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San Francisco Ephemera Collection
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Cinco de Mayo 1990-2005


Citrus Fair 1902


Coin Fair 1968


Columbian Exposition 1993


County Fair Flower Show 1974-1988


Culinary Carnival 1980s


Diamond Jubilee 1925


Dickens Fair 1972-1977


Equal Opportunity Job Fair 1966


Festival of the Sea 1984-1998


Folk Fair 1972


Folsom Street Fair 1984-2005


Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE)


Aboriginal Cultures of the Western Hemisphere 1940


Advertising 1935-1939


Agriculture 1941


Airlines 1937-1939




50th 1989


75th 2009


Aquacade 1940


Art 1939-1940


Articles of incorporation and bylaws 1936


Autumn Festival 1939


Board of Directors undated


Bridges 1935-1939


Businesses--See: SF.Fairs.GGIE.Companies


Bylaws--See: SF.Fairs.GGIE.Articles of incorporation




General 1939-1940

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Artists' Day 1939


Commission report 1939


Items pertaining to the Hall of Fine Printing 1939-1940


Tourism 1939


Cavalcade of the Golden West 1939


Cavalcades 1940


Certificates 1939


Children's Temple 1938


Christmas cards 1939


Closing day report 1940


Coffee 1939


Committees circa 1936-1939




Bank of America 1939


Bell Telephone 1939


Crown Zellerbach Corporation 1939


Dow Chemical Company 1939


Ford Motor Company 1939


Heinz 57 1939


Hills Brothers 1939


International Business Machines 1940


Levi Strauss & Company 1939


Miscellaneous 1938-1940


Miscellaneous, Your Investment for 39 1938


Pabco 1939


Pacific Gas and Electric 1939


Paper companies 1939


Schilling 1939


Western Pine Association 2007


Concessions 1939


Correspondence 1933-1938

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Covarrubias, Miguel--See: M43 and SFH STK GGIE map case


Courts 1939


Days 1939


Demolition of 1941-1942


Dioramas 1944-1959


Ecuador Pavilion 1939


Eddie Cantor Week 1939


Eisteddfod 1945


Electricity 1939


Exhibits 1936-1939


Fashion 1939


Ferry boat 1939


Finance 1936-1939


Fine arts catalogs 1939

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Folies Bergere 1939-1940


Food and beverages 1939


Foreign participation 1939


Form letters 1939


Fourth of July 1940


French Indochina Pavilion 1939


Gayway contracts (Amusement zone area) 1937-1938


Groundbreaking 1936


Guidebooks 1939-1940

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Guides to San Francisco 1939-1940


Hall of Western States circa 1939


History of undated


Housing 1939


Incubator babies 1970


Invitations 1939


Japan 1939


Jigsaw puzzle--See: M43 Realia


Johore Pavilion 1939


Landscaping 1938-1939


Legal proceedings--See: M43


Letter (Souvenir) 1939


Letterhead 1940


Lighting 1938


Livestock 1939


Magazine articles 1935-1940, 1989

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Magazines 1938-1940, 1989

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Maps 1938-1940

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

See also:

GGIE flat map case

Marine Corps 1940


Matches 1939-1940


Mayor's proclamation 1936


Medicine circa 1939


Menus 1939-1940


Mickey Mouse circa 1939


Miniature rooms 1939-1940


Miss Western America 1939


Mission trails 1938


Musee Mechanique circa 1939


Music 1939


Name (Origin of GGIE name) 1936


Navy exhibit 1939


Nevada 1940


New York World's Fair 1940


Newspapers 1936-1940

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

See also:

M41, M43

Oakland, Port of 1938-1939


Oregon 1939


Pamphlets 1939-1940

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Panoramas 1939


Photography 1939


Plans--See: SFH STKS map case: GGIE: box, Administration bldg


Police 1939


Police Ball 1939


Postcards--See: Historical Photograph Collection


President's letters 1937


President's luncheon 1938-1939

See also:

SF. Fairs. GGIE. Menus

Printing (Proofs of seals) 1939-1940


Programs 1940


Prospectus 1936


Publications 1937-1940

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Publications layout (Original artwork) circa 1938

Physical Description: 4.0 folders



General 1937-1939

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Magazine Division 1936-1939

Physical Description: 11.0 folders

Press Division 1939

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Press releases 1935-1939

Physical Description: 13.0 folders

Promotional 1936-1939

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Puppets 1940


Purchasing agents convention 1939


Radio 1939


Railroads 1938-1940


Redwood Empire Building 1939


Reports 1938-1940


Rivera, Diego (Mural) 1940


Rodeo 1939


Rules and regulations 1939-1940

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Sale of personal property 1940


Science 1940


Scrapbook 1939

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Songbook 1939


Southern Basin Site 1935


Special events 1939-1940


Sports events 1939


Stamps undated


State Commission 1938


Stationary (Envelopes, etc.) 1939-1940


Temple of Security 1939


Tickets 1939-1940


Tower of the Sun circa 1939


United States government exhibit 1939


Viewbooks circa 1939-1940

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Wine Temple 1939


Women 1939


Wrapping paper 1939


Yerba Buena Shoals


Reclamation project 1935


Dredging 1935-1938


Goethe Festival 1949


Golden Gate Trade and Maritime Festival 1953


Grant Avenue Street Fair undated


International Book Fair 1970-1973


International Fair 1909


International Film Festival 1958-2012

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

See also:

Joseph L. Alioto papers and John F. Shelley Papers

Irish Fair, Irish Festival 1898, 1972-1981

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Italian Festival 1956, 1990


Jade Festival 1933


Jagannatha Chariot Festival undated


Japan Industry Floating Fair 1967


Jazz Festival 1993-2005


Jewish Film Festival 2011


Job Fair 1966


Juneteenth 2004-2009


Laborfest 2007-2009


Latin America Fiesta


John F. Shelley Papers SFH8

London Week--See: SF.Weeks.London Week


May Day Festival


May Festival 1878


Mechanic's Fair 1877


Midwinter Fair (California Midwinter International Exposition)


A Glimpse of the Midwinter Fair 1894


All About the Midwinter Fair 1894


Boone Arena 1894


Business College Exhibition 1894


California Architect and Building News 1894


City of Paris souvenir 1894


Cloth souvenir 1894


Colored art views 1894

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Colored views 1894


Commercial Hotel souvenir 1894


East Indian artware 1894


Exhibitor information 1894


Fine Arts Building 1894


49 Mining Camp 1894


Graham, Sketches of the White City and the Sunset City 1894


Groundbreaking 1894


Guidebooks 1894

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Hawthorne 1894


Loose items 1894


Map of grounds 1894


Monarch Souvenir of Sunset City and the Sunset Scenes 1894


Mystic Mirror Maze 1894


Newspaper articles 1894


Newspaper specials 1894


Nutshell guide 1894


Opening day ceremony 1894


Poems of the Golden State and Midwinter Exposition by Daniel Oscar Loy --See: 917.9404 L956p


Souvenirs 1894


Special day program 1894


Stationary 1894


Stickers and postal markings 1894


Sunset City and Sunset Views 1894

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Synopsis 1894


Trade cards 1894


Viavi Journal 1894


Views of California 1894


Nihonmachi Street Fair 1977-2002


North Beach Bohemian Festival 1999


North Beach Jazz Festival 2006


Northern California Peace Festival 1975


Old San Francisco 1988


Pacific Better Homes Exposition 1924


Pacific Festival 1960


Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE)


Accounting 1915




Alvin E. Pope 1916


Vice President Marshall 1916


Advertising 1915


Agriculture, Department of 1915


American Inter-Ocean Canal 1917


Anniversaries 1990-1995


Architects undated


Argentina, Argentine Republic 1915


Articles of Incorporation 1909-1910




Fountain of the Setting Sun circa 1980


Priestess of Culture 1977


Athletics 1915


Auditorium (Civic) 1914-1915


Automobiles 1912-1915


Aviation 1915, 2002




International Jury of Award 1915


Miscellaneous 1915


Rules and regulations 1915


Banquet (Governors and Directors, New York City) 1911


Bolivia 1915


Book Club of California keepsake 1970


Boston Symphony Orchestra 1914-1915




Construction 1913-1915


Costs 1915


Costs, salaries 1913


Dimensions 1913


Specifications and blueprints 1913


Bylaws 1911


Calendar--See: SF.Fairs.PPIE.Days


California 1912


Canadian pavilion 1915


Car racing 1915


Certificates 1915


China 1915


Closing day 1915


Commemorative coinage 1915


Committees, advisory circa 1915


Competition, New Orleans vs. San Francisco 1915


Comptroller's reports 1913


Concessions and admissions


Director's report 1915


Division of 1914-1915


Passes (Automobile admission) 1915


Report of Chief 1915


Cuba dedication 1915




Regulations 1914


U.S. Customs and Kindred Services 1915


Customs and Deliveries Bureau report 1916




General 1915


Calendar 1915


British Empire Day 1915


Pioneer and Old Settlers Day 1915


Portola Festival Day 1915


De Young, Charles 1913


Death certificates 1914-1915


Demolition rules 1915


Denmark 1914-1915


Directory for main office 1915


Eisteddfod 1915


Education and social economy 1913


Education convention and International Congress of Education 1915


Education, Palace of 1915


El Dorado County lecture of William Rantz circa 1965


Emergency hospital's report of operations 1915


Esperanto 1915


Excursions 1913-1915




Application for concession 1915


Application for exhibit space 1915


Area of exhibits


Agriculture, Palace of 1915


Food Products, Palace of 1915


Horticulture, Palace of 1915


Machinery, Palace of 1915


Manufactures, Palace of 1915


Mines, Palace of 1915


Zone 1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Booths (Design) 1915


Certificate of exhibition 1915


Classification of departments 1915


Deliveries and Customs Bureau 1914-1915


Directories 1915


Director's report 1915


Drafting Department report 1915


Freight record form 1915




Advance 1913-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Popular 1915


Information for exhibitors


General 1914-1915


Palace of Machinery 1914


Instructions for builders of machinery 1914


Instructions for Social Economy Department 1913


New York State, films and subjects shown 1915


Rules and regulations


California Building 1914


Domestic shipments 1914-1915


Foreign shipments 1915


Intending participants 1915


Governing the location 1914


Removal of exhibits 1915




Director's report 1915


Domestic 1913-1915


Foreign 1915


Exposition builders 1913


Exposition City 1915


Exposition legion 1915


Fillmore Street tunnel 1913


Fine Arts, Palace of 1915


Fine Arts Department


Brief guide 1915


Chief's report 1915


Department report 1915


Official catalogue 1915


Official illustrated catalogue 1915


Foreign commissions


Australia and South Pacific 1914


Central America and West Indies 1915


Europe 1912-1915


Mediterranean and Balkan states 1915


South America 1915-1916


Foreign participation 1913-1915




Committee for Foreign Exhibits 1915


Pavilion 1915, 1995


Germany 1912-1915


Groundbreaking 1911-1915


Guard Department 1915-1916




Art Lovers Guidebook 1915


Banca Fugazi 1915


Best Bits of the Exposition 1915


Official 1915


People's Easy Guidebook 1915


Harbor view buildings 1915


Helen Keller Day 1915


Horticulture 1915


Hotels 1913-1915


Illinois 1915


Illumination 1915-1916


Improvements, Exposition Committee of Improvement Organizations 1913


Incubator babies 1915, 1979


Indian Exposition 1915


Inscriptions 1915


Invitation to groundbreaking ceremony 1912-1915


Invitations 1912-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Italy 1915


Japan 1915


Kentucky Legislature (William M. Pearce letter) 1915


Land use certificates 1915


Letters, form 1913


Liberal arts, Department of 1913-1915


Lincoln highway 1912




Horse related material 1915


Information for exhibitors 1915


Official catalogues 1915


Preliminary classification 1915


Press bulletins 1915


Prize list rules and regulations 1915


Report of Assistant Chief of Livestock 1915


Report of Chief of Livestock 1915


Lowie Museum exhibit of the PPIE 1982


Machinery Exhibits Department, final report of Chief 1915


Machinery, Palace of 1915


Builders of machinery 1915


Machinery manufacturers 1913-1915


Magazine articles


Columbiad 1914-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

California Travel 1915


Pacific Coast Architect 1915


Pacific Coast Musical Review 1915


Star 1915


Manufactures Department


General 1915


Final report 1915


Information for exhibitors 1913-1915


Maps circa 1915


Medals and emblems catalogue 1915


Menus 1912-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Military 1915


Mines and Metallurgy, Palace of 1915


General 1915


Superintendent's report 1916


Final report of Chief 1915


Motion pictures 1915


Music Department 1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

New York City 1915


New York State 1915


New York State report 1915


New Zealand 1915


Newspaper clippings 1912-1915


Office directories circa 1915


Officers, directors, committees, architects 1915


Opening day 1915


Organ 1998-1999


Oregon 1915


Organization and description (A. H. Markwart essay) 1913




General 1913-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Business Facts for Business Men 1915


By authority of the United States Government 1915


Condensed Facts 1915


Exposition Fact Book 1915


Hercules 1915


Plan and scope 1915


Universal Exposition: Notes Descriptive of the Plan 1915


Why, When, Where, How 1915


Panama Canal 1913-1915


Panama hymn 1915, 1997


Paris Styles 1915


Persia 1915


Personal accounts circa 1915


Philippine Islands


Poetry 1915


Postcards (Reproductions) circa 1915

See also:

SF Historical Photograph Collection

Poultry show 1915


President's office 1913


Programs 1915


Programs, American Builders Week 1915


Publicity 1912-1915


Puerto Rico 1915


Railroad companies 1913-1915


Receptions Committee 1913


Roos Brothers 1915


Sculpture, Jewelled Star 1980


Sculpture and murals 1915


Seal 1975


Shipments 1916


Shipping labels 1915


Siam 1915


Social Economy, Palace of 1915


Social services 1915


South Africa 1914


Spanish language items 1913-1915


Stamps 1913-1915


State and foreign organizations 1915


State participation 1915


Station directory 1915


Stationary 1913-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Stock 1909


Story of the Exposition 1915


Subscriptions 1913


Suggestions for future expositions 1915


Swedish Pavilion 1915


Tapestries 1915


Telephone companies 1913-1915


Telephone system 1915


Temple of Children 1994


Tiffany exhibit 1915


Tours 1915


Tower of Jewels 1915


Traffic 1913


Transportation 1912-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Turkish building 1915


University of California Berkeley exhibit on PPIE 1982


View books circa 1915

Physical Description: 36.0 folders

War 1915


Water supply (E. C. Eaton report) 1915


Welcome poster 1915


Woman's Board 1913-1916


Women 1913-1915


Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace 1915


Works, Division of (Rules and regulations) 1913-1915


World's Insurance Congress 1914-1915

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Yachting and boating 1913-1915


Philippine-American Fair and Exposition 1983-1986


Portola Festival 1909-1948

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Quake Expo--See: Compact 8B


Compact 8B

Renaissance Pleasure Fair 1972-1976


San Francisco Art Festival 1932-1985

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

San Francisco Fair and Exposition 1982-1987

Physical Description: 9.0 folders

San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival 1990-1996


San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival 1988


San Francisco Summer Festival 1982


San Francisco World's Fair 1962


Silent Film Festival 2004


Swiss Singing and Yodeling Festival 1952


Trolley Festival 1983-1985

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Unity Fair undated


U.S. World Trade Fair 1964-1966

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Vietnam Veterans Fair 1983


Waterfront Fair and Nautical Exposition 1973


Wine Fair 1963


World Trade Fair 1952


Fallout shelters-Film


Fallout shelters--See: George Christopher papers, SFH7


Families 1980, 2012


Farmer's markets


Alemany Farmer's Market 1943-2006


Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market 1995-2008


Heart of the City Farmer's Market 1981-2011


Fashion 1875-1888, 1979-2010

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Fears 1981




Ferries by name


Berkeley 1998


Blue and Gold Fleet undated


Edward T. Jeffrey--See: Calif.Railroads.Western Pacific.25th Street Slip


Eureka 1994


Fresno 1928, 1990


Friday Ferry 1979


Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District 1973-2000


Golden Gate Ferry Company 1920s


Klamath 1964-1992


Red and White Fleet undated, 1984-1996


San Leandro 1985


San Rafael 1991


Sierra Nevada 1961


Southern Pacific 1869, 1905-1954


Ukiah--See: SF.Ferries.Eureka


Vallejo 1985


Newspaper clippings 1907-2010

Physical Description: 2.0 folder

Routes 1903-1967




Film festivals--See: Fairs and festivals


Film-makers handbook 1974


Films made in San Francisco


Alphabetical list undated, 1987-1995


Chronology undated, 1990


Class action 1990


Flask circa 1988


Greed 1976


Line up undated


Movie map undated


Milk 2008


La Mission 2010


Newspaper clippings 1971-2009


Patty Hearst 1987


Trip down Market Street 1992-2010


Tucker 1988


Vertigo 1983-2012


Woman on the Run 1951


Film production 1922, 1969-2011


Film Production Office--See: SF.Mayor's office.San Francisco Film Production Office


Fire Department


Abalone scandal 1980-1984


Affirmative action plan 1980


Annual reports 1967-1992

Physical Description: 16.0 folders

Arson 1971-1980


Arson Task Force 1978-1981

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Art exhibits undated




David Scannell Club 1929


Friends of Our Firemen Committee 1978


Phoenix Society 1950-1968


Veteran Firemen's Association of San Francisco 1912-1916

See also:

Veteran Firemen's Association of San Francisco (M43)

Athletics 1978-1979


Awards 1978-1990


Balls 1881, 1943-1948


Bells 1930, undated


Bond issues 1970-1974


Cartoons undated, 1873, 1978


Certificate 1857, 1940


Charitable fund 1855


Chief engineers 1937


Chiefs--See: SF.Bio.[name of chief]


Chief's home 1922-2004


Chimney inspection 1906


Cisterns 1959, 2012


Civil disturbances 1969


Communications center 1915-1931


Computer 1977


Conventions, Fire Chiefs 1922-1981


Corporation yard 1855


Credit union 1973-1975


Disaster plans 1968-1981


Dogs 1858


Drills 1981


Engine companies


Empire #1 1947


Columbia #2 1860


Manhattan #2 1855


Volunteer Engine Company #7 1948


Engine Company #8, Truck #4 1987


Engine and Truck #13 1976-1977


Engine Company #15 1959, undated


Engine Company #17 1977


Engine Company #21 1972


Engine Company #23 1915


Engine Company #31 1979, 1997


Engine Company #35 1997


Engine Company #37, Truck #9 1987


Engines 1913


Ethnic groups 1976-1987


Exempt Fire Company 1857-1874


Fire alarm boxes 1933-1955


Fire boats 1909-1927, 1977-2000

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Fire commissioners certificates 1907-1919


Fire commissioners' reports 1871-1914


Fire hazards undated


Firehouses 1952-2002

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Fire limits 1895


Fire prevention 1934-1981


Fire reserve 1984


Fire service and its emblems 1941


Grand jury 1883-1894


Hand book undated


Hazardous materials 1983


Headquarters 1966


Helmets 1969-1984


Hiring 1985-1992




General 1850-1975


Brant, Michelle 1975


Greater alarm! The definitive history of the San Francisco Fire Department 1981


Historical review 1967-1974

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Historical sketch 1915


Horses undated


Hydrants 1927-1988


Job analysis 1989


Magazine articles 1925-1965




Auxilliary water supply system 1921


Cisterns and infirm areas 1985


Division locations 1961


Territory served by the San Francisco Fire Department 1985


Memorial mass 1956-1980


Motor apparatus and the two platoon system in the San Francisco Fire Department 1917


Museum 1968-1982


Muster 1976


National Board of Fire Underwriters 1921-1966


Newspaper clippings 1966-2011


Opera 1980


Ordinances 1880-1969


Parade 1854


Paramedics--See: SF.Health Department Paramedic division


Patron saints 1972


Permit application undated


Poetry - Fireman's bride circa 1916


Protective equipment 1960


Pumping stations 1908, 1987


Radio procedure 1969-1980


Reports - Gage-Babcock 1970


Rules and regulations 1917-1981

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Salaries 1980


Shops undated


Signal codes undated


Strike 1975


Telephone directory 1959


Training 1980-1985


Underwriter's Fire Patrol of San Francisco 1912


Uniforms 1970


Union--See: SF.Unions.Firefighters Local 798


Water supply 1908-1915, 1971

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Water towers 1963


Women 1982-1985


Fire departments (Non-SF)-Football


Fire departments (Non-SF) 1881-1980


Fire insurance 1922-1942

See also:

SF.Associations.Pacific Insurance Union

Fires 1855


Fireworks circa 1960




Fishing undated, 1989-2009




Civic Center 1963-1984


San Francisco flag 1916-1993

Physical Description: 2.0 folder

U.S. Army 1986


U.S. Flag, United Nations 1945


Fleas 1875-1908, 1980-1992


Fleet week--See: SF.Days.Fleet week




General 1980s


Balls 1979-1986


Ethnic 1981-1986


Exotic-Erotic Halloween Ball 1980-1982


Gay and lesbian 1980-1986


Gay Games 1982-1989


Gay - Russian River, Monte Rio, Mendocino, etc. 1980s


Music 1980s-1990s


Political 1980-2008


Protests 1970s-2003

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Street fairs 1982


Women 1980s




General 1946-2010


Dahlia (Official city flower) 1926-1984


Flower stands 1947-2012


Foghorns 1968-1992




General 1936-2005


Chocolate undated


Food prices 1968-1974

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Food stamps undated


Food trucks 2011




General 1938-1994


East-West Shrine Game 1945-1960


San Francisco Clippers 1940s


San Francisco 49ers


General 1951-2011


Super Bowl XVI 1982


Super season 1984


Super Bowl XIX 1985

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Super Bowl XXIII 1989


Super Bowl XXIV 1990

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Super Bowl XXIX 1995




General 1970-1984


Fort Cronkhite--See: Calif.Forts.Fort Cronkhite


Fort Funston 1960-1962


Fort McDowell 1949-1999


Fort Mason 1926-2011

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Fort Miley 1892-1995

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Fort Point 1889-1988


Fortune cookie-Freeways


Fortune cookie 1968-1999


Forty-nine mile scenic drive--See: Maps.Forty-nine mile scenic drive


Foundations--See: SF.Associations


Founding of San Francisco 1847, 1927-2005

Physical Description: 2.0 folders



General 1973-1984


Aurora 1986


Hearst, Phoebe Apperson 1941


Lotta's Fountain 1878-1999

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

National Humane Alliance 1917


San Francisco fountain (Hyatt on Union Square) 1973


United Nations Plaza 1974-1981


Vaillancourt 1969-2004


Fraud undated


Freedom train 1947-1976

Physical Description: 2.0 folders



Freeways by name


Bayshore Freeway, James Lick Freeway 1943-1965

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Central Freeway 1949-2003

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Clay-Washington ramps 1960-1974


Crosstown Freeway 1957-1960

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Crosstown Tunnel, Blake Tunnel 1959-1966

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

See also:

SF.Freeways.Panhandle Freeway

Embarcadero Freeway 1945-1993

Physical Description: 8.0 folders

Geary Freeway 1964

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Golden Gate Freeway 1955-1973

Physical Description: 8.0 folders

Protests undated


MacArthur Maze 2007


Marginal Freeway 1945


Mission Freeway 1949-1958


Panhandle Freeway, Panhandle Parkway 1954-1965

Physical Description: 13.0 folders

Serra Freeway 1950s-1968


Skyline National Parkway 1960


Southern Freeway 1940-1970

Physical Description: 8.0 folders

Western Freeway 1953-1961

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Freeways by subject


General 1945-1971

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Agreements 1964


Board of Supervisors resolutions 1959-1960


Comprehensive plan 1966-1969


Data 1957-1961


Design and engineering 1965-1966

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Dobbs plan 1955-1965


Earthquake damage 1990-1992


Golden Gate Park 1955-1959


Hearings 1965-1966


History 1934-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Legislation 1966-1969


Maps circa 1956


Parking 1966


Report to the San Francisco-State joint freeway study 1966


Revolt 1959-2009

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Status of freeways in San Francisco 1959


212 - freeways - San Francisco re: state, U.S. government, world opinion 1954-1964


Trafficways - freeway milage 1951


Transportation plans, correspondence on working paper 1966-1967


Gambling-Gun control


Gambling undated


Gangs 1993




City Sanitation Guild 1929


Disposal 1919-1982


Sea dumping 1920s-1931

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Gardens 1907-2012


Gas stations 1989


Geology 1958-1989


Germ warfare study 1950-1981


Ghosts 1893-1991

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Golden Gate (strait) 1959-2006




California Golf Club of San Francisco 1960s


Harding Park Golf Course 1923, 1981-2013


Northern California Golf Association 1967-1970

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Olympic Club 1955-2012

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Presidio Golf Club--See: SF.Associations.Presidio Golf Club


San Francisco Open 1969


Sharp Park (Pacifica, CA) 1947-2011


U.S. Open 1987




General 1897, 1966-1991


Citizens' committees in San Francisco city government 1950


Most powerful citizens 1971


Regional government 1967-1968


Graffiti 1992-2011


Grand jury


General 1972


Badges 1975


Civil function of the San Francisco Grand Jury: Its composition and work product 1973


Committees 1969-1975

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Discrimination 1972


Reports 1867, 1943-1948

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Grants 1975


Great White Fleet 1907-1908, 1978-2008

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Guides to San Francisco 1879-2012

Physical Description: 101.0 folders

Gun control 1966-2013


Hall of Fame-Homeless


Hall of Fame (Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame) 1981-1985


Hazardous materials--See: SF.Fire department.Hazardous materials


Health access plan (Healthy San Francisco) 2006-2013






General 1986-1998


6th International AIDS Conference 1990


Mayor's Summit on AIDS and HIV 1998


Newspaper clippings 1982-2012

Physical Description: 13.0 folders

San Francisco AIDS Foundation--See: SF.Associations.San Francisco AIDS Foundation


Hepatitis B 2008


San Francisco Breast Cancer Summit 1996


Health Department


General 1866, 1947


Ambulance service--See: SF.Health Department.Paramedic division


Child welfare 1936-1943


City Clinic 2011


Commissioners certificates 1907-1922


Emergency hospital service 1892-1903, 1956-1979

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Mortuary report 1871-1876


Newspaper clippings 1987-2012


Paramedic division 1889-1995


Newsletters 1979-1984


Vital records undated, 1940-1975


Health Service System 1938-1992

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Healthy San Francisco--See: Health access plan




General 1945-2004


Mount Davidson--See: SF.Districts.Mount Davidson, SF.Monuments.Easter Cross


Mount Sutro 2011


Twin Peaks 1980-1989


Hippie (term) undated

See also:

SF.Districts.Haight-Ashbury for Hippies

History 1946-2012


Hockey 1962


Home care 1995




General 1984-2002


Evictions undated, 2000-2002


Newspaper clippings 1991-2013

Physical Description: 11.0 folders



AIDS--See: SF.Health.AIDS


Emperors 1975


Flyers 1974-1989


Gay Freedom Day Parade (Gay Pride) 1978-2004

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Gay marriage 2004-2010

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Guides and directories 1983-1990


Magazine articles 1964-1999


Newspaper clippings 1971-2013


Police-Gay softball game 1977


Politics 1970s-1989


Population statistics 1984-2001


Pride guide 1999-2007

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Religious views undated


Horoscope-Human Rights Commission


Horoscope 1976-1983

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Horse racing--See: SF.Race tracks


Horse shows 1929


Hostels 1976-1981


House Un-American Activities Committee--See: SF.Protests




General 1969-2013


Community development program 1969-1980


Fair Housing Planning Committee 1973


Housing Authority 1944-2013

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Housing projects--See: SF.Buildings.Public housing


Policy and surveys 1970-1980


Reports 1940s-1978

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Restrictive covenants undated, circa 1960


War housing--See: Elmer E. Robinson papers


Human Rights Commission 1963-1970s




Ice follies 1941-1946


Ice skating rinks


SF.Buildings SF.Parks.Golden Gate Park

Immigration 1970s-2011

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Income 1984


Influenza (1918) 1919-2002


Infrastructure 1989-2000s


International Hospitality Center circa 1954


Invitations undated


Islais Creek--See: SF.Water.Creeks.Islais Creek






Alcatraz primer 1970




Boss archives, Berkeley Public Library 1969-1970


Magazine articles and newspaper clippings 1967-2013

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Monument legislation 1965


Newspaper clippings 1969-2012


Park brochures 1972-1997


Prison 1937-2009

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Prisoners undated


Prison breaks, riots 1936-1941

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Proposals for use 1963-1976

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Angel Island


General 1946-1987


Angel Island Day souvenir program 1952


Angel Island Foundation 1975


Bibliography 1970s


Brochures undated, 1995-1996


Chinese, Immigration Station undated, 1970s-2003


Creative Thinking Inc. of San Francisco 1965


Ecology study 1969


Maps 1958-1985


Newspaper clippings 1947-2009


Peace tower 1977




General 1897-1982

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Light station--See: Here today:Farallon Islands


Newspaper clippings 1950-2011


Brooks Island 1976


Treasure Island


General 1939-1994

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Mayor's Treasure Island project 1997


Naming 1973


Naval Air Force base 1949-1997


Newspaper clippings 1976-2011


Yerba Buena Island, Goat Island 1964-2005






General 1853-1876, 1972-2012


Receipts 1915-1917


Regulations and reports 1969-1971


Japanese Peace Conference 1951, 2001

Physical Description: 10.0 folders, 1 album




Jobs 1985-2012


Jokes 1984


Journalists circa 1930-1951


Jukeboxes undated, 1977-1989


Juvenile Court


General 1932-2011

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Handbook for personnel 1948


Manual of policy and procedure 1939


Probation Committee 1914-1919


Reports 1935-1941

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Key to the city


General 1907-2003


Designs circa 1951-1981


Keys given out and requests declined 1965-1967


Presentees circa 1943






Lake Dolores 1942


Lake Merced 1970-2011

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Mountain Lake


SF.Parks.Mountain Lake

Pine Lake


SF.Parks.Sigmund Stern Grove

Land law 1891, 1976-1986


Landmarks 2004

See also:

SF.City Planning.Landmarks

Laundries undated






General 1958


American Merchant Marine Library 1979


California Genealogical Society 1990s


Chinese Library 1963-1964


Communications Library 1971-1972


Federal Record Center 1965-1972


Fitzhugh Ludlow Memorial Library undated, 1997


Holt Labor Library undated


International Trade and Shipping--See: SF.Libraries.World Trade Library


Labor Archives 1996-2009

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Lane Medical Library 1912


Library for Mankind 1986


Maritime Library 1991-2006


Mechanics' Library 1900-2005


Mercantile Library--See: SF.Associations.Mercantile Library Association


Metaphysical Library 1982


National Archives Pacific Sierra Region 1971-1996

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pacific Coast Tabard Inn Library undated


San Francisco Academy of Comic Art circa 1977


San Francisco and Bay Area 1961-2006


San Francisco Law Library 1995-2002


San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum 1975-2007

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Sutro Library


Articles 1963, 2003


Bookplate undated


Brochures and pamphlets 1957-2000s


Gifts undated


History--See: SFPL.Administration.City Librarians.Clarke (Sutro)


Invitations 1983


Newspaper clippings 1959-1982

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Notes 1957


Surveys 1961-1962


World Trade Library 1957-1972


Life saving stations 1883


Lighthouses 1979-2007


Lincoln Highway--See: SF.Parks.Lincoln


Literature 1939-2011


McEnerney Act-Manhole covers


McEnerney Act 1906, 2000


Magazine articles


After Dark 1974


Aloft 1969


Atlantic Monthly 1969


California Review 1904


Christian Science Monitor advertising supplement 1985


Conde Nast Traveler 1989


Country Life 1980


Dodge News 1967


Esquire 1958-1967

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Forbes 1985-1991

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Geospecial 1988


Harper's 1960-1966

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Harper's Young People 1894


Holiday 1948-1970

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Image 1991


Lamp 1969


Library Journal 1967


Life 1943, 1970s

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Los Angeles Times Home 1968-1973

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Magazine of Art 1883


Mainliner 1965-1973

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Merian 1970s


Motorland 1956-1959

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

National Geographic 1943-1985

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Natural History 1968


New York Times Magazine 1956, 1987


Newsweek 1954


Performance 1980s


Popular Photography 1973


San Francisco Business 1968-1969

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

San Francisco Magazine 1987


San Francisco Newsletter 1916-1925

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

San Francisco Tribune 1926


Saturday Evening Post 1901


Saturday Review 1966


Sunset 1899-1907, 1957-1973

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Town and Country 1961-1973

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Transaction 1970


Travel & Leisure 1982


Venture 1965


Way of Saint Francis 1976


Western Advertising 1941


Western's World 1974


Westways 1962




General 1975-2009


City Magazine circa 1975


Manhole covers undated, 1978




Early maps 1947, undated


Maps by year 1776, 1847-1996

Physical Description: 103.0 folders

Maps by subject


Aerial transit system 1955


Architecture 1991


Army Corps of Engineers 1958-1959

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Assessment 1864, 1913

Physical Description: 2.0 folders



General, by date 1860-1998

Physical Description: 17.0 folders

3000 feet from the high water mark


Areas susceptible of reclamation


Bay edges 1981


California state atlas 1860


Shoreline before fill


U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 1934-1961

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Bay Area 1869-1989

Physical Description: 14.0 folders

Bibliography undated


Bicycle paths 1972-1988


Boulevard system 1920-1927

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Boundaries 1850-1970

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Burnham plan 1905


California State relief map 1954-1981


Cemeteries--Laurel Hill 1910-1933, undated


Census tracts 1933-1980

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Churches--Roman Catholic 1955


Circus grounds undated


City Engineer 1924, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

City map outline undated


City planning 1955-1972

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Creek and watershed map 2007




General 1920-1929, 2000

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Chinatown 1885, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Downtown 1983-2000s


Fisherman's Wharf 1977-1992


Industrial areas 1949


Islais Creek Reclamation District 1927


Marina undated


North Beach 1982


Portrero 1871


Presidio 1987


Residential undated


Sunset 2006


Sutro Heights 1895-1910


Union Square 1996


Waterfront 1908-1950

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Western Addition 1951-1952

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Wholesale district undated


Early plat maps 1975-1976




Burned areas 1906-1907


Post-earthquake reconstruction 1908


San Andreas and Hayward faults 1975


Federal property owned or leased 1947


Ferry Building map--See: SF.Buildings.Ferry Building


Fire Department 1955-1979

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Fire protection 1908, 1964

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

See also:

SF.Fire Department.Water supply

Fort Funston area - Residential development 1960


Forty-nine mile scenic drive 1938-2003

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Freeways 1959, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Geological 1913-1971

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Green map 2000s


Growth lines 1950-2010 1959


Harbour 1826-1849

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Hospitals 1963


Hotels 1966


Laguna Honda Resevoir 1897


Land use 1951-1959

Physical Description: 8.0 folders

Land use survey 1964-1970

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Land values 1926-1927


Libraries 1959


Literary map 2005


Maze map of the city undated


Merritt Terrace Addition undated


Merry-maker's map of San Francisco 1940


Model--See: SF.Model


Movie map--See: SF.Film


Mural map circa 1988


Panama-Pacific International Exposition undated, 1914

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Parking 1945-1954




Fort Funston 1960


Golden Gate--See: SF.Parks.Golden Gate Park


Interior park belt 1951


Political maps


Assembly districts 1890-1981

Physical Description: 22.0 folders

Wards 1860-1879


Population distribution 1890-1910

Physical Description: 10.0 folders

Port Facilities 1950-1961

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Postal zip codes 1978


Presidio 1946-1983

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Public health 1898-1914

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Pueblo lands 1883

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Ranches 1863


Recreation areas 1958


Recreation and Park Department 1970s-2000


Relief map--See: California State relief map


Sanborn--See: SF.Sanborn maps


Schools 1941-1966

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Seismic hazard zones 2000-2001


Sewerage system 1945


Street atlas 1979


Street improvements 1906


Tidelands 1869


Topographic maps undated, 1847-1982

Physical Description: 11.0 folders

Tourist guides 1990


Traffic flow 1934-1968

Physical Description: 2.0 folders



BART 1954-1978


Facilities 1940-1949


Market Street Railway Company 1929


Master plan 1945

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

MUNI 1940-1989

Physical Description: 5.0 folders

Railroads 1864

See also:

Railroad maps in flat map storage

Rapid transit corridors 1965


San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) circa 1965


Street Railways 1895-1944

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Vacant lands 1954-1964

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Water and power resources


Cisterns 1908


Master plan circa 1946


Pressure districts 1930


Proposed improvements under the National Industrial Recovery Act 1933


Spring Valley Water Company 1874-1920s

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Water and power systems general map 1937


World from San Francisco 1945


World map with flags circa 1929


Yacht Harbor 1925


Yerba Buena Cove 1939


Marine Corps-Medicine Shows


Marine Corps 1972


Marriages 1855-1879


Martini 1948-1983




General 1947-1997

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Duties 1927, undated


Leave of absence 1958


Succession to office 1978


Mayor's office


Disability 2004


Emergency telephone system undated


Film Production Office 1969


Office reorganization 1964


Motion picture coordinator 1976-1979


Medical marijuana 1992-2008


Medicine 2003


Medicine shows--See: SF.Circuses




General circa 1900s-2000s


Abigail Hotel undated


Academy Hill undated


Adolph's undated


Adriatic Seafood undated


Albatross Saloon undated


Alexis' undated


Alfred's undated


Alioto's undated


All You Knead undated


Alouette undated


Amelio's undated


American Hall undated


Ancient Mariner undated


Anjuli undated


A. Sabella's undated


Asimakopoulos undated


Assay Office undated


Atlantis Seafood Grotto undated


Attic undated


Backyard undated


Bakery Cafe undated


Balboa Cafe undated


Bank Exchange undated


Bar Agricole undated


Bar of America undated


La Barca Room undated


Bardelli's undated


Barretts' Pub undated


Barsocchini's undated


Battery Park Bar and Grill undated


Bay City Grill undated


Bay State Hotel and Cafe undated


Beach Chalet undated


Beef House South undated


Bellevue Hotel undated


Ben Johnson undated


Bentley's undated


Beppino's undated


Bernstein's Fish Grotto undated


Big Four undated


Big Yellow Front undated


Bigin's undated


Billboard Cafe undated


Bimbo's undated


Bino's undated


Bizou undated


Bismarck Cafe undated


Blanco's undated


Blue Fox undated


Blum's undated


Boarding House undated


Bob's Smorgasbord undated


Bogart's undated


Bodega undated




Bottom of the Hill undated


Boudin Sourdough Bakery and Cafe undated


Bradley's undated


Brasserie Chambord undated


Bratskellar undated


Brazen Head undated


Bronx Zoo undated


Brooklyn Hotel undated


Bruno's undated


Budapest West undated


Buena Vista undated


Bundox undated


Bunny's Waffle Shop undated


Bush Garden undated


La Bussola undated


Butterfly Wine and Food Company undated


Cademartori's undated


Caesar's undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Cafe Majestic undated


Cafe Vivel undated


Cafe Cine undated


Cafe de San Francisco undated


Cafe el Portal undated


Cafe Lido undated


Cafe Potpourri undated


California Hotel undated


Camille's undated


Canlis' undated


Caravansary undated


Carl Green Inn undated


Carnation Restaurant undated


Carnelian Room undated


Caravan undated


Cargo West undated


Carlene's of Maui undated


Castagnola undated


Cathay House undated


Cava 555 undated


Cavalier undated


Cecil Hotel undated


Central Park undated


Cervantes Mexican Restaurant undated


Chambers Eat + Drink 2011


Chas Fashion Grill undated


Cheesecake Factory undated


Chez Moi undated


Chicken Delight undated


Chines Empire Reform Association undated


Chinese Kitchen undated


Chollo undated


Clipper Restaurant undated


Ciao undated


La Citta undated


Claudia's undated


Cliff House undated


Clift Hotel undated


Clown Alley undated


Coachman undated


Coffee Cantata undated


Coffee Cantina


Coffee Room (at Fairmont Hotel) undated


Coliseum II undated


Commercial Club undated


La Conga undated


Connie's undated


Cooperage undated


Coppa's Restaurant undated


Cornucopia undated


Creole undated


Crisis Hopkins undated


Cybelle's Pizza undated


Dago Mary's undated


Dante's Sea Catch undated


Dario's Pizza undated


David's Delicatessen undated


De Paula's Pizza undated


Del Mar undated


Deli undated


Del Vecchio's undated


DiMaggio's undated


Ding Ho Cafe


Dipti Niva's undated


Domino Club undated


Donatello undated


Don't Call It Frisco undated


Dottie's True Blue Cafe undated


Down Under undated


Drake's Tavern undated


Duffy's Tavern undated


Duncan's Deli undated


The Dynasty


Edna Mae's undated


Ed's Chuck Wagon undated


Eduardo's undated


Einer's Diner undated


Elite Cafe undated


Elizabeth Daniel undated


Empress of China undated


English Grill undated


Enrico's undated


Equinox undated


Ernie's Neptune undated


Ernesto's undated


L'Escargot undated


L'Etoile undated


Europa Restaurant undated


European Farmer undated


Exposition Fish Grotto undated


Fairmont Hotel undated


Ferrell's Ice Cream Parlour undated


Feros undated


Ferry Plaza undated


Fiesta undated


Findley's undated


Finocchios undated


Fior d'Italia 1886, 1961


Firefly undated


Firehouse Bar-B-Que undated


Fisherman's Grotto undated


Flakeys undated


Fleur de France undated


Fly Trap undated


Fong Wan's Club undated


Food, Inc. undated


Forbidden City undated


Fort Mason Officer's Club undated


Fosters undated


Four Seas undated


Four Season Restaurant undated


Fournou's Ovens undated


Franciscan undated


Frank's Italian undated


Frank's Rotisserie undated


Front Room undated


Front Street Egg Shop undated


Fruit Bowl undated


Fujiya undated


Gary Danko undated


Gaylord Indian Restaurant undated


Gazebo undated


Geary Steak House undated


Gelco's undated


Ghirardelli Cellar Wine Cafe undated


Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory undated


Giant Foot Subs undated


Goldberg Bowen undated


Golden Dragon


Golden Hind undated


Golden Pavilion undated


Golden Pheasant undated


Gomans' Gay 90's undated


Good Earth undated


Graf Zeppelin undated


Gray Derby undated


Great Eastern Restaurant undated


Great Electric Underground undated


Greek Taverna undated


Green's undated


Greenwich Grill undated


Grison's Steak House undated


Grubstake undated


Hamilton's Golden Crepes undated


Hink's undated


Harpoon Louie's undated


Harrington's Bar and Grill undated


Hart's undated


Harvey's Kitchen undated


Harvey Wallbanger undated


Haven undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Hawthorne Lane undated


Heidelberg Inn undated


Hellwig's undated


Henry's Fashion undated


Hilton Hotel undated


Hippo undated


Hofbrau undated


Hoffman Grill undated


Hog Island Oyster Co. undated


Holding Company undated


Hornblower Dining Yachts undated


Hot House


Hotel Arlington undated


Hotel Drake Wiltshire undated


Hotel St. Nicholas undated


Hotel Victoria undated


House of Sausage undated


Hunan Best undated


Hungarian Way undated


hungry i undated


Hyatt Regency undated


Imperial China undated


India House undated


India Tandoori undated


Inn Justice undated


Iron Horse undated


Iron Pot undated


Jack's Restaurant undated


Jackson Cafe undated


Jade Cafe undated


Jai Alai Basque Cafe undated


Jalapeno's undated


Joe Jung's undated


Joe's Cafe


John Wichman, Inc. undated


John Henry's Depot undated


John's Grill undated


Johnny Nippon's undated


John's Italian undated


John's Rendezvous undated


Johnson's Tamale Grotto undated


Josiah's undated


Les Joulins undated


J. P. Kelly's undated


Jules (at Hotel Sutter) undated


Juliette's Tea Room undated


Julius' Castle undated


Just Desserts undated


Kabuki undated


Kan's undated


Kasra's undated


Kau Kau undated


Kendurina undated


Kim Ling undated


Kimball's undated


King Palace undated


King Wah undated


Kismet undated


Koffee Kup Restaurant undated


Kuo Wah Cafe undated


Lafayette undated


Lake Merced Boat House undated


Lakeside Grotto undated


Lamps of China undated


Leopard Cafe undated


Letta's, A Coffee House undated


Lew Lehr's undated


Lhasa Moon undated


Lick Grill undated


Lick House undated


Little Fiesta undated


Little Joe's undated


Lochinvar Room undated


London Wine Bar undated


Louvre undated


Lucca's undated


Luchina-See: SF.Menus.Wines


Lurline undated


McArthur Park undated


McLevy's undated


Magic Pan undated


Maison Doree undated


Manger Restaurant undated


Marina Cafe undated


Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe undated


Market Place undated


Marrakech undated


Marvelous Menus undated


Masa's undated


Mason Street undated


Maurice Hotel undated


Max's Opera Cafe undated


Maye's undated


Mayfair undated


Meigg's Wharf undated


Millennium undated


Minerva undated


Mingei-Ya undated


Mr. Submarine undated


Mission Rock Resort undated


Moars Cafeteria undated


Modesto Lanzone's undated


Monaco Theatre undated


Montclair undated


Montecito undated


Mori's undated


Mulcrevy's undated


Napper Tandy's undated


Nate Thurmond's undated


Native Sons undated


Neptune Fish Grotto undated


Nero's undated


New Eagle undated


New Home Coffee Shop undated


New Irish Pub undated


New Joe's


New Shanghai Cafe undated


New Tivoli Restaurant undated


Nikko undated


Nino's undated


Noble Pies undated


Nordstrom Cafe undated


North Beach Restuarant undated


North Mandarin undated


Nulite Kitchen undated


Odeon Cafe undated


Off Broadway undated


Old Dragon undated


Old Spaghetti Factory undated


Old Swiss House undated


Old Uncle Gaylord's undated


Old Vic undated


Old Waldorf undated


Old Zurich undated


Oliver Sudden undated


Oliver Wendell Holmes Society undated


Olympic Club undated


Omar Khayyam's undated


Orange Tree undated


Oriental Tavern undated


Original Joe's undated


Orontes undated


Orphanage undated


O'Sole Mio undated


Ott's undated


Oui Fondue undated


Out To Lunch undated


Oyster Loaf undated


PJ's Oyster Bed undated


Pacific Cafe undated


Pacific Green undated


Page and Flach's undated


Palace Hotel undated


Palace of Art undated


Las Palmeras Restaurant undated


Palms undated


Pals undated


Paoli's undated


Papagayo Room undated


Paris Louvre undated


Paris 1930 Restaurant undated


Paris Restaurant undated


Park Bench undated


Pastaria undated


Patane's undated


Pavilion Cafe undated


Perfect Recipe undated


Perry's undated


Peta's undated


La Piazza undated


Il Piccolo undated


Pierre's undated


Pig'n Whistle undated


Pine Tree undated


Pink Chateau undated


Pisces undated


Pizza Man undated


Pizza Station undated


Pizzeria Uno undated


Playboy Club undated


Plaza Restaurant undated


Plaza Hotel undated


Plum (at Liberty House) undated


Poodle Dog undated


Portofino Cafe undated


Postrio undated


Le Poulet undated


El Prado undated


Pub undated


Railroad Dining Cars undated


Ralph and Negro Oyster Grotto undated


Rana's Sandwich Shop undated


Ranch House-See: SF.Menus.Wines


Rathskeller undated


Red Knight undated


Redwood Room undated


Refectory undated


Ripples undated


Ritz Delicatessan undated




Roberts at the Beach undated


Roger and Sophie undated


Romeo's Pizza undated


Roosevelt Bar and Grill undated


Round House undated


Round Table Pizza undated


Royal Exchange undated


Russ House undated


Rusty Scupper undated


Sailing Ship undated


St. Francis Hotel undated


St. Francis Ice Cream Parlor undated


Saint Moritz Restuarant-See: SF.Menus.Wines


Salmagundi undated


Sam Chew's Mei-Ling House undated


Sam's Grill undated


San Francisco Opera House undated


San Francisco Overland Limited undated


San Remo undated


Sausage Factory undated


Savoy Tivoli undated


La Scala undated


Schroeder's Cafe undated


Scoma's undated


Sear's Fine Food undated


Sea Horse Fish and Chips undated


Senor Pico undated


Seven Hills undated


Shadows undated


Shakey's undated


Shandygaff undated


Shanghai Kelly undated


Shapero's undated


Simply Scrumptious undated


Sinaloa undated


Sinbad's undated


Sincere Cafe undated


Sir Francis Drake undated


Skipper Kent's undated


Slanted Door undated


Solari's undated


Somerton Hotel undated


Songhay Restaurant


Sonoma French Bakery and Coffee Depot undated


Sorrento undated


Speckmann's undated


Spreckels Rotisserie undated


Square Deal Restuarant undated


Square One undated


Squire Room (at Fairmont Hotel) undated


Stage Delicatessen undated


Stanford Court undated


Steacy's undated


Steamship Company's China undated


Stewart Hotel undated


Stinking Rose undated


Stock Exchange Club undated


Stone Soup undated


Streamliner 1959


Stuffed Bagel undated


Suehiro undated


Sugar'n Spice undated


Sun Hung Heung undated


Sun Tai Sam Yuen


Sun Ya


Sutro House undated


Sutter House undated


Swan's Way undated


Swensen's undated


Tadich Grill undated


Tait's undated


Taiwan Seafood undated


Taj of India undated


Tao Tao undated


Taormina's undated


Tarantino's undated


El Tazumal undated


Techau Tavern undated


Tevye's undated


Tiki Bob's undated


Today's undated


Tokyo Sukiyaki undated


Tommy's Joynt undated


Tommy's Restaurant undated


Tonga Room undated


Ton Kiang


Topsy's Roost undated


Torino's undated


Tortilla undated


Tortola undated


Trader Vic's undated


Le Trianon undated


Tsuruyoshi undated


Twenty Two/Twenty Three (22/23) undated


Uncle John's Pancake House undated


Union Hotel undated


Union Street Egg Shop undated


Unique Principle undated


United Irish Cultural Center undated


United States Restaurant undated


Vandwater's undated


Vanessi's undated


Varella's undated


Veneto undated


Victor's undated


Victoria Station undated


La Victoria undated


Victorian undated


La Vie Parisienne undated


Vienna Coffee House undated


Villa d'Este undated


Vintner undated


Vista Del Mar (at Fisherman's Wharf) undated


Ward House undated


Washington Square Bar and Grill undated


Waterfront undated


Wheel undated


White Whale undated


Wild Kitchen 2011


Wildwood undated


Will King's RKO Grill undated


Wilson's Exchange undated


Wine and Food Society 1930s-1960s

Physical Description: 6.0 folders

Wines undated


Woey Loy Goey Cafe


Wolf's Den (at Club Habana) undated


Xochimilco Restaurant undated


Yamato undated


Yummers undated


Zadors undated


Zim's undated


Zott's undated


Zuni undated




Milk 1890s or 1900s


Model 1985



See also:

SF.Public art

General 1972-1998


Admission Day 1897, 1948-1998


Amundsen, Ronald 1930


Anza, Juan Bautista de 1967-2004


Baton Rouge Victory Memorial undated


Beethoven 1915


Betsy Ross Memorial 1918


Bolivar, Simon 1983-1984


Buddha 1950


Burns, Robert 1908


Burton, Philip 1991


California volunteers of the Spanish-American War 1904-1925


Carlos III, King of Spain 1976


Cervantes 1916


Christopher, George 1976-1982


Cider press 1954-1989


Cooper, Sarah B. 1923


Copra crane 1998-2008


Dewey, George 1900-1952, 2003


Doggie Diner--See: SF.Businesses.Doggie Diner


Doré vase 1894, 1970-1983


Doughboy statue 1930-1971


Easter cross 1910-2000


Emmet, Robert 1919-1950


End of the trail 1981-2002


Faith 1971


Farnsworth Statue undated


Four times daily 1978-1979


Franklin, Benjamin 1879-1894, 1946-1987


Furuseth, Andrew 1941


Gandhi 1986-1988


Garfield, James 1881-1883, 1932


Gateway 1993


Goddess (wooden totem) 1986-1990


Goddess of Democracy 1989-1999


Goethe-Schiller monument circa 1901


Gold Star Mothers undated


Grant, Ulysses S. 1896, 1986


Halleck, H.W. 1886


Hidalgo, Father 2004


Hoffer, Eric--See: SF.Monuments.Skygate


Holocaust memorial 1983-1984


Ingleside Terrace Sundial undated


Irish legacy landmark at Lincoln Way and 29th Avenue 2007


Jewett memorial bench 1946


Justice by the Bay 1981


Kearney, Dennis 1927, 1980


Key, Francis Scott 1888-1894, 1972-1978

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

King, Martin Luther, Jr. 1990-1993


Laocoon 1923


Leonidas undated


Lincoln, Abraham 1928


Lloyd, Reuben H. 1913


Lotta's Fountain--See: SF.Fountains


McAllister, Hall 1985


McKinley, William 1901, 1970s


Marconi, Gugliemo 1970-1971


Masaryk, Thomas circa 1982


Mechanics monument 1951-1985


Milk, Harvey City Hall memorial 2004-2007


Moscone, George 1981-1983


Movement, the first 100 years 1983


Native Sons (Phelan fountain)--See: SF.Monuments.Admission Day


Oblique ascension 1984


O'Shaughnessy, Michael 2001


Panama Pacific International Exposition 1977


Pershing, John 1922, 1985


Pioneer monument 1886-1935, 1988-1993

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pioneer mother 1940


Plaques 1938, 1981-2003


Plaque - Little Chile 2003


Portola, Gaspar de 1988


Prayerbook cross 1893-1894, 1960


Ram by Carter, Dudley 1983


Rising wave 1985


Rolph, James Jr. 1985


Saint Francis at Candlestick Park 1972


Saint Francis of the guns 1969

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

San Francisco Veterans Memorial 2011


San Francisco Vietnam War memorial plaque 2000


Serra, Junipero 1907, 1976

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Skygate 1984


Spirit of freedom 1971


Starr King, Thomas 1887, 1976


Sterling, George undated


Stevenson, Robert Louis 1985


Sun Yat Sen undated


Thinker--See: SF.Museums.California Palace of the Legion of Honor.Rodin's Thinker


Triumph of light 1888, 1938


Two columns with wedge 1971


Verdi, Giuseppe 1914


Victory 1919-1920

See also:

SF.World War I.Victory parade and SF.World War I.Victory ball

Vietnam War memorial--See: SF.Monuments.San Francisco Vietnam War memorial


Washington, George 1917-1989


Whales 1958


Willard, Frances E. undated


World Peace monument 1984




Mortuaries 1985-2002


Motion pictures--See: SF.Film, SF.Fairs.International Film Festival


Motto 1977


Municipal bonds 1948-1970


Municipal reports 1955




General 1982-2013


Assessor's office 1983


Balance of power 1983-1985


City College--See: SF.Murals.Pan-American UNITY


City Hall press room 1984


Descendents of Lapu-Lapu 1984


Duboce Bikeway 1995-2000


Milk, Harvey memorial 1987


Mission District--See: SF.Districts.Mission.Murals


Mission Reds 1982-1985


New Deal 1979


1934 Waterfront strike 1983-1985


Oscar Romero tribute 1982-1983


Pan-American Unity 1940, 1983-2012


Precita Eyes 1980-2002


Redstone Labor Temple 1997


Reflections 1985


Reflections of Potrero Hill 1987


Solidarnosc 1982


Trompe l'oeil ionic columns 1983


Villa Roma Motel 1982




General 1969-1991


Academy of Sciences--See: SF.Parks.Golden Gate Park


American Bookbinders Museum


Anatomical Museum, Pacific Anatomical Museum 1992


Ansel Adams Center for Photography 1986-2001


Asian Art Museum (Golden Gate Park) 1969-2012

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

See also:

SF.Museums.Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture

Barbra Streisand 1996


Cable Car Museum 1979-2010


California Palace of the Legion of Honor


General 1995


Catalogues 1924-1979

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

History 1944-1990


Newspaper clippings 1964-2000


Programs 1950-1974

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Restoration 1990-1995


Rodin's Thinker 1924, 1973-1997


Cartoon Art Museum 1995


Chinatown Wax Museum undated


Chong-Moon Lee Center for Asian Art and Culture 1989-2004

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Contemporary Jewish Museum 1984-2011


De Young Museum--See: SF.Parks.Golden Gate Park.De Young Museum


Eden Musee 1890s


Exploratorium 1969-2013

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Galeria de la Raza 1982-1996


Golden Era Museum circa 1968


Golden Gate Railroad Museum 2000-2001


Hendrix Museum 1984


Heritage Museum of San Francisco 1976


Jewish Community Museum 1984

See also:

SF.Buildings.Jewish Community Federation

Joseph Dee Photo Museum 1981


Lost treasures 1984


Maritime Museum 1941-2006

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

Mexican Museum 1991-2010


Mineral museum 1982-1984


Musée Mechanique 1998-2012


Museo Italo Americano circa 1985-2009


Museum of Craft and Folk Art 2000-2005


Museum of Modern Art


Bulletins 1940-1995


Exhibitions 1935-1985

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Greeting cards undated


Groundbreaking 1992


Newspaper clippings 1971-2011

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Museum of Modern Mythology 1983


Museum of Money 1974


Museum of the African Diaspora 2000-2011


Museum of the City of San Francisco 1991-2005


Navy-Marine Corps Museum circa 1976


North Beach Museum 1978


Pacific Heritage Museum 1986-1997


Palace of Art circa 1900


Police Museum 1987


Presidio Army Museum 1978-1994


Randall Museum 1937-2003


Ripley's Believe It Or Not! 1969


Rock n' Roll museum circa 1985


San Francisco History Museum 1980-1997


San Francisco Museum of Art 1920-1961

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Sports Museum 1981


Treasure Island Museum 1994-2008


Walt Disney Family Museum 2009


Wax Museum undated, 1978-2002


Wells Fargo History Room undated, 1977-1982


Wine Museum of San Francisco 1972-1976


Witchcraft Museum 1973


Women's Heritage Museum 1990


Woods Museum 1876-1877, 2000-2001


World of the Unexplained 1980s




General 1988-2010


Jazz 1927-2008


Official song 1969-1989

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Songs of San Francisco 1970s-2006




Naming of--See: SF.Yerba Buena


Natural history 1978-2012


Neighborhood organizations 1970-1992




African-American newspapers 1950, undated


Argonaut 1958-1968


Bay Area Reporter 2011


Bay Guardian 1972-2010


Bay View 2002


California Star 1848


Californian 1848


Call-Bulletin 1873-2003


Centerview 1974


Chinese newspapers circa 2010


Chinese Times 1913


Chronicle 1917-2013

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

City of San Francisco undated


Daily Alta California 1891


Daily Guide 1871, 1963-1972

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Echo de L'Ouest 1910-1927

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Elevator 1865




General 1892-2013


100th Anniversary 1987

Physical Description: 7.0 folders

Merger 1965-1981


Sale 2000-2011


Illustrated Daily Herald 1925


Independent 1994


Indexes to local newspapers 1975


Jewish Bulletin 1996


Mission Journal 1884-1898


Monitor 1983-1984


Neighborhood 1978-2010


Overland Monthly 1890s


Portalwood Press 1981


San Francisco Business Journal 1979


San Francisco Call 1909


San Francisco Comicle 1983


San Francisco News 1929-1959

Physical Description: 4.0 folders

San Francisco Oracle 1990


San Francicso Progress 1961-1995


San Francisco Sun circa 1910


San Francisco Sun-Reporter 1997-1998


Shopping News 1961-1966


Star 1979-2008


Street Sheet 1993


Underground 1969-1972


Union Street News undated


Wasp 1966-1981


Vestkusten undated




General 1983-2007


Aladdin Studio and Tiffin Room 1974


Bal Tabarin 1920s


Beige Room 1960s


Bimbo's 365 Club 1955-1973


Black Hawk 2012


Bop City


Casadoro undated


Cesar's Latin Palace 1997


Club Deluxe 2006


Coda 2010


Condor Club 1991-1994


Cypress Club 1991


Earthquake McGoon's circa 1976


Edgewater 1940s


Endup 2006


Finocchio 1950s, 1999


Forbidden City 1940s, 1989


Goman's Gay 90's


Hippodrome 1997


hungry i 1961-1997


Intersection for the Arts 2005


Jazz Workshop undated


Jolly Friars undated


Keystone Korner 1983


Matrix 1960s-2008


Mona's 2001


Patio 1900s


Phoebe's 1986


Slims 2008


Thalias 2005


Tin Angel 1950s


Vieni Vieni undated


Nuclear threat circa 1945-1982




Occult 1903, 1938


Occupations list undated


Olympics 1987-1997




Anniversary - 50th 1972


Magazine articles 1964-1978


Newspaper clippings 1933-2009


Openings and events 1934-1959


Programs 1928-2009


Opera Association 1931-1988


Organs (Musical instrument) circa 1880s




Edgewood--See: SF.Buildings


Homewood Terrace--See: SF.Associations


Maria Kip 1916


Mount St. Joseph-St. Elizabeth 1983


San Francisco Methodist Orphanage 1899


San Francisco Presbyterian Orphanage and Farm undated


San Francisco Protestant Orphanage--See: SF.Buildings.Edgewood


Paid sick leave-Parking


Paid sick leave ordinance 2007


Panoramas 2000

See also:

SF. Views

Paramedics--See: SF.Fire Department




Master plans 1942-1964

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Newspaper clippings 1985-2013


Parking and Transit Council statement 1954


Reports and ephemera 1947-1975

Physical Description: 2.0 folders



General circa 1923-2012


Park Commission


Annual reports 1899


Commissioners circa 1920s-1950s

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Commissioners, Plan for Action 1971


Parks by name


Adam Rogers Park 1994


Admiral Callaghan Park 1943


Aqua Vista Park 1974


Alioto Park 1993


Allyne Park 1966


Alta Plaza Park 1938-2004


Aquatic Park 1928-1978

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

See also:

SF. Parks. San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park

Argonne Playground 2003


Arguello Park 1965-1966


Balboa Park 1948-1951, 1994-2012


Bayview Playground 1950-1976


Bayview Hill Park 1991


Boeddeker Park--See: SF.Parks.Father Alfred E. Boeddeker


Brooks Park 1978


Buena Vista Park 1896, 1928-2011


California Street Plaza 1969


Candlestick Point State Recreation Area 1979


Cayuga Playground 2005-2012


Cemetery Park 1940


Central Park 1894, 1946


China Beach--See: SF.Districts.China Beach


Chinese Playground 1977-1997


Chutes Park-See: SF.Buildings


Columbus Square and Columbia Square 1948-1952


Conrad Square 1970-1979


Crocker Amazon 2003


Crowley Playground (formerly Hamilton) 1928-1945


Daniel E. Koshland Park 1977-2009


Dolores Park (Mission Park)