Guide to the Tavern Guild of San Francisco Records, 1961-1993

Processed by Martin Meeker and Heather Arnold.
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The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society. All rights reserved.

Guide to the Tavern Guild of San Francisco Records, 1961-1993

Accession number: 1995-02

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society

San Francisco, California
Processed by:
Martin Meeker and Heather Arnold
Date Completed:
July, 2003
© 2003 The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society. All rights reserved.

Descriptive Summary

Title: Tavern Guild of San Francisco Records,
Date (inclusive): 1961-1993
Accession number: 1995-02
Creator: Tavern Guild of San Francisco
Extent: 21 boxes, 2 folders
Repository: The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.
San Francisco, California.
Abstract: Minutes, correspondence, financial papers, membership materials, ephemera, photographs, and banners, 1962-1993 (11.25 linear feet), document the work of the Tavern Guild of San Francisco in promoting the interests of gay bars in San Francisco as well as the growth of the Tavern Guild into a well-known service and fundraising organization.
Language: English.

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Copyright to unpublished manuscript materials has been transferred to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.

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[Identification of item], Tavern Guild of San Francisco Records, 1995-02, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Historical Society.

Acquisition Information

Donated to the GLBT Historical Society by Stanley Boyd in 1995.

Organizational History

The Tavern Guild of San Francisco (TGSF) was founded in 1962. The organization had its roots in an informal gathering of gay bar owners and employees who met regularly to socialize and to share news of interest to members of the gay bar community. Phil Doganiero, a bartender at the Suzy-Q bar on Polk Street, was elected the first president of the nascent organization; he was followed by others such as Bill Plath (owner of the D'Oak Room) and Darryl Glied (owner of the Jumpin' Frog). In Wide Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco to 1965, historian Nan Boyd writes, The Tavern Guild had initially formed to bring business to alternating bars on typically slow Tuesday afternoons, and the original members stressed the importance of drinking--and gossip. But within its first year, TGSF instituted a number of policies that helped protect bartenders, bar owners, and patrons from continued problems. (p. 223) These problems included patrons who wrote bad checks, police harassment, Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) actions against bars, and the chronic unemployment faced by bartenders whose jobs were subject to the whims of patrons and the actions of police. While the core of the Tavern Guild was bar owners and employees, members of the homophile movement were involved (like Hal Call of the Mattachine Society) and helped provide the Tavern Guild with an organizational structure in its early years.
Along with protecting gay bar owners and employees, the Tavern Guild reached out as a charitable organization and staged fundraising events for homophile organizations like the Mattachine Society, the Daughters of Bilitis, and the Society for Individual Rights, and, later in the 1960s, for non-gay organizations like the United Farm Workers and the American Civil Liberties Union.
Funds were most often raised at events such as auctions, dances, and other social gatherings. Perhaps the most important of these events, the annual Beaux Arts Ball, was first held in October 1963. At the October 1965 Beaux Arts Ball, José Sarria was named queen of the ball; in a Napoleonic gesture, Sarria responded by declaring himself "Empress." The Empress title stuck and at the following year's ball a new Empress was elected to lead the recently formed Imperial Court--an official "project" of the Tavern Guild that became the locus of many social and benevolent activities.
The San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation (SFTGF) was created to be the organization's fundraising and philanthropic arm. The foundation identified organizations and causes worthy of financial support and distributed funds to those organizations and causes. The SFTGF consisted merely of a board of directors, so the actual events, though sponsored by the Foundation, were organized and staffed by volunteers from the TGSF membership. While both organizations had non-profit status, the SFTGF was a tax-exempt entity, so it was not allowed to give money to the TGSF, except as seed money for fund-raising activities. The SFTGF spearheaded several fundraising and service-oriented projects, including the Godfathers (ca. 1984), Operation Concern (1974), and the Community Thrift Store (1982), the latter two of which eventually were spun off into independent organizations.
The membership and, consequently, the influence of the Tavern Guild grew from the 1960s through the early 1980s. From the handful of members in the early 1960s, in June 1980 the Tavern Guild claimed a member base of at least 184 individuals and 86 businesses, mostly gay and lesbian bars. Other gay and lesbian communities around the country adopted the Tavern Guild model and name in the 1970s and 1980s. For many reasons, including a pronounced generational divide and the widespread death and community fragmentation as a result of the AIDS epidemic, the Tavern Guild lost members and influence throughout the 1980s. The organization disbanded about 1995.
Reflecting upon the source of the longstanding power and influence of the Tavern Guild, bar owner and Tavern Guild member Rikki Streicher said in an interview with Nan Boyd, The Tavern Guild was probably singly the reason why bars achieved a success politically. Because a buck is the bottom line at all times. And the bars had commanded an enormous amount of money in terms of the city. So when they began to invite politicians to their meetings, the politicians realized that here's an organized group and that, number one, they have money and, number two, they have votes. ( Wide Open Town: A History of Queer San Francisco to 1965, p.226)

Scope and Content of Collection

Minutes, correspondence, financial papers, membership materials, ephemera, photographs, and banners, 1962-1993 (11.25 linear feet), document the work of the Tavern Guild of San Francisco (TGSF) in promoting the interests of gay bars in San Francisco as well as the growth of the Tavern Guild into a well-known service and fundraising organization. The collection reveals how the organization was run, how it changed through the years, who its members were, and its activities, goals, and methods. It also gives insight into the San Francisco bar scene and the changing concerns of the gay community in San Francisco from the 1960s through the 1980s.
The first series contains documents such as constitutions, by-laws, and organizational histories that provide an overview of the organization and its mission. The Meeting Minutes Series reveals who was active in the organization, how it was run, and concerns of members, as well as what events, programs, and projects the Tavern Guild was involved in. Series 9, Administrative and Miscellaneous, contains a few items related to the running of the Tavern Guild office.
The third series, Correspondence, is relatively small (nine folders) and contains a wide range of topics. The Financial Series includes financial reports and other summary financial data as well as a sampling of receipts and invoices. Income tax returns and applications for tax-exempt status can also be found here. The Membership Series could be mined for data regarding the demographics of San Francisco bars. Included on the membership forms are the names, addresses, and owners of bars, and the names, addresses, and places of employment of bar employees. Meeting attendance lists show who attended each meeting.
Series 6 and 7 concern events, programs, and projects the Tavern Guild of San Francisco and San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation were involved in. Some were ongoing or annual, such as the Beaux Arts Ball and Community Thrift Store, and others were more short term. Financial documentation, correspondence, and ephemera comprise the bulk of these series. Photographs of some events can be found in series 10, Photographs.


The collection is divided into 11 series:
  • General
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Financial
  • Membership
  • Events
  • Programs and Projects
  • Political Subject Files
  • Administrative and Miscellaneous
  • Photographs
  • Banners
One box of legal-sized materials is found at the end of the collection (box 20).

Separated Material

Items removed the collection totaled about two cartons and included the following materials:
  • Ephemera: Flyers for events and bars were removed to the Ephemera Collection.
  • Duplicates: Duplicate financial information was removed from the collection, but examples of receipts as well as summarized financial statements were retained.

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Container List


Series 1: General, 1964-1993, n.d.

Physical Description: 13 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes the constitution and by-laws of the Tavern Guild of San Francisco and the San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation, a history of the organizations, information about their establishment, relationship, and boards of directors. The awards include two plaques: a Cable Car Award and an award from the Godfather's Service Fund.
Box-folder 1/1

History and Pamphlets, 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 1/2

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Constitution and By-Laws, 1969-1975, n.d.

Box-folder 20/1

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Constitution and By-Laws, Legal Size, 1970, n.d.

Box-folder 1/3

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Constitution and By-Laws Proposed Changes, 1967, 1982, n.d.

Box-folder 20/2

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Constitution and By-Laws Proposed Changes, Legal Size, 1970, n.d.

Box-folder 20/3

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Articles of Incorporation, 1964

Box-folder 1/4

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Member Guidelines, n.d.

Box-folder 1/5

San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, 1972, 1981, n.d.

Box-folder 1/6

Minutes of First Meeting of Incorporators and First Board of Directors of San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation, 1972

Box-folder 1/7

Coexistence Rules and "Fiscal Agents" Memorandum, 1982, n.d.

Box-folder 1/8

Tavern Guild of San Francisco Board and Elections, 1975-1993

Box-folder 1/9

Awards 1/2, 1971-1974

Box 21

Awards 2/2, 1982, 1989

Box-folder 1/10

Rules and Regulations of Peninsula Guild, n.d.


Series 2: Meeting Minutes, 1962-1993, n.d.

Physical Description: 3 Boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series includes meeting minutes for both board meetings and general meetings, and door sign-in sheets for general meetings. Minutes and attendance sheets have been filed separately, each chronologically by year. Because the general meeting usually occurred the same day as the board meeting, the minutes of the two meetings were combined and distributed together, in a document that the Tavern Guild called its "newsletter." These newsletters often included enclosures of various kinds, including flyers, financial statements, memoranda or letters, and bad check lists. We have tried to keep these items in the Meeting Minutes Series because they were distributed with them. Handwritten notes from meetings or first drafts of minutes have been kept, when these existed, and filed with the final copy.
A wide range of topics are covered in this series: administration of the organization as well as events, programs, and projects.
Box-folder 1/11-4/4

Meeting Minutes

Box-folder 1/11

Spiral Notebook of Minutes and Correspondence, 1962-1963

Box-folder 1/12


Box-folder 1/13


Box-folder 1/14


Box-folder 1/15


Box-folder 1/16


Box-folder 1/17


Box-folder 1/18


Box-folder 2/1


Box-folder 2/2


Box-folder 2/3


Box-folder 2/4


Box-folder 2/5


Box-folder 2/6


Box-folder 2/7


Box-folder 2/8


Box-folder 2/9


Box-folder 2/10


Box-folder 3/1


Box-folder 3/2


Box-folder 3/3


Box-folder 3/4


Box-folder 3/5


Box-folder 3/6


Box-folder 3/7


Box-folder 3/8


Box-folder 3/9


Box-folder 3/10


Box-folder 3/11


Box-folder 4/1


Box-folder 4/2


Box-folder 4/3


Box-folder 4/4


Box-folder 4/5-4/11

Meeting Sign-In Sheets

Box-folder 4/5


Box-folder 4/6

[1969]-1976, n.d.

Box-folder 4/7


Box-folder 4/8


Box-folder 4/9


Box-folder 4/10


Box-folder 4/11



Series 3: Correspondence, 1964-1993, n.d.

Physical Description: 9 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes incoming and outgoing letters and telegrams arranged chronologically. While an effort was made to keep enclosures with correspondence, some may have been separated into other series. Correspondence about donations made by the Tavern Guild is included in this series, but receipts and items treated as invoices by the Tavern Guild were removed to the Financial Series. For example, a letter asking for a donation is in the Correspondence Series unless a check number and amount paid is noted on it, in which case it is in the Financial Series.
Correspondents include lawyers, Tavern Guild members, other community groups, and vendors. Additional correspondence with Accountants and the Internal Revenue service may be found in the Financial Series. A notebook containing a small amount of correspondence can be found in the first folder of the Meeting Minutes Series.
Box-folder 4/12


Box-folder 4/13


Box-folder 4/14


Box-folder 4/15


Box-folder 5/1


Box-folder 5/2


Box-folder 5/3


Box-folder 5/4


Box-folder 5/5

1987-1993, n.d.


Series 4: Financial, 1964-1993, n.d.

Physical Description: 3 Boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series includes financial documentation for both TGSF and SFTGF. Due to the nature of the relationship between the two organizations, it was often difficult to separate the material intellectually and impossible to separate it physically because it is printed on the same pieces of paper. Types of material include monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial reports, check registers, statements, invoices, and receipts. Topics include the Hungarian Hall and 170 Valencia purchases, tax-exempt status, and donations made by the TGSF/SFTGF. Their fiscal year was July 1 through June 30.
This series was weeded extensively of receipts and invoices, with a small number retained as examples. The summarized information, such as financial statements, was retained in all cases, except duplicates. Financial documentation that pertains to events, projects, and programs of the organization can also be found in the Events Series and the Programs and Projects Series. Because the non-profit and tax-exempt status of the organization depended on the money-making activities of many of these projects, however, some of this documentation is in this series. One folder of carbon copies of receipts, mostly for membership dues, can be found in the Membership Series.
Items that were treated as invoices by the Tavern Guild are filed as such. For example, a letter asking for a donation is in the Correspondence Series unless the check number and amount paid is noted on it, in which case it is in the Financial Series. Thank-you letters for donations are in the Correspondence Series, but receipts for donations are in the Financial Series, even though they are often very similar in format to letters. Correspondence with accountants and the IRS that came with the financial material was left in this series. Additional correspondence with accountants may be found in the Correspondence Series.
Box-folder 5/6

List of Grants and Other Donations Made by Tavern Guild/Foundation by Year, 1975-1981

Box-folder 5/7

170 Valencia Purchase, 1974-1976

Box-folder 5/8

Hungarian Hall Purchase, 1987

Box-folder 5/9

Mission Rebels in Action, Inc. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Bills, 1968

Box-folder 5/10

Bank Documentation, 1971-1989, n.d.

Box-folder 5/11

Atlas Savings and Loan Passbooks for SFTGF Building Fund, 1982-1986

Box-folder 5/12

Correspondence with Accountants, 1974-1984

Box-folder 5/13

IRS Correspondence, 1974-1987

Box-folder 5/14

State of California Tavern Guild of San Francisco Tax Status, 1964-1987

Box-folder 5/15

State of California San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation Tax Status, 1972-1979

Box-folder 5/16

Forms CT-2, 1974-1983

Box-folder 5/17

TGSF and SFTGF Documents for Tax-Exempt Status, 1974-1990

Box-folder 6/1-6/9

Tax Returns

Box-folder 6/1-6/4

TGSF Forms 199 and 990

Box-folder 6/1


Box-folder 6/2

1985, 1987

Box-folder 6/3


Box-folder 6/4


Box-folder 6/5-6/9

SFTGF Forms 199, 990, CT-2

Box-folder 6/5


Box-folder 6/6


Box-folder 6/7


Box-folder 6/8


Box-folder 6/9


Box-folder 6/10-8/6

General Financial

Box-folder 6/10


Box-folder 6/11


Box-folder 6/12


Box-folder 6/13


Box-folder 6/14


Box-folder 6/15


Box-folder 6/16

1972 1/2

Box-folder 20/4

1972 2/2

Box-folder 6/17


Box-folder 6/18


Box-folder 7/1


Box-folder 7/2


Box-folder 20/5


Box-folder 7/3


Box-folder 7/4


Box-folder 7/5


Box-folder 7/6


Box-folder 7/7


Box-folder 7/8


Box-folder 7/9


Box-folder 7/10


Box-folder 7/11


Box-folder 7/12

Foundation Audit, 1985

Box-folder 7/13

Financial Report 1985 San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation, 1985

Box-folder 7/14


Box-folder 8/1


Box-folder 8/2


Box-folder 8/3


Box-folder 8/4


Box-folder 8/5

1991-1993, n.d.

Box-folder 8/6

Check Register, 1979-1982


Series 5: Membership, [1962]-1992, n.d.

Physical Description: 6 Boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series includes membership applications, membership lists, copies of receipts from 1974 membership dues, and examples of membership cards and signs. Business memberships were for bars or other businesses and individual memberships were for employees of bars. Memberships could be regular or associate, and during some years there were honorary members as well. Associate and honorary members were not eligible to vote.
The applications are a particularly rich source for the history of the demographics of San Francisco bars. It is possible to trace the names and addresses of bars as they came and went, the names of owners and managers of different bars, the names and addresses of employees, and where they worked. This series also shows some of the Tavern Guild's membership procedures.
Box-folder 8/7-14/5

Membership Applications, New and Renewal

Box-folder 8/7-10/10


Box-folder 8/7


Box-folder 8/8


Box-folder 8/9


Box-folder 8/10


Box-folder 9/1


Box-folder 9/2


Box-folder 9/3


Box-folder 9/4


Box-folder 9/5


Box-folder 9/6


Box-folder 9/7


Box-folder 9/8


Box-folder 9/9


Box-folder 10/1

1984, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 10/2


Box-folder 10/3

1985, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 10/4


Box-folder 10/5


Box-folder 10/6


Box-folder 10/7

1988, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 10/8


Box-folder 10/9

1989, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 10/10

1990, n.d.

Box-folder 10/11-14/5


Box-folder 10/11


Box-folder 10/12

1972, A-K

Box-folder 10/13

1972, L-Z

Box-folder 10/14

1973, A-F

Box-folder 11/1

1973, G-O

Box-folder 11/2

1973, P-Z

Box-folder 11/3

1974, A-M

Box-folder 11/4

1974, N-Z

Box-folder 11/5


Box-folder 11/6


Box-folder 12/1

1977, A-K

Box-folder 12/2

1977, L-Z

Box-folder 12/3

1978, A-K

Box-folder 12/4

1978, L-Z

Box-folder 12/5

1979, A-K

Box-folder 12/6

1979, L-Z

Box-folder 12/7


Box-folder 13/1


Box-folder 13/2


Box-folder 13/3


Box-folder 13/4


Box-folder 13/5

1984, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 13/6


Box-folder 13/7

1985, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 13/8


Box-folder 14/1


Box-folder 14/2


Box-folder 14/3


Box-folder 14/4

1989, Associate Memberships

Box-folder 14/5

1990, n.d.

Box-folder 14/6

Membership Lists, [1962]-1992

Box-folder 14/7

Carbon Copies of Receipts (mostly membership dues), 1974

Box-folder 14/8

Address Updates, n.d.

Box-folder 14/9

Member Communications, 1973-1991

Box-folder 14/10

Membership Cards, 1985, 1987, n.d.

Box-folder 14/11

Member Bar Signs, n.d.

Box-folder 14/12

Blank Membership Forms, n.d.


Series 6: Events, 1961-1993

Physical Description: 1 Box, 7 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains budgets, financial statements, receipts, contracts, agreements, notes, correspondence, ephemera, seating charts, maps, a button, and clippings relating to events with which the Tavern Guild was involved. Included are events put on by the Tavern Guild, such as the Beaux Arts Ball, Picnic, and Coronation, as well as events that they participated in but did not sponsor. More information about events may be found in the Financial Series, Correspondence Series, and Meeting Minutes Series. Godfathers' events are in the Godfathers subseries of the Programs and Projects Series.
Box-folder 14/13-15/2

Beaux Arts Ball

Box-folder 14/13


Box-folder 14/14


Box-folder 14/15


Box-folder 14/16


Box-folder 14/17


Box-folder 14/18


Box-folder 15/1


Box-folder 20/6


Box-folder 15/2


Box-folder 15/3-15/20


Box-folder 15/3


Box-folder 15/4


Box-folder 15/5


Box-folder 15/6


Box-folder 15/7


Box-folder 15/8


Box-folder 15/9


Box-folder 15/10


Box-folder 15/11


Box-folder 15/12


Box-folder 15/13


Box-folder 15/14


Box-folder 15/15


Box-folder 15/16


Box-folder 15/17


Box-folder 15/18


Box-folder 15/19


Box-folder 15/20


Box-folder 15/21

Coronation, 1975-1985

Box-folder 15/22

Circus-Circus, 1982

Box-folder 15/23

Gala, 1986

Box-folder 15/24

No On 6, 1978

Box-folder 15/25

Shanti Project/KS Foundation Fundraiser, 1983

Box-folder 15/26

S.F. AIDS Fund/Shanti Project Benefit, 1983

Box-folder 15/27

Reno Trip, 1973

Box-folder 20/7

Auction 10-8-73, 1973

Box-folder 15/28

Metropolitan Community Church National Conference Tavern Guild Souvenir Guide, 1974

Box-folder 15/29

Miscellaneous, n.d.

Box-folder 15/30-15/34

General Event Information

Box-folder 15/30

Security, 1974, n.d.

Box-folder 15/31

Insurance, 1983

Box-folder 15/32

Ordinance Regarding the Regulation of Poker Games, n.d.

Box-folder 15/33

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), 1961-1991, n.d.

Box-folder 15/34

Vendors, 1973, n.d.


Series 7: Programs and Projects, 1973-1992, n.d.

Physical Description: 2 Boxes, 7 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains material relating to a number of community service projects and programs with which the TGSF/SFTGF was involved.

Subseries A: Godfather Service Fund, 1984-1989

Physical Description: 8 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries concerns the Godfather Service Fund (GSF), an all-volunteer AIDS support program and "a standing committee of the San Francisco Tavern Guild Foundation." Financial information, correspondence, minutes, and publicity materials from the GSF reveal the methods by which this committee raised money and dispensed care packages to AIDS patients in various hospitals around San Francisco. Of particular interest in the Correspondence folder are thank-you notes from patients and patients' families. Included are special events with which they were involved as beneficiaries, such as the AIDS Bike-a-thon, several beer busts, and a Solo Supermarket event.
Box-folder 16/1

Minutes, 1985-1986

Box-folder 16/2

Correspondence, 1985-1988

Box-folder 16/3-16/4


Box-folder 16/3


Box-folder 16/4


Box-folder 16/5

General, 1985-1988

Box-folder 16/6

Sunday Brunches, 1984-1985

Box-folder 16/7-16/8


Box-folder 16/7


Box-folder 16/8



Subseries B: Community Thrift Store, 1982-1992, n.d.

Physical Description: 1 Box, 2 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries documents the establishment, administration, and work of the Community Thrift Store. Materials include quarterly financial statements, correspondence, news releases, legal material, documents relating to tax status, receipts, bank statements, profit distribution lists, memos, flyers, clippings, an employee manual, and a Thrift Store Operations Agreement. Three Polaroids of Double Feature Video, the proposed location for a satellite operation called Community Thrift Bookstore, have been moved to the photographs series. One folder (approx. 1.5") of Organization Histories details the amounts paid to each participating organization from 1989-1994.
Box-folder 16/9-17/5


Box-folder 16/9

Reports 1-9A, 1982-1983

Box-folder 17/1

Reports 10-15, 1984-1985

Box-folder 17/2


Box-folder 17/3


Box-folder 17/4


Box-folder 17/5


Box-folder 17/6-17/13


Box-folder 17/6


Box-folder 17/7


Box-folder 17/8


Box-folder 17/9



**RESTRICTED until 2039**
Box-folder 17/10


Box-folder 17/11


Box-folder 17/12

1991-1992, n.d.

Box-folder 17/13



**RESTRICTED until 2046**
Box-folder 18/1

Organization Histories, 1991


Subseries C: Other Programs and Projects, 1973-1990, n.d.

Physical Description: 6 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes documents relating to six programs and projects of the TGSF/SFTGF.
The AIDS Hospice Campaign:
memoranda, clippings, and proposals about the establishment of the campaign
East Bay AIDS Fund (also called the East Bay Assistance Fund):
financial documentation, correspondence, and case files relating to auctions and other fundraising activities
Imperial Court:
documentation relating to campaigning and voting, as well as some financial material
a letter regarding an organization called Learning Alcohol Service Techniques for Control Against Liquor Liability
Operation Concern:
constitution and by-laws, financial documentation, and correspondence relating to raising funds for mental health care
San Francisco Prevention Project:
material from a workshop series to prevent substance abuse
Box-folder 18/2

AIDS Hospice Campaign, 1984

Box-folder 18/3

East Bay AIDS Fund/East Bay Assistance Fund, 1984-1986, n.d.

Box-folder 18/4

Imperial Court, 1974-1990, n.d.

Box-folder 18/5

Last Call, 1989

Box-folder 18/6

Operation Concern, 1985

Box-folder 18/7

San Francisco Prevention Project Workshop Series, 1973-1977


Series 8: Political Subject Files, 1963-1991, n.d.

Physical Description: 14 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes files on political topics of importance to the Tavern Guild such as material from the San Francisco Human Rights Commission relating to racial discrimination within the gay community.
Box-folder 18/8

Human Rights Commission Hiring Discrimination, 1984-1985

Box-folder 18/9

Racism and Discrimination in San Francisco Gay Bars, 1982-1985, n.d.

Box-folder 18/10

Community Guild Business Association, 1974

Box-folder 19/1

Orange Juice Boycott, 1977

Box-folder 19/2

California Hall, 1965

Box-folder 19/3

Citizen's Alert, n.d.

Box-folder 19/4

Golden Gate Gay Liberation House, 1976, n.d.

Box-folder 19/5

Coors, ca. 1991

Box-folder 19/6

Gays in the Military, 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 19/7

Mattachine Society, 1963, 1966, n.d.

Box-folder 20/8

Central City Community Organization, 1973-1974

Box-folder 20/9

Guidelines for Establishment of a Legal Defense Fund for the Gay Community, 1974

Box-folder 20/10

Order Denying Rehearing in Case of Various Homophile Groups v. Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, 1970

Box-folder 19/8

Miscellaneous Political, 1973-1989, n.d.


Series 9: Administrative and Miscellaneous, 1964-1993, n.d.

Physical Description: 16 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes material relating to running the TGSF office, bad check lists, a San Francisco Bar Directory advertising order form, and health insurance information. In addition, this series contains flyers, notes, clippings, press releases, and legal documentation. The second folder of clippings in this series contains an entire issue of the San Francisco Banner that published a large number of Fictitious Business Name Statements that list the names and addresses of business owners and their businesses.
Box-folder 19/9

TGSF Blank Letterhead, n.d.

Box-folder 19/10

Application for Employment Listing, 1989

Box-folder 19/11

Tavern Guild Office Administration, 1986, n.d.

Box-folder 19/12

Bar Directory Advertising Order Form, n.d.

Box-folder 19/13

Bad Check Lists, 1971, n.d.

Box-folder 19/14

Health Insurance for The Spoiled Brat, Inc., 1984-1985

Box-folder 19/15

Information Bulletin Regarding Charitable Solicitation, 1985

Box-folder 19/16

Capitol Tire Offer to Members of the SFTG, n.d.

Box-folder 19/17

Notes, 1993, n.d.

Box-folder 19/18

Legal Documents, 1978, 1982

Box-folder 19/19

Clippings 1/2, 1964-1983, n.d.

Box-folder 19/20

Clippings 2/2, 1978

Box-folder 19/21

Polk Street Slaying, 1974

Box-folder 19/22

San Francisco Tavern Guild Press Releases, 1977

Box-folder 19/23

Wayne Friday Speech about Harvey Milk, n.d.

Box-folder 19/24

Miscellaneous, 1969-1990, n.d.


Series 10: Photographs, n.d.

Physical Description: 2 Folders

Scope and Content Note

This series includes color portraits of past presidents, including Don Banks, Dick Gersbach, Bill Plath, and Darryl Glied. It also includes unidentified portraits and events. Identifiable figures include Dianne Feinstein and Harvey Milk. In addition, this series contains three Polaroids removed from the Community Thrift Subseries and two photos of the Community Thrift store at 623 Valencia before and after painting.
Box C Oversize Photo

Seven 11X14 photos of past presidents, n.d.

Box 2 of Photos from Manuscript Collections

Miscellaneous Photographs, n.d.


Series 11: Banners, n.d.

Physical Description: 1 Box

Scope and Content Note

This series includes four banners, each approximately 3 ½ ft. by 10 ft. All are made of brownish-orange canvas and blue painted lettering, with grommets around the edge for hanging. One says "Tavern", another "Guild", both in plain lettering. A third says "Welcome" in Medieval-style lettering. The fourth has the Tavern Guild logo on the left one-third of the banner.
Box 21

4 banners, n.d.