Guide to the Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection

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Guide to the Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection

Collection number: X2592.2004

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Guide to the Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection
Dates: 1950-1990
Bulk Dates: 1960-1982
Collection number: X2592.2004
Collection Size: 76 linear feet 62 boxes
Repository: Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA 94043
Abstract: The Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection at the Computer History Museum is comprised of manuals and promotional materials from a wide variety of computer-related companies and institutions. The Collection covers 1950 through 1990, encompassing approximately 2,000 items.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


Collection is open for research.

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The collection was a gift of Thomas J. Buckholtz and Helen T. Buckholtz in 2003. The materials were saved by Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure and George Michael while they worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California.

Scope and Content of Collection

The scope of the Thomas J. Buckholtz, Raymond DeSaussure, and George Michael Computer Manual Collection spans the rise of the information age during the second half of the twentieth century. The Collection reflects, among other areas, mainframe computers, minicomputers, personal computers, input and output (I/O) devices, computer storage and memory devices, software development, supercomputing and networking materials.
The Collection consists of over 2,000 documents. The bulk of the materials are computer manuals (40%) and marketing materials (30%). Also included are specifications, technical papers and technical reports from 1950 through 1990. The bulk of the materials cover 1960 to 1982.
The Collection represents over 580 individual companies or institutions producing items ranging from peripheral devices, one-of-a kind machines to mass-produced computers. The Collection is organized alphabetically by the name of the originating institution or company. Some companies are represented by over a hundred folders while others may have only one folder. A folder holds one document if it is manual or many smaller items such as marketing brochures. Seventy-eight percent of these companies are represented with only one folder. On the other hand, the larger and longer-lived computer companies have much more documentation. Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) is the largest with 254 folders encompassing about one-eighth of the entire collection. The DEC materials span 1960 to 1982. International Business Machines (IBM) follows closely with 171 folders spanning over 30 years from 1954 to 1985. There is also a large amount of documentation for machines unique to Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Additionally, Control Data Corporation (CDC) and Data General (DG) are well represented.
Due to the large size of the collection, in lieu of a listing of every folder, included below is an alphabetical list of all the companies represented with an adjoining column containing the number of folders for that company. To search for an individual folder representing a particular computer company or product, please use the Computer History Museum's online catalog at

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Computer Industry
Computer input-output equipment
Computer Software
Computer Storage Devices
Computer systems
Electronic Digital Computers
Supercomputer Industry

Collection Contents


List of companies


Due to the large size of the collection, in lieu of a listing of every folder, included below is an alphabetical list of all the companies represented.

3M Company


A. B. Dick


Adage, Inc.


Adams Associates


Addison-Wesley Publishing Company


Advanced Scientific Instruments


Alan Gordon Enterprises Inc.


AM Jacquard Systems


Amdahl Corporation


American Videonetics Corporation


AMI Proprietary


AMP, Inc.


Ampex Corporation


Anelex Corp.


Apollo Computer, Inc.


Application Development Systems


Applied Data Research, Inc.


Applied Digital Data Systems, Inc. (ADDS)


Arthur D. Little, Inc.


Ashton-Tate Corporation


Astrodata, Inc.


Auerbach Info, Inc.


Ausstellungsgesellschaft mbH


Automatic Electronic Systems Inc.


Automatic Information Retrieval, Inc. (AIR)


Auto-trol Technology Corp.


Aware Systems




Ball Computer Products, Inc.


Basic Timesharing




Beckman Instruments, Inc.


Beehive Medical Electronics, Inc.


Bell and Howell


Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.


Bendix Corporation


Benson-Lehner Corporation


Benson-Lehner Corporation


Berkeley Technical associates Incorporated ( BeTA)


Bielski Memory Systoms Incorporated


Blackhawk Data Corp.


Boole and Babbage, Inc.


Bridge Data Products, Inc.


Britton Lee, Inc.


Brown University


Bryant Computer Products


BTI Computer Systems


Buckbee-Mears Company


Bunker-Ramo Corporation




Burroughs Corporation


Business Information Technology, Inc. (BIT)


CACI, Inc.


California Computer Products, Inc.


California Data Processors


California Institute of Technology (Caltech)


California, University of (Berkley)


California, University of (Davis)


California, University of (Irvine)


Calma Company


Canberra Industries, Inc.


Canon, Inc.


Capex Corporation


Carterfone Communications Corporation


CBS Laboratories


CCI Consoles, inc.


C-E-I-R, Inc.


Centronics Data Computer Corporation


CFI Memories, Inc.


Cincinnati Milacron, Inc.


Cincom Systems, Inc.




Clary Corporation


Cognitronics Corporation


Coleman Electronic Systems


Collins Radio Co.


Colorado Instruments


Colorado Video, Inc.


Comcor Inc.


Commercial Data Systems Corporation


Compiler Systems, Inc.










Computer Access Systems


Computer Analysts and Programmers Ltd. (CAP)


Computer Automation, Inc.


Computer Communications, Inc.


Computer Concepts Inc.


Computer Control Company, Inc.


Computer Corporation of America


Computer Data Systems


Computer Devices Incorporated


Computer Dyamics Incorporated


Computer Equipment Corporation


Computer Faire, Inc.


Computer Industries Inc.


Computer Methods Corporation


Computer Operations, Inc.


Computer Products Inc.


Computer Sciences Corporation


Computer Transceiver Systems Inc.


Computer Usage Company (CUC)




Concord Control inc.


Conographic Corporation


Consumer Systems Services Group Inc.


Control Cable, Inc.


Control Data Corporation (CDC)


Cornell University




Cosmos International (U. S. A.), Inc.


Cossor Electronics Limited


Courier Terminal Systems, Inc.


CP Instruments


CPT Corporation




Cray Research, Inc. (CRI)


Cromemco Inc.


Culler-Harrison, Inc.


Cullinane Corp


Cummins-Chicago Corporation


Cybertronics Inc.






Daisy Systems Corp.


Dakota Graphics, Inc.


Dartex, Inc.


Dashew Business Machines


Data Aquisition Corporation


Data Arrays


Data Computer Systems, Inc.


Data Corporation


Data Decisions


Data Devices International


Data Display Inc.


Data Equipment Company


Data General Corporation (DG)


Data Machines, Inc.


Data Pathing, Inc.


Data Products


Data Trends, Inc.


Databus Corporation


Datacraft Corporation










DataMate Computer Systems, Inc.


Datamatic Systems Inc.




Datamec Corporation


Datapoint Corporation




Dataquest Incorporated


Datascan Inc.


Datastat Inc.


Datum Inc.


Decade Computer Corporation


Decision Control, Inc.




Delta Data Systems


Denelcor, Inc.


Designed Enclosures Inc.


DI/ AN Controls Inc.


Dicom industries


DICOMED Corporation


Digicom Data Products, Inc.


Digi-Data Corporation


Digi-Log Systems, Inc.


Digital Computer Controls Inc


Digital Corporation


Digital Development Corporation


Digital Electronic Machines, Inc.


Digital Equipment Computer Users Society (DECUS)


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


Digital Information Display System


Digital Logic


Digital Products


Digital Research Corporation


Digital Scientific


Digitek Corporation


Digitronics Corporation


Discon Corporation


Dougherty Petroff Associates , Inc. (DPA)


Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc.


DPA, Inc.


Drexel Dynamics Corporation


du Pont de Nemours and Company Inc.


Dun and Bradstreet, Inc.


Dura Business Machines, Division of Dura Corporation






Dynamics Research Corp


Dynell Electronics Corporation


E-A Industrial Corporation


Eastman Kodak Company


Edo Western Corporation


EDP Products Inc.


Education and Training Consultants (ETC)


Elbit Computers Limited


Electro-Design, Inc.


Electro-Mechanical Research, Inc. (EMR)


Electronic Associates, Inc. (EAI)


Electronic Engineering Company


Electronic Memories, Inc.


Electronic Processors, Inc.


Electronic Systems Technology (Elsytec)


Epsco, Inc.


Epson America, Inc.


ETA Systems, Inc.


Evans and Sutherland Computer Corporation


Expandor Incorporated


Exxon Office Systems Company


Fabri-Tek, Inc.


Farrington Manufacturing Compnay


Ferranti Electronics, Inc.


Ferroxcube Corporation of America


Fluke Automated Systems


Focus IV Computer Systems


Ford Motor Company


Foto-Mem. Inc.


Four-Phase Systems, Inc.




Friden, Inc.


Fujitsu Limited


Garrett Manufacturing Limited


GEC-Elliott Process Automation Limited


General Automation, Inc.


General Datacomm Ind. Inc.


General Dynamics Corporation


General Electric Company (GE)


General Motors Corporation (GM)


General Precision, Inc.


General Systems International


Geo Space


Georgia, University of


Gerber Scientific Instrument Company


Gestetner Corporation




Gnostic Concepts, Inc.


Goodyear Aerospace Corporation




Graphcomp Sciences Corporation


GRI Computer Corporation


GRiD Systems Corporation


Group Operations, Incorporated


Gruman Data Systems Corporation




Guardian Data


Guilton Systems Research Group, Inc.


H.M.S. Systems Limited


Harris Corporation


Haverly Systems, Inc.


Hazeltine Corporation


Henco, Inc.


Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)


Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.


Hitachi, Ltd.


Honeywell Inc.


Houston Fearless Corporation


Houston Omnigraphic Corporation


Hughes Aircraft Company


IKL Incorporated


Illinois, University of (Urbana-Champaign)


IMLAC Corporation


IMSL, Inc.


INCOTERM Corporation


Indiana General


Industria Macchine Elettroniche S.p.A. (IME)


Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc.


Infodata Systems, Inc.


Infodetics Corporation




Inforex, Inc.


Informatics Inc.


Information Builders, Inc.


Information Control Corporation


Information Control Systems, Inc.


Information Development Company


Information Displays, Inc.


Information Handling Services


Information International, Inc


Information Products Corporation (IPC)


Information Technology, Inc. (ITI)


Infoton Incorporated


Infotronics Corp.




Insac Software Inc.


Institute for Graphic Communication (IGC)


Institute for Scientific Inormation


Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)


Integrated Computer Systems


Integrated Controls, Inc.


Intel Corporation


Interdata, Inc.


Interface Mechanisms, Inc. (INTERMEC)


Interface Systems, Inc. (ISI)


International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)


International Communications Corporation (ICC)


International Computers and Tabulators, Limited (ICT)


International Computers Ltd. (ICL)


International Digital Systems, Inc.


International Federation for Information Processing (IFIPS)


International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. (ITT)


InterNet Corporation


Intersil, Inc.


ISEC Corporation


Itek Corporation


ITEL Corporation


Joint Computer Conference


Kaufman Research Manufacturing, Inc.


Kennedy Co.




Kollsman Instrument Corporation




Laboratory for Electronics (LFE)


Lamellar Corporation of America


Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Lawrence Radiation Laboratory


Lear Siegler, Inc. (LSI)


Lee Data Corporation


Lenkurt Electric


Lexicon Corporation of Mayami


Link Group


Link: The Singer Company


Litton Systems, Inc.


Livermore Data Systems, Inc.


Lloyd Bush and Associates


Lockheed Electronics Company


Lotus Development Corporation


LS Computing Corporation


Lundy Electronics and Systems, Inc.


M and M Computer Industries, Inc.


Magnavox Company; Photonics


Management Decisions Incorporated


Management Information Service


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Mathatronics, Inc.


Mathmatica, Inc.


McDonnell Automation Center


MDB Systems, Inc.


Medical Information Technology, Inc.


Megatek Corporation, United Telecom Computer Group


Memorex Corporation


Mentel, Inc.


Mergenthaler Linotype Company


Metrodata Systems, Inc.


MFE Corporation


Micom Systems, Inc.


Microcard Corporation


Microcomputer Associates, Inc.


Micro-Computer Systems


Microdata Corporation


MicroSystems Inc.


Micro-Term, Inc.


Milgo Electronics Corporation


Millpore Corporation


Mini-Computer Systems, Inc.




Modular Computer Systems, Inc.


Mohawk Data Sciences Corporation (MDS)


Monitor Data Corporation


Monitor Systems


Monroe Datalog Products




Mosaic Fabrications, Inc.


Motorola Instrumentation and Control Inc.


MSI Data Corporation


Multidata Inc.




Nanodata Corporation


National Advanced Systems (NAS)


National Computer Systems


National Semiconductor Corporation (NSC)


NCR Comten, Inc.


Network Systems Corporation


New York University (NYU)


Nixdorf Computer Corporation


Non-Linear Systems


North Electric Company


Northrup Corporation


Novation, Incorporated


Nuclear Data Incorporated


Nuclear-Chicago Corporation


Octek Incorporated


Ohr-Tronics, Inc.


Oki Electric Industr Co. Ltd.


On-Line Software International


Ontel Corporation


Optical Electronics Inc.


Optical Scanning Corporation


Optimum Systems Incorporated


Osborne Computer Corporation


Otrona Corporation


Oxford Software Corporation


Pacific Data Systems, Inc.


Packard Bell Computer


Panasonic Corporation of North America


Performance Systems Incorporated (PSI)


Periphonics Corporation




Pertec Corporation


Philco Corporation




Photonics Technology, Inc.


Pittsburgh, University of


Planning Research Corporation


Plessey Memories


Plexus Computers, Inc.


Potter Instrument Company- Inc.


Precision Instrument Company


Prentice Corp.


Prime Computer, Inc. (PR1ME)




Programmatics Incorporated


Prose, Inc.




Qantel Corporation


Quantor Corporation


Quasar Company


Questronics, Inc.


Quindata, Inc.


Qume Corporation


Qwint Systems, Inc.


Qwip Systems


R.H. Waters


Racal-Milgo information Systems, Inc.


Radiation, Inc.


Radio Shack (A division of Tandy Corporation)




Rand Corporation


Raymond Engineering, Inc.


Raytheon Company


RC Redcor Corporation


RCA Corporation


Realist, Inc.


Recognition Equipment, Inc. (REI)


Redactron Corporation


Redcor Corporation


Redlake Corporation


Reeves Industries Inc.




Remington Rand Univac


Robertson Photo-Mechanix, Inc.


Robins Data Devices Inc.


Robot Research


ROLM Corporation


Ross Controls Corporation


Rotheberg Information Systems, Inc.


Sage Software Products, Inc.


Sanders Associates Inc.


SAS Institute Inc.


Scan-Data Corporation


Science Accessories Corporation


Scientific Computing Services


Scientific Control Corporation (SCC)


Scientific Data Systems (SDS)


Scientific Measurement Systems, Inc.


Scientific Micro Systems, Inc.


Scientific Resources Corporation


SCM Corporation


Scriptographics Corporation.


SELENIA Industrie Electroniche Associate SpA


Sequential Electronic Systems Inc.


Sequential Information Systems Inc.


Sharp Electronics Corporation


Shepard Laboratories Inc


Shugart Associates


Signetic Memory Systems


Singer Aerospace and Marine Systems


Singer Company. The Friden Division


SofTech, Inc. SofTech Microsystems, Inc.


Software AG


Software Design Associates, Inc. (SDA)


Software International Corporation


Softworks, Inc.




Soroban Engineering, Inc.


Space Technology Laboratories Inc.


Spatial Data Systems inc.




Sperry Rand Corporation


Spiras Systems, Inc.


SRI International




Standard Computer Corporation


Standard Register Co.


Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Augmentation Research Center


Stanford University. Computer Systems Laboratory


Straza Industries


Stromberg Datagraphics, Inc., a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation


Stromberg-Carlson, a Division of General Dynamics Corporation


Sykes Datatronics Inc.


Sylvania, Subsidiary of General Telephone and Electronics GTE


SYS Associates, Inc.


SYS Computer Corporation


System Development Corporation (SDC)


System Industries, Inc.


System Research Group, Inc. A subsidiary of Gulton INdustried Inc.


Systems Engineering Laboratories (SEL)


Systron-Donner Corporation


Tally Corporation


Tandberg Radiofabrikk A/S


Tandem Computers, Inc.


Tasker Instruments Corporation


TauMark, inc.


Technical Analysis Corporation


Technical Information Distribution Service (TIDS)


Techtran Industries


Teknekron, Inc.


Tektronix, Inc.


Telcon Industries, inc.


Telemetrics, inc.


Teleram Communications Corporation


Teletype Corporation


TeleVideo Systems, Inc.


Telexon Corporation


Tempo Computers, Inc.




Termiflex Corporation


Terminal Communications


Tesdata Systems Corporation


Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)


Texprint, Inc.


The Bridge


The Catalyst Corporation


The Cincinnati Milling Machine Co.


The Computer Software Company


The MITRE Corporation


The National Cash Register Company


The Source


Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, Inc. (TRW)


Time/Data Corporation




Tran Telecommunications Corporation


Transitron Electronic Corporation






TRW Systems




Typagraph Corporation


UGC Instruments, Inc.


Unimation, Inc.


Union Carbide Corporation


United Aircraft Corporation


United Computing Corporation


Universal Systems, Inc.


University Computing Co.


Uptime Corporation


URS Corporation


Value Computing Incorporated (VCI)


Varian Data Machines


Varisystems Corporation


Vector General, Inc.


Vermont Research Corp.




Viatron Computer Systems Corporation




Victoreen Instrument Company


Vocal Interface Equipment Group; Federal Screw Works


Vue-Fax System Controls Corporation


Wang Laboratories, Inc.


Wangco Incorporated


Waterloo, University of


Weismantel Associates Inc.


West Coast Computer Faire




Wilkinson Computer Sciences, Inc.


Wisconsin, University of


Wright Line


Wyle Laboratories


Xebec Systems Incorporated


Xedax Corporation


Xerox Corporation


Xidex Corporation


XLO Computer Products




Zentec Corporation


ZZY Systems, Inc.