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Guide to the Alice Barnett Stevenson Papers MS 63
MS 63  
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Series I: Personal Papers

Box-folder 1:1

Official documents, 1926 March 6–1965 February 28


Alice Barnett and George Roy Stevenson’s marriage license (in Oversize Collections D6)
Alice Barnett’s Chicago Musical College diplomas (3 copies) (in Oversize Collections D6)
Alice Barnett’s high school diploma (in Oversize Collections D6)
Box-folder 1:2

Alice Barnett Stevenson studies journal, 1906-1918 and undated

Scope and Content

Note on inside cover reads "Chicago Musical College 1906." Most entries in journal are undated, although some poems and additional notes are dated 1915 and 1918. Writing begins at either end of the journal, meeting near the middle. The journal includes notes on music forms and styles, as well as in-depth analyses of the movements and development in specific classical music pieces. There are poems, some with a note such as "set to music," "not for me," or "everyone has set this, so I wont," as well as some poems by Alice.
Box-folder 1:3

Alice Barnett Stevenson studies journal, 1919 March-June and undated

Scope and Content

Inside front cover of journal states: "Notes taken on lectures by E. Stoughton-Holborn, Mar.-May - 1919." Subjects covered in lecture notes include the Greeks, Romans, architecture, and poetry. A brief "bibliography" follows the June 9, 1919 entry on Robert Browning. Names and contact information are listed from reverse end of the journal.
Box-folder 1:4

Alice Barnett Stevenson teaching notebook, 1918

Scope and Content

The notebook contains Alice’s teaching curriculum, “Four Years of Music Theory for High School” while teaching at San Diego High School. Each year is divided by subject and includes potential assignments, quiz/exam questions (not including answers), and in-class discussion topics. The first year of study as outlined by Alice covered the structure of music and composition, the second year the history of music, the third year on opera, and the fourth year on music appreciation.
Box-folder 1:5

Alice Barnett Stevenson journal, 1931-1947

Scope and Content

The journal is multi-purposed recording planned engagements which have in some cases been written over by entries about travel and notes for talks and on musical topics. Travel entries include her trip to Europe in 1931 and to New York City in 1946-1947, as well as travel expenses.
Box-folder 1:6

Alice Barnett Steveson travel logs (3), 1926 March 6-1951 November 7

Scope and Content

"Brief log of our trips" (March 6, 1926-November 7, 1951) - This travel log begins with Alice and Roy Stevenson's honeymoon trip to Los Angeles March 6, 1926, including stays in Riverside and Lake Arrowhead. Book continues thru November 7, 1951, recording many trips including Yosemite, Chicago, and Europe. The entries read similar to diary entries, recording types of transportation and stay facilities, financial costs, details of activities, as well as some references to current events. The 1935 entry mentions attending "80 orchestra concerts in Ford Bowl" and "many streamlined Shakespeare plays in Old Globe Theater," the latter as part of the 1935-1936 Exposition. Entries for 1943, 1944 and 1945 reference World War II, with "no trip" for 1943 and 1944. The 1945 entry states: "War ended. Gas ration lifted. Trip to Klamath, . . ."
"Our trip in 1931 Jan. to Sept. 1 Sailed from L.A. to Gibraltor [sic]; returned from South Hampton to Quebec . . ." (also mentioned in "Brief log of our trips" book) - Brief list of cities in Europe and United States, those visited on this trip to Europe, some cities including additional detailed note. This trip is also recorded in "Brief log of our trips" (above).
"Contains brief log of our New York trip, Dec. 12, 1946 to Jan. 14, 1947" - The brief log records trip by train from San Diego to New York City, stopping in Chicago and Cleveland. Trip recorded in two formats (each starting from opposit end of book): one as daily entries and the other as brief lists of restaurants and attractions in New York City. This trip is also recorded in "Brief log of our trips" (above).
Box-folder 1:7

Poetry and unpublished essay, undated

Box-folder 1:8

Commemorative certificates, 1952 February 12-1958 March 12


“World circumnavigators” certificates for Alice and George commemorating their around the world travels (in Oversize Collections D6)
Box-folder 1:9

Newspaper clippings and articles, 1925–1989

Box-folder 1:10

Miscellanea, 1838-2007 and undated


Family history
Emeline Gibbs Barnett's (Alice's grandmother) autograph book, 1838-1878
Research letter from the University of Victoria to Alice’s son, Hubert Price
1998 issue of Mission Hills featuring article about the music endeavors of the Price-Barnett family
Eugene B. Price piano recital program
Photograph slides

Series II: Personal Correspondence

Box-folder 1:11

Correspondence, 1909-1918


Correspondence from Alice to her family while she is abroad in Europe
Box-folder 2:1

"Letter from Berlin" (copies), 1909-1918

Box-folder 2:2

Correspondence: Panama Canal trip, 1931

Box-folder 2:3

Correspondence: "Around the World" trip, 1951 November 16-1952 February 6

Box-folder 2:4

Correspondence: "Around the World" trip (copies), 1951 November 16-1952 February 6

Box-folder 2:5

Correspondence: South America trip, 1953 October 13-1954 February 7

Box-folder 2:6

Correspondence: South America trip (copies), 1953 October 13-1954 February 7

Box-folder 2:7

Correspondence: Mediterranean trip, 1960 January 21-March 18

Box-folder 2:8

Correspondence: Mediterranean trip (copies), 1960 January 21-March 18

Box-folder 2:9

Correspondence: France-Italy trip, 1964 May 24-1965 June 27

Box-folder 2:10

Correspondence, 1949 March 6-1973 November 3


Series III: Music

Box-folder 2:11

Composition notebooks, 1903-1904

Box-folder 2:12

Composition notebooks, 1904-1905

Box-folder 2:13

Composition notebooks, 1905-1906

Box-folder 2:14

Composition notebooks, 1907-1910

Box-folder 2:15

Sheet music, undated


“As I Came Down From Lebanon”
“A Ballad of Christmas Eve”
Box-folder 3:1

Sheet music, undated


“The Banjo Player”
“The Cool of Night”
“Courting Song”
“Home-Coming Hour”
Box-folder 3:2

Sheet music, undated


“In a Gondola”
Box-folder 3:3

Sheet music, undated


“Often When Awake I Lie”
“Panels From a Chinese Screen”
Box-folder 8:1

Sheet music (oversized), undated


"Agamede’s Song"
"Another Hour With Thee"
"As I Came Down from Lebanon" (3 sets)
"At the Dawn"
"A Ballad of Christmas Eve"
"The Banjo Player" (2 copies)
"Chanson of the Bells of Oseney" (2 copies)
"The Cool of Night" (2 sets)
"Days That Come and Go"
"The Drums of the Sea" (4 sets)
Box-folder 8:2

Sheet music (oversized), undated


"An Epitaph" (Published as “Inspiration”)
"Harbor Lights" (2 sets)
"Home Again"
"Home-Comin Hour"
"In May" (2 sets)
"Irish Peasant Song"
"The Lamplit Hour"
"The Lotus of Isis"
"Love and the Wind"
"Mood" (4 sets)
"Mother Moon: A Lie-Awake Song"
"Music, When Soft Voices Die"
"My Love is Always True"
"Night Song at Amalfi" (2 sets)
"Nightingale Lane"
"Often When I Lie"
"On a Moonlit River"
"The Prince"
Box-folder 8:3

Sheet music (oversized), undated


"Return" (2 sets)
"Serenade" (2 sets)
"The Singing Girl of Sham" (2 sets)
"Song at Capri"
"Sonnet 43rd" (2 sets)
"The Time of Roses"
"Time of Saffron Moons"
"Tomorrow, If a Harp-String, Say"
"To-Night" (2 sets)
Box-folder 8:4

Sheet music (oversized), undated


Box-folder 8:5

Sheet music (oversized), undated


"Trio: Prelude, Scherzo, Finale"
Box-folder 8:6

Sheet music (oversized), undated


"Tryst" (2 sets)
"A Valentine"
"What Are We Two?"
"When Earth Lifts Skyward"
Box-folder 3:4

Sheet music: compilations, 1919-1923


“Two Even Songs: Mother Moon and To-Night”
“Three Songs of Musing: Song at Capri, Ebb-Tide, and Agamede’s Song”
“Three Love Songs: The Lamplit Hour, Another Hour With Three, Days That Come and Go”
“Songs and Ballads by American Composers” (Includes “Tryst” by Alice Barnett”)
“Songs and Ballads by American Composers” (Includes “Inspiration” by Alice Barnett”)
Box-folder 3:5

"Unpublished Art Songs" binder, Part 1, undated

Box-folder 3:6

"Unpublished Art Songs" binder, Part 2, undated

Box-folder 3:7

"Alice Barnett Songs, Vol. I" binder, 1931

Box-folder 7:2

"Alice Barnett Songs, Vol. I" binder (original cover), undated

Box-folder 3:8

"Alice Barnett Songs, Vol. II" binder, 1931

Box-folder 7:3

"Alice Barnett Songs, Vol. II" binder (original cover), undated

Box-folder 3:9

Recordings, 1968-1971


"Trio by Alice Barnett," presented at the San Diego Library on May 7, 1968, recording created July 27, 2006 (2 copies, compact disc (CD) format)
Gene Price and Alice Barnett "Trio" recorded May 7, 1968 (reel-to-reel tape)
"Songs by Alice Barnett" (title crossed out), September 1971 (reel-to-reel tape)
Box-folder 3:10

Song list and music pamphlets, undated


Series IV: Associations

Box-folder 3:11

San Diego Opera Guild, 1950 February 28-1959 November 2

Box-folder 3:12

San Diego Symphony Orchestra, 1939 July 18-1941 July 18 and undated

Box-folder 3:13

San Diego Symphony Orchestra: correspondence, 1940 December 4-1941 May 28

Box-folder 3:14

San Diego Symphony Orchestra: correspondence, 1941 June 2-1975 August 1975 and undated

Box-folder 4:1

Wednesday Club, 1959 May 20-1989 November 1

Box-folder 4:2

Membership certificates, 1924 September 23-1972 June 4


Series V: Scrapbooks

Box-folder 4:3

Scrapbook, 1917-1924

Box-folder 4:4

Scrapbook, 1931-1963

Box-folder 9:1

"Alice Barnett Steveson, Book I" portfolio scrapbook, 1920-1948 and undated

Box-folder 9:2

"Alice Barnett Steveson, Book II" portfolio scrapbook, 1935-1972

Box-folder 5:2

"Alice Barnett Steveson, Book I" memorial album, 1975

Box-folder 5:2

"Alice Barnett Steveson, Book II" memorial album, 1975

Box-folder 5:3

"Alice Barnett Steveson, Book III" memorial album, 1975


Series VI: Miscellanea

Box-folder 6:1

Thesis: "The Art Songs of Alice Barnett" by S.K. Smith, 1996

Box-folder 6:2

Other published music, 1939 and undated


“34 Selected Schubert Waltzes (Henry Levine Piano Album Series)” edited by the Boston Music Company
“50 Art Songs From the Modern Repertoire” edited by G. Schirmer, Inc.
Box-folder 6:3

Other published music, 1940


“51 Piano Pieces From the Modern Repertoire” edited by G. Schirmer, Inc.
Box-folder 8:7

Other published music (oversized), 1881


“Aria of Salome” from the opera “Herodide” by Jules Massenet
Box-folder 6:4

Other published music, 1889-1917


“Edward Mac Dowell Compositions” by Breitkopf Publications, Inc. (1917)
“The Four Little Curly Headed Coons” by J.W. Wheeler (1889)
“One Hundred Folksongs of All Nations” edited by Granville Bantock (1911)
Box-folder 6:5

Other published music, 1893-1940


“Pagliacci” by Ruggero Leoncavallo
“Reverie” by Claude Debussy
Box-folder 6:6

Other published music, 1894 and undated


“Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics, Vol. 291: Anthology of Italian Song of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries) edited by Alessandro Parisotti
“Select List of Masses” edited by J. Fischer & Bro.
Box-folder 7:1

Other published music, 1914-1963 and undated


“Singable songs for studio and recital” selected by Martin Mason
“Songs with piano accompaniment by European composers” edited by the Boston Music Company
“Three Songs from the Cycle Tanjali: When I Bring to You Colour’d Toys, The Sleep Flits on Baby’s Eyes, and On the Seashore of Endless Worlds” by John Alden Carpenter
“Two Songs for voice and piano: Velvet Shoes and My Master Hath a Garden” by Randall Thompson
“Wedding March” by Felix Mendelssohn