Guide to the Peter Hanauer Tobacco Control Papers, 1976-1994, (bulk 1976-81)

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Guide to the Peter Hanauer Tobacco Control Papers, 1976-1994, (bulk 1976-81)

Collection number: MSS 94-44

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Peter Hanauer Correspondence,
Date (inclusive): 1976-1994, (bulk 1976-81)
Collection number: MSS 94-44
Creator: Hanauer, Peter
Extent: 3 cartons, 2 boxes (Originally 7 cartons, reduced to 3 after processing with 4 cartons returned to Peter Hanauer)
Repository: University of California, San Francisco. Library. Archives and Special Collections
San Francisco, California 94143-0840
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Peter Hanauer has been involved in the nonsmokers' rights movement since early 1974, when he began to work with the Berkeley chapter of Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP). In March, 1976, he co-founded California GASP, the organization that eventually became Californians for Nonsmokers' Rights (CNR) and then Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights (ANR). He has been co-author of one of the first comprehensive nonsmokers' rights ordinances in the country, which was adopted by the Berkeley City Council in April, 1977. He also co-authored California Propositions 5 and 10, the two statewide initiative measures that were placed on the ballot in 1978 and 1980 respectively, and he was the treasurer of the two statewide campaigns in support of the two measures. He was president of CNR between 1981 and 1983 and president of ANR between 1986 and 1987. During the years when he was not president of these organizations, he was on the Board of Directors of both CNR and ANR. Peter Hanauer is a co-author of the book The Cigarette Papers, which is an analysis of the papers in the Brown & Williamson Collection.

Scope and Content

Collection includes correspondence, publications of nonsmokers' rights groups, press clippings, campaign literature, legal briefs, and audio cassette tapes.

Container List


Series I. Group Against Smoking Pollution (GASP)/Californians for Nonsmokers' Rights (CNR)

Carton Carton 1, Folder 1

GASP Educational and Legal Fund Newsletter, 1981-82

Folder 2-3

GASP Educational Foundation News, 1976-81

Folder 4

Resuscitator (GASP), 1973-76

Folder 5

Resuscitator (East Bay chapter), 1979-81

Folder 6

Resuscitator (California GASP), 1976-81

Folder 7

Smoke Alert!, 1979-80

Folder 8

Various materials (Georgia GASP), 1978-91

Folder 9-12

Wind Pipeline, 1978-89

Folder 13

East Bay chapter materials

Folder 14

Other chapter materials

Folder 15

"Rights of the Nonsmoker" brochure

Folder 16

Small posters

Folder 17

GASP records, 1973-75

Folder 18

GASP records, 1976

Folder 19

GASP records, 1977

Folder 20

GASP records, 1978

Folder 21

GASP records, 1979-81

Folder 22

Articles of incorporation and by-laws

Folder 23-24

California GASP board directors, 1976-79

Folder 25-26

California GASP treasurer's files, 1976-80

Folder 27

California GASP tax return, 1977

Folder 28

Chapter fiscal statements

Folder 29

Chapter assignment of assets

Folder 30

GASP Legal Fund

Folder 31

GASP legislation reports

Folder 32

Index cards for GASP organization; business cards of nonsmokers' rights advocates

Folder 33

Peter Hanauer correspondence, 1976-81

Folder 34

Peter Hanauer correspondence, 1983-86

Folder 35

CNR mailings, 1981-85

Folder 36

CNR press releases, 1982-83

Folder 37

CNR board of directors and by-laws

Folder 38

CNR stationery and envelope design

Folder 39

CNR demonstration against Merit cigarettes

Folder 40

Workplace smoking litigation

Folder 41

Policies on workplace smoking

Folder 42

Economic cost of smoking

Folder 43

Up in Smoke: Saving Business the Costs of Smoking report from 1983conference

Folder 44-46

Articles, 1972-84

Folder 47

Audio cassette tapes (5)


Series II. Legislation

Carton Carton 2, Folder 48-49

Berkeley ordinance, 1977

Folder 50

Berkeley ordinance, 1979 and 1985

Folder 51

Clean Indoor Air initiative, 1977-78

Folder 52

Initiative petition effort

Folder 53-54

Clean Indoor Air Committee, 1977

Folder 55

Clean Indoor Air Committee, 1978

Folder 56

Clean Indoor Air Commitee, undated

Folder 57

Campaign for Clean Indoor Air (CCIA) steering committee

Folder 58

CCIA media campaign

Folder 59

CCIA correspondence

Folder 60

CCIA complaint against Californians for Common Sense re Fair Political Practices

Folder 61

Proposition 5 ballot initiative

Folder 62

Proposition 5 media campaign

Folder 63

Proposition 5 correspondence

Folder 64

Proposition 5 clippings

Folder 65

Californians for Common Sense

Folder 66

Yes on 5

Folder 67

Economics Research Associates study and correspondence

Folder 68

Press releases about ERA study

Folder 69

Fairness doctrine

Folder 70

SB 2026

Folder 71

Californians for Smoking and No Smoking Sections

Folder 72

Initiative drafts

Folder 73

Steering committee

Folder 74


Folder 75


Folder 76

Proposition 10 ballot initiative

Folder 77

Proposition 10 research

Folder 78

Proposition 10 clippings

Folder 79-80

Sun Valley case

Folder 81

FCC complaint Lowenstein vs. CARE

Folder 82-83

Dobbs & Nielsen response to request for declaratory ruling by Paul Loveday FCC case, 1980

Folder 84-88

FCC tagline briefs, 1982-83

Folder 89

Proposition P campaign

Folder 90

Proposition P clippings

Folder 91

No on P/San Franciscans against Government Intrusion

Folder 92

Yes on P/San Franciscans for Local Control

Carton Carton 3, Folder 93-95

Proposition P FCC tagline

Folder 96

Tarrance & Associates Kern County poll

Folder 97

Legislation background material

Folder 98

Legal Aspects of Smoking Regulation, Stanford Environmental Law Society

Folder 99

Major Local Smoking Ordinances in the U.S., ANR/National Institute of Health

Folder 100

State Legislation on Smoking and Health, Center for Disease Control, 1980

Folder 101-102

International Summit of Smoking Control Leaders, 1985

Folder 103-104

Beverly Hills Restaurant Association

Folder 105-106

Dade Voters for Free Choice, Florida

Folder 107


Folder 108

House Resolution 3434, 1994

Folder 109

New York City

Folder 110



Series III. Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights

Carton Carton 3, Folder 111

Board of directors, 1986-87

Folder 112

Board of directors, 1989

Folder 113

Board of directors, 1990

Folder 114

Executive committee, 1990

Folder 115

Executive committee, 1991

Folder 116

Press releases

Folder 117

Press clippings, 1990

Folder 118

ANR mailings, 1986-87

Folder 119

ANR mailings, 1988

Folder 120

ANR mailings, 1989

Folder 121

ANR mailings, 1990-91

Folder 122

ANR mailings, 1992-94

Folder 123

Peter Hanauer correspondence, 1987-90

Folder 124

Articles, 1986

Folder 125

Articles, 1987-88

Folder 126

Articles, 1989-90

Folder 127

Articles, 1991-93

Folder 128

Material by Kenneth Warner

Folder 129

ANR model ordinance

Folder 130

Legislative Approaches to a Smoke Free Society, ANR

Folder 131

Airline smoking ban

Folder 132

Smoke free winter olympic games

Folder 133

"Tobacco and Youth Reporter" issues

Folder 134

Tobacco Free Young America

Folder 135-136

Virginia Slims protest


Series IV. Campaign Disclosure Statements

Box Box 1

Campaign disclosure statements filed by Campaign for Clean Indoor Air/California GASP, Californians for Common Sense, and Brown & Williamson and other tobacco companies, 1978-79.

Box Box 2

Campaign disclosure statements filed by Californians for Smoking and No Smoking Sections, Californians against Regulatory Excess, San Franciscans against Government Intrusion, and San Franciscans for Local Control, 1979-83.