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Title: Samuel F. B. (Samuel Finley Brown) Morse Papers,
Identifier/Call Number: JL016
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 42.5 Linear feet (4 cartons + 12 volumes)
Date (inclusive): 1911-1969
Abstract: Contains personal correspondence of Samuel Morse, correspondence of the Pacific Improvement Company relating to liquidation of the company, and a report (12 v.) prepared for the Pacific Improvement Company in 1916, titled, "Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast." Also includes annual reports of the Pacific Improvement Company.
creator: Morse, Samuel F. B. (Samuel Finley Brown), 1886-1969


1885 July 18 Born in Newton, Mass.
1903 Graduated from Phillips Andover Academy.
1907 Graduated from Yale University.
1907 - 1910 Manager of a land developnent project for John Nays Haanonci in California.
1910 - 1915 Manager of Crocker-Huffman Land & Water Co., Merced, Ca.
1915 - 1919 Secretory and General. Manager of Pacific Improvement Company, liquidation proceedings dragged on and S.F.B. Morse retained this position until 1967.
1919 - 1969 Organizer, President, part owner (with Herbert Fleishacker) and later Cflairman of the Board of Del Monte Properties Co.
1916 - 1956 Senior Director of Crocker 1st National Bank.
1916 - 1956 Other Positions : Advisory Council of Crocker-Anglo National Bank, U. S. Loaning Corp., As5ociate Fellow of Morse College, Yale University.
1916 - 1966 Clubs : Links, Racquet and Tennis (New York), Pacific-Union, Burlingame Country, Cypress Point (Calif.).
1966 Awarded LL.D by University of California.
1969, May 11 Died in Pebble Beach, Calif.

Collection Scope and Content Summary

The collection (JL 16) itself consists of four large boxes of correspondence and twelve bound volumes of a report that Morse had made for the Pacifi� Improvement ~ompaiiy just after his appointment (1915-1916). The report is entitled: "Iron, Steel, Coal ~c Coke on the Pacific Coast." The~ffrat two boxes of correspondence are M0rse ~s own personal files for the years 1923 (Box #1) and 1927 (Box #2). The last box con ama Morse' a copies of Pacific Improvement ~omp~.ny correspondence (1930-1969) relating to the final liquidation of the Company, of which Stanford University became a 2E 0/0 owner by inheritance.. Other owners were the University of California at Berkeley (50 %) and the Crocker Estate (25 %).


S.F.B. Morse (1886-1969) was the great grandson and namesake of the inventor of the telegraph. Though his family was from Boston, he moved out to San Francisco, almost immediately after his graduation from Yale (where he was captain of the football team) in 1907. He became associated with the Crockers and after making a success of the Crocker-Hoffman Land and Water Company, which he managed, he was subsequently offered a position managing the Pacific Improvement Company in 1915. Since the heirs of the original owners of Southern Pacific (Stanford, Crocker, Hopkins, Huntington) had sold out the Railroad they were also interested in liquidating the Pacific Improvement Co., which had originally been the construction company for the railroad and had since become a holding company for many various concerns. The liquidation became Morse's job and he expedited about 90 percent of that task in his first five years on the job. However, the remainder of the job dragged on until 1967, almost fifty years later. Morse's most triumphant personal deal was buying Pacific Improvement Co. land on the Monterey Peninsula himself. The company that he formed of it in 1919, Del Monte Properties, became his pet and very profitable project because he developed that land into tremendously valuable resort and private real estate (i.e. Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, etc.).

Acquisition Information

Gift of Crocker Estate to the Jackson Library of Business in 1970. Transferred to the Department of Special Collections in 1979. The 2nd accession is a gift of Mary Morse Shaw, 1999.

Preferred Citation

Samuel F. B. (Samuel Finley Brown) Morse Papers. JL016. Dept. of Special Collections, Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Publication Rights

Property rights reside with the repository. Literary rights reside with the creators of the documents or their heirs. To obtain permission to publish or reproduce, please contact the Public Services Librarian of the Dept. of Special Collections.



Subjects and Indexing Terms

Del Monte Properties Co.
Morse, Samuel F. B. (Samuel Finley Brown), 1886-1969
Pacific Improvement Company.
Shoup, Paul, 1874-1946
Stanford University
Sterling, J. E. Wallace (John Ewart Wallace), 1906-
Tresidder, Donald Bertrand, 1894-1948
University of California, Berkeley.
Wilbur, Ray L. (Ray Lyman), 1875-1949
Holding Companies--California.
Hotel management--California.
Monterey Peninsula (Calif.)
Real estate development--California.


Series 1. Personal Papers

Box 1, Folder 1

S.F.B. Morse - Andover Fund Drive, 1919 - Correspondence, l0/5/19 - 11/7/l9

Box 1, Folder 2

S.F.B. Morse - Andover Fund Drive, 1919, 1920 - correspondence, 11/8/l9 -1/7/20

Box 1, Folder 3

Andover Fund Drive 1919

Scope and Contents note

(promotional material) -Personal Correspondence (chronological by year c~ alpha within each year)
Box 1, Folder 4

Ga - Gl 10, 1922

Scope and Contents note

Correspondents include: Horace Ghiselin, William Garlick, Gen. Petrol Co.
Box 1, Folder 5

G0-Gy 11 1922.

Box 1, Folder 6

A-l 1923

Scope and Contents note

Armsbys - Jim & Cordon re: "Woof" Club, Raymond Armsby (related?) re: two parcel of land in Pebble Beach purchased from horse for $20,0O0 and Mobots - N.Y.C. stockbroker re: Tale-Harvard Game.
Box 1, Folder 7

Ba - Be z 1923

Scope and Contents note

Capt. John Barneson of Uen. Petrol Co. Barneson (cartel like business proposition).
Box 1, Folder 8

Bi - Bri 1923

Scope and Contents note

William McCormick Blair of Lee, Higinson Co. related to correspondence, Invitation to opening of L.A. Biltmore Hotel Prospectus from Bowman of Biltmore Hotel (Beau-Site Co.) to all stockholders. Miss ~Elizabeth Boit, Warafield, Mass. (Miss Aunt Lizzie), The Bohemian Club, Rolden Lee Borden of L.A. Income Properties Inc. with Prospectus ~ Article of concern.
Box 1, Folder 9

Bro - By 4 1923

Scope and Contents note

Burlingame Country Club, Matthew G. Brush N.Y.C. (Kopper Co. & Columbia steel).
Box 1, Folder 10

Ca - Ci 5 1923

Scope and Contents note

William F. Glow Jr. of James B. Glow & Sons (cast iron pipe, water rights). Form letters from S.F. Chamber of Commerce; correspondence and reports on Californians Inc.; letter and info. on newly formed Calif. Historicai Society; Harold S. Chase (Realtor) from Santa Barbara.
Box 1, Folder 11

Co - Cy 6

Scope and Contents note

William H. Crocker (in ~I.LC.); C. Templeton Crocker (in N.Y.C.); W... Crocker -Cracker Bank.
Box 1, Folder 12

D 7

Scope and Contents note

letter of appeal from M.H. de Young on Chronicle stationery; brochure of Mooreheart School.
Box 1, Folder 13

E 8 1923

Scope and Contents note

George Watkin Evans Consulting Coal Engineer, Paul Elder & Co. - Publishers Book Sellers.
Box 1, Folder 26

Me - Mi 21 1923

Scope and Contents note

Asked to be Director of Co. "exploiting the Hope Ranch" - refuses.
Box 1, Folder 27

Mo - My 22 1923

Scope and Contents note

Letters to son, Sammy and other members of his family, 2nd wife Relda; Aunt Augusta, Athens, Ohio; son Jack; Daughter Nancy Morse - living with mother Mrs. Richardson, Lake Forest, Ill.; LB. Morse Bakersfield; Philip C. Morse, N.Y. Broker; William U. Morse Fortuna; Secretary V. McDonald.
Box 1, Folder 28

N 23 1923

Scope and Contents note

Mr. & Mrs. (Rosa - Morse's sister) Arthur L. Notman - Hollywood
Box 1, Folder 29

0 24 1923

Scope and Contents note

Fairfield Osborn Jr. Redmond Co. N.Y. Philadelphia, D.J. O'Brien - Chief of S.F. Police
Box 1, Folder 30

Pa - Pa 25 1923

Scope and Contents note

Description & blue prints of 'proposed' lot at Pebble Beach; J. Murray Page, Chicago re: automobile; Philips Andover Academy, Pacific Union Club.
Box 1, Folder 31

Pi - Py 26 1923

Scope and Contents note

About Crock era 6oing into newspaper business to Samuel Pierce, Santa Barbara.
Box 1, Folder 32

Q 27 1923

Box 1, Folder 33

Ra - Py 28 1923

Scope and Contents note

Richardson's (George, his wife Anne ~& Harriet) concerning the children - 12/l6/23 - letter to Harriet (very critical) about Senator Hiram Johnson - references to "Southern Pacific Political Machine" (Anne Richardson was Morse's first wife and mother of his children, she & George lived in Lake Forest and he worked for the Marshall Field Estate. Harriet comes from Neutonville, Boston)
Box 1, Folder 34

Ro - Ry 29 1923

Scope and Contents note

Foster Rockwell, Banker's Trust Co. N.Y.C. re: stocks 'bonds - oil - "Market street Railway Co."; from (Leo. H. Roose - Roose Bros. S.F.
Box 1, Folder 35

Sa - Se 30 1923

Scope and Contents note

San Francisco Opera Season (23-24) Literature.
Box 1, Folder 36

Se - Sm 33 1923

Scope and Contents note

To Hon. Samuel Shortridge (no signature) (U.S. senator against Soldier Bonus); Paul Shoup, Pres. Assoc. Oil Co. San Francisco.
Box 1, Folder 37

Sn - Ste 32 1923

Scope and Contents note

"Chain letter" against Soldier Bonus, George Sterling, poet S.F., Alfred E. Stearns, Principal - Phillips Andover.
Box 1, Folder 38

Sti - Sy 33 1923

Scope and Contents note

C.B. "Buck" Stuart; Henry H. Storey, V.P. Standard Oil.
Box 1, Folder 39

T 34 1923

Scope and Contents note

Ernest B. Tracy - prospectus on Louisiana Shooting Club, LI.C.; Mr. & Mrs. Urban T. (Marie) Thompson.
Box 1, Folder 40

U 35 1923

Scope and Contents note

Universal Bldg. Products.
Box 1, Folder 41

V 36 1923

Box 1, Folder 42

Wa - We 37 1923

Scope and Contents note

Frederic N. ~atriss '1.Y.C. re: fishing trip in Mexico; letter to Sec. of War John W. Weeks asking his recommendation to President of Samuel Knight for Federal Judge; J. Watson Webb - more correspondence on Tuohy case.
Box 1, Folder 43

Wh - Wy 38 1923

Scope and Contents note

Jack A. Williams; Mrs. Malcolm (Jennie) D. Whitman
Box 1, Folder 44

Y 39 1923

Scope and Contents note

Yale (Alumni Fund, Univ. Press etc.).
Box 1, Folder 45

Z 4O 1923

Box 1, Folder 46

S.F.B. Morse Bills A-E 1923

Box 1, Folder 47

S.F.B. Morse Bills F-J 1923

Box 1, Folder 48

S.F.B. Morse Bills P-Z 1923

Box 1, Folder 49

S.F.B. Morse Bills (not alphabetical) 1924

Box 1, Folder 50

S.F.B. Morse Bills (not alphabetical) 1924

Box 2, Folder 1

S.F.B. Morse Correspondence, boats 1926

Scope and Contents note

Letters, pictures, blue prints, bill of sa1es concerning buying & selling of boats - mostly yachts.
Box 2, Folder 2

S.F.B. Morse Correspondence, boats 1927

Scope and Contents note

more of the above - most business done through Stephen's bros., Stockton, Calif.
Box 2, Folder 3

Al 1927

Scope and Contents note

Gordon Abbot most1y on Ivy League football tickets and cruise vacations; brochure for Associated sportsmen's Clubs of Calif. of which S.F.B. Morse became life member - Conservation Group. Raymond Armsby bought Morse's land in Pebble Beach, letter to pep up Andover Football Team 1926.
Box 2, Folder 4

Ba - Be 2 1927

Scope and Contents note

Charles Baad, Manager of Biltmore Hotel, L.A.; Cart. John Barneson - Gen. Petroleum Co. re: S.F.B.M. subdividing and selling his land in Hillsborough. They were neighbors.
Box 2, Folder 5

Bi - Bri 3 1927

Scope and Contents note

(Aunt Lizzie) E1izabeth Boit, Boston; William McCormick Blair - Lee Higinson, Chicago; William Born S.F.B.M. finally exchanged his land in Hillsborough for Born's land in Del Monte (copies of contract)
Box 2, Folder 6

Bro-By 4 1927

Box 2, Folder 7

Ca - Cl 5 1921

Scope and Contents note

Harold Chase, Santa Barbara, Fund Rais1ng Brochure for Walter Carp Memorial in New Haven
Box 2, Folder 8

Co - Cy 6 192l

Scope and Contents note

Crocker First Nationl Bank of San Francisco ; John W. Considine, Jr., Hollywood, Cypress Point Golf Club, Templeton Crocker; Thomas Coleman re: S.F.B.M. Science Bldg. at Andover Academy
Box 2, Folder 9

S.F.B. Morse 1927

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence "B" - Joseph P. Day Management Corporation, Real Estate 932 Eighth Ave, New York City re: a transaction where S.F.B.M, would trade Crocker Farm and $3 million for General Motor Bldg. in N.Y.C. - outcome? Correspondence through an agent: George F. Montgomery - only his letters are in the file - no copies of Morse's are there, Floor Plans . Articles concerning General Motors building. Morse also interested in Delmonica Bldg. and some Jackson Heights. Property also Park Central Hotel (floor plan, brochure, economic history included) in all possib1e transactions he hoped to trade Crocker Ranch, Merced, Calif.; letter of introduction to Cecil B. DeMille for J. Lawrence Poole - newsman.
Box 2, Folder 10

E 8 1921

Scope and Contents note

Letter from Don Tresidder Preaiuent, Yosemite Park's Curry Co. re: Morse's trip to Yosemite in October.
Box 2, Folder 11

F 9 1927

Scope and Contents note

Herbert Fleishbacker - Banker S.F. ; Tirey L. Ford Jr. - Swayne & Hoyt Co., S.F.; letter of introduction to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. for some Yale football players.
Box 2, Folder 12

Ga - Gl 10 1927

Scope and Contents note

Gladding, McBean & Co. Retorts to Stockholders.
Box 2, Folder 13

Go - Gy 11 1927

Scope and Contents note

Gale Griswold Stanford University student, temporarily contracted to tutor S.F.B. Morse, Jr. so that he might enter Stanford University, plan fails.
Box 2, Folder 14

Ha 12 1927

Scope and Contents note

Letter of introduction for same Mr. Toole to Howard Hawks - for Studio; Mr. Genevieve Hay (his sister) in Reno mostly concerning familial problems with another sister - Rosa.
Box 2, Folder 15

Bayard Henry of Real ~.stat4 Co. (of same name), San Francisco re: the sale of Templeton Crocker's Hillsborough property to be used for a golf course; Henry's letters to Morse and copies of letters to Crocker. Morse involved because he connives to receive 1/2 of Henry's 5 % commission (map of proposed golf course). Also some correspondence with Henry concerning the sa1e of his own (S.F.B.M.) Hillsborough property, which he wanted subdivided or made into a school - finally traded to S. Borne. Robert Henderson - Burlingame, Ca.

Box 2, Folder 16

Ho - Hy 14 1927

Scope and Contents note

Guy Hutchinson, N.Y.C. - Yale; Harold C. Hunt, L.A.; Robert Hooker, San Francisco re: sub-dividing Morse's land.
Box 2, Folder 17

I 15 1927

Box 2, Folder 18

J 16 1927

Scope and Contents note

T.A.D. Jones - supervisor of Yale football, New Haven; St. Francis Yacht Club, S.F.B. Morse joins, Hiram J0hnaon Chairman.
Box 2, Folder 19

K 17 1927

Scope and Contents note

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kerry, Beverly Hills; Thomas Kenney, Boston.
Box 2, Folder 20

La - La 16 1927

Scope and Contents note

H.A. Lafler, specialist in properties on the seacoast of Calif., long report on possibilities of developing 14600 acres of land on coast in Sonoma County (96 miles North of San Francisco) Two maps included; Harold W. Law, Attny., S.F. re: Law's father's land in S.F. - possible trade for S.F.B.M.'s Burlingame property.
Box 2, Folder 21

Li - Ly 19 1927

Scope and Contents note

Elihu G. Loomis, Attny., Boston (cousin of Morse), concerning familial business affairs in Boston.
Box 2, Folder 22

Ma - Me 20 1927

Scope and Contents note

Classic "Prohibition" Note from Cassol of Paul Masson Champagne Co. 3.1/23, information of economic value (assests & liabilities) of Mark Hopkins Hotel, G.W. McNear, S.F. re: letters of introduction for S.F.B.M. Jr. in New Zealand & Austra1ia
Box 2, Folder 23

Me - Mi 21 1927

Scope and Contents note

Edwin Evans Mentzner "Economic Letters" (27 in all) on all sorts of international investment prospects, Evans was stocks and bonds Consultant in S.F.; Hamilton G. (Mike) Merrill, Palo Robles, Ca. re: possibilities of Morse buying land to develop on Morro Bay; A.R. Williams of Metcalf & Ryan, realtors in L.A., re, values of different L.A. hotels i.e. Huntington, Gaylord, Ambassador which S.F.B.M. thinks of investing in, but finally decides against, letter of recommendation of Gale Griswold as tutor to S.F.B.M. Jr. from J. Mitchell, Registrar of Stanford University; part of plan for S.F.B.M. Jr. to be coached & tutored & enter S.U. in Fall 1927.
Box 2, Folder 24

Mo - My 22 1927

Scope and Contents note

George Montgomery, N.Y.C., concerning the proposition whereby the Crocker Ranch would be traded for some N.Y. C. real estate, members of his family: Sam Jr. at sea then working in Chicago; Jack at St. Paul's in N.H.; Nancy in Chicago; Harry (his brother in L.A.); Augusta (his Aunt in Athens, Ohio).
Box 2, Folder 25

N 23 1927

Scope and Contents note

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Notman, L.A., (his older sister Rosa and her husband).
Box 2, Folder 26

0 24 1927

Scope and Contents note

I thank you note.
Box 2, Folder 27

Pa - Pe 25 1927

Scope and Contents note

Pacific Mutual Life (Insurance) L.A., Philips Andover Academy; Henry Patrick - from Elihu Loomis Firm in Boston, trustee of father s estate.
Box 2, Folder 28

Pi-Py 26 l927

Box 2, Folder 29

Q 27 1927

Box 2, Folder 30

Ra - Ri. 28 1927

Scope and Contents note

Letter to and from Grantland Rice ret U.S.C. football star Morley Drury, Harriet Richardson (sister), Mr. & Mrs. George Richardson (Anne - his ex-wife) re: S.F.B.M. Jr.
Box 2, Folder 31

Ro - Ry 1927

Scope and Contents note

John Rosseter, S.F. re: a planned cruise to Mazatlan, Mexico.
Box 2, Folder 32

Sa - Sc 30 1927

Scope and Contents note

St. Francis Yacht Club, G. Foster Sanford, Smyth, Sanford and Gerard Insurance, N.Y.C. & S.F; scattered lnformation on possible real estate deals in S.F.
Box 2, Folder 33

Sc - 3m 31 1927

Scope and Contents note

Paul Shoup, Grant Selfridge MD -(S.F.B.M's doctor).
Box 2, Folder 34

Sn - Ste 32 1927

Scope and Contents note

Alfred E. Stearns, Principal, Philips Andover Academy.
Box 2, Folder 35

Sti - Sy 33 1927

Scope and Contents note

C.S. (Buck) Stuart, Clark, Childs & Co., stock broker, N.Y.C.; Stanley Sweet, N.L.C.; R.T. Smith researches and estimates value of S.F. land.
Box 2, Folder 36

T 34 1927

Scope and Contents note

Ernest Tracy, N.Y.C.; Mrs. Urban T. (Marie) Thompson; S.L. Poole, newspaperman of S.F., out of work asking for help; Joe Toplitzky, real estate, L.A.; article sent by Harry ~1ickox 1/20/27 - commemorating 89th anniversary of 1st telegraph message. The inventor was S.F.B. Morse's great-grandfather.
Box 2, Folder 37

U 35 1921

Box 2, Folder 38

V 36 1927

Scope and Contents note

L.D. Van Horne, L.A. out of work asking for help; Paul Veeder, N.Y.C.; W.C. Van Antwerp, S.F.
Box 2, Folder 39

Wa - We 37 1927

Scope and Contents note

Nothing of real note.
Box 2, Folder 40

Wh - Wy 38 1927

Scope and Contents note

Dr. Ray Lyman Wilbur, President of Stanford U. re: the plan of S.F.B. Morse, Jr. to be tutored on enter S.U. also re: tutor Gale Griswald.
Box 2, Folder 41

X - Z 39 1927

Scope and Contents note

Yale University, 20th Reunion, Annual giving etc; C. C. Young, Governor of Calif., S.F.B. Morse recommends a certain Lida C. Reed as Notary Public on beha1f of friend, Willima C. Matthews (Special Asst. to the Attorney General)
Box 2, Folder 42

Z 40 1927

Scope and Contents note

Joseph Zemansky re: possible purchase by S.F.B. Morse of the Hotel del Coronado - San Diego, sketch map included.
Box 2, Folder 43

Ai Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 44

Ba - Be 2 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 45

Bi - Bri 3 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 46

Bro - By 14 Bi1ls 1927

Box 2, Folder 47

Ca - Ci 5 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 48

Co - Cy 6 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 49

D 7 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 50

E 8 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 51

F 9 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 52

Ga - Gl 10 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 53

Go - Gy Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 54

Ha 12 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 55

Ho - Hi Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 56

Ho - Hy 14 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 57

I 15 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 58

J 16 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 59

K 17 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 60

La - Ia 18 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 61

Li - Ly 19 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 62

Ma - Mc 20 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 63

Ne - Mi 21 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 64

Morse, John B. Bills from train St. Paul's School 1927

Box 2, Folder 65

Mo - My 22 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 66

N 23 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 67

0 24 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 68

S.F.B. Morse, Bills, Pa - Pe 1927

Box 2, Folder 69

Pt - Py 26 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 70

Q 27 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 71

Ra- Ri 28 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 72

Ro - Ry 29 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 73

Sa - Sc 30 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 74

Sc - Sm 31 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 75

Sn - Ste 32 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 76

Sti - Sy 33 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 77

T 34 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 78

U 35 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 79

V 36 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 80

Wa - We 37 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 81

Wh - Wy 38 Bills 1927

Box 2, Folder 82

X - Z 39 Bills 1927


Series 2. Pacific Improvement Co. files

Box 3, Folder 1

Pacific Improvement Co. 1930 - 1932

Scope and Contents note

Covernote to the effect that "All correspondence received in connection with Pacific Improvement Co.. sent to Miss MacDondald."; mostly inter-organizational memos and directives - some correspondence with their lawyers Thomas W. Dahlquist in S.F. (re: Carbon Hills Co., Carbondale, Wash.) and Welks V. Moot in Buffalo, N.Y.
Box 3, Folder 2

Pacific Improvement Co. 1935

Scope and Contents note

Covernote sketching contents of file -"Contains: 1. copy of agreement with Carbon Hill Coal Co. - (supplemental Agreement #3), 2. balance sheet P.C. ~. N.R.R., 3. correspondence re: lease - Evange1ine Parish" (Louisiana) - the cover note is accurate: 1. the supplementa.1. Agreement #3 is between Carbon Hill Coal Co., (William Crocker, President, S.F.B.M., Sec.) and a Pacific Coast Co. whereby C.H.C.C. allows P.C.C. an extension on debts -- 2. P.S. & N.R.R. - Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad. In file there is General Balance sheet of receiver's Accounts and General Balance Sheet of P.S. & N.R.R. sent by Welles V. Moot, attorney in charge. Also some correspondence on the Shawmut Coal & Coke Co. - (subsidiary?) from President. -- 3. parties concerned in Evangeline Parish Land Lease correspondence are: S.F.B.M. and Jack Beaumont, Asst. Secretary P.I.C. ; J.0. Davis of Tinton, La. who is pushing for oil exploration on or around the land; Judge Charles R. Gline of Lake Charles; La. attny. representing Pacific Improvement Co., Intereta and J. Elmer Thomas, geologist and oil expert from San Antonio, Texas - employed by Pacific Improvement Co.. to give opinion on land.
Box 3, Folder 3

Pacific Improvement Co. 1936 - 1937

Scope and Contents note

Inter-organizational memos and directive, S.F.B.M. - J. Beaumont (Asst. Sec'y. re: La land), S.F.B.M. - Richard J. Wulzen (Manager of Carbon Mill re: the same and its relations with Pacific Coast Co.); Pacific Improvement Co.. - statement of Commission Payable Nathaniel D. Moore, V.P., Pacific Coast Coal Go, Judge Charles Cline in Louisiana, special report to Directors of Pacific Improvement Co.. regarding Carbon Hill Coal Co., Oct. 1936 - proposing liquidation of that concern, also some of the correspondence done in the accumulation of the report; C.0.G. Miller of S.F. -representing Stanford Univ. on Pacific Improvement Co. Board?
Box 3, Folder 4

Pacific Improvement Company 1938 - 1939

Scope and Contents note

J. Beaumont re: Louisiana and Carbon Hill/Pacific Coast Coal; Louisiana Land and Exploration Company, Annual Report 1938; Welles J. Moot re: "Weidenfeld Appeal" (case against Pacific Improvement CO. dragging on for years); Nathaniel Moore same subject; letter to Robert Underhiil, Sec. & Treas. U.C. Berkeley explaining Weidenfald vs. Pacific Improvement Co. case. Memorandums to the Board of Directors.
Box 3, Folder 5

Pacific Improvement Company 1940

Scope and Contents note

Ernest B. Tracy, 1 Wall St., N.Y.C., president La. Land and Exploration Co.. with interesting business "news" rumors from Germany, May 28th, 1940. Tryinh to sell Carbenado - Carbon Hill - Moore, Wulzen etc.
Box 3, Folder 6

Pacific Improvement Company 1942

Scope and Contents note

Louisiana Land and Exploration Company Annual Reports 1941 and 1942; George Watkins Evans, Consulting Mining Engineer, Seattle, Washington; Charles S. Elms, Industrial Engineer with Ferrous Metal Producer Co., Sacramento, Ca., wants lease on Carbenado nine; summary of operation for Pittsourg, Shawmut Northern R.R. - 1st 3 months of 19142 compared to same months 1941; William Tudor Gardiner (Governor?) re: Carbenado coal output.
Box 3, Folder 7

Pacific Improvement Co. 1944

Scope and Contents note

Judge Cline; Welles V. Moot; balance sheet of Pacific Improvement Co. as of Oct., 1944; H.H. Kuester, Standard Oil Co. of Calif. re: Louisiana land; S.F.B.M. tries to get Henry F. Du Pont to buy old Carbon Hill site - refused, not interested; C.0.G. Miller steps down as Director of Pacific Improvement Co.. so that Frank E. Walker, Financial Vice President of Stanford University might take his place; Balance sheet for Pacific Improvment Co. Dec. 31, 1943 and cover letter from S.F.B.M. explaining general situation: Only 3 concerns left. Carbon Hill Coal no longer working. Pittsburg, Shawmut & Northern R.R. and Mines, breaking even because Mines gains balance Railroad losses. Land in Louisiana - promising as land may be leased or sold to oil company. Directors listed - William Crocker, C.0.G. Miller, D.J. Murphy, J.K. Moffett, Sidney N. Ehrman, Robert N. Underhill, S.F.B.M.
Box 3, Folder 8

Pacific Improvement Co. 1945

Scope and Contents note

C.R. English Vice President and General Manager of Pacific Coast Coal Co. me: the sale of surface land belonging to "1945" Carbon Hill Coal Co.; cover letter far Annual ~3tatement of Pacific Improvement Co.. (but no statement) dated Jan. 3., 19145 - Pacific Improvement Co. - very little if any profit.
Box 3, Folder 9

Pacific Improvement Co. 1946

Scope and Contents note

(enigmatic "to here" note on Del Monte Properties Co. note pap r). William G. Conable of Mr. Moot's Law Firm in Buffalo re: preparation of a claim of depositary under Plan and Agreement of Reorganization for the P.S. & N.R.R. result of S.F.B. Morse's suggestion; R. Manning, Manager of Real Estate Dept. of Southern Pacific Co. trying to acquire some land near Bakersfield from Pacific Improvement Co.. through S.F.B. Morse; C.R. English, Pac. Coast Coal Jeep ~ G.M., me: completion of payment by St. Paul - Tacoma Lumber Co. for the surface land belonging to Carbon Mill Coal, S.F.B. Morse still trying to sell the mine. Jack Beaumont retires. Henry Tiedeman becomes new Assistant Sec. Of Pacific Improvement Co.
Box 3, Folder 10

Pacific Improvement Co. 1947

Scope and Contents note

Keystone Exploration requesting permission to perform seismatic survey on La land - granted; C.R. English; Charles S. Elms, George Hopkins (new consulting engineer), James Ash, George Watkins Evans - all concerning the sale of the mine in Carbondale; letter to Robert H. Underhill, U.C. Berkeley explaining the claim prepared under Section 77 (of 3-9) which was denied; Shell Oil asks permission to take gravity survey for oil indications on La. land - granted; English; contract between P.I. Co. and Pac. Coal Co. terminated as well as Power of Attorney which P.C.Co. held for Carbon Hill Co. as of Oct. 1, 1947 - these special considerations shift to George Hopkins; some Quitclaim Deed Agreements for land once owned by Pacific Improvement Co. subsidiaries; many memos between S.F.B. Morse and his secretary Margaret Skehen (he is always at Pebble Beach and she held things down in S.F.); G.M. Plain, Assistant Cashier, Trust Dept., Hudson County National Bank, Jersey City, New Jersey - bank bills P.I. Co. for keeping certain worthless bonds in trust for years. copy of 1919 agreement between Pacific Improvement Co. & Bank included). Bill $700, settle for $175; Annual Statement of 1946 prepared by Beanwald & Renz; c1ipping of article in Journal of Commerce 2/21/147 - war assets administrat.ion trying to sell or rent Coke & Coal Plant in Wikeson, Washington; Statement of Assets in Memo (1/4) from Margaret Skehen to S.F.B. Morse $17,760.62 in Crocker Bank, $20,000 invested in U.S. Certificates of Indebtedness - also held in Crocker Bank; statement of accounts due S.F.B. Morse for 1946; map showing acre tracts in Carbenado, Washington.
Box 3, Folder 11

Pacific Improvement Co. 1948

Scope and Contents note

Again mostly Inter-organizational memos and directives between S.F.B. Morse & Margaret Skehen in S.F. and Constance Lamb (S.F.B.M.'s secretary at Pebble Beach); Maurice Mouton, Attny., Lafayette, Louisiana, interested in buying Evageline Parish land S.F. B.Morse refuses because of land's "oil bearing possibi1ities", listing of cash returns (royalties to P.I. Co. on two successful wells on La. land - reported in letter from M. Skehen to Chas. Cline 10/7/48; Charles Elms still trying to make big deals for them: 1. Carbondale Coal & 2. Santa Cruz Portland Cement Co. belong 51 % to Crockers, cycle of correspondence between Elms, George Hopkins and S.F.B.M. re: selling Carbondale Mine or just 117 acres of surface (timber), also some discussion and exploration of Wilkeson Coke & Coal Plant War Assets Administration leased land which might be sold together with Carbondale and mined by one company; Clifford C. Redell, Sec.-Treas., Baton Rouge National Farm Loan Assoc., claiming that some of the oil being drawn by Pacific Improvement Co.. well is coming from another tract of land and the rightful owners are not being compensated; resolve by directors of Pacific Improvement Co.. empowering S.F.B.M. to lease oil, gas and mineral rights to some of the La. land (which Stanolind Oil Co. had abandoned) to Charles B. Ghetson, also copy of the lease and much correspondence leading up to agreement and lease.
Box 3, Folder 12

Pacific Improvement Co. 1949

Scope and Contents note

Inter-organization memos again Skehen-Lamb-S.F.B.M. Daniel J. Murphy -announcement of Director's Meeting, record of Louisiana land owned by Pacific Improvement Co.. by parcel (total: 2,383.25 acres) part of effort to complete informational files on La. holdings per .J.B.i4.'s orders, more quitclaim proceedings, copy or lease (1944) by P.I. Co. to Continental Oil Co. of 200 acres of Louisiana land; Judge Cline severs relations as representative for Pacific Improvement Co.. due to health, Mr. S.W. P1auche, Attny. of Plauche and Plauche, takes over; correspondence between Pacific Improvement Co.. - A.B. House -Humble Oil leading to a lease agreement for oil rights and another tract of La. land; Mr. M.C. Davis of Sun Oil Co. requests and is granted permission to locate gravity meter. Survey stations on Pacific Improvement Co.. land for 6 months, telegram from J.F. Fotentot at the end of the year offering to lease some Pacific Improvement Co. land; almost entire file re: Louisiana land with a few letters in early December from Hopkins and Elms.
Box 3, Folder 13

Pacific Improvement Co. 1950

Scope and Contents note

L.O. Fusier bargaining through Plauch� & Plauche tries to buy or lease (long term) surface rights of part of the Evangeline Parish land for a hunting site; Percy F.J. Fotentot also interested in buying or leasing land in order make a duck lake (for hunting); S.F.B.M. not interested in selling ; contract through P1auche & Plauche to have timber cruiser go over La. land; two copies of a "thumbnail history" of the Pacific Improvement Co.. & more specifically on its relation to certain parcels of land in Pacific Grove and Del Monte. written to Mrs. Lacy McLean of Pacific Grove, Julius Young, Mamou, Louisiana wants to buy 1435 acres of the Evangeline Parish land; Shell Oil requests permission to conduct seismographic operations on P.I. Co. La. land through one J.D. Hunnicutt; John F. Forbes & Co., Accountants, re: licensing fee for Carbon Hill mine; I.J. Goode re: acquiring Mineral, Gas Oil rights lease on certain Pacific Improvement Co.. land; financial statement of Carbon Hill Coal Co. for 3rd quarter ending Sept. 30th from George Hopkins; 3 copies of letter to George D. Hughes of the John F. Forbes Co. accompanying and explaining a "conservative" estimate of the market value of stock owned by P.I. Co. in March 1913, since the records are lost S.F.B. Morse estimates from memory; George Hopkins trying to convince investors to work C.H.C.C. again rather than dam a river 100 miles from Tacoma for power.
Box 3, Folder 14

Pacific Improvement Co. 1951

Scope and Contents note

S.F.B.Morse wants to sell C.H.C.C. if possible for $250,000; 1950 Annual Report prepared by John F. Forbes & Co.; letter to Corydon Wagner, V.P. St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co., giving some history and pertinent facts on Carbon Hill Coal Co. 5/16; Hopkins 2nd quarter report on C.H.C.C. 8/16 - Hopkins sells remaining 180 acres of surface land (timber) to Cascade Piling Co. for $5,000 also asks for quit- in favor of town of Carbonado so that town might make improvements on land being used as cemetery, copies of both deed for timber land and quitclaim deed included; S.F.B. Morse wants to sell as much of the timber on the Louisiana land as possible correspondence with H.D. Foote Lumber Co. and Joseph Saucier, Mamou, La.; finally leases timber rights on 1435 acres to saucier for 10 years 11/20 - copy of deed included, lease checked without objection by W.K. Rambolt of Sun Oil Co. since they have lease to gas, mineral & oil rights on same land.
Box 3, Folder 15

Pacific Improvement Co. 1952

Scope and Contents note

Annual Report of P.I. Co. for 1951 by J.F. Forbes & Co.; correspondence between S.F.B. Morse, Hopkins and C.R. English of Pacific Coal Co. re: sale of C.H.C.C. to Japanese concern or government through P.C.C. connections; falls through; another possible buyer Eximporting Co. of S.F. who are looking for source to supply a Japanese contract, related correspondence between Hopkins, S.F.B. Morse and Jack Schweitzer of Eximprting Co.; 11/17 - letter to Attny. T.J. Dalquist .F., referring to some legal problem concerning C.H.C.C. land but not explained fully because enclosure is not there.
Box 3, Folder 16

Pacific Improvement Co. 1953

Scope and Contents note

J.F. Forbes Annual Report for 1952; explanation of problem alluded to above in copy of letter from George Hopkins to Corydon Wagner, President, St. Paul Tacoma Lumber Co.; 3 page report entitled: Coal Prospects of C.H.C.C.; results in much correspondence between Hopkins, S.F.B. Morse and Norman Jacobson, Chief Forester of St. Paul & Tacoma Lumber Co. because C.H.C.C. wants to buy mineral rights to land in the middle of their land which had been lost during the P.C.C. administration of C.H.C.C.; 5 small maps of lands owned in Evangeline Parish, La.
Box 3, Folder 17

Pacific Improvement Company 1954

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence between J.F. Forbes & Go., Plauche, S.F.B. Morse and M.E. Bird, Chief of Corporation Franchise Tax Section re: P.I. Co. legal protest against increased taxes; Schweitzer of Eximport Co. once again shows interest in C.H.C.C. mine and talks of prospective buyer; copy of Summary and Conclusion of George WatkIns Evan's 1942 Report on Coal Deposits at Carbonado sent to Hopkins 3/18, small. , rough map of land in Acadia Parish, Louisiana; Humble Oil lease expires on La. land; Sun Oil does not renew lease and part of that 200 acre package is leased (mineral, oil & gas) to Vincent Welch Co. in Louisiana immediately; protest against tax increase not granted taxes on property in ward 2 of Evangeline Parish go from $25O to $1,123.60 for one year, S.F.B. Morse thinks about contesting in court and local press but finally pays reluctantly, correspondence between Plauch�, J. Nilas Young, of Clanton & Young, Eunice, La., S.F.B. Morse and Jesse Johnson, Assessor of Evangeline Parish.
Box 3, Folder 18

"Pacific Improvement Company 1955

Scope and Contents note

Plauche re: further griping and action on the huge tax increase and Fotentot leases agricultural rights on some of the land; George Hopkins sends a proposal to use the C.H.C.C. Mine as a Steam Power Generating Plant for Carbonado, explaining the advantages over the approved state plan for two dams on Cowlitz River, cover letter explaining that the proposal would never be accepted but if S.F.B. Morse might O.K. it he could submnit it anyway - for publicity sake - S.F.B.M. does O.K. it, another letter from Hopkins recounting his history; more correspondence Plauche - S.F.B. Morse - J. Nilas Young (Fotentot's representative re: buying or long term leasing the land. Fotentot already has leased, all of the many offers to buy La. land is refused because it presupposes fortitude of mineral, gas & oil rights.
Box 3, Folder 19

Pacific Improvement Company 1956

Scope and Contents note

Very anxious to sell C.H.C.C. mine and mineral rights, writes C.R. Engiish and sends Richard Osborne (son-In-law of S.F.B. Morse to Seattle after that purpose, also needs new representative for P.I. Co. interests since Hopkins is so very old and sick and moved to Seattle, clipping of editorial In the Tacoma Sunday News Tribune 11/18/56 re: feasibility of using Carbonado and Wilkeson Coal Mines as steam power plants, sent ; Sheridan Hopkins, son of George and new representative of Pacific Improvement Co. interests, along with a letter announcing the death of his father.
Box 3, Folder 20

Pacific Improvement Company 1957

Scope and Contents note

Inter-organization memos per usual, to Colonel George Shimmel outlining some of his financial exploits on beha1f of P.I. Co. through the years and asking if the Crocker Estate has any record of the amount it had received in dividends from Pacific Improvement Co. since l9l5 (when S.F.B. Morse took over management); possible buyer or leasee for C.H.C.C. is Northern Pacific Railway Co., correspondence between Sheridan Hopkins, S.F.B. Morse and Earl McMillan, manager of mines for the above company (no definite results though all parties seem willing); Sheridan Hopkins trying to expedite the sale of some land in Carbondale that belongs to an elderly couple but Pacific Improvement Co. has a re-purchase clause in their deed; also a letter to Directo of Pacific Improvement Co. written by S.F.B.M. but signed by Carol Toschi (new secretary) outlining grand totals of profits and expenditures of La. lands since 1936, also the summary itseLf year by year.
Box 3, Folder 21

Pacific Improvement Company 1958

Scope and Contents note

Pacific Improvement Co. Annual Report for 1957; article clipping on the reopening of a Wingate Coal Mine neighboring on C.H.C.C. land by Pacific Coast Company; correspondence concerning quit-claim deeds that Pacific Improvement Co. is granting in California & Washington; Irving S. Olds, Wall Street, N.Y.C. old Yale friend who was at one tine connected with U.S. Steel trying to get Steel Cos. interested in C.H.C.C., R. M. Lloyd, V.P., U.S. Steel writes asking for information and a meeting re: C.H.C.C., 2 copies of a 5-page report titled Coal. Prospects of Carbon Hill Co., Plauch� & Plauche, state of Louisiana plans to put a road through Pacific Improvement Co. land, so a "right-of-way deed" is drawn up, report 10/17 bringing the figures on income and expenditures for La. land up-to-date; Sheridan Hopkins re: alteration in contract, reducing the royalties, with Tony Basselli, who is working part of C.H.C.C. mine (very ~na1l part).
Box 3, Folder 22

Pacific Improvement Company 1959

Scope and Contents note

Possibility of U.S. Steel buying or leasing C.H.C.C. falls through; another nibble from McMillan of the Northern Pacific Rai1way Co. pricing and inquiring as to the status of C.H.C.C.
Box 3, Folder 23

Pacific Improvement Company 1960

Scope and Contents note

P.I. Co. Annual Report 1959; Sheridan Hopkins re: some dispute over C.H.C.C. right to mine coal arises when some of the surface land owners threaten to sue Basselli for trespassing. Blank copy of the Washingtcn Business Activities Statement which C.H.C.C. obviously had to fill out, sent by Jack J. Gilbert, Auditor, Washington State Tax Commission, Excise Tax Division; sent to Hopkins to fill out, C.H.C.C. declared exempt from Washington State Taxes; Edgar Hitzman, Dept. of Highways, State of Louisiana requests another right-of-way agreement for P.I. Co. lands, granted at Plauche and Plauche recommendation, Hopkins re: further trouble between McFadden and Basselli about mining C.H.C.C.
Box 3, Folder 24

Pacific Improvement Company 1969

Scope and Contents note

Copy of Prospector's Lease for Basselli and his partners drawn up by Hopkins, slightly modified by lawyer then signed and executed; Pacific Improvement Co. Annual Report 1960; William A. Harding, Pacific Coast Company, trying to get him interested In buying C.H.C.C. since it seems he has an inside track to Japanese interests that have bought neighboring coal mines; copy of "The Real Estate Bulletin of Louisiana, March 1961"; Ralph J. Tucker, Attorney for Triple X, Inc., Reno, Nevada, re: quit-claim deed deal whereby Pacific Improvement Co. would receive $1,000 for 15 acres and have option to buy into the interest; 4/14/61 letter to William A. Harding, of Pacific Coast Co. giving sketchy history and content of 11 volumes containing all the data available on the coal, coke, iron and alloy resources available on the Pacific Coast. 5 copies of "Notes on: Study of iron, steel and Coke Industry of the Pacific Coast 1916, 17, 18" one page long dictated entirely from memory by S.F.B. Morse; copy of a Pacific Improvement Co. quitclaim favor of a Merwyn H. Brown giving him possession of various Winnemucca, Nevada land; the Louisiana land and Exploration Company, Report to Stockholders, Jan - June 19�9, Inter-organizational Memorandums re: a certain Harker quitclaim that might overlap property previously quitclaimed to Tucker and the Triple X; quitclaim charge upped by S.F.B. Morse from $l0 to $100.
Box 3, Folder 25

Pacific Improvement Company 1962

Scope and Contents note

Pacific Improvement Co. Annual Report for l961, letter to Plauch� considering selling all of La. lands? to Stanley Jones, Sec. & Treas. Of Northwestern Glass Co. trying to find buyer for C.H.C.C., Louisiana Oil Exploration Co. asks permission to make a seismic control exploration of some land in Evange1ine Parish; re: sale of La. lands W.R. Farley, geologist contracted by Plauch�. submits evaluation of all Pacific Improvement Co. lands divided into 4 tracts, (2 copies of evaluation report) one map for each tract of land, also a letter from Farley including written agreement giving him exclusive rights for 2 year to sell land, Timber Cruise summary submitted by Maxwell Chesson, forester and a cover letter for both summaries from Plauch�., copy of signed agreement between Farley and Pacific Improvement Co.; summary of Revenue of Expenses on La. land for previous 10 years August 1967, to be used to convince Pacific Improvement Co. Directors to sell land; copy of agreement between Pacific Improvement Co. and a certain tenant, Murphy Fuselier permitting him to erect a fence around the property he is 1easing to protect his cows; newspaper clipping re: Hydraulic Coal mining at Wilkeson Mine by ~Iorthern Pactfic sent by . Hopkins.
Box 3, Folder 26

Pacific I~provenent Company 1963

Scope and Contents note

Annual report 1962; correspondence re: proposed Redde11 Field units for extraction of gas, original proposal for a hearing on this proposal made to James H. Gill, Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation, by J.B. Mi1lers, Attny. for concerned parties A.B. Crutcher & J.D. Tufts. (map of proposed field included.), correspondence ensues S.F.B. Morse - Plauch�. - William Farley because Pacific Improvement Co. land included in the proposals, also some announcements of hearing by Commissioner Gill, more problem re: McFadden, deed and property in Carbondale, McFaddens want assurance that C.H.C.C. will reimburse them for damage to their land from mining and they want it written into the deed, Utah Construction & Minng Co., S.F. researching possibility of working coal mines In Carbondale area, Methodist Church of Washington wants to buy some land on C.H.C.C. mine for a campsite, but dislike mining rights clause that C.H.C.C. reserves so they want mineral rights as well - S.F.B. Morse repeatedly refuses, National Bank of Washington notifies Pacific Improvement Co.. that they will no longer grant 1st mortgages for peop1e to buy surface rights to Carbondale land because of C.H.C.C. restrictions which strictly applied could make deeds null and void if buyer excavated for a basement; two connected news clippings re: C.H.C.C. 1.) "U.S. report gives History of Local Coal Mines" 2.) "Report Outlines Coal Renewal Problem", from the Buckley Banner sent by Sheridan Hopkins; S.F.B. Morse responds to R.B. Wallace, Manager of the National Bank of Washington, very explicitly stating that sub-surface rights referred to in the deeds refers only to mineral rights; further correspondence ensues on restating restrictions so that loans might be extended again.
Box 3, Folder 26

Pacific Improvement Co., 1964, July - Dec.

Scope and Contents note

Through Pauley comes an offer from Hosea Deshotel for 280 acres at $125 per and the remainder of the land at $40 per. First part of deal accepted, latter part rejected; letter to Wal1ace Sterling, President Stanford University, suggesting that Stanford should have a director at the Pacific Improvement Co. board perhaps Jacobson; reply 9/15: W.W. Crocker dies, vacancies on Board of Directors, Margaret Cordellos to be made Asst. Sec. and perhaps Director of Pacific Improvement Co.; Ster1ing suggests Jacobson and Almon F. Manspeaker as Stanford's Directors on Pacific Improvement Co. Board, S.F.B. Morse refuses to compromise further on Carbondale deeds, Wallace threatens with possib1e legal action; P.I. Co. Cash statement (10/1), Directors agree to allow 50 under residence in Carbondale for loan purposes but with understanding that mining might start up again sometime, copy of deed of land sold to Deshotel; Plauch�. re: leasing minera1, oil and gas rights on 435 acres to a Wilson Ellison, re: sale of lumber to D.W. Moorehead, V.P. Kellog - Graves - Moorehead Lumber Co., Inc.; Pauley Agency Inc. re: offer for the rest of the La. land from Roy O. Martin Lumber Co., Plauch�. suggests upping the price, money from Deshotel deal received, dividend paid to owner, bonus to Mrs. Cordellos; Wallace not satisfied with Director's resolve, wants protection for landowners against cave-ins; sticks to original demands.
Box 3, Folder 27

Pacific Improvement Co., 1964, Jan. - June

Scope and Contents note

Annual statement 1963; correspondence re: deed restrictions continues with Wallace, copy of letter that Wallace writes to his Congressman, Thor Tollefson (1/29), Tolefson writes President Kerr U.C. Berkeley, who refers it to Owsley Hammond, Treasurer to take it up with S.F.B. Morse and Pacific Improvement Co. ; two copies of land valuation made of Pacific Improvement Co. land by Pauley Agency inc. (realtors) Lake Charles, La. and a realtor's Sales Agency Contract made between Pacific Improvement Co. and above, more pressure to waive surface restrictions on Carbondale land deeds, S.F.B. Morse acquiesces to a point; updating of report on Revenue and Expenses of Louisiana lands (1954-1963); R.B. Wal1ace appeals directly to Hammond at Berkeley and David S. Jacobson at Stanford includes an article clipping entitled "Caroonado folks 0n Land, but...Will Stanford Let them Dig Holes"; also includes copy of six Covenants running with the land which he feels constitute an economic stranglehold on all the land owners; concerning some subject S.F.B. Morse recounts short history of C.H.C.C. and summation the deed restriction controversy to Robert Underhiil (6/l0 ; Jacobson of Stanford takes evasionist standpoint ; S.F.B. Morse decides to give individual permission to lay underground foundation etc. upon request, Wallace replies that loans will still not be made.
Box 3, Folder 29

Pacific Improvement Co., 1965, Jan. - June

Scope and Contents note

Plauch�. - Pauley (Realtor) - S.F.B. Morse re: different offers to buy remaining La. land in parts or all together; "Resolution (by Town Council of Carbonado) for Removal of Restrictive and Suppressive Covenants to Deeds to Property" wording almost identical to Wallace's constant demands, response from Berkeley and Stanford Administrators; Annual Report of Pacific Improvement Co. for l96Z~ whenever a piece of land is sold in La there is a copy of the Deed - smaller parcel of land sold to Kellog & Graves - Moorehead Lumber CO. and Roy 0. Martin Lumber Co.; Pacific Improvement Co. Summary of Retained Earnings as of Dec. 31, l964; resolution drawn up by Plauch� to be ratified by Pacific Improvement Co. directors which conveys full authority to sell remaining La. land to S.F.B.M. and Emmet Solomon (Pres., Board of Directors Pacific Improvement Co. & Crocker Bank), Cash statement for Pacific Improvement Co. up to Mayl; Minute of Directors Meeting 5/12; Plauch�.'s resolution approved with amendment that each sale must be resolved through the mail by the Directors; quitclaim deed for land in Bakersfield.
Box 3, Folder 30

Pacific Improvement Co., 1965, July - Dec.

Scope and Contents note

Overall rerort by John R. Kibbutz, V.P. of Pauley Petroleum Inc. on the value of remaining Pacific Improvement Co. lands in La., includes reports by Alvin White, Consulting Petroleum engineer, and T.A. Freund Consulting Geologist, both from Louisiana. Report made for the Regents of U.C. at the direction of Edwin Pauley (oil) they recommend sale at Pauley Inc. prices; P.N. Brownstein, Commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration in a letter to Congressman Floyd V. Hicks, states that the F.H.A. will insure mortgages on properties in Carbonado with Pacific Improvement Co. provision for use of land to 50 ft., and if C.H.C.C. agrees to pay for damage caused by mining, S.F.B. Morse refuses second stipulation, Senator Warren Magnuson of Washington writes to Senator Thomas Kuchel of Calif., who in turn corresponds with S.f.B. Morse, nothing is resolved; deed for parcel of farmlands and sold to Delino Fotentot; Pacific Improvement Co. Assets (11/10); clipping of article from Seattle Paper entitled "By It's Deeds Carbonuale is Doomed", very critical of deed covenants, sent to U.C. Berkeley forwarded to Pacific Improvement Co. by Hammond; correspondence straightening out some confusion about taxes on recently sold land; correspondence S.F.B. Morse - Wallace - Senator Kuchel re: same "economic stranglehold issue" (see esp. Wallace's letter 11/27); letters from Gene Emry who "can't sell his land because of the covenants" and an article about him entitled "Enumclaw Man Joins Fight to Relax Land restrictions" another clipping of an editorial in the Enuxnclaw courier-Herald entitled "The Carbonado Controversy", ensuing correspondence between S.F.B. Morse, Wallace and Robert Olson, editor of the Enumclaw Courier-Herald, S.F.B. Morse writes Sheridan Popkins about offering sale to Wilkeson very anxious to unload; S.F.B. Morse to Emmett Solomon re: terminating his (S.F.B.M.) connections with Pacific Improvement Co.
Box 3, Folder 31

Pacific Improvement Co., 1966, Jan. - Feb.

Scope and Contents note

Andrew Orricle, P.I. Co. Attny., suggests that they meet some of the Carbonado demands i.e. - compensation for damage to land due to mining, Dwight Barrett of Enumclaw expresses interest in buying C.H.C.C. Mine; Directors resolve to sell remaining La. lands (l717.94 acrcs) for no less than $1O3,074.40; minutes of Jan. 5th Directors Meeting, some important resolves: 1. that they take all necessary action to liquidate within one year. Much correspondence re: selling both C.H.C.C. (best prospect is Garrett) and La. lands - many different offers through Plauch�. and Pauley; some maps and old reports on C.H.C.C.; Basselli Prospector's lease is up will be renewed annually rather than every 5 years; another right-of-way deed sought by Louisiana Dept. of Highways through Pacific Improvement Co. land; copy of a detailed report made on C.H.C.C. by Bailey Willis (Stanford Prof.) and R.J. Walzen in Sept. 1923, also Summary and Conclusion of report by George Watkins Evans made in 1954, Annual report for Pacific Improvement Co. 1965.
Box 3, Folder 32

Pacific Improvement Co. 1966, March - June

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence Andrew Orricle, Attny - S.F.B. Morse - Wallace form of agreement between C.H.C.C. and residents of Carbondale; all remaining land in La. is sold to Thibodeaux, Aucoin, Fotentot et al. for $107,371.25, copies of many legal papers re: deed, titles, future royalties to P.I. Co. prepared for the buyers by their attny. Guillory; most of remaining correspondence re: C.H.C.C. on one hand trying to find a purchaser and on the other trying to settle some differences with towns people of Carbonado through compromise. Emmett Solomon has taken over most of the responsibilities for the former task and Attny. Andrew Orrick is doing most of the work in the latter case. but copies of most of the correspondence still reaches S.F.B. Morse's file; copy of 25 page report; "Memorandum report on Current Condition at Carbon Hill Washington" by Bailey 4Uis Oct. 1920; memorandum from S.F.B. Morse re: report with little sketch of Willis; Margaret Cordellos - S.F.B. Morse - Attney. Andrew Orrick clearing up method of procedure for quitclaim requests on old Pacific Improvement Co. land.
Box 3, Folder 33

Pacific Improvement Co., l966, July - Dec.

Scope and Contents note

Pierce County Board of Equalization reassesses C.H.C.C.; quadrupling assessed value and therefore quadrupling taxes - Wallace suspected; new concessions made by C.H.C.C. to surface landowners not sufficient to secure them mortgage - letters to this effect from several Washington state banking & loan institutions and the Federal Housing Administration forwarded by Wallace; listing of Pacific Improvement Co. securities and values 8/1.; agenda and minutes of Board meeting 8/5; Solomon sugge.ts transferring C.H.C.C. stock to inhabitants of (l1/l3) Carbondale as a gift, S.F.B. Morse reacts with 4 page letter with more reflection of the history of Pacific Improvement Co.; minutes of 10/12 Board meeting and copy of deed transferring all rights on C.H.C.C. land to towns people; controversy over 25 acres of La. Land that Pacific Improvement Co. sold but due to legal pt. did not own, reimbursements, Plauche submits final bill and is paid; C.H.C.C. rights transferred to town; final dividends paid to owners dividing all the rest of P.I. Co. assets.
Box 3, Folder 34

Pacific Improvement Co., 1967

Scope and Contents note

Reports on tax refund for C.H.C.C. from John Forbes Inc.; minutes of the final Board of Directors meetings; letter to a Charles A. Sargent where S.F.B.M. records history in the West Coast Magnesite business with Bart Thane and Roy Bishop; correspondence between H. Cordellos - Plauche - Fotentot re: Pacific Improvement Co. royalties from La. land; clipping of an article "Biographies of Roy N. Bishop, Samuel Morse" by Charles Sargent, Continental Oil Co. and Andrew Orrick also became involved in dispute over Mineral and Oil Royalties in Louisiana, finally Continental Oil Co. transfers interest in mineral, oil and gas leases away from Pacific Improvement Co. to new owners, J. Forbes last bill.
Box 3, Folder 35

Pacific Improvement Co., 1968 - 1969

Scope and Contents note

To Gov. Allen Griffin with a more complete history of Pacific Improvement Co. and S.F.B. Morse's relationship to it.

Series 3. Del Monte Properties, 1927

Box 4, Folder 

Monterey Peninsula Country Club

Scope and Contents note

Advertising and publicity brochure
Box 4, Folder 1

Pebble Beach Club (9) (Jan.-Dec. 1927)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence concerning: 1. the construction of a saltwater pool, 2. construction of a breakwater, 3. the purchase of a yacht - all for the beach club members.
Box 4, Folder 2

Pebble Beach Real Estate" Jan.-Dec. 1927

Scope and Contents note

(9a) Personal and business correspondence between Del Monte Properties (Morse, Ford & Beaumont etc.) and owners or prospective owners. Concerning buying selling or building on Del Monte plots of land.
Box 4, Folder 3

Marion Hollins (9b) Jan.-Dec. 1927

Scope and Contents note

Mostly correspondence from M. Hollins, who was a Special Representative for Del Monte Properties Co., to Morse concerning sales of Pebble Beach land
Box 4, Folder 4

Architect and Engineer Article

Scope and Contents note

Fred Punier of Del Monte sent out offers of a reprint of an article in Architect and Engineer on homes constructed by members of the Monterey Peninsula L.C. sent to most Calif. residents (prospective land buyers), and folder contains returned offers requesting article.
Box 4, Folder 5

Business Correspondence & Inter-organizational Memorandums (10)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with Attorney Goodfellow and some Pebble Beach landowners or prospective landowners, but predominantly memos between S.F.B. Morse, Beauford, J. Beaumont, H. Tiedeman, F. Purner, V. MacDonald and the salesmen. Also reports on sa1es in 1927, analyzed different ways (re: by area, by salesperson etc.).
Box 4, Folder 6

Will Jacks Property (10a)

Scope and Contents note

concerning sale, letter from George Gould, reale~tate appraiser, and memo S.F.B. Morse. to Beaumont.
Box 4, Folder 7

Insurance (11)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with insurance companies, especially .Alexander Field of Johnson Higgins of Calif. - S.F.
Box 4, Folder 8

Chidester, Orrick & Roth (12)

Scope and Contents note

Three stockholders in Del Monte Properties who did not receive dividends for 1923 because of address change or mistake. Straightened out by H. Tiedeman and V. Mac Donald. Orrick is a Pacific Improvement Co. lawyer and a partner in the same firm as Goodfellow (Goodfellow, Sells and Orrick - S.F.).
Box 4, Folder 9

Memorandum of Taxes" (13) 11/28/27

Scope and Contents note

from Beaumont to Morse, gives total, breakdown and increases.
Box 4, Folder 10

Stocks & Bonds and Loan (114)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda concerning the sale of company stock and bonds and the payment of dividends. Correspondence at the end of the year with Herbert Fleishhacker of the Anglo and London Paris National Bank, S.F. and A.F.B.M's 50 % partner in Del Monte. They make and persona1ly secure a large loan ($l.5 million) in order to redeem their outstanding bonds. (9/21/27 - W.L. Comyn mentioned, Del Monte Stock that he owned is transferred to a Kenneth Kingsbury, Pres. of Standard 0il of Calif. (of JL 23 Item #1).
Box 4, Folder 11

Reimbursements, Subscriptions & Donations (15)

Scope and Contents note

Inter-organization memos: 1. requesting reimbursements, 2. attached to letters asking for donations and subscriptions, all. channeled through H. Tiedeman,. in charge of finances. 11/23/27 letter to Morse from Roy N. Bishop (Auditorium).
Box 4, Folder 12

Account Payable (15)

Scope and Contents note

Various bills to Del Monte Co. and records of payment of same.
Box 4, Folder 13

Assets (16)

Scope and Contents note

Different reports on assets, earnings and inventory.
Box 4, Folder 14

Car Prices". (l7)

Scope and Contents note

Carl Stanley, Manager of Del Monte Lodge, prices new (1928) Cadillac, Lincoln & Lasalle and reports to S.F.B. Morse.
Box 4, Folder 15

Rancho Del Monte (1b)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memos re: sale and/or development of ranch land. Latter to & from Gordon Armsby 12/16/27.
Box 4, Folder 16

C.S. Olmsted (19)

Scope and Contents note

Memos and tasks given to Olmsted by S.F.B. Morse.
Box 4, Folder 17

Carl Stanley (20)

Scope and Contents note

Two memos to Stanley, manager of the hotel, from S.F.B. Morse.
Box 4, Folder 18

Construction and Contractors (22)

Scope and Contents note

Letters to contractors and architects and inter-organizational memos re: construction of private homes or club facilities on Del Monte Property.
Box 4, Folder 19

Board of Directors (21)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence to and from. Minutes of meeting. Directors : Include: H. Fleishhacker, Morse, Beaumont, D.J. Murphy, Humphrey, K. Kingsbury, Goodfallow, R. Bishop.
Box 4, Folder 20

Propsective Private Schools on Del Monte Property (27)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with Grace Parsons Douglas and D.L. Roscol. Former has girl's summer camp in Pebble Beach and school in Los Angeles. Latter wants to open boy's military school.
Box 4, Folder 21

Carmel Woods (29)

Scope and Contents note

Memoranda re: the projected sale of lots in the Carmel Woods area of Del Monte Properties.
Box 4, Folder 22

Law suits (30)

Scope and Contents note

Legal actions taken by or against Del Monte Properties Co.
Box 4, Folder 23

Mational Guard Presidio (32)

Scope and Contents note

S.F.B. Morse corresponds with Congressman A.M. Free and General R.E. Mittelstaedt, in an attempt to move the camp off of the Monterey land it is renting from Del Monte Properties Co. to Gigling Reservation nearby.
Box 4, Folder 24

Sand Business (33)

Scope and Contents note

Part of Del Monte Properties is a business selling san run by A.J. Gunnel. Folder contains some correspondence relevant to this business.
Box 4, Folder 25

Introductions and Job requests (34)

Scope and Contents note

Various personal and handwritten notes to S.F.B. Morse and other people in his organization asking favors for themselves and their friends. Jobs, job referrals, recommendations, introductions, etc.
Box 4, Folder 26

Correspondence (35) 1927, Sept. 1st to Dec. 31st

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda concerning sa1es, salesmen, club membership. Del Monte Properties Co. general correspondence.
Box 4, Folder 27

Correspondence (35) 1927, May 1st to April 31st

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda concerning sa1es, salesmen, club membership. Del Monte Properties Co. general correspondence.
Box 4, Folder 28

Correspondence (35), 1927, March 1st to April 30th

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda concerning sa1es, salesmen, club membership. Del Monte Properties Co. general correspondence.
Box 4, Folder 29

Correspondence (25), 1927 Jan. 1st to February 28th

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence and memoranda concerning sa1es, salesmen, club membership. Del Monte Properties Co. general correspondence.
Box 4, Folder 30

Mason, Cole and Co. (35a) (1/14/27 - 3/31/27)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with R.C. Mason, head partner of Mason, Co1e & Co. rea1tors who were the Southern California agents for Del Monte Properties Co.
Box 4, Folder 31

Monterey Peninsula Country Club (35b) (1/3/27 - l2/2b/27)

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence with members, memos concerning club activities and improvements.
Box 4, Folder 32

Sales Commissions (35d)

Scope and Contents note

Inter-organization memos re: payment of commissions to sales people.
Box 4, Folder 33

Daily reports, Scofield (Purnar)

Scope and Contents note

Salesman's Daily Report Form submitted by Purner in the San Franciaco and Oakland Area (Jan.-March) and then S.C. Scofield in the Palo Alto, Stanford Area (Sept.- Nov.). Gives name of new and old prospects and a statement of prospect's attitude towards buying Peninsula land, some times addresses are included.
Box 4, Folder 34

Daily Reports, P.M. Wand

Scope and Contents note

forms dated Jan.-June submitted by Phil M. Wwand in San Francisco. Gives name of new and old prospects and a statement of prospect's attitude towards buying Peninsula land, some times addresses are included.
Box 4, Folder 35

Daily Reports, Mr. Schoch Oct. 1927

Scope and Contents note

One form (l0/2/27) submitted by B. schoch. Gives name of new and old prospects and a statement of prospect's attitude towards buying Peninsula land, some times addresses are included.
Box 4, Folder 36

Daily reports, F.L. Jackson. Forms 12/1/26 -12/23/27.

Scope and Contents note

Gives name of new and old prospects and a statement of prospect's attitude towards buying Peninsula land, some times addresses are included.
Box 4, Folder 37

Daily Reports, J.J. Henry". Forms 12/3/26 -12/214/27

Scope and Contents note

Gives name of new and old prospects and a statement of prospect's attitude towards buying Peninsula land, some times addresses are included.
Box 4, Folder 38

D.M.P.C. Documents, Reports and Literature". (35g)

Scope and Contents note

Includes D.M.P.C. Bulletin (12/1/21); salemen's licenses for 1926 and 1927; press release for Golf Tournament; April, 1927 copy of Monterey Peninsula Country Club News, reprint from 0ct. 1926, Architect and Engineer with article, "Monterey Enchantment"; brochure o: the S.A. Born Building Co. called Home and Garden samples of form letters to be used to boost sales; Block Book for Pacific Grove Beach, Block Book for Monterey Peninsula C.C.
Box 4, Folder 39

1927 Resale Notices 1927

Scope and Contents note

Predominantly memos from sales Manager Ford to his salesmen notifying them as to which lots are up for resale,
Box 4, Folder 40

Resale Lot 1, Block 56"

Scope and Contents note

Two memos from Purner to Ford re: resale of this lot.
Box 4, Folder 41

Merced to Pacific Grove Stage Line (37)

Scope and Contents note

Memo from Miss MacDonald to Tiedeman (5/25/27) which accompanied all the files re: this stage line; correspondence in March 1927 between S.F.B. Morse and W.E. Travis of California Transit Co. re: the discontinuation of the line.
Box 4, Folder 42

Roger Laphan - Marion Hollins (37)

Scope and Contents note

Trade cross-country (New York to San Francisco) telegrams in early July, 1927 concerning the incorporation of Cypress Point Golf Club.
Box 4, Folder 43

Cypress Point Golf' Club (38)

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence regarding the organization, incorporation and construction of Cypress Point U.C., membership list, blueprint of golf course and residential subdivision surrounding it. Contract of sale between D.M.P.C. and Cypress Point Golf Club.
Box 4, Folder 44

Sale of Land for Cypress Point Golf Club

Scope and Contents note

Marion Hollins secured an option to buy a certain amount of land from D.M.P.C. to be made into Cypress Point U.C. also includes her proposal of the Club and a tentative contract.

Series 4. Reports

Volume 4

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast : first Progress Report / by F.3. Hyder, S.F.B. Morse typed on authors own stationery "Frederick B. Hyder, Engineer of Mines and Metallurgy, San Francisco, Calif." Nov. 27, 1916.

Physical Description: 26pp.

Scope and Contents note

cover letter to B.L.Thane, in back anL map - "Location of Raw Materials for the Manufacture of Steel on the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Baja. (Table of Contents).
Volume 5

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. II, Coal Coke Industry / Mr. S.F.B. Morse Ca. May 1917

Scope and Contents note

inside cover a note dictated "from memory" by S.F.B.Morse in May 5, 1961. Explaining a bit of the history of the Report, also summarizing conclusions contained in vol. I which, like some other volumes, is missing; full title of vol. II "Reports and Data on the ~oa1 and Coke Industry of the Pacific Coast"
Volume 6

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. III. Preliminary Reports and Data on Iron Ore Deposits / S.F.B. Morse

Scope and Contents note

very extensive report from all over the world, complete, 7 page index of contents, abstracts of every chapter, reports, figures, maps.
Volume 7

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. IX, Miscellaneous Data and s.eports on the Iron and steel Industry / S.F.B. Morse

Scope and Contents note

limited to United States, Index of Contents.
Volume 8

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. 1, Reports on Final Examinations Iron Ore Deposits / S.F.B. Morse May 1917

Scope and Contents note

B.L. Thane, Exploration Dept., F.B. Hyder, E.M. Engineer of Mines, divided into reports on 5 different locations: Alaska, Baja, Lower California, Providence Mts. in Calif. and one other Calif. place, each report has own complete index.
Volume 9

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. VI, Reports by Staff on Iron Ore Deposits / S.F. Morse

Scope and Contents note

Progress Report, summary and reports on almost 100 places, (Index).
Volume 10

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. VII, Preliminary Data on Iron Ore Deposits / S.F.B. Morse

Scope and Contents note

Index - reports on deposits in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Ca1ifornia, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, Philippine Islands.
Volume 11

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. VIII, "Data and Reports on Coal and Coke Collected Since June 6, 1917 / S.F.B. Morse

Scope and Contents note

Index -marker at the beginning of the report on C.H.C.C. There is a typographical error on the binding of this volume where VIII appears as "III", correction cover.
Volume 12

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. VIII again - same as item #7, but no imprint (blank) on binding.

Volume 13

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. XV, Reports of Checking Engineers and Additional Data

Scope and Contents note

Index - different reports on different places by different engineers.
Volume 14

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. XVI, Eagle Mountain Iron Ore Deposits, Riverside Co., California / by E.G. Harder, S.F.B. Morse, Dept. of Interior, United States Geological Survey, George Otis Smith, Director, Bulletin 503, (Title, Author) Washington Govt. Printing Office, 1912

Scope and Contents note

Index and List of illustrations.
Volume 15

Iron, Steel, Coal & Coke on the Pacific Coast, vol. XIX, Dept. of Interior, U.5. Geological survey, George Otis Smith, Director, Bulletin 14714 "Coals of the State of Washington" / by Eggleston H. Smith, (work done in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Washington), Washington Govt. Printing Office, 1911

Scope and Contents note

(Contents List of Illustrations).