jenő, correspondence and writings 1958 and 1977

Box/Folder: 8

Pálinkás, László, correspondence 1960

Box/Folder: 8

Perthi Magyar Hírek, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1978-1984

Box/Folder: 8

Publishing of Flórián's poetry books circa 1972-1977

Scope and Contents note

Contains book orders, correspondence and related materials
Box/Folder: 9

Rákóczi Foundation, correspondence and promotional materials 1984-1985

Box/Folder: 9

Reményi, József, correspondence 1947-1954

Box/Folder: 9

Reményik, Sándor circa 1952-1968

Scope and Contents note

Contains writings about him and related materials
Box/Folder: 9

Rozanich, István and Júlia, correspondence 1960-1985

Box/Folder: 10

Rudnay, Endre, correspondence 1955-1962

Box/Folder: 10

San Franciscói Magyar Híradó, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1978 and undated

Box/Folder: 10

Solymosi, Zoltán, Kanadai Magyar �rók Szövetsége, correspondence 1983-1985

Box/Folder: 10

Solymossy, Olivér, novel in manuscript, entitled Miért undated

Box/Folder: 10

Somogyi Ferenc, correspondence 1976-1985

Box/Folder: 10

St.-Ivanyi, Alexander (Sándor), correspondence 1962-1973

Box/Folder: 10

Stankovich, Viktor, correspondence and related materials 1969

Box/Folder: 10

Stirling, György, correspondence with Flórián and others, and related materials 1976-1985 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Szabó, László, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1981-1984 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Szász, Béla, correspondence and related materials 1951-1964 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Szász, Lóránt, correspondence 1974-1977 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Szathmáry, Lajos, presentation materials 1970 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Szebedinszky, Jenő, Magyarság, correspondence 1953-1979

Box/Folder: 11

Szilárd, Marcell, correspondence 1952

Box/Folder: 11

Sztojka, László, typescripts 1973 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Tábory, Maxim, correspondence and writings 1978-1985 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Thiery, �kos and Ilona, correspondence and writings 1974-1985 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Torjai-Szabó, István, correspondence and writings 1952-1969 and undated

Box/Folder: 11

Tóth, Imre, correspondence and materials on Hungarian cultural activities in Turkey 1969-1982 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Tũz, Tamás, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1969-1982 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Új Európa, correspondence and Flórián's writings 1969-1981 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Várhely, Emery, correspondence, also with András Zsigmond, and writings 1982-1984

Box/Folder: 12

Varró, Dezső, correspondence and writings 1973 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Varsányi, Gyula, correspondence 1977-1978

Box/Folder: 12

Vass, Ferenc, correspondence 1975-1978 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Vígh, Ildikó, correspondence 1982-1985

Box/Folder: 12

Voice of America, broadcast typescripts 1951 and undated

Box/Folder: 12

Washingtoni krónika, correspondence 1983-1984

Box/Folder: 12

Wass, Albert 1949 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains print proofs of a book and an attached letter signed "Gábor"
Box/Folder: 12

Zilahy, Lajos articles, correspondence and related materials 1962-1963

Box: 12-40

Chronological correspondence file circa 1938-1996

Scope and Contents note

May contain correspondence from persons or organizations represented in the alphabetical file and additional materials attached to the letters.

Arrangement note

Arranged chronologically.

Other correspondents in this file


Aldobolyi Nagy Miklós


Almássy-Balogh, Dezső


Alt, �va


Bagossy, László


Balogh, Ferenc


Bányász, Ferenc


Baráth, Anna


Betegh, Ernő


Betegh, Péter


Biró, Béla L.


Bodás, János Pál


Borshy Kerekes, György


Botond, István


Buza, John Geo


Csíky, �gnes Mária


Czövek, István


Dombrády, Dóra


Domokos, Pál Péter


Domokos Sándor


Duska, László


Endes, László


Erdélyi, József


Erdős, Lajos


Erős, András


Faludy, György


Farkas, Ervin


Fáy, Ferenc


Feketéné Korény, Livia


Ferdinandy, Mihály


Gácsér, Imre


Gereben, István B.


Gondos, Margalit


Gyimesi, Károly


Györgyey, Klára


Hegyi, Zoltán


Héjjás, Tibor


Hellebrandt, Elena Maria de


Hoffer, Leopold


Holusa, Bert A.


Horváth, Elek


Juhász, Joseph J.


Kabdebó, Tamás


Kádás, Imre


Kállay, Miklós


Kardos, Béla


Kedves, András


Kiss, Márton Kerecsendi


Könnyũ, László


Koncz, Anton


Korponay, Miklós


Kossányi, József


Láczay, Ervin


Lantos, Ferenc


Lehoczky, Gergely


Litvay, Julia de


Makk, Imre


Makkai, ádám


Máté, Imre


Medveczky, Margit


Mikes, Imre


Molnár, Gyula


Molnár, Imre Székely


Nádas, Gyula


Nádas, János


Nagy, Csaba


Nagy, László


Negyesy, Irén


Nehéz, Ferenc


Palotay, István


Papp, Gábor


Papp, Remig A.


Perjesi, Peter


Petry, Béla A.


Pogány, András H.


Romhányi, �rpád


Saáry, �va


Sátory, Richárd


Simon, Zoltán


Sisa, István


Somody, István


Somody, Pál


Szász, József


Szeleczky, Zita


Szent Miklosy, Balint


Szentendrey, Gyula


Szeplaki, Joseph


Szerdahelyi, László


Szilágyi, Oliver


Szurcsik, Joseph


Teleki, Béla


Tomek, Vince


Udvari, Mária


Vajay, Szabolcs de


Varga, László


Varró, József


Vatai, László


Veréb, László


Viharos, Viktor


Vladár, Pál


Zolcsák, István


Zsuffka, Viktor

Box/Folder: 12

1938-1946 and probably 1940s

Box/Folder: 13


Box/Folder: 13-14


Box/Folder: 14

Probably 1950s

Box/Folder: 14-15


Box/Folder: 15-16


Box/Folder: 16


Box/Folder: 16-17


Box/Folder: 17


Box/Folder: 18

1958-1962 and probably 1960s

Box/Folder: 19


Box/Folder: 20

1968-1972 and probably 1970s

Box/Folder: 21


Box/Folder: 22


Box/Folder: 23-24


Box/Folder: 24-25


Box/Folder: 25-26


Box/Folder: 26-27


Box/Folder: 27

Probably 1980s

Box/Folder: 28-29


Box/Folder: 29-30


Box/Folder: 30-32


Box/Folder: 32-34


Box/Folder: 34-36


Box/Folder: 36-38


Box/Folder: 38


Box/Folder: 38-39

Condolence letters and related materials 1986

Box/Folder: 39

Correspondence addressed to Sophie Flórián 1990-1996

Box/Folder: 40

Correspondence fragments and undated

Box: 40-48

Hungarian cultural and political activities file circa 1948-1986

Scope and Contents note

Covers mainly activities of those organizations which Flórián belonged to or had contacts with, mainly in the United States: the American Transylvanian Federation (Amerikai Erdélyi Szövetség), Arpad Academy (�rpád Akadémia), Magyar Piarista Diákszövetség (Hungarian Piarist Alumni Association), Magyar Szabadságharcos Szövetség (Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation) and other, and contains correspondence, promotional materials and related matter; 50 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box: 49-51

Kossuth Kiadó (Kossuth Publishing Co.) documents circa 1951-1974

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, internal documents, and other materials related to the publishing of Hungarian-language publications; 13 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box: 51-56

Radio Free Europe materials circa 1951-1973

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, transcripts of programs, promotional materials and related matter; 38 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box: 70-92

Writings by and about Flórián circa 1927-1986

Scope and Contents note

Contains poetry, prose writings, presentation and lecture materials, essays, published articles, translations of Flórián's poetry and of miscellaneous other writings, musical scores and notes; related correspondence and other materials.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box/Folder: 70

Presentations, essays, poetry, prose writings, published articles, handwritten notes, translations, musical scores, related correspondence and other related materials

Box/Folder: 71

An article entitled Reményik Sándor üzen, essays, published articles, Christmas-related essays, correspondence with Dezső Abraham and related Flórián's writings, "Mattyaszovsky Zsolnay Miklós ügy" folder with articles and related materials, literary criticism writings, handwritten notes, poetry, presentations and related materials, translations

Box/Folder: 72

Essays, published articles, presentations, prose, and other writings

Box/Folder: 73


Box/Folder: 74

Poetry, prose, essays, published articles, and other writings

Box/Folder: 75

Essays, other writings, newspaper clippings

Box/Folder: 76

Translations, poetry, attached correspondence, handwritten notes

Box/Folder: 77

Translations, Radio Free Europe scripts, other writings, attached correspondence, published writings and other printed matter

Box/Folder: 78

Poetry, prose writings, by or about Flórián, newspaper clippings

Box/Folder: 79

Newspaper clippings, other published matter, including obituaries

Box/Folder: 80

Poetry, essays and prose, mostly in manuscript

Box/Folder: 81

A manuscript of an interview with Flórián, newspaper clippings

Box/Folder: 82

Typescripts of his books of poetry, Kőtáblák öszetörtek and Keserũ gyökéren; other poetry, presentations literary criticism on Flórián's works, prose, translations, articles published and in manuscript and related correspondence

Box/Folder: 83

Translations, literary criticism on Flórián's works; presentations - on József Mindszenty and other; miscellaneous other writings, newspaper clippings, leaflets

Box/Folder: 84

Prose writings, translations, resumes, and related materials

Box/Folder: 85

Prose writings and related materials, leaflets

Box/Folder: 86

Prose and other writings by or about Flórián; Keserũ gyökéren, a book of poetry in typescript and related published materials

Box/Folder: 87

Miscellaneous writings, leaflets of cultural meetings

Box/Folder: 88

Presentations, translations; poetry, also by Aranka Szénássy, related writings; typescript of poetry collections Keserũ gyökéren and Keletről jöttem, prose, miscellaneous other writings, related correspondence

Box/Folder: 89

Print proofs of Keserũ gyökéren, a poetry book; short prose and poetry, including Aranka Szénássy's writings; miscellaneous other writings

Box/Folder: 90

Published writings by or about Flórián, leaflets, and related correspondence

Box/Folder: 91

Poems dedicated to Flórián; presentations in connection to Szabad Magyar Ujságírók Szövetsége, related correspondence and other materials; writings by and about Flórián

Box/Folder: 92

Writings by Flórián, mostly published

Box: 56-63

International PEN, Writers in Exile, American Branch records circa 1958-1986

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, internal documents and promotional materials; 51 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box: 63-66

Personal file circa 1927-1986

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, photographs, resumes, legal, financial and related documents; 27 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box: 66-69

Family file circa 1945-1986

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence, writings, photographs, legal, financial and related materials; 31 folders.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box/Folder: 66


Box/Folder: 66-68

Correspondence and poems of Flórián's mother, Aranka / Zlatica Szénássy and other materials about her

Box/Folder: 68

Correspondence, legal, financial and similar materials refering to Flórián's relatives and his property holdings in Czechoslovakia

Box/Folder: 69

Correspondence with Flórián's children and similar related materials

Box: 92-96


Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box/Folder: 92-93

Unidentified photographs, writings or fragments by different authors, ephemera, handwritten notes; promotional materials and similar printed matter

Box/Folder: 94-96

Newspaper clippings, mostly from Hungarian-American periodicals

Box: 97-109

Audio reels

Scope and Contents note

Labels, when present, indicate materials for Radio Free Europe programs (especially the Musical Messages) and folk music recordings. Includes 188 audio reels.

Arrangement note

Arranged generally in the original order.
Box 98

Sound recordings of a song and speech undated

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 2006c18_a_0003368

Scope and Contents note

The first recording on the tape is a woman singing with piano accompaniment. The second and third recordings are a man speaking dramatically.
Box 98

Sound recordings of fairy tales performed as folk songs undated

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 2006c18_a_0003369

Scope and Contents note

A folk singer narrates and sings renditions of Rumpelstiltskin, the Three Bears, and Cinderella. In English
Box 97-109

The rest of the sound recordings are not yet described

Box: 110

Oversize materials circa 1926-1978


Honorary diplomas and plaques (Associatio Alumnorum Scholarum Piarum Hungariae, Zrínyi Miklós Literary Circle, �rpád Academy, Magyar Kongresszus, Two Thousand Men of Achievement, International PEN, American Biographical Institute, other)


Group photograph of a school sports team 1926


Reproduction of a photograph of Cardinal József Mindszenty


Poems by Flórián, A Single Spark and Rigófészek, illustrated by Barbara Shenkman


Hand-drawn map of Hungary entitled Collectivization in Hungary: 7/1954


Newspaper articles on the Hungarian 1956 revolution in American press


Promotional materials