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Finding Aid for the Bound Manuscripts Collection, 1977

Collection number: 170

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Bound Manuscripts Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1977
Collection number: 170
Extent: 698 items
Repository: University of California, Los Angeles. Library Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90095-1575
Abstract: The bound manuscripts collection consists of over 700 manuscripts from the 7th to the 19th century and covers a wide variety of topics. The collection includes a papyrus fragment from the 7th century, a North French or Flemish Book of hours (late 15th or early 16th century), Persian and Arabic manuscripts, manuscript books from the 16th through 18th century, commonplace books, Friendship albums, and personal journals.
Physical location: Stored off-site at SRLF. Advance notice is required for access to the collection. Please contact the UCLA Library Special Collections Reference Desk for paging information.
Language: English.

Administrative Information

Restrictions on Use and Reproduction

Property rights to the physical object belong to the UCLA Library Special Collections. Literary rights, including copyright, are retained by the creators and their heirs. It is the responsibility of the researcher to determine who holds the copyright and pursue the copyright owner or his or her heir for permission to publish where The UC Regents do not hold the copyright.

Restrictions on Access

COLLECTION STORED OFF-SITE AT SRLF: Open for research. Advance notice required for access. Contact the UCLA Library Special Collections Reference Desk for paging information.
Armenian Bible 170/466 available on microfilm with portions available on color slides. Original not available for consultation due to fragile condition.

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[Identification of item], Bound Manuscripts Collection (Collection 170). UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library, University of California, Los Angeles.

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UCLA Catalog Record ID: 4230403 

Scope and Content

Collection consists of bound manuscripts of varying contents most notable for its early material which includes a papyrus fragment from the 7th century, a vellum Breviary (French, 15th century), a North French or Flemish Book of hours (late 15th or early 16th century), Persian and Arabic manuscripts, manuscript books from the 16th through 18th century, commonplace books, Friendship albums, and personal journals.

Indexing Terms

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Items Removed from Collection

  • Armenian Bible 170/466 available on microfilm with portions available on color slides. Original not available for consultation due to fragile condition.

Container List


Bound Manuscripts


MSS no: 170/1
Waite, Arthur Edward (1857-1942). Saint-Martin the French Mystic, and the Story of Modern Martinism, London 1922. **First published by Rider & Company (London, 1922).

Physical Description: Holograph manuscript. 55 leaves.

MSS no: 170/2
Lucas, Jean Maximilian (1636?-1697). L'esprit de Mr. Spinoza. Bound with his La vie de feu Monsieur de Spinoza. **The first biographical study of Spinoza, attributed to Lucas by Abraham Wolf.

Physical Description: 140pp. and 51pp.


See also: the Spinoza Collection Catalogue, item 306.

MSS no: 170/3
[Notebook (ca. 1720-1732)]. Containing notes of legal cases concerning wills and inheritance. M.B. 1725 on front cover.

Physical Description: Holograph manuscript, 222pp.

MSS no: 170/4
California League of Women Voters. Southern Section (Los Angeles). [Dues, contribution and membership book. Los Angeles, 1919-1926].

Physical Description: Manuscript, 292pp.


**The Department has many other manuscripts about this League.

MSS no: 170/5
Monson, Hon. Charlotte. Journal of the Hon. Charlotte Monson (1823/1825). Diaries of the author's travels in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 115pp.

MSS no: 170/6
Monson, William John Monson, 6th baron (1796/1862). Tour made through France, Italy and Dalmatia... in 1817. Cf. his Extracts from a Journal (London, 1820).

Physical Description: Holograph Manuscript, 227pp.


See also: no.170/7.

MSS no: 170/7
Monson, W.J.M., 6th baron. Journal of a Tour in the Tyrol, Salzkammergut, etc. (1837).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 252pp.


See also: no.170/6.

MSS no: 170/8: 1-7
Aydon Castle, Northumberland, England. [Accounts] 1692-1843. Cash books, ledgers, etc., showing disbursements and receipts.

Physical Description: 7 vol.

MSS no: 170/9
Gledhill, Mrs. Andriette Leacock (Bowen) (b. 1892). Andrew Belcher Gray, 1820-1862. Genealogical chart.

Physical Description: Typescript, 4 leaves.

MSS no: 170/10
U.S. Department of State. Papers relating to the cession of Alaska. Enclosures no.2 and 3 to dispatch no.2115 of December 2, 1936, from the U.S. Embassy at Moscow, 1856-1857.

Physical Description: Typescript, copy.

MSS no: 170/11 
Stephens, W.H. My diary from Sydney (1858-1859?). **The journal of an actor. Travel diary from Sydney to Samoa, Tahiti, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Panama, with observations on the country and the theatre in those various localities.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 201pp.

MSS no: 170/12
[Single, John.] [Account Book] Rough and Ready, Nevada Company, California (December 29, 1861-September 17, 1873). **Daily account for a blacksmith's shop in the mining town of Rough and Ready.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 137pp. (lacking pp.1-2).

MSS no: 170/13
Gillette and Gibson, Firm, Examiners of Titles, Los Angeles. March 6, 1884-January 29, 1894. **Continuations by Abstract and Title Insurance Company of Los Angeles (September 13, 1887; January 29, 1894).

Physical Description: 291pp.


See also: 170/24 and 170/25.

Abstract of title of that certain real property in the city of Los Angeles, county of Los Angeles, state of California, bounded and described as follows : the tract of land commonly known as the "Little Plaza"


MSS no: 170/14
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. [ Antiphonary. Flemish 1633.]. **f. 1[r]: anno D(omi)ni 1633 ora pro me S.M.h. (i.e. Sister Maria van den Hove, sometime Director, Covent of Bethanie, Mechelen, Antwerp).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 155 leaves.

MSS no: 170/15
[Franco, Niccolo?] Vita di Pietro Aretino del Berni, 1538(?).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 45 leaves.

MSS no: 170/16
Wyndham, Henry Penruddock (1736/1819). [ Journals (1758/1767)]. **A series of records of travels in Scotland, England, France, Italy and Sicily, Switzerland, and Germany.

Physical Description: 9 vol.


See also: 170/18.

MSS no: 170/17
Moores, Petrus. [ Prayer Book (1726)]. Prayers in English and Latin for use in church services.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 165pp.

MSS no: 170/18
Wyndham, Henry Penruddock (1736-1819). A Gentleman's Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales in the Months of June and July 1774, London 1775.

Physical Description: 218pp. with interleaved Manuscript notes throughout. **The notes are copious, and presumably were used in the second edition (Salisbury 1781).


See also: 170/16.

MSS no: 170/19
Woburn Book Society (Woburn Parish, Bedfordshire, Great Britain). Journal of the Woburn Book Society (October 17, 1796-December 1, 1856). **Includes the articles of the Society, minutes of meetings and accounts for books bought and sold.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 304pp.

MSS no: 170/20
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Breviary. Breviary with Cistercian calendar Italy, s. XVI². **Written in semi-gothic script. Includes circular diagram for finding the Golden numbers starting with the year 1501, with instructions in French. Cf. Ferrari.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment. 230 leaves. Also, pp.44-45 (diagram).

MSS no: 170/21
Nicholaus of Cues. Germany, s. XV². Incipit: Pandam nunc que uobis dilectissimis. **Note of ownership of the Carthusian Monastery, Buxheim. Cf. Ferrari.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on vellum. 114 leaves. Also, pp.45-46 (note).

MSS no: 170/22
Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. Sermones sancti Augustini ... ad fratres heremitas (Italy, s. XV med. or XV²). Cf. Ferrari.

Physical Description: pp.46-47.

MSS no: 170/23
Bathe, Henry de, d. 1260. The Charter of Romney-Marsh; or the Laws and Customs of Romney-Marsh. ** Copied from the printed edition (London, 1686) by Albert Cock while in school at Woodchurch, Kent, ca. 1831-1837.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 169pp.

MSS no: 170/24
Gillette, Gibson and Wood, firm, examiners of titles, Los Angeles. (November 6, 1883-June 29, 1887).

Physical Description: Document. 81pp.


See also: 170/13 and 170/25.

Abstract of title of that certain real property in the county of Los Angeles, state of California, bound and described as follows : Rancho San Jose de Buenos Ayres


MSS no: 170/25
Gillette, Gibson and Wood, firm, examiners of titles, Los Angeles. (October 26, 1887-August 10, 1889).

Physical Description: Document. 129pp.


See also: 170/13 and 170/24.

Abstract of title of that certain real property in the Rancho San Jose de Buenos Ayres, county of Los Angeles, state of California, bounded and described as follows : all of said Rancho as per map appearing on page 53 of this abstract


MSS no: 170/26
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Horae beatae Mariae Virginis (use of Rome), France s. XVI ex. Cf. Ferrari.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment, 223pp. and pp.47-48.

MSS no: 170/27
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus. Translations into English from the Odes. s. XVIII. C.L. Lewes, 29.1.06.

Physical Description: 15pp.

MSS no: 170/28
Bay State Copper, Silver and Gold Mining Company, San Andreas, California. Stock certificate book (1869).


MSS no: 170/29
Powell, Paul M. Data relating to Henri II, Duke of Guise (ca. 1935).


MSS no: 170/30
Gregg, Josiah. Day Book, Pomona, California (1886-1891). **General expenses for a farm.


MSS no: 170/31
Richards, Jarrett Thomas. Diary, Santa Barbara, California (1878). **Record of his legal practice.


MSS no: 170/32
Burson, David S. Receipts, Pasadena, California (1887-1905). **Circa 350 receipts for personal bills.


MSS no: 170/33-35
Willamette Steam Mill Lumbering and Manufacturing Company. Journals and Cash Book (January 2, 1888-September 30, 1897). **Records for offices in Los Angeles, Fullerton and Pasadena.


MSS no: 170/36
Milliron, Clark J. Diary (April 5, 1907-March 28, 1908), Bulacan Province, Philippine Islands. **Notes of daily activities as Internal Revenue Agent in the province of Bulacan, Luzon, Philippines.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 94pp.

MSS no: 170/37
[Commonplace book, English] (18th century). **Contains excerpts from various poets. Written in one hand. Ar. Cayley on last page.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 18pp.

MSS no: 170/38: 1-7
Hansen & Solano, surveyors, Los Angeles. Field Notes (1855-1890). Used by the law firm of Randall & Bartlett, Los Angeles, as basic evidence in damage cases arising from the Los Angeles floods of 1934-1937.


MSS no: *170/39
Surprise Valley Mining Company General Store. Journal, Panamint City, Death Valley, California (November 4, 1874/December 31, 1874).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 312pp.

MSS no: *170/40
Ancient & Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus. Pikesville, Tennessee. Sequatchee Conclave no.674. Knights of the Sun. Order of business at stated meetings [and rituals for initiation, etc.] Knoxville, Tennessee (1851). **Written by Samuel M. McReynolds, founder of the Sequatchee Conclave.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 53pp.

MSS no: *170/41  
Grove & Wilkinson, searchers, Los Angeles. Rancho San Pedro documents (1805-1854).

Physical Description: Typescript, 220pp.

MSS no: 170/42
Ellis, Arthur MacDonald (1875-1932). The Old Temple Block: Side Lights on Local History. **Copies of documents, photographs and court records relating to the Temple Block (1855-91).

Physical Description: Typescript, 12pp.

MSS no: 170/43
Martyrologium Romanum. Northern Italy. (s. XV¹.)

Physical Description: Latin Manuscript, on vellum.


**See Ferrari, pp.48-49.

MSS no: 170/44
Buttre, William. Subscription Book (n.d.) **Contains lists of subscribers for a full length portraits of John C. Fremont and Martha Washington.

Physical Description: 15pp.

MSS no: 170/45
Austin, Mary (Hunter) (1868-1934). The Land of Little Rain, Boston/New York: Houghton Mifflin and Company, 1903.

Physical Description: Illustrated edition. **With corrections in the author's handwriting.

MSS no: *170/46
Arabian Nights. Sinbad the Sailor. Quissat as-Sindbad al-bahri wa-l'-Hindbad al-barri. (Egypt, s. XVII). **Illustrated with 12 original coloured primitive pictures, probably dating from the 18th century.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 26 leaves.

MSS no: *170/47
Tasso, Torquato (1544-1595). Solymeidos Torquati Tassi Latino carmine reddita. [ca. 1700?]. **Latin version of part of Gerusalemne Liberara'.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 188 leaves.

MSS no: 170/48
Morris, F.W.J. Elva's Revenge: a Legendary Poem in Five Cantos with other Poems, London: Charles Fox, 1834 [With the Sequel to Letters of Eliza in Manuscript, copy written in the Year 1842].

Physical Description: 123 printed pages & 35pp. Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/49
Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Breviary. Breviary with Benedictine Calendar. (Paris, s. XV² or XV ex.) **Donation inscription from the Constable de Bourbon (1490-1527) (?).

Physical Description: 12 full-page miniatures of Biblical scenes.


See also: Ferrari, pp.49-51.

MSS no: 170/50
Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Hours. Horae. Northern France (Normandy?), s. XV/XVI. ** Cf. Ferrari, pp.52-53.


MSS no: 170/51
Ashby, Samuel (fl. ca. 1790)/Ashby, Richard. [ Poems by the Ashby Family of Bungay, Suffolk.] English (ca. 1777-1792).

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/52  
Commonplace Book. English (1785-1800). **Verse and prose.

Physical Description: 134 leaves.

MSS no: 170/53  
Commonplace Book. English (ca. 1686). **Accounts kept at College; lists of books with prices paid; Hebrew lessons; directions for drawing and painting.

Physical Description: 57pp.

MSS no: 170/54
Gottfried von Strassburg (s. XIII). Tristan und Isolt. Hrsg. von H.F. Massmann. (Leipzig 1843). **Interleaved working copy of Karl Marold.

Physical Description: 490pp.

MSS no: 170/55
Handbook of Chronology. Breuis historiae chronologicae a conditu orbis descriptio. Northern France, s. XVI². **Cf. Ferrari, p.53.


MSS no: 170/56
Smith, Eliza. Floral Album [with poems addressed to Eliza Smith by her friends]. Boston and vicinity (1841-1844). **Includes original water-colours. Coloured lithographs are found throughout.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 44pp.

MSS no: 170/57
Dudley, Benjamin Winslow (1785-1870) [ Notes from Professor Dudley's lectures, Session 1840/1841]. With: Dr. Mitchell on a Physician's Shop, taken down by H.D. Henderson] Lexington, Kentucky (?).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 109pp.

MSS no: 170/58
Green, James. [ Commonplace Book] London, 1812. **'The following poems are inscribed to Miss Anna Tull by her's very sincerely James Green.'

Physical Description: Manuscript, 125pp.

MSS no: 170/59
Koran. Selections: Arabic. [ Mashaf. Qu'aranic selections.] Maghribi script. North Africa, s. XIX. **Preserved in a leather pouch.

Physical Description: 198 leaves.

MSS no: 170/60: 1-2
Shoobridge, Leonard Knollys Haywood. Poems [ca. 1910]. **This typescript differs both in arrangement and in choice of poems from the printed version of London 1910.

Physical Description: Typescript, 82pp.

MSS no: 170/61
Jesse, John Heneage (1815-1874). Commonplace Book. Eton College (October 1823-December 1824). **Includes excerpts from poets, as well as Eton verse. From the Manley Sims Eton Collection.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 53pp.

MSS no: 170/62
Rittenhouse, Jack DeVere (b. 1912). A Guide Book to Highway 66. Los Angeles, the Author, 1946.

Physical Description: Corrected Typescript draft.

MSS no: 170/63
[Ellis, Sir Henry (1777-1869), compiler] Names of Persons entred in the Domesday Survey as holding lands in the time of King Edward the Confessor: taken in the Order of the Counties . (1821-1822).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 75pp.

MSS no: *170/64
Receipt Book (English 1804-1846). **A book of cookery recipes, gathered for over forty years from various persons; and medical recipes. Mrs. Wood, ... Lewisham.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 22 leaves.

MSS no: 170/65
Catalog of Bro Wills books sent 1728. **Manuscript, list of works of the 16-18th centuries, mainly in English and Latin. Includes literary, historical, legal, religious works, and the classics.


MSS no: 170/66
Sharpe, John. Poems on Several Occasions. Oxford: Trinity College, 1790. **no.1 of perhaps five copies.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/67
Absalom, P. Collectanea curiosa (ca. 1820). **Chiefly concerns English history and antiquities in the 16-17th centuries. Illustrated with pen and ink drawings; alphabetical table of contents.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 195pp.

MSS no: 170/68
Commonplace Book. English (ca. 1700-1825). **Extracts in several hands from various poets, including Edmund Waller and the Earl of Rochester. **Miss Whard, Welchman, Worcester 1831.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 110 leaves.

MSS no: 170/69
Felton, Miss. Verses and Riddles from 1766 to 1788. **Owned by Harriet Mary Amyand (January 5, 1772); Anna Maria Cornewall (1835/1866); Caroline Duff Gordon (1866).

Physical Description: Manuscript, ca. 200pp.

MSS no: 170/70
Collins, Wilkie (1824-1889). Letter to George S.G. Oliver (January 7, 1887). **Collins refers to his stay in Santa Barbara with Richard Henry Dana. Mounted in copy of Guilty River (London, 1886).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 4pp.

MSS no: 170/71
Cookbook. To preserve wet and dry sweetmeats. (English, ca. 1750-1858). **Cookery book.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 69pp.

MSS no: ***170/72
Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Hymnary. [ Latin Choir-book. Spanish 1762.] Manuscript, **Fuit exaratus calamo, ac elargº, D.F. Ioannis Romero, Ballesteros, Predicatoris, & Chori Vicarii Jubilati, anno ab incarnata, Sapientia, 1762.

Physical Description: Folio. 37 leaves.

MSS no: 170/73
Ibbett, William Joseph (b. 1858). Ibbett's best (London: Chiswick Press, 1899). One of 150 copies. **Author's copy, with his signature and manuscript notes and corrections for a second edition which was never issued.


MSS no: 170/74
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor (1772-1834). Letter (copy) to Leigh Hunt (s.a.). **Also in the volume are pictures of Coleridge. Ex libris: C.K. Ogden.

Physical Description: 3pp.

MSS no: *170/75
Ezell, Paul H. The Aguiar Collection in the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society (December 1953). **Guide to the Aguiar Collection, which concerns the states of Occidente, Sinaloa and Sonora, and finally the government of Sinaloa, May 14, 1825/October 26, 1835. Includes letters to Lawrence Clark Powell.

Physical Description: Typescript (carbon) 80 leaves.

MSS no: *170/76
Moss, Leon. Catalogue of the Library of Leon Moss (ca. 1955). **Moss was a Los Angeles Judge; his collection consisted mainly of Californiana.

Physical Description: Typescript, 58pp.

MSS no: 170/77
Layne, Joseph Gregg (1885-1952). The First Census of the Los Angeles District... Southern California Historical society Quarterly (September/December 1936); **Reprint of Layne's article, accompanied by typescript copy of the original document.

Physical Description: 54pp. & Typescript, 47 leaves.

MSS no: 170/78  
Forster, John (b. 1814). Pioneer Data from 1832 by the Memory of Don Juan Forster (January 7, 1878). **Copied from the original in the Bancroft Library. Oral History for San Diego, California.

Physical Description: Typescript, 39 leaves.

MSS no: *170/79
Sleep, William A., Insurance Agent, Grass Valley, California. Insurance Register (ca. 1886-1898). A register of insurance policies issued to various persons at Grass Valley, Nevada County.


MSS no: *170/80
Pardo y Urbina, Manuel. Ligeros estudios hechos sobre la historia, siembra y cultivo del tagaco, Escuela Nacional de Agricultura de Mexico, San Jacinto, Mexico (June 1, 1888). **A thesis presented to the Escuela Nacional de Agricultur, Mexico.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 263pp.

MSS no: 170/81
Spriggs, Elizabeth Mathieu. The History of the Domestic Water Supply of Los Angeles (1931). **Thesis presented to the Department of History, U.S.C. for M.A. Foreword by William Mulholland.

Physical Description: Typescript, 69pp.

MSS no: *170/82
Heraldry. [ Album containing Coats-of-Arms executed in water-colour and gold.] Subjects include Admiral Stephen Poyntz and relations, e.g. Vice Admiral Sir Edward Brace, Ponz or Poyntz, first Earl Spencer and his wife, Margaret G. Poyntz, Henry de Massie, Llewellyn Nash. Arms from a heraldic work pasted in. Lithographic plates of university dress.

Physical Description: 46 leaves.

MSS no: 170/83
Clark, Leonard S. (b. 1835). Autobiographical Sketch. (Oakland, California. May 1, 1912). **Life of a pioneer San Francisco lawyer from 1860s-1900.

Physical Description: Typescript, 17pp.

MSS no: 170/84
La Vie de Jésus Christ selon les évangiles. Northern France, s. XV² or XV ex.


**See also Ferrari, pp.53-54.

MSS no: 170/85
Rossi, Luigi (1598-1653); Carissimi, Giacomo. [ Madrigals and Cantatas]. **Sixteen secular cantatas and madrigals; initial leaf of each song cut out.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 200 leaves.

MSS no: 170/86
Lewis, Sinclair (1885-1951). Ann Vickers. (New York: Doubleday, 1933).

Physical Description: Galley Proofs. 187 leaves.

MSS no: 170/87
Rimedi per il corpo umano. Italy, s. XVII. **An early Italian medical book.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 192 leaves.


**See Ferrari, pp.54-55.

MSS no: 170/88
[Huber, Michel (1727-1804)]. Die Geschichte der deutschen Dichtkunst. (ca. 1768). **Anonymous Manuscript of a greatly enlarged translation of the introductions to Huber's Choix des poesies allemandes (Paris, 1766).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 159 leaves.

MSS no: 170/89
[MacDonald, George (1824-1905).] There and Back. (London: Kegan Paul, 1891). **Presentation copy to the author's son; with photograph of Dr. and Mrs MacDonald and their 11 children.

Physical Description: 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/90
Zola, Emile (1840-1902). Le docteur Pascal. (Paris, January 14/May 13, 1893).

Physical Description: Page proofs with holograph corrections, 306pp.

MSS no: 170/91
Cooke, Rev. James. Cooke's Improved Patent Drill and Horse-Hoe. (London: S. Gornell, 1802) Bound with Directions for using Cooke's Patent Cultivator (London s.a.), broadside. **Includes 69 pages of manuscript in an unknown hand about farming.


MSS no: 170/92
Monica, Sister. Journal of the Sisters of Saint Joseph en route to Arizona (1870). **Journey from Carondolet, Missouri, to St Joseph's Convent, Tucson, Arizona, April 20-May 26, 1870.

Physical Description: Typescript copy, 36 leaves.

MSS no: 170/93
Cline, E.D. Daily Record of Activities, South Bend, Indiana (June 15, 1925). **Record of activites as Head of Bureau of Schoolhouse Planning, South Bend, Indiana.

Physical Description: Manuscript/Typescript, 121 leaves.

MSS no: *170/94
Lord, Israel Shipman Pelton. Letters. (December 1875-ca. July 31, 1876). **Business letters and letters to his family; descriptive essays on Los Angeles and California, with particular reference to agriculture. Account of his first journey to California.

Physical Description: 1 vol., 209pp. Letter-press copy.

MSS no: 170/95
Vineyard, James R. Record and Account Book (Fort Tejon, California, ca. August 14, 1854/November 2, 1861). **Vineyard was a United States Indian Agent. Also accounts of his sheep-raising activities near Bakersfield, California.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 180pp.

MSS no: 170/96
Commonplace Book. England (ca. 1725-1800). **Verse and prose selections, with emphasis on the eighteenth century, in various hands.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 341pp.

MSS no: 170/97: 1-4
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Orford (1717-1797). Anecdotes of Painting in England; with some Account of the Principal Artists. The Fourth Edition. (London, 1786). **Double fore-edge paintings: vol.1 (a) Cape Orford, (b) Presidio of Monterey. vol.2: (a) A mountain near the river of Monterey, (b) Monterey from the sea. vol.3: (a) Santa Barbara, (b) Point San Pedro (near San Francisco). vol.4: (a) The Mission of San Carlos (near Monterey), (b) Alcatraz Island.

Physical Description: 4 vol.

MSS no: 170/98
Walpole, Horace, Earl of Orford (1717-1797). A Catalogue of Engravers... Second edition (London: Printed for J. Dodsley, 1786). **Double fore-edge paintings: (a) Cliff House (near San Francisco); (b) Mount Tamalpais and Red Porch.


MSS no: 170/99
Rocquet, Leopold. Metaphysicae annotata ... Andreae Blanche. (Louvain 1676). **33 coloured engraved diagrams in text. A student's lecture notes on astronomy at Louvain University.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 92 leaves.

MSS no: 170/100
Buchanan, Robert Williams (1841-1901). The Shadow of the Sword: a Romance (1876). **Corrected by author. An epic novel of the Napoleonic wars, published in London by Bentley in 1876.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 226 leaves.

MSS no: 170/101  
Couts, Cave Johnson (1821-1874). Diary (September 1,1846-November 30, 1849). **A record of Cout's experiences during his last year at West Point; his services in the West, in the Mexican War, in the U.S. First Dragoons; and as military escourt for the Whipple Expedition from San Diego to the Colorado River. (Partly published.)

Physical Description: Manuscript, 167 leaves (reproduction).

MSS no: *170/102  
Fowler, M.V.B. Diary. California; visits to San José; the California. Legislature in February 21-May 6, 1851; trip from San Francisco to Panama.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 61pp. **Daily experiences as custom inspector at San Francisco,

MSS no: 170/103  
Villa, Simeon A. Flight and Wanderings of Emilio Aguinaldo: from his Abandonment of Bayamborg until his Capture in Palanan (1899/1901). **Account of the activities in the Philippines.

Physical Description: Typescript, 129 leaves.

MSS no: 170/104
Besant, Sir Walter (1836-1901). The Long Game. **A novelette in six chapters.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 66 leaves.

MSS no: 170/105
Snare, John. The History and Pedigree of the Portrait of Prince Charles (afterwards Charles I) painted by Velasquez in 1623. (Reading: John Snare, 1847). **With ephemera and manuscripts.


MSS no: *170/106
Bandar Log Press. Collection of items printed by Frank Holme. With ephemera, picture, and correspondence of Frank Holme, George Ade and others.

Physical Description: 3 boxes.

MSS no: 170/107
Morteira, Saul Levi (1596-1660). Sete derasiot. (Amsterdam 5404 [= 1644). **Book of sermons. Ink drawings by Samuel de Caceres, brother-in-law of Spinoza.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 86 leaves.

MSS no: 170/108
Braunius, Mademoiselle A.A. Cahier. [Holland? ca. 1840.] **Commonplace Book, mainly in Dutch, with some items in French, consisting of poems, letters and fragments.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 82pp.

MSS no: *170/109
Saltus, Edgar Evertson (1855-1921). The Imperial Orgy: an Account of the Tsars from the First to the Last. **First published by Boni & Liveright, New York, 1920.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 207 leaves.

MSS no: 170/110
Bushell, William Done (1838-1917). A Silver Wedding: W.D.B. & M.B. December 20, 1891. (Cambridge: Privately Printed, 1891). Bound with various works of the author, e.g. Egypt and Elsewhere, and manuscript.

Physical Description: 18pp.

MSS no: 170/111
Planché, James Robinson (1796-1880). Legends of the Rhine from Mainz to Köln (ca. 1830) **Possibly published as Lays and Legends of the Rhine (1832).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 62pp., 13 illustrations.

MSS no: 170/112
Smith, Logan Pearsall (1865-1946). Milton & his Modern Critics (ca. 1940). **Rough notes for his Milton and his Modern Critics (1940).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 43 leaves.

MSS no: 170/113
Anacreon. Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata. Accedunt variae lectiones cura Eduardi Forster... (London, 1802). **Double fore-edge painting: (a) View of Cambridge, including King's College Chapel; (b) view of Oxford, including the Radcliffe Camera.


MSS no: *170/114
Nares, Robert (1753-1829). A Glossary; or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to Customs... which have been thought to require Illustration, in the Works of English Authors, particularly Shakespeare, and his Contemporaries (London, 1822).

Physical Description: **Author's copy, with copious manuscript notes.

MSS no: 170/115
Nitze, William Albert (1876-1957). The Old French Grail romance Perlesvaus: a Study of its Principal Sources (Baltimore 1902).

Physical Description: **Author's interleaved copy, with manuscript notes, and letters to Nitze.

MSS no: 170/116
Sloan, John (b. 1871). The Gist of Art: Principles and Practice expounded in the Classroom and Studio (New York 1939). **Tipped in are letters from Sloan about an exhibition of the artist's paintings.


MSS no: 170/117
Ireland, William Henry (1777-1835). The Confessions of William Henry Ireland. Containing the Particulars of his Fabrication of the Shakespeare Manuscripts (London, 1805). **A defective copy, but extra-illustrated throughout (ca. 1828).


MSS no: 170/118
S., M.D. compiler. Recueil de pieces de vers de differents auteurs (Paris, 1728). Commonplace Book.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/119  
Worrell, Edward (d. 1877). A Journal of a Campaign through the South Western and Western Prairies in the Months of May and June 1833. **An account of the campaign against the Pawnees by an Assistant Surgeon in the U.S. Army.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 130pp.

MSS no: 170/120
Milton, John (1608-1674). The Poetical Works of John Milton... (London, 1859). **Fore-Edge Painting with fox-hunting scene.


MSS no: 170/121
Palgrave, Francis Turner (1824-1897), compiler. The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language (London, 1896).

Physical Description: **Bound in red morocco inlaid with tan and green morocco and covers tooled in gilt, by Ramage (London).

MSS no: *170/122
Lord Durham and the Mission to Canada (1838).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 97 leaves.

MSS no: *170/123
Ince, Thomas Harper (1880-1924). Synopses of Productions made by Thomas H. Ince during the period April 1912 to August 1915 (Inceville Studios). Including alphabetical and numerical indexes to scenarios.

Physical Description: Typescript, carbon. 486pp.

MSS no: *170/124
Harlow, Neal (b. 1908). Reference Manual for the Classification, Cataloging and Care of the Map Collection (Sacramento?: California State Library, 1950).

Physical Description: 2 vol. Typescript.

MSS no: 170/125
Villa, José Garcia. Have Come, Am Here. Poems (New York, 1942). **Annotated by Edith Sitwell for a projected edition, apparently never published, of Villa's poems.


MSS no: *170/126
Nathan, Robert (b. 1894). Portrait of Jennie. **First published by Knopf in 1940.

Physical Description: Manuscript/Typescript. Three versions, two folders.

MSS no: 170/127
Munro, William Bennett (1875-1957). The Seigneurial System and the Colony (Toronto 1914-1917). ** From Canada and its Provinces ed. A. Shortt/A.G. Doughty (Glasgow 1914/17).

Physical Description: Page proofs with copious holograph corrections, pp.531-593, and vol.2.

MSS no: 170/128
Cronyn, George William (b. 1888). The Fool of Venus [the Story of Peire Vidal] (New York 1934).

Physical Description: **Galley proofs, 391pp.

MSS no: 170/170/129
Stebbins, Oliver B. A Famous Boston Amateur Dramatic Club (ca. 1893). **A published article, source unknown, mounted on a specially bound book, with original photographs, prints, playbills etc. On backstrip: The Aurora Club.

Physical Description: 46pp.

MSS no: *170/130
Egbert, Eliza Ann (McAuley) (b. 1835). Diary (April 7-September 19, 1852). **Diary of a journey by wagon from Iowa to Sacramento. Copy made by the author's son in January 1935.

Physical Description: Typescript copy.

MSS no: 170/131: 1-3
Carr, William Jarvis (1879-1959). Journals (1903-1905). **Record of Carr's activities as member of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Manila, and the law firm of Gale & Gibbs in Manila, The Philippines.

Physical Description: 3 vol. Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/132
U.S. Post Office, Duarte, California. Record and Postal Account Book, Class 4 (April 1892-December 31, 1894). **Entries by A.W. Holdzkom and James Fowler, Postmasters at Duarte.

Physical Description: 26pp. printed form.

MSS no: 170/133
Van Rensselear, C. Account Book, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. (September 21, 1861-October 17, 1862). **Account book of 1st Lieutenant Van Rensselear, Adjutant of 13th Infantry, Jefferson Barracks, as Recruiting Officer for the General Recruiting Depot.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: *170/134:1-8
Pierce, Charles C. Accounts (1909-1921). **Journals and ledgers of the Los Angeles photographer.

Physical Description: 8 vol.

MSS no: 170/135  
Holt, Frances (Long). Journal (April 1-July 29, 1872). **Journal of trip from Knutsford, Cheshire, England, to America, via St. Thomas, V.I., Havana, and return from Canada. There are descriptions of New Orleans, St Louis, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, the Geysers near Geyserville, California, Merced, the Yosesmite Valley, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Niagara Falls, New York, Boston, Kingston, Montreal, Quebec, and other places along the route between these cities. The author was the second wife of Alfred Holt of Alfred Holt & Company, Liverpool, a pioneer steamship line to the Far East.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 151pp.

MSS no: *170/136  
Index to the California Land Claims.

Physical Description: vol.1-24 (and miscellaneous vols.). Typescript, 28 leaves.

MSS no: *170/137
Souvenirs de la Commune 23 Mai 1871. Fragments de papiers brules provenant du ministere des finances et projetes jusque dans la cour de ma maison rue Niccolo 10 ou ils ont été ramasses (Paris ca. 1860/1871).

Physical Description: **14 fragments mounted on five leaves.

MSS no: 170/138
Morrison, Arthur (1863-1945). Letter, signed, to James William Thomas Ley, Loughton, Sussex (August 21, 1908). **With clippings about Morrison.


MSS no: *170/139
Campbell, Roy (1901-1957). Adamastor, Poems. **This is the only complete manuscript of my book 'Adamastor'--Roy Campbell. First published, London 1930.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 57 leaves.

MSS no: 170/140
Bennett, Arnold (1867-1931). Polite Farces for the Drawing-Room (London, 1900). **Annotated throughout with stage directions by Stanley Hazell; Autograph letter signed from Bennett to Mr. and Mrs. Hazell, September 19, 1899.


MSS no: *170/141
Lancey, Thomas Crosby (1824-1885). The Cruise of the Dale, ed. John Haskell Kemble (Pomona ca. 1946).

Physical Description: Typescript. xi, 265, [53] leaves, extensively corrected.

MSS no: 170/142
Haupt, Paul (1858-1926). Prof. Delitzsch. Hebraeische Grammatik im Anschluss an Gesenius-Rödiger. Sommer-Semester 1876 (Leipzig 1876).

Physical Description: 166 leaves.

MSS no: *170/143
Russell, Thomas. Thomas Russell, his Manuscript of Navigation. Royal Academy, 1746.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 194pp., illustrations.

MSS no: 170/144
Caldwell, Edmund G. (b. 1852). [Illustrations for] A Gaping Wide-Mouth Waddling Frog.

Physical Description: Original water-colour paintings. 11 items.

MSS no: *170/145
Cornish, Mrs Beatrice (Quijada) (b. 1878). Francisco Navarro Villoslada, su vida y su obra (Berkeley ca. 1918). **First published in 1918.

Physical Description: Typescript, 296 leaves, illustrations.

MSS no: *170/146
Sutton, Ernest Venable (b. 1862). A Life Worth Living: Pioneering in Ohio, Minnesota, Dakota and California (South Pasadena 1947). **First published Pasadena 1948.

Physical Description: Typescript, 387 leaves.

MSS no: *170/147
Ryan, Don. Angel's Flight. **A collection of short pieces, mostly having Los Angeles as their locale. First published, New York 1927.

Physical Description: Typescript carbon, 297 leaves.

MSS no: *170/148
Harlow, Neal (b. 1908). History of Costume (Los Angeles s.a.). **Paper prepared for Mrs Sooy's Art 103, UCLA.


MSS no: *170/149
Beck, Frederick K./Barnes, O.K. 73 Years in a Sand Trap. **First published, New York 1949.

Physical Description: Typescript, 108 leaves.

MSS no: *170/150
Griffith, Beatrice Winston. American Me. **First published, Boston 1948.

Physical Description: Typescript, 446+ leaves. Printer's copy.

MSS no: *170/151
Howard, Sidney Coe (1891-1939)/De Kruif, Paul. Yellow Jack, a History. **First published, New York 1934. Accompanied by original sketches for the stage production by Jo Mielziner (1934).

Physical Description: Typescript carbon, 147 leaves.

MSS no: *170/152
O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone (1888-1953). Strange Interlude: a Play in Nine Acts (ca. 1927). **Presentation copy from Jo Mielziner. First published, New York 1928.

Physical Description: Typescript carbon, 438 leaves.

MSS no: *170/153
O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone (1888-1953). Note, unsigned, to Robert Sisk (February 24, 1932). **Concerns O'Neill's plans for future plays.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/154
Viertel, Peter (b. 1920). The Canyon (ca. 1939). **First published, New York 1940.

Physical Description: Typescript.

MSS no: *170/155: 1
Hancock, Ralph (b. 1903). Fabulous Boulevard (Los Angeles, ca. 1949). **Printer's copy. First published, New York 1949. Accompanied by Publisher's Dummy (170/155: 2).

Physical Description: Typescript, 347pp.

MSS no: 170/156
Foley, James William (b. 1874). The Will of Manitou: an Allegory in Four Scenes (Pasadena 1920).

Physical Description: Typescript, 37 leaves.

MSS no: 170/157: 1-2  
New Orleans. North, Central and South American Exposition (1885-1886). Board of State and Territorial Commisioners. Minutes, New Orleans (November 7, 1885-March 31, 1886). **The minutes are in the handwriting of Charles B. Turrill, Secretary of the Board and Commissioner for California.

Physical Description: 2 vol. manuscript.

MSS no: *170/158
Southern California Abstract Company, Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Abstract Company Continuation of abstract of title as to 74 acres of land within the limits of the Guirado tract of the Rancho Paso de Bartolo Viejo, County of Los Angeles, California (March 13, 1888-May 13, 1889).

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed forms, 45 leaves.

MSS no: *170/159
Great Britain. Colonial Office. Reports and papers respecting Lower Canada and New Foundland (1790-1792). Lower Canada.

Physical Description: vol.62 A, Part 1. Photostats. 101 leaves.

MSS no: *170/160  
Stamps, Pearl Pauline. Abel Stearns: California Pioneer, 1798-1871 (Berkeley 1925). **Thesis, University of California, Berkeley.

Physical Description: Typescript carbon. viii, 474 leaves.

MSS no: *170/161
Busch, Niven (b. 1903). Duel in the Sun. **A novel first published, New York 1944.

Physical Description: Typescript, 413 leaves.

MSS no: *170/162
Childs, Emeline. [ Ledger of Accounts for Estate of Orzo W. Childs, Los Angeles] (1890-1891).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 401 leaves.

MSS no: *170/163
Blair, William (1766-1822). Letters and clippings (1807-1808). **These materials concern Joseph Powell, an astrologer, who was convicted in London on October 30, 1807 for vagrancy and extracting money under false pretences from Thomas Barnes, a footman in the employ of William Blair, a surgeon in Gt Russell Street, Bloomsbury.

Physical Description: Manuscripts and clippings (mounted), 37pp.

MSS no: 170/164
Union of Democratic Control. London Branch. Minutes (January 23, 1913-February 11, 1917). **Minutes of the Association for the Right Understanding of International Interests and the Civil Union, predecessors of the London Branch of the Union of Democratic Control.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 161pp.

MSS no: *170/165: 1-3
Carrington's Planatations, Barbados, W.I. Accounts (1810-1855). **Includes journal entries for the four Carrington sugar planatations of David Parris and his heirs, Anna Maria Carrington, wife of George Carrington, and Paul Carrington Parris.

Physical Description: Manuscript. 3 vol.

MSS no: **170/166
North, George (1710-1772). Letters to Andrew C. Ducarel, Codicote, Hertfordshire (March 21,1743-December 21, 1754). Letters concerning North's antiquarian studies on early Saxon coins and English churches. **Some of these letters are published in John Nichols, Literary Anecdotes of the 18th Century 5, London 1812, pp.427 sqq. Phillipps manuscript 9447.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 12 letters.

MSS no: 170/167
My Uncle's Will: an Interlude in 2 Acts. (ca. 1833). **This play is different from that of the same title by Spenser Theyre Smith.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 51 leaves.

MSS no: *170/168
Colton, Ray Charles (b. 1907). The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah (Los Angeles, August 1959). **Published by the University of Oklahoma Press, 1959.

Physical Description: Typescript. Printer's copy.

MSS no: *170/169
Sahagun, Bernardino (d. 1590). General History of Things in New Spain, vol.1. Translated from the Gabriel S. Yorke (Los Angeles, 1945). **Not completed.

Physical Description: Typescript, 330 leaves.

MSS no: *170/170
Lowell, Amy (1874-1925). [ The Bronze Horse, from] Can Grande's Castle (Brookline, Massachusetts ca. 1918). **First published, New York 1918.

Physical Description: Typescript, 5 leaves.

MSS no: *170/171
Lowell, Amy (1874-1925). Six French Poets: Studies in Contemporary Literature (New York 1915).

Physical Description: Corrected Proof sheets. 239 sheets.

MSS no: 170/172
Moore, George (1852-1933). Confessions of a Young Man (London, 1888).

Physical Description: Corrected Proof Sheets for pp.243-387.

MSS no: *170/173
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbiter-Partei. [ Documents from the Nazi Party Archive] (1920-1927).

Physical Description: Photostats. 3 items.

MSS no: *170/174
Ajaccio. Manifesto della municipalita della citta d'Ajaccio: Dipartimento di Corsica (Ajaccio, April 8, 1792). **Concerns the battalions of the National Guard of the districts of Ajaccio and Tallano during the French Revolution.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 19pp.

MSS no: 170/175
Ainsworth, William Harrison (1805-1882). The Flitch of Bacon. Part the Sixth (Monksbury Place, ca. 1854). **Early drafts of Part the Fourth (sic) of a novel, first published, London 1854.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 88 leaves.

MSS no: *170/176
Browne, Charles Farrar (1834-1867). Artemus Ward's Lecture as delivered at the Egyptian Hall, London [November 13, 1866] (London, 1866-1868). **First published, London, 1869.

Physical Description: Manuscript with associated drawings and letters.

MSS no: 170/177
Allen, William. Geographical, Historical and Political Observations upon the Several Kingdomes and States of Europe for the Use of Madam Jane Tynte, Goathurst, Somerset, Gt Brit . (1721-1722). **Said to be from the Library of Lord Wharton.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 4 vol.

MSS no: 170/178
Forrester, Alfred Henry (1804-1872). Notebooks (London ca. 1850). **Commonplace book containing copies of poems by Forrester and others, notably Letitia Elizabeth Landon.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/179
Partington, Wilfred George (b. 1888). Forging Ahead: the True Story of the Upward Progress of Thomas James Wise, Prince of Book Collectors, Bibliographer Extraordinary and otherwise (New York 1939).

Physical Description: **Author's copy, annotated for the second edition of the book.

MSS no: *170/180
Great Britain. Privy Council. Committee on Education. Draft: Plan of Education by the Rt Hon. the Secretary of State [addressed to John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmoreland] (London ca. 1790). **Reports on the various kinds of schools in England with observations on them, and a plan for education by which existing abuses would be corrected.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 204pp.

MSS no: 170/181
Plato. Hippias Maior (s.l. s.a.). (Harrow 1833).

Physical Description: pp.121-183, interleaved. **Anthony Trollope's copy, heavily annotated.

MSS no: 170/182
Harvard University. Body of Laws for Harvard College ... made ... 1734 (Cambridge, Massachusetts September 15, 1742). **Edward A. Holyoke's copy.


MSS no: 170/183
Weston, William (1752-1833). Account Book (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Gt Brit. **Household accounts for the period after Weston's return to England from the U.S.A.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 158pp. & 9 pieces in pocket.

MSS no: 170/184
Newspapers. Index to the Washington Daily National Intelligencer (September/December 1852).

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/185
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant (1818-1893). Commonplace Book (New Orleans, March 12, 1864). **Presented to General Beauregard by Les dames de la Nouvelle Orléans, and containing a five page letter of presentation and dedication. The book was never used.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 5pp.

MSS no: 170/186
Brougham Hall, Westmoreland, Gt Brit. Record of Work done at Brougham Hall (October 28, 1843-March 31, 1849). **A detailed record of the restoration of Brougham Hall by Lord Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 130pp.

MSS no: 170/187
Martel, James Louis, comp. U.S. Sloop Dale... Collection of Songs (ca. 1848-1849). **Lyrics, including a song about the engagement at Mulyé, Mexico.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 52pp.

MSS no: 170/188
Wimmer, Ludvig Frands Adalbert (1839-1920). De norske Sprogs Historie.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 420pp.

MSS no: 170/189
Peretti, J., Abbé. 'Christoph Colomb, Français, Corse & Calvais. Etude historique sur la patrie du grand admiral de l'océan': a Condensation and Full Ervine Dennison York (Washington 1891).

Physical Description: Typescript, 186 leaves.


Another copy is in the Library of Congress.

MSS no: 170/190
Cookery Books. A Cooking Book, with D. Knothesford's Additions (Bristol 1766). **The last 26 leaves contain medicinal recipes and cures for various illnesses.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 92 leaves.

MSS no: *170/191
La Mure, Pierre. Moulin Rouge (ca. 1950). **Novel based on the life of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec. Published, 1950.

Physical Description: Typescript, 632 leaves.

MSS no: 170/192
Denovan, Robert. A Treatise of the Elements of the Algebraical Art (1731). **With an introductory poem, The Tipling Philosophers.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 185 leaves.

MSS no: 170/193
Arithmetic Book. (English 1721).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 48pp.

MSS no: 170/194
Burnet, John (1784/1868). Practical Hints on Light and Shade in Painting, illustrated by Examples from Italian, Flemish and Dutch Schools (ca. 1826). **First published, 1826. Seventeen original illustrations at end.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 67pp.

MSS no: 170/195
Perizonius, Jacobus (1651-1715). Dictata ... in Cajum Suetonium Tranquillum (ca. 1700).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 335pp.

MSS no: 170/196
Renison, Thomas (1751/1817). Commonplace-Book (London, 1775). **Verse and prose; the final four pages are devoted to genealogical notes on the Renison family.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 33pp.

MSS no: 170/197
Maberly, Joseph J. Silver Coinage of England: from the conquest to the Reign of James II (1838). **Illustrated throughout with original watercolours of coins.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 44 leaves.

MSS no: 170/198  
Morgan, Sydney (Owenson), Lady (1783?-1859). Commonplace Books, containing Poems and Prose by Various Authors (1800-1810). **Both in English and French.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/199
Jacobus de Voragine. Legenda Aurea (Northern France, s. XV med.). **Probably written at the Celestin monastery of Ste-Croix-sous Offémont (Ile de France). Cf. Ferrari 55-58.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 268 leaves.

MSS no: *170/200
Foster, Robert A. (b. 1877). Mexico: an Economic Study.

Physical Description: Typescript, 756 leaves. **Includes 25 tables and seven maps.

MSS no: 170/201
Crane, Walter (1845-1915). Lionel's Latitudes (Rome 1882). **A book of original watercolour and pen-and-ink drawings. The hero is the author's son.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 53 leaves.


See also: no.170/315: Lionel's Travels.

MSS no: *170/202  
Dakin, Susanna (Bryant) (b. 1905). A Scotch Paisano (San Marino s.a.). Published, Berkeley 1939.

Physical Description: Typescript, 335 leaves.

MSS no: 170/203
Macpherson, James (1736-1796), translator. The Poems of Ossian (London, 1819). **Fore-edge painting of Horace Walpole's home, Strawberry Hill.


MSS no: 170/204
Besant, Sir Walter (1836-1901). A Note on the Young Girl. **Perhaps unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 7 leaves.

MSS no: 170/205
[Marcet, Mrs Jane (Haldimand] (1769-1858).] Conversations on Astronomy in which the Elements of that Science are familiarly explained and illustrated by plates. Designed for the use of Schools and Academies (s.l. s.a.). **Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 240 leaves.

MSS no: 170/206
[Millias, F.] Les figures de la danse allemande (ca. 1780?). **Twelve water-colour illustrations.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 12 leaves.

MSS no: 170/207
[Bowles, Carington (1724-1793).] The Artist's Assistant in Drawing, Perspective, Etching, Engraving, Mezzotinto-Scraping, Painting on Glass, in Crayons, and in Water-Colours (London ca. 1780). Second edition.

Physical Description: **Interleaved with 18pp. of notes and 24 water-colour paintings, mostly views of Gibraltar.

MSS no: 170/208
Surin, Jean Joseph (1600-1665). Lettres (French ca. 1775?). **Perhaps a copy of his Lettres spirituelles (Paris, 1704).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: *170/209
[Beerbohm, Max.] The Anglo-Saxon Review: a Quarterly Miscellany, edited by Lady Randolph Spencer Churchill. vol.10 (September 1901). ** Ex libris: Max Beerbohm, who has altered the plates opposite pages 63 and 66. Lacking pp.205-214.


MSS no: 170/210
Smith, Albert Richard (1816-1860). A Little Talk about Bartholomew Fair--Past and Present (1842). **First published, Bentley's Miscellany 12, 1842, p.390.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 8 leaves.

MSS no: 170/211
[Ruffini, Giovanni Domenico (1807-1881).] The Paragreens on a Visit to the Paris Universal Exhibition (ca. 1856). **First published, London 1856.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 77 leaves.

MSS no: 170/212
Troubetskoy, Amélie (Rives) Chanler (1863-1945). A Winter-Walk (unpublished Poem) and [12] Letters of Amélie Rives...written to me [Edward Heron-Allen] in New York in the Year 1888 (Castle Hill, Cobham, Virginia, February 22, 1888-January 28, 1889) .

Physical Description: Manuscript, 95pp.

MSS no: *170/213
Saddharmapundarika. Lotus sutra, section 11. (Japanese 1668). **Frontispiece of cut gold leaf: the Sakyamuni Buddha preaching the Lotus sutra; title is woven in with gold and crest of the Tokugawa family.

Physical Description: A scroll, 24 feet long by 12 wide.

MSS no: 170/214
Scott-Moncrieff, Charles Kenneth (1889-1930). Collection of ten early literary manuscripts, prize poems clipped from the newspapers in which they appeared, and four letters to Christopher Sclater Millard (ca. 1905/1916). **Previously owned by Millard and Vyvyan Holland.


MSS no: 170/215
Greenaway, Kate (1846-1901). Drawing in Sepia Ink. Original Drawing of a boy and girl at play, initialed by artist.


MSS no: 170/216
Wogan, William (1678-1758). The Gospel doctrine of the Divinity, Nature, & Offices of our ever blessed Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, as taught & asserted by the Four Evangelists (1728-1730). **Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/217  
Butterworth, Edward. Diary (November 12,1848-July 4, 1849). **Diary of voyage from Boston to San Francisco via Cape Horn on board the Bark Euphrasia, and including an account of his activities in San Francisco from May 26 till July 4, 1849. Also includes 20 loose pages containing poetry, recipes and a photograph.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 97pp.

MSS no: 170/218
Warren, Samuel (1807-1877). Letter to Mr. Osbaldiston (s.l. s.a.). **Includes three portraits of Warren and a 2pp. printed biographical note.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/219
Codrington, Sir Edward (1770-1851). Letter (memo) signed, to Captain Michell, Britannia (Portsmouth Harbour May 1, 1840). **With portraits of C. and Lady Georgiana Codrington.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/220
Stokes, George Gabriel (1819-1903). Letters, signed, to Jabez Hogg (London, 1877 and Cambridge 1882). **Accompanied by two documents, signed by Stokes, adddressed to Hogg, and a portrait of Stokes.

Physical Description: Manuscripts, 2 items.

MSS no: 170/221
Spencer, George John Spencer, 2nd Earl (1758-1834). Letter, signed, to David Scott (April 6, 1797). **Accompanied by seven portraits of, and relating to, George and John Charles Spencer.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/222
Bickersteth, Edward, Dean (1814-1892). Letters, signed, to various persons (1879-1884). Manuscript, 4 items. **Two letters to Jabez Hogg (1883; 1884), J.R. Keble (1884). Accompanied by five portraits and an obituary notice.


MSS no: 170/223
Leicester, Thomas William Coke, Earl of (1752-1842). Letters, signed (Holkham, March 16, 1798). **Accompanied by three portraits of Coke and press cuttings.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/224
Shee, Sir Martin Archer (1769-1850). Letters, signed, to various persons (London, March 4, 1831; s.a.). **Two letters to Alfred Turner (1831) and letter to unknown man. Accompanied by two portraits of Shee.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 items.

MSS no: 170/225
Bowring, Sir John (1792-1872). Letters, signed, to various persons (1821-1845). **Letters to Charles Fauriel (London, 1824); C.B. Sheridan to Fauriel (December 30, 1824); Charles Martin (May 20 ca. 1845). Accompanied by two portraits of Bowring.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 items.

MSS no: 170/226
Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard (1820-1889). Letters, signed, to various persons (1845-1881). **Letters to John Matthew Gutch; Henry Hunter; Holman; Panizzi and others, concerning manuscripts and prints.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 6 items.

MSS no: 170/227
Holland, Sir Henry, bart. (1788-1873). Letters, signed to unknown gentleman (London, November 29, 1870 and s.a.).

Physical Description: **Manuscript, 2 items.

MSS no: 170/228
Ellis, Sir Henry (1777/1869). Letters, signed, to Octavian Blewitt (1840-1867). **Concerning business, family and social engagements. Accompanied by letter to Mr. Routledge (London, April 6, 1864).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 10 items.

MSS no: 170/229
Roget, Peter Mark (1779-1869). Letter to unknown gentleman (University of London, November 15, 1837). **Accompanied by two portraits of Roget.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/230
Pembroke, Anne (Clifford) Herbert, Countess of (1590-1676). Notes written on the margins of a leaf from a 17th century travel book. **Accompanied by three portraits of Anne Clifford.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2pp.

MSS no: 170/231
Glaisher, James (1809-1903). Letters, signed, to Jabez Hogg (1865-1867). **Accompanied by portrait of Glaisher (astronomer, aeronaut, and meterologist).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 5 items.

MSS no: 170/232
Ballantyne, Robert Michael (1825-1894). Letters, signed, to various persons (1870-1892). **Letters to Richard Lees (Edinburgh December 1, 1870); Herbert Pentin (Harrow October 12, 1892).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 items.

MSS no: 170/233
Wrangham, Francis (1769-1842). Letter, signed, to Messrs Baldwin & Company. (August 21, 1821).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/234
Bantock, Sir Granville (1868-1946). Letters, signed, to Fred Kenyon and Gerald Cumberland (1908-1914). **Kenyon was the pseudonym of Charles Frederick Kenyon.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 7 items.

MSS no: 170/235
Smith, Southwood (1788-1861). Letters, signed, to various persons (London, 1845/1856). Accompanied by a holograph note listing speeches and tracts by Smith.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 items.

MSS no: 170/236
Walter, John (1818-1894). Letters, signed, to various persons (Workingham 1872-1874).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 5 items.

MSS no: 170/237
Brydges, Sir Samuel Egerton, bart. (1762-1837). Letters, to Baron Turner & W.B. Cooke (London, March 23, 1814; March 13, 1818). With portraits of B. and Lady Isabella Anne Brydges.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 items.

MSS no: 170/238
Roebuck, John Arthur (1801-79). Letter, signed, to W.C. Leng (last page only) (s.l. s.a.). **With 3 portraits of Roebuck.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/239
Birrell, Augustine (1850-1933). Letters to Grant and Clement King Shorter (London s.a. and November 13, 1924). Accompanied by ephemera.

Physical Description: Manuscript. 2 items.

MSS no: 170/240
Birrell, Augustine (1850-1933). An Image of Shakespeare {review of book by Frank Mathews} (London s.a.). **Accompanied by manuscript review of J.M. Dent's editions of W.H. Hudson's Far Away and Long Ago and Idle Days in Patagonia.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 10 leaves and Manuscript, 8 leaves.

MSS no: 170/241
Wyon, Benjamin (1802-58). Letters to J. Mayer & Mr. Vaughan. (3 letters to Mayer, April 12; December 6, 1839).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 4 items.

MSS no: 170/242
Portland, William Henry Cavendish-Bentick, 3rd Duke of (1738/1809). Letter, signed, to T. Townshend (London, September 4, 1782). **With letter to P. from T. Townshend (Whitehall September 22, 1782); Manuscript, Most Private; 2 portraits, genealogy of Portland.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2pp. and Manuscript, 6pp.

MSS no: 170/243
Tupper, Martin Farquhar (1810-1889). Letters, signed, to various persons (1852-1870). **Twelve letters to the Chevalier de Chatelain (Guilford November 27,1852-October 19, 1870); one to Colnaghi; one to Miss Goldhawk.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 14 items.

MSS no: 170/244
Young, Thomas, physicist and physician (1773-1829). Letter, signed, to S.P. Rigaud (London, April 25, 1829).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/245
Noble, Mark (1754-1827). A Dissertation upon the Church of Ireland as now united to that Of England (Barming, Kent, April 5, 1817). **Phillipps Manuscript no.9503.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 100pp.

MSS no: 170/246
Waldemar, Adolphus F. Survey Notes (San Gabriel, California, August-September 1861). **Survey notes for Tract no.2 in the Township of San Gabriel.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/247
Pantoja House, San Diego, California. Day Book (San Diego, December 28, 1850-July 6, 1851). **Daily accounts for the Pantoja House, a billiard parlor and saloon in New San Diego, owned by Charles J. Laning. There are numerous entries for purchases by William Heath Davis and Santiago E. Arguello.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 147pp.

MSS no: *170/248
Berchem, Marguerite van/Clouzot, Etienne. Mosiques chrétiennes du IVme au Xme siècle (Geneva 1924).

Physical Description: **Bound by Madeleine Kohn in full brown levant morocco, with inlays.

MSS no: 170/249
Jewellery. Various designs for Jewellery (ca. 1850).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol. **199 drawings, mounted.

MSS no: *170/250
Pailthorpe, Frederic W. (1837-1914). [ Drawings for] Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (ca. 1885). **Original Watercolour drawings, mounted. 21 of these drawings were published separately from Dickens's work in London, 1886.

Physical Description: 22 items.

MSS no: *170/251
Pailthorpe, Frederic W. (1837-1914). Collection of original drawings, sketches, tracings, water-colour paintings, and proofs, done to illustrate The Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and other works of Charles Dickens (ca. 1880-1885). Accompanied by letter from Pailthorpe to Kitton (February 2, 1905).

Physical Description: 178 items.

MSS no: 170/252
Alphabet Book (ca. 1850). Original pencil drawings. **Artist unknown. These drawings are of rural scenes, woods and ruins, each in the shape of the letters of the alphabet.

Physical Description: 26 leaves.

MSS no: *170/253-260
[Clarke, Joseph Clayton.] Original character illustrations to various works by Charles Dickens]. Drawn in colour by Kyd.

Physical Description: 276 drawings.

MSS no: 170/261
Templeman, Thomas (d. 1729). Templeman's Survey of the Globe: being an Accurate Mensuration of all the Empires, Kingdoms, Countries, States, Principal Provinces, Countries, and Islands in the World (Anthony Blinkhorn scripsit, 1735). Manuscript. **Apparently a copy of the printed edition, London 1729.


MSS no: 170/262
Patrick, General Marsena Rudolph (1811-1888). Diary (January 1, 1862-June 17, 1865). **The writer was a participant in the defence of Washington (1862), the second Manassas, and the Antietam campaign, etc.

Physical Description: Typescript carbon. 3 vol.


The original Manuscript is in the Library of Congress.
Restricted use.

MSS no: *170/263
Fowler, Joseph/Kimball, Charles D., General Merchandise. Ledger (Duarte, California 1894-1895). Ledger of accounts.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/264
Dryden, William S. Diary (January 1, 1870-April 14, 1872). **Diary as a farmer in Maine Prairie Township, Solano Company, California, including information on farming operations near San Diego, Lower California and in Alameda County near Oakland, California. Steamer trip to San Francisco. pp.1-59 include records of civil and criminal cases (March 1866/June 6, 1867) tried before Dryden as Justice of the Peace for Maine Prairie Township.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 179pp.

MSS no: *170/265
Riverside House, Riverside, California. Register (March 4, 1882-September 23, 1882). Printed form, filled in. **Names and addresses of hotel guests; interleaved with advertisements for various businesses, chiefly in San Bernardino and Riverside, California.


MSS no: 170/266
Zola, Emile (1840-1902). La censure.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 19 leaves.

MSS no: *170/267
Leech, John (1817-1864). Sketches by John Leech (ca. 1855-1860). **20 original pencil drawings with seven printed reproductions from Punch.

Physical Description: 14 leaves.

MSS no: *170/268
Eldon, John Scott, 1st Earl of (1751-1838). Legal and Political Commonplace Diaries (ca. 1785-1799).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/269
Issler, Anne (Roller) (b. 1892). Index to the Scrapbooks [2 through 6] of Margaret Isabella Balfour Stevenson, mother of R.L.S(tevenson).

Physical Description: Photocopy of Typescript, 54 leaves.

MSS no: 170/270
Moore, George (1852-1933). Daphnis and Chloe. Perronik the Fool. (New York: Boni and Liveright, 1924). Accompanied by letter from Moore to Rex Whistler about the latter's proposed illustrations for the Perronik. The original illustrations belong to the UCLA Library.

Physical Description: Holograph corrections in ink on pp.132 sq., 138 sq., 143, 145 and 178.

MSS no: 170/271
Hogg, T. A Journal of a Voyage to the Nore with the East India Company's damag'd Tea in April 1828 (London ca. 1828). Watercolour painting of two ships, the Coromandel and the Smith. An account in verse of the dumping of damaged tea.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 36pp.

MSS no: *170/272
Heron-Allen, Edward (1861-1943). Original manuscripts of Verses (New York 1886/1889).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/273
Lang, Andrew (1844-1912). Letters to Dead Authors: I. To Nathaniel Hawthorne. (St Andrews, Scotland, s.a.). **Not in Lang's book Letters to dead Authors (1893). Unpublished?

Physical Description: Manuscript, 17 leaves.

MSS no: 170/274
Swinburne, Algernon Charles (1837-1909). Lucifer. **A sonnet honouring Voltaire, first published in 1904.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 leaf.

MSS no: *170/275
West, Henry Hebard (1872-1958), comp. Handling President McKinley's Special on Los Angeles Division, Southern Pacific Railroad (Los Angeles, ca. 1888-1946). **A scrapbook compiled by West concerning the McKinley Special of 1901.

Physical Description: Manuscript, etc. 229 leaves.

MSS no: 170/276
[Animated Book (?Paris ca. 1897).] **By flipping the pages one sees a woman preparing for and entering her bath.


MSS no: 170/277
Grahame, Kenneth (1859-1932). The Secret Drawer (London? ca. 1893). **Published in an unknown periodical and then in the author's Golden Days (1895).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 11 leaves.

MSS no: 170/278
Huxley, Aldous Leonard (1894-1963). Texts & Pretexts: an Anthology with Commentaries (London, 1932). **Mounted on front endleaf is a sheet of stationery with the last stanza of The Cicadas in Huxley's hand; signed.


MSS no: *170/279
Hamnett, Nina (1890-1956). Is She a Lady? (London ca. 1955). **Autobiography, first published, London 1955.

Physical Description: Manuscript/Typescript. 387 leaves.

MSS no: *170/280
Schindler, Andrew D. Report on Basin of Tulare Lake, California, with Analysis of its Potentialities for Reclamation and Irrigation (San Francisco January 1, 1917).

Physical Description: Typescript, etc. 133 leaves.

MSS no: *170/281
[Guidi, Jacopo di Giovanni de'?] Vita di Cosimo de' Medici primo Granduca dedicata a Francesco I suo figlio (Tuscany ca. 1574/1587). Cf. Ferrari, pp.126-127.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 193 leaves.

MSS no: *170/282
Medici, Carolo de. Account Book (Italy 1535-1536). **Bank business. Cf. Ferrari, p.59.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 109 leaves.

MSS no: *170/283
F., M.L. Pruebas de la religion de Jesuchristo contra los Espinosistas, y los Deistas. ... Tomo I: de la revelacion natual. Plan de est a obra (Spanish ca. 1755-1800). **Against Spinoza.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 103pp.

MSS no: 170/284
Ethiopic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. [Early Ethiopic liturgical manuscript].

Physical Description: Manuscript, 165 leaves.

MSS no: *170/285
Bravo, Pedro/Bravo, Juan. Transcript of a Lawsuit in which it is proved that the Bravos are hidalgos and thus exempt from paying taxes to the town of Campanario (Granada 1608).

Physical Description: **Illuminated frontispiece.

MSS no: 170/286
Voltaire, François Marie Arouet de (1694-1778). La Pucelle d'Orleans: Poeme en vingt-un chants (Paris, 1832). **The poem was first published in 1762; the notes, by François Annibal Destouches, are apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 119pp.

MSS no: 170/287
Thomson, James (1700/1748). The Seasons (London, 1802). **Double fore-edge painting: view of a lake with men fishing; fox-hunting scene.


MSS no: 170/288
Grenier, R. Grammaire Bambara (French Sudan 1896). **Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 106 leaves.

MSS no: *170/289
Sermons (London? ca. 1615-1643). **8 sermons by Dr. King, Mr. Day, Dr. Whyte, Mr. Osberstone, Dr. Willard, Mr. Wyall, John Burgess, and John Goodwin, copied by J.W.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 268 leaves.

MSS no: *170/290
Recueil de diverses lettres et autres pieces touchant histoire, anecdote du regne de Louis XIIII (France ca. 1720). **Copied by M. Monteil.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 317 leaves.

MSS no: 170/291
Collection of six pieces on historical subjects (French ca. 1600-1670).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 146 leaves.

MSS no: *170/292
Caraccioli, Tristano (ca. 1436-ca1517). Opera omnia (Italy s. XVII). **On historical subjects mostly relating to the nobility of Naples. Cf. Ferrari, pp.59-61.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 204 leaves.

MSS no: 170/293
Bickerstaff, Roger. A Tour thorugh North Wales during the Summer of 1801. Vol. 2 (1801).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 75 leaves.


**vol.1 is missing.

MSS no: 170/294
Dejean, Jean François Aimé, comte (1749-1824). Campagne de 1794, ou 2me année de la République française, journaux des sieges qui ont été fait cette campagne (1794-1795). **Includes accounts of the sieges of Ypres, Nieuport, L'Ecluse, etc.; and the part played in these operations by troops of General Dejean in the campain of the Armée du Nord.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 94pp. and map.

MSS no: 170/295
The Bloudy Book, or the Tragicall and Desperate End of Sir John Fites (alias) Fitz (London, 1605). **Transcription by Mrs Sarah Valentine, probably in the early 19th century.

Physical Description: Manuscript on vellum. 22 leaves.

MSS no: *170/296  
Wright, M. Diary (Singleton, East New South Wales, Australia, January 1, 1847-November 17, 1847). **Transcription of diary of a surveyor, recording events in his daily life and in the life of the colony.

Physical Description: Typescript, 148 leaves.

MSS no: *170/297: 1-3
Martin, Maurice Camille. Voyage de Lyon à Constantinope, 1815/1819, 1-3 (France ca. 1870). **The author was an ordinance officer under Mouton-Duvernet during the Hundred Days of 1815. Fearing arrest, he left Lyon for Constantinople as the representative of a leading French weavers firm. Also contain notes and statistics chiefly concerning commerce in the Levant.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.; maps, tables.

MSS no: 170/298
Trelawny, Sir Henry. Notes of my Journey in 1795 (July 19, 1795-January 20, 1796). **Account of travels in Germany, Switzerland and N. Italy.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 163pp.

MSS no: 170/299
Everitt, T. Diary of Spiritual Experiences (London, February 10, 1871-February 2, 1904). **Notes and observations on occurrences at seances held by Everitt, his wife, friends and casual acquaintances.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 594pp.

MSS no: *170/300
Krupin, Sylvia. Bread without Butter (ca. 1935). **Recollections of a trip with her brother made from Pasadena, California, to New York City during the depression years. Includes descriptions of their experiences hitch-hiking and riding on freight trains.

Physical Description: Typescript, 89 leaves.

MSS no: *170/301
Red Rock Mines, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona. Corporate Records (Phoenix, Arizona, 1939-1941). **Includes charter, by-laws and minutes.

Physical Description: Typescript, 1 vol.

MSS no: *170/302
Rosselli, Stefano (1598-1664). Descrizione delle chiese di Firenze e suoi contorni, e dell'armi, inscrizioni, & altre memorie che in quelle si veggono quest'anno 1657 (Florence 1657). **Description of the churches of Florence and their surroundings; ca. 3000 heraldic design; wash-drawings of major funeral monuments. Copy made by Gaetano Martini in 1733.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1007pp.

MSS no: *170/303
Saunderson, Nicholas (1682-1739). Lecture in Hydrostaticks, Pneumaticks, and Opticks (Cambridge ca. 1725). **The volume also includes lectures on astronomy, sound, Mechanicks (by Mr. Wrigley), and a compendium of technical chronology. The lectures were probably transcribed by John Lord.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 250pp.

MSS no: *170/304: 1-3
Strange, John (1732-1799). Ministerial Correspondence (Venice October 10, 1773-April 12, 1786). Copies of his corresponence covering his official duties as British resident at Venice.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/305
Powell, Janet. La Puente Valley Past and Present. (La Puente, California, 1937).

Physical Description: Typescript, photocopy 358 leaves.

MSS no: *170/306
Damas de Marrilac, Claude Charles, vicomte de 1731-ca 1800). Journal des troubles de la Martinique Martinique (September 1, 1790-March 14, 1791). **The writer was appointed governor of Martinique in 1783. After the French Revolution, civil war broke out on the island in June 1790. Includes copies of letters and documents.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 621pp.

MSS no: 170/307
Confradria de Senyor Sant Julian, Teruel, Spain. Esta es la ordenacion de la Confradria de Senyor Sant Julian de la ciudat de Tuel (Teruel 1440). Cf. Ferrari, pp.61-62.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on vellum. 50 leaves.

MSS no: *170/308
Cooper, Charles Henry (1808-1866). Annals of Cambridge (Cambridge: Warwick and Company, 1843). **Christopher Wordsworth's copy containing manuscript notes on the interleaved pages and in the text.

Physical Description: Vols.2-3.

MSS no: *170/309
Cook, James (1728-1779). Letter to the Commissioners of the Navy (Mile End, England? March 5, 1776). **This letter concerns the equipping of the Resolution and Discovery for Cook's third and last voyage.

Physical Description: Manuscript, one leaf.

MSS no: *170/310
Root, Virginia V. Following the Pot of Gold at the Rainbow's End in the Days of 1850: the Life of Mrs Susan Thompson Lewis Parrish of El Monte, California (s.l. s.a.). **Account of covered wagon trip from Independence, Missouri, to El Monte, with mention of the captivity of Olive Oatman among the Apache and Mojave Indians.

Physical Description: Typescript, photocopy. 10 leaves.

MSS no: *170/311
Powell, Daniel N. La Puente Valley and her Neighbors and the Pageant of La Puente Valley (La Puente, California s.a.).

Physical Description: Typescript, photocopy. 27 leaves.

MSS no: *170/312
York (ship). Transactions on board the York, Henry Lascelles, Commander (Log book, November 22, 1743-December 16, 1745). **Log of the British East India Company's ship: England to Madras, China, Vaumpoa and back to England, calling at Java and St. Helena.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 211pp.

MSS no: *170/313
Newmark, Maurice Harris (1859-1929). Library Catalogue (Los Angeles, ca. 1885). **Catalogue of Newmark's library. Newmark was a prominent Los Angeles resident.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 vol.

MSS no: *170/314: 1-3
St James Hotel, San Diego, California. Register (San Diego February 2, 1886-February 28, 1887; September 28, 1889-April 16, 1890). **The hotel was completed in 1886 by Peter Remondino, M.D. It was later called, under E.F. Arey, the Santa Rosa Hotel.

Physical Description: Printed register, signed. 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/315
Crane, Walter (1845/1915). Lionel's Travels (London ca. 1880).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 18 leaves, with original ink drawings, and watercolour titlepage.


See also: no.170/201: Lionel's Latitudes.

MSS no: *170/316
Cobbold, Richard (1797/1877). Geoffrey Gambado, or a Simple Remedy for Hypocondriacism [sic] and Melancholy Splenetic Humours, by a Humorist Physician (s.l. 1865). **Published by Dean & Son, London 1865. Accompanied by set of Bunbury's 12 engravings.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 168pp.

MSS no: *170/317
Rubeis, Hortensius de. Rufugio di Collevecchio (Italian ca. 1625). **Legal document with detailed instructions for the building and equipment of a family chapel.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 53 leaves.

MSS no: 170/318
Ainsworth, William Harrison (1805-1882). Collection of letters, pamphlets and ephemera relating to a banquet given for Ainsworth in Manchester (September 15, 1881). **Includes four letters from Ainsworth to John Evans, September and October 1881; W.E. A. Axon's memoir of Ainsworth; The Artist and the Author: a Statement of Facts by George Cruikshank (London, 1872).

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed. 10 items.

MSS no: 170/319
Brougham and Vaux, Henry Peter Brougham, 1st baron (1778-1868). Letters to George Harris and J. Stewart from Brougham (1848-1865). **Accompanied by pamphlet on Harris as candidate for the Chair of History at University College, London (1860).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 38 items.

MSS no: 170/320
Friswell, James Hain (1825-1878). Only an Actor: a Drama in Three Acts (ca. 1859). **Apparently unpublished and unproduced. Accompanied by letter about the plan to Friswell from the theatre manager Charles Dillon (January 21, 1860).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 132 leaves.

MSS no: 170/321
Blessington, marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of (1789-1849). Company Book (Gore House, Kensington, London, July 20, 1841-July 16, 1847). **Contains the names of guests entertained at Gore House, with weekly totals of guests. Names include Lord Brougham, Dickens, Disraeli, Bulwer-Lytton, Marryat and Thackeray.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 68 leaves.

MSS no: *170/322
Paulus Venetus (1372?-1429). Summa Naturalium (Rimini 1421). **The scribe was Iohannes de Beylario. First printed in Venice, 1476. Cf. Ferrari, pp.62-63.

Physical Description: Italian Manuscript, 140 leaves.

MSS no: *170/323
Inventory of the Library of a French Bishop (France post 1588). **484 books, notorial copy of original document. Cf. Nicole Marzac, The Library of a French Bishop in the late XVth Century (Paris, 1974); Ferrari, pp.63-64.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 14 leaves.

MSS no: 170/324
Graves, Robert (d. 1825). List of Initials, Ciphers, Monograms, and Emblems used by Various Early Artists and Engravers with Tentative Identifications (ca. 1800).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 357 leaves.

MSS no: 170/325
Haslewood, Joseph (1769-1833), ed. Ancient Critical Essays upon English Poets and Poësy (London: Robert Triphook, 1811).

Physical Description: 2 vol. **Author's copy, interleaved with manuscript letters, additional illustrations, etc.

MSS no: 170/326
Pilkington, Mrs Hannah. Hannah Pilkington, her Book (1672-1692). **Prayer and devotional essays in two hands, many addressed to her by her brother, J.M.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 157 leaves.

MSS no: *170/327
Calkins Carriage Company, Los Angeles. Letters sent (Los Angeles, August 23, 1882-July 15, 1889). **Outgoing correspondence relating to the business signed by J.W. Calkins, D.C. Hough and Mrs E.E. Hough. Some accounts included.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/328
Reade, Charles (1814-1884). Drink (London: Printed by William Clowes, ca. 1879). **Apparently unpublished. A play made from Zola's novel L'assomoir.

Physical Description: Page Proofs, unbound, 71pp.

MSS no: 170/329
Cox, Palmer (1840-1924). Drawings for The Brownies: their Book (ca. 1887). **The book itself was first published in New York, 1887.

Physical Description: Original pen and ink drawings. 26 items.

MSS no: *170/330
Blessington, Marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of (1789-1849). Lady Jemima Heatherfield (ca. 1841). **A short story published in The Keepsake for 1842 (London, 1842).

Physical Description: Manuscript pp.49-70 and pp.74-86.

MSS no: 170/331
Langton, Stephanus. Interpretationes nominum Hebrai-corum (England? s. XIII med.) About 7,000 entries. Formerly the property of W.W. Greg. Cf. Ferrari, pp.64-65.

Physical Description: Manuscript on vellum. 70 leaves.

MSS no: *170/332  
Pope, Alexander (1688-1744). Letter to William Fortescue (1735). **The letter concerns Edmund Curll, the London publisher, with whom Pope had several altercations. Fortescue was Pope's legal advisor.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1p.

MSS no: 170/333
Byron, George Gordon Byron, 6th baron (1788-1824). Poems (London s.a.). **Fore-edge painting of view of Newstead Abbey.


MSS no: 170/334
Niven, Frederick John (1878-1944). Justice of the Peace (London ca. 1917). **Presentation copy from Rebecca West to H.G. Wells.


MSS no: 170/335
Maunsell, Rev. George Edmond. Poems (Bath: Printed by Binns and Goodwin, ca. 1850). Many of the poems were published in 1861.

Physical Description: **Author's copy, copiously annotated with additional poems and corrections (1848-1861).

MSS no: *170/336  
Davis, John Edward (1816-1877). Log of H.M.S. Samarang, Charles H. Paget, Esq., Captain (June 6, 1831-September 28, 1834).

Physical Description: **26 panoramic sketches of the coast line of South America (fourteen in watercolour; twelve in pencil); five pen-and-ink charts of Maceio Bay, Panama, Acapulco, Mazatlan and Guaymas Harbor; etc.

MSS no: 170/337
The History of Gabra Krestos, son of the Emperor Theodosius II (Ethiopia 15th century). **The events of this history seem to be entirely apocryphal.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on vellum. 102 leaves, with two paintings (fol. 1, 54).

MSS no: 170/338
Sephardic Ballads, Prayers and Folk-Songs (Rhodes ca. 1750-1900). **Judeo-Spanish texts written in Hebrew characters.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 183 leaves.

MSS no: 170/339
[Young, Charles B.?] Journal (September 26, 1846-July 3, 1847). **Record of the voyage of the transport Loo Choo from New York to San Francisco carrying units of Colonel Jonathan D. Stevenson's 1st New York Volunteer Regiment to participate in the military conquest of California. Included are descriptions of life aboard the vessel, in San Francisco and at Santa Barbara, where the troops were on garrison duty.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 52pp.

MSS no: ***170/340
Caldecott, Randolph (1846-1886). A Farmer Went Trotting upon his Grey Mare. With... Original Drawings (ca. 1880).

Physical Description: Printed 20 leaves; nine original ink drawings interleaved with eleven printed pages.

MSS no: 170/341  
Lewis, Matthew Gregory (1775-1818). Scrap-Book (July 1, 1801). **Commonplace book completely filled with fragments, quotations, excerpts and poetry, all by other people.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 184pp.

MSS no: 170/342
Views of the Taj Mahal (ca. 1830). Original watercolour paintings. **Finely executed views and details of the Taj Mahal by an unknown artist.

Physical Description: 12 leaves.

MSS no: 170/343
Heber, Reginald, bp of Calcutta (1783-1826). Palestine: a Prize-Poem (Oxford? 1803). **First published at Oxford, 1807. Ex libris: William Jones, 1803.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 32 leaves.

MSS no: 170/344
Heber, Reginald, bishop of Calcutta (1783-1826). A Ballad. Published in Chester.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 13 leaves, with original wash paintings.

MSS no: 170/345
Browning, Elizabeth (Barrett) (1806-1861). Answers to Questions. **21 numbered remarks on spiritualism, apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3pp.

MSS no: *170/346: 1
Blessington, Marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of (1789/1849). The Follies of Fashion, or The Beau Monde of London in 1835. (London ca. 1836). A satirical sketch, publishing history unknown.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 17 leaves.

MSS no: *170/346: 2
Blessington, Marguerite (Power) Farmer Gardiner, countess of (1789-1849). Lady Blessington and her Court (London: The Hawthorne Press, s.a.). **Includes 4 pencil & tinted drawings of Lady Blessington & Gore House by Alicia Darrington.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 21 leaves; illustrations.

MSS no: 170/347
Bible. Manuscripts, Greek. New Testament (Greek ca. 1100). **The Peckover-Foot Codex. Miniatures of the Evanglists.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 254 leaves; illuminated.

MSS no: 170/348
Bible. Manuscripts. Latin. Old and New Testaments England? s. XIII & #178;). Red and blue throughout with many large elaborately executed capitals. Fols. 355-388: Langton's Interpretationes Hebraicorum Nominum. Cf. Ferrari, pp.65-69.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on vellum.

MSS no: 170/349
Extracts (English 1808). **Commonplace book, Affectionately dedicated to Captain Colquhoun by one of the sincerest of his friends. Beautifully decorated with many fine watercolour drawings.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 141pp.

MSS no: 170/350
Wilson, John (1785-1854). [Notes for the teaching of various courses at the University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh 1848-1850). **Courses in Greek, logic, and moral philosophy.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: *170/351
Schoenbartbuch. [Nuremberg ca. 1600.] **Chronicle of the Nuremberg carnival with finely executed paintings of costumes and floats from 1449 to 1539. Includes coats of arms of the noble families of Nuremberg.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 116 leaves, illustrations.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: *170/352
Patricii respublicae Nuremberg (Nuremberg ca. 1590). **Genealogical work on the noble families of Nuremberg with 83 iron engravings by Johann Kaler.

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed. 215 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: *170/353
Geschlecht Buch des heiligen Reichstatt Nuremberg (Nuremberg ca. 1600). **Genealogical book on the noble families of Nuremberg with 81 iron engravings by Johann Kaler of noblemen (handsomely hand-coloured).

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed. 369 leaves.

MSS no: *170/354
Geschlecht Buch dess heiligen Reichs Stat Nüremberg (Nuremberg 1610). **Genealogical work on the noble families of Nuremberg with 81 iron engravings of noblemen by Kaler. Handcoloured engraved coat of arms pasted inside front cover.

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed, 195 leaves.

MSS no: *170/355
Der Annder Thaill. Nürembergische Cronica Nuremberg ca. 1600-1627). **Chronicle listing events from 1530 to 1627. Numerous coats of arms and watercolour paintings of a float and a participant from the 1539 carnival.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 357 leaves; illustrations.

MSS no: 170/356
Pascoe, Charles Eyre, fl. 1870. The Dramatic List: a Record of the Principal Performances of Living Actors and Actresses of the British Stage (London: Hardwicke and Bogue, 1879). **Interleaved copy. About 100 original letters from various actors and actresses.

Physical Description: 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/357
Hallowell, Maine. Methodist Church. Hallowell class no. 1st. Daniel Wadsworth, leader (Hallowell, Maine, 1827-1835). **Attendance record book with various facts.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 20 leaves.

MSS no: 170/358
Bonino, Marco. Sketchbook of machines and inventions (N. Italy, s. XVI²; France, s. XVII). **About 400 ink drawings of weight-moving machines, water pumps, clockworks, etc., mostly derived from the works of Francesco di Giorgio Martini and Marianus Jacobus Taccola. Cf. Ferrari, pp.69-70; detailed description, S.A. Bedini in the Collections File.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 70 leaves.

MSS no: 170/359
Euripides. The Hecuba of Euripides... for the use of schools and colleges. (London, 1852). **Annotated with amusing notes and drawings throughout by Henry Charles Brougham, 3rd baron, 1853-1854, whilst a student at Eton.


MSS no: *170/360
Collection of four works on the Chinese language Beijing ca. 1721/1723). (a) Basilio de Gemona, Franciscan, Table of Chinese characters, 34 leaves; (b) Francisco Varo, Dominican, Spanish-Chinese dictionary, translated into Italian by Ven. Barthelemy Ferrari, Barnabite, 123 leaves; (c) Ferrari, Compendium compiled from the dictionary of Basilio da Gemona, 18 leaves; (d) Ferrari, Chinese-Latin dictionary, 398 leaves Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on rice paper.

MSS no: *170/361
Lancaster, Thinne. The Plea between the Advocate and the Antadvocate ... [concerning] Bath and Batholor Knights (ca. 1600). **Phillipps manuscript no.8979.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 30 leaves.

MSS no: *170/362
Overbury, Sir Thomas (1581-1613). His observations upon the State of the 17 provinces and of France, and first upon that of the United Province (s.l. s.a.). **First published London, 1626; originally written, 1609. Early 17th century copy. Phillipps Manuscript no.12376.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 40pp.

MSS no: *170/363
Griffin, Francis. [Legal document concerning the debts against the estate, both real and personal, of Francis Griffin (1694/1695). Phillipps Manuscript no.13819.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 16pp.

MSS no: *170/364
System or method observed by the Mexicans and other nations of New Spain in their Division of Time (ca. 1830). **Phillipps Manuscript no.16177. An essay on the Mexican calendar.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 19pp.

MSS no: *170/365
Collection of legal documents (English, ca. 1822). **Copies of wills and marriage settlements relating to Sir Thomas Plumer, Sir Gregory Page Turner, and Henry Yonge. Phillipps Manuscript no.20133.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 5 items.

MSS no: 170/366
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. [ Cérémonies pour la reception et la sepulture des religieux de St. Denis] (St Denis, Francie, 17th century). **Phillipps Manuscript no.1978. Burial service for the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of St. Denis.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on vellum. 19 leaves.

MSS no: 170/367
Empereurs, rois et princes regnants du 18e siècle ca. 1750). **Phillipps Manuscript no.10610. Chronology of the states of Europe, 1700-1745, with lists of rules from the late 17th century to 1748. At end is a short chronology of France, 1515/1709.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 92 leaves.

MSS no: 170/368
Instructions politiques, contenant les vertus necessaires a un prince pour bien et heureusement gouvernere les subjects. Du vice et de la vertu. Les peuples sont attaches par une si forte chaine aveq le prince qui les commande (France s. XVII ex.). **Phillipps Manuscript no.13144. An essay on political science.


MSS no: 170/369
Sylloge antiquitatum <<Romanorum>> cum figuris (Netherlands ca. 1700). **Phillipps Manuscript no.2445. Copiously illustrated with original drawings and mounted engravings by Ludolf Smids.

Physical Description: Manuscript in Latin, 399pp., illustrations.

MSS no: 170/370
Phosphorus historicus seu chronologicae tabulae, citatis auctoribus illustratae, opera et studio L(udolf) Smids, M.D. Scriptore P(etrus) Vlaming. (Holland ca. 1700). **Phillipps Manuscript no.2456. A chronology of world history beginning with Adam and Eve, including a chronology of Rome, with a few engravings by Smids of Roman coins mounted on several leaves. Ex libris: E.H.W. Meyerstein.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 333 leaves.

MSS no: 170/371
Proscenium antiquitatis adornatum a Lud. Smids, M.D. ... ornat suppl. Petrus Vlaming. (Holland ca. 1700). Phillipps Manuscript no.2499. Subject index to the great writings of ancient Rome; a few engravings by Smids of Roman coins mounted on several leaves. Ex libris: E.H.W. Meyerstein.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/372
Commonplace Book. (French ca. 1730). **Phillipps Manuscript no.2500. The first and longest item (22 leaves) is Les enluminures du jeu de la constitution.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 47 leaves.

MSS no: *170/373
Taylor, Joseph (1761 or 1762/1844). Rudiments of Useful Knowledge, conveyed by Symbols and Mathematical Figures; ruled forms; abstracts, & c. (England, ca. 1810/1825). **Author's own collection.

Physical Description: Holograph and printed, 55pp.

MSS no: 170/374
Spittler, Ludwig Timotheus, Freiherr von (1752-1810). Vorlesung über die Geschichte der weltlichen deutschen Staaten.... (Göttingen 1782). **Phillipps Manuscript no.18545. Course of lectures on the electors of the Holy Roman Empire.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 553pp.

MSS no: *170/375
Bouilly, Jean Nicolas (1763-1842). Les jeunes femmes: fesant suite aux contes et avec conseils à ma fille (France 1819). **First published in Paris, 1820.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 127 leaves.

MSS no: *170/376
An Enquiry into the Situation and Circumstances of Horace's Sabine Villa. Written during Travels through Italy in the years 1776-77. (England, ca. 1785).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 67pp.

MSS no: 170/377
Hearne, Thomas (1678-1735). Reliquiae Hearnianae: the Remains of Thomas Hearne... being extracts from his Ms. Diaries, collected with a few notes by Philip Bliss... Second edition, enlarged (London: John Russell Smith, 1869). **With notes in ink by William Gaskell Rouse. Ex libris: E.H.W. Meyerstein.

Physical Description: 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/378
Bird Paintings Collection (England? ca. 1830).

Physical Description: 72 items. Original watercolour paintings.

MSS no: 170/379
L., R. Of the soule of the man Adam, in the earthly or blouddy being; and of the state thereof in the deified being: of his fall and restauration: a short declaration to those that can comprehend understtanding [and Parables for Pastime]. (English, ca. 1700).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 51 leaves.

MSS no: *170/380
[Reports of Venetian Ambassadors from Spain, Rome, and France, various places (1558-1623). **Relazione ... Michel Soriano ritornato ambasciatore da Filippo Re di Spagna l'anno 1560; Rel. ... Bernardo Navagero ... Tornando di Roma ambasciatore a Papa Paolo IV l'anno 1558; Rel. ... Giovanni Correro Tornato ambasciatore dal Re di Francia l'anno 1570; Conclave di Papa Gregorio XIIII ... l'anno 1590; Prerogative e doveri del Nunzio di Napoli; Conclave per l'elezione di Urbano VIII Barberini l'anno 1623. The first 3 reports are published.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 186 leaves.


See also: Ferrari, p.71.

MSS no: 170/381
The Practice of the Court of Chancery in the Grand Sessions for the Several Countys of Glamorgan, Brecon & Radnor (England, ca. 1750-1790). **A commonplace book containing various legal definitions and explanations.


MSS no: 170/382
Jacobus de Voragine. Sermones de tempore, with additions (Italy s. XIV²). **Bound in wooden boards.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 389 leaves.


See also: Ferrari, pp.72-75.

MSS no: *170/383
Legal Broadsides (Mexico, printed by Pedro Ocharte, ca. 1560).

Physical Description: Printed legal forms, filled in by hand.

MSS no: 170/384
[Granjux, Giovanni Giuseppe?] Apparecchi e feste della citta di Fossano per l'arrivo del suo nuovo e sospirato Vesco Monsignore Luigi Fransoni, Patrizio Genovese . (Fossano, Italy 1821). **Fransoni (1789-1862) was appointed Bishop in 1821. This poem describes his procession and welcome by the town.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 193 leaves.

MSS no: 170/385
Marolles, Michel de (1600-1681). Catalogue de livres d'estampes & de figures en taille-douche. Avec un dénombrement des pièces qui y sont continuës. Fait à Paris en l'année 1672 (Paris? ca. 1825). **Manuscript copy, made about 1825, of the book published in 1672. It is a continuation of Marolles's work of 1666.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 86pp.

MSS no: 170/386
Collection of Church Music, some traditional, some by individuals. (England, ca. 1850). **Possibly compiled by W.H. Sinnett. Missing first leaf. Many of the hymns are Welsh.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 60 leaves.

MSS no: 170/387
Collection of Songs and Music (England 18th century). **Includes 2 songs by Shakespeare. Ex libris: Isaac Foot.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 25 leaves.

MSS no: 170/388
Frescobaldi, Girolamo (1583-1643). Fiori musicali di diverse compositioni toccate, kyrie, canzoni, capricci, ricercari in partitura a quatro utili per sonatori autore Girolamo Frescobaldi. Organista di San Pietro di Roma . (Venice: Alessandro Vicenti, 1635). (Germany?). **Apparently this is a manuscript copy made from the work published at Venice in 1635.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 71pp.

MSS no: 170/389
Arie e duetti di diversi autori replicati (Italy s.a.). **Compositions for solo voice and accompaniment by Rinaldo di Capua, Leonardo Vinci, Nicola Antonio Porpora, and Leonardo Leo.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 95 leaves.

MSS no: 170/390
Pallavicini, Carlo (1630-1688). La Gierusaleme liberata (Italy). **An opera. Ex libris: Charles Montagu, Earl of Manchester (1660?-1722).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 133 leaves.

MSS no: 170/391
Bononcini, Giovanni Battista (1670-1755?). Il Ciro arie del Bononcini (Italy s.a.). **Arias from Bononcini's opera Ciro ovvero Odio ed amore, produced in 1721.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 58 leaves.

MSS no: 170/392
[Sarri, Domenico (1679-1744).] Gli amanti generosi. **Act III only. Music for an opera, Teatro dei Fiorentini, Naples, May 15, 1735.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 62 leaves.

MSS no: *170/393
Accounts of Three Trials (England, ca. 1650). **Divorce of Lady Frances Howard and the Earl of Essex, 1613; Trial of Richard Weston et al. for murdering Sir Thomas Overbury, 1615; Trial of Lord Mervin Touchet, Earl of Castlehaven, for rape and sodomy, 1631. Phillipps Manuscript no.21547.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 253pp.

MSS no: 170/394
High Life. A Novel (England, ca. 1815). **Publishing history unknown: possibly published under another title. A novel called High Life was published in 1827, but it is apparently a different work.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/395  
Bennett, Raphael Fabian (1895-1957). The Shelter of the Cloth (Los Angeles, ca. 1950). **An unpublished novel about Mexico in the time of Benito Juarez. The author was the actor Ray Bennett.

Physical Description: Corrected Typescript, 395 leaves.

MSS no: 170/396: 1-3
Grolig, Moriz (b. 1873). Bibliography of Toten-Gespräche or Dialogues of the Dead, 1495-1792. (Venice ca. 1900-1950).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/397
Sala, George Augustus Henry (1828-1895). The Real Woman in White. (A Story told without Disparagement to Mr. Wilkie Collins). (England, ca. 1873). **Publishing history unknown.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 19 leaves.

MSS no: *170/398
Kingsley, Henry (1830-1876). The Hillyars and the Burtons: a Story of Two Families (England, ca. 1865). **Part of a novel, in 3 vol., published in 1865 by Macmillan.

Physical Description: 29 leaves only.

MSS no: 170/399
Hawkins, Sir Anthony Hope (1863-1933). The Dolly Dialogues by Anthony Hope, with 18 illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy (New York 1901). **Tipped in are two letters from Hawkins to Robert Howard Russell, the publisher, October 10, 1899 and April 9, 1901, and a letter from Christy to Russell.


MSS no: 170/400
Petrus Ximenes, frater. Clara & perutilisque explanatio in logam parvam Aristotelis (Spain 1744). **A treatise on Duns Scotus' work on Aristotle. On the first three leaves are ink and watercolour decorations.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 224 leaves.

MSS no: 170/401
Ville-Toustain, <197> de. Tragedie de la naissance, ou création du monde (France s.a.). **Manuscript copy by F.F. Dyot of the printed book, apparently published in the 17th century.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 32pp.

MSS no: 170/402
Howe, Solomon (1760-1835). [ Hymns and tunes, interspersed with accounts, inventories, family records, and essays on music (Massachusetts ca. 1805-1822)]. **Apparently Solomon Howe's master-copy in which he noted everything he wrote.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 112pp.

MSS no: ***170/403
Manuscript leaves. **An extensive collection of manuscript leaves, mostly in Latin (9th-16th centuries). For the Latin texts.

Physical Description: Manuscript, ca. 125 leaves in 2 boxes.


See also: Ferrari, pp.209-362.

MSS no: *170/404
Forster, John, 1812-1876. The Life of Charles Dickens (London, 1872-1874). **Extra-illustrated copy by William Miller, Shoreditch, England, with about 540 original letters and about 2000 pictures and ephemera, all relating to persons and places in the biography. A list of letters is in the collections file.

Physical Description: 3 vol. in 12.

MSS no: 170/405
Woodward, Robert William. An easy Introduction to Reading and Spelling (London, 1829).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 48pp.

MSS no: 170/406
Palmotta, Giacomo, cavliere. Descrizione del terremoto di Ragusa, avvenuto il giorno 6 Aprile 1667, fatta in versi Illirici dal rinomato Cavaliere Giacomo Palmottz Raguseo, e tradotta in Italiano volgare dal Signor Marino Slatarichi Raguseo, e copiata a Ragusa il 7 Marzo 1819 da Marco Marinovich (Ragusa [Dubrovnik] 1819). Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 101 leaves.

MSS no: 170/407
Paer, Fernando, 1771-1839. La Camilla [o il Sotterraneo] ... in Roma dell'archivico di Derosi concetti, Posto al Teatro Valle in Via Canestrari, no.8 (Italy ca. 1800). **An opera in three acts, includes music and words.

Physical Description: Manuscript, music. 2 vol.

MSS no: *170/408
Newton, William, vicar of Gillingham, Dorset. A vindication of the Reverend Dr. White Kennett, Dean of Peterborough, as to his writings, & conduct of his Life: on Occasion of several Late Jacobite Libels against him (England 1717). **This biography, with substantial changes and omissions, was published in London in 1730 (cf. Special Collections BX 5199 K3N4).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 335 leaves.

MSS no: 170/409
Bannatyne Club, Edinburgh. Ephemera (Edinburgh ca. 1822-1833). **Includes lists of rules, members, candidates, club publications, invitations, notices, etc.

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed. 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/410
Bégon, Michel, 1638-1710. Five letters concerning the foreign relations between France and Morocco, ca. 1700. **Two of the letters are from Mulai Isma'il, 3rd sultan of Morocco, on a proposal of marriage between the sultan and a daughter of Louis XIV; one letter is from Louis XIV.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 22pp. (copy).

MSS no: *170/411
Mechanical Engineering. Two courses: on the theoretical construction of machines, and on steam engines (ca. 1850).

Physical Description: Manuscript, German; illustrated with many skillful ink drawings.

MSS no: 170/412
The Amateur: a Journal of General Literature; Critical, Historical, Philosophical, Comical, Tragical, Political, Poetical, & Social; with illustrations by eminent artists (London, 1847-1848). **Edited by George & J.S. Cavell.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 292pp.

MSS no: 170/413
Gerard, John(?), translator. Desiderius, or the Readie Way to the Loue of God. Written in dialogue wise, under learned and pleasaunt allegories. First put forth in the Spanish Tonge; and after translated into Latin: and nowe lately into Englishe for the behoof of the deuout of our nation (ca. 1595). **Apparently unpublished translation from the Spanish version by Miguel Comalada.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 84 leaves.

MSS no: 170/414
Recueil de quantité de pieces galantes. Tant en contes qu'en epigrammes (1710).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 496+ leaves. **Frontispiece painted in colour on vellum.

MSS no: 170/415
R., A. Female head dresses from y[e] antique. (1833). Original water-colour drawings of Greek coins, all showing women's heads, made from the coin collection of Thomas Burgon.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 20 leaves.

MSS no: 170/416
[Courtin, called Maur, novice.] Copie d'une lettre écrite de l'Abbaye de la Trappe a Madame de Ligny, Chanoinesse Desainte Marie a Metz (France November 1706). **Account of the Abbey of Notre Dame de la Trappe.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 39 leaves.

MSS no: 170/417
Tennyson, Alfred, baron (1809-1892). Poems (London, 1848). Extra-illustrated edition with 57 pen and ink drawings by Robert Spencer Borland for his mother.


MSS no: 170/418
Havas, Charles Louis (1783-1858). Letters to Havas from J.P. de Roure and H.G.W. (London, 1810/1813). **Approximately 220 letters, written in French. Bound by Doll.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/419
Lyra apostolica, Second edition. (London, 1837).

Physical Description: **Interleaved copy withnotes by Charles Arthur Griffith, Moberley, and Pusey.

MSS no: *170/420
France. Bibliothèque nationale. Cabinet des titres. Cata-logue de la collection des pièces originales. 3061 vol. (Paris, 1896). **Listed alphabetically.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/421
Lilford, Thomas Littleton Powys, 4th baron (1833-1896). Catalogue of the books in the study at Lilford Hall (Oundle, Peterborough, 1879). **Arranged alphabetically by author; many of the books are on ornithology.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 139 leaves.


See also: 170/423 and 170/437.

MSS no: *170/422
Williamson, George Charles (1858-1942). Scrapbook devoted to Angelica Kauffmann, the painter (ca. 1920-1925).

Physical Description: **Numerous photographs of her paintings, clippings and other ephemera. 55 leaves.

MSS no: 170/423
Lilford, Thomas Littleton Powys, 3rd baron (1801-1861). Catalogue of the books in the study at Lilford Hall (Oundle, Peterborough, 1840-1845).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 139 leaves. **Arranged alphabetically by author


See also: 170/421 and 170/437.

MSS no: 170/424
Ashley, William Thomas B. A Catalogue of the Library (ca. 1865-1875). **The library was auctioned by Sotheby's on March 20, 1876.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 129 leaves.

MSS no: 170/425
Pettre, Hon. Edmund George. An Historical Description of the Steam Engine, from its first invention up to the present time. Part 1 (Birmingham, 1844).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 48 leaves; illustrations.

MSS no: 170/426
Murasaki shikibu (b. 978). Genji utakagami (Japan, January 1818). **Collection of poems taken from The Tale of Genji. Manuscript copied by Masayuki Kuboshima.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 107 leaves.

MSS no: 170/427
Ashton, John (b. 1834). Florizel's folly (London, 1899). **Extra illustrated copy with a large number of pictures of persons and places mentioned in the book. Anecdotes of the life of George IV.


MSS no: 170/428
Caricatures. Volumes 3 and 4 only (English, ca. 1835/1840). **These clever and well executed caricatures have been attributed to Mark Lemon. vol.3 has 36 caricatures; vol.4 has 88.

Physical Description: 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/429
Dickenson, Samuel, of Blymhill, Staffordshire. Journals (1758-1798). **Journal of voyage to Goree in Africa; Journal Mediterranean, Gibraltar; Journal from London to Marseilles; Journal from Marseilles to Genoa; Journal from Florence to Rome and Journies [sic] in Wales; tropical trees, fruits, grains; The Campidoglio a Roma.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 8 vol.

MSS no: *170/430
Cervantes, Miguel. [ Illustrations by various artists for Don Quixote] (Madrid, 1780).

Physical Description: **77 leaves. Original engravings mounted on sheets.

MSS no: 170/431
Dizionario delle Venete famiglie patrizie (Venice, ca. 1650). **Arranged alphabetically by family. Includes about 700 painted coats-of-arms. Formerly owned by Sir Henry Austen Layard.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 147 leaves.

MSS no: 170/432
Metcalfe, Theophilus (fl. 1649). Metcalf's [sic] Short-Hand corrected & improved by Dr. I.W. (1763). ca. 1810. **Perhaps a copy of a printed edition.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 29 leaves.

MSS no: 170/433
Metcalfe, Theophilus (fl. 1649). Metcalf's [sic] Short-Hand improved by Dr. I. Watts (ca. 1750?).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 22 leaves.

MSS no: *170/434
Cunliffe Library. Catalogue of the Cunliffe Library (ca. 1885). **The Library was auctioned by Sotheby's in May 1946.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 183 leaves.

MSS no: 170/435
Padua. Università. In Christi nomine amen (Padua, 1681). **Doctoral diploma issued to Alexander Mantuanus, with skillful miniature painting in oils.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 4 leaves.

MSS no: 170/436
Huband, W. Essays on English Orthography ... to which is annexed an orthographical vocabulary (Dublin, ca. 1810).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 85 leaves, and interleaved by the author's son, with copious notes and revisions.

MSS no: *170/437
Lilford, Thomas Powys, 2nd baron (1775-1825). Catalogue of the Lilford Library (Oundle, Peterborough, ca. 1815-1840).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 49 leaves.


See also: 170/421 and 170/423.

MSS no: 170/438
Scott, Christopher. De natura et gratia (Rome?, ca. 1850). **Lectures on theology written in English.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/439
[Foxe, John (1516-1587)]. The Lives of the English Martyrs epitomized (ca. 1750). **Paraphrase of Foxe's Actes and Monuments.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 317 leaves.

MSS no: *170/440
Earl, Guy Chaffee (1861-1935). Recollections (Oakland, 1925).

Physical Description: Carbon typescript, 231 leaves.

MSS no: 170/441
Weston, James. Mr. James Weston's New Method of Short Hand (1744).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 75 leaves.

MSS no: 170/442
Domenico Calvalca. Volgarizzamento dei Dialogih de s. Gregorio Magno. Translated from Latin into Italian by Domenico Cavalca (Venice? s. XV ex.).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 120 leaves.


**See Ferrari, pp.75-77.

MSS no: 170/443
Chinese-Latin Dictionary. Chinarum librum litteracaracter (ca. 1725).

Physical Description: Manuscript rice paper. 597 leaves.

MSS no: *170/444
Rome (City). Museo Capitolino. Copy drawings from the Statues, Busts & Relics in the Capitol at Rome (1822).

Physical Description: Original drawings 228 leaves.

MSS no: *170/445
Dong-Kook-Yu-Ji-Do (Korea 1889). **Copy of an 18th century map of Korea. The original seems to have been lost.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 8 folding maps.


See also: N.J.W. Thrower, Imago Mundi 21, 1967.

MSS no: 170/446
Reminiscences of Inyo County, ca. 1885-1954 (Los Angeles, 1952-1954). **Transcripts of 16 interviews with pioneer Inyo County residents.

Physical Description: Typescript, 389 leaves.

MSS no: 170/447
Reserved for Inglis manuscripts.


MSS no: 170/448  
Robinson, William Heath (1872-1944). Illustrations for The Child's Arabian Nights (England, ca. 1905). **The work itself was published in 1906.

Physical Description: 49 original drawings, 12 are water-coloured. 88 leaves.

MSS no: 170/449
Holloway, Ernest Ferrers. The New Koran, or The Truth as I See It (London 1938-1939). **An attempt to synthesize the world's various religions. Inscribed An den Reichs-kanzler [Adolf Hitler] mit Grüssen von E.F. Holloway. Reputed to have been found in Hitler's library.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 135 leaves.

MSS no: 170/450
[Scargill, William Pitt (1787-1836).] The Usurer's Daughter. (England, ca. 1830). **Original manuscript with corrections. The work itself was published in 1832.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 420pp.

MSS no: 170/451
Mohn, Einar (b. 1906). Teamster Leader (San Francisco, 1970). **Transcript of a tape recorded interview.

Physical Description: Typescript (carbon). 764 leaves.

MSS no: *170/452
Hedley, Anthony. Commonplace Books (Hexham, North-umberland, ca. 1808-1834). **Hedley was a clergyman at Kirk Whelpington, Hexham. These volumes contain copies of his letters; copies of burial and other records; extracts from books; and notes of antiquarian interest. A list of contents appears at vol.3, p.428.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/453
The Gossip. no.62-69 (Lincoln, England, April 5-May 30, 1820). **A literary periodical issued by a group of friends for their own amusement. Includes a mock Gothic novel, The Haunted Priory, a Legendary Fragment (1819).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 129 leaves, illustrated by watercolour drawings.

MSS no: 170/454  
Schaertlin, Alberto Muller. The Yellow Count, with the Japanese Check of 138 Million Yen (New York, 1935). **An account of a swindle based on fraudulent papers from the Russo-Japanese War. Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Typescript with holograph corrections.

MSS no: 170/455
[Guglielmi, Pietro Carlo (ca. 1763-1817). [ La donna di più caratteri. Libretto by Giuseppe Palomba (ca. 1805)]. **An opera, in two acts, published by Marsigli-Rossi, Bologna, 1806.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/456
[Hymn Book, (American, ca. 1800).] Manuscript music. **Ebenezer Alden's property. 1804. A few popular songs appear at the end. Scorched by fire.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 91 leaves.

MSS no: 170/457
[Song Book (American, ca. 1800)]. ** Ex libris: Ebenezer Alden. Scorched by fire.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 100pp.

MSS no: 170/458
[Song (American, ca. 1800)]. ** Ex libris: Alden. Includes's Ariel's song from Shakespeare (p.36).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 56pp. Scorched by fire.

MSS no: *170/459 v
1-3. Patten-Saunders, W.H., Captain. Black and Gold; or, The Don! the Don! A Tale of the Circassian War (England, ca. 1864). **Published in 1864.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/460
[Hymn and Song Book (American, ca. 1825)].

Physical Description: Manuscript, 98pp.

MSS no: *170/461
Jesuits. Paraguay. [Documents concerning the Investigation of the Dispute between Bishop Bernardino de Cardenas and the Jesuits of Paraguay] (ca. 1664-1665). Phillipps Manuscript no.16172, 17405.

Physical Description: Manuscripts, 130 leaves.

MSS no: *170/462
Mexico. Tesoreía. Account book for the year 1715, under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez (Mexico City[?], 1715-1716).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 270 leaves.

MSS no: 170/463
Vincent, Sir Francis, 10th bart. (1803-1880). Katharine's Son (England, ca. 1864). **A novel in 3 vol., with copious additions and corrections. Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/464
[St John, Isabella, Lady.] The Legacy (England, ca. 1835). **Four stories, published by Richard Bentley as Mrs Cleveland, and the St. Clairs'.

Physical Description: Defective manuscript.

MSS no: *170/465
England. Politicial History. Collection of Twelve Manuscripts and one printed broadside concerning treaties and foreign relations between England and various European countries (ca. 1502-1659). **Apparently, official documents.


MSS no: 170/466
Bible. Manuscripts, Armenian. N.T. ** The Minassian Codex.


MSS no: 170/467
Armenian manuscript. **Silver cover.


MSS no: 170/468
Ward, John. A Treatise of Hydrostaticks (England, 1763). **Also on Astronomy.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 126 leaves.

MSS no: *170/469
Santa Maria Buenavista. Records of the Haciendas Santa Maria Buenavista and San Geronimo in Central Mexico (Mexico, ca. 1500-1700).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol. (417 leaves).

MSS no: *170/470
Spain. Archivo general de Indias, Seville. Simancas eclesiastico audiencia de Charcas. Cartas y espedientes del Cabildo Eclesiatico de Charcas vistos en el Cosejo. Ano 1566 à 1699 (Seville[?], ca. 1850). Transcript of arguments concerning the division of the Spanish colonial area of Charcas (Bolivia and parts of Peru, Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay). Lists of Spanish and Indian population etc.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 128 leaves.

MSS no: 170/471
Yale University. Yale catalogus senatus 1862 and lectures (New Haven, 1856-1863). Nine pamphlets relating to Yale courses and students. The final section consists of Outlines of Lectures, and is annotated.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: *170/472
Tehauacan, Mexico. [Book of Accounts (Tehuacan, 1642-1649)]. **Text chiefly in Náhuatl.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 187pp.

MSS no: 170/473
Bray, Anna Eliza (Kempe) Stothard (1790-1883). Trials of Domestic Life (London: Henry Colburn, 1848). **Copious holograph revisions, deletions and additions for reprint.

Physical Description: 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/474
Curtis, Edward Sheriff (1868-1952). Index of Curtis Negatives. **Numerical index to a privately held archive of negatives made by Curtis. Included are the negatives of Indians of North America.

Physical Description: Photocopies. 3 vol.

MSS no: *170/475
François I, King of France (1494-1547). [ Letters (1523-1524). **Written by several scribes, signed by Francis I, the letters concern Giovanni da Verrazzano's voyage of discovery to the New World in 1524. Letters 1-5 are addressed to M. de Chillon; letter 6 to a Vice Admiral (unidentified).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 6 items.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/476
[Meeks, Bernard M.] [Catalogue of Children's Books collected by Meeks (Arlington, Virginia, ca. 1955)].

Physical Description: **Typescript, 217 leaves. **About 1500 books at UCLA.

MSS no: 170/477
Reserved for Hungarian Manuscripts.


MSS no: 170/478
Rose, Florence (d. 1969). A Catalogue of the Margaret Sanger Papers, 1914-1939, in the Library of Congress. **Preliminary rough draft.

Physical Description: Typescript (Ozalid reproduction) 202 leaves.

MSS no: 170/479
O'Melveny, Henry William (1859-1941). Recollections (Los Angeles, 1939). **Remarks of senior partner of the law firm O'Melveny & Myers.

Physical Description: Typescript (photographic reproduction). 85 leaves.

MSS no: *170/480
Dalzell Hatfield Galleries, Los Angeles. Brochure on the painting A Hampshire Homestead by William Shayer, senior. (Los Angeles, 1933?).

Physical Description: Typescript, 15 leaves, illustrations.

MSS no: 170/481
California. Division of Highways. District VII. Route 166 between Long Beach Freeway and Atlantic Blvd (Los Angeles, 1959). **Transcript of public meeting held December 1, 1959.

Physical Description: 45pp., maps. With carbon copies of related material.

MSS no: 170/482
Rogers, Samuel (1763-1855). Italy, a Poem (London, 1835).

Physical Description: **Fore-edge painting of a waterfront cottage. Prize binding, 1839.

MSS no: 170/483
Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850). Poems, vol. II (London, 1803).

Physical Description: **Fore-edge Painting of ships.

MSS no: 170/484
Los Angeles. Department of Water and Power. Record of proceedings relating to the authorization, issuance, execution, sale and delivery of $22,775,000, Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles, electric plant refunding revenue bonds, issue of 1943. vol.2 (1943-1946).

Physical Description: Documents. 25 leaves.

MSS no: 170/454
Los Angeles. Department of Water and Power. Record of proceedings relating to the authorization, issuance, execution, sale and delivery of $15,000,000, Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles, electric plant refunding revenue bonds, issue of 1944 .

Physical Description: Documents. 97 leaves.

MSS no: 170/486
Middleton, Robert E. The Battle of Beau Coudray (Death Valley): an Eyewitness account (January 1948).

Physical Description: Typescript (carbon) 28 leaves.

MSS no: 170/487
California. Division of Highways. District VII. Project report on the Santa Ana Parkway, a state highway in Los Angeles, Anaheim and Santa Ana between Aliso Street, Los Angeles and First Street, Santa Ana (Los Angeles, 1948).

Physical Description: Text of report, 96pp.

MSS no: 170/488
California. Division of Highways. District VII. Project report for replacement of bridge and approaches ... at Rio Hondo Channel ... in Los Angeles County (Los Angeles, 1949).

Physical Description: Carbon Typescript of report, 35pp.

MSS no: 170/489
Hoover, John Edgar (1895-1972). Papers (Washington, D.C. ca. 1934-1937). **Papers, reports and lectures delivered by Hoover. These copies were sent to Leon Lambert, Chief of Provincial Police, Quebec.

Physical Description: Autograph letter signed; Mimeographs 3 vol. (ca. 528 leaves); illustrations. 16 letters from Hoover bound in.

MSS no: *170/490
Southern California Edison Company. 800,000 shares of common stock (1952). On incorporation, registration of S.E.C.

Physical Description: Carbon Typescript, etc.

MSS no: *170/491
Gebelin, François (b. 1884). Les chateaux de la renaissance (Paris, ca. 1927). Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: **Elaborately bound by Richert in full green morocco, upper cover inlaid in white touched with purple and black, within a gold rule; spine inlaid in brown.

MSS no: *170/492
Doré, Robert (b. 1890). L'art en Provence (Paris, ca. 1930). Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: **Elaborately bound by Richert.

MSS no: *170/493
Huard, Georges (b. 1887). L'art en Normandie (Paris ca. 1928). Ex libris: Charles Boyer

Physical Description: **Elaborately bound by Richert.

MSS no: *170/494
[Harris, Robert E.G.] The Many Faces of Spain (Madrid, 1974). **Articles in Spanish from the journal Blanco y Negro.

Physical Description: Typescript English translations.


See also: no.170/505.

MSS no: 170/495
Treat, Clara L. Trip to Boulder Dam (June 25, 1935).

Physical Description: Typescript, 27pp.

MSS no: 170/496
Extraits bibliographiques, ou recueil des auteurs les plus estimés dans divers genres: avec quelque détail de leurs ouvrages. Utile à ceux qui veulent former une bibliothèque choisie (1799). ** Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 187pp.

MSS no: 170/497
Hugo, Mme Adele (Foucher) (1806-1868). Victor Hugo raconté par un témoin de sa vie (Paris, 1863). **With letters from Hugo and F.A. Harel (1790-1846). Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: Extra-illustrated. 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/498
[Troupes françaises (Paris, 181-?). **107 plates removed from various editions of the Troupes françaises, uniforms of the French Army during the Napoleonic period. Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/499
[Keepsake Album (England? 1873-1877). **Messages addressed to Jenny from her classmates.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 48pp.

MSS no: 170/500
vol.1-2. Bethune, Joseph-Maximilian-Guislain, Marquis de (1705-1789), compiler. Receuil [sic] de chansons choisies (ca. 1750). **Songs.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/501
Recueil de morceaux concernant soit l'histoire soit la littérature (France, 1782). **Contains e.g. life of Marie-Theresa etc. Ex libris: Charles Boyer.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 40 leaves.

MSS no: *170/502
Janss Investment Company. Tract Book of Westwood Village and Franklin Avenue Square (Los Angeles, ca. 1937).

Physical Description: Typescript and maps. 25 leaves.

MSS no: 170/503
Thorne, Marco G. The Diary of Levi Stowell, (1849).


MSS no: 170/504
Moore, Thomas (1779-1852). The Poetical Works (London, 1846). **Fore-edge painting of street scene with neo-classic building, carriages, and children playing with a dog. Ex libris: Lawrence Durrell.


MSS no: *170/505
[Harris, Robert E.G., ed.] The Monuments of Spain (Madrid, 1975).**Articles in Spanish with Typescript English translations of captions to illustrations.

Physical Description: 2 vol.


See also: 170/494.

MSS no: 170/506
Cano y Nieto, Alonso (1711-1780). Nuevo aspecto de la topografia de Argel: su estado, fuerzas y govierno, comparado con el antiguo (ca. 1769). **Account of a trip made to Algiers in 1768-1769 to ransom Spanish captives and to gather information on Algerian military and naval strength.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 248pp.

MSS no: 170/507
Schneider, Walter Otto (1895-1962), compiler. Catalogs of Mr. Schneider's library and graphic arts collection (Los Angeles, ca. 1915-1962). Typescript (pasteup). **vol.1: Frans Masereel collection; vol.2: Miscellaneous books in the collection (willed to the UCLA Library).

Physical Description: 2 vol.

MSS no: **170/508
Ranchos of Southern California (ca. 1834-1883).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 86 maps in Spanish (390 × 560mm.).

Diseños : maps and plans of ranchos of Southern California, mostly within Los Angeles and Orange counties


MSS no: *170/509
Lermontov, Mikhail Iur'evrich (1814-1841). Izo dnia v den', izvlecheniia iz cochinenii Lermontova na kazhdyi den' goda (1886). **Calendar of selections from the works of Lermontov used as a memory book. The compiler was Olga Konstantinovna, the granddaughter of Tsar Paul I.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/510
Platt & Platt. Los Angeles City Business & Speculative District (Los Angeles, 1902). **Holograph maps of tracts of downtown Los Angeles.

Physical Description: 102 leaves.

MSS no: 170/511  
Keys, James M. The Spanish Missions of California and their Influence Today (Portland, 1949). **Thesis.

Physical Description: Carbon Typescript 169+ leaves.

MSS no: *170/512  
Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950). Ellen Terry and Bernard Shaw: their Correspondence. Preface only (Edinburgh, 1929). **Proof copy sent by Shaw to Edward Gordon Craig. Accompanied by two manuscripts written by Craig.

Physical Description: 51 leaves.

MSS no: 170/513
Ordenanzas del Baratillo de Mexico dada per via de exortazion o consejo a sus dotores. Compuestas por Don Pedro Anselmo Chreslos Jache (ca. 1800). **Analysis of the social and economic state of Mexico. Formerly Phillipps Manuscript no.21332.

Physical Description: Manuscript. 155 leaves.

MSS no: 170/514
Varios papeles jocoserios intitulados El Duende. Que salieron en diferentes Jeuves, de los anos 1735 y 1736. Segunda parte de la obra del Duende Critico de Palazio. **Satirical periodical, mostly in verse, directed principally against the minister Patino, and circulated only in manuscript copies during the 18th century.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/515
Clark, William Johnson (1918-1976)/Hartzell, James S. Author/Title Index for Adventure Magazine (Los Angeles, ca. 1971).

Physical Description: Photocopy, with manuscript additions. 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/515
Clark, William Johnson (1918-1976). Author/Title Index for Adventure Magazine (compiled by William J. Clark and James S. Hartzell (Los Angeles, ca. 1970).

Physical Description: Photocopy. 2 vol. with typescript additions.

MSS no: 170/516
Clark, William Johnson (1918-1976). Author/Title Index for Blue Book Magazine (Los Angeles, ca. 1970).

Physical Description: Photocopy. 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/517
Clark, William Johnson (1918-1976). Author/Title Index for Western Story Magazine (Los Angeles, 1970).

Physical Description: Photocopy. 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/518
Neumann, Robert G. Afghanistan: Experiment in Democracy (1977).

Physical Description: Oral History transcript.

MSS no: 170/519
Neumann, Robert G. Morocco & the Sahara (1977).

Physical Description: **Oral History Transcript.

MSS no: 170/520
Socii Bollandiani. Bibliotheca hagiographica Latina antiquae et mediae aetatis (Bruxelles, 1949). **Interleaved, copiously annotated by John M. Howe, UCLA Department of History, 1976-1977.

Physical Description: 4 vol.



MSS no: 170/521
Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Antiphonarium (Italy s. XV¹).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 70 leaves.


**See Ferrari, pp.77-78.

MSS no: 170/522
Hader, Berta (Hoerner). Rainbow's End (New York, 1945). **With an original watercolour on the half-title by Berta and Elmer Hader, inscribed to Frances Clarke Sayers.


MSS no: 170/523
Collins, Holdridge Ozro (b. 1844). Papers (1903-1907). **Mostly records received by Collins as General Historian of the General Society, Sons of the Revolution.

Physical Description: Manuscript & printed. 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/524
Rasis. Liber Almansoris (fragment (Italy s. XIII²).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 2 leaves.


**See Ferrari, pp.78-79.

MSS no: 170/525
Hurtado de Mendoza, Diego (1503-1575). De la Guerra de Granada (Spain, s. XVI ex. or XVI-XVII). **Account of the war against the Moors. First published in 1627.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 130 leaves.


See also: Ferrari, p.79.

MSS no: 170/526
Albert III and Leopold III, Dukes of Austria. Patent Letter in favour of Hermans von Landenberg (Neuenstadt, 12 May 1368).

Physical Description: Manuscript.


**See Ferrari, p.180.

MSS no: *170/527
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Missale and Liber censuum of the Church of Oker (Germany [Oker], s. XII-XVI).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 17 leaves.


**See Ferrari, pp.79-81.

MSS no: 170/528


MSS no: 170/529
Commonplace Book (England, s. XVI third quarter). **Notes on philosophy in Greek and Latin in dictionary form; geographical names; excerpts from Pausanias; notes on chronology, astrology, Latin-Greek dictionary from A to Ingratus; notes in Italian on geometry; list of Kings of England; laws of Anglo-Saxon Kings, in Latin; Laws of William the Conqueror, in Anglo-Norman and Latin; copies of documents in Anglo-Saxon. Ex libris: Laurence Nowell (d. 1576); William Lambarde (1536-1601), Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury (1504-1575).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 276 leaves.


See also: Ferrari, pp.81-82.

MSS no: **170/530
Weidenmann, Jacob (1829-01893). Contents of a scrapbook (1871-1894). **Comprises 92 original drawings of building designs by Weidenmann, landscape architect, including some for specific American gardens.

Physical Description: Manuscript and printed. 111 items.

MSS no: 170/531
Caballero y Góngora, Antonio, Cardinal (1723-1796). Relación del estado del Nuevo Reyno de Granada; que hace el Arsobispo obispo de Cordova, a su successor el excelentisimo senor Don Francisco Guyl de Lemos ano de 1789 (ca. 1789). **Caballero y Góngora was Viceroy of New Granada, i.e. Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, from 1782 to 1788.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 207 leaves.


See also: J.M. Perez Ayala's Antonio Caballero y Góongora (Bogota, 1951) pp.201-03, 297-392.

MSS no: 170/532
Commonplace book (English, ca. 1828).

Physical Description: **Includes water-colour drawings and pencil sketches.

MSS no: *170/533
Davey, Norman (b. 1888). The Pilgrim of a Smile (ca. 1921). **Mostly published, 1921.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 360 leaves.

MSS no: 170/534
Banks, Isabella (Varley) (1821-1897). The Slowly Grinding Mills (London, 1893).

Physical Description: 3 vol. Holograph revisions in vol.2-3.

MSS no: 170/535
Unger, Frank. It hath been said (1908). **Collection of literary quotations lettered and decorated by Unger.

Physical Description: Illuminated Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/536
Webb, Dorothy E. (Haldeman). Biography of Harry Marston Haldeman (Beverly Hills, 1976?).

Physical Description: Photocopy Typescript.

MSS no: 170/537
Cohen & Levy, Vallecito, California (Loan Receipt Book, April 19, 1859-April 9, 1867).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/538
San Francisco. St. Luke's Hospital. Articles of Incorporation and By Laws of the St. Luke's Hospital, San Francisco (November 30, 1885-October 18, 1900).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 192pp.

MSS no: *170/539
Brooks & Rouleau, searchers of titles, San Francisco. Abstract of title to [a] portion of block no.1, western addition as shown by the various records in the City and County of San Francisco (April 1866).

Physical Description: Document signed. 100pp.

MSS no: *170/540
Joseph & E.B. Clement, examiners of titles to real estate, San Francisco. Abstract of title to lot on Pacific St. (50 vara lot no.115) in the city and county of San Francisco, 1892.

Physical Description: Document. 173 leaves.

MSS no: 170/541  
Amesti, José. Cuaderno de cuentas dela case del J(os)é Amesti del año de 1840 [i.e. 1839] a 1850. **Account book of a prominent merchant of Monterey, California.

Physical Description: 128pp.

MSS no: 170/542
Augustinus, Aurelius, Saint, Bp of Hippo. Liber soliloquiorum. Netherlands, s. XV in.

Physical Description: Parchment 115 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/543
[Accounts of famous murders in 16th century Italy] (Padua? ca. 1600). **Murders of Vittoria Accoramboni Orsini, the Marchese de Massimi, and the Duchess of Paliano. Orsini's murder inspired John Webster's play, The White Devil. Phillipps Manuscript no.2433.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 60 leaves.

MSS no: 170/544
[Atlas and British History Book] (England, ca. 1783). **Contains a map of the world in two hemispheres and a double-page map of England and Wales.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 45 leaves.

MSS no: 170/545
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616. King Lear (English, 19th century), annotated by George MacDonald (1824-1905).

Physical Description: Printed (pp.433-544) and manuscript.

MSS no: 170/546
Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374. Rime. (Italy [Florence?], s. XIV/XV in. **Includes Ariosto's Orlando furioso XIV, XCII 1-6, 1. 97. Phillipps Manuscript no.4044.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment. 100 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/547
Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374. Trionfi etc. (Italy, 1426). **Includes the oldest dated manuscript of the life of Petrarch. Ex libris: Minocci family of Siena, s. XV; T. Phillipps.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 162 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/548
Howell, William E. Real Estate Tract Directory and Land Purchasers' Guide to Los Angeles County. (Los Angeles, 1888).

Physical Description: 278pp. & interleaving.

MSS no: 170/549
Cooke, C., firm, publishers, London. Proof prints of illustrations for Cooke's Pocket edition of the original and complete works of select poets, classics, and novels (London, 1795-1804).


MSS no: 170/550
Perrote, Luis. [ Judgment concerning the hidalguia of Luis Perrote] (Spain, 1590).

Physical Description: Parchment 28 leaves.


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/551
Cicero, Marcus Tullius. De amicitia (beginning only). (Italy s. XV/XVI).

Physical Description: Paper. Manuscript, one quire of ten leaves.


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: *170/552
Rabbi Samuel, Sermones etc., (Poland [Poznan], 1405). **Written by Johannes Faber of Poznan in 1405.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 166 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/553
Fioretto novello estratto della Bibbia (Venice, 1447).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 112 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/554
Woolf, Virginia (Stephen) (1882-1941). Mrs. Dalloway. London, Hogarth Press, 1925. **Inscribed to Jacques Raverat, February 6, 1925.

Physical Description: First proof with holograph corrections.

MSS no: 170/555


MSS no: *170/556
Heath, Charles (1785-1848). [ Engravings] (London, 1823-1825). **Accompanied by letter from heath to Dawson Turner, May 29, 1823.

Physical Description: 96 leaves.

MSS no: 170/557
Marchmont, A.C.V. Beauchamp Vernon: a Sketch (England, 1858). **Unpublished manuscript, with seven original watercolour and sepia tone illustrations.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 300pp.

MSS no: 170/558
Catholic Church. Liturgy and ritual. Confessional manual (S. France s. XIII med.).

Physical Description: Parchment. **One quire. In Latin and Provencal.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/559
Priuli, Francesco. Rifugio dei Miseri (Italy s. XV²).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 59 leaves.


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/560
George of Trebizond. Expositio in orationem M. Tullii Ciceronis pro Q. Ligario (Italy s. XV).


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/561
Pazzi, Antonio de; Torquato Tasso. Canzone, stanze (Italy s. XVI²).

Physical Description: One quire of 8 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/562
Borrow, George Henry (1803-1881). Lavengro (England, 1851; 1872).

Physical Description: Page Proofs, with manuscript note giving an account of the corrected page proofs.

MSS no: 170/563


MSS no: 170/564
Leighton, John (1822-1912). Alphabet Drawings (England s.a.). **Pencil sketches for a children's alphabet book (E-Z).

Physical Description: 10 items.

MSS no: 170/565
Carlson, Viola L. Margaret M. Gate: a Retrospective at Eighty-Five (Tujunga, California, 1981). **Gage was a dancer, choreographer, teacher, actress and philanthropist who came to Los Angeles in 1940. Includes reminiscences of Mary Wigman and Rabindranath Tagore.

Physical Description: Photocopy 116pp.

MSS no: 170/566


MSS no: 170/567 
Pomeroy, Everett. 1/2 Snap Shot at Mexico (New Orleans 1900). **Unpublished work illustrated with original photographs, some of which have been hand-coloured.

Physical Description: Typescript, 78pp.

MSS no: 170/568
Reade, Charles. The History of Poor Bob, the Chimney-Sweeper (Cheltenham 1842-1844). **A sequel to Edgeworth's story, illustrated by Reade. Apparently unpublished.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 35 leaves.

MSS no: *170/569
Thomson, Virgil (b. 1896). Introductory Solo and Saints' Procession from Four Saints in Three Acts an Opera by Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson (Ascain, July 1928).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 5 leaves.

MSS no: 170/570
Chiba, Toyoji (1881-1944). Memoirs.

Physical Description: 2 vol.

MSS no: 170/571
Cox, Palmer (1840-1924). [ The Brownies] (New York, ca. 1890?). **Original pen & ink drawings by Cox of the brownies.

Physical Description: 25 items.

MSS no: 170/572
Henry of Rimini, d. ca. 1314. De quattuor uirtutibus cardinalibus ad ciues Venetos (Germany, 1464).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 174 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/573
Ristretto delli Stati (s. XVII¹).


MSS no: *170/574
Ludolph of Saxony, 14th century. Expositio super Psalterium (Carthusians of St Barbara, Cologne s. XV¹). **s. XV. Bradfer-Lawrence collection.

Physical Description: Bound in stamped leather over reused boards.


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: *170/575
Reinmar von Zweter (s. XIII). Poems [Minnesang] (Germany s. XIII). **Published.

Physical Description: 2 fragments from a roll, removed from **A1 T365.


See also: Ferrari, Ferrari Supplement.

MSS no: 170/576
Anonymous. Diary of a resident near Downey, California (ca. 1876-1881). **Daily notes pertaining to farm chores, trips to Downey, Los Angeles, Chapman Ranch, El Monte, etc.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/577
James, I.W. [ Account book, ca. 1877/1891]. **Includes sketches e.g. San Vicente, lower California, 1888; Pico Oil Company's claim near Newhall Creek, 1891; county road near Newhall.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: *170/578
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th earl of (1694-1773). Letter to Bayley (London, June 5, 1753). **Chesterfield says he will purchase a commission as captain for him.


MSS no: *170/579
Charles II, king of England (1630-1685). An original autograph translation from the Latin by Robert Browning of the Grant of Arms by His Majesty King Charles II to Colonel William Careloss (England, ca. 1900).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 15 leaves.

MSS no: 170/580
Renouard, Antoine Augustin (1765-1853). Annales de l'imprimerie des Alde... Second édition (Paris, 1825).

Physical Description: 3 vol., with holographic annotations by the author.

MSS no: *170/581
De La Ramée, Louise (1839-1908). Animals of Florence [and] The New Danger.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 37pp.

MSS no: *170/582
Hobart, L.C. Original Sketches for The Ore-Seeker (1860).

Physical Description: 29 leaves.

MSS no: 170/583
Varia medica (S. Italy, s. XIII¹).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 51 leaves.


**See Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/584
Ludolph de Suchen, Voyages to the East (Bavaria s. XV ex.). **Belonged to the Benedictines of St Sebastian, Ebersberg.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 96 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/585
Anfangs und in der Mitte einige sehr wertvolle Volkslieder Auch ein. Mohamed slavische Rarität ersten Ranges (1848). **A fieldbook of Muslim and Slavonic folksongs and toasts.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/586
Gundolf, Friedrich (1880-1931). Gedichte für Elli (Germany, 1914-1920). **Poems for his wife, Elisabeth.

Physical Description: 3 vol.

MSS no: 170/587
Edgeworth, Lovell. Lectures on Chemistry by Dr. Black and Dr. Hope taken by Lovell Edgeworth in two volumes (Edinburgh 1796). **Half-brother of Maria Edgeworth.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 989pp.


The Library only has vol.1.

MSS no: 170/588  
Brooke, Henry. [ Journal of a Voyage on the Sailing Ship, Lord Warden, from London to Melbourne, Australia (October 7, 1873-January 19, 1874)].

Physical Description: Manuscript, 139pp. **Illustrated throughout by pen and ink sketches.

MSS no: 170/589
Giovanni da Sulmona. Opera (Sulmona 1440). **Only surviving copy of this poet's works. Signed and dated by the scribe Antonius Marianicus Sulmontinus. Belonged to the Franciscans of San Niccolo, Sulmona. Bound with other texts, including letter of Janos Hunyadi (d. 1456) to Matthias, Count of Bisterczew, and Prester John, De ritu et moribus Indorum.

Physical Description: Manuscript, paper. 105 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/590  
Stearns, Abel (1799-1871). Letters (Los Angeles, 1861-1864). **Copies of letters on Stearns's cattle and ranching business, real estate holdings in Los Angeles and San Diego counties, taxes, etc.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 480 leaves.

MSS no: 170/591
Catholic Church. Liturgy and Ritual. Breviary. (Netherlands s. XIV).

Physical Description: Fragments.


** See Rouse.

MSS no: 170/592
Poliziano, Angelo (1454-1494). Copy of letter to Piero de' Medici (Italy s. XV).

Physical Description: Paper. 2 leaves.


** See Rouse.

MSS no: 170/593
Pseudo-Phalaris. Epistolae, transl. Francesco Aretino (Italy, probably Naples, early 1460s).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 54 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/594
Anthony of Parma. Sermones (Germany s. XV).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 112 leaves.


**See Rouse.

MSS no: 170/595
Trattato di Mascalcia (Italy s. XV). **Treatise in Italian on veterinary medicine (horses).

Physical Description: Manuscript, paper 99 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/596
Florilegium (Netherlands s. XV). **Rear pastedown: liturgy (s. XII).

Physical Description: Manuscript, paper 331 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/597
St Augustine. Florilegium (Germany s. XIV). **Written by Albert de Hamm. Belonged to the Brothers of the Cross, Ostberg.

Physical Description: A small pocket book in ledger format.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/598
Eusebius, et al. (Germany, 1476). **Belonged to the Carthusians of Busheim.

Physical Description: Manuscript, paper 58 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/599
Berkeley, Mary (Cole), countess of (1767-1844). An Address to the Rt Hon. the Peers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1811). **Marginal notes by the Earl of Malesbury.


MSS no: 170/600
Crocker, J.R. Papers (1812-1816). **Largely concerned with efforts to suppress, on behalf of Mary, Countess of Berkeley, a novel by Thomas Ashe.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/601
Commonplace Book (England, ca. 1829-1833). **Poetry and prose selections of many writers in various hands; watercolour illustrations of birds, butterflies, and fruit.


MSS no: 170/602
Bagnall, Lucy Elizabeth (Sherwood) (1808-1835). Album (England, ca. 1828-1885). **Watercolours, pencil drawings and poems.


MSS no: 170/603


MSS no: 170/604  
Crisp, Elizabeth. Journal of a Voyage by Sea from Calcutta to Madras, and of a Journal from there back to Dacca (December 13, 1774-June 20,1775); Narrative of her Captivity in Barbary (1756).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 65pp.; 112pp.

MSS no: 170/605  
Collings, Jesse (1831-1920). Tour in United States and Canada (1899). **Collins was Under Secretary for the Colonies of the British Administration.

Physical Description: Typescript, 186pp.

MSS no: 170/606
Bradley, Omar Nelson (b. 1893). The Collected Writings of General Omar N. Bradley (1945-1975). **Speeches, testimony, statements, messages, tributes, interviews, etc.

Physical Description: 6 vol.; photocopies.

MSS no: 170/607
Bradley, Omar Nelson (b. 1893). Magazine articles by and about General of the Army Omar N. Bradley (1947-1975).

Physical Description: 6 vol.; photocopies.

MSS no: 170/608
Naubert, Christiane Benedicte Eugenie (1756-1819). Alf von Deulman; or, The History of the Emperor Philip and his Daughters. Translated from the German (London, 1794).

Physical Description: 2 vol. **Heavily annotated.

MSS no: 170/609
Anacreon. The Odes of Anacreon (London, 1787).

Physical Description: **Annotated.

MSS no: 170/610
Service, Robert William (1874-1958). Plowman of the Moon (Hollywood, California, 1944). **First draft of work published in 1945.

Physical Description: Typescript with holograph corrections.

MSS no: 170/611
Stoker, Bram (1847-1912). Dracula (New York, 1899). **Presentation copy to William Winter (November 1899), accompanied by letter from Stoker.


MSS no: 170/612
Summers, Montague (1880-1948). A Gothic Bibliography (London, 1941). **The author's copy.

Physical Description: Heavily annotated.

MSS no: 170/613
Frost, Lowell Chester (b. 1882). Poems of Hua-Lo (Los Angeles: Ward Ritchie, 1942).

Physical Description: **Inscribed and interleaved, with letter from Frost, and Typescript of additional poems.

MSS no: *170/614
Benassai, Pietro Francesco. Spiegazione e note storiche alla dedica della orazioni di Cicerone (Lucca ca. 1453). **Phillipps Manuscript no.7204.


MSS no: 170/615
Bado Aureo, Joannes de (John Trevor, d. 1410). De arte heraldica (England, 1449). **Written by Nicolas Warde; belonged to Thomas Giffard (s. XVI) and Thomas Martin (1697-1791).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment. 29 leaves.


See also: Ferrari.

MSS no: 170/616
Sermones de tempore et de sanctis (Germany s. XV). **Belonged to the Carthusians of Erfurt.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 320 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/617
St Augustine. De uita Christiana (Germany s. XV). **Accompanied by Bonaventure's De septem donis Spiritus sancti; Nicholas of Dinkelsbühl's De septem malis. **Belonged to the Benedictines of Liesborn.

Physical Description: Manuscript paper, 144 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/618
Unidentified Coptic Manuscript.


MSS no: 170/619
Armenian Manuscript.


MSS no: *170/620
Hildebert of Lemans. Versus de mysterio missae, with gloss (France s. XIII²). **From a manuscript of Hildebert's works not recorded in the standard edition of his Opera. Belonged to the abbey of Billy in Besançon.

Physical Description: 1 quire.

MSS no: *170/621
Upton, Nicholas. Liber de militari officio (England, s. XV). **Bound with the proof sheets of Joseph Haslewood's facsimile reprint of The Blasynge of Arms, Wynkyn de Worde, 1496. Belonged to George Townsend, Earl of Leicester (1755-1811); Joseph Haslewood (1760-1833); Sir Thomas Phillipps.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment and paper. 102 leaves, with heraldic devices coloured.

MSS no: *170/622
Giunta Publishing House. Stock book (Florence, ca. 1600-1610). **Inventory of Stock and prices of books for sale.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 309 leaves.

MSS no: 170/623
Nativity play (Italy, s. XIV). Parchment. **Fragment of a roll containing the Annunciation portion of a Nativity play.


MSS no: *170/624
Archimedes. Translation by Frederigo Commandino, etc. (Rome 1553-s. XVII med). **Served as the printer's copy for the Aldine edition of 1558. Includes Commandino's translation of Archimedes (Rome? ca. 1553/mid s. XVII?). Belonged to the Albani Library.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 218 leaves.

MSS no: 170/625
Miller, Henry (1891/1980). Notebook (1940-1941). **Notebook kept by Miller on his cross-country tour of the United States, included are sketches, watercolours, etc.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/626
Cusatus, Hieronymus. Fastorum libri XII. (Rome?, ca. 1525-1535). **Apparently the author's fair copy in his own hand, with numerous corrections on slips of paper neatly pasted in. The work correlates the liturgical calendar with the zodiac.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 230 leaves.

MSS no: 170/627
Nicolaus di Antonio da Fiesso di Ferrara. Meditationes super passionem Christi; Epistola B.M.V. ad uniuersos Christi fideles (Ferrara s. XV med.). **Humanistic script. Belonged to the Carthusians of St Christopher near Ferrara.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment. 60 leaves.

MSS no: 170/628
Mosenthal, Philipp. Lieder (s. XIX). **57 songs with the lyrics in German.


MSS no: 170/629
Todd, William A. William A. Todd's Book (Cross River, New York, 1831). **Collection of American music, without lyrics.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 36 leaves.

MSS no: 170/630
Hours B.M.V. Use of Utrecht (Delft, s. XV). **Written by the Augustinian nuns of St Agnes in Delft. Belonged to Arthur Barry Smith.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on parchment. 168 leaves.

MSS no: 170/631
Crowley, Aleister (1875-1947), transl. The Tao Teh King. A new translation by Ko Yuen (1923).

Physical Description: Typescript, 89pp. with holograph corrections.

MSS no: *170/632
Leps, Maurice Edouard (1809-1863). Memoirs (after 1844?). **French naval lieutenant, captain of La Vigie (1841-1844). Memoirs of sea voyages and campaigns (1827-42), including those in the eastern Mediterranean, off the coast of Africa (Senegal), Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 138 leaves & ca. 30.

MSS no: 170/633
Seuse (Suso), Heinrich. Horologe de sapience (S.W. France, s. XV ex.). **French translation of 1389 by Jean de Souhabe. Probably belonged to the wife of Francis II de Rochfoucauld.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 222 leaves.

MSS no: 170/634
Aristides, Aelius. Oratio de urbe Roma (Rome?, between 1507 and 1513). **Translated from Greek by Scipione Forteguerri. Written by Francesco Baroncini.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 18 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/635
St Antoninus of Florence. Summula Confessionis (Fondi, S. Italy, 1478). **Written by Antonio de Capitalibus at the abbey of St Onofrio in Fondi. Apparently copied from a printed edition (1474 or 1477).

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 140 leaves.

MSS no: *170/636
Ethiopian manuscripts ** Given by Haile Selassie.


MSS no: *170/637
Ketah al-Sahhah fiad-Logha.


MSS no: 170/638
Beccadelli, Antonio (1394-1471). Alfonsi regis epistolae [with] legationes et epistolae.


MSS no: 170/639
Not described.


MSS no: 170/640
Not described.


MSS no: 170/641
Farquhar, Francis Peloubet (1887-1974). The Grand Teton, Wyoming: a History of Ascents (San Francisco, 1924-1928).

Physical Description: **Typescript copy.

MSS no: 170/642
Collectanea. Vitae patrum; L. da Segni, De miseria condicionis humanae; unidentified, incomplete, text; Hugh of St. Victor, Soliloquium de arrha animae; Johannes Herrolt, Sermones (West Germany, 1476-78). **Written by John of Tübingen, subdeacon of the Cistercian abbey of Salem near Heidelberg.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 180 leaves. Bound in 15th century deer skin over boards.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: 170/643
Alexander de Villa Dei. Doctrinale (Venice?, s. XV). Written by Ludovicus.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 37 leaves.


See also: Rouse.

MSS no: *170/644
Hildenreiner, Anthony (b. 1839). Scrap Book of Proofs of Book Bindings engraved by Hildenreiner, many from Scribner's, Century, Routledge, etc. (New York s.a.). **Book jacket specimens.

Physical Description: 42 leaves.

MSS no: 170/645
Ransom, Frederick. Civil War Diary & Sketch Book.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/646
Papyrus. List of Payments in Greek (s. VI).

Scope and Content Note

1 papyrus is the List of Payments Sixth Century A.D.
7 fragments of papyrus. (Greek?) Gift of Lee Walcott, 2007.

MSS no: 170/647
Vega, Lope de (1562-1635). La famosa comedia del bien nacido encubierto (s. XVII).

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/648
Peter of Riga.


MSS no: 170/649
Orden general de la Plaza de Mexico.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/650
Edgeworth, Richard Lovell. Memoirs.


MSS no: ***170/651
Catholic Church. Lectern service book. Spain s. XVI-XVIII.

Physical Description: Parchment. 300 leaves.


**See Ferrari, p.153.

MSS no: ***170/652
Catholic Church. Lectern Gradual (Spain, 1539). ** Commissioned by Juan Fernandes de Paredes and Antonia Cornela his wife from Valladolid for the convent of Bernardine nuns of St Mary at Avila.

Physical Description: Parchment 219 leaves.


See also: Ferrari, p.153.

MSS no: 170/653
St Athanasius of Alexandria (d. 373). C ontra gentiles, De incarnatione Verbi. Latin translation by Ambrogio Traversari (1386-1439); 1 of 5 known manuscripts. Italy s. XV². Bound by Charles Lewis for H. Drury.

Physical Description: Parchment. 76 leaves.


** See Ferrari, p.153.

MSS no: 170/654
Chalco, Mexico. Collection of original manuscripts . . . relating to famine, 1741.


MSS no: 170/655


MSS no: 170/656
Indulgentie, stationes et mirabilia urbis Rome. Roll. German s. XV¹. Contains prayers to be said at the holy sites.

Physical Description: Parchment, a roll made up of four sections sewn together.


** See Ferrari, pp.153-154.

MSS no: *170/657
Scroll of Esther.


MSS no: 170/658
Manuzio, Paolo (1512-1574). Contract, 1561.

Physical Description: 1 leaf.


** See M. Lowry, Facing the Responsibility of Paulus Manutius, UCLA Special Collections 1995.

MSS no: ***170/659
Antiphonal. Toledo, Spain, s. XVII ex - XVIII in. Signed and dated by Fr. Johannes Cabello, 1737. Music on five-line staves. Text in a late liturgical gothic script. Four large decorated initials. Bound in full calf over oak boards; 4 brass bosses; painting on front cover of the deposition of Christ dated Toledo 1694. Belonged to the Franciscans of Seville.

Physical Description: Parchment. 263pp.

MSS no: 170/660
Besant, Walter. A Fountain Sealed (1897).

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: *170/661
Doudney, Sarah (1843-1926). A Romance of Lincoln's Inn. ca. 1893.

Physical Description: Manuscript, 23pp.

MSS no: *170/662
Los Angeles Police Department (ca. 1930). Accompanied by related matter.

Physical Description: Scrapbook of clippings.

MSS no: 170/663
Payn, James (1830-1898). A Country Family.

Physical Description: Manuscript.

MSS no: 170/664
A dictionary of philosophical and theological terms in alphabetical order, untitled, Italy, ca. 1400. Written by three people.

Physical Description: Paper. 157 leaves. Covers lacking, sewn on 3 split bands.

MSS no: 170/665
Prayer. Arabic.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/666
Qur'an. 1264. Scribe: Hafiz Muhammad 'Arif ab Sakuni.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/667
Mulla 'Ubaydullah. Persian poem (Du'a').

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/668
Qur'an (portion: al-Mulk). Surah Yasin 'Amm Al-Fath, al-Wagi'ah E.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/669
Naokh Ta 'liq, 'Amir 'Ali al-Tabrizi style with poem. Farsi.

Physical Description: 1 vol. of manuscript fragments.

MSS no: 170/670
Qur'an (portion: Surat Yasin, al-Fath, al-Wagi 'ah and Tabarak).

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/671
Qur'an. Fragment in unbound sections. s. X.


MSS no: 170/672
Christian prayers. Arabic, s. XVIII?


MSS no: 170/673
Quadragesimale, ca 50 anonymous sermons on the Gospels for Lent and Good Friday. German s. XV med. Written by one person in an uneven hybrid script. Bound in contemporary tawed hide over beveled oak boards. Pastedowns: front, canon law s. XIII, back, grammars. XV.

Physical Description: Paper. 254 leaves. Quires of 12.

MSS no: 170/674
Biblical Miscellany. North-East Italy, 1370-80. Includes Genealogia beate Virginis. Liber generationis Ihesu Christi; Alexandre de Ville Dieu, Summarium Biblicum; etc. Written by one person in hybrida and textura scripts.

Physical Description: Paper (thick). 20 leaves. Bound in quarter leather over bare beveled oak boards.

MSS no: 170/675
Centum meditationes passionis domini Ihesu Christi. Latin and German. Cologne, Germany, s. XV med. Written by one person in a well formed hybrida script. Probably belonged to the Carthusians of St Barbara in Cologne to judge from the binding stamps and the saints mentioned. Signature of Pastor Servius Jacobo Rus[...?], s. XVII.

Physical Description: Parchment. 220 leaves. Bound in contemporary blind stamp calf over wooden boards, single brass fore-edge clasp, back to front.

MSS no: 170/676
Bede, Commentarius in Cantica Canticorum vol.7.6-7. South Italy, s. XI 3/4. Written in Bari Type Beneventan script. Name (s. XIII): Petro de Caponisso, on leaf. Removed from a printed book: G. Savonarola, Confessionale, Venice 1524, and Matthaeus Corradonus, Speculum confessorum et lumen conscientie, Venice 1535 (UCLA 121963 AMEIP), from the abbey of SS. Flora and Lucilla, O.S.B., Arezzo ( Ex libris).

Physical Description: Parchment. 1 leaf.

MSS no: 170/677
Diurnal. Devotional prayers in Latin and Dutch with Ferial Psalter. The Netherlands (N. Holland) 1450-75. Daily offices of the Temporale and the Sanctorale, without Matins; Ferial Psalter; Common of the Saints.

Physical Description: Parchment. 356 leaves.

MSS no: 170/678
Prayer book in Latin and German, Germany (Goslar?), ca. 1500. Portions of two separate prayer books joined together in the early 16th century. Part 1: probably Augustinian house in the diocese of Hildesheim, perhaps in Goslar, to judge from the saints in the first calendar. Note: illumination by the same artists in a manuscript dated 1499 (see H. Tenschert, Lauchtendes Mittelalters 21, 1989, no.49, pp.310-14). Bound in 16th century brown morocco, rebacked, with gilt stamp of Mary in the center of the front and back covers. Ex libris: Frances Paget, cleric (1830); Edward Crawshaw (book label); Sotheby's December 20, 1920, no.105.

Physical Description: Parchment. 70 leaves + 289 leaves.

MSS no: 170/679
[Shahjahan, Emperor of India.] Muntakhab al-lughab [s. XVIII?].

Physical Description: 1 bound vol.

MSS no: 170/680
Razi, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya, 865?-925? Kitab-i Mansuri.

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/681
[Anonymous prayers to the virgin Mary and to various saints]. (s. XVIII). In Amharic. Gift of Dr. Daniel Solomon, 1982.

Physical Description: 1 bound vol.

MSS no: 170/682
Taylor, Z.C. (Zacary Clay), The Rise and Progress of Baptist Missions in Brazil: an Autobiography / by Z.C. Taylor, [Texas: Z.C. Taylor, 1916?].

Physical Description: 206 leaves. Carbon copy. Bound in mottled boards with buckram(?) spine.

MSS no: 170/683
Prayer book, Hildesheim. (ca. 1500).

Physical Description: 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/684  
A Trip to the West Indies (1908).

Physical Description: 1 vol. typescript, 69 photographic prints.

MSS no: 170/685
Book of Hours in Middle Dutch. North-east Netherlands, 1475-1500. Written by one person in an angular hybrida.

Physical Description: Paper. 209 leaves. 25 large decorated initials. Bound in calf over oak boards, rebacked.

MSS no: 170/686
Book of Hours (Use of Utrecht). Arnhem, Brabant, s. XV ex. Written by one person in an upright hybrida script. Bookplate of Gordon H. Craine.

Physical Description: Paper and parchment. 158 leaves. Colored woodcut of Saint Roch inserted after f. 46. Bound in modern brown calf.

MSS no: 170/687
Thoma, Richard. Lambda. 1935. Contains manuscripts of all his poems except the Promised Land.

Physical Description: 1 vol. with pen and ink drawings and decorations.

MSS no: *170/688
Office of the Dead. Notated. Italy, 1557. Written and signed by presbyter Johannes Jacobus for a religious confraterity founded in 1361. Music on a five-line staff. Text written in a round Italian textura.

Physical Description: Parchment. 32 leaves. Bound in 17th century tooled red calf with heraldic device of Alexander Guidiccioni, bishop of Lucca (1549-1605), rebacked, spine laid down. Old press mark XIX.A.17.

MSS no: 170/689
Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). Homage a Gertrude. [Paris, 1909].

Physical Description: Painting, tempura on panel.


[170/689 was not a medieval or renaissance manuscript].

MSS no: ***170/690
Deposition in Latin and Italian. Venice, May 10, 1392. Between Caterino Rosso and her sons Nicoletus and Tibaldus and her sons by a previous marriage, Ptrus Arbusian and his brother Franciscus, who are accused of having built a wall illegally on her property in the district of San Silvestro causing damage to her well. Heard in Torcello (Venice) before Mattheus Aymo and Antonius Michael and Andreas Marcello (in absentia), judges.

Physical Description: Parchment (one skin).

MSS no: 170/691
Notary's cartulary. Venice, Mestre, 1550-60. Copies of about 60 documents in 2 chronological sequences, the first dating 1477-1554, the second dating from 1477-1550, involving properties of the Gritti family. Written by one person in a well formed notarial cursive script.

Physical Description: Parchment. 109 leaves. Bound in 16th century parchment over boards.

MSS no: 170/692
Book of Hours (Use of Rome). North-East France, s. XV ex. Written by one person in an upright hybrida script. A tiny and attractive pocket prayer book when it was new.

Physical Description: Parchment. 102 leaves. Bound in dark brown leather over paper boards. Thirteen (7-9 line) initials painted or in gold or on painted or gold grounds.

MSS no: 170/693
Guibert de Tournai O.F.M., Liber Pharetra. Bologna (?), Italy, s. XIII2/2. Written by one person in a small Italian gothic textura. Two illuminated initials (including f. 128 head of Gregory IX).

Physical Description: Parchment. 161 leaves. Bound in 20th century calf over boards in imitation of a medieval binding.

MSS no: *170/694
Barros, André de (1675-1754). Vida do Apostolico padre Antonio Vieyra. Folio s. XVIII.

Physical Description: Calligraphic copy.

MSS no: 170/695
Koran (mid-late 19th century).

Physical Description: Manuscript, 1 vol.

MSS no: 170/696
Catalogous Neuer Curieuser Buecher de Anno 1700.

Physical Description: Manuscript, on paper. 2 leaves.

MSS no: *170/697
Calendar from a liturgical book. St Jean de Baillon, December 1, 1470. Parchment 18 leaves. Title and heading by Francis Denis Beautort. 12 large initials in red ink. Signed, dated and written (probably the calendar rather than the added notes) by Father Denis Beautort, priest of the church of St Jean de Baillon (near Luzarches, north of Paris toward Chantilly).

Physical Description: In a contemporary limp parchment wrapper too small for the calendar.

MSS no: 170/698
Prayers. In French and Latin. North-west France (Brittany?), ca. 1450. Written by one person in an angular French textura script.

Physical Description: Parchment. 48 leaves. 59 gold initials on blue, red and white grounds, 6 grotesque initials. Bound in 18th century Italian colored paper covers embossed with flowers. Formerly part of a larger manuscript.

MSS no: 170/700
Statutes and Ordinances of the Order of St Michael. In French. France (probably Paris), 1523-28. Written by one person in batarde script. Full page miniature (f. 7) with architectural border of a king (originally Louis XI, now Francis I) enthroned and attended by his court. Attributed to a painter in the circle of the Master of the Paris Entries, possibly Etienne Collaud. One of a series of twelve manuscripts of the Statutes commmissioned by Francis I between 1523 and 1528. Bookplate of Hemricout de Ramiol (ca 1810, Liege), and Howel Wills (1845-1901). Sotheby's July 11, 1894, no.1104, bought by Ellis.

Physical Description: Parchment. 42 leaves. Bound in dark blue velvet over pasteboards, bront and back detached.

MSS no: ***170/701
Document roll. Pisa(?), Italy, 1326-27. A commercial agreement in Italian. Sold by Bonhams & Brooks March 13, 2001, no.429.

Physical Description: Parchment (two membranes) 825 × 160-175 mm.