Finding aid for the William Butterfield architectural and design drawings, ca. 1838-1892

Finding aid prepared by Alan Tomlinson and J. Gibbs.

Descriptive Summary

Title: William Butterfield architectural and design drawings
Date (inclusive): 1838-1892
Number: 850998
Creator/Collector: Butterfield, William, 1814-1900
Physical Description: 290.0 items
The Getty Research Institute
Special Collections
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 1100
Los Angeles, California, 90049-1688
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Abstract: British architect. Butterfield's drawings and estimates partially document 25 architectural projects (churches, schools, and hospitals), and 67 drawings are designs for ecclesiastical objects. The collection represents the types of commissions Butterfield received and illustrates his promotion of the Gothic Revival style.
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Biographical / Historical Note

William Butterfield (1814-1900) was a British architect known for the Gothic revival style he championed. He studied with E. L. Blackburne and set up his own practice in 1840. A member of the Cambridge Camden Society, later the Ecclesiastical Society, he contributed designs to their journal The Ecclesiologist. Most of his work was for church designs, apart from that for schools and colleges (Rugby School and Keble College Oxford), and the Winchester County Hospital. Perhaps his best-known building is the All Saints Church, Margaret Street, London (1849-1859). The Royal Institute of British Architects awarded the Gold Medal to Butterfield in 1884.

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William Butterfield architectural and design drawings, 1814-1900, Library, The Getty Research Institute, Accession no. 850998.

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Acquired in 1985.

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Processed by Alan Tomlinson.

Scope and Content of Collection

A broadly representative selection of drawings and 21 estimates for building and manufacture of designs, representing the various types of commissions Butterfield received and illustrating his work in promoting Gothic Revival. Also included are record drawings (measured drawings) of buildings not designed by Butterfield.
Building designs include drawings for 25 projects: churches and chapels, schools and hospitals. 58 plans, elevations, sections, and details (altars, screens, choir stalls, pavement patterns, pulpits, fonts, etc.) document the following church and chapel buildings: Severn-Stoke Church, 1838-1839; All Saints, Babbacombe, Devon, 1865-1874 (3); All Saints, Hastings, 1888-1889 (1); Ault Hucknall, Derbyshire, 1885-1888 (1); Balliol College Chapel, Oxford, ca. 1856 (1); Caterham Barracks Chapel, 1885-1887 (3); Christ Church, Albany St., London, 1883-1884 (2); Dalton, Yorkshire, 1868 (1); Fulham Palace Chapel, ca. 1864-1867; St. Andrew's, Rugby, ca. 1877 (4); St. Alban's, Baldwins Gardens, ca. 1855 (1); St. Augustine's, Bournemouth, 1891-1892 (1); St. Augustine's, South Kensington, London, ca. 1870 (5); St. Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester, 1865 (1); St. Bee's, Cumberland, 1886 (1); St. Clement's, Hastings, 1872-1876 (1); St. Denis, East Hatley, Cambridgeshire, ca. 1874 (8); St. Mary Magdalene, Enfield, 1881-1883 (3); St. Mary's Warwick, 1886 (1); St. Michael's, Winchester, 1879-1882 (1); Sedgebarrow, Worcestershire, 1867-1868 (1); Shaw, Berkshire, 1875-1878 (1); Tottenham All Hallows Church, 1875 (1); Winchester College, Large Chapel (1); also unidentified designs, including a design for a sculpture on the theme of the Passion, 1877. 120 drawings document designs for St. Michael's Hospital, Axbridge, Somerset (1878-1882) and Rugby School (1867-1885).
Ecclesiastical objects designed by Butterfield are documented with drawings of furnishings and ritual objects. Butterfield's designs for church plate were adapted for use internationally, representative examples having been published by the Ecclesiological Society (formerly the Cambridge Camden Society) between 1847 and 1856. Many have materials and sizes indicated. The types represented: alms dish (3); altar frontal (1); candlestick (9); cathedra (1); chalice, paten and alms dish (3); communion service (1); cruet (1); desk (3); ewer (1); flagon (5); hinge (1); lectern (11); lighting fixture (16); litany stool (1); memorial (6); vase (4).
Estimates include 11 letters about manufacture of objects and work with contractors. A few drawings in other series include attached estimates.
Memorials include six identified designs and a memorial in Romsey Abbey for an unidentified person.
Record drawings, not by Butterfield, document Great Mongeham Church, Kent (14 drawings) and St. John the Baptist, Shottesbrooke, Berkshire (17 items), prepared for the 1844 publication on the building by the Oxford Architectural Society as an example of the English Gothic style. Also, one original print after a drawing by Butterfield of the Shottesbrooke Church.

Arrangement note

Arranged in five series: Series I. Building designs; Series II. Ecclesiastical objects; Series III. Estimates; Series IV. Memorials; Series V. Record drawings

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Subjects - Corporate Bodies

Rugby School

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Architecture, Medieval--Great Britain.
Architecture-Great Britain-19th century
Church architecture--Designs and plans
Church buildings
Church decoration and ornament
Hospital buildings--Designs and plans.
Schools--Designs and plans.

Genres and Forms of Material

Architectural drawings (visual works)
Design drawings

Container List


Series I. Building designs, ca. 1838-1896

Physical Description: 173.0 items

Scope and Content Note

Scattered drawings for building designs include details and technical drawings. Most of the drawings are for churches or related buildings. Some drawings are for the Rugby School and the Cheddar Hospital. Two folders hold unidentified architectural drawings.
Box 1*, Folder 1

Severn-Stoke Church, 1838-1839

Scope and Content Note

Architectural detail.
Oversize 1**

All Saint's Church, Hastings [Sussex], 1869-1870

Scope and Content Note

Design for the East wall of chancel.
Oversize 2**

East Hatley Church, 1874

Scope and Content Note

Ground plan, 2 elevations, South and North elevations, several sections and details.
Box 1*, Folder 2

Tottenham All Hallows Church [Greater London], 1875

Scope and Content Note

Design for heating system. See also Series III, for estimate of installation.
Oversize 3**

Rugby School [Warwickshire], 1878-1879

Scope and Content Note

Temple Reading Room, Art Museum.
Oversize 4**

Rugby School [Warwickshire]

Scope and Content Note

Proposed buildings and school rooms.
Box 1*, Folder 3

Belfast St. Mark's Church, Dundela [Ireland], 1876

Scope and Content Note

Design for the east wall.
Box 1*, Folder 4

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882

Scope and Content Note

Block plan, basement and cellar plans.
Box 1*, Folder 5

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882

Scope and Content Note

First floor plan; plan of roof.
Box 1*, Folder 6

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882

Scope and Content Note

Three sections; four sections.
Box 1*, Folder 7

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882.

Scope and Content Note

Box 1*, Folder 8

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882

Scope and Content Note

Box 2*, Folder 1-7

St. Michael's Home, Cheddar [Axbridge, Somerset], 1878-1882

Box 2*, Folder 1


Scope and Content Note

Details of windows and details of seats in chapel.
Box 2*, Folder 2

Detail of pump house

Box 2*, Folder 3

Chaplaincy: plans

Scope and Content Note

Ground plan, chamber and attic plans.
Box 2*, Folder 4

Chaplaincy: sections

Scope and Content Note

Two sections and design for stables.
Box 2*, Folder 5

Proposed additions: plans

Scope and Content Note

Site plan and plan of cellars.
Box 2*, Folder 6

Proposed additions: plans and sections

Scope and Content Note

Ground and first floor plans, second floor plan and 3 sections.
Box 2*, Folder 7

Proposed additions: 4 sections

Oversize 5**

Cheddar Hospital [St. Michael's Home, Axbridge, Somerset]

Scope and Content Note

Various plans, elevations, and sections.
Oversize 6 **

Cheddar Hospital [St. Michael's Home]

Scope and Content Note

Various plans, elevations, and sections.
Oversize 7 **

Cheddar Hospital [St. Michael's Home]

Scope and Content Note

Proposed additions.
Folder 8**

St. Mary Magdalene, Enfield [Greater London], 1891

Scope and Content Note

Plan of tile pavement, reredos, South Wall
Box 3*, Folder 1

St. Augustine's Church, Bournemouth [Hampshire], 1892

Scope and Content Note

Oversize 9**

St. Thomas' Church, Leeds, 1896

Scope and Content Note

See Series III, written estimate from J. Norris & Sons. Ground plan, reredos and wall.
Box 3*-

Undated and partially unidentified building designs

Box 3*, Folder 2

St. Bartholomew Hyde Church [Hyde, Winchester?], seating plan

Box 3*, Folder 3

Haydon Church, architectural details

Box 3*, Folder 4

St. Augustine's Church, pillar

Box 3*, Folder 5

Uddington Church, North porch

Box 3*, Folder 6

Unidentified Church, floor plan

Box 3*, Folder 7

Unidentified Church, East wall

Box 3*, Folder 8

Unidentified, architectural section

Oversize 10**

Unidentified, architectural drawings


Series II. Designed ecclesiastical objects, ca. 1838-1896

Physical Description: ca. 67 items

Scope and Content Note

Designs for ceremonial objects and church furnishings. Arranged alphabetical by location of church; all in Great Britain unless otherwise noted.
Box 4*, Folder 1

Qu'Appelle Church: communion plates and chalices [Canada]

Scope and Content Note

Aldbury Church: Private communion plate.
Box 4*, Folder 2

Ault Hucknell Church [Derbyshire]

Box 4*, Folder 3


Box 4*, Folder 3


Box 4*, Folder 4

Babbacombe All Saints Church [Devon]: furnishings

Box 4*, Folder 5-6

Bournemouth, St. Augustine's Church [Hampshire]

Box 4*, Folder 5

Altar desk

Box 4*, Folder 6

Altar Vase, communion plate, alms dish

Oversize 11-12**

Bournemouth St. Augustine's [Hampshire]

Oversize 11**

Candlesticks and brass bracket

Oversize 12**


Oversize 13**

Brighton, St. Patrick's Church: lectern

Oversize 14**

Canterbury, St. Augustine's College [Kent]: altar desk, ca. 1880

Box 4*, Folder 7

Caterham Guards Chapel [Surrey]: gas brackets

Oversize 15**

Caterham Guards Chapel [Surrey]: furnishings

Scope and Content Note

Nave andsle seats, altar desk, detail of altar front.
Box 4*, Folder 8

Cheddar Hospital [Chapel, St. Michaels]: flagon

Scope and Content Note

See also Series III for written estimates for 2 lecterns.
Oversize 16**

Cheddar Hospital [Chapel, St. Michaels]: candlestick

Box 5*, Folder 1

Christleton Church [Cheshire]: reredos, 1893

Box 5*, Folder 2

Cliffe Pypard Church [Wiltshire]: paten

Box 5*, Folder 3

Cowley, St. John's Church [Oxon.]: communion plate, altar furnishings, 1871

Box 5*, Folder 4

Cumbrae College Chapel [Scotland]: litany desk, ca. 1859

Box 5*, Folder 5

Dalton Church [Yorkshire]: chancel screen

Box 5*, Folder 6

Dover Castle, St. Mary's Church: lectern, ca. 1889-1890

Oversize 17**

Dover Castle, St. Mary's Church: altar vase

Oversize 12**

Dover Castle, St. Mary's Church: candlestick

Scope and Content Note

With candlestick from Bournemouth.
Oversize 18**

St. Mary Magdalene Enfield [Greater London]: furnishings

Box 5*, Folder 7

Fulham Palace Chapel [Greater London]: seats, desks

Box 5*, Folder 8

Great Berkhamstsead Church [Hertfordshire]: Bible desk

Box 5*, Folder 9

St. John's Church Hammersmith [Greater London]: candlesticks, 1859

Oversize 19**

St. John Hammersmith [Greater London]: chancel screen, 1890

Box 5*, Folder 10

St. Clement's Church Hastings: seats, desk, ca. 1872

Box 6*, Folder 1

Lincoln Cathedral: communion plate

Scope and Content Note

See also Series III for written estimate.
Box 6*, Folder 2

Christ Church Albany Street, London: pulpit, ca. 1849?

Box 6*, Folder 3

St. Alban's Church, Baldwin Gardens (Holborn), London: altar cloth

Oversize 20**

St. Alban's Church, Baldwin Gardens (Holborn), London: cover for Litany book

Box 6*, Folder 4

St. John's Church Drury Lane ("Broad Court"), London: lectern

Box 6*, Folder 5

All Saint's Margaret Street, London: altar frontal, ca. 1859

Box 6*, Folder 6

North Eling Church: hanging lamp

Oversize 21**

North Eling Church: lamp brackets

Oversize 22**

Oxford, Balliol College Chapel [Oxfordshire]: stall seats

Box 6*, Folder 7

Pilton Church [Somerset]: paten

Box 6*, Folder 8

St. Michael's Church Portsmouth: chalices, 1876

Oversize 23 **

London, Holy Trinity Church Rotherhithe: candlesticks and hanging light

Box 6*, Folder 9

London, St. Barnabas' Church Rotherhithe: chalice, flagon, ca. 1872

Box 6*, Folder 10

London, St. Paul's Church Rotherhithe: chalice, ca. 1893

Box 6*, Folder 11

Rugby, St. Andrew's Church: gas lantern, ca. 1879?

Oversize 24**

Rugby Parish Church: furnishings

Oversize 25**

Rugby Parish Church: vases, light bracket, candlestick

Box 6*, Folder 12

Rugby School Chapel: candlestick, ca. 1870-1872

Box 6*, Folder 13

St. Alban's Abbey [London?]: windows, hinge

Oversize 26**

St. Bees Church [Cumberland]: furnishings, ca. 1886-1887

Oversize 27**

Sedgeberrow Church [Worcestershire]: chancel screen

Box 7*, Folder 1

Shaw Church [Berkshire]: seats and desk

Oversize 28**

St. Augustine's Church South Kensington (Queen's Gate), London: furnishings

Box 7*, Folder 2

Stowlangtoft Church [Suffolk]: chalice, flagon, 1887, 1889

Box 7*, Folder 3

Sudbury, St. Gregory's Church [Suffolk]: chalice and paten

Scope and Content Note

(see also Series III for written estimate).
Box 7*, Folder 4

Tottenham All Hallows Church [Greater London]

Scope and Content Note

Lecterns (see also Series III for written estimate).
Box 7*, Folder 5

Wantage St. Mary's Church [Berkshire]: gaslight standard, ca. 1880

Oversize 29**

Warwick, St. Mary's Church: reredos, 1883-1886

Box 7*, Folder 6

Winchester, St. Cross Church [Hampshire]: candle-holder

Box 7*, Folder 7

Winchester, St. Michael's Church [Hampshire]: seats, desks

Box 7*, Folder 8

Winchester College Chapel [Hampshire]: choir stalls

Box 7*, Folder 9

Woolwich, St. Michael's Church [Greater London]: gas lights

Box 7*, Folder 10

St. Andrew's Church Kumgani [Zanzibar / Tanzania]: communion plate

Box 8*-


Box 8*, Folder 1

Heath's Court [Derbyshire? Coalpit Heath?]: lighting fixtures

Box 8*, Folder 2

Dublin, St. Columba's College Chapel [Ireland]: light bracket

Box 8*, Folder 3

All Saints' Church: lectern, flagon

Box 8*, Folder 4

All Saints' Church: lectern

Box 8*, Folder 5

Unidentified lecterns

Box 8*, Folder 6

Unidentified flagons

Box 8*, Folder 7

Unidentified oil lamp

Box 8*, Folder 8

Unidentified alms dishes and chalices

Box 8*, Folder 9

Unidentified altar cross

Box 8*, Folder 10

Unidentified mosaic

Box 8*, Folder 11

Unidentified candlestick

Box 8*, Folder 12

Floral design by Butterfield

Scope and Content Note

Drawing for "Windows or Reredos" by J. T. Redfern
Box 8*, Folder 13

Design for sculpture [Passion]

Oversize 30**

Unidentified candlestick


Series III. Estimates, ca. 1838-1896

Physical Description: 11 letters

Scope and Content Note

Estimates for the manufacture of Butterfield's designs for objects, and with sub-contractors for the installation and construction of architecture.
Box 8*, Folder 14

Seven letters from Hart, Son, Peard and Co.

Scope and Content Note

Estimates for the manufacture of various objects designed by Butterfield.
Box 8*, Folder 14

One letter from G. N. Haydon and Son

Scope and Content Note

For making and installing a central heating system in Tottenham Church.
Box 8*, Folder 14

Two estimates from J. Norris & Sons, Builders … Contractors for St. Thomas' Church in Leeds

Box 8*, Folder 14

One Estimate from John Boulton & Co. for St. Thomas' Church, Leeds


Series IV. Memorials, ca. 1838-1896

Physical Description: 7.0 designs

Scope and Content Note

Designs for memorials to individuals.
Oversize 31 **

Rochester Cathedral: Mary Jane Ann Scott

Oversize 31 **

Hursley Church: Cromwell monument

Oversize 31 **

Unknown location: Anna Maria Hanbury

Scope and Content Note

With estimate attached.
Oversize 31 **

Unknown Location: Bishop Gray

Oversize 31 **

Unknown location: Emily Carington

Oversize 31 **

Lincoln Cathedral: William John Butler

Oversize 31 **

Romsey Abbey: unknown


Series V. Record drawings, 1844, undated

Physical Description: 31.0 drawing(s)

Scope and Content Note

Documentary drawings for two buildings, not designed by Butterfield. Drawings for the Great Mongeham Church were prepared for the 1844 publication on the building by the Oxford Architectural Society as an example of the English Gothic style.
Oversize 32**

Great Mongeham Church [Kent]

Physical Description: 14.0 drawing(s)
Oversize 33**

St. John the Baptist, Shottesbroke Church [Berkshire]

Physical Description: 17.0 items