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Arthur C. Piepkorn Research Collection for "Profiles in Belief", the Religious Bodies of the United States and Canada
GTU 89-5-015  
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Collection Contents

box 1-12

Series 1 Active Religious Churches or Bodies 1958-1973

Physical Description: 12 boxes

Scope and Content Note

Files can contain draft entries about the organization written by Piepkorn for the book; correspondence between Piepkorn and representatives of the organization or other persons with knowledge of the organization; and/or publications from the organizations such as brochures, pamphlets, tracts, or newsletters. Some bodies will have material in Series 6 as well. See also Series 8 for Pamphlets.


Arranged alphabetically by organization name.
box-folder 1:1-3

The Aaronic Order, Springville, Utah 1965-67

box-folder 1:4

A-Beta Hebrew Centers, Chicago, IL 1968-69

box-folder 1:4a

The Ahmaddiya Movement in Islam, Chicago, IL 1967

box-folder 1:5

Advent Christian Church, Aurora, IL 1966

box-folder 1:6

African Methodist Episcopal Church, Hollywood, CA 1966-67

box-folder 1:7

African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Chicago, IL n.d.

box-folder 1:8

African Orthodox Church, Boston, MA 1967

box-folder 1:9

African Union First Colored Methodist Protestant Church, Wilmington, DE 1967

box-folder 1:10-11

Albanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America, Boston, MA 1966

box-folder 1:12

All-Canadian Union of Slavic Evangelical Churches, Weston, Ontario 1968

box-folder 1:13

Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection, Titusville, PA

box-folder 1:14

Alpha and Omega Christian Church, Pearl City, HI 1970

box-folder 1:15

Alpha and Omega Pentecostal Church of America, Baltimore, MD 1970

box-folder 1:16

Amana Church Society, Middle, Iowa 1967

box-folder 1:17

Ambassadors of Yahweh, San Antonio, TX 1970

box-folder 1:18-19

American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, San Diego, CA, (Free Thinkers Society of San Diego) 1969

box-folder 1:20

American Association of Bible Believing Methodists, St. Louis, MO 1971

box-folder 1:21

American Baptist Association, Somerset, KY 1967

box-folder 1:22

American Baptist Convention, Valley Forge, PA 1966-68

box-folder 1:23

American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Diocese, Johnstown, PA 1966

box-folder 1:24

American Catholic Church (Syro-Antiochian), Brooklyn, NY 1966-67

box-folder 1:25

American Catholic Church, Archdiocese of New York, New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 1:26-27

American Council of Christian Churches, New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 1:28

American Eastern Orthodox Church, Las Vegas, NV n.d.

box-folder 1:29

American Episcopal Church, Spartanburg, SC n.d.

box-folder 1:30

American Ethical Union, New York, NY 1966-69

box-folder 1:31

American Evangelical Christian Churches, Chicago, IL 1966-67

box-folder 1:32

American Evangelistic Association, Baltimore, MD 1968

box-folder 1:33

American Exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Catholic Church, New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 1:34

American Finnish Orthodox Mission, Lansing, MI 1966-67

box-folder 1:35

The American Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Eastern Church, (Ukranian Orthodox Church--Canada; Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America) 1966-67

box-folder 1:36

American Humanist Association 1967-69

box-folder 1:36a

American Indian Evangelical Church, Minneapolis, MN 1971

box-folder 1:37

American Messianic Fellowship, Chicago, IL 1966-67

box-folder 1:38

American Ministerial Association, York, PA 1966-71

box-folder 1:39

American Mission for Opening Closed Churches, Alcott, NY n.d.

box-folder 1:40

American Orthodox Catholic Church, New York, NY 1966-68

box-folder 1:41

American Orthodox Catholic Church, Denver, CO 1968-69

box-folder 1:42

American Orthodox Church, New York, NY n.d.

box-folder 1:43

American Rationalist Association 1969-71

box-folder 1:44

American Rescue Workers, Philadelphia, PA 1966

box-folder 1:45

Americans First, Oklahoma City, OK 1969

box-folder 1:46

Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, New Baltimore, MI 1966-67

box-folder 1:47-48

Anglican Orthodox Church, Statesville, NC 1967-77

box-folder 1:49

Anonymous Assemblies 1967-71

box-folder 1:50

Antioch Association of Metaphysical Science, Detroit, MI 1967-68

box-folder 1:51

Antiochian Orthodox Church [or Archdiocese], (Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese [or Church]; The Old Catholic Church) 1966-67

box-folder 1:52

Apostolic Christian Church of America (Nazarean), Akron, OH 1966-67

box-folder 1:53

Apostolic Christian Churches of America 1967-68

box-folder 1:54

Apostolic Christian Churches of the United States and Canada 1971

box-folder 1:55

The Apostolic Church (in Canada and the U.S.A.) 1967

box-folder 1:56

Apostolic Church of God, Edgewater, FL 1971

box-folder 1:57

Apostolic Church of Jesus, Pueblo, CO 1967

box-folder 1:58

Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada, Saskatoon, Sask. 1967

box-folder 1:59

Apostolic Episcopal Church (The Holy Eastern Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church) 1972

box-folder 1:60-61

The Apostolic Faith, Portland, OR 1966-69

box-folder 1:62

The Apostolic Faith Church, Honolulu, HI n.d.

box-folder 1:63

Apostolic Faith Movement, Baxter Springs, KS 1967

box-folder 1:64

Apostolic Methodist Church, Kissimmee, FL 1967-71

box-folder 1:65

Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God, Mobile, Alabama 1966-67

box-folder 1:66

Armenian Church of America 1966-67

box-folder 1:67

Aryo-Christian Church of St. George of Cappadocia 1973

box-folder 1:68

Asbury Bible Churches, Valley Forge, PA 1971

box-folder 1:69

Assemblies of God, General Council 1958-70

box-folder 1:70

Apostolic Lutheran Church of America, Minneapolis, MN 1962-67

box-folder 1:71

Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ, Memphis, TN 1967

box-folder 1:72

Assembly of Christian Churches, Brooklyn, NY 1967

box-folder 2:1

Assembly of Christian Soldiers Church 1972

box-folder 2:2

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Due West, SC 1966

box-folder 2:3

Associated Brotherhood of Christians, Wilmington, CA, Hot Springs, Arkansas 1968-69

box-folder 2:4

Associated Churches of Christ (Holiness), Los Angeles, CA 1968-69

box-folder 2:5

Assembly of Yahvah, Bristow, OK 1968

box-folder 2:6-8

Associated Gospel Churches, Pittsburg, PA 1966-69

box-folder 2:9

Associated Gospel Churches of Canada, Hamilton, Ontario 1968

box-folder 2:10

Association of Bible Students, Edison, NJ 1966-68

box-folder 2:11

Evangelicals for Italian Mission (continuing the Italian Baptist Association of America), Upper Darby, PA 1968-69

box-folder 2:12

Association of Free Lutheran Congregations, Minneapolis, MN 1966-67

box-folder 2:13

Association of Fundamental Gospel Churches, Canton, OH n.d.

box-folder 2:14

Association of Fundamental Ministers and Churches, Kansas City, MO 1967

box-folder 2:15

Association of Independent Methodists, Jackson, MS 1971

box-folder 2:16

Association of International Gospel Assemblies, St. Louis, MO 1971

box-folder 2:17

Association of Regular Baptist Churches (Canada), Toronto, Ontario 1968

box-folder 2:18

Association of Seventh Day Pentecostal Assemblies, Vancouver, WA 1968

box-folder 2:19

Association of Unity Churches, Lee's Summit, MO 1966-70

box-folder 2:20

Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of America, New Jersey 1967

box-folder 2:21

Autocephalous Slvonic Orthodox Church in Exile, Bronx, NY 1970

box-folder 2:22

Awosting Retreat, New York, NY 1970

box-folder 2:23

Baptist Bible Fellowship 1967

box-folder 2:24

Baptist Federation of Canada, Brantford, Ontario 1966

box-folder 2:25

Baptist General Conference, Chicago, IL 1966-67

box-folder 2:26

Baptist Mid-Missions, Cleveland, OH 1968

box-folder 2:27

Baptist Missionary Association of America (North American Baptist Association) 1966-70

box-folder 2:28

Beachy Amish Mennonite Churches, Nappannee, IN 1970

box-folder 2:29

Belorussian Orthodox Churches 1968-70

box-folder 2:30

Berachah Church, Houston, TX 1967

box-folder 2:31

Berean Fellowship International, Dallas, TX 1970

box-folder 2:32

Berean Fundamental Church, North Platte, NE 1966

box-folder 2:33

Berean Mission, St. Louis, MO 1969

box-folder 2:34

Bethany Fellowship, Minneapolis, MN 1967

box-folder 2:35

Bethel Temple/Bethel Baptist Assembly, Evansville, IN 1966-67

box-folder 2:36

Bethel Temple, Seattle, WA 1966-67

box-folder 2:37

Bible Christian Union, Brooklyn, NY 1971

box-folder 2:38

Bible Fellowship Church, Zionsville, PA 1967

box-folder 2:39

Bible Holiness Association of Churches, Tennessee 1970

box-folder 2:40-41

Bible Holiness Mission, Vancouver, BC 1968-71

box-folder 2:42

Bible Methodist Connection of Tennessee 1970

box-folder 2:43

Bible Methodist Connection of Churches (Ohio Conference, Alabama Conference) 1970-71

box-folder 2:44

Bible Missionary Church, Denver, CO 1969-71

box-folder 2:45

Bible Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA 1966-67

box-folder 2:46

Bible Protestant Church, Camden, NJ 1966-67

box-folder 2:47

Bible Sabbath Association, Fairview, OK 1968-71

box-folder 2:48

Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide, Washington, D.C. 1966-67

box-folder 2:49

There is no file folder 49.

box-folder 2:50

Billy Sunday Memorial Tabernacle, Sioux City, Iowa 1967

box-folder 2:51

Blessed Martin Spiritual Church, Atlanta, GA 1967

box-folder 2:51a

Bodha Society of America (American Universal Spiritual Consciousness Society), Long Beach, CA 1970

box-folder 2:52

Body of Christ/B'naiSahlom (Anonymous Pentecostal Christians/School of the Prophets), Phoenix, AZ 1970

box-folder 2:53

Branch Seventh-Day Adventists (Branch Davidians), Waco, TX 1968-71

box-folder 2:54

Brethren Church, Ashland, OH 1966-67

box-folder 2:55

Brethren Churches 1966

box-folder 2:56

Brethren in Christ Church, Grantham, PA 1966-68

box-folder 2:57

Brethren in Christ Fellowship, Edmon, PA 1966

box-folder 2:57a

Brothers of the Common Life, Portsmouth, NH 1971

box-folder 2:57b

Buddha's Way, Fairview, NJ 1969

box-folder 2:58

Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church, Niagara, NY 1967

box-folder 2:59

Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church, Toledo, OH 1966-67

box-folder 2:60

Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in the U.S.A., South River, NJ 1967-68

box-folder 2:61

Byelorussian (White Ruthenian) Patriarchate of St. Andrew the Apostle, the First-Called, Shrub Oak, NY n.d.

box-folder 2:62

California Evangelistic Association, Long Beach, CA 1967

box-folder 2:63

Calvary Church, Souderton, PA 1969-70

box-folder 2:64

Calvary Grace Christian Church of Faith, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Rillton, PA 1970-71

box-folder 2:65

Calvary Holiness Church, Philadelphia, PA 1966

box-folder 2:66

Calvary Pentecostal Church, Olympia, WA 1966-68

box-folder 2:66a

Canadian Council of Churches, Toronto, Ontario 1966

box-folder 2:67

Canadian Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches, Toronto, Ontario 1966-67

box-folder 2:68

Canadian Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Toronto, Ontario 1966-68

box-folder 2:69

Carolina Evangelistic Association (Garr Memorial Church), Charlotte, NC 1966-68

box-folder 2:70

Cathedral of the Living Presence (Cooperating with the Masters of Light), Royersford, PA n.d.

box-folder 2:71

Cathedral of Tomorrow, Akron, OH 1971

box-folder 2:72

Catholic Apostolic Church 1968

box-folder 3:1

Center of the Living Word, Winter Park, FL 1966

box-folder 3:2

Central Alaska Missions, Glenallen, Alaska 1968

box-folder 3:3

Central Yearly Meeting of Society of Friends, Indiana 1967

box-folder 3:4

Chapels of the Little Shepherd, Detroit, MI 1967

box-folder 3:5

Chinese-American New Testament Missionary Fellowship (Grace Chapel), Houston, TX 1967-68

box-folder 3:5a

Chinese Buddhist Centers 1969

box-folder 3:6

Chinese Christian Church of New England, Boston, MA 1968-69

box-folder 3:7

Chirothesian Church of Faith, Los Angeles, CA 1968-69

box-folder 3:8

Chortitz Mennonite Congregations, Steinbach, Manitoba 1970

box-folder 3:9

Christ Catholic Church of America and Europe (Old Catholics), Boston, New Jersey, New Mexico n.d.

box-folder 3:10

Christ Faith Mission, Los Angeles, CA 1968

box-folder 3:11

Christadelphians, Waterloo, Iowa, Washington, D.C. 1966-68

box-folder 3:12

Christian and Missionary Alliance, Toronto, Ontario 1957-68

box-folder 3:13

Christian Apostolic Church, Forrest, IL 1967-68

box-folder 3:14

Christian Apostolic Church (Edelman Group), Sabetha, KS 1967

box-folder 3:15

The Christian Assembly, San Jose, CA 1967-68

box-folder 3:16

Christian Believers Conference (New Covenant Fellowship) 1968

box-folder 3:17

Christian Bible Students, Warren, MI 1968

box-folder 3:18

Christian Catholic Church, Zion, IL 1966

box-folder 3:19

Christian Church of Fellowship, Joshua Tree, CA 1969

box-folder 3:20-21

Christian Church/Disciples of Christ, Indianapolis, IN Note: Includes correspondence and information on the People's Temple and Jim Jones, Redwood Valley, CA 1966-77

box-folder 3:22

Christian Churches, Missouri 1968-69

box-folder 3:23

The Christian Community (Anthroposophical Society in America), New York, NY 1967-71

box-folder 3:24

The Christian Congregation, Charlotte, NC 1966

box-folder 3:25

Christian Crusade, Tulsa, OK 1966-68

box-folder 3:26

Christian Fellowship (Two by Twos, Go-Preachers, People on the Way, Cooneyites, or Disciples of Jesus) 1967-73

box-folder 3:27

Christian Homesteading Movement (Society for the Preservation of Early American Standards), Oxford, NY, Note: Constitution and newsletters are in Legal Size Small Collections Box 15, file folder 1, 3/H/5 1969

box-folder 3:28

Christian Institute of Spiritual Science, Santa Monica, CA 1969

box-folder 3:29-30

Christian Israelite Church, Indianapolis, IN, Sydney, Australia 1966-72

box-folder 3:31

Christian Nation Church, Cincinnati, OH 1966

box-folder 3:32

Christian Holiness Association (National Holiness Association), Marion, IN 1967

box-folder 3:33

Christian Pilgrim Church, Muncie, IN, Coldwater, MI, 1973

box-folder 3:34

Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI 196?

box-folder 3:34a

Christian Spiritual Alliance, Lakemont, GA 1970

box-folder 3:35

Christian Spiritual Fellowship, Torrance, CA 1972-73

box-folder 3:36

The Christian Union, Excelsior Springs, MO 1966-68

box-folder 3:37

Christian Unity Baptist Association, Lansing, NC 1966-68

box-folder 3:38

Christian Universalist Church of America (Committee for Continuing Christian Universalist Churches), Deerfield Beach, FL 1967-70

box-folder 3:39

Christlife Crusade Council, Portland, OR 1970

box-folder 3:40

Christ's Household of Faith, Mora, MN 1970-71

box-folder 3:41

Christ's Sanctified Holy Church 1968-69

box-folder 3:42

Christ's Truth Church and School of Wisdom, Columbus, NM 1968-71

box-folder 3:43

Christology, the Science and Knowledge of Christ, Whittier, CA 1967

box-folder 3:44

Church of Ageless Wisdom, Philadelphia, PA 1970

box-folder 3:45

Church of Antioch, Malabar Rite, Santa Ana and San Jose, CA 1967

box-folder 3:46

Church by the Side of the Road, Seattle, WA 1967-68

box-folder 3:47

Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, San Francisco, CA 1972

box-folder 3:48

Church Invisible--International Church of the Holy Trinity (First Church of Mystic Christianity, Institute of Mentalphsics), Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 3:49

Church of All Christian Faiths, Phoenix, AZ 1969

box-folder 3:50

Church of Christ (Bible and Book of Mormon Teachings, or Lukeites), Independence, MO 1967-68

box-folder 3:51

Church of Christ (Bronsonites), Independence, MO 1967

box-folder 3:52

Church of Christ (Fettingites, or Thortonites), St. Louis, MO 1967

box-folder 3:53

Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A., Jackson, MS 1966-68

box-folder 3:54

Church of Christ (Restored), Independence, MO 1967

box-folder 3:55

Church of Christ (Temple Lot), Independence, MO 1967-68

box-folder 3:56

Church of Christ (with the Elija Message), Independence, MO 1967-68

box-folder 3:57

The Church of Christian Liberty, Prospect Heights, IL 1970

box-folder 3:58

The Church of Cosmic Origin, Independence and June Lake, CA 1972-73

box-folder 3:59

The Church of Cosmic Science, Jamul, CA 1970

box-folder 3:60

The Church of Daniel's Band, Midland, MI 1967-68

box-folder 3:60a

Church of Divine Science, Los Angeles, CA 1970

box-folder 3:61

Church of God, Anderson, IN 1966-67

box-folder 3:62

Church of God (Beth-El Temple, Church of God and Saints of Christ), Portsmouth, VA 1967-68

box-folder 3:63

The Church of God (Apostolic), Winston-Salem, NC 1966-68

box-folder 3:64

Church of God, Body of Christ, Mocksville, NC 1971

box-folder 3:65

Church of God by Faith, Gainesville, FL 1966

box-folder 3:66

Church of God (Cleveland, TN) 1966-69

box-folder 3:67

Church of God General Conference (Oregon, IL) n.d.

box-folder 3:68

Church of God (Guthrie, OK) 1966-67

box-folder 3:69

Church of God (Holiness), Overland Park, KS 1967-68

box-folder 3:70

Church of God House of Prayer, Pennsylvania 1966-67

box-folder 3:71

Church of God, USA Headquarters, Huntsville, AL 1966-73

box-folder 3:72

Church of God in Christ, Mennonite 1966-67

box-folder 4:1

Church of God (Sabbatarian), Torrance, CA 1971

box-folder 4:2-3

Church of God in Christ 1967-70

box-folder 4:4

Church of God of Prophecy, Cleveland, TN 1966-68

box-folder 4:5

Church of God of the Apostolic Faith, Tulsa, OK 1969-70

box-folder 4:6

Church of God of the Mountain Assembly, Jellico, TN 1966-77

box-folder 4:7

Church of God of the Union Assembly, Dalton, GA 1969

box-folder 4:8

Church of God or Sanctified Church, Nashville, TN 1969

box-folder 4:9

Church of God (Seventh Day), Denver, CO 1966-69

box-folder 4:10

Church of God (Seventh Day), Salem, WV 1967-68

box-folder 4:11

Church of God (1957 Reformation), Cleveland, TN 1966-70

box-folder 4:12

Church of Illumination, Quakertown, PA 1966-70

box-folder 4:13

Church of the Inner Wisdom, San Jose, CA 1970

box-folder 4:14

The Church of Jesus Christ in the U.S.A., Monongahela, PA n.d.

box-folder 4:15

Church of Jesus Christ of Erie (Diasites), Erie, PA 1967

box-folder 4:16

Church of Jesus Christ (Cutlerite), MN 1967

box-folder 4:17

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Denominated Strangites, Artesia, NM n.d.

box-folder 4:18

Church of Life, Hollywood, CA 1966-67

box-folder 4:19

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 4:20

Church of Religious Philosophy (Science of Life Fellowship), Phoenix, AZ 1966

box-folder 4:21

Church of Revelation, Hanford, CA 1966

box-folder 4:22

Church of Spiritual Freedoms (Association of International Dianologists, or Personal Creative Freedom Foundation), Westwood, CA 1970-72

box-folder 4:23

Church of the Awakening, Socorro, NM 1966-71

box-folder 4:24

Church of the Bible Covenant, Indianapolis, IN 1968

box-folder 4:25

Church of the Blessed Hope, Cleveland Heights, OH 1967-68

box-folder 4:26

Church of the Brethren, Elgin, IL 1966-68

box-folder 4:27

Church of the Brotherhood (Order of Humanitas), Orange City, FL 1969

box-folder 4:28

Church of the East and of the Assyrians, San Francisco, CA 1966-67

box-folder 4:29

Church of the Eternal Source, Burbank, CA 1972

box-folder 4:29a

The Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness (sic) of Times, Chihuahua, Mexico 1967

box-folder 4:30

Church of the Four Leaf Clover, Jamaica, NY n.d.

box-folder 4:31

Church of the Golden Rule (Unite Huguenotte Francaise [Union of French Huguenots]), Oakland, CA 1971

box-folder 4:32

Church of the Gospel, Pittsburg, MA 1966-67

box-folder 4:33

Church of the Hermetic Sciences (Ordo Templi Ashtart), Pasadena, CA 1972-73

box-folder 4:34

Church of the Humanitarian God, St. Petersburg, FL 1969-70

box-folder 4:35

Church of the Inner Power, Evergreen, CO 1971

box-folder 4:36

The Church of the Little Children 1967

box-folder 4:37

Church of the Living God 1966

box-folder 4:38-39

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Philadelphia, PA 1969

box-folder 4:40

Church of the Lutheran Brethren, Fergus Falls, MN 1966-67

box-folder 4:41

Church of the Lutheran Confession, Middleton, WI 1966

box-folder 4:42

Church of the Nazarene, Kansas City, MO 1966-67

box-folder 4:43

Church of the New Song 1972-73

box-folder 4:44

Church of the New Testament, Austin, TX 1969

box-folder 4:45

Church of the One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, Washington, D.C. 1972

box-folder 4:46

Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 4:47

The Church of the Saviour, Washington, D.C. 1969

box-folder 4:48

Church of the Science of Religion, New York, NY 1967

box-folder 4:49

Church of the Trinity (The Invisible Ministry), San Marcos, CA 1967-72

box-folder 4:50

Church of the Truth (Divine Science), New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 4:51

Church of Tzaddi, Bishop of the Church, Orange, CA 1970

box-folder 4:52

Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Huntington, IN 1966-67

box-folder 4:52a

Church of What's Happening Now, Washington, D.C. 1971

box-folder 4:53

Churches of Christ n.d.

box-folder 4:54

The Churches of Christ (Disciples) in Canada 1966-67

box-folder 4:55

Churches of Christ in Christian Union, Circleville, OH 1966-67

box-folder 4:56

The Church of God in the Fellowship of the Son of God 1968

box-folder 4:57

Churches of God (Independent Holiness People), Ft. Scott, KS 1968

box-folder 4:58

Churches of God of the Original Mountain Assembly, Williamsburg, Kentucky 1968

box-folder 4:59

Colestran, Pasadena, CA 1972

box-folder 4:60

College Ave. Community Church Working Fellowship, Ft. Worth, TX 1968

box-folder 4:60a

Community of Christ, Washington, D.C. 1970

box-folder 4:61

Concilio Olazabal de Iglesias Latino-Americano (Olazabal Latin-American Council of Churches), Madera, CA 1966-67

box-folder 4:62

Concordant Publishing Concern, Saugus, CA 1967

box-folder 4:63

Concordia Lutheran Conference, Tinley Park, IL 1966-67

box-folder 4:64

Confucianism 1971

box-folder 4:65

E.S.P. Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA 1970

box-folder 4:66

Confraternity of Deists, Homosassa Springs, FL 1971

box-folder 4:67

Congregational Bible Church (Mennonite), Marietta, PA 1970

box-folder 4:68

Congregational Church of Practical Theology (Andomeda), Valley, Nebraska 1971-72

box-folder 5:1

Congregational Holiness Church, Griffin, GA 1966-67

box-folder 5:2

Congregational Methodist church, Tehuacana, TX 1966-71

box-folder 5:3

Conservative Baptist Association of America, Wheaton, IL 1966-67

box-folder 5:4

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, Scotia, NY 1966-67

box-folder 5:5

Conservative Mennonite Church of Ontario, Canada 1967 1970

box-folder 5:6

Conservative Mennonite Conference, Belleville, PA 1966-67

box-folder 5:7

Conservative Mennonite Fellowship, Mission Home, VA 1967

box-folder 5:8

Consultation on Church Union, COCU, Princeton, NJ 1968

box-folder 5:9

The Cooperators (Laucks Foundation), Santa Barbara, CA 1969-71

box-folder 5:10

Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of North America, Toronto, Ontario 1967-68

box-folder 5:11

Council of Community Churches, Columbus, OH 1967-68

box-folder 5:12

Covenanted Baptist Church of Canada, Dutton, Ontario 1969-70

box-folder 5:13

Cumberland Methodist Church, Laager, TN 1966

box-folder 5:14

Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN 1968

box-folder 5:15

Czechoslovak Rationalist Federation of America, Chicago, IL 1969

box-folder 5:16

Dawn Bible Students Association (Irsrael Restoration Association, or Irael Messianic Associates) 1970

box-folder 5:17

Defenders of the Christian Faith Movements, New York, NM, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico (Spanish) 1967-68

box-folder 5:18

The Delphic Fellowship (Neo-Pagan), Burbank, CA 1970

box-folder 5:19

Divine Word Foundation (Lorber Society), Warner Springs, CA 1970-71

box-folder 5:19a

Divine Science Fellowship Church, Long Beach, CA (and Burnell Foundation, Arcadia, CA) 1967

box-folder 5:20

Door of Faith Churches of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 1965-70

box-folder 5:21

Doukhobor Community (Spirit-Wrestlers), British Columbia, Canada 1966-71

box-folder 5:22

Dunkard Brethren, Mechanicsburg, PA 1966

box-folder 5:23

East Harlem Protestant Parish, New York, NY 1961-66

box-folder 5:24

The Easter Community, Honolulu, HI 1971

box-folder 5:25

Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church in America, Kingston, PA 1968

box-folder 5:26-27

Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonite Church (Mennonite Messianic Mission), Ephrata, PA 1969-70

box-folder 5:28

Eglise Chretienne Universelle Assemblee (French), Los Angeles, CA 1970

box-folder 5:29

Egyptian Holy Church, Chicago, IL 1972-73

box-folder 5:30

Elim Missionary Assemblies, Lima, NY 1967

box-folder 5:31

Emmanuel Association, Colorado Springs, CO n.d.

box-folder 5:32

Emmanuel Holiness Church, Anderson, SC 1966-68

box-folder 5:33

Emmanuel Mennonite Church, Meade, KS 1970-71

box-folder 5:34

Emmanuel's Fellowship, PA 1967-68

box-folder 5:35

Emmaus House/Community, New York, NY 1969

box-folder 5:36

Epiphany bible Students Association, Mt. Dora, FL 1967 1970

box-folder 5:36a

Equifrilibricum World Religion, Los Angeles, CA 1969

box-folder 5:37

Erieside Church on the Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 1968

box-folder 5:38

Estonian Orthodox Church in Exile, Los Angeles, CA 1967-68

box-folder 5:39

Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A., Bronx, NY 1967

box-folder 5:40

Eureka Society (Elan Vital), Eureka, CA 1971

box-folder 5:41

Evangelical Bible Church, Baltimore, CA 1969

box-folder 5:42

Evangelical Christian Churches (Christian Fellowship Ministry), Los Angeles, CA 1971

box-folder 5:43

Evangelical Catholic Communion--Brotherhood of the Love of Christ, New York, NY, Baltimore, MD 1966-71

box-folder 5:44

Evangelical Church of Canada (Northwest Canada Conference of the Evangelical Church), Medicene Hat, Alberta 1968

box-folder 5:45

Evangelical Churches of Pentecost of Canada, Vancouver, BC 1968

box-folder 5:46

Evangelical Congregational Church, Myerstown, PA 1966

box-folder 5:47

Evangelical Church of North America (Holiness Methodist Church) 1966-70

box-folder 5:48

Evangelical Covenant Church of America (and of Canada), Chicago, IL, Prince Albert, Sask. 1966-68

box-folder 5:49

Evangelical Fellowship Chapels (Fellowship Deaconry), Liberty Corner, NJ 1968

box-folder 5:50

Evangelical Free Church of America, Minneapolis, MN 1964-68

box-folder 5:51

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Eielsen Synod), Jackson, MN 1967-68

box-folder 5:52

Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Ashland, WI 1966-68

box-folder 5:53

Evangelical Mennonite Brethren, Omaha, NE 1966-68

box-folder 5:54

Evangelical Mennonite Church, Conference of, Fort Wayne, IN 1966

box-folder 5:55

Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Kidron, OH 1967-68

box-folder 5:56

Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference, Saskatoon, Sask. 1967

box-folder 5:57

Evangelical Methodist Church, Wichita, KS 1966-67

box-folder 5:58

Evangelical Methodist Church of America, Altoona, PA 1967

box-folder 5:59

Evangelical Ministers and Churches, International, Chicago, IL 1967-68

box-folder 5:60

Evangelical Wesleyan Church 1971

box-folder 5:61

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Germany, Phoenix, AZ 1970-73

box-folder 5:62

Faith Chapel, Zephyr Hills, FL 1968

box-folder 5:63

Faith Mission Church, Bedford, IN 1967-68

box-folder 5:64

Federation for Authentic Lutheranism, Libertyville, IL 1971

box-folder 5:65

Federation of spiritual Churches and Associations, Miami, FL 1967

box-folder 5:66

Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada, Toronto, Ontario 1960-67

box-folder 5:67

Fellowship of Fundamental Baptist churches, Lepreau, New Brunswick 1968

box-folder 5:68

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches, Bristol, TN 1970

box-folder 5:69

Fellowship of Independent Missions, Fairless Hills, PA 1970

box-folder 5:70

Filipino Assemblies of the First-Born, Delano, CA 1969

box-folder 5:71

Filipino Community Churches, Honolulu, HI 1970

box-folder 5:72

Fire Baptized Holiness Church, Independence, KS 1966-68

box-folder 5:73

Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of Americas, Atlanta, GA 1966-68

box-folder 5:74

First Church of Divine Immanence, New York, NY 1968

box-folder 5:75

First Church of Research, Randolph Center, VT 1971

box-folder 5:76

First Church of Understanding, Detroit, MI 1966-67

box-folder 5:77

First Congregational Methodist Church of America (of U.S.A.), Decatur, MS 1966-67

box-folder 5:78

First Deliverance Church, Atlanta, GA 1967

box-folder 5:79

First Divine Association in America, Yoakum, TX 1966-68

box-folder 5:80

First Interdenominational Christian Association, Atlanta, GA 1967

box-folder 5:81

The Followers of Christ, Ringwood, OK 1967-68

box-folder 5:82

Foundation Church of the New Birth (The Dr. Leslie R. Stone Foundation), Washington, D.C. n.d.

box-folder 6:1

Foundation of Universal Truth, Los Angeles, CA 1972

box-folder 6:2

[Free and] Old Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI 1967-68

box-folder 6:3

Free Christian Zion Church of Christ, Nashville, Ark. 1966-68

box-folder 6:4

The Francis Asbury Society of Ministers, Atlanta, GA 1971

box-folder 6:5

Free Gospel Church, Turtle Creek, PA 1968-69

box-folder 6:6

Free Methodist Church in North America, Greenville, IL 1966

box-folder 6:7

The Free Protestant Episcopal Church, New York, and London 1967-68

box-folder 6:8

Free Will Baptist Church of the Pentecostal Faith, Elgin, SC 1967

box-folder 6:9

Friends United Meeting (Five Years Meeting), Richmond, IN 1966-68

box-folder 6:10

Full Gospel Church Association, Amarillo, TX 1968

box-folder 6:11

Full Gospel Assembly, Benson, AZ 1960 1969

box-folder 6:12

Full Gospel Defenders Conference of America, Philadelphia, PA 1972

box-folder 6:13

Full Gospel Evangelistic Association, Perryton, TX 1968

box-folder 6:14

Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International, Chicago, IL (Broadway Tabernacle, Seattle, WA) 1967-69

box-folder 6:15

Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, Baltimore, MD 1971

box-folder 6:16

Full Salvation Union, Northville, MI 1971

box-folder 6:17

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship (Conservative Baptist Fellowship), Denver, CO 1969

box-folder 6:18

Fundamental Brethren Church, Relief, NC 1967

box-folder 6:19

Fundamental Evangelistic Association, Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 6:20

Fundamental Methodist Church, Aurora, MO 1966-68

box-folder 6:21

Future Foundation, Steinaur, Neb. 1972

box-folder 6:22

Gaiwiio (The Great Teaching) or Kaiwi-yo-h (The Good Message), (Long House Church) Iroquis Confederacy 1968

box-folder 6:23

General Assembly and Church of the First Born, Indianapolis, IN 1967

box-folder 6:24

General Assembly of Spiritualists, New York, NY 1967

box-folder 6:25

General Association of Baptists (and Kindred Associations), (Duck River Association of Missionary Baptists), Tullahoma, TN, Henagar, Ala. 1966-67

box-folder 6:26

General Association of General Baptists, Poplar Bluff, MO 1966-67

box-folder 6:27

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches, Des Plaines, IL 1966-68

box-folder 6:28

General Association of Separate Baptists in Christ, Summersville, KY 1967-69

box-folder 6:29

General Church of the New Jerusalem, Bryn Athyn, PA 1967

box-folder 6:30

General Conference Mennonite Church, Newton, KS 1967

box-folder 6:31

General Conference of German Seventh-Day Baptists, Pittsburg, PA 1967

box-folder 6:32

General Conference of Original Free Will Baptists (North Carolina Convention), Dunn, NC 1967-69

box-folder 6:33

[General Conference of] The Evangelical Baptist Church, Goldsboro, NC 1967

box-folder 6:34

General Conference of the Religious Society of Friends, Philadelphia, PA, 1967

box-folder 6:35

General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the U.S.A. (The Church of the New Jerusalem) (The New Church) (Swedenborgian), Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA 1967

box-folder 6:36

General Council, Christian Church of North America, Pittsburg, PA 1966-68

box-folder 6:37

General Council of the Churches of God, Seventh Day, Meridian, Idaho n.d.

box-folder 6:38

General Eldership of the Churches of God in North America, Findlay, OH 1962-70

box-folder 6:39

General Six-Principle Baptists 1966-67

box-folder 6:40

German Apostolic Christian Church, Burlington, Iowa 1967

box-folder 6:41

Glad Tidings Missionary Society (Glad Tidings Temple), Vancouver, BC 1968

box-folder 6:42

Go-Ye Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA 1970

box-folder 6:43

The Goddians, Portland, ME 1968

box-folder 6:44

God's House of Prayer for All Nations, Peoria, IL 1968

box-folder 6:45

God's Missionary Church, Penns Creek, PA 1971

box-folder 6:46

Goshen Fellowship, London, England, Detroit, MI 1970-73

box-folder 6:47

Gospel Assembly, St. Louis, MO 1970

box-folder 6:48

Gospel Assembly Churches of America 1970

box-folder 6:49

Gospel Harvester Evangelistic Association (Gospel Harvester Tabernacle), Atlanta, GA 1967-68

box-folder 6:50

Gospel Harvesters Evangelistic Association (Gospel Harvesters Chapel), Buffalo, NY 1969

box-folder 6:51

Gospel Mission Corps, Hightstown, NJ 1967 1970

box-folder 6:52

Gospel Missionary Association, Calgary, Alberta 1971

box-folder 6:53

Gospel Spreading Church of God (Elder Michaux), (Gospel Spreading Church, or Gospel Spreading Association), Washington, D.C. n.d.

box-folder 6:54

Gospel Tract Distributors, Portland, OR 1968

box-folder 6:55

Grace and Hope Mission, Baltimore, MD 1967

box-folder 6:56

Grace Cathedral, Akron, OH 1971

box-folder 6:57

Grace Chapel/Church of the Living Word (Living Word Ministries), No. Hollywood, CA 1970

box-folder 6:58

Grace Gospel Fellowship, Grand Rapids, MI 1967 1973

box-folder 6:59

Grace Gospel Evangelistic Association, Longview, WA 1967

box-folder 6:60

Grail Movement--The American Grail Foundation, Lapeer, MI 1970

box-folder 6:61

Greek Orthodox archdiocese of North and South America, Brookline, MA 1967

box-folder 6:62

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Vasiloupolis, Queens, NY 1971

box-folder 6:63

Guadalope Church, Hawaii 1970

box-folder 6:64

Gurdjieff Foundation (and other related groups), New York, NY, 1970-71

box-folder 6:65

Gypsy Religion 1968

box-folder 6:66

Hall Deliverance Foundation (Clothing of Power Church), Phoenix, AZ 1968

box-folder 6:67

Harvest Fields Missionary Fellowship (Harvest Fields Missionary and Evangelistic Association), Sacramento, CA 1971

box-folder 6:68

Hawaiian Conference of the United Church of Christ, Honolulu 1967

box-folder 6:69

Hellenic Orthodox Church of America, Astoria, NY 1967

box-folder 6:69a

Higashi Hongwanji/Otani Buddhism, Honolulu, HI 1967

box-folder 6:70

His House, Melbourne, FL 1970

box-folder 6:71

Holiness Christian Church of the U.S.A., Gibraltar, PA 1967

box-folder 6:72

Holiness Church of God (Mt. Olive Holiness Church), Graham, NC 1966-67

box-folder 6:73

Holiness Gospel Mission, Etters, PA 1967

box-folder 6:74

Holy Greek Orthodox Church of America (Holy Archdiocese of the Aytocefalos Greek Orthodox Church of America, or Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of America) 1966-69

box-folder 6:75

Holy Order of Ezekiel, Glendale, CA 1971

box-folder 6:76

The Holy Order of MANS, San Francisco, CA 1970

box-folder 6:77

Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, American Synod, New Mexico 1971

box-folder 6:78

Holy Orthodox Church in America (Eastern Catholic and Apostolic), New York, NYT 1966-67

box-folder 7:1

Holy Superet Light Doctrine Church (Superet Heart--Star Brotherhood, or Mother Trust Superet Light Science Foundation), Los Angeles, CA 1968-70

box-folder 7:2

Holy Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Exile, New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 7:3

Holy Ukranian Orthodox Christian Church in the U.S.A. and Canada 1970

box-folder 7:4

Home of Truth, Alameda, CA 1967-68

box-folder 7:5

Hoomana Naauao o Hawaii (The Enlightened Worship of Hawaii), Honolulu 1967

box-folder 7:6

House of God, Which is the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Gound of the Truth Without Controversy, Nashville, TN 1966-67

box-folder 7:7

House of God, Which is the Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth, Philadelphia, PA 1966-68

box-folder 7:8

Humanistic Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. 1972

box-folder 7:9

Humanist Fellowships in Canada 1967

box-folder 7:10

Humanist World Fellowship, Berkeley, CA 1968

box-folder 7:11

Hungarian Reformed Church (Free Magyar Reformed Church in America), Carteret, NJ 1966-70

box-folder 7:12

Hutterian Brethren, Montana 1966-67

box-folder 7:13

Iglesia Cristo en las Antillas, Rio Grande, P.R. (Spanish) 1967

box-folder 7:14

Iglesia de Cristo Misionera, St. Just, P.R. 1967

box-folder 7:15

Iglesia de Dios, P.R. 1967

box-folder 7:16

Iglesia Evangelica Congregacional, Yabucoa, P.R. 1971

box-folder 7:17

Iglesia Evangelica congregacional de Puerto Rico, Humaca, P.R., (Spanish) 1967

box-folder 7:18

Iglesia Evangelica Independiente, Mayaquez, P.R., (Spanish) 1971

box-folder 7:19

Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, P.R., (Spanish) 1967

box-folder 7:20-21

Iglesia Ni Kristo (Iglesia Ni Cristo, or Iglesia Ni Manalo), Philippines, (Tagalog) 1969

box-folder 7:22

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal de Puerto Rico/Pentecostal Church of God (Iglesia Pentecostal de Jesucristo), Rio Piedras, P.R. (Spanish) 1967

box-folder 7:23

Independent Assemblies of God, International 1967-71

box-folder 7:24

Independent Assemblies of God, Minneapolis, MN (Westgate Chapel, Edmonds, WA) 1967-68

box-folder 7:25

Independent Assemblies of God of the U.S. and Canada 1971

box-folder 7:26

Independent Baptist Church of America, Minneapolis, MN 1967

box-folder 7:27

Independent Bible Baptist Missions, Englewood, CO 1967

box-folder 7:28

Independent Catholic Church and related organizations, Wethersfield, Conn. 1973

box-folder 7:28a

Independent Church of Antioch, Encino, CA 1973

box-folder 7:29

Independent Churches Affiliated, Willowick, OH 1967

box-folder 7:30

Independent Fundamental Bible Churches, Los Angeles, CA 1968

box-folder 7:31

Independent Fundamental Churches of America, Chicago, IL 1967

box-folder 7:32

Independent Holiness Churches, Kingston, Ont. 1971

box-folder 7:33

Independent Spiritualist Association of the U.S.A., Chicago, IL 1967

box-folder 7:34

Indian Shaker Church, WA 1967-68

box-folder 7:35

Institute of Religious Science, San Francisco, CA 1967

box-folder 7:36

Inter-Church Holiness Convention 1967

box-folder 7:37

Interdenominational Divine Order, Twin Falls, ID 1970-71

box-folder 7:38

Inter-Mountain Baptist Fellowship, Billings, MT 1971

box-folder 7:39

International Apostolic and Missionary Association, Lakeland, FL 1972

box-folder 7:40

International Center for Self-Analysis, North Syracuse, NY 1970

box-folder 7:41

International Christian Churches, Honolulu, HI 1969-70

box-folder 7:42

International Church of Metaphysics, New York, NY 1967

box-folder 7:43

International Church of Spiritual Vision, Las Vegas, NV 1971

box-folder 7:44

International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Los Angeles, CA 1966-67

box-folder 7:45

International Deliverance Churches, Dallas, TX 1972

box-folder 7:46

International Evangelism Crusade, Van Nuys, CA 1968

box-folder 7:47

International General Assembly of Spiritualists, Norfolk, VA 1967

box-folder 7:48

International Gospel League, Pasadena, CA 1971

box-folder 7:49

International Liberal Catholic Church, Ojai, CA, Burnaby, B.C. 1966-67

box-folder 7:50

International Metaphysical Association, New York, NY n.d.

box-folder 7:51

International Ministerial Association, Dallas, TX 1969

box-folder 7:52

International Ministerial Federation of California, Fresno, CA 1967

box-folder 7:53

International New Thought Association (Alliance), Hollywood, CA 1966-70

box-folder 7:54

International Pentecostal Assemblies, Atlanta, GA, 1966-67 1971

box-folder 7:55

Israelite House of David, Benton Harbor, MI 1967

box-folder 7:56

Italian-American Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas, Island Heights, NJ 1973

box-folder 7:57

Italian Pentecostal Churches of Canada, Montreal 1966-67

box-folder 7:58

Jainism 1970

box-folder 7:59

Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society, Los Angeles, CA 1972-73

box-folder 7:60-62

Jehovah's Witnesses, Brooklyn, NY 1967-72

box-folder 7:63

The Jesus Church, Cleveland, TN 1966-67

box-folder 7:63a

Jodo Shinshu Buddhism 1969

box-folder 7:63b

Ka Makua Mau Loa Church, Honolulu, HA, 1967

box-folder 7:64

Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends, Wichita, KS 1967

box-folder 7:65

Kathryn Kuhlman Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA 1967

box-folder 7:66

Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association, Jackson, KY 1967

box-folder 7:67

Ketcoton Association of Regular Baptists, Virginia 1966-70

box-folder 7:68

King of Kings Temples: The Sound Money Economic System Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1971

box-folder 7:69

Kingdom Truth Assemblies and related Assemblies of Yahweh, Irvington, NJ 1968

box-folder 7:70

Kodesh Church of Immanuel, Washington, D.C. 1971

box-folder 7:71

Konko Church of Los Angeles, CA, and Japan 1967

box-folder 7:72

Korean Christian Missions of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI 1969

box-folder 7:73

Koreshan Unity, A Religious and Fraternal Commonwealth (Koreshan Universology), Estero, FL 1966-67

box-folder 8:1

Lamb of God Church, Honolulu, HA 1969-70

box-folder 8:2

Laodicean Home Missionary Movement, Philadelphia and Levittown, PA 1970

box-folder 8:3

Latin American Council of Christian Churches (Concilio Latino-americano de Iglesias Cristianas), Brownsville, TX 1967-68

box-folder 8:4

Latin American Council of Pentecostal Churches of God of New York 1967

box-folder 8:5

Laymen's Home Missionary Movement, Philadelphia, PA 1968

box-folder 8:6

The Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the U.S.A., Lakewood, NJ 1967

box-folder 8:7

Liebenzell Mission of the U.S.A., Schooley's Mountain, NJ 1970

box-folder 8:7a

Life Science Church, Rolling Meadows, IL 1970

box-folder 8:8

Lighthouse Gospel Fellowship, Tulsa, OK 1971

box-folder 8:9

The Little Synagogue, Congregation Tel-Aviv, New York, NY 1970

box-folder 8:10

The Lord's New Church, Which is Nova Hierosolyma (Swedenborgian), Bryn Athyn, PA 1968

box-folder 8:11

Lumber River Annual Conference of the Holiness Methodist Church, Rowland, NC 1966-67

box-folder 8:12

Lutheran Churches of the Reformation, Detroit, MI 1966-67

box-folder 8:13

Lyman Family (American Avatar), Roxbury, MA 1971

Scope and Content Note

Location Note: Oversize issues are in Box 27:4-5
box-folder 8:14

Macedonia Orthodox Church, Gary, IN, and Skopje, Yugoslavia 1966-67

box-folder 8:15

Maranatha Baptist Mission, Natchez, MS 1970

box-folder 8:15a

Megiddo Mission Church, Rochester, NY 1966

box-folder 8:16

Mennonite Brethren Church of North America, Hillsboro, KS 1967

box-folder 8:17

Mennonite Christian Brotherhood, Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA 1967

box-folder 8:18

Mennonite Church, Goshen, IN 1966-67

box-folder 8:19

Metaphysical Design for Living Church, San Francisco, CA 1970

box-folder 8:20

Methodist Protestant Church, Brookhaven, MS 1966-67

box-folder 8:21

Metropolitan Church Association, Dundee, IL 1966

box-folder 8:22

Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, Kansas City, MO, and Chicago, IL 1967-69

box-folder 8:23

Midwest Congregational Christian Fellowship, Winchester, IN 1966-67

box-folder 8:24

Ministry of Universal Wisdom, Yucca Valley, CA 1967 1970

box-folder 8:25

Minnesota Baptist Convention, Minneapolis, MN 1970

box-folder 8:26

Minnesota Church of Philosophical Materialism, St. Paul,MN 1971-72

box-folder 8:27

Miracle Revival Fellowship, Miracle Valley, AZ 1968

box-folder 8:28

Mision del Evangelio (Spanish), Isabela, P.R. 1971

box-folder 8:29

Missionaries of the New Truth, Evanston, IL 1970

box-folder 8:30

Missionary and Soul Winning Fellowship/Christians in Action, Long Beach, CA 1969

box-folder 8:31

The Missionary Church, Fort Wayne, IN (United Missionary Church, Elkhart, IN) (The Missionary Church Association) 1966-69

box-folder 8:32

Missionary Evangelism, Decatur, GA 1972-73

box-folder 8:33

Missionary Methodist Church, Forest City, NC 1967

box-folder 8:33a

The Mita Movement, Hato Rey, P.R., and New York, NY 1967-68

box-folder 8:33b

Moorish Science Temple of America, Chicago, IL 1970

box-folder 8:34

Morse Fellowship, Littleton, CO 1968

box-folder 8:35

Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America, Winston-Salem, NC 1971

box-folder 8:36

Mt. Sinai Holy Church of America, Philadelphia, PA 1968-69

box-folder 8:37

Mt. Zion Sanctuary (Unification Association), Elizabeth, NJ, and New York, NY 1968

box-folder 8:38

Mountain States Baptist Fellowship, Denver, CO 1970

box-folder 8:39

National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, Milwaukee, WI 1966-67

box-folder 8:40

National Association of Evangelicals, Wheaton, IL 1966

box-folder 8:40a

National Association of Free-Will Baptists, Nashville, TN 1966-68

box-folder 8:41

National Association of Holiness Churches, Bricknell, IN 1971

box-folder 8:42-43

National Association of Kingdom Evangelists (America's Promise Radio, Lor's Govenant Church) 1968 1971

box-folder 8:44

National Baptist Covenant of America, TX, TN 1966

box-folder 8:45

National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Chicago, IL 1966

box-folder 8:46

National Baptist Evangelical Life and Soul-Saving Assembly of the U.S.A., Detroit, MI, 1967

box-folder 8:47

National Convention of the Churches of God, Holiness, Atlanta, GA 1967

box-folder 8:48

National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. (National Council of Churches), New York, NY 1966-67

box-folder 8:49

National Fraternal Council of Negro Churches, Washington, D.C. 1967

box-folder 8:50

National Negro Evangelical Association, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY 1969 1972

box-folder 8:51

National Primitive Baptist Convention in the U.S.A., Mobile, Ala. 1967 1970

box-folder 8:52

National Spiritual Aid Association, St. Petersburg, FL 1970

box-folder 8:53

National Spiritual Alliance of the U.S.A., Keene, NH 1967

box-folder 8:54

National Spiritualist Association of Churches, Milwaukee, WI 1966-68

box-folder 8:55-56

Native American Church (Peyote Church) (Pyotism) 1966-67

box-folder 8:57

Netherlands Reformed Congregations, Grand Rapids, MI, and Norwich, Ont. 1966-67

box-folder 8:58

New Apostolic Church of North America (Neuapostolische Kirche im Hamburgischen Staatsgebiet), Hamburg, Germany, and Kitchener, Ont. (German) 1967-68

box-folder 8:59

New Bethel Church of God in Christ, CA. 1970-71

box-folder 8:60

New Congregational Methodist Church, Jacksonville, FL 1967

box-folder 8:61

The New Creation Bible Students Association, Hartford, CT 1972

box-folder 8:62

New England Evangelical Baptist Fellowship, Cambridge, MA 1966-68

box-folder 8:63

New Life World-Wide (Paramahansa Yogananda Institute), St. Petersburg, FL 1972

box-folder 8:64

New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches, MN 1967

box-folder 8:65

The New Testament Church of God, Dallas, TX 1967-69

box-folder 8:65a

Nichiren Shu Buddhist Churches 1969

box-folder 8:65b

Niscience (Ann Ree Colton Foundation of Niscience) (Chapel of the Jesus Ethic), Glendale, CA 1972

box-folder 8:66

The North American Baptist General Conference, Forest Park, IL 1966-67

box-folder 8:67

North American Old Roman Catholic Church, Brooklyn, NY 1966-67 1973

box-folder 8:68

North American Old Roman Catholic Church, Oak Lawn, IL 1966-67

box-folder 8:69

North American Province of the Old Roman Catholic Church (Old Roman Catholic Church in Communion with the Primatial See of Caer-Glow), London, England, and Newark, NJ, 1967-68

box-folder 8:70

Northwest Ministerial Council (Spiritualism), Salem, OR 1971-72

box-folder 8:71

Ohio Bible Fellowship, Mentor, OH 1971

box-folder 8:72

Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church 1966-67

box-folder 8:73

The Old Catholic Church in America, Woodstock, NY 1967-68

box-folder 8:74

The Old Catholic Church in North America, PA 1967

box-folder 8:75

The Old Catholic Church of America, Kankakee, IL 1967

box-folder 9:1

Old Colony Mennonite Churches of Canada 1970-71

box-folder 9:2

Old German Baptist Brethren (Dunkers) Delphi IN 1966-67

box-folder 9:3

Old Order Amish Mennonite Church Baltic OH 1970-71

box-folder 9:4

Old River Brethren (Yorkers) 1966-68


Location Note: "Doctrine Old Order River Brethren" 36pgs. n.d. in legal size Small Collections Box 15:2 3/H/5.
box-folder 9:5

Old Order (Wisler) Mennonite Churches Ohio 1970

box-folder 9:6-7

Old Regular Baptist Associations: Correspondence and Draft Entries 1969-71

box-folder 9:8

Old Roman Catholic Church in Europe and North America (English Rite) Sandley England Chicago IL (includes photographs) n.d.

box-folder 9:9

Old Roman Catholic Church (Orthodox Orders) Toronto Ont. Includes fraud and rackettering charges and trial of Guy Claude Hamel. 1966-67

box-folder 9:10

Old Roman Catholic Church (Orthodox Orders) Toronto Ont. Includes material on Earl Anglin Lawrence James. 1966-70

box-folder 9:11

Omnivne (All-One) Church Texarkana TX 1970

box-folder 9:12

Ontario Old Roman Catholic Church Canada 1970

box-folder 9:13

Open Bible Standard Churches Des Moines Iowa 1967

box-folder 9:14

The Order of the Cross Los Angeles CA 1970

box-folder 9:15

Oregon Yearly Meeting of Friends Church Medford 1967

box-folder 9:16

Oriental Missionary Society Holiness Converence of North America Los Angeles CA 1970

box-folder 9:17

The (Original) Church of God Chattanooga TN 1966-67

box-folder 9:18

Original Church of God (Sanctified Church) Akron OH 1970

box-folder 9:19

The Original Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of Truth Philadelphia PA 1966

box-folder 9:20

Original Pentecostal Church of God (Free Holiness Churches of God) Huntsville AL 1969-70

box-folder 9:21

Orthodox Catholic Autocephalous church of the U.S.A. Philadelphia PA 1973

box-folder 9:22

Orthodox-Catholic Church of America Elberton GA 1966-67

box-folder 9:23-24

Orthodox Episcopal Church of God (Christ Church of God or church of Universalism [Catholicism]) San Francisco 1971-72

box-folder 9:25

The Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Church II Hollywood CA 1966-70

box-folder 9:26

Orthodox Presbyterian Church Philadelphia PA 1966-67

box-folder 9:27

Orthodox Reformed Church (Unaffiliated) Grand Rapids MI 1971-73

box-folder 9:28

The Overcomers' Church (Evangelical) Toronto Ont. 1968

box-folder 9:29-32

Overseas Union Churches: American Samoa Marshall Islands Puerto Rico Panama Canal Zone 1967

box-folder 9:33

Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends San Francisco and Berkeley CA 1966-67

box-folder 9:34

The Parsis (Zoroastrians) n.d.

box-folder 9:35

Pastoral Bible Institute (Associated Bible Students Classes) St. Louis MO 1967-68

box-folder 9:36

Peace Mission Movement of Father Divine Philadelphia PA 1968

box-folder 9:37

Peniel Missions Inc. Sacramento CA 1970

box-folder 9:38

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada Toronto 1966-67

box-folder 9:39

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland St. John's 1966

box-folder 9:40

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 1966-67

box-folder 9:41

Pentecostal Church of Christ London OH 1966-67

box-folder 9:42

The Pentecostal Church of God of America Joplin MO 1966-67

box-folder 9:43

The Pentecostal Church of God/Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Rio Piedras P.R. 1967

box-folder 9:44

Pentecostal Church of Zion French Lick IN 1968-69

box-folder 9:45

Pentecostal Evangelical Church Spokane WA 1967

box-folder 9:46

Pentecostal Evangelical Church of God National and International Riddle OR 1967

box-folder 9:47

Pentecostal Fellowship of North America 1966-67

box-folder 9:48

Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness Church Danielson GA 1966

box-folder 9:49

The Pentecostal Free-Will Baptist Church Dunn NC 1966

box-folder 9:50

The Pentecostal Holiness Church Franklin Springs GA 1966

box-folder 9:51

People of the Living God (Back to the Bible Movement) New Orleans LA 1967

box-folder 9:52

People's Christian Church/Chapel (A Living Faith) Schenectady NY 196

box-folder 9:53

Perfect Liberty Order Osaka Japan Glendale CA 1967

box-folder 9:54

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 1966-67

box-folder 9:55

The Philanthropic Assembly of the Friends of Man Geneva Switzerland London England North Bergen NJ (German French English). 1970


Location Note: Oversize newspapers (several languages) are found in Box 27:1.
box-folder 9:56

The Philippine Independent Church/Iglesia Filipina Independiente Honolulu HA 1967

box-folder 9:57

The Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York Albany NY 1970-71

box-folder 9:58

Pilgrim Holiness Church of the Midwest Decatur IL 1970-71

box-folder 9:59

Pillar of Fire Zarephath NJ 1967

box-folder 9:59a

Pine Street Gospel Church (Seventh Day Adventist) Durham CT 1968

box-folder 9:60

Plymouth Brethren (Brethren) (Assemblies of Brethren or Christian Brethren) 1966-73

box-folder 9:61

Polish Catholic Church Jersey City NJ 1968

box-folder 9:62

Polish National Catholic Church of America Buffalo NY 1967

box-folder 9:63

Polish Old Catholic Church of America South River NJ 1967

box-folder 9:64

Presbyterian Church in Canada Don Mills Ont. 1966-67

box-folder 9:65

The Primitive Advent Church of West Virginia 1966-67

box-folder 9:66

Primitive Baptist Conference of Canada (of Maine New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) 1967

box-folder 9:67

Primitive Baptists Alabama 1971-73

box-folder 7:73

Koreshan Unity A Religious and Fraternal Commonwealth (Koreshan Universology) Estero FL 1966-67

box-folder 10:1

Primitive Baptist Association of the Regular Predestinarian Faith and Order (Pilgrim Predestinarian Regular Baptist Church Two Seed in the Spirit Predestinarian Baptists Primitive Baptists of the Old School) TX, LA 1967-68 1971

box-folder 10:2

Primitive Baptist--Pilgrim Church 1833 Texas: Photographs 1967

box-folder 10:3

Primitive Methodist Church U.S.A. PA 1966-67

box-folder 10:4

"Prison Epistles" Dispensationalist Groups: Berean Movement (Truth for Today) Atascadero CA Tempe AZ Indiana Toronto Ont. 1967-68

box-folder 10:5

Progressive National Baptist Association Cincinnati OH 1966

box-folder 10:6

The Prophetic Light Winnipeg Canada Hibbing MN 1970

box-folder 10:7

The Protestant Conference (Lutheran) Manitowoc WI 1966-67

box-folder 10:8

Protestant Reformed Churches of America Grand Rapids MI 1967

box-folder 10:9

The Psynetics Foundation (New Age Philosophy) Orange CA 1971

box-folder 10:10

Rainbow Revival Church Los Angeles CA 1969

box-folder 10:11

Rationalist Association St. Louis MO 1969

box-folder 10:12

Reba Peace Fellowship Evanston IL 1969

box-folder 10:13

Reformed Church in America New Brunswick NJ 1966-67

box-folder 10:14

The Reformed Church in the United States 1966-67

box-folder 10:15

The Reformed Ecumenical Synod Grand Rapids MI Scotland Netherlands So. Africa 1968

box-folder 10:16

The Reformed Episcopal Church in Canada Victoria B.C. 1966

box-folder 10:17

The Reformed Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. PA 1967

box-folder 10:18

Reformed Mennonite Church Lancaster PA 1966-70

box-folder 10:19

Reformed Methodist Union Episcopal Church Charlestown SC 1966

box-folder 10:20

Reformed Presbyterian Church Evangelical Synod Las Cruces NM 1966

box-folder 10:21

Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church Lawrenceville VA 1967

box-folder 10:22

Reidenbach Mennonites New Holland PA 1970-71

box-folder 10:23

Reinland Mennonite Congregations Winkler Manitoba 1970

box-folder 10:24-25

Religious Science and related churches: International Association of Religious Science Churches Carmel CA; Science of Mind Fellowship FL; Science of Truth Institute Cincinnati OH 1967-69

box-folder 10:26

Religious Society of Friends (North Carolina Yearly Meeting) Woodland NC (Conservative Ohio) 1966-67

box-folder 10:27

The Remmant (sic) or Remnant Church Rochester NY 1968-71

box-folder 10:28

Remnant Church (Seventh Day) Denver CO Torrance CA 1971

box-folder 10:29

The Renovated Church of Jesus Christ (The Apostles [and Disciples] of the Infinite Love Order of the Mother of God) St. Jovite Quebec 1967-68

box-folder 10:30

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Independence MO 1966-71

box-folder 10:31

Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of Friends Colorado Springs CO 1966-67

box-folder 10:31a

Romanian Apostolic Pentecostal Church of God of North America Detroit MI Orange CA 1972

box-folder 10:32

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America Jackson MI 1966-67

box-folder 10:33

Romanian Orthodox Missionary Episcopate in America Detroit MI 1967

box-folder 10:34

Roosevelt Spiritual Memorial Benevolent Association Miami FL 1970

box-folder 10:35

The Rosicrucian Fellowship Oceanside CA 1967

box-folder 10:36

Russian Molokan Spiritual Christians San Francisco CA 1967-71

box-folder 10:37

Russian Old Believers 1967-68

box-folder 10:38-39

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia New York NY 1967

box-folder 10:40

Orthodox Christian Diocese/Russian American Succession MN (Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America New York NY) 1966-67

box-folder 10:41

Russian-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Union of the U.S.A. 1967

box-folder 10:42

St. Paul's Church of Aquarian Science: A Church of Healing Ministry St. Petersburg, FL 1970

box-folder 10:43

St. Timothy's Abbey Church the Founding Church of Essential Science Scottsdale, AZ 1972

box-folder 10:44

The Salvation Army New York, NY 1967

box-folder 10:45

The Salvation Army Canada Toronto Ont. Canada 1967

box-folder 10:46

Sanctified Church of Christ Columbus, GA 1967

box-folder 10:47

Sant Mat the Teaching of the Saints (Maharaj Charan Singh Ji) Victoria B.C. Canada 1972-73

box-folder 10:48

School of Absolute Religious Science Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 10:49

School of Truth Los Angeles CA 1966-67

box-folder 10:50

The Schwenkfelder Church, PA 1966-67

box-folder 10:51

Second Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the U.S. Union City, TN 1966-67

box-folder 10:52

Self-Revelation Church of Absolute Monism (Golden Lotus Temple) Washington D.C. 1967

box-folder 10:53-53a

Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. and Canada, Libertyville, IL, Yugoslavia 1966-68

box-folder 10:54

Servants of Awareness (Cosmic awareness) Bothell, WA 1972

box-folder 10:55

Seventh-Day Adventists 1966-71

box-folder 10:56

Seventh-Day Adventist Reform Movement Sacramento, CA 1968

box-folder 10:57

Sufi Order of Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan 1971-73

box-folder 10:58

The Sycamore Community: An Ecumenical Experiment in Christian Life Together State College, PA 1968

box-folder 10:59

The Society of Brothers Rifton, NY 1967

box-folder 10:60

The Shinto Religion n.d.

box-folder 10:61

Taize Community France Chicago, IL 1970-72

box-folder 10:62

Seventh Day Baptist Plainfield, NJ 1967

box-folder 10:63

Seventh Day Christian Conference New York, NY 1968-69

box-folder 10:64

The Seventh Day Church of God Caldwell, ID 1968

box-folder 10:65

Seventh Day Pentecostal Church of the Living God 1968-69

box-folder 11:1

Shiloh, Sulphur Springs, AR 1972

box-folder 11:2

Shiloh Chapel, Colorado Springs, CO 1967

box-folder 11:2a

Shingon Buddhist Mission of Hawaii, HI 1967

box-folder 11:3

Slavic Gospel Association, Chicago, IL 1968

box-folder 11:4

Smithvenner/Smith Friends, Norway, U.S.A., Canada (Norwegian) 1971-72

box-folder 11:5

The Social Brethren, IL 1966-67

box-folder 11:6

The Society of Christ (Spiritualism), Los Angeles, CA 1970

box-folder 11:7

Society of Friends in God, San Francisco, CA 1971

box-folder 11:8

Society of Separationists (Madalyn Murray O'Hair), Austin, TX (Atheist) 1969

box-folder 11:8a

Society of the bible in the Hands of Its Creators, Rawayton, CN 1968-69

box-folder 11:9

Society of the Living Christ/Society of the Healing Christ, Cleveland, OH 1971

box-folder 11:10

Sommerfelder Mennonite Congregations, Manitoba, Canada 1970-71

box-folder 11:11

South Carolina Baptist Fellowship, Laurens, SC 1969-70

box-folder 11:12

Southern Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN 1973

box-folder 11:13

Southern Methodist Church, Orangeburg, SC 1966-69

box-folder 11:14

Southwide Baptist Fellowship, Laurens, SC 1966-67

box-folder 11:15

Spirit Guided Friends (Christian Spiritualists), Portland, OR 1968-69

box-folder 11:16

Spiritual Churches of Science and Revelation 1967

box-folder 11:17

The Spiritual Episcopal Church, Lansing, MI 1967

box-folder 11:18

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Evanston, IL 1968-69

box-folder 11:19

Spiritual Gnostic Assembly 1971

box-folder 11:19

Esoteric Traditions Research Academy 1971

box-folder 11:19

Union of all Creole Gnostic Spiritualist Churches 1971

box-folder 11:19

Applied-Lattices Memphis-Misraim 1971

box-folder 11:19

Cabalistic-Gnostic Church of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim 1971

box-folder 11:20

Spiritual Prayer Home, San Dimas, CA 1971

box-folder 11:21

Spiritual Research Society, Grand Rapids, MI 1971

box-folder 11:22

Spiritual Science Mother Church, New York, NY 1967-69

box-folder 11:23

Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America (Associate Presbyterian Church [or Synod] of North America) 1966-67

box-folder 11:24

Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch in the U.S. and Canada, Hackensack, NJ 1966-67

box-folder 11:25

The Syrian Orthodox Church of Malabar (India) in the U.S., Ridgefield Park, NJ 1967

box-folder 11:26

The Teachings of the Angelic Host Within the Kingdom of Heaven (New Age), Charlotte, NC 1972

box-folder 11:27

Temple of Christian Love and Institute of Thought Control, Los Angeles, CA 1968

box-folder 11:28

Temple of the Masters, Hermetic Science (National Temple Education Association), Phoenix, AZ 1972

box-folder 11:29

The Temple Society (in America), Germany, Australia, Santa Barbara, CA 1971

box-folder 11:30

Thea Jones Evangelistic Association, Philadelphia, PA 1968

box-folder 11:31

The Theocentric Foundation, Phoenix, AZ 1969

box-folder 11:32

The Theosophical Society in America, Wheaton, IL 1967-68

box-folder 11:33

The Theosophical Society in Canada, Toronto, Ont. Canada 1968

box-folder 11:34

The Theosophical Society, International Headquarters, Pasadena, CA 1968

box-folder 11:35

This Testimony, a Movement of the Holy Spirit 1968

box-folder 11:35

Ambassadors for Christ, Los Angeles, CA 1968

box-folder 11:35

Atlantic States Christian Convocation, Norfolk, VA 1968

box-folder 11:35

The Honour Oak Christian Fellowship Centre, London, England 1968

box-folder 11:36

Tioga River Christian Conference, Binghamton, NY 1966

box-folder 11:37

The Traditional Christian Catholic Church, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1972

box-folder 11:38

Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, Atlanta, GA 1967

box-folder 11:39

The True Church, Seattle, WA 1968

box-folder 11:40

The True Church of Christ and the True Bible Society, Buffalo, NY 1969-70

box-folder 11:41

True Grace Memorial House of Prayer, Washington, D.C. 1970

box-folder 11:42

True Light Church of Christ, Charlotte, NC 1970

box-folder 11:43

Turkish Orthodox Church in America, New York, NY 1970

box-folder 11:44-45

Two Seed in the Spirit Predestinarian Baptists (Fellowship Primitive Baptist Association, Predestinarian Baptist Church of Christ, Caney Fork Association), the southeastern U.S. 1970-71

box-folder 11:46

Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the U.S.A., Munich, Germany, Chicago, IL 1967-69

box-folder 11:46a

Ukrainian Autocephalic Church of North and South America, PA 1966-70

box-folder 11:47

Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention, Chester, PA 1967

box-folder 11:48

Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Convention of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1967

box-folder 11:49

Ukrainian Evangelical Alliance of North America, Detroit, MI 1967

box-folder 11:50

Ukrainian Educational Religion Society (Ukrainian Native Faith), Chicago, IL, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1968

box-folder 11:51

The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church in Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 1966-67

box-folder 11:52

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America, New York, NY 1967

box-folder 11:53

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A., S. Sound Brook, NJ 1966-69

box-folder 11:54

Ultrajectine Roman Catholic Church (Old Roman Catholic Diocese in America), Newark, NJ 1968-69

box-folder 11:55-57

Unification Association of Christian Sabbath-Keepers, New York, NY 1968

box-folder 11:58

Union American Methodist Episcopal Church, Camden, NJ 1966

box-folder 11:59

Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas (Spiritism) (Psychic Healing), Manila, Detroit, MI 1971

box-folder 11:60

Union of Russian Evangelical Christians, Erie, PA 1968-69

box-folder 11:61

The Union of Slavic Churches of Evangelical Christians and Slavic Baptists of Canada, Toronto, Ont., Canada 1968

box-folder 11:62

Unitarian Universalist Association, Boston, MA 1966-69

box-folder 11:63

Unitas Fratrum, The Moravian Church in America, Bethlehem, PA 1966-67

box-folder 11:64

United American Free-Will Baptist Church, Kingston, NC 1966-69

box-folder 11:65

United Apostolic Faith Church, Scarborough, Ont. 1968

box-folder 11:66

United Baptists, National Association of, West Virginia, VA 1966-67

box-folder 11:67

United Christian Church, PA 1966-68

box-folder 11:68

United Christian Church, Brooklyn, NY 1970

box-folder 11:69

United Christian Evangelistic Association (The United Church and Science of Living Institute) (Rev. Ike, Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter), Brookline, MA, New York, NY 1973

box-folder 11:70

United Christian Ministerial Association, Cleveland, TN 1972

box-folder 12:1

The United Church of Canada, Toronto, Ont., Canada 1966-67

box-folder 12:2

United Church of Christ (Committee for the Continuation of the Congregational Churches) (National Association of Congregational Christian Churches) 1966-73

box-folder 12:3

United Evangelical Churches, Monrovia, CA 1968-69

box-folder 12:4

United Evangelical Council of Christian Churches, Brooklyn, NY 1971

box-folder 12:5

United Fundamentalist Church, Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 12:6

United Holiness Church (Wesleyan Bible Institute), Cedar Springs, MI 1971

box-folder 12:7

United Holy Church of America, Montclair, NJ 1967

box-folder 12:8

The United House of Prayer for All People: Church on the Rock of the Apostolic Faith, Washington, D.C. 1970

box-folder 12:9

United Israel World Union, New York, NY 969

box-folder 12:10

United Lodge of Theosophists, Los Angeles, CA 1968

box-folder 12:11

United Missionary Fellowship, Sacramento, CA 1970

box-folder 12:12

United Old Catholic Church, Brooklyn, NY 1967

box-folder 12:13

United Pentecostal Church, St. Louis, MO 1966-67

box-folder 12:14

United Secularists of America 1969

box-folder 12:15

United Seventh-Day Brethren, General Association of 1966

box-folder 12:16

United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (Canterbury Shakers), Canterbury, NH 1967

box-folder 12:17

United Spiritualist Church, Gardena, CA 1970 1972

box-folder 12:18

The United Wesleyan Methodist Church of America, Brooklyn, NY 1966-67

box-folder 12:19

United Zion Church, PA 1966-67

box-folder 12:20

Unitive Spirituality/Temple of Truth, Phoenix, AZ 1969

box-folder 12:21

Unity of the Brethren, TX 1966-67

box-folder 12:22

Universal Christian Church of America, Baltimore, MD 1967

box-folder 12:23

The Universal Christian Apostolic Church (The American Catholic Christian Apostolic Church) (Science and Religion), Burnaby, B.C., Canada 1967

box-folder 12:24

Universal Church of Scientific Truth (Institute of Metaphysics), Birmingham, AL 1972

box-folder 12:25

Universal Church of the Master, Oakland, CA 1967-71

box-folder 12:26

Universal Free Life Church, Hollywood, FL 1970-73

box-folder 12:27

Universal Harmony Foundation, St. Petersburg, FL 1967

box-folder 12:28

The Universal Cultural, Humanist, Religious and spiritual Alliance for Modern Times, Barcelona, Spain (The Universal Religious Alliance and Holy Realm, New York, NY) 1970

box-folder 12:29

Universal Spiritualist Association, Chesterfield, IN 1967

box-folder 12:30

Universal Shrine of Divine Guidance (Apostolic Universal Center), Miami, FL 1968-70

box-folder 12:31

Upper Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Pleasant Shade, TN 1970

box-folder 12:32

The Voice of the Nazarene Association of Churches, Finleyville, PA 1971

box-folder 12:33

Volunteers of America, National Society of, New York, NY 1966

box-folder 12:34

The Wesleyan Church (uniting the Pilgrim Holiness Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1968), Marion, IN 1966-67 1970-71

box-folder 12:35

Western Hemisphere Romanian Orthodox Missionary Episcopate of Canada, Detroit, MI 1966-67

box-folder 12:36

Wesleyan Holiness Association of Churches, Phoenix, AZ 1971

box-folder 12:37

The Wider Fellowship of the Friends World Committee, Philadelphia, PA 1969

box-folder 12:38

Wings of Healing, Los Angeles, CA 1967

box-folder 12:39

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Milwaukee, WI 1966-67

box-folder 12:40

Word of Life Mission, Niverville, Manitoba, Canada 1970

box-folder 12:41

World Baptist Fellowship, Arlington, TX 1966-67

box-folder 12:42

World Bible Way Fellowship, Irving, TX 1971

box-folder 12:43

The World Church, Los Angeles, CA 1967-68

box-folder 12:44

World Missions for Jesus, Chicago, IL 1971-73

box-folder 12:45

The Worldwide Church of God (Radio Church of God), CA 1962 1966-67

box-folder 12:46

World-Wide Missions, Pasadena, CA 1970

box-folder 12:47

Yoruba (African Tribal Religion), New York, NY 1970-71

box-folder 12:47a

Zion College of Biblical Studies/Zion Church of God International (Sabbath-Keepers), Vancouver, WA 1971

box-folder 12:48

Zion's Order of the Sons of Levi, Mansfield, MO 1967

box 12:49-58, 13:1-10

Series 2 Extinct/Inaccessible Churches and Bodies ca. 1958-1973

Physical Description: 20 folders

Scope and Content Note

All bodies listed under each letter are foldered together in a file folder. There is usually only a memo indicating a body name, or a Piepkorn letter returned, addressee unknown. A very few bodies have a few documents attached.


Arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 12:49-58

A-I ca. 1958-1973

box-folder 13:1-10

J-Z ca. 1958-1973

box 13:11-26; 14:1-22; 15:1-10

Series 3 Not Religious Bodies ca. 1958-1973

Physical Description: 48 folders

Scope and Content Note

All bodies listed under each letter are foldered together in a file folder. It is not clear how decisions were made that the included bodies are not religious. Bodies included represent a broad spectrum of philosophy and thought such as metaphysics, human potential movement, astrology, psychic phenomena, parapsychology, natural philosophies, cosmic philosophies, transcendental and other medications, new age philosophies, and so on. Documents included can be correspondence, brochures, written histories, newsletters, pamphlets, etc.
The bodies are foldered alphabetical by organization name. Therefore, like bodies are not necessarily found together by subject. If a body's name begins with National, Society, School, or a place name such as Miami or Oregon, no matter the subject of the organization's purpose, it will be found under N, or S, or M, etc.


Arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 13:11-26

A-Exp ca. 1958-1973

box-folder 14:1-22

F-Sou ca. 1958-1973

box-folder 15:1-10

Sp-Z ca. 1958-1973

box 15:11-23; 16:1-23; 17:1-5

Series 4  General Traditions ca. 1958-1973

Physical Description: 40 folders

Scope and Content Note

Material included can be correspondence, drafts of material written by Piepkorn, copies of information from books, bibliographies, brochures, newsletters, articles, pamphlets, etc. Piepkorn used informants in the traditions to assist him in gathering information, checking his information, or reading over and correcting drafts he wrote.


Arranged alphabetically by Tradition.
box-folder 15:11-12

Baha'I Faith

box-folder 15:13-14


box-folder 15:15

"Black Denominations of the United States" by David Beckman

box-folder 15:16-17a


box-folder 15:18


box-folder 15:19


box-folder 15:20-21

Eastern Orthodoxy

box-folder 15:22


box-folder 15:23


box-folder 16:1-3


box-folder 16:4-5


box-folder 16:5a-7


box-folder 16:8-9


box-folder 16:10-11


box-folder 16:12-23

Roman Catholic


General Correspondence, information, articles


Grace and Justification


The Sacraments


The Mass


Marriage, Divorce, Mixed Marriages


Priesthood, Celibacy


Moral Theology, Liturgics, Spirituality




Church Unity, Catholicism--Conservative, Liberal issues

box-folder 17:1


box-folder 17:2


box-folder 17:3-4

Unification Church and Church of Perfect Liberty

box-folder 17:5


box 17:6-33

Series 5 Chapter Preparation ca. 1958-1973

Physical Description: 27 folders

Scope and Content Note

The file folders in this series are numbered by chapter. The numbering starts at 16, concluding at 33. Many chapter numbers are missing. Only some of the files include chapter drafts written by Piepkorn. It may be that when the GTU Library staff went through this collection to remove material for the New Religious Movement Organizations Vertical Files, the missing material may have been transferred to the Vertical Files Collection. Or, the chapters may have been removed when John H. Tietjen edited the material for the book after Piepkorn's death. Other material included can be correspondence, copies of information from books, bibliographies, brochures, newsletters, articles, pamphlets, etc.


Arranged alphabetically by Chapter name.
box-folder 17:6

Ch. 16, Baptist Bodies (no draft)

box-folder 17:7-12

Ch. 21, Orthodox Bodies (no draft)

box-folder 17:13

Ch. 22, Holiness Bodies (no draft)

box-folder 17:14

Ch. 24, Trinitarian Pentecostal Bodies (no draft)

box-folder 17:15

Ch. 29, Friends (no draft)

box-folder 17:16

Ch. 37, Unitarian-Universalist, Humanist (no draft)

box-folder 17:17

Ch. 39, Seventh Day/Church of God (no draft)

box-folder 17:18

Ch. 43, Latter Day Saints Bodies (draft)

box-folder 17:19

Ch. 44, Bodies Derived from the Activity of Charles Taze Russell/Jehovah's Witness (draft)

box-folder 17:20

Ch. 45, Church of Christ, Science/Spiritual Science (draft)

box-folder 17:21

Ch. 46, New Thought and Religious Science (draft)

box-folder 17:22

Ch. 47, Spiritualist and Occult Bodies (draft)

box-folder 17:23

Ch. 48, Other Metaphysical Bodies (draft)

box-folder 17:24

Ch. 49, Judaism (no draft)

box-folder 17:25

Ch. 50, Islam and Related Bodies (draft)

box-folder 17:26

Ch. 51, Hinduism and Related Movements (partial draft)

box-folder 17:27

Ch. 53, Buddhism (draft)

box-folder 17:28

Ch. 54, Theosophy (draft)

box-folder 17:29

Ch. 56, Far Eastern "New Religions" (partial draft)

box-folder 17:30-32

Ch. 57, North American Indian Syncretistic Religions (draft)

box-folder 17:33

Ch. 63, Unclassified Bodies (draft)

box 18:1-15, 17-35; 19:1-35; 20:1-20; 26:12-37

Series 6 Church Bodies and Traditions, Extended Notes and Material 1947-1972

Physical Description: 114 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series has lost its original order. Some material seems to have been pulled from other series by John H. Tietjen, who edited the material for the book after Piepkorn's death, to work on completing the book. This is true particularly of Anglican, Presbyterian and Reformed, where material was gathered up to 1977 and include his chapter outlines. (Piepkorn died in 1973.) Other material had been removed by the GTU Library Staff to include in the New Religious Movements Organizations Vertical Files, stamped with the NRM collection stamp, then returned to the Piepkorn collection. Included can be correspondence, copies of information from books, bibliographies, brochures, newsletters, articles, pamphlets, etc. Some individual articles or pamphlets are listed by title. Material on some Church Bodies held in Series 1 can be included in this series.


Arranged alphabetically by body or tradition.
box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

American Indian Religions

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"The Mide'WiWin or 'Grand Medicine Society' of the Ojibway", by W.J. Hoffman


"Ojibwa Myths and Legends", by Sister Bernard Coleman, Ellen Fogner, and Estelle Eich

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Legends of My People, The Great Ojibway", by Norval Morriseau

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"The Focus of Indian Shaker Healing", by Dale Valory n.d.

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Chippewa Village: The Story of Katikitegon", by W. Vernon White 1947

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Drummers and Dreamers", by Click Relander (Now Tow Look), (excerpts) 1956

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"The Red Man in America", by Hilda Bryant 1970


(Series of newspaper articles in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer)
box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Winning the Peace: Indian Draft Resistance", CA. Native American Free University, Yelm, WA 1970

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Navajo Witchcraft", by Clyde Kluckhohn,(excerpts) 1967

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Acculturation of the Dakota Indians", by Vernon D. Malan, 1956; Revised by James L. Satterlee ca. 1968

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Warriors of the Rainbow: Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indian People", by William Willoya and Vinson Brown (excerpts) n.d.

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Aspects of Ceremonial Life Among the Indian Shakers of Smith River, California", by Richard A. Gould and Theodore Paul Furukawa n.d.

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Book of the Hopi", by Frank Waters,(excerpts) 1963

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Syncretism", ed. By Sven S. Hartman, Symposium papers on cultural contact and meeting of religions in Stockholm 1966

box-folder 18:1-15, 17-20

"Bibliography" by John F. Bryder, Institute of Indian Studies, University of South Dakota n.d.

box-folder 26:12-37

Correspondence 1971-72

box-folder 26:12-37

Newspaper Clippings n.d.

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Blackfeet", U.S. Department of the Interior, Museum of the Plains Indian ca. 1971

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Christ Who Never Came," in The New Indians, by Stanley Steiner 1968

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Dakota Indian Religion," Bulletin 473; Rural Sociology Department, South Dakota State College, Brookings (excerpts) Feb. 1959

box-folder 26:12-37

"Forced Acculturation," in The Shoshonis: Sentinels of the Rockies, by Virginia Cole Trenholm and Maurine Carley 1964

box-folder 26:12-37

"General Pueblo Characteristics," in The Pueblo Indians of North America, by Edward P. Dozier,(excerpts) 1970

box-folder 26:12-37

"Government Agencies," in Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian 1967

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Hopi Way of Life is the Way of Peace," told by Andrew Hermequaftewa in Red Power: The American Indians' Fight for Freedom, by Alvin M. Josephy 1971

box-folder 26:12-37

Indian Ecumenical Conference Reports and List of Delegates 1970 1971

box-folder 26:12-37

"Indian Families of the North West Coast: The Impact of Change," by Claudia Lewis (excerpts) 1970

box-folder 26:12-37

"Indian Spirituality," by Matthew High Pine, in Proceedings, Lutheran Conference on Indian Ministries, Lincoln, Neb. 1968

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Modern Sioux: Social Systems and Reservation Culture," ed. Ethel Nurge (excerpts) 1960

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Montana Cree: A Study in Religious Persistance," by Almqvist och Wiksell 1962 1962

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Native Americans," Robert F. Spencer, Jesse D. Jennings, et al, (excerpts) 1965

box-folder 26:12-37

"Perspectives in American Culture Change," ed. Edward H. Spicer, (excerpts) 1961

box-folder 26:12-37

"Potawatomi Peyotism: The Influence of Traditional Patterns," by Robert L. Bee, in Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 22 1966

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Pueblo Kachina Cult: A Historical Reconstruction," by Frank G. Anderson, in Southwestern Journal of Anthropology 1955

box-folder 26:12-37

"Religion," in Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico, by William Webb Hodge 1960

box-folder 26:12-37

"Religion Among American Indians," by Ruth Underhill, in Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, no. 311 1957

box-folder 26:12-37

"Religious Diversification," in Cycles of Conquest: The Impact of Spain, Mexico, and the United States on Indians of the Southwest, 1533--1960, by Edward H. Spicer 1962

box-folder 26:12-37

"Reservations," in Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian 1967

box-folder 26:12-37

"Sociocultural Dynamics of the Prairie Potawatomi Drum Cult," by James A. Clifton, in Plains Anthropologist, Journal of the Plains Conference May 1969

box-folder 26:12-37

Synopsis of "The Native American Church: Its Origin, Ritual, Doctrine, and Ethic," by Walter W. Snyder, from his original B.D. thesis 1969

box-folder 26:12-37

"The Yuwipi Cult of the Oglala and Sicangu Teton Sioux," by Stephen E. Faraca, in Plains Anthropologist August 1961

box-folder 18:21-32

Anglican Communion. Includes: History of the Church of England, Episcopal Church in America, and aspects of its theology and polity, newspaper articles on the controversy of women's ordination, and the Anglican Church of Canada n.d.

box-folder 18:33-35

Assemblies of Yahweh/Sacred Names Movement n.d.

box-folder 19:1

The Branches Movement/Human Growth Institute n.d.

box-folder 19:2

Buddhist Churches of America n.d.

box-folder 19:3-10

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Includes:

box-folder 19:3-10

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"

box-folder 19:3-10

"Denominations that Base their Beliefs on the Teachings of Joseph Smith", by Kate B. Carter 1962

box-folder 19:3-10

"The Question of the Palmyra Revival", by Wesley P. Walters nad Richard L. Bushman, in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Sp. 1969

box-folder 19:3-10

"The Joseph Smith Papyri", by Dee Jay Nelson 1968

box-folder 19:3-10

"Is the Book of Abraham True?" by Jerald and Sandra Tanner 1968

box-folder 19:3-10

"Those Who Would be Leaders: Offshoots of Mormonism", by Russell R. Rich 1967

box-folder 19:3-10

"Little Known Schisms of the Restoration", by Russell R. Rich 1967

box-folder 19:11-12

Evangelicalism n.d.

box-folder 19:13

Liberal Catholics n.d.

box-folder 19:14

Metaphysics, Spiritualism, Religious Science n.d.

box-folder 19:15-26

Pentecostalism. Includes:

box-folder 19:15-26

"The Ecumenical Significance of the Pentecostal Movement" n.d.

box-folder 19:15-26

"The Charismatic Movement and Lutheran Theology", Report to the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod 1972

box-folder 19:15-26

"'Luthercostals'--A Look at Some Issues in the Charismatic Renewal from a Lutheran Perspective", by D.M. Dropat 1971

box-folder 19:15-26

"The Life and Mission of Peter Ottolini" (the Italian Pentecostal Movement) ca. 1963

box-folder 19:15-26

"Great Doctrines of Evangelicalism: Pentecostalism" in Christian Life July 1966

box-folder 19:15-26

"The Serpent-Handling Religions of West Virginia", by Nathan L. Gerrard, in Trans-Action May 1968

box-folder 19:15-26

"Behavioral Science Research on the Nature of Glossolalia", by Mansell Pattison, in Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation September 1968

box-folder 19:15-26

"A Report on the Protestant Spanish Community in New York City", The Protestant Council of the City of New York July 1960

box-folder 19:27-35

Presbyterian and Reformed. Includes: Churches in Switzerland, Scotland, and other countries, Presbyterian Bodies in America, the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., and aspects of theology and polity. n.d.

box-folder 20:1-7

Primitive Baptist

box-folder 20:1-7

"Church Manual of Primitive Baptist Standards for Ministers, Deacons, and Laymen" n.d.

box-folder 20:1-7

"The Primitive Baptist", 9 issues 1960

box-folder 20:8-9

Southern Baptist Convention n.d.

box-folder 20:10-18

United Methodist/Methodism. Includes: John Wesley and the Formation of Methodism, Formation of American Methodism, Evangelical United Brethren--Methodist merger 1966-68

box-folder 20:10-18

"Methodism: Distinctive Doctrinal Emphases", by Albert C. Outler n.d.

box-folder 20:10-18

"The United Methodist Church: Methodists, Evangelical United Brethren" in The Protestant Churches in America, by John A. Hardon 1969

box-folder 20:19

The Waldensian Church n.d.

box-folder 20:20

The Way of Righteousness/People's Institute of Applied Religion n.d.

box 20:21-32; 21:1-10

Series 7 Subject Files ca. 1966-1983

Physical Description: 21 folders

Scope and Content Note

Includes biographical files, book files, correspondence files.


Arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 20:21a-b

Biographical Information on Arthur Carl Piepkorn n.d.

box-folder 20:21a

Collection guide: New Religious Movements Organizations Vertical Files Collection. GTU Archives, GTU 99-8-1 n.d.

box-folder 20:21b

A Guide to the Papers of Arthur Carl Piepkorn in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Archives, Chicago, IL n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

Book: Profiles in Belief (or Religious Bodies in America)

box-folder 20:22-27

Introduction, MSS n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

MSS section titled "The Church in the West: The First Fifteen Centuries" in 11 parts with handwritten notes and corrections n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

Vol. I: Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Introduction and Table of Contents--photocopies of pages from published book n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

Vol. II: Protestant Denominations, Introduction and Table of Contents--photocopies of pages from published book n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

Vol. III: Holiness and Pentecostal, Introduction and Table of Contents--photocopies of pages from published book n.d.

box-folder 20:22-27

Vol. IV: Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Other Christian Bodies, Introduction and Table of Contents--photocopies of pages from published book n.d.

box-folder 20:28-31

Piepkorn Collection received from Seminex

box-folder 20:28-31

Inventory List of boxes shipped from Seminex to GTU Library 1983

box-folder 20:28-31

Alphabetical List of Church Bodies:


The GTU Library Staff had checked off what files were removed and transferred to the New Religious Movements Vertical Files.
box-folder 20:28-31

Master List of Piepkorn's Church Bodies Files n.d.

box-folder 20:28-31

Master List of Church Bodies' Addresses n.d.

box-folder 20:28-31

Concordia Publishing House, Book Contract and Correspondence 1971

box-folder 21:1-3

Correspondence, 1971-73 (bulk 1973), unsorted 1971-73 (bulk 1973)


File contains correspondence from and to specific bodies such as are found in Series 1, 2, 3. It may be assumed that material was not dealt with since prior to Piepkorn's death in 1973
box-folder 21:4

Financial Records Concordia Seminary): Manuscript production 1971

box-folder 21:5-9

Received material, unsorted n.d.


File contains material received from and to specific bodies such as are found in Series 1, 2, and 3. It may be assumed that material was not dealt with since prior to Piepkorn's death in 1973.
box-folder 21:10

"As of a Rushing Mighty Wind: An Assessment of North America's Pentecostal Movement", by Noel McNeill ca. 1966

box 21:11-49; 22:1-53; 23:1-49; 24:1-68: 25:1-43

Series 8  Pamphlets ca. 1867-1977

Physical Description: 251 files

Scope and Content Note

The pamphlets in the Series appear to have come from three sources. First are pamphlets that Piepkorn seems to have collected and kept separately from the file material on individual church bodies. Second are pamphlets which had been cataloged into the Seminex Library collection, and later withdrawn by that Library and added to the Piepkorn Collection. Third are pamphlets that the GTU Library Staff seem to have removed from the individual church body files perhaps to inter-file into the New Religious Movements Vertical Files. Instead, the pamphlets were returned to the Piepkorn Collection, but not to the individual church body files from which they were removed. See also the individual church body files in Series 1. Pamphlets are included there as well.


This Series consists of 4 Sub-Series: A) Manuals, Constitutions, Disciplines; B) Annuals, Yearbooks, Minutes; C) Information, History; and D) Theology, Doctrine, Liturgy.
box-folder 21:11-49; 22:1-21

A. Manuals, Constitutions, Disciplines n.d. 1945-1971

Physical Description: 59 folders

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of individual church body.
box-folder 21:22

Manual of the Bible Missionary Church 1967

box-folder 21:23

The Bible, Protestant Church Doctrinal Statement and Rules of Order n.d.

box-folder 21:24

Brethren in Christ Fellowship Manual n.d

box-folder 21:25

The Brethren Minister's Handbook 1945

box-folder 21:26

Articles of Association, Canonical Constitution of the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ 1966

box-folder 21:27

Manual of the Calvary Holiness Church 1963

box-folder 21:28

Church Manual, Church of God - Seventh Day 1963

box-folder 21:29

Manual of the Christian and Missionary Alliance 1965

box-folder 21:30

How to Gather and Order a Congregational Church, by A. Vaughn Abercrombie 1966

box-folder 21:31

Discipline of the General Conference of the Evangelical Baptist Church n.d.

box-folder 21:32

Constitution and By-Laws of the Evangelical Mennonite Conference, Manitoba 1960

box-folder 21:33

The Evangelical Methodist Church, Discipline 1962

box-folder 21:34

The Constitution and By-Laws of the Evangelical and Reformed Church 1959

box-folder 21:35

Articles of Faith, Rules, and By-Laws of the Fire, Baptized Holiness Church 1963

box-folder 21:36

Constitution and Government of the First Congregational Methodist Church 1964

box-folder 21:37

The Fundamental Methodist Church History and Discipline of the Faith and Practice 1964

box-folder 21:38

Discipline of God's Missionary Church 1971

box-folder 21:39

The Doctrines and Discipline of the Holiness Christian Church 1948

box-folder 21:40

Humanist Orientation Manual: An Introduction to Humanism and the American Humanist Association 1967

box-folder 21:41

Constitucion y Reglamento de la Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal (Pentecostal Church of God) 1953-54

box-folder 21:42

Independent Bible Baptist Missions: Organization, Constitution, Articles of Faith, and Minutes 1952

box-folder 21:43

Guidelines for Independent Methodist Churches 1971

box-folder 21:44

The Liberal Catholic Church

box-folder 21:44

Province of the U.S.A. Incorporation Documents, Constitution, and Canons 1962

box-folder 21:44

Constitution and Code of Canons, (England) 1961

box-folder 21:44

Statement of Principles and Summary of Doctrine,(England) 1959

box-folder 21:45

Methodist Protestant Discipline 1952

box-folder 21:46

Constitution and General Conference By-Laws of the Missionary Church Association 1966

box-folder 21:47

Constitution - Proposed as Basis for Union: The Missionary Church Association, and the United Missionary Church n.d.

box-folder 21:48

Missionary Methodist Discipline n.d.

box-folder 21:49

Constitution and By-Laws, National Spiritualist Association of Churches 1953

box-folder 22:1

New Bethel Church of God in Christ (Pentecostal) Manual, Rules, and Regulations 1947

box-folder 22:2

Discipline of the New Congregational Methodist Church n.d.

box-folder 22:3

North Carolina Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Conservative) Book of Discipline 1967

box-folder 22:4

Book of Discipline of Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends 1961 1963

box-folder 22:5

Minister's Manual Containing the Policies and Principles of the Open Bible Standard Churches 1967

box-folder 22:6

Statement of Faith and Discipline for Original Free Will Baptists of North Carolina 1955

box-folder 22:7

The Disciplinary Canons and the Constitution of the Orthodox Old Catholic Church, II 1964

box-folder 22:8

General By-Laws of the Pentecostal Evangelical Church n.d.

box-folder 22:9

Discipline of the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church 1962

box-folder 22:10

Discipline and General Rules of the Pentecostal Fire-Baptized Holiness Church 1961

box-folder 22:11

The Pentecostal Holiness Church Manual 1965

box-folder 22:12

Constitution and By-Laws of the Primitive Baptist Conference of New Brunswick, Maine, and Nova Scotia 1955

box-folder 22:13

Form of Government of the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Evangelical Synod) 1967

box-folder 22:14

General Rules and Discipline of the Reformed Zion Union Apostolic Church 1966

box-folder 22:15

Discipline, Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church 1959

box-folder 22:16

Sabbath Handbook and Directory of Sabbath-Observing Organizations 1961 1969

box-folder 22:17

St. Thomas Antiochian Eastern Orthodox Manual for Priests n.d.

box-folder 22:18

Constitution and General Rules of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ 1959

box-folder 22:19

Discipline of the United Holiness Church of North America 1969

box-folder 22:20

Statement of Faith and Constitution of the Upper Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1963

box-folder 22:21

Proceedings, Constitutional Convention, World Council of Synagogues 1959

box-folder 22:22-53; 23:1-33

B. Annuals, Yearbooks, Minutes n.d. 1867-1977

Physical Description: 64 folders

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by name of individual church body.
box-folder 22:22

Associated Gospel Churches of Canada Year Book 1968

box-folder 22:23

Reports of the Baptist Federation of Canada, Eighth Assembly 1967

box-folder 22:24

Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Connection (Original Allegheny Conference) Annual Journal 1970

box-folder 22:25

American Baptist Association, Yearbook 1966

box-folder 22:26

Minutes of the 26th General Council of the Assemblies of God 1955

box-folder 22:27

Departmental Reports, 27th General Council, Assemblies of God 1957

box-folder 22:28

Minutes, Annual Conference, Bible Methodist Connection of Churches 1969 1970

box-folder 22:29

Minutes of the 29th General Synod of the Bible Presbyterian Church 1965-66

box-folder 22:30

Minute Book of the 8th General Convention, Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide 1966-67

box-folder 22:31

Minutes of the Central Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church 1966

box-folder 22:32

Minutes of the 51st General Assembly of the Church of God 1966

box-folder 22:33

53rd-54th Annual Convention Yearbook of the Church of God in Christ 1960-61

box-folder 22:34

Church of the Lutheran Confession 7th Annual Convention 1966

box-folder 22:35

Handbook, National Association of Congregational Christian Churches 1965-66

box-folder 22:36

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, 17th Annual Meeting 1966

box-folder 22:37

Minutes of the General Conference, Congregational Methodist Church, 1st-20th Sessions 1869-1945

box-folder 22:38

Official Proceedings of the Organizing Session of the Evangelical Church of North America 1968

box-folder 22:39

Covenant Yearbook, The Evangelical Covenant Church of America 1965

box-folder 22:40

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada Yearbook 1965

box-folder 22:41

Annual Report, The Evangelical Mennonite Brethren 1965

box-folder 22:42

Yearbook of the Free Reformed Church of North America 1976 1977

box-folder 22:43

Minutes of the Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends, 94th Annual Session 1965

box-folder 22:44

Minutes of the Ohio Yearly Meeting of the Friends Church 1965

box-folder 22:45-53

Minutes of Old Regular Baptist, The Church of Jesus Christ Associations

box-folder 22:45-53

Friendship 1968

box-folder 22:45-53

Indian Bottom 1899-1968

box-folder 22:45-53

Kyova 1953 1958 1967

box-folder 22:45-53

Mud River 1968

box-folder 22:45-53

New Salem 1968

box-folder 22:45-53

Northern New Salem 1969 1970

box-folder 22:45-53

Philadelphia 1965 1969

box-folder 22:45-53

Sardis 1968

box-folder 22:45-53

Union 1962 1969

box-folder 23:1

Minutes, Annual Sessions of the Original Free Will Baptists 1966 1968

box-folder 23:2

Parishes and Clergy of the Orthodox and Other Eastern Churches in North and South America and the Polish National Catholic Church 1967-68 1970-71

box-folder 23:3

Minute Book of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World 1966

box-folder 23:4

Minutes of the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church 1959 1963-65

box-folder 23:5

The Primitive Baptist Yearbook 1946-47

box-folder 23:6-25

Minutes of Primitive Baptist Associations


For those designated 'Negro' a handwritten note appears in the top right corner of the cover.
box-folder 23:6-25

Abbott's Creek, NC 1966 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Amite, MS 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Antioch, AL 1963

box-folder 23:6-25

Beouff River, TX (Negro) 1947

box-folder 23:6-25

Bethel, GA 1961

box-folder 23:6-25

Bethlehem, NC (Negro) 1953-54 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Bithynia, TX 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Black Creek, NC 1947-48

box-folder 23:6-25

Blue Ridge, VA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Caney Creek, AR (Negro) 1955

box-folder 23:6-25

Chambers Creek, TX 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Chestnut Knob, VA (Negro) 1956

box-folder 23:6-25

Contentnea, NC (Negro) 1945 1951 1956

box-folder 23:6-25

Coopers Grove, NC (Negro) 1953 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Corresponding, NC 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Crew Lake, LA (Negro) 1953 1955

box-folder 23:6-25

Cypress Creek (Negro) 1955

box-folder 23:6-25

Dan Valley, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Delaware Old School, PA 1941

box-folder 23:6-25

Delaware River Old School, NJ 1938

box-folder 23:6-25

Durham Colored, NC (Negro) 1943 1952 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Ebenezer, AL 1961 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Echeconnee, GA 1967-69

box-folder 23:6-25

Elkhorn, WV 1951 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Fishers River, NC 1953 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Flint River, TN 1959

box-folder 23:6-25

Forked Deer, TN 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Friendship, MS 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Friendship, GA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Golden West, CA and AZ 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Highland, KY 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Kehukee, NC 1948 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Ketocton, VA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Laurel Springs, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Lexington-Roxbury Old School, NY 1935

box-folder 23:6-25

Little Hope, TX 1966

box-folder 23:6-25

Little River, NC 1926 1942 1961 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Little River, GA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Little Vine, AL (Negro) 1955

box-folder 23:6-25

Little Yadkin River, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Lower Country Line, NC 1945 1948

box-folder 23:6-25

Lower Mayo, VA 1947

box-folder 23:6-25

Lower Wetumpka, AL 1967

box-folder 23:6-25

Marietta Old School, GA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Mates Creek, WV 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Mayo, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Mill Branch, SC and NC 1946

box-folder 23:6-25

Mount Pleasant, GA (Negro) 1954

box-folder 23:6-25

Mount Zion, AL 1870 1872-73 1880-81 1968-69

box-folder 23:6-25

Mount Zion, WA

box-folder 23:6-25

(9th Annual Session) 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

(46th Sessions) 1958

box-folder 23:6-25

(57th Sessions) 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Mountain District, NC 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Mud Creek 1966 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Muscle Shoals, AL (photocopies) 1867 1878

box-folder 23:6-25

New Hope, GA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

New Liberty, WV 1963

box-folder 23:6-25

New River, VA and WV 1942 1966 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

New River District, VA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Old School Original Towaliga, GA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Old School (Roanoke), VA 1958

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Bear Creek, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Hiwassee, CA and TN 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Little River, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Mates Creek District, KY 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Mates Creek Regular, KY 1965

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Powell's Valley, KY 1952 1964 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Rich Mountain, AR 1962

box-folder 23:6-25

Original Sequatchie Valley and Blue Ridge, TN and GA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Original White Oak, NC 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Pacific, CA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Philadelphia, VA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Piedmont, VA 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Pigg River, VA 1966 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Pine Light, AR (Negro) 1948

box-folder 23:6-25

Piney Grove, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Powell Valley, Campbell County, TN August 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Powell Valley, Union County, TN September 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Radicue, NC (Negro) 1954

box-folder 23:6-25

Red Bird, KY 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Re-organized Silver Creek, NC 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Roaring River, NC 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Round Lick, TN 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Salem, NC 1946

box-folder 23:6-25

Salisbury Old School, MD 1944

box-folder 23:6-25

Seven Mile, NC 1965 1968

box-folder 23:6-25

Smith River, VA 1947 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Soldier Creek, KY 1946

box-folder 23:6-25

South Arkansas, AR 1960 1968-69

box-folder 23:6-25

Staunton River, VA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Sucarnochee, MS and AL (Negro) 1953 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Ten Associations, GA 1968-69

box-folder 23:6-25

Texas 1964 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Turner Swamp, NC (Negro) 1957

box-folder 23:6-25

Tygart's Valley River Old School, WV and MD 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Union, NC 1952

box-folder 23:6-25

Union, VA and KY 1961

box-folder 23:6-25

Upper Country Line, NC and VA 1934 1940 1945-46 1962 1964 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Warwick Old School, NY 1927

box-folder 23:6-25

Washington, VA 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

West Providence, TX 1969

box-folder 23:6-25

Wetumpka, AL 1966

box-folder 23:6-25

Yellow River, GA 1948

box-folder 23:6-25a

Acts of the Synod and Yearbook, Protestant Reformed Churches in America 1965

box-folder 23:26

1st-4th Annual Sessions, Puerto Rico Baptist Association/Asociacion Bautista de Puerto Rico 1965-68

box-folder 23:27

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches Annual 1967-68

box-folder 23:28

Seventh-Day Baptist Yearbook 1966

box-folder 23:29

The Salvation Army Yearbook 1967

box-folder 23:30

Year Book and Historical Review: 10 Years of Fellowship Trans-Canada Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches 1953-63

box-folder 23:31

Centennial Missions Digest and Year Book 1967

box-folder 23:31

Trans-Canada Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists 1964-65

box-folder 23:32

Annual of the Wesleyan Connection of Churches 1966-68

box-folder 23:33

Wesleyan Tabernacle Association Year Book 1961

box-folder 23:34-49; 24:1-50

C. Information, History n.d. 1874-1972

Physical Description: 65 folders

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by title.
box-folder 23:34

The A-B-C of Spiritualism, by B.F. Austin (National Siritualist Association of Churches) n.d.

box-folder 23:35

Abilitism: A New Religion, by H. Charles Berner 1970

box-folder 23:36

The Anabaptists: Neither Catholics nor Protestants, by William R. McGrath 1964

box-folder 23:37

The Anthroposophical Society in America

box-folder 23:37

The Anthroposophical Society, The Nature of Its Objectives and Significance and Conditions of Membership 1965

box-folder 23:37

Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, by Floyd McKnight 1967

box-folder 23:37

Guide to a Basic Study of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy 1966

box-folder 23:38

The Baptist Triumph, by Phillip K. Epling 1953

box-folder 23:39

Becoming a Member of the Moravian Church, by John S. Groenfeldt 1954

box-folder 23:40

The Beginning and Development of Doctrine in the New Church, by Theodore Pitcairn; and Notes on the Development of Doctrine in the Church, by Philip N. Odhner (The Lord's New Church, Bryn Athyn, PA) n.d.

box-folder 23:41

Brief History and Doctrine of the Bible Way Churches of Our Lord Jesus Christ World Wide n.d.

box-folder 23:42

A Chaplain's Guide to Church Membership, General Commission on Chaplains and Armed Forces Personnel n.d.

box-folder 23:43

Chinmoy: A Journey via the Paths of the Soul 1967

box-folder 23:44

Christian Evangelism, Christian Unity, A Triumphant Church, by Fred Bruffett n.d.

box-folder 23:45

Christian Science: Ecumenical Papers, Contributions to Interfaith Dialogue 1969

box-folder 23:45

Christian Science: Dialogue with the World 1972

box-folder 23:46

Dangerous Mission in Biafra, by Ulrich Huyssen, (World-Wide Missionaries) 1969

box-folder 23:47

Days of Our Years, Evangelical Mission Covenant of Canada 1904-54

box-folder 23:48

The Establishment of the Reign of Justice (from the Series: Consolations--Hopes--Certainties for all the Oppressed, by the Philanthropic Assembly [of the Friends of Man]) n.d.

box-folder 23:49

The Great Prince St. Valdimir: His Life and Work, (Ukranian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A.) 1967

box-folder 24:1

Handbook for Jewish Evangelism, (The Fellowship of Christian Testimonies to the Jews) 1970

box-folder 24:2

The Happy I Am Prophet: Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux, by Robert A. Harris n.d.

box-folder 24:3

The History and Claims of the Body of Christians Known as the Catholic Apostolic Church, by W.W. Andrews, 1866 (1950 printing) 1950

box-folder 24:4

History of the Church of God Mountain Assembly, 1906-70, by Luther Gibson 1954

box-folder 24:5

History of the Duck River Association of Missionary Baptists n.d.

box-folder 24:6

History of the Megiddo Mission 1958

box-folder 24:7

History of Missionary Methodism, 1913-48, by Dan S. Hardin 1948

box-folder 24:8

The Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church of the East and Mar Nestorius, by V.K. George 1960

box-folder 24:9

The Hutterian Brethren of Montana 1965

box-folder 24:10

I Will Remember the Works of the Lord: A Historical Sketch of the Apostolic Christian Church, by Henry Michel 1947

box-folder 24:11

Introducing the Assemblies of God 1958

box-folder 24:12

Adolph Ernst Knoch, (In Memorium) 1874-1965

box-folder 24:13

The Life of Sri Chinmoy, by Madhuri (Nancy Elizabeth Sands) 1969

box-folder 24:14

A Manual for Guiding a Person Through the After Death Experience, Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead, by H. Charles Brener 1967

box-folder 24:15

Meher Baba and the Sufis, n.d.

box-folder 24:16

Memoirs and Meditations, by J.E. Christopher (Two Seed in Spirit Predestinarian Baptist) 1969

box-folder 24:17

Mennonite Confession of Faith 1963

box-folder 24:18

My Church Found Wanting, by Ernest B. Rockstad 1964

box-folder 24:19

The New Testament Church (Church of God, Holiness) 1962

box-folder 24:20

A Pilgrimage to Beverly Hall, Quakertown, PA: A Short Sketch of the Organizations (Occult Fraternities in America) 1955

box-folder 24:21

Present Day Methodism and the Bible, by Newton C. Conant 1949

box-folder 24:22

The Primitive Baptists, by Lawrence Edwards 1940

box-folder 24:23

Principles and Purpose of Vedanta, by Swami Paramananda 1937

box-folder 24:24

Psychology and Metaphysics for Every Day, by Joseph H. Gelberman, (The Little synagogue) n.d.

box-folder 24:25

Rays of Wisdom, nos. 362-367, from Azrael of the Great Cosmic Plan, Institute of the Brotherhood, (The Great White Lodge, or The Great White Brotherhood) n.d.

box-folder 24:26

The Reformation in Byelorussia, by Vladyslav Ryski 1961

box-folder 24:27-30

Religious Liberty and Temperance Association (Seventh Day Adventist): Pamphlets, Tracts, and Writings by Mrs. Ellen G. White n.d.

box-folder 24:31

The Sacred Scrolls and the Scriptures 1955

box-folder 24:32

The Scattered Children of Zion, by Rupert J. Fletcher, (Restoration Movement: The Church of Jesus Christ) 1959

box-folder 24:33

So This is the Church of God 1966

box-folder 24:34

So You Are a Church Member, Massillon Baptist Temple n.d.

box-folder 24:35

C.O. Stadsklev - 5 pamphlets (from Truth and Liberty Magazine publishers, The Gospel Temple)

box-folder 24:35

New Money for the New Age n.d.

box-folder 24:35

America in the Kingdom Parables 1959

box-folder 24:35

The Inevitable Collapse of Our Debt Money System 1957

box-folder 24:35

United States in bible Prophecy, and Will Russia Attack America? n.d.

box-folder 24:35

The United States is Zion of Bible Prophecy n.d.

box-folder 24:36

The Story of the Concordant Version [of the Bible] n.d.

box-folder 24:37

Successio Apostolica, being the Historic Episcopate in the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ Congregations of the Evangelical Catholic Union n.d.

box-folder 24:38

The Syrian Church of Antioch, Its Name and History, by Mar Ignatius Ephrem I n.d.

box-folder 24:39

Teachings and Practices of the Churches of God of North America 1961

box-folder 24:40

Tenrikyo: Some Misconceptions Corrected, by Yoshinori Moroi (Tenrikyo Church) 1964

box-folder 24:41

Think on These Things, by Harry Douglas Smith 1955

box-folder 24:42

To Serve the Living and True God: Evangelical Fellowship Deaconry of the Fellowship Deaconry, Inc. n.d.

box-folder 24:43

The Transgressions of Bishop Dionisije, by Djoko Slijepchevich 1963

box-folder 24:44

A True History of the True Church, by Herman L. Hoeh 1959

box-folder 24:45

What is Spiritualism? (National Spiritualist Association of Churches) n.d.

box-folder 24:46

Why Orthodox Reformed?, by G. Vanden Berg n.d.

box-folder 24:47

The 'Whys' of Spiritualism n.d.

box-folder 24:48

With Christ in America: A Story of the Russian--Ukrainian Baptists, by Ivan A. Kmeta 1948

box-folder 24:49

World Messianity and What it Means (Church of World Messianity, Japan) 1963

box-folder 24:50

Your Guide to the Church of the United Brethren in Christ 1967

box-folder 24:51-68; 25:1-43

D. Theology, Doctrine, Liturgy n.d. 1932-1973

Physical Description: 60 folders

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetical by title.
box-folder 24:52

Articles of Faith of the International Apostolic, Evangelical, and Missionary Association n.d.

box-folder 24:53

Bible Doctrine: What the Word of God Teaches, by Wesley H. Wakefield (Bible Holiness Mission) 1951

box-folder 24:54

The Birth of the Spirit in the Days of the Apostles, by G.T. Haywood n.d.

box-folder 24:55

The Body of Christ: Scriptural Studies on the Divine Church (Church of God of Prophecy) n.d.

box-folder 24:56

Catechism of The Moravian Church in America for The Instruction of Candidates for Confirmation and Church Membership 1964

box-folder 24:57

Chartered Guidance from Meher Baba for the Reorientation of Sufism as the Highway to the Ultimate Universalized 1952

box-folder 24:58

The Christian Community: An Introductory Study of the Meaning and Purpose of the Renewed Seven Christian Sacraments, by Verner N. Hegg, (Anthroposophic Society) n.d.

box-folder 24:59

Confession of Faith of the Mennonite Brethren Church of North America 1965

box-folder 24:60

The Divine Age: Inaugural and Dedicatory Sermon for Temple of Truth, by Obadiah Harris 1964

box-folder 24:61

Divine Light Invocation, by Sivananda Radha 1966

box-folder 24:62

The Divine Liturgy, American Eastern Orthodox Church 1965

box-folder 24:63

Divine Liturgy for 20th Century Christians (American Orthodox Catholic Church) 1967

box-folder 24:64

An Enquiry into the Nature and Propriety of Ecclesiastical Establishments, by Jeremiah Moore, 1810 (reprint by the Primitive Baptist Library) n.d.

box-folder 24:65

The Faithist Hymnal n.d.

box-folder 24:66

Father Divine's Sermon Before the Verdict at Mineola, Long Island, NY 1932

box-folder 24:67

First Studies in Christian Teachings (The Wesleyan Church) 1969

box-folder 24:68

Foundations of Our Faith, by Walter Mueller (Reformed Episcopal Church) 1959

box-folder 25:1

The Golden Key to Divine Worship, by Mar Severius Ephrem Barsoum (Patriarch of Antioch) 1951

box-folder 25:2

The Gospel Foundation, by C. and J. Lee (The Prophetic Light) 1950

box-folder 25:3

Guru Nanak's Japji (Morning Meditation) and Sohila-Arti (Bed Time Prayer) (Sikh) n.d.

box-folder 25:4

Halleluyah Hymnal, Faith bible and Tract Society (Yahwist Congregations) 1968

box-folder 25:5

Hassidism: A Modern Philosophical Approach, by Joseph H. Gelberman (The Little Synagogue) 1967

box-folder 25:6

It is Written: An Address to All Believers in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, by Laurence C. Dias n.d.

box-folder 25:7

Jesus is Lord: United Christian Ashrams Sing (E. Stanley Jones, Founder) n.d.

box-folder 25:8

Jonah 'Read' in the Light of the Unveiling of Jesus Christ, by Frank L. Brown (Goshen Fellowship, England) 1973

box-folder 25:9

A Liturgical Manual of Psychedelic Christianity, by Michael Francis Itkin (Evangelical Catholic Communion) n.d.

box-folder 25:9

The Rule of Life of the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ

box-folder 25:9

Faith and Practice of the Brotherhood of the Love of Christ

box-folder 25:10

The Living Christ, His People, His Church: The Christic Teachings For Man's Guidance in the Church of the New Order of the Ages (Beverly Hall), (The Church of Illumination) 1955

box-folder 25:11

Logos, or In What Our Faith Consists, by C. and J. Lee, (The Prophetic Light) 1941

box-folder 25:12

The Lord's Second Coming, and the Triumph of Good Over Evil, (Series: Consolation--Hopes--Certainties for All the Oppressed. Philanthropic Assembly of the Friends of Man) n.d.

box-folder 25:13

Scriptural Studies: The Major Beliefs of the Assembly of Yahweh n.d.

box-folder 25:14

A Manual of Special Unity Services 1966

box-folder 25:15

Mennonite Confession of Faith 1965

box-folder 25:16

The Metamorphosis of the Eucharist, by Ruddolf Frieling n.d.

box-folder 25:17

The Millennium: A Comprehensive Study of the Facts and Fancies of that Most Popular Doctrine, by Harry Reigart Miller 1957

box-folder 25:18

Mioshie, The Divine Teaching (Ogami-Sama) (Tensho--Kotaijingu) 1950

box-folder 25:19

The Nazarene Primer, by J.B. Chapman 1964

box-folder 25:20

Never Before in the History of the Church: A Concise Statement of Some Startling Trends in the Church Today, by M. Basilea Schlink, (Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary) 1970

box-folder 25:21

New Birth plus Holy Spirit Baptism, by D.E. Skaggs 1969

box-folder 25:22

Our Church of God Faith: A Manual of Instruction for Young People 1959

box-folder 25:23

Pocket Reference Book of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, comp. By Joseph Benyola 1956

box-folder 25:24

Precious Things, by Mrs. W.J. Berry (Primitive Baptist Publications) n.d.

box-folder 25:25

Restructure, Toward the Christian Church: Intention, Essence, Constitution, by Ronald E. Osborn (Disciples of Christ) 1964

box-folder 25:26

The Revealer of Secrets: Joseph, God's Chosen Interpreter, by Frank L. Brown (Goshen Fellowship, England) 1973

box-folder 25:27

The Saints Hymnal of the Church of Jesus Christ (Monongahela, PA) 1937

box-folder 25:27a

Scientology--4 pamphlets (Published by Hubbard College of Scientology, Saint Hill Manor, E. Grinstead, Sussex, England): n.d.

box-folder 25:27a

Scientology-Ceremonies of the Founding Church of Scientology 1967

box-folder 25:27a

Scientology-Scientology Abridged Dictionary n.d.

box-folder 25:27a

Scientology-The Character of Scientology 1968

box-folder 25:27a

Scientology-Scientology: The Field Staff Member Magazine, Vol. 1 no. 1 1968

box-folder 25:28

Scriptural Lessons for Sabbath School,(The Church of Jesus Christ, Monongahela, PA) 1949

box-folder 25:29

Separation Throughout Church History: Christian Separation from the World, by William R. McGrath 1965 1966

box-folder 25:30

Service Book, The Confraternity of Faithists, Kosmon Church n.d.

box-folder 25:31

The Shorter Catechism of the Syrian Orthodox Church 1950

box-folder 25:32

Spiritual Dimensions (Bibliography, Aquarian Cosmic Color Fellowship) n.d.

box-folder 25:33

This We Believe (Independent Fundamental Churches of America) n.d.

box-folder 25:34

The Threshold of the Church: A Catechetical Manual of the Evangelical Congregational Church 1965

box-folder 25:35

Through the Portals: From the Teachers of Light, Vol. 4, Lessons 116-130 (Morse Fellowship) n.d.

box-folder 25:36

The Truth Shall Make You Free, To the Restored Gospel People: An Address to all Believers in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, by Lawrence C. Dias n.d.

box-folder 25:37

The Wastena Retreat of the Morse Fellowship 1968

box-folder 25:38

We Believe: A Comprehensive Statement of Christian Faith, by Ralph M. Riggs (Assemblies of God) 1954

box-folder 25:39

We Believe and Teach: Studies Based on the Standards of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, by E. Gettys and William C. Alexander 1957

box-folder 25:40

What Do the Scriptures Say About Survival After Death? (Jehovah's Witness) 1955

box-folder 25:41

What Is the Name of the Heavenly Father?, by H.C. Ellis (Assembly of Yahweh) ca. 1957

box-folder 25:42

What We Believe and Why: Doctrinal Belief and Practices of the Primitive Baptist Faith and Order 1969

box-folder 25:43

The Word of the Lord (Church of Christ) 1943

box 25:44-50; 26:1-11; 27:1-5

Series 9  Periodicals ca. 1967-1973

Physical Description: 22 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains limited runs of periodicals collected by Piepkorn. These were kept separately from the individual church bodies files in Series 1. Some Series 1 files will also contain periodicals or newsletters.
Three periodicals were transferred into the Graduate Theological Union Library Periodicals. Several limited runs of periodicals have been discarded. See "Separated Materials".


Arranged alphabetically by organization name.
box-folder 25:44

The Christian Community New York Newsletter, The Anthroposophic Society 2/1968 - 7/1971


(several issues missing)
box-folder 25:45

The Harvest Message: A Herald of Christ's Presence, Christian Bible Students Association, Warren, MI. v.1:1-12, v.2:1-2 1/1969 - 2/1970

box-folder 25:46

The Light of the Universe Presents "The L.O.T.U.", Issues 11-26 1968-73

box-folder 25:47

The Missionary Revivalist, Official Organ of the Bible Missionary Church, Shoals, IN., v.15:11-12 - v.16:1-10 (no.3 missing) 1971-72

box-folder 25:48

The Morse Fellowship Newsletter, Littleton, CO. Includes Lessons on Spiritualism

box-folder 25:49-50

The New Creation, Associated Bible Students, Hartford, CT. v.31:12-33:10 12/1971 - 10/1973

box-folder 26:1-5

Official News Digest, Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States of America and Canada (Chicago, IL). Issues 67-71:6 2/1967 - 6/1971

box-folder 26:6-9

The Sacred Name Broadcaster, Assemblies of Yahweh, Bethel, PA. 9/1969 - 11/1973


(some 1972 issues missing)
box-folder 26:10

Truth and Liberty Magazine, C.O. Stadsklev, editor, Hopkins, MN. 9/1967 - 6/1968

box-folder 26:11

Ukrainian Educational Religion Society periodicals (in Russian) ca. 1970-71


(Location Note: File Folders 12--37 contain American Indian Religion materials. See Box 18.)
box-folder 27:1

Oversize newspapers (several languages), T he Philanthropic Assembly of the Friends of Man, Geneva, Switzerland, London, England, North Bergen, N.J. 1970


See Box 9, File Folder 55
box-folder 27:2

Today with LeRoy Jenkins, published by the LeRoy Jenkins Evangelistic Association, San Bernardino, CA., v.7 (1 issue) May 1967


box-folder 27:3

Revival of America, published by the LeRoy Jenkins Evangelistic Association, Delaware, OH., v.1:1-2 Fall 1967 - February 1968


box-folder 27:4-5

American Avatar, Lyman Family, Roxbury, MA. - 2 issues 1971


See Box 8, File Folder 13