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Inventory of the Robert H. Power Collection
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Collection Contents


Series 1. Correspondence 1969-1983

Scope and Content Note

Contains incoming, outgoing, and third party correspondence, some of which are photocopies. Arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
Box 1:1

Banks, Dennis 1983 December 21

Box 1:1a

Billington, Ray A. 1979 February 21

Box 1:2

Blanchard, J. Richard 1969-1976

Box 1:3

Buck, Frank 1979-1980

Box 1:4

Chapman, Howard 1977

Box 1:5

Cooper, Tom 1979 June 28

Box 1:6

Craib, Ralph 1980 May 13

Box 1:7

Hanna, Warren 1979-1980

Box 1:8

Hart, James D. 1975-1979

Box 1:9

Hedges, R.E.M. 1977

Box 1:10

Heizer, Robert 1978

Box 1:11-12

Kunitz, Donald 1969-1980

Box 1:13

LaMarche, Valmore 1977

Box 1:14

Mellon, Knox 1977 July 13

Box 1:15

Newhall, Scott and Theiriot, Richard 1980 May 14

Box 1:16

Pike, Donald G. 1976 June 7

Box 1:17

Sansing, John L. 1977

Box 1:18

Schober, Jerry L. 1976 September 22

Box 1:19

Scovill, Douglas 1974 February 11

Box 1:20

Slaymaker, Charles 1979

Box 1:21

Smith, Cyril 1977-1979

Box 1:22

Tart, Dr. 1978 March 17

Box 1:23

Thompson, Lynn 1979

Box 1:24

Thrower, Norman 1977

Box 1:25

Tobler, Waldo 1979

Box 1:26

Townsley, Robert 1980

Box 1:27

Utley, Robert 1976-1977

Box 1:28

Ward, Paul 1977 November 23

Box 1:29

Waters, David 1976 May 18

Box 1:30

Whalen, William J. 1976

Box 1:31

Yeandle, Leatia 1977-1978

Box 1:32

Ziebarth, Marilyn 1977 October 13


Series 2. Commissions 1970-1979

Box 1:33

Sir Francis Drake Commission 1975-1979

Box 1:34

State Historical Resources Commission (SHRC) 1976-1979

Box 1:35

Meeting Agenda and Minutes 1978-1979

Box 1:36

Index to Exhibits undated

Box 1:37

Exhibit I, Drake's Landing in California: A Case for San Francisco Bay by Robert H. Power, published in California Historical Quarterly 1973

Box 1:38

Exhibit II, The Francis Drake Controversy: His California Anchorage, June 17-July 23, 1579, published in California Historical Quarterly 1974

Box 1:39

Exhibit III, A Study of Two Historic Maps by Robert H. Power 1978

Box 1:40

Exhibit IV, Waldo Tobler, A Computer Study to Determine A Compatability Ratio for the Eleven Points of Compatability Presented in the Case for San Franciso Bay 1976 July 26

Box 1:41

Exhibit V, Drake 400: A Catalog of Drake Exhibit With Introduction, "The Drake Quadricentennial Collection of Robert H. Power," Essay by Robert H. Power 1977 August 6-1977 September 11

Box 1:42

Exhibit VI, Drake's Map of Cape Horn: A Comparison With the Hermite Islands, Study by Robert H. Power 1978

Box 1:43

Exhibit VII, "A Plate of Brass 'By Me...C G Francis Drake'" by Robert H. Power published in California History 1977-1978

Box 1:44

Exhibit VIII, Francis Drake and San Francisco Bay: A Beginning of the British Empire by Robert H. Power 1974

Box 1:45

Exhibit IX, Terrae Incognitae, "Drake's California Harbor: Another Look at William Caldeira's Story," by Albert E. Doerr, Revised by Oliver Dunn 1977

Box 1:46

Exhibit X, Elizabethan California by Robert Heizer 1974

Box 1:47

Exhibit XI, Analysis of Raymond Aker: "Report of Findings Relatives to Identification of Sir Francis Drake's Encampment at Point Reyes National Seashore. A Research Report of the Drake Navigators Guild. Analysis by Professors Robert F. Heizer, John H. Kemble, Andrew Rolle, Point Reyes, California 1970

Box 1:48

Exhibit XII, "Only Sir Francis Knows for Sure" by Robert H. Power, published in California Living 1976 June 27

Box 1:49

Exhibit XIII, Drake in Marin: Fact and Fancy by Glenn Dines for the Board of Supervisors in the County of Marin, San Rafael 1975

Box 1:50

Conclusions and Summary 1978

Box 1:51

Program and Cruise Admission- The Francis Drake in California Hearings; Application from Office of Historic Preservation; Drake Navigators Guild and Power Hearings 1978


Series 3. Events 1977-1980

Box 1:52

Sir Francis Drake, The British Library, London, England. Letter to British Museum Publications 1977

Box 1:53

Drake 400. Plymouth, England. The Drake Quadricentennial Collection 1977

Box 1:54

The University of San Francisco, Gleeson Library Associates Tour and Schedule 1977

Box 1:55

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library, Exhibit and annual meeting 1979

Box 1:56

UC Davis Library Associates, Power Lecture and Oakland Museum exhibition 1979

Box 1:57

Los Angeles and San Francisco International Conference; A Study of Two Historic Maps, by Robert H. Power.; Presentation: "Stephen Parmenius: The Poet for Drake's Mova Albion" 1979

Box 1:58

UCLA Library Exhibit 1979

Box 1:59

The Oakland Museum Exhibition Publication: "The Museum of California," 3 issues. 1979

Box 1:60

California Drake Quadricentennial: Stamps and Calendar of Events 1979

Box 1:61

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco. Two Centuries of British Discovery in the Pacific. 1979

Box 1:62

Plymouth, England. Drake 400. 1980


Series 4. Research Projects 1977-1979

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Box 1:63

Buckeye Survey 1977

Box 1:64

Nova Albion Explorations 1979

Box 1:65

Project Albion undated


Series 5. Newspaper and Magazine Articles 1975-1980

Scope and Content Note

Arranged chronologically.
Box 1:66


Box 1:67


Box 1:68



Series 6. Publications and Speeches 1951-1980

Box 1:69

Bancroft Library. Sir Francis Drake and the Finding of The Plate of Brass. undated

Box 1:70

Bancroft Library. The Plate of Brass Reexamined. 1977

Box 1:71

Bancroft Library. The Plate of Brass Reexamined: A Supplement. 1979

Box 1:72

Crocker First National Bank. The Plate of Brass. 1951

Box 1:73

Drake in Marin: Fact and Fancy. Dines, Glen. Marin County Free Library. 1975

Box 1:74

Doerr, A.E., and Dunn, Oliver. Drake's California Harbor: Another Look at William Caldeira's Story. 1977

Box 1:75

Drake Navigators Guild, Point Reyes, California. Plate of Brass. 1966

Box 1;76

Hanna, W.L. Lost Harbor: The Controversy Over Drake's California Anchorage. 1979

Box 1:77

Heizer, R.F., and Busby, C.I. Report on the Search for a Reported Drake Plate in Coppermine Gulch Near Bolinas Bay, California. 1979

Box 1:78

Kinnaird, Lawrence. The Brass Riddle. 1979

Box 1:79

Morison, Samuel Eliot. The European Discovery of America. advertisement. 1974

Box 1:80

Nova Albion Map. 1979

Box 1:81

Oko, Captain Adolph. Francis Drake and Nova Albion. 1964

Box 1:82

Power, R.H. Putah Creek Letter. "Collecting Western Elizabethans." 1970

Box 1:83

Power. The Nova Albion Pages of the Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoueries of the English Nation. 1970

Box 1:84

Power. Plate of Brass. 1970

Box 1:85

Power. The Significance of Francis Drake's Discovery of San Francisco Bay in 1579. 1971

Box 1:86

California Historical Quarterly. Article by Power, "Drake's Landing in California: A Case for San Francisco Bay." 1973

Box 1;87

Queen Elizabeth's Declaration: The Vse of the Sea and Ayre is Common to All. Introduction by Power. 1973

Box 1:88

California Historical Quarterly. "San Francisco Bay/San Quentin Cove." by Robert H. Power. 1974

Box 2:1

California Historical Society- Drake Debate MSS. 1974

Box 2:2

Book Review: Drakes Island of Thieves. by Robert Power. 1975

Box 2:3

Elizabethan World Map Including First Map of San Francisco Bay. 1976

Box 2:4

A Plate of Brass "By Me... C G Francis Drake." by Robert H. Power. 1978

Box 2:5

A Study of Two Historic Maps. By Power. 1978

Box 2:6

The Drake Plate of Brass. By Power. 1979

Box 2:7

Sir Francis Drake's Discoveries Revealed Through Maps. by Robert H. Power. 1980

Box 2:8

Book Review: Lost Harbor: The Controversy Over Drake's California Anchorage. by Robert H. Power. 1979

Box 2:9

"The Golden Hinde vs. The Golden Hind." by Robert H. Power. 1980

Box 2:10

"The Spanish Lake." by Spate, O.H.K. 1979

Box 2:11

The Smithsonian. Article "Replica of Drake's Golden Hinde." by Spencer, T. 1974

Box 2:12

"Drake Landed in San Francisco Bay in 1579." by Walter A. Starr. 1962

Box 2:13

National Geographic. "Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Sea Dog, Sir Francis Drake." by Alan Villiers. 1975

Box 2:14

"Our First New England." by Edward P. Von Der Porten. 1960

Box 2:15

"The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake Mapped in Silver and Gold." by Helen Wallis. 1979

Box 2:16

Book Review: The World Encompassed, by Derek Wilson. 1978


Series 7. Addenda 1974-1980

Scope and Content Note

Contains advertisements, clippings, broadsides, and a report.
Box 2:17

An Assessment of the Cultural Resources Within Point Reyes National Seashore, by Michael J. Moratto 1974

Box 2:18

Advertisements 1977-1979

Box 2:19

Clippings 1980

Box 3

Poster and broadside undated

Box 3

Proclamation by Governor Deukmejian in Honor of the Royal Visit 1983 March 3